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Your Guardian

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Chapter 1

"That's all?"

The demon raised an eyebrow, calmly folding his wings back. He was expecting another problematic individual, a successful business man with a large number of beautiful women around or an old gossipy lady at the death's door, but certainly not a boy just come out of adolescence. That young man was a special case, he had been told, and to break the boredom he had accepted without listening to the details. He had been told something about a conflict, but he hadn't paid much attention to it. The previous human to whom he had been entrusted had been an easy winning and Yoongi hadn't even felt much satisfaction in seeing him go down to Hell among the suicides.

Holding a snort, he sat down better on the branch of the tree he had landed on. The human was eating something, perhaps dining, judging from the time. Who knows where his guardian angel was.

It was time to get acquainted, the demon thought as he thinned his eyes in search of a pair of white wings.

Here he was, sitting a little farther from his human, on one of the vast roofs of the houses, while he admired the sky, in solitude, stretched out between his white wings. The shadow of a smile was drawn on the face of the demon when he put his eyes on the soft and delicate creature.
He opened his wings again, leaping in the air naturally and gliding with regality on the roof where the cocoon of feathers was sitting. Once the wings were closed he fixed his blonde hair with one hand, ready to give a good first impression, and since the other seemed indifferent, the demon decided to get noticed a little more directly.

《You are Jimin's guaridan, I suppose》, he indirectly asked, approaching a few steps until he was a couple of meters to the right of the other; he walked quietly, holding his hands in his pockets.
The angel sat up, stretching to recover from his daydreaming, and turned to look up at the demon with his blue eyes.

《…A demon》, he sighed weakly through clenched teeth, as if he felt threatened by this new presence.

《Really shrewd, congratulations》, the other said, ironically uncovering his teeth and showing the rows of sharp points that defined the teeth of the demons. The demon's palate was tight and it left a small black space near the corners of the mouth. The sitting creature seemed to shiver.
Yoongi continued to tease him, bending his torso forward as he held his hands in his pockets and his legs straight, bringing his face close to the pure, perfect face of the other. He was really good looking even by the standards of Paradise, he found himself thinking.

《Who am I pleased to talk to?》

It was clear how much the other would have preferred not to answer, take his protégé away from the blonde one and bring Jimin in a safe place, away from the dangers that the presence of a demon involved. It was a utopian concept to be able to keep the evil away from a human being, because the latter is always looking for the forbidden, but an angel is always intent on keeping his protégé on the right path; the demon was well aware.

《…Hoseok》, he replied with hesitation. 《You are…?》

《…Yoongi》 he finished the angel's sentence, a little sorry to have been taken so lightly. How much tension could be read in angel's movements. Yoongi did not remember he could have such an effect. Internally he was pleased.

《We will work together from now on, mh?》 He continued, sitting cross-legged next to that delightful little angel. 《What can you tell me about our protégé?》

《He has suffered severe trauma, so I kindly ask you not to play too much with his conscience》 Hoseok replied. He seemed an apprehensive mother in the act of making things clear and Yoongi could clearly see how he was trying not to be walked over from the demon in front of him.

《Trauma? Winning will be even easier. Tsk, I was looking for something more ... fun》he replied before letting go of a disgusted grimace. The tiny angel seemed to have been through a lot of difficulties, from the way he spoke; no angel had ever seemed as frightened as Hoseok in talking about those things. Or simply he was just a newbie. Fantastic, even more boring, Yoongi thought.

《You can play with him, but make him suffer and I'll make you regret it》.

The tone of the angel was not threatening, but simply defensive. He seemed annoyed by that difficult behavior, but not surprised.
His gaze rose again when a ray of sunlight managed to filter through the clouds: in front of such a wonder, the sacred creature smiled.

《It doesn't have to be fun or boring, it's a life...》
The demon stared at his protégé from the top of the building, seeing him talking to other students, then he turned his gaze to the creature on his side, finding his crystalline eyes turned to the sky. His long orange hair gracefully complemented his slightly bronzed complexion, which made the blue of his eyes stand out even more intensely.
If there was one thing Yoongi had learned in all those years of service: more beautiful the virtue to defeat is, more satisfying the moment of the victory would be.

《Are you afraid of me?》

《...Why should I?》
The white wings, still open, little by little closed against the back of the guardian with solemnity and he turned his back on the demon, a silly attempt to pretend nonchalance.
Yoongi laughed, relaxed, as he drew one of the daggers from the lining on his belt, benefiting from the advantage of not being seen.

《Because it's very foolish of you to turn your back on the enemy.》
The sharp point of a blade pressed, without warning, on the skin of the angel's cheek. The demon's free hand was wrapped around the other's shoulder and one of the demon's shoes was pressed against the ends of a pair of feathers of the angel's wings. Hoseok's expression betrayed his surprise for that gesture, probably not expecting such a cowardice from the demon: the naivety of the angels never ceased to surprise Yoongi.

《You really are a newbie》, he taunted the pure one, drawing a small circle with the metal of the dagger on his skin, not hurting him yet. It would have been a pity to deface that beautiful face too soon, after all.

