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Unexpected Bonds

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Dean was sprawled out on his bed trying to ignore the sounds of sammy banging on his bedroom door. He hoped and prayed the boy got the day wrong and it was actually next week that school started.

“Dean! Deeeeaaaaannnnn! DEAN!” Sammy began shouting. God that boy had some lungs on him. Dean finally gave in and got up with a growl.

“I am up, now shut up bitch.” He called out ruffling his hair.

“ ‘Bout time jerk.” Sam called out as he headed down stairs to go eat.

Dean glared at the door, he’d get him back once he was downstairs. He stood up and stretched. Last year of high school and he was done. He was so ready to get out of this town, or at least this school Same people his whole life, he wanted to get out into the world. He’d miss Sammy and his mom like hell, but he could visit and he honestly wasn’t looking into colleges in other states.

Dean made his way to the bathroom that connected Sam and his room. It was was really nice having their own bathroom, they each even had their own sinks too. Dean began going about his usual morning routine. He took a quick shower, brushed his teeth and worked on his hair. He walked back into his room with just a towel around his waist and began to pick out his clothes.

Eventually he landed on a black henley, dark wash jeans that were comfortably worn in, comfortable boots, and to top it all off his letterman jacket. All of the guys on the football team would be wearing theirs and as captain he most definitely needed to wear his as well. He grabbed his backpack and headed downstairs. The smell of bacon and pancakes floated up the stairs as he made his way down. He was practically drooling before he made it to the bottom. He dropped his bag down next to the banister and walked into the kitchen.

“You better hurry up honey or you both are going to be late. You know how Sammy gets when he thinks he’ll be late.” His mom, Mary, said smiling over at him from the stove. He chuckled, he knew very well how Sam got. Easiest way to put the kid in a bitchy mood first thing in the morning.

“I’ll do my best to get Princess Samantha to school on time Ma,” He smirked at Sam who flipped him off making sure Mary didn’t see. He walked over and smacked Sam upside the head before ruffling his long hair. The boy needed a haircut but refused.

“Stop teasing each other and eat. You really shouldn’t be late on day one. Especially in your senior year.” She walked over and put Dean’s plate down in front of him and kissed the top of his head. “I have to head to the clinic now. You two be good. I’ll see you after work. “ She kissed sammy’s head and with a wave she headed out.

The boys said goodbye to her and listened as she got into her car and drove off. Dean was happy his mother was working in a walk-in clinic now. Her hours were steady, good benefits and she didn’t look exhausted all the time. Plus the pay was great since she was the head nurse.

He looked to sam, “Dad at work?” He hadn’t heard John this morning. They never knew what they would get with John winchester these days. He was either the happy loving father they were used to or some days he swore the man was an angry demon. He wasn’t violent with them but damn the words that came out of his mouth some days hurt deeper than any punch he could have thrown. His mother was concerned for her husband, he wasn’t like this, the anger was always far and wide between. But this? These mood swings were like a rollercoaster. They had all thought it but no one had said it out loud, they all believed John was bipolar. But without the man admitting it himself or even recognizing he had a problem they couldn’t get him help. He knew his mother was trying, he hoped things could go back to how they were. For his family’s sake.

“No, I think he’s asleep. He’ll probably go to the shop later.” Sam said as he finished off his food. The fourteen year old got up and washed his plate. Such a responsible eighth grader he was. As much as Dean teased the kid he was damn proud of Sam and loved him more than anything.

“Good thing he’s part owner and can do that.” Dean said with a chuckle. It was true though. If John hadn’t owned half of the SInger and Winchester Auto Shop he probably wouldn’t have a job right now. He always looked up to his father’s work ethic, recently though his work responsibilities were being replaced with alcohol and sleep.

Okay enough of the depressing family stuff. It was day one at school, this was his senior year he needed to start it off amazingly. Hell maybe they’d get some new students, preferably those of the fairer sex. He was single as of the start of the summer and he was more than ready to find some girls to hook up with. He didn’t want the whole relationship thing this year. The last one was just a mess and a headache.

“Ready Sammy?” He asked as he moved to the stairs and grabbed his backpack. Sam was already by the door holding out Dean’s keys to the impala. Ahh, his baby. He smiled just at the thought of driving her.

“Dude you smile more when you think about your car then you ever did with any girl you ever dated.” Sam said with a roll of his eyes.

“Can you blame me? She’s damn fine.” He laughed snatching the keys away before heading to the car. Sam locked up behind him. Before long baby was roaring to life and heading down the way to the local middle school.

Dean and Sam had lived in Freewill, Kansas their whole lives. Freewill, who names a town that? It was like some bad made up town in a book or that was at least the joke between him and Sam. The town wasn’t huge but it wasn’t small either. It was close to the center of the state and getting to different cities wasn’t too difficult if you had the time. Dean loved to drive, especially road trips so when it came to visiting a bigger city he was always up for it. Mostly for an excuse to drive baby for as long as he could.

