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The wooden boat gently rocked as the sun slowly rised over the horizon. Below deck, still asleep, was Hiccup Haddock. His face was peaceful, his breathing deep. The room began to lighten up as the Sun’s rays reached the window.

Toothless lazily yawned from the corner of the room. Stretching his legs, he walked over to his best friend. “Come on, Hiccup. We’re almost there.” He warbled. “Give me a minute.” Hiccup mumbled as he buried himself beneath the blankets. “Hiccup?... Fine. I’ll go find your dad and get him to get you up.” Toothless grumbled as he strode towards the door. “Uhhhh. Fine.” Hiccup reluctantly came out from under the warmth of the covers. “I’m up.” He stumbled out of bed and trudged towards his clothing chest. Toothless smirked at his friend. “Aren’t you exited?” “Exited for what?” He tiredly murmured while digging through his clothes. Pulling out a white tunic and dark brown pair of pants, he turned around to look questionably at Toothless. “Honestly.” Toothless shook his head in disbelief. “You’ve been bugging me about this for like two years and you’ve forgotten.” Hiccup glared at his smug face. “What’s sooo great about today? All we’re gonna do is lay around and wish how we were back home.” He said grumpily, but he quickly realised the error of his ways. “We’re going back today, aren’t we?” Excitement bubbled in his chest. “Yes, idiot” Toothless rolled his eyes. He watched in amusement as Hiccup hurried to get dressed (in a very ungraceful manner). He strolled over to Hiccup and gave him a light hit on the back of the head with his tailfins.

Hiccup laughed. “C’mon bud. Dad’s probably waiting for us.”

Toothless gave him a big, toothless smile. “Let’s go!” Toothless yelled over his shoulder as he raced off towards the dining room.

Hiccup chucked as he followed after Toothless. ‘Today’s gonna be a great day.’


“Ah, There you are son!” Stoick said in his joyful voice as he looked over to the table. “Ye both seem happy.” He chucked.

Toothless’ tail couldn’t stop wagging. His pupils were enlarged and his smile was still there. “When are we gonna be there?” He asked Stoick.

Stoick laughed, “Soon enough Toothless.”

Hiccup beamed. All this time and, finally, they could get off the water and back onto Berk. He couldn’t wait to see Astrid, his other best friend. He wondered if there would be any new arrivals. Shifters were always coming and going back and forth. It’s always good to see new and old faces.

Their ‘mission’ had taken a lot longer than expected. It was mainly because of the fact that the Shifters they were helping were either captured or being hunted. But hey, they managed. After finding them, Stoick would take them back to the ship while Hiccup and Toothless would continue searching for others. After they had been patched up and fed, Stoick would interview them. He would find out if they were suitable to live on Berk (in other words; if they were mentally stable). Then, if they pass, Stoick would tell them about Berk, how to get there, etc. If they were interested, Stoick would lend them a boat. And so on...

Berk is quite large and has plenty of space. They had a good system. ‘Had’ being the key word. It was all good until HE showed up. Dagur ‘the Deranged’. The name suited him well. Dagur was a psychopath. He was a man of violence, of bloodshed.

Dagur had heard of Stoick ‘the Vast’ before. He had heard of the tales about him and his father, the supposedly indestructible duo. He had also heard of Hiccup, ‘The Dragon Master’ and Toothless, ‘the almighty offspring of lightning and death itself’. Dagur was not a fan of Stoick but his omega son interested him.

Dagur was the Chief of the Beserkers. The alpha murdered his father Oswald the Agreeable to become the leader. He was the reason the Shifter race had a bad reputation. His other half was a Titanwing Monsterous Nightmare. With deep red and orange scales and a nasty temper, he was nothing short of terrifying.

So when Dagur saw a boat with the Hooligan symbol in his harbour, he didn’t like it one bit. He soared over it and lit it on fire. Repairing it took some time, but they learnt their lesson.

...What they didn’t know was that Dagur had taken an immense liking to Hiccup.


“C’mon you lot! Stoick an’ ‘Iccup are gon’ be here soon enough!” Shouted Gobber. “Ge’ off Ye lazy arse Snotlout!”