《Here humans use "hyung" to refer to older guys. Let me hear how it sounds from cute lips》, he cooed with a grin; his voice was low and soaked with a more than a hint of sensuality: it seemed more a request between lovers, than between enemies.
In that position Hoseok could no longer afford to play, he had to be condescending to get out unscathed.

《H .. hyung?》 He murmured in a feeble voice, following his instructions. Red colour bloomed on his cheeks, which it spreads along the skin of his face. Adorable.
The demon's smile widened and the blade leaned on the fleshy lips of the angel. It would have been enough saying only one word to make them bleed and Yoongi really wanted to test the other's abilities and limits.

《I like it. Memorize it》, he whispered again, stroking the back of his neck with his thumbnail, near the spine.

《I want twenty minutes alone with Jimin. Can you grant them?》
Hoseok's eyes widened in surprise; evidently he hoped to be released after having satisfied his silly request, but judging by the blade's position it hadn't been enough. He swallowed a thrill and denied the demon's order with the utmost care, holding his breath. It was clear how much he feared the contact between Jimin and the demon, after all he was his guardian angel and his job was to keep him away from perdition.
The laughter of scorn that filtered through the demon's teeth poured into the angel's ear, before Yoongi removed the dagger from the lips of the purest.

《There's an easy way to solve the question, isn't it?》 He said, backing away a few steps, paying attention to stepping on more than one of the white feathers he found in his passage. He could easily imagine the expression of the other and almost feel his teeth gnashed with annoyance, as if his hair were being pulled.

《Who says that? Fighting hurts Jimin's soul...》
Oh, how much nobility of mind the angels possessed, who extracted their weapons only in case of serious necessity and who hated to hurt their neighbor, even if he was a demon.

《So you don't want to fight?》 Yoongi asked, raising an eyebrow, visibly upset. He was already ready to see the lifeblood of the angel flows, dreaming the way it would decorate his frightened face.

《Boring》he huffed then, withdrawing his weapons. If Hoseok didn't wanted to fight, it meant that Yoongi would still be right about him. Fault of stupid sentimental attachments.

《Have fun pitying yourself alone while I go to get acquainted with Jimin》 he said with a malignant grin on his face, before disappearing into a cloud of black smoke and reappearing in human form a few dozen yards away.
Like all creatures in human form, horns and wings had disappeared to leave space to a normal look, like a real human being. His blond hair turned into blacks and also his red eyes turned into black. Yoongi's face was similar to his demonic form, but slightly rounder: he hadn't had to change the shape of his eyes, and he didn't complained at all about it. A blue sweatshirt and a pair of black trousers complemented his look, designed specifically to impress Jimin. It was improper to read in the desires of his protégé to be able to meet Jimin's favor, but morality was something only the angels were worried about. Yoongi had already gotten rid of it more than once.

The human was sitting on a bench, immersed in the study of a book, which he would have to exhibit at the next university exam. He was tight in his coat, wrapped in a soft woolen scarf that kept him away from the cold autumn. While he was reading, he played with the strands of hair, rolling them between his fingers or placing them behind his ears, reddened by the cold.

《Park Jimin?》

Yoongi's deep voice announced his arrival, before the boy came out and approached to the bench where Jimin sat.

《One of ''Bangtan On The Street'' dancers?》 He asked, standing beside him.

Jimin looked up curiously at the face of the boy who had spoken, evidently not expecting to receive such an epithet. He blushed, embarrassed, not knowing what to answer; it was easy to notice how much he felt in awe and how much he was repeating himself not to make a bad impression to the blonde guy.

《U-Uh .. Yes, it's me. I do not know you, I'm sorry ... can you tell me your name? 》

《Min Yoongi》 the other murmured politely, tilting his head slightly.

《I saw you dancing, you're good. Would you like ... to go out with me for a drink when you've finished your lessons? A couple of friends of mine wants to meet you too, one of them is a dancer too》he offered nonchalantly, taking advantage of the effect he knew he had caused on the protégé.

In that exact moment, like a divine punishment, a feathered bird swooped down to buzz around the demon's head, chirping alarmingly, as if trying to communicate with the dancer to tell him not to fall for it. Yoongi could sense it, that angel was transfigured into a robin.
The bird settled on the dark head and began to pull the black strands with his beak, to peck at the demon's earlobe, bothering him in any ways in front of Jimin, who looked confused at the scene.

《What's wrong?》 He asked Yoongi, pointing to the tiny, little bird that was disturbing their conversation.

Yoongi felt the unstoppable urge to abandon the human form and stifle that annoyance with his own hands, but after he glared at the unbearable animal he only turned to the younger one as if it were not a big problem.

《Robins in Seoul .. really unusual》 he pointed out with an irritated smile to the angel to make him understand the mistake he had naively committed. With a sudden and unexpected movement, Yoongi managed to capture the small robin for a leg and then he close the birdy in his hands, forming a cage to prevent Hoseok from flying away. With one hand he held his wings closed, while with the other he supported him from underneath.

《Beautiful, don't you think?》 He murmured, sitting down beside Jimin and stroking the feathered head with his thumb and grinning internally. The little heart of the tiny bird was beating wildly, scared in the enemy's hands. Like every little bird in the panic he kept his beak open and, blocked by fear, he let himself be caressed without rebelling, breathing heavily.

