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It’s a quiet evening after work when Mia decides to treat herself to a bath and a good book. Outside the sky is moody and there is a light drizzle pelting the windows - a perfect opportunity for a cosy night in. And deserves it, she thinks as she prepares to bathe, having just grappled with an enormously gruelling case for months and somehow won despite the odds. It was always gratifying to be able to represent and serve her clients. Winning was even more so; plus Lana was so proud of her and seeing one of her rare grins was always a bonus. But Mia was also undoubtedly proud and at herself and her skills, loving the buzz of progress and the promise of future growth. She was a good lawyer and only getting better, with a chain of successful cases under her belt, and a small firm that may not be so small one day.


Mia lets herself soak in the chamomile suds for a while and clears her mind from work. Pearl and Maya are staying for the week and Mia couldn’t be happier at spending time together, all four of them (and a few occasional tag-alongs in the forms of Phoenix, Miles and Franziska), without something work-related or serious to tether them together. This was just family time; for them to spend in each others company in bliss. It made her heart skip thinking that now Lana was part of it as well. She knew without Lana even telling her how much this meant to her as well; how much it meant to the both of them, torn away from the normalcy of family life at such young ages.


When the water temperature starts to drop she briefly entertains the idea of making tea as well, but elects not to. She’s almost certain she’ll somehow end up waking up the younger Feys no matter how quiet she tries to be. While comfortable, the apartment she and Lana have rented is still small - the office had to be rearranged into a make-shift guestroom and the desk and computer scuttled out to be nestled in with the living room, just to make space for the two. But all in all, she likes the tight squeeze and the feeling of a family it brings, a lot different to the Kurain Manor’s echoey and gaping halls.


By the time she settles in bed in a ratty t-shirt from college and pyjama shorts, the rain outside has picked up and lashes harshly at the window. Lightning cracks every once in a while and remembering Lana’s late night at the office, Mia places her phone next to her on the bedside table just in case she calls. She’s not overly worried as both of them have been in this kind of situation before but wants to be awake until Lana gets home just in case. She stretches lightly before pulling over the duvet more firmly over herself and reaching for the book next to her phone. The only source of light in the room is the bedside lamp and it casts a warm glow across the room which already starts making Mia sleepy. She reads on, seemingly for hours, until her eyes begin to ache and the clock tells her it’s nearing midnight. 


While Maya and Pearl are most definitely asleep, Lana is still not home yet. She snaps her book shut, dog-eared to reserve her place, and reaches for her phone. Just as she picks it up the sound of the front door unlocking interrupts the silence and she bolts up. Mia hears the door close slowly and carefully, tracking Lana’s movements with her own memory and the sounds that she can hear: her keys are put away as silently as possible, then there's shuffling from where she is undoubtedly taking off her coat and shoes and then there are light footsteps in her direction until, finally, there she is at the doorframe, looking exhausted.


Lana leans heavily against the doorframe before straightening and closing the door carefully behind her. She locks her gaze on Mia as she moves to sit on her side of the bed, instantly met with Mia’s arms pulling her close. To Mia’s relief, Lana is completely dry and unscathed by the rain and she strokes her fingers through her hair as they hush warm greetings against each other’s lips. Before Mia can ask about getting home, Lana reassures her that she had help from an old rusted umbrella she found in her office and Miles’ stubborn insistence of dropping her off at her apartment building on his own way home. Lana bumps their noses together tenderly with one last kiss and Mia giggles quietly. She pulls away reluctantly as Lana shifts to get up and walk over to the wardrobe. She isn’t moving as sluggishly anymore. The lamp is still the only source of light in the room as they wordlessly prefer its’ warm glow to the glaring white of the main light. Mia definitely likes the intimacy of it. She shifts back to sit against the headboard to watch Lana as she rummages through some drawers with her back to her, talking about the day she had at work. Mia suddenly wishes she had a cat in her lap to give her fingers something to do. Both of them love cats and she suddenly wonders why they haven’t gotten one yet.


“Anyway, Miles sends his regards.” Lana begins unbuttoning her army-like uniform. “He says he’ll be quite busy these days but would love to come over with Phoenix and Trucy when he’s free. Franziska, too.” Mia watches her shrug off the coat and places it on a hanger. Her back is clear except for a beauty mark just inches from the bottom of her bra strap, which Mia secretly adores.


“That would be great! We could go for dinner somewhere. But don’t mention Franziska to Maya or she’ll kill me.”


Lana laughs as she glances back at her, unhooking her bra. The two have been flirting around each other for months and Maya gets understandably defensive every time her older sister brings it up, going red and denying that there’s anything there at all. But both Mia and Lana understand the lingering looks and the closeness the two share, reminiscent of their own blossoming feelings for each other all those years ago. She hopes one day one of them will muster up the courage to admit them.


