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Everyone is Here and Everyone is Queer

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Jin Kirigiri has added 46 Students To Hope's Peak Class 77-79

Jin Kirigiri: Please use this to further make friendships with each other! I wish you good luck!

Jin Kirigiri has given Kyoko Kirigiri, Chiaki Nanami and Rantaro Amami Administration over the chat

Jin Kirigiri left the chat

Kokichi Ouma: lmao he doesn't know
Maki Harukawa: pretty sure the other teachers know though
K1-B0: I would not put it past them. We aren't that subtle.
Rantaro Amami: these names are boring as fuck
Korekiyo Shinguji: I suppose you are to change them?

Rantaro Amami has changed five usernames

TokoKoko: The answer is yes.
TakaMaka: Oh.
PekoBeko: Then we all have matching names?
KorkyDorky: To an extent...
Miu Iruma-Togami: o shit matching sibling names!!!!!!
Byakuya Togami: We need to..
Byakuya Togami: Up our game, Miu.
Miu Iruma-Togami: fuck yea we do!!!!