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Of Sunflowers and Time Travel

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Fire. Everything was on fire. The forest... You ran. What else could you do? Holding your older sibling's hand, they reached for you once your sister pulled you up into her arms, though she took theirs instead.

Where were you? You couldn't see- the smoke surrounded you, and you covered your face to try and stop yourself from breathing it in. You could hear something- footsteps. Giant, metallic footsteps. They shook the ground, and Vivian tripped from the shockwave, turning to land on her back so you wouldn't be hurt. There was another sound, rushing water. The river. Louder and louder and louder, the footsteps grew, and you barely registered that you were crying. Kaden was bleeding, you could see it pooling from a gash in their knee, and they began to crawl towards the river.

"Atlas!" They called, voice weak. "Come on!"

"We can't leave her!"

"Just go." Vivian stood, shaking, as the creature--a drago, turned halfway mechanical--approached her, spreading her arms out wide to protect them. "I'll come find you."



Kaden grabbed your arm and pulled you into the river, the water mixing with your own tears. You had to get back home. Your brother would be looking for you both. You had to-

There was a scream. 
Vivian was screaming.

You looked up- it had bitten her. Clutching at her chest, she fell to the ground as the drago retracted its teeth and retreated.

With a faint, pained smile on her face, she turned to you.

It was only then that you saw the bloody fang pierced through her heart.