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KNJ created the group Film 203 Group Project

KNJ added KSJ , MYG , JHS , KTH , and JJK to Film 203 Group Project


KNJ: Hey guys. Sorry I didn’t really have the chance to talk to any of you after class ended. But it looked like everyone was pretty busy and had other classes to get to. Also- I couldn’t read Park Jimin’s username off the contact sheet, does anyone have him already?

KTH: hiiiiiii hey hi, i have jiminnie’s address we’re bffs

KTH: gimmie admin rights and i’ll add him?


KNJ has made KTH an admin

KTH has removed KNJ from Film 203 Group Project

KTH is now the owner of Film 203 Group Project

KTH added PJM to Film 203 Group Project

KTH added KNJ to Film 203 Group Project

KTH renamed Film 203 Group Project to film sluts


KNJ: What just happened?




KNJ: Did you really just stage a coup?

KSJ: kim taehyung!!!

KSJ: i agreed to let you be in a group with me with the express promise that you WOULDN’T do something like this!!!

KSJ: i said “tae i’m sorry but i can’t be in a group with you if you won’t take it seriously” and you promised you could!!!


KTH renamed KSJ to liar


KTH: wow i can’t believe my cousin is a dirty liar

KTH: you said i HAD to be in a group with you because we don’t spend enough time together

PJM: tae out here spilling tea


KTH renamed KTH to teatae

KTH renamed PJM to sidekick


sidekick: seriously?

teatae: xoxoxoxoxo i love youuuuuuuuu

liar: WOW i can’t believe you’re this fucking rude you little shit



teatae renamed liar to liar hyung


teatae: bbetter?

KNJ: Can we just circle back to the fact that you just staged a coup to get control of a group chat for a year long project in an all years high school class?

KNJ: How much of this was a setup? Was Jimin’s handwriting so atrocious on purpose?

sidekick: hey… it’s not THAT bad

KNJ: Who else was in on it? That scared looking freshman?

JJK: i’m not actually a freshman…

teatae: AHH

teatae: HE SPEAKS

JJK: uh hi


teatae renamed JJK to lurker


lurker: uh okay

liar hyung: i sincerely apologize to everyone in advance for my fucking cousin

teatae: shut up hyung ANYWAY jiminnie’s handrwriting was not a setup it was all just a hpapy little coincidence and isn’t this better anyway also the lurking freshman was nOT part of it he looks like that one weak bitch not down with murder

sidekick: 10 bucks says he’s a narc

lurker: i’m not a freshman or a narc

KNJ: Maybe we should talk about the group project? Like what kind of film we want to produce?

liar hyung: i mean maybe, but shouldn’t we wait for the others to arrive?

liar hyung: we’re still missing two

KNJ: Oh, right, one second. Hobi’s beside me, he’s playing some game on his phone but I’ll have him say hello.

JHS: oh shit whaddup??? hey boys and girls how are we all

teatae: omg are you guys friends irl or something?

JHS: yeah boy joonie is my Good Pal!!!!!!!!!!!!

JHS: even if he is now little more than a tragically deposed ruler

teatae: omg


teatae renamed KNJ to deposed ruler


deposed ruler: :/

liar hyung: we’re just missing one now

liar hyung: anyone actually know who “MYG” is?

deposed ruler: Oh, yeah. That’s Min Yoongi, I had to get his address from Prof. Bang because he didn’t actually show up today.

JHS: min yoongi?

sidekick: MIN yoongi?

deposed ruler: ...Yes, why?

sidekick: nothing

JHS: no reason!!!!! i think he’s in one of my comp classes or smth idk!!!!!

lurker: you’re being weird, do you like him or something?


lurker: i’m not actually a freshman, and i haven’t exactly struck before but uh thanks

teatae: JIMIN JIMIN JIMIN JIMIN JIMIN JIMIN JIMIN JIMIN I love this lurking freshman lets adopt him hes so weird and cute and awkward

lurker: uh

sidekick: omg yes

sidekick: haha also if you do like him it’s nothing to be ashamed of! is he cute?

JHS: no no no guys it’s really not that hahah!!!!! this is so wild no ide remember what he looks like tbh!!!!!!!!

liar hyung: sweetie it’s okay to have crushes, you know.

JHS: ik ik ik ofc it is it’s just not that i just remembered the name, honest!!!!!!!!!! :)

deposed ruler: Guys, Hobi’s telling the truth, and you’ve got him looking really frantic now, so maybe we can just drop it?


teatae renamed JHS to yoongi lover


teatae: sure we can drop it :)

yoongi lover: ………

yoongi lover: dude wtf!!!!!!!!!