《It's the first time I see a robin ..》 Jimin commented with a delicate smile, caressing the scared little bird with his finger; Yoongi pretended that it was the same for him too, murmuring something about having seen them only in the natural sciences book.

《Ah! Excuse me, I didn't even thank you for the compliments, what a careless! You were very kind .. How old are you? 》 The dancer excused himself, raising his face to meet Yoongi's gaze.

《Twenty-four. You? 》Replied the other, without stopping to squeeze the robin in his hands, taking advantage of that precious moment of conversation provided so gratuitously by the pretty angel. Although he didn't like asking questions of which he already knew the answer but he decided to keep the game alive under the frightened eyes of his little enemy.

《Twenty-two!》 Jimin answered with a smile on his face, hiding his face into the soft scarf, fascinated by the major.

《I'd love to come with you tonight, Yoongi hyung!》 he added, placing a hand on his with the excuse of being able to pet the animal. The reddened cheeks of the human had such a delicate look of innocence and insecurity. Jimin's behavior had to be diverted from the root and it was necessary to plant the seed of doubt in his fragile being.

《Take some friends with you if you want. We'll meet at Kkanbu at nine o'clock, do you know it? 》

Everything was going super fine, if it hadn't been for the pocket-sized creature that was crying, twittering with all the breath he had, asking for help, but the only thing he got was an even more stifling hold. Out of spite, the petite robin left a little poop on the palm of the hand of his tormentor, who committed himself with all of himself to pretend nothing, hiding the rage as best he could. It was difficult, he already felt the corners of his mouth tilt into a grimace of disgust.

《 I'm going to take our guest to the first animal aid center I'll find. There they will know better how to take care of this little one》 he said, rising from the bench and turning his back to leave the scene with another noble act. He squeezed the feathered one more tightly as he walked, blocking the tip of his beak closed between two fingers, and after taking a few steps he turned his head, looking at Jimin over his shoulder.

《See ya, Jimin-ah!》 he said using his most sensual voice, leaving the youngest alone on the bench and then walking quietly down the main street.

Jimin greeted the newly-known boy with a wave of his hand, not knowing how to react to the appointment just received: he felt himself chuffing to bits, unable to chose between embarrassment and happiness in its purest form. Yoongi, being able to perceive the sensations, smirked satisfied.

As he rounded the corner, Yoongi hurried to a deserted alley, sheltered from prying eyes and ears. The petite one had stopped chirping, crushed by the force that those hands were exerting on his fragile tiny body, ceasing to irritate the demon's ears with his own shrill voice.

《Stupid beast! 》 Yoongi hissed, throwing with all the strength of his human form the robin against the walls and wiping his dirty hand against the rough cement of one of the two walls that marked the street. The faint creature, now nearing to his death, at the blow that he received died, dissipating himself in white dust that soon dispersed in the air. If Jimin had been able to see the scene he would have already changed his mind about Yoongi.

The body of the youngest appeared shortly after, wrapped in his white and soft feathers, weakened after having squandered all his energy in that suicidal mission for the salvation of his own protégé. He leaned against the wall, still alert but exhausted. In the silence of the scene there was the sound of a cell phone that received a text message and Hoseok hastened to read what was certainly a message from Jimin.

[I had my first date, hyung! Yoongi hyung said I can invite a friend, do you want to come?: 3], Yoongi managed to read and looked up.

Shortly the demon also lost its human form, fading into a swirl of black clouds and leaving space for its own otherworldly being.

《I made a good impression, apparently. Thanks for the help, 》he snorted with a sharp smile, mocking him.

《Will your nice little pretty ass be there tonight?》He asked rhetorically, passing to the attack again; the role he felt most comfortable with. Yoongi didn't felt sorry teasing such a beautiful angel, especially seeing his face contracted in some grimace of pain or disgust. For too long, he had been confined to partners much younger or much older than him, and now finding one who seemed to be his age seemed like a more unique than rare event. He had no trouble understanding why Hoseok's previous partner had so much fun fighting him.

《Obviously. I don't trust you enough to leave Jimin alone with you!》 he spat as if he had received an affront, challenging the demon with the only glance, after having pulled out his claws. He had already experienced how much Yoongi's hands could be lethal and it was obvious that he didn't want a delicate human like Jimin to touch the demon's impurity.

《What are you trying to do with him? Look for someone else to exploit, Jimin has already passed many .. 》he concluded, closing his wings around like a shield.

《I only do my job》 the other replied sufficiently, shrugging. He had already managed to trouble the angel, but the game was getting too easy for him.

《You know I can't " look for someone else ". I'm his guardian-devil》he replied, licking his lips with his can't after saying those words. He loved to call himself that way, it was such a powerful and accurate term to define the evil counterpart of guardian angels.

《... I accept the fighting of yours》Hoseok growled through clenched teeth, making his faithful bow appear at his side, ready to point at the demon. It didn't take long to point the tip of the arrow towards the blond, stretching the rope with index and middle. He had been teased too many times that day and had grown tired of letting him win the arguments.