Berk was buzzing to have their Chief and favourite duo back. Everyone was decorating the town in honour of their return. Well... most people.

“If Ye don’t start helpin’, I’m gonna throw Ye inta a pit of hot gronkle-!”

“Ok, ok I’m helping! Geez...” Snotlout yelled back. Grabbing a pale of water and a sponge, he began scrubbing at Stoick’s home’s windows.

“Aaaaaah!” Screamed Fishlegs as he ran away from a flaming ram.

“Odin help us...” Gobber mumbled, exasperated. “For the love of Thor, can someone put ou’ that sheep!” He shouted.

“On it!” Astrid squarked as she flew over with a water trough in her Nadder form.

It was dusk and the Sun was setting. ‘They’ll be here soon.’ Gobber told himself. Standing atop the hill, they had a great view of the town. Lights shone from houses. Street lamps were lit. People were swiftly walking through the streets, carrying boxes of food and decorations. The new, larger Hall stood proud on the cliff side of the island, covered in light.

The sight brought a smile to his face.

“They’re here! They’re here!” Astrid screeched as she stood atop the house. Jumping down, she shifted back to her human form, a huge smile on her face. “They’re actually here!”

“Let’s go then!” Snotlout impatiently demanded. Stopping his scrubbing.

The twins sprinted down the hill, tripping over each other in the process. “What’d you do that for?!” Tuffnut shoved at his sister.

“I didn’t do anything, asshat!” Ruffnut shoved him back.

“Come on!” Astrid chuckled as she sprinted past them.


“We’re here! We’re home!” Toothless jumped around the boat.

“Come now, Toothless! You need to help us aswell!” Stoick joyfully told the overexcited Nightfury.

Hiccup’s forest green eyes sparkled with happiness. Stoick smiled warmly at his son. Hiccup had grown into such a beautiful omega, just like his mother. It saddened him that Valka couldn’t be here to see him.

He was knocked out of his thoughts by Toothless nudging his side. He crooned worriedly.

“I’m fine Toothless.” He spoke softly to the Nightfury. “Let’s go say hello, eh?” He asked, giving the dragon a scratch behind the ear.

“Yeah!” Toothless exitedly yelled, running up deck, Hiccup not far behind him.

“It’s Toothless!” A small girl shouted as he lept up the stairs.

“Nightfury!” “Get down!” People jokingly yelled, acting scared. ‘Wow...’ Toothless thought. ‘There is a lot of people.’

“Ok, inta the Grea’ Hall! Chief will meet us there!” Gobber shouted above the crowd.


“Come on Mommy!” A small girl dragged her mother along the street. “We gotta go to the Hall!”

“Hey Sophie!” An Australian accent called out.

“Bunny!” Sophie squealed, letting go of her mother and running towards the Aussie.

“Thank you Aster.” Sophie’s mother said, trying to catch her breath. She kneeled in front of Sophie. “I’ll see you in a bit, ok sweetheart? I need to go help Cass with the food.” Kissing Sophie’s cheek, she headed towards the storage unit to collect more ingredients.

“Bunny! Wait for us!” Toothiana appeared, along with Sandy, North and Jack.

“Beautiful decorations, no?” North asked in his heavy accent.

“They sure are.” Said Jack as he gazed up at the Great Hall.

Cheif is going to be here soon Stated Sandy.

“He’s right. Let’s go!” Squealed Tooth as she ran up the hill.

“Race ya.” Challenged Aster as he put Sophie up on his shoulders.

“You’re on, Kangaroo.” Jack smirked as he chased after Toothiana.


Inside the Great Hall was the residents of Berk. The rebuilt building was more than big enough to fit everyone. Tables filled with food surrounded the room. Many crates full of mead sat in the corners, saved for later... once the kids had left.

Everyone was having a great time. A band played on the stage. Children danced on the centre floor while adults and teens exitedly chatted to one another.

The music died down as the heavy doors opened. There stood Stoick and Gobber. “Ladies and gentlemen, the Cheif has returned!” Gobber happily yelled out. The crowd cheered. “An’ let’s not forget abou’ our very special duo!”