MYG: wtf.

liar hyung: OH SHIT hahaha

deposed ruler: Yoongi, hi.

MYG: wtf is this shit.

deposed ruler: Sorry, you were absent today so you might not have the same context as everyone, I probably should have PMd you to explain. But essentially in Prof. Bang’s film class we were assigned a group project to fully produce a silent film. We have the whole year to actually work on the project and we’re all meant to take on real roles in film production to give us a good idea of what it’s like (Director, Camera, Sound Production, Casting, Storyboarding, etc. etc.) In the next couple weeks we’ll get to sign up for our shooting days at the end of the year. We get a weekend to shoot with an advisor (two eight hour days), and a weekend to edit with an advisor (another two eight hour days). The film’s supposed to be small, only around five mins and we aren’t allowed to work with any kind of dialogue because they don’t trust any of us with expensive boom mics.

teatae: so THATS what this group is for

teatae: tbh i just saw a piece of paper asking for my contact info and i was like this may as well happen todayy

liar hyung: i’m telling auntie you aren’t paying attention in class

teatae: no ur not i have way too much blackmail material

MYG: ...okay. who’s the annoying kid with admin rights?

teatae: I’M TAE

MYG: good for you. change that one kid’s name back. it shouldn’t have shit to do with me.

yoongi lover: OMG i’m so sorry hi i’m sorry i promise i’m not some weird stalker with a weird stalker crush on you omg hi i’m hobi hi

MYG: hi.

teatae: i will nOT change it back i WILL however introduce myself and all of you should too so we are all on the same page!!!!

teatae: i AM kim taehyung but call me tae or tae tae literally it’s better UM i am 16 and a sophomore and i have been in america for three (3) years originally from daegu my focus stream is photography but i take a bunch of fine art electives cause i like painting and also jimin is my best friend in the entire world and i’m also really hot

teatae: observe

teatae: bow down binches

lurker: we all know what you look like, we saw you in class

teatae: yoongi didn’t and besides rl doesnt do me justice i take great fucking selcas

teatae: someone else go!!

yoongi lover: i will if you change my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yoongi lover: change my name after, okay???

yoongi lover: okay!!!!

yoongi lover: hoseok jung, but you can call me hobi!!!!! 17, a junior, i’m in the dance stream and do choreo for the freshman class!!!!!!!!! ummmmmmm what else i like long walks on the beach and not having my screen name changed to something that makes complete!!! strangers!!!!!! uncomfy!!!!! also i was born in the states i guess that’s a thing we’re announcing?

yoongi lover: it me

liar hyung: omg is that a lobster

lurker: he’s beauty and he’s grace

deposed ruler: He’s not doing himself justice, here: Exposing Hobi's visuals.

teatae: hot

teatae: jimmie look how cute he is

MYG: that’s you?

yoongi lover: OMG joon get tf out of here also yeah haha!!!!! it’s me y do u ask?? :)

MYG: you look familiar.

yoongi lover: what a coincidence i think i recognized your name haha maybe we have a class together???? anyway joon it’s your turn go!!!!

deposed ruler: ...Sure.

deposed ruler: Namjoon Kim, 17, a junior. My focus stream is film studies (with an aim at screenwriting). I was born in Florida but actually moved up here to NY when I got a scholarship to this school. I’m also the president of the GSA and I’m the Vice Chair of the Model UN. This is me, the photo is from a couple months ago so my hair’s different now, but you get the idea: I was blond.

liar hyung: omg, blond hair really suited you

deposed ruler: Aha, thanks. You have Hobi to thank for that, I lost a bet to him.

liar hyung: maybe you should lose another bet hon

deposed ruler: Let’s hear about you now!

liar hyung: sure lolololol i am kim seokjin or just jin is fine, i’m 18 and a senior, i’m in the acting stream and i came to the states a year ago to make sure my fucking shit head of a cousin didn’t get himself killed :)

teatae: lying again hyung……….


liar hyung: haha what are you talking about i have the texts from auntie to prove otherwise




[Private Chat: eatjin to taebae]


eatjin: seriously, don’t, i don’t want to talk about it.

taebae: okay okay okay i’m sorry hyung




[film sluts]


liar hyung: anyway, i’m also super hot (it’s a family trait): link!

deposed ruler: Oh wow, selfiess suit you.

deposed ruler: *selfies




[Private Chat: hoehoe to Joon]


hoehoe: “selfies suit you”??? really???