Lana is now just in her underwear, black and simple as usual but still unbelievably attractive to Mia, whose fidgeting has advanced from hair-twirling to light nail-biting in anticipation of her girlfriend finally getting under the covers and pressing herself to her. She’s itching to sooth away the tension from her body and trail her fingers over soft, supple skin. She fixes her gaze on Lana pulling on her slightly over-sized pyjama shirt and bottoms and fixes her a coy look when she turns around, patting the space next to her. All this time she’s completely forgotten about the storm raging outside until a flash of lightning illuminates half of Lana’s beautiful smile as she makes her way to the bed. Mia immediately moves closer to kiss her gently as they settle onto their sides under the duvet. Lana ignores her tiredness to kiss her back properly, cupping her face in her hands. It grows quickly until they are making out quietly, against the blissful backdrop of pattering rain, until Mia breaks the silence in between kisses.


“Mm. When is Ema arriving tomorrow?”


Lana hums into another kiss. “She lands at 11 am.” She moves her lips to her jaw. “We should pick her up,” she sighs, “at around 11:30, I’d say.” Her girlfriend hums back in agreement with her eyes closed. She latches a hand at the back of Lana’s head and buries her fingers in soft hair. There’s nothing more that Mia loves than running her fingers through Lana’s honey-coloured locks.


They eventually break away when breathing becomes a greater necessity. Mia laughs breathlessly against her lips and Lana quickly joins her.


“By the way, this-“ Mia smirks and tugs at the collar of Lana’s baggy dusty-pink sleep shirt. “Is so cute.”


Lana rolls her eyes. “Ema got it for me at some yard sale. Except it’s clearly made for someone twice my size.”


Mia studies the way it hangs off her frame a bit longer. “I like it,” she declares with an edge of playfulness, “it makes you seem less intimidating and like you’re about to sue someone into oblivion.” She chokes back a shriek when Lana pinches her waist, one of her most ticklish areas, squirming as her girlfriend holds her closer. “Prosecutor Skye-“


“That’s Chief Prosecutor, thank you very much.”


There's a pause as Mia stops moving with a sigh. “Oh, my apologies.” She says, half-playful, as she traces her cheekbones with her thumbs delicately, seemingly caught by Lana’s steel-blue eyes. There’s still a half-smile on her face and Lana considers tickling her more but holds against it with the intensity of Mia’s focus, electing to kiss her gently once again. She adores the way Mia looks are her, so intensely and so full of love. When their kisses deepen again Mia moans lightly and clutches Lana closer by the back of her shirt, while Lana secures an arm around her waist.


Outside, there seems to be a hurricane unleashing hell. There is a faint whistling of the wind and the lightning is growing more frequent. Thunder rumbles before it cracks, and Lana would pause and mull over the powerful calmness it brings if Mia wasn’t panting and making intoxicating little noises at the back of her throat. Lana wants to hold her here, under her and pressed so fully against her, forever; she’s soft and beautiful and undeniably exhilarating. She pulls her in like the lull of the ocean and she can’t get enough.


If she was honest, though, Lana was not sure where this was going at this point - it is late and Lana is still exhausted after all, and the awkwardness of either one of Maya or Pearl accidentally overhearing something was too large to ignore. Nonetheless, she’s considering lifting her shirt over her head when suddenly something slams loudly from the side of the room. It is such a shock to the both of them that they physically bolt apart as if burned, hair rumpled and cheeks lightly flushed, clouded with confusion as they sit up to stare at the door. The moment they had vanishes into thin air as Mia registers that it is Pearl standing in their doorway with tears streaming down her face, a hand rubbing at her eyes while the other is balled into a fist. Her hair is messy from sleep and even though she is not making a sound the distress she is feeling is clear.


Mia immediately collects herself as concern closes around her throat. “Pearly, sweetie, what’s wrong?”


Pearl doesn’t immediately reply but the quiver in her lips is enough of an indicator. She eventually sniffles and takes a deep breath to shakily explain how the thunder and lightning had scared her and led her to some unpleasant nightmares and she can’t seem to go back to sleep after waking up. Mia only smiles and shifts to the side to pat the space between her and Lana. “Why don’t you sleep here tonight, hm?”


Pearl doesn’t hesitate to run up and scramble onto the bed. The rustling of covers fills the room as she adjusts herself on her back and Mia fixes the duvet over all three of them, secretly trying to control her breaching, while Lana leans across her to switch off the lamp, combing a hand through her hair as casually as possible. Pearl is like family to her now, so she doesn’t feel awkward to kiss her goodnight on the forehead after Mia does. She also hands her a tissue while Mia offers her pillow to which Pearl declines politely, already considerably calmer. She manages to stop crying and wipes up her tears with a shaky breath. Mia kisses her forehead again and assures her to wake up her at any point if needed, to which Pearl only nods and glances between the two women sitting over her.


She seems to beam with excitement as she looks at them, blissfully unaware of why they are still blushing. “Are you going to kiss your special someone goodnight now, Mia?”


Mia smiles knowingly, somewhat relieved. “Of course I am!” She replies, and she leans over to kiss her girlfriend who returns it just as easily. Lana makes sure it isn’t just a peck and lingers, swiping her tongue over her lips as she breaks away to which Mia all but growls quietly against her so Pearl wouldn’t hear. “You fucking tease.


Lana only settles back with an innocent smile. “Goodnight, darling.” She says sweetly as Mia frowns and Pearl, oblivious to it all, closes her eyes with a happy grin on her face.