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The Norma Desmond Household

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New Year's Eve

Norma rushed into her room, dragging herself onto her bed and crawled her way up to the headboard, sobbing into a fluffy white pillow. It happened too quickly, the sweet champagne she had been drinking made her head fuzzy, she winced and cried harder. She thought it wouldn't happen like this, confessing love for someone shouldn't end like this? She told herself. Gabbing the pillow, she dug her red nails into it with angry and sadness, wishing things had gone better. Why should Joe be angry with her? She remembered slapping him. She sighed, he knew she didn't mean it, and she did too.

'Joe….." she mumbled, crying into the pillow. Hot tears dripped onto her dress. She rubbed her eyes and sucked in a deep breath, turning over on the other side of the bed, facing Joe's room. Biting her lip as it trembled, she stared at the two doors. The room of the husbands… Three husbands had left that room, and now someone she truly loved, had left too. She sat up, swallowing hard, and made her way toward the room. She didn't know what she was doing, what she was looking for, her mind circling as she looked around. Tears ran down her cheeks, she knew he most likely would never come back. She slowly went through his drawers, looking for the shirt he had worn the day he arrived at her home, the grizzly sunset castle. She pulled it out, rubbing the soft fabric across her finger tips, her head fell frontwards and she looked at the ground, sobbing. Holding the shirt, she glided across the room, going in his bathroom, looking around. She saw her face in the mirror, staring extenticly at her melted, tired worn face. Wet mascara around her water lines, lipstick smeared and gone. A lump in her throat formed, how could someone love... me? I don't blame Joe… she told herself. Looking down, she saw two razors on the edge of the sink. She picked one put and looked at it, almost studying it. Her whole body was shaking. And in a motionless fashion, she slid it across her wrist, not even squinting or even gasping in pain, not even caring if Max would find her. She had done this too many times to feel dreadful pain anymore. She cut her other wrist deeper, blood trickling down her hands and onto the floor. Her hands were trembling too much, she groaned with angry and tried to steady herself. "Norma….?" Max's low voice whispered, he flung the door open. She spun around and looked at him, her eyes growing bigger as she looked at him, staring right through him. He looked at her head to toe, then meeting her eyes again. He melted with sadness. She didn't know what to say, nor did he. They had been in this situation many times, finding Norma doing this terrible thing to her helpless soul. Silence had been the only option. He thought she was getting better, ever since Joe had showed up, she hadn't done anything to herself, at least no physical harm. He moved a little closer to her, she was about to say something, but she collapsed and fell to the floor. Resting her head against the tub, she cried hard, harder than she had in a long time. Max rushed to the phone downstairs, and quickly called Norma's doctor.

Joe looked at the telephone, staring widely at it as someone was using it. He sat on the lumpy couch of Artie Green's and folded his arms, sighing and staring at his feet. He looked at everyone dancing around, drinking cough syrup punch and making out in every corner of the room. Norma had been on his mind ever since he had stormed out of her mansion. I shouldn't have been like that to her… I knew better... Those moments kept running through his mind. He was quite fond of her actually, he enjoyed her company, he enjoyed working with her sometimes… when she was being realistic and not living in her own fantasy world. She could be incredibly kind, and happy and normal with him. But the moments when she was her most vulnerable, and fragile and living in her own world were hard for him. He took care of her in those moments, helping her and being realistic. No wonder she had fell in love with him. He was the only person who was honest to her. He was the only one she really had besides Max. He was human, and wasn't like a robot like Max sometimes was. Joe looked up as the two girls left the telephone, he watched it dangle off the table. He stood up and rushed over to it, making sure he'd beat the person who was heading for it too. He dialed the phone and gently held it to his ear, it rang for a while, and he impatiently squirmed. Finally, the Max picked up. "Hello.. Max?" Joe said loudly, everyone partying behind him. It was 30 till midnight. "Mr. Gillis I cannot talk now… the doctor is here." Joe squinted in confusion, "What? What doctor?...What's going on Max?" Joe held the phone tight, than a flush of realization hit him. He remembered Max telling him about her moments of melancholy...the suicide attempts… He gulped loudly that he was sure Max heard. "Madame got the razor from your room and she cut her wrists." Then the line went dead. Cut her wrists…..Cut her wrists… Joe stood up, he put his palm to his head, Max's words screamed through his head. He started sweating, his eyes wandered around the room, he grabbed his coat and ran out before Artie could stop him.

