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National City University

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“Are we really doing this again,” Alex asks her younger sister Kara. They were currently in Alex’s apartment arguing over Kara’s need to have yet another game night.

 “Alex! C’mon you know boys are not allowed in my dorm and what is a game night without Winn?”

With a roll of her eyes, Alex reluctantly answers, “I swear this is the last time. And I better not find half eaten pot stickers in my couch again.”

Kara jumps with excitement “Thanks Alex I owe-”

“Don’t get too excited, as soon as Maggie gets off work you and your friends are gone.” With a big smile and a silent head nod Kara leaves the apartment.


You guys, game night is on for Friday @ Alex’s! Kara sends to the group chat including Winn, James, and Lucy Lane.

Winn: Finally! I think your sister needs some lovin dude. Ever since Maggie started working the night shift she’s been so uptight.

Lucy: 1. Gross. 2. Do not say that around Alex. Ever. And 3. That’s not our business

Kara: Agreed. And she’s just worried because her girlfriend is out late at night risking her life trying to keep the people safe.

Winn: I get it. I just wish I had a girlfriend to worry about … or at least think about.

James: Sucks for you lol. I’m heading to class. Getting lunch @ the union later will see you guys then.


Kara is walking to her morning class from Alex’s place when she notices her ‘friend’ Mon-el giving someone a private tour. Mon-el was one of the school’s ambassadors, aka a fancy word for tour guide so he was always in random places on campus.

“Good morning Kara! How are you on this beautiful Tuesday,” Mon-el waves to her with a cheeky grin.

“I’m good, just heading to business calculus, so actually not that good,” she says with a slight laugh.

“Ooo good luck with that by the way this is Lena Luthor. She’s a new transfer and because it’s the middle of the semester, I’m trying to get her in the groove of things here.”

Kara instinctively goes to shake the new girl’s hand, but the moment she looks up it is like she is stuck in that moment. Kara is so entranced by Lena’s light green eyes, she can’t make herself look away. After what feels like an eternity, but was probably only 2 seconds, their hands disconnect and with a light smile Lena says, “Nice to meet you Kara.”

Kara seems to fumble over her words but manages to awkwardly get out, “Yeah it’s nice to meet you too. Um- I’ve got to math- I mean business- do class things. Yeah okay see you around.” She quickly walks away towards her class barely catching Mon-el say, “Bye Kara. Have a good day. Text me later!”


Kara spent the entire hour and a half of bcal thinking about Lena and she felt as if she could look in into those eyes all day and never get bored. Kara was hardly ever captivated by someone, especially never another girl, but she just couldn’t stop thinking about Lena and how beautiful her eyes were. Kara was semi-dating Mon-el but he became a blur for the rest of the time she was thinking about the new girl.

Class finished around midday and Kara is on her way to meet her friends for lunch at the union. When she arrives James and Lucy are already there with enough for for the entire group and then some. “How the hell can you always afford this amount of food,” Kara asks while digging in.

“Daddy works for the government. They make sure I’m more than satisfied,” Lucy replies smugly.

“Kara did you know that Lena Luthor transferred here today,” James asks.

“Yeah I met her earlier.” I just got her off of my brain, thanks for bringing it back up Kara thinks to herself.

“What! You met a Luthor but didn’t tell us,” James asks with shock.

“I don’t get it. Why so shocked? And why did you say a Luthor like that?” Kara is a bit confused.

“Dude Luthor Corp is literally one of the biggest investment companies in the world,” Winn says coming from out of nowhere. James adds on, “I heard they just bought Nike, but they’re not going to change anything about it just reap the benefits.”

“Okay so the Luthors are filthy freaking rich. I still don’t see what makes them more special than any other person” Kara says, still confused.

Before anyone else can respond, Lucy interjects with “Just know that the Luthors are not good people. Their company is basically a monopoly and they do shady things to buy out all these huge companies.”


After lunch, Kara attends her final two classes of the day without thinking of Lena again and heads to her dorm. There is a moving crew taking new furniture up to one of the rooms that could only belong to the crazy rich Lena Luthor. Kara realizes this because no one else is moving in the middle of the semester and they are not even allowed to move the furniture around in their dorm, let alone completely replace it.  

Kara continues to her room, trying to avoid the many movers who seem to be moving as fast as they can. As soon as she opens her door, with perfect timing, she gets a text from Mon-el. Hey cutie, you done for the day?

Kara hates it when he calls her that (and other basic pet names) but she can tell he is trying to impress her and doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. She replies Yes just got back. Apparently, Lena is in this hall and she has an entire moving crew here.

Mon-el: Yeah, she told me she didn’t want to make a big deal, but her parents insisted that she shouldn’t be uncomfortable in a place she’ll be staying at for 7 months.

Kara: It’s not that bad here except for the occasional spring poking in my back lol. Hey, I’ve got so much homework to do so I will text you later. Also, game night on Friday.  

Mon-el:  Cool! Good luck with your work I’ll see you soon!

Kara tosses her phone on her bed and gets to work on calculus, seeing as she was distracted throughout the entire class. About an hour of studying passes when there is a knock on her door. Kara opens the door to see a very wet Lena Luthor standing in nothing but a towel. “Hey sorry for interrupting you. I’m not used to doors with keys. I’m so accustomed to fingerprint locks I left my key in my room and locked myself out.”

Trying not to look down to where Lena was clutching her towel, Kara replies, “Did you check with the RA? Her room is right down the hall.”

“Yeah, I did, but she wasn’t there, so I left a note. I was going to wait it out butt when I saw your name outside the door I prayed I wouldn’t be left in the hallway practically naked.”

Realizing that Lena was still in the hallway, Kara quickly invites her in the room and offers her a change of clothes while they wait for the RA to come back. “There’s a partition you can change behind, and I’ll call the front desk and see if they can get you in your room”

“Thank you, Kara, for being so nice to me,” Lena says from behind the partition.

“Why wouldn’t I be? I just met you and you’ve done nothing wrong.”

Lena comes back into sight this time fully clothed. “Usually when people realize who I am, they’re wither really cold and bitchy or trying to get in on a deal with my family’s company.”

Just from hearing how her friends spoke of the Luthors, Kara understood why Lena would get those reactions. “I don’t want to offend you, but I honestly didn’t know about Luthor Corp until lunch today, so I have no prejudgments about you. I would like to get to know Lena not just a Luthor.

“Well I would like to get to know you too Kara,” Lena says look up at her. Kara could’ve sworn there was a hint of flirtation in Lena’s voice, but she brushes it off. Before anything else can be shared between them there is more knocking at Kara’s door. “Hey Kara! Have you seen Lena Luthor? She left a note on my door, but I can’t find her!” That’s their RA sounding a bit frantic.

“Yeah she’s in here.”

Lena turns to her and says, “Thank you for saving me from so much embarrassment. She’s probably scared she’ll get fired but remember I’m not my family.”

“It’s all good Lena. If you need me, you know where to find me” Kara says softly and smiles.

“Thanks again. See you around?”

“You will.”