Joon: I panicked okay!

hoehoe: you’ve been thirsting over this guy since his plane touched down and the best you can do is ‘selfies suit you’???????????????????

Joon: Listen.

Joon: Did you see his lips how was I supposed to form coherent and even relatively charming thought after that.

Joon: Besides, you can’t give me any shit with how much of an ass you’re making of yourself in front of Min Yoongi.

Joon: What’s that about, anyway? I would have thought you’d tell me if you had such a big crush.

hoehoe: omg omg no its actually lITERALLY Not What You Think i swear

Joon: Are you going to tell me what it is, or what it isn’t?

hoehoe: i promise i will i just

hoehoe: have to be sure




[film sluts]


liar hyung: you’re such a sweetheart, keep up with the compliments and you’ll have me flustered xoxoxo



lurker: i’m jungkook jeon, i’m a SOPHOMORE and fifteen, i doubled up my stream focuses so i’m in the vocal and fine art departments.

lurker: uh, what else

lurker: i also like sports but can’t really do them here since its an arts school?

lurker: here



teatae renamed lurker to actual toddler


actual toddler: uh

actual toddler: not better

deposed ruler: Wait, how are you doubling focuses at all? I mean, they don’t even let seniors do that. And if you’re fifteen SHOULDN’T you be a freshman?

actual toddler: i kinda skipped a grade in middle school

actual toddler: and uh

actual toddler: idk i just asked the department heads if i could and they said yes as long as i didnt get overwhelemd and idk, i really like dance but i also really like art so i’m just kinda

actual toddler: uh doing both


teatae renamed actual toddler to genius toddler


genius toddler: still not really better, but okay

teatae: shut up where did jimin go its hIS TURN

teatae: or yoongi’s i guess we need a face reveal at some point

yoongi lover: hey speaking of!!!!!!! you were supposed to change my name!!!!!!!!!

teatae: i never agreed to that :)


sidekick: sorry sorry i’m just doing smth rn yoongi can go first!!!!!!!!

MYG: no thanks.

teatae: not a choice :)

yoongi lover: haha i mean the rest of us did it so you probably should too??

yoongi lover: but i mean if you really dont want to i guess we’ll see you tomorrow anyway!!!!!

genius toddler: and just bombard you with questions then…


MYG: fine.

MYG: min yoongi. 18. junior. also from daegu. came to the states three months ago. music production stream.

MYG: link.

teatae: ……………… idk what i was expecting but it wasn’t that

genius toddler: same

deposed leader: Same.

sidekick: same

teatae: if you have time to comment you have time do do your intro!!!

yoongi lover: wow that’s really you huh haha wow!!!!!

deposed leader: Hobi what the fuck.

liar hyung: seriously??

MYG: anyway. are you guys going to shut up or are we going to talk about this stupid project?




[Private Chat: JINteresting to yoon]


JINteresting: you want to tell me why you lied?

yoon: idk. sorry.

JINteresting: you don’t want them to know we know each other?

yoon: idk, it’s not that.

JINteresing: yoongi

yoon: don’t tell them i lied. just go along with it. please?

JINteresting: i will, but i’m coming over with something to eat

yoon: you don’t have to check up on me, i’m fine.

JINteresting: and yet, i’m still coming over

yoon: fine, whatever.




[film sluts]


teatae renamed MYG to jack skellington


jack skellington:


jack skellington has left film sluts

teatae has added jack skellington to film sluts



sidekick: jack skellington lmfao tae

sidekick: mmkay anyway i’m jimin park i’m also 16 and a junior i am in the dance stream and as tae said we’re bffs. um what else…


sidekick: yeah i HAVE A GREAT ASS and um that’s about it there’s not a lot to me after that just that i love my friends to death and also dance is lyfe(™)

sidekick: i’m cute as hell so at least we know i have one thing in common with the rest of you all

deposed leader: Okay, now that we’ve all been introduced can we please talk about the project?




KTH created the group operation tim burton

KTH added PJM and JJK to operation tim burton

KTH renamed KTH to eagle 1

KTH renamed PJM to eagle 2

KTH renamed JJK to eagle 3


eagle 1: kookie you’re here since we’re officially adopting you sorry jimin you were busy doing """something""" so i made the executive decision

eagle 1: anyway i think something has become ABUNDANTLY clear


eagle 3: uh i guess not

eagle 1: SO………………. LETS GET THEM TOGETHER!!!!!!!

eagle 2: tae, idk if that’s a good idea

eagle 1: wait, what?

eagle 1: why??

eagle 2: i don’t think yoongi is who he says he is