It was pouring rain when he finally made it back to her house. He rushed out of the taxi and payed. Running up the steps, he could see the doctor leaving. He blasted through the door, his eyes searching for Norma. Max stood at the end of the stairs, "Where is she!?" Joe yelled, looking at him intensely. Max folded his arms, "In her room…" He said quietly. Joe turned his head and started up the stairs, but before he could even get up them, Max grabbed his arm. "...Be gentle with her.." He whispered. Joe looked at him, about to say something, but instead nodded. He climbed those grueling stairs and walked down the hall. Her door was slightly open, illuminating the ghostly hall with yellow light. He stood in the shadow of the doorway, wiping the water from his hair. He pushed the door open and walked in. It was almost a magnificent sight, her body draped across the bed, her face striking and her eyes closed. Joe looked at her, and then saw her bandaged wrists. "Go away…" she almost whispered, hearing him walk toward her bed. A pile of angry built up deep in Joe, how dare she hurt dare she do this when he leaves...what a silly thing. "What kind of silly thing was that to do?" He shook that thought away, he couldn't be mad at her. What if Max had never found her anyway? He did, really did, care for her. "To fall in love with you, that was the idiotic thing." She stated firmly, moving her arms to rest on her stomach. He stared at her, "Sure would of made attractive headlines…. 'Great Star kills herself for Unknown Writer'…" He folded his arms. She turned her head and looked at him, her eyes flashed with anger and sadness, "Great stars...have great pride…" She whimpered firmly, the angry in her eyes fading away, and all was left was developing tears. He still stared at her eyes, the glorious eyes that could say anything with one look. Moving her arm over her eyes, she continued, "Go away….go to that girl of yours…" she croaked, tears ran down her face. Joe closed his eyes and sighed, he moved to the side of the bed. "Look... I was making that up Norma, because I thought...I thought this whole thing was a mistake." He was about to take her other hand, but she moved it away. He continued, "..I didn't want to hurt've been good to me...your the only person in this whole stinking town that's ever been good to me." She tried to hide her hurt emotions, but Joe could see that she was hurt. "Then why don't you just say thank you and go?… Go Go!" She forced out, not removing her arm from her face. "Not until you act like a sensible human being." He stated, sighing. "I'll do it again! I'll do it again!... I'll do it again…." She cried hysterically, biting back the pain in her wrists because of the angle she was in. Joe turned around and paced, he just didn't know what to do. He rubbed his palms and then turned to her again. And then, all of a sudden, Auld Lang Syne is being played downstairs by the little orchestra. He looks at the door, listening to the beautiful melody. Norma stops crying for a second. It was midnight. It hit him. He knew what to do, he wouldn't be this selfish, he couldn't act this way. He would stay with her. He had to stay with her. He didn't care how miserable he would be, or even if he would be anyway. Norma needed him. He needed her. He smiled a little, and slowly, he went to her. Norma continued to cry softly, unaware of Joe sitting on the edge of her bed. He gently took her arms and moved them away from her beautiful face. He wiped the tears from her cheeks, slightly turning her head too. She didn't look at him, too tired and hurt to do anything. Suddenly, she felt his lips against hers. She opened her eyes, not expecting this at all from him. He pulled back, and looked deep into her eyes. "Happy new year, Norma." He whispered, her eyes glowed, all the pain, all the tiredness and sadness and angry washed away that very moment. "...happy new year, darling." She replied, and her cheeks flushed. And with that, she melted into his kiss. She wrapped her thin arms around his back and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. His hands slowly ran up her hips to her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. He leaned forward more, letting her devour his lips. She gripped him tight in her arms, running her fingers in his hair. They kissed more eagerly, Norma panting with delight and began to unbutton his white shirt. "Norma...are you sure you want this... now?... I don't want to hurt you.." He panted, looking at her bandaged wrists. She didn't care, she wanted him, no, she needed him. "Yes….I need you darling…" She whispered, finishing the last button and pulling at his shirt, her hands ached to touch his hairy, muscular, strong chest. He sat up and pulled it off. She watched him, her heart racing with ambition and desire. He crawled back to her, grabbing her leg and pulling her close. She grabbed his head and smashed her lips against his, her hands rubbing his chest. She felt her heartbeat down in between her thighs, and it had been a long time since she felt that. Joe pulled his lips away from hers and kissed her neck, sucking lightly. She moaned and her fingers ran up and down his back, she needed him now. Norma sat up, "Please unzip me... Joe…" Her voice trembled, the pounding in between her thighs increased. He grinned a little and didn't say anything. He helped her stand up, and slowly he pulled the zipper down her dress, revealing her bare back to him. What has gotten into you Joe? His mind repeated, but he didn't listen, nor did he care, as of right now. He new she needed this. Pushing the dress down her body, he leaned in and kissed her shoulders, cupping her breasts with his hands and pulling her close. She wasn't wearing anything except lace panties. She whimpered eagarly, her back pushing against his chest. Turning around, she kissed his lips passionately and pulled him close, their tongues intertwining. Joe pulled her onto the bed and took off his pants, she watched him again, biting her lip and rubbing her thighs together. He pulled them down his legs and threw them on the floor, turning and sliding himself between her thighs, kissing them lightly and taking her black lace underwear and pulling them all the way down her legs. He looked at the sight in front of him, he could tell she wanted him now despreately.