Any Last words?

Chapter Text

《Any Last words?》


Angels always knew how to be so delightfully dramatic.


《Fuck you.》 came clear and sadistic the hiss from the demon’s lips, anxious to engage in a fight against his pretty enemy. He had managed to make him lose patience and this sent him into raptures. He moved a pair of lightning-fast steps toward him, extracting in the meantime the two longest daggers he possessed. He immediately escaped from the angel’s aim and with one of the daggers he broke the arrow that the other had hit: the dull sound of the metal on the ground was the confirmation for Yoongi he have been successful. The free dagger, meanwhile, was moved to meet the throat of the unarmed enemy and, although the demon was a few centimeters lower, he was able to put the other shoulders to the wall, while practicing a shallow cut on his throat, close to the jaw. 《You love pretending you’re an adult, I see》 he taunted him again.

Hoseok squeezed the eyelid of his right eye, holding back a lament for the cut he received, but he didn't let that attack startle him. He clutched one of the arrows that had remained in his hands and took advantage of the proximity with the major to stick the sharp tip in his shoulder like a dagger. He looked at him with an amused grin, but he was held back by the sharp pain in his neck for the angelic blue blood, which was starting to gush: he was visibly annoyed by the scarring and couldn’t make Yoongi go unpunished; he wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. That surprise attack, so close, made Hoseok realize that the bow wasn’t the appropriate weapon in that context and soon he replaced it with a smaller sword as golden as the bow. As soon as he stuck his weapon in the demon’s flesh, he managed to get away just long enough to have time to tie his hair in a low tail; He wanted to Fight without any impediments. 《 We’re even, demon.》he spat as if the word itself tasted disgusting.

The blonde of the two let out a painful moan accompanied by an insult, while clutching his wounded shoulder with his free hand: the angelic metal had been specially forged to torture the demons' body without mercy. The right arm was now unusable; luckily he was trained to throw with both hands. He raised his eyes to the enemy and let go of his wound, to recover and adjust his aim: he raised his arm still healthy and threw three different knives at three crucial points of the enemy ‘s body, but the pain was able to alter his perception of reality: two blades stuck in the floor behind the angel while the third was the only one to achieve its purpose, planting itself in Hoseok’s side. The latter screamed in pain as the blade stuck into the flesh, stopping just before reaching the other side of his body; his legs trembled and the hand holding the sword let go the weapon, letting it falling to the ground.

It would have been too risky to give Yoongi another chance to attack, so Hoseok chose to use the enemy’s dagger stuck in his own body, pulling it out of his side. With the lazuline blood, which dripped undisturbed on the cement, even the tears began their path out of the eyes of the angel, aching and weak. It was an ecstatic vision for the demon, wounded before Hoseok.
When he finally managed to pull out the dagger, the angel threw himself at the demon and made a diagonal cut across his chest, tearing his clothes and skin apart. Now that an arm was useless because of the angelic metal still stuck in the demon’s flesh, the alternatives were not many anymore for Yoongi.

Yoongi clenched his teeth, emitting a low growl of pain, but he didn’t let the angel escape again: he took Hoseok’s clothes and slammed him to the ground, with less force than he wanted to use, but he succeeded nevertheless in his intent . Hoseok’s wings were crushed by his own weight and Yoongi helped him by pressing one knee on the other’s chest. He was breathing hard, but he tried not to give it too much to see and to keep his usual tone of voice sharpened. 《Are you comfortable?》

Hoseok grabbed his thighs with both hands, trying desperately to move him, because that position prevented him from breathing; the angelic face was streaked with tears and deformed by pain and the boy gasped weakly, now without breath or energy. He tried to hit Yoongi in the middle of the demon’s abdomen, using all the strength and hope Hoseok had, but it onky caused any slight annoyance in the demon’s eyes. Its wings, first snow-white, were now widely stained with blue, which delightfully accompanied the orange of his locks.

Yoongi tried to finally defeat Hoseok, but the wound in his shoulder was very serious and the orange lifeblood of the demon had already impregnated a good part of his clothes. He tried to return the punch, but without success, and he found himself squeezing his wounded shoulder as best he could. The tip was still immersed in the flesh, damn it.

He didn’t have to waste the time any more if he didn't want to lose an entire arm because of a useless skirmish. After turning a hate-filled look at his opponent he rose from him and leaned against the wall with his shoulder still healthy. A dark cloud began to thicken around his body, and his figure disappeared leaving behind an echo that tasted like a promise.


《See ‘ya》




The evening has finally arrived, descending on the city and taking with her all the demons who were walking undisturbed through the streets. Hoseok hated the darkness, it was a minefield that could destroy the integrity he had built for his protege.

He was waiting for Jimin under his house, ready to accompany him to the place Yoongi proposed . His human alter ego was not so different from the angelic shape: short hair, dyed pink and gray, and no freckles on his nose and cheeks.

Jimin had never stopped talking about Yoongi for the entire duration of their journey, how kind and caring Yoongi had been with a small lost bird and the mysterious charm the boy carried with him. It had been difficult to pretend not to know anything and to try to look enthusiastic about his date, when actually he couldn’t wait to bring the protégé at home. Once in front of the pub, he shuddered to see how full it was with suspicious people; despite the nice appearance, the problem was the clientele, people with intentions not too pure.