It wasn’t long before they pulled up in front of Jefferson Middle School. The building used to be the old high school but as the town grew they needed bigger buildings. So they built a new high school and converted the old one into a middle school. “I am going to hang out with kevin after school so I’ll walk home from there.” Sam said as he opened his door.

“Sounds good, I’ll see you at home later. Have fun.” He watched as sam got out.

“You too, Jerk.”

“Bitch.” He called out watching Sam’s should shake a bit as he laughed. The kid had grew a hell of a lot over the summer. He was only an inch or so shorter than Dean at this point. He would not be surprised if Sam ended up taller than him later on. He was currently towering over the other kids in school it was kind of funny to see him walking through school easily looking over the heads of most of the other students. Dean pulled away and headed a few minutes away to the high school.

He pulled into a parking spot unofficially reserved for  the schools Football captain. It was one of those small town traditions. He freaking loved it. The parking spot was wider than the others, so baby should be safe from scratches and dings, not to mention it was close to the school building so the walk was shorter. He got out and looked around. Damn it was good to be top dog on campus right now. Girls were eyeing him, guys were greeting him silently. He slipped his hands into his pockets and headed inside. He knew exactly where he’d find his friends. Standing in front of his and benny’s lockers.

Sure enough there they were. The usual gang. Benny, his best friend and third in command on the team, Gordon, Gadreel (AKA Gad), and Cole. One was missing though, Michael wasn’t there. His second in command was always on time, he wondered what was up. The guy’s instantly saw him and waved him over. “We hello Captain our Captain.” Cole said as Dean made his way over. The two had had a rocky start especially on the football field. But after hashing it out Dean had to say they were pretty good friends now. Benny was still his best friend though.

“You hear, Michael’s cousins moved into town. Two of them are seniors.” Gordon said as he gave dean one of those one armed bro hug slash handshakes.

“Michael’s got cousins?” Dean asked looking around at the group, they were the stars of this school and Dean was the brightest star of the bunch. He was one of the few people who did sports year around. Football in the fall, wrestling in the winter and baseball in the spring. He excelled in football and wrestling, he was good at baseball but even he could admit Michael had him beat there by a small margin. He was well aware of his own good looks so his ego larger than recommended.  

“Any of those cousins lovely ladies?” Benny asked with a smirk that matched perfectly with that cajun accent.

“I think the only one is in middle school. Seems like both high school cousins are guys.” Gordon seemed to be the only one with any info. Which was surprising since Dean expected Gad to be the one with all the information. Michael and Gad have lived next to each other their entire lives.

“Yeah, they’re guys. I think only one is into sports. I only saw them briefly and it was from afar.” Gadreel finally chimed in. “They don’t seem related either. You’ll see when they walk in. The sister has the brightest red hair.” Before their conversation continued the front doors opened and Michael, co-captain of the football team, walked in. Accompanying him were two other guys.On michael's right was a much shorter guy, kind of long hair, pale brown eyes, to be honest kind of dorky looking. Dean knew for a fact on looks alone this wasn’t the cousin who played sports. When Dean looked to Michael's left and knew exactly what Gad had meant by the brothers not looking alike.

The other cousin was much taller maybe only an inch or so shorter than Dean himself. Dark brown almost black hair, a lean build made for sports, and ocean deep blue eyes. Dean did not check out guys at all, he was all about the ladies, but damn if this wasn’t checking out someone he didn’t know what was. Lucky for him no one seemed to notice. The guy was wearing a tan cardigan over a white button up, the sleeves rolled up just below his elbows. It showed off those broad shoulders and toned arms. Dark wash jeans that hugged him just right and converse to finish it off. Damn it Winchester quit it. This was a dude. He had to admit though, that cardigan was pulling at the librarian kink he had going on in his head, just missing the glasses. Once again he reprimanded himself, no that kink involved a woman, in a tight pencil skirt. Not a dude, definitely not the guy walking up to them with that naturally messy sex hair.  

Within seconds the trio was standing in front of the group. None of them looked related to be honest, maybe Michael and his blue eyed cousin but just barely. Dean’s mother said Michael reminded her of a younger John winchester which Dean had always found weird. “Hey guys this is….” He was cut off as his shorter cousin let out a bit of a yelp. Someone had grabbed his ass.

It was Zachariah, guy was rich and one of the biggest assholes on campus. Thought he was real special since his daddy made stupid amounts of money. Zach laughed at the shorter cousins reaction, “Oops thought you were a girl, short hair and petite. My mistake.” That smile was quickly wiped off when the shorter guy’s hand reached out and grabbed Zach by the crotch tightly. Every guy that saw winced. Zach’s face turned red in pain.

“Oops, I thought you were a girl, you know with such a small dick and everything. My mistake.” The shorter guy smirked. “Do that shit again and I’ll make sure there won’t be anything left. “ Zach’s knees were buckling from the pain. Dean glanced at the blue eyed brother. He wasn’t even watching the scene before him, as if he was used to it, he was just casually leaning back against the lockers. His eyes were instead trained on Dean. Dean swallowed hard and turned away, he felt a heat creeping up his neck. He was mentally trying to will it away before the blush became obvious.