A Nightfury bound out from behind Gobber. Vikings laughed as Toothless gleefully jumped around the room, searching for a very special person. “Astrid!” He roared as he sprinted towards her. The great beast pushed her to the floor and started giving her her very own tongue bath. Vikings couldn’t help laughing at this action.

“Toothless, you know that doesn’t wash out.” A recognisable, yet deeper voice called out.

“HICCUP!” Astrid exitedly screamed as she jumped up, covered in saliva, and sprinted to the tall figure standing in the doorway.

Hiccup ran forward to meet her is a bone-crushing hug. “Nice to see you.” He wheezed out.

“You’ve grown so much!” She stated. Astrid then proceeded to give him a big old punch in the gut. “Not so scrawny anymore, hey?” She smirked.

“Th-thank you.” He winced, tenderly rubbing the abused area of his stomach.

Hiccup went red once he realised that everyone was staring at him... well, more like gaping at him. Toothless chortled at his brother.

“Come see the others.” Said Astrid as she dragged him to the rest of the gang, Toothless following in pursuit.

“Friends, thank you for all of this.” Stoick’s booming voice sounded. “It’s been too long and I apologise for our absence. As you know, we’ve successfully saved more of our kind from devastation. I want to say thank you for accepting them and making them feel at home. It’s good to be home.” He spoke kindly. “Anyway, enough chit-chat. Let’s dig in!” The people laughed good naturedly at their Cheif’s short and to-the-point speech.

“Hey Hic!” Tuffnut greeted one of his best friends.

“Hi ‘Cup!” Ruffnut chuckled. “Thought of that one myself.” She stated.

“Yeah, we can tell.” Her brother rolled his eyes, earning himself a punch in the jaw. “That’s it, miss!” He yelled as he tackled Ruffnut to the ground.

Hiccup chuckled at the two.

“Find any new species of dragon?” Fishlegs enthusiastically asked, jumping up and down on the heels of his feet.

“Boring! I wanna hear about the action!” Snotlout butted in.

“Once we unpack, I’ll be able to show you the journal I made.” Hiccup told Fishlegs, making him squeal with excitement. “And there are heaps of stories that I’ll be able to share with you guys when we’re able to listen to them.”

“Oh! I’ve got to introduce you to the newbies!” Astrid blurted out, already in the process of dragging Hiccup along with her.

“Hey, Tooth, guys!” Astrid called out to them. Pulling Hiccup along, Astrid introduced him to the group. “This is Hiccup.”

Toothiana couldn’t help but stare at the male omega. Snapping herself out of her daze, she stated he name. “Hey, I’m Toothiana, but you can just call me Tooth.” She smile kindly at him. “This is Aster.” She pointed towards the 6’4 buff alpha beside her, who seemed to be studying Hiccup. Tooth slapped him on the chest to stop him from freaking him out.

“This is Sandman, or Sandy for short.” Sandy held his hand out for Hiccup to shake. Hiccup gently shook his hand, a light smile on his face.

“This is North.” Toothiana then gestured to the large, male alpha behind her. He wore a fluffy red cloak with black pants and stood at around 6’6. A very intimidating male, to be frank.

The alpha chuckeled at the omega’s expression. “Nice to meet you Hiccup.” He spoke with a heavy Russian accent.

“And this is-“

“Jack Frost.” Said the handsome alpha, cutting off Tooth. White hair and icy blue eyes definitely worked for him. Hiccup felt himself blush from under his gaze.

“N-nice to meet you.” He stuttered, feeling like a complete idiot.

Toothless sniggered at his awkwardness from the sideline.

“Anyway, we’d better go. See you later, Tooth.” Astrid said.

“Woah-?!” Yelped Hiccup as he was, once again, dragged to another destination by his best friend.

Jack chuckled at the pair but stopped as he saw Toothiana’s glare. “What?” He asked, confused.

“You two just had to freak him out, didn’t you?” She growled.

“C’mon Tooth, he’s cute.” Jack stated. ‘Really cute...’ He added in his head.

Tooth’s glare intensified. Aster and Jack flinched.

“Ok Sheila, we’re sorry.” Aster apologised.

“Yeah, won’t happen again. Promise.” Jack added.

“I’m getting something to eat.” Tooth growled, walking away from the group.