《Yoongi hyung, we’re here!》 Jimin chirped, raising his hand to two boys at a table, when he and Hoseok entered. Jimin was blushing, full of happiness in seeing the gentleman he met that afternoon.

A small smile was drawn on the demon’s lips and with a nod of fingers he motioned for the two to approach. The boy at his side with dark eyes a lit up gave an encouraging smile, which, unlike Yoongi’s, showed two rows of perfect teeth. 《You must be Jimin, are you?》 He said impatiently . 《Hi, Jimin-ah, I’m glad you came. Who’s him? A friend of yours ...?》 Yoongi Interrupted, giving Hoseok an interested look.》

《Nice to meet you, I’m Hoseok》he replied without letting himself be teased and showing a bright and natural smile to the two boys, as if they had never seen each other before. Yoongi’s frime was surprised, but Hoseok didd’t pay much attention to it. He was simply a human.

The blond haired dancer looked up at Jeongguk, smiling . 《Yes, yes I am. Who are you? 》.The dark-haired boy leaned back against the table, his silver earrings reflecting the lights of the room with each movement of his head. 《Jeongguk. Yoongi hyung told me you’re a year older than me. 》

《How did you and Jimin get to know each other?》 Yoongi asked in the meantime to the angel, 《He talked about you all day》 he added with a friendly laugh. 《We saved a lost bird》 Yoongi answered, leaning an elbow on the seat of the sofa on which they had taken seats, inviting Jimin to sit down beside him. 《What a noble heart, hyung》 Jeongguk laughed, after taking a sip from his drink. Hoseok seemed to see a knowing look between Jeongguk and Yoongi, but it was not easy to distinguish in the dim light.

《What do you want to drink?》 Asked the largest of the company, moving the empty glass to the edge of the table and crossing his gaze with one of the waiters, inviting him to approach their table. Jimin was looking at Yoongi with hear shaped eyes and the question reawaked him from his daydreams. 《An ... an Americano cocktail, please..》

Hoseok knew that the boy had never drunk and probably had no idea what to order, asking for the first alcohol that came to his mind. 《Jimin! It’s too alcoholic! Let’s take two fruit juices instead》he suggested, trying to make him think. 《How old are you, fifteen?》 Yoongi teased Hoseok, looking at him with the same superiority he'd used that morning during their first meeting. 《I pay you the taxi to go home, don't be afraid》 he continued undaunted, rolling his eyes. 《Another round of the ones we’d already ordered, plus an American for Jimin-ah and a Blue Angel for his friend, thank you.》 Yoongi asked to the waiter when he came near them; he then hurried to dismiss him specifically before any of the two guests could say anything. Hoseok was sure he had done it on purpose. 《I hope you don’t mind if I allowed myself to recommend something, Hoseok-ah》the demon said, crossing his arms on the table, a kind smile on his face and eyes, which express all that things that could’t say in front of Jimin.

《Ah .. No, not at all. Thank you.》 Hoseok gave him another loving smile, full of gratitude and kindness, as if he were really grateful to Yoongi, when in fact his concern was rising to a thousand. He knew all too well that he couldn't bear alcohol. 《But you dont have to pay for the taxi》 the pinkette added with a slight embarrassment, not knowing what to say to the devil, who was so kind. 《You are my guests》 Yoongi said as if it were obvious, dedicating one of his best smiles to Jimin’s adoring eyes. The way he was exploiting their protege to get nourishment for his ego was so despicable.

The major then turned his head towards Jeongguk, dissolving the cross he had formed with his arms and leaving them resting casually on the table, playing with one of the silver rings he wore at his fingers. 《He is the dancer I was talking to you, he dances with the “Bangtan On The Streets “》 Yoongi said, nodding his head to the guy next to him.


Jeongguk’s eyes acquired a new spark and the boy turned directly to the object of his interest, hooking his gaze to his. 《Really? Do you also do dance battles? 》Jimin was amazed by the boy's excessive reaction, blazing on his cheeks; the room was dark enough to hide the redness of the cheeks and Hoseok hoped to be the only one to notice it. 《Actually no ... why?》 It was really easy to fool a weak boy like Jimin, naive enough to be mistaken for a child.

His guardian angel stood in silence, looking thoughtful: everything was all too suspicious to seem true and the place looked like a haunt for demons; Hoseok at that moment would have liked to recognize the otherworldly creatures hidden under human shape and felt weak and vulnerable, as if his own disadvantage was growing every second longer. Knowing that Yoongi possessed the power of recognising other creatures only made Hoseok more restless. Who knows how many other demons were ready to get their hands on Jimin.

《Because Yoongi hyung told me that you dance well, so why not? I dance too and the challenges bring out the best from us》Jeongguk replied, interrupting the flow of angel’s thoughts. Yoongi had watched their jokes with detachment, focused on the way Hoseok kept glancing furtively around him.