“Zach leave my cousin the hell alone. I am not gonna stop him if you try some shit again.” Michaels tone was commanding. The long haired guy let Zach go and took a step back. Zach shot them an angry glare and took off. He was mumbling curses and shit that no one cared to hear or listen to.

“So like I was saying before, this is my cousin Gabriel Novak.” Michael said gesturing to the guy who just had Zach on his knees. “I’d tell you not to mess with him but as you can see he can take care of himself.”

Gabe rolled his eyes, “What? Do I have to worry about you jocks giving me shit too?”

“You gonna give us a reason to give you shit?” Gordon retorted.

“Gordon chill. “ Dean cut the conversation from getting worse. He saw blue eyes had stood up straighter and moved closer to the group. Gabe kept a watchful gaze on them all.

“This is Castiel Novak, he’s Gabe’s younger brother and he’s a senior too.” Michael gestured to the taller brother.

“Castiel?” Benny said with an raised brow. Dean saw Gabe open his mouth to give snappy comment but the look Castiel gave him cut it off.

“Cas is fine, I know Castiel is a bit of a mouthful.” God damn that voice. It was deep and gravely. Dean did not expect that intoxicating sound to come out of the guys mouth. He could only imagine what his own name would sound like coming out of Cas’s mouth. His brain even tried to image what it would be like if Cas moaned it. What was going on with him? That sound was going straight through him sending a warm tingling feeling through himm.

“It’s good to meet you two.” Dean was the first one to truly greet them. He reached out his hand to Gabe first. “I am Dean Winchester, Captain of the football team.” He gave them that signature winchester swoon inducing grin. Gabe looked unimpressed but shook Dean’s hand. It was strong but short, merely out of formality. When he shook Cas’s hand through it was with a firm grip and it lasted longer than necessary. He felt the calluses of someone who played sports and wasn’t afraid to be outside. The touch sent another warm tingling through him. Get ahold of yourself Winchester.

“I hear you play sports.” Dean said as he pulled his hand away. Cas smiled at him, it wasn’t your typical smile. Instead of his mouth most of his smile was done with his eyes. Dean had never thought of how expressive someones eyes could be until that exact moment.    

“Yeah. Normally cross country in the Fall, Soccer in the winter and Baseball in the spring.” Cas barely even looked at the other guys. His gaze focused on Dean.

Dean was impressed to say the least. “Year around. Nice, me too. You should see if they’ll still let you join in on Cross country. They normally start in late summer. Soccer started training and conditioning in the summer too. You might be able to join in before tryouts.”

Cas’s smile was now pulling at his lips. “Thanks I’ll make sure to find the coaches.”

Dean was really hoping no one had noticed how he couldn’t look to any other place but Cas’s eyes.

“We’ll I’ve got to get these two to the office so I’ll see you guys later.” Michael said as he adjusted his backpack. Gabe just gave them an casual see yah as he followed after Michael.

“It was nice meeting you guys,” Cas said looking at all of them then his gaze lingered on Dean for a moment longer. “Hope I get to talk you all later.” With that he followed after his cousin and brother. It took everything Dean had to not watch him leave and try and get a glimpse of how well those jeans hugged Cas’s backside.

Maybe he was just pent up. He didn’t have a single hook up over the summer. Yeah maybe that was it. He was in need of release and this was just his body’s way of telling him that. Yeah, that made sense. A small voice in his brain called bullshit but Dean chose to pretend he didn’t hear it.   


Castiel had not been prepared mentally at all. He had expected to come to this school and be left unimpressed by anyone here. He had been so wrong, so very wrong. The second his eyes landed on Dean Winchester, green eyed god, he was gone. He’d seen him as they entered the building and hadn’t been able to look away. Those green eyes that were a million different shades, firm build, drool worthy wide shoulders, sexy as hell bow legs, that swoon inducing smile. The list was a mile long. Cas was lost in his own mind with visions of Dean. When their hands touched all he wanted was to feel Dean’s hands all over his body.

He groaned quietly as Gabe and Michael talked. What if Dean was into guys? Yeah he probably wasn’t. Probably slept with all the cheerleaders and other pretty girls. But that look, that look as they spoke. The half blush as their eyes met when Gabe took care of that guy. Maybe there was something there. Maybe Dean hadn’t had the chance to see if he was into guys. Cas could work with that. The thought of being Deans first got him all hot and bothered. He would need to test the waters before he messed up anything. He really hoped he had classes with him. He prayed to the heavens above. Gym would be nice, oh and a language class or English he could show off there. Calm down Cas, don’t get ahead of yourself that never goes well. Just calm down, take this one day at a time. He nodded to himself and walked into the office. He sent out one more little prayer as he received his schedule.

Dean and Cas