He kissed his way up her body, running his strong hands up and down her thighs. "Joe...darling...please.." Norma moaned, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him closer to her. She looked into his eyes, he looked hungry for her. "Ah.." She hissed suddenly, one of her wrists getting crushed by his body. He took her hand and kissed it lovingly. "I'm sorry.." He whispered, a little worried that he had hurt her. She shook her head in need and pulled him into another kiss, his crotch pressing against her heat. She whimpered a little and moved her head, giving him the look of what she wanted. It was almost like permission for Joe. He sat up again and pulled down his boxers, and returned to her once more. He stared at her body, how could a women of 50 look so... young and youthful? Suddenly he felt her pulling at his hips. "Please Joe…" she breathed, her brown eyes deepening, unable to wait any longer for him to pleasure her. It had been too long for her. He moved in between her legs and slowly pushed himself into her, grabbing the sheets under her and moving close to her face. She gasped and moaned, relaxing and wrapping her arms and legs around him. "Joe...Oh god…" she groaned out loudly as he steadily rocked against her, pushing in and out. Joe sucked in her moans with a deep kiss, straddling her and moving faster between her thighs. Norma's breathing quickened and she kissed him more, moaning into his mouth. He grunted and pulled away, grabbing her breasts and pushing harder into her, making her squeal with pleasure. She was already so turned on, she squeezed his ass. "Oh yes...harder... Joe!...!" she grunted loudly, pulling him closer and closer. God, it felt so good to finally have a man making love to her after so long. Joe made her feel so desirable now, more than ever. He thrusted harder and harder into her juicy heat, groaning in her ear and still squeezing her breasts. She felt herself getting closer and closer, she grabbed his hand and pushed it down in between her legs, onto her clit. She wrapped her legs tighter around him, making him pound her faster. He rubbed her clit and sucked on her neck, making her go over the moon with waves of pleasure."Joe! Darling!..OH GOD!" She writhed beneath him, moving with him at his fast pace. Her muscles contracted around him and he sent her over the edge, and she climaxed. The powerful orgasm took over her, and she was cumming hard. She rubbed and grinded herself against him, her deep moans hitting Joe's ear. He too felt himself getting ready. She knew it wouldn't have taken long. "Ugh...Norma.." he grunted, pounding her. She held him tight, moaning in his ear, and he cummed inside of her. His moans were like beautiful music to Norma's ear's, so erotic and sexy.. He trusted one last time, then collapsed on her tiny body, both of their breathing still erratic. Norma's whole body trembled, she wasn't used to getting pleasured that good, but it sure was worth it. He pulled out of her and he rubbed her sore heat. She bit her lip and groaned with relief as he massaged her soreness. Joe lifted his head and looked into her eyes, she wrapped her palm around the back of his neck and kissed him delicately. "I love you Joe….I love you, I love you, I love you…" She breathed and held him tight, never wanting to let go. He smiled and kissed her forehead. He couldn't say 'I love you' yet to her, but he did, he thought, love her in his own way... He rolled over, his naked body sprawled across the bed. Norma cuddled up against him, wrapping her leg across him. Her chest and head rested against his own and she sighed with exhaustion. She looked up at Joe, who was starting to drift off. She smiled widely. A few minutes ago she was wishing she was dead, but now, she couldn't be happier.