The demon thanked the waiter when the four drinks were placed on the table and then he brought his own to the mouth. The angel instead stopped to look at his glass, an old fashioned with a thin body like a glass. He slid two thin fingers along his transparent and smooth surface, as if he were caressing it, and lifted it, bringing the edge of the glass to his lips. He drank a drop to taste it and found it extremely sweet, almost like the nectar of a flower. Already at the first sip he felt the esophagus being touched by an enveloping warmth, but he did not pay much attention to it and continued to drink. It did not look so bad.

The two dancers also stopped to enjoy their cocktails and Jimin grimaced after having tasted his drink. 《W-well we can try to dance together, Jeongguk-ah》 he commented spontaneously, looking for an excuse to talk. 《I’d love it》Jeongguk said without taking his eyes off his interlocutor.

《Taste mine, Jimin-ah》 Yoongi sugg6, offering them his own glass full of brightly colored drink, which seemed to glow in the dark. He had certainly noticed that Jimin was not the kind of bitter drinks. What are you doing, Hoseok? Do you study or work?》He asked, looking up at the newly appointed boy. 《I’m trying to enter in the National Seoul College Music》 Hoseok invented at the moment, trying not to be too clumsy about such a sudden question. 《And you Yoongi hyung?》 He replied, coughing slightly over the alcoholic drink, which was starting to affect his mind, more and more clouded. 《M..Mh .. Where is the bathroom ...?》 He murmured without even waiting for the answer.

《I can accompany you》Yoongi offered, getting up from his seat and stroking Jimin’s arm. If it hadn’t been so dreary, Hoseok probably would have glanced at the demon before such a shameless action. 《Follow me》he whispered in Hoseok's ear so the angel could listen to him due to the top high music near their table, before moving the first steps towards one of the corners of the room.

《Thank you ...》 They no longer cared about certain details and Hoseok grimaced and accepted the help with a good heart, looking with great gratitude at the demonic creature. It was difficult to follow his body among the myriad of customers of that place, but after hesitating and risked stumbling several times he finally managed to reach the bathroom. He held his stomach with two arms, feeling next to have to throw up and his legs were trembling, as if they were no longer able to support his weight; in addition to the alcohol, darkness and intermittent spotlights had helped make the pink-haired boy feel worse. He felt his head so heavy and the heartbeat seemed to want to break through his eardrums.

《Don’t spill it》 Yoongi told him in the ear after handing him a small glass filled with transparent liquid. Hoseok didnt have time to thank him that he was forced to swallow the water. Already it had been embarrassing the attempt to deny himself and to his protege alcoholic drinks and now he had given another occasion to the demon to make fun of him. 《Gh .. Thank you》 he moaned in pain. Go back to Jimin .. I’ll be fine 》.

《I can’t leave you here or I’ll make a bad impression with Jimin 》Yoongi snorted, shrugging. 《Come》 he said then, taking Hoseok by the arm. Both entered in a narrow bathroom and Yoongi closed the door behind him, hiding from the sight of other humans. Seeing the cup, the taller boy bent over and vomited everything he had swallowed during the date; the discomfort was facilitated by the empty stomach; he had eaten nothing.

《..Is Hoseok fine?》 It was an angelic voice that was heard by the two, the tone was worried but at the same fearful, as if afraid to disturb. Jimin had reached the two in the bathroom, not seeing them coming after minutes. 《Y..Yoongi hyung? Hoseok hyung? 》

《He’s fine》 Yoongi assured him.
《 We’ll be back soon!》

The major waited for Jimin to leave the bathroom, before opening the door and helping a disoriented Hoseok get to the sinks.

《Wash your mouth, otherwise it won’t be pleasant》


The younger kept himself leaning against the major, who was helping him to reach the sinks. The fragile one washed his hands and mouth, rinsing it with fresh water a couple of times to remove the sour taste that the bile had left him. 《Wh..What?》 He asked, confused, resting his forehead against the demon's shoulder, sufficiently drunk to see him as a normal human being.

《Shh ..》


The whisper was accompanied by Yoongi's i fingers that tightened around Hoseok's neck, pressing lightly on the sides with his fingertips while the major pushed the back of the other against the wall. He admired for a few moments the misted eyes of the other, aware that he probably would not remember anything.

What better time to take advantage of him.

Yoongi’s lips took immediate possession of Hoseok's, engaging him with a lascivious and voracious kiss, in which the other’s mouth was violated without too much respect. The only delicacy that the demon had reserved for the angel was the fingers of his hand still gripped at his neck with less pressure than before, while the Hoseok hips was held down between the tiles and Yoongi’pubes.


Hoseok didnt escape from the voracious kiss, answering with the same lust that the major was using to make own his lips. The angel’s arms crossed behind his back and his fingers pressed against his shirt, so as to stay closer to him, as if the petite pinkette was really consenting. Alcohol had made him more lascivious and inclined to accept those attentions without being frightened or disgusted. His body was completely on fire, amid the excitement he was pressing against the zip of the tight jeans and the strong alcohol content of the freshly drunk drink; the tiny nipples were already turgid against the thin shirt.

When the breath became too weak, Hoseok leaved that mouth that smelled of fruit and vodka while the two enemies’ lips were connected by a string of saliva that joined their swollen and moist mouths . 《W-Why ...?》 The angel stuttered in a whisper.

《Why not?》 The demon replied in his ear, using his free hand to tease one of his nipples, while with his hips Yoongi pressed their covered rections against each other.

《Agh!》 A groan escaped from Hoseok, his mouth still jammed with Yoongi’s saliva, mixed with his own, astonished at the pressure he received and which sent him completely over. Hoseok put his mouth on his jaw, nibbling it up to his petty and red lips, as if he was asking for more, not yet tired of those attentions.

《Mmh .. H..hyung》 he whimpered against his cheek, rubbing himself against his pelvis and panting on his pale skin. 《H..hyung ..》

Yoongi's voice came deep, sensual and all too inviting. With a disconnected mind, Hoseok realized he wanted to hear it again, again and again.


《Come with me.》

Chapter Text

Chapter 2

《Come with me.》

Yoongi took one of Hoseok’s arms, he put it around of his own shoulders, exploiting the fact that he was shorter than the pinkette, and then they headed for the table where Jimin and Jeongguk were talking.

《Gukkie, would you take Jimin-ah back home,later? Hoseok is pretty tired, I take him home now. 》
The angel didn’t rebel and leaned behind the older, who had now become his support and guide. His mind had gone short circuited, leaving the taller weak and manipulable. Jimin leaned over to check his friend’s condition, but Jeongguk thought to distract him by inviting him to sit down again and telling him not to worry, because Yoongi was a reliable boy. After that kind reassurance, Jimin smiled embarrassed to Yoongi, thanking him for his help and apologising for Hoseok. Very polite of Yoongi.


After that in Hoseok’s memory everything was vague; he fainted on the demon’s back and opened his eyes a little later, confused, over the mattress of a hotel. The older was sitting near his feet and turned his head to Hoseok only when he felt him moving. He was awake, finally; not fully conscious, but awake.

《Where were we?》 Yoongi asked quietly, stroking the outside of one of Hoseok’s legs, lingering on his thigh before caressing the crotch of his pants. Hoseok gave him a confused look, as if he could not remember the stalemate of their improvised relationship; at that touch, however, a faint moan of assent was unstitched from the angel’s red lips. His breath was heavy and full of desire, his neck was beaded with droplets of sweat that shone in the light of the two lamps on either side of the mattress.

《Ah ..M-More ..》

Yoongi half-opened his eyelids, pleased that Hoseok was so sensitive that his instincts were so quickly released. 《Just a single touch and you moan like a whore, huh?》 The black haired one asked with a bastard smile on his face; he moved to the petite’s pelvis, sitting next to his side and tracing his hand up his chest, under his shirt, until he met one of his nipples to start teasing him again.

《Hyung ..》 Hoseok whimpered, climbing with one hand along his chest, to gracefully caress his neck and cheeks.

《Tell me what you want.》
The cold, deep voice came quietly to Hoseok’s ears, while his fingers kept wandering around the other’s nipple. Yoongi adored the way Hoseok’s thin body writhed with a few simple stimulation.

《You ...》 the pinkette sighed faintly, putting his wet gaze on the male’s face. When Yoongi’s fingers pressed harder on his flesh, Hoseok whimpered like a little brat, feeling almost pain in his lower abdomen for the painful erection, which was pressing against his jeans.
Yoongi narrowed his eyes more, looking at him satisfied under the black eyelashes like ink.

《Already so impatient》 he said before climbing up to him and sitting down on his pelvis.
The older sighed softly as he felt Hoseok’s hard form against his own and pressed the passive’s turgid nipple between the thumb and forefinger, gaining a desperate peep from the passive.

《Suck》Yoongi ordered, reaching his lips with the index and middle of his free hand. Hoseok welcomed those smooth phalanges, starting to suck them with desire, as if at that moment he had in his mouth something else.

《Good boy..》 Yoongi encouraged him as he pushed his phalanxes deeper into his throat, letting his pelvis rub against his own to get a little pleasure. It was erotic, terribly erotic.

Hoseok took the demon’s wrist in his hands, as if to ask him gently to slow down the rhythm of those fingers that had gone too far down the throat. The tongue then began to roll up the fingers of the oldest, almost as if he were hungry.

《Mhh ..》

When Yoongi felt his fingers wet enough, he pulled them out from the angel’s lips, while with his dry hand he grasped the edge of the shirt that the other wore. He lifted his clothes and discovered Hoseok’s quivering chest and then he went down on his abdominals with wet fingers: Yoongi drew a circle around the navel of the passive, before climbing back to the nipple he had not yet tortured and, with his wet fingertips began to stroke him and press it; with his hips, in the meanwhile, he rubbed against the crotch of the other’s trousers, feeling the warmth of his pelvis radiating through the clothes of both.

Hoseok’s chest got up and down quickly, he gasped, whimpered under Yoongi’s sadistic gaze. When the demon was finally satisfied with his work, he pulled off his shirt completely, leaving Hoseok bare-chested under his eyes: that bronze perfection seemed created to be marked by Yoongi’s teeth.
The older’s face bent over the abdomen of the pinkette, after being put on all fours. While he was biting and sucking a small section of his skin, his hands made a quick effort to free the angel’s hips from his trousers and similar fate touched his boxers. Now Hoseok was vulgarly naked and vulnerable under the starvation gaze of Yoongi, who looked with triumphant eyes at the red mark that had stamped on his hip.
The trembling fingers of the younger caressed the perimeter of what would soon turn into a dark bruise, admiring the mark that had just been stamped as a medal, a sort of signature.

《... am I yours?》 He asked with a subtle innocence, fused to a contrasting lascivious look. 《Yes.》 Yoongi answered in a guttural voice 《You belong to me.》.

The demon opened his legs more, letting Hoseok expose himself to a still dressed Min Yoongi, clearly in charge. 《Look, how dirty you are》 he commented sharply when he used his fingers to pick up the seed that bathed the tip of the member of the submissive one. Then, once the fingertips were moist, the tip of the middle finger drew the outline of the angel’s opening, moistening his ring of muscles before slowly and inexorably filling him.

At the penetration, the passive instinctively tightened his thighs, trying to protect himself from that annoyance. 《I-It hurts, hyung》 he complained, tightening his muscles around that phalanx to keep him from going any further. 《Why are you doing this?》

《Relax and it won’t hurt, little one》 Yoongi cooed him, though he already imagined the expression that would soon take shape on Hoseok’s face. He pulled his finger out from his tiny ass to be able to stretch towards the bedside table, from which he extracted a small bottle of lube before settling himself between the legs of the youngest. With a little strength he managed to separate his legs again and be able to lick the inside of his right thigh, moistening a long strip of drool that went from above the knee almost to the groin. 《Don’t be afraid, Hoseokie. I’ll make you feel so good》he assured him then, stroking his wet skin with his warm breath.

《I ... I trust you》 the other murmured, relaxing and shuddering under his hot tongue; immediately afterwards he put his ankles behind his back, holding the blonde one closer to himself.

《 I want to make you feel good too, hyung..》


Yoongi grinned in satisfaction and he wasted no more time before soiling the opening of the other abundantly with a cool and slippery liquid. He waited a few moments to allow him to get used to it, before massaging his cute, little pink hole with his fingertips again and, this time, he took a few more seconds to prepare him before penetrating the petite pinkette with his index finger. The faint sigh of Hoseok, a clear attempt to stifle a moan, was enough to authorize him to continue.
The rhythm began to rise rapidly, with one and then two wet fingers pushing into his wet tightness, while Yoongi's mouth stroked the inside of the boy's thigh; the demon's free hand was tight in his flesh to hold it steady when the lips caressed his most sensitive skin, marking it more than once. He also gave him a few bites, decisive but light enough to leave no bruises for more than a few seconds. All it took was a light kiss to drive the angel crazy and make him moan of lust, making him more and more lascivious and weak.


When the angel was able to accept three of the demon's fingers, a low moan was released from Yoongi's throat, impatient to enter in his wet body. Yoongi needed to satisfy his desire for lust and being able to do it thanks to an angel was a privilege he had no intention of letting go.

Yoongi speeded up the last part of the preparations, aimed only at letting passive taste of what would come next and, with a determined movement, he left his opening free of his fingers. Hoseok moaned, distraught for the deprivation, as if he had become accustomed to that sensation.
With his free hand, Yoongi undid his pants so that he could lower them the minimum necessary to discover his erection and cover it with lubricant. While he was touching himself , the demon couldn't help but moan again, looking at the naked and exposed body of Hoseok, layed down as if his only purpose was to be used. It was an evil and perverse thought, the demon took pleasure in it.

《Now I'll fuck you, Hoseokie. I'll fuck you until you lose your voice by screaming》he whispered in paradoxically sweet tone, resting his clean palm on the mattress as he aligned his form with the dripping opening of the other
The body of the little one was sprawled out, arms outstretched at the sides of the head, now at the mercy of the black haired man, breathless; the mouth had remained ajar to allow him to breathe better.

《W-What does it mean ...?》 He murmured confused.

The demon chose to answer him with facts instead of words and he didn't say a word after the slight smile he gave him. Yoongi began to enter into him slowly, stopping halfway, panting softly, trying as hard as he could to get used to the warm and soft cavity, trying not to lose control. Yoongi had to resist and keep his promise, otherwise the pleasure wouldn't have been complete. 《Shit .. you're so tight》 he groaned as he leaned over him, leaning on the mattress with both hands to hold his tense body. It was all too good not to want it to last as long as possible.
Hoseok's quick breath culminated with a broken moan, as he rested his hands on the back of the other, holding onto him with his short little nails.

《I-It hurts》he repeated, before hiding his face in the crook of the older's neck, concealing the tears that threatened to fall to those pitch-black eyes.


《Relax, darling》 Yoongi cooed him again, while he lifted Hoseok's lean legs to bring his knees to his chest and thus secure a better angle for the thrusts that would soon follow. 《Take it all, come on》 he murmured then, sliding more easily into him, after giving the innocent one a moment to adjust to his own fat erection. 《S-Shit, yes》 he groