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May 29, 2018

7:10 pm Japan Standard Time


Shoma: What is your coach doing?

Javi: no sé (1)

Shoma: ?

Yuzu: He’s hungover. He went out to lunch with some of the other skaters after practice and had some drinks. And then more drinks.

Javi: maldito sake (2)

Shoma: . . . It’s 7?

Shoma: Te emborrachas muy facilmente. (3)

Javi: ¡no es verdad! (4)


Javi: fine stop laying on me

Yuzu: You are right here. We are in the same hotel room. In the same bed.

Javi: so?

Yuzu: You could *tell* me that.

Shoma: What is your coach doing?

Yuzu: Is Brian okay?

Javi: yeah what

Shoma: Now he coaches Evgenia.

Yuzu: Yes.

Shoma: Then Boyang.

Yuzu: Yes.

Shoma: And Jason?

Shoma: I read it online.

Yuzu: Oh yes. Jason is joining us!

Javi: brian asked us about it a month ago

Shoma: Not fair.

Yuzu: Why? Do you finally want to join us?

Shoma: No. Jason is my friend. He talks to me in Japanese.

Shoma: You will steal him Yuzu.

Shoma: I do not have much friends.

Javi: then you can visit them all in toronto :)

Yuzu: He can’t even make it to Fantasy on Ice when he’s in the same town, how does he find his way to Toronto?

Yuzu: *tea emoji*

Shoma: I hate you.

Shoma: I've been to Toronto to see you both!

Shoma: I hate English.

Shoma: This whole talk takes so long to translate.

Javi: you’re not using google translate? *eyeballs emoji*

Shoma: Muy poquito. (5)

Javi: buen chico (6)

Yuzu: Why do you two always use Spanish? I feel so left out.

Javi: learn spanish

Yuzu: Learn Japanese!

Javi: i am!

Shoma: Spanish is better than English.

Yuzu: You just like it when Javi says dirty things in Spanish.

Shoma: What is the saying? About the pot.

Javi: pot calling the kettle black

Shoma: Yes. You are a pot calling the kettle black, Yuzu.

Javi: shoma, are you really that worried about losing jason as your friend

Shoma: No. Yes. Maybe.

Shoma: It is not Jason.

Shoma: Everything is changing. You went back to Spain, Javi. You won’t even be at Grand Prix Final. Or Worlds.

Shoma: I miss you already.

Javi: I love you both so much it makes me ache.

Javi: I wish I was there so I could hold you.

Javi: Then I could tell you: it’s going to be alright. We love each other. We have already been through so much together. We are strong enough to make this work.

Shoma: It would be nice to have you both here in Nagoya. Like after Worlds.

Javi: That was wonderful. I loved our walk in the park, when the cherry trees were in bloom.

Shoma: Me too.

Javi. I loved just being with two of you.

Yuzu: You are making me cry.

Yuzu: You both are so bad.

Yuzu: I don’t want things to change either. I want Javi to stay in Toronto forever. And I want you to be in Toronto too, Shoma.

Shoma: You know that won’t happen.

Yuzu: I’m selfish. I know you will be in Japan and I know Javi will be in Spain. I just dream of waking up next to both of you every day.

Shoma: Sometimes . . . I wish we were all done. Retired. Then we could live in the same place together.

Javi: we could have a garden!

Yuzu: We would need a library too.

Shoma: And Effie.

Javi: :)

Shoma: A basketball hoop.

Yuzu: Have you been spending time with Nathan again?

Shoma: Maybe he visits us.

Shoma: I hate change.

Yuzu: But it makes you stronger.

Javi: Right.

Shoma: I guess.

Yuzu: If we don’t change we gain nothing. We will just be standing still. There is always something more to reach for, to learn from.

Javi: We can let these changes overwhelm us, or we can make them a strength.

Yuzu: Javi is right. We are strong enough for this.

Shoma: Together we are strong enough.

Javi: how did I get so lucky to have both of you in my life?

Javi: but i am still hungover :(

Yuzu: That is your fault.

Javi: yuzu it's late. we probably should eat


Javi: shoma, we’ll see each other soon. we can talk about how things are changing.

Shoma: Okay.

Javi: adios, amorcito (7)

Shoma: te amo (8)

Yuzu: Yuzuru Hanyu, he does not exist.

Javi: jajaja, eres una reina del drama (9)

Javi: yo también te amo, mi fideo (10)

Yuzu: Shoma, what is he saying?

Shoma: He loves you too, you noodle.

Yuzu: Aaaah, Javi.

Yuzu: I love you both.

Shoma: Kiss each other for me.

Yuzu: We will. We will do other things for you too. Ci

Javi: get off me so we can get food

Yuzu: See how you like it when my gorgeous body is not against yours.

Javi: …

Javi: i want dinner. we’ll talk about your gorgeous body later.

Javi: we really should go

Shoma: Okay.

Yuzu: Bye, Shoma!

Javi: bye shoma!

Shoma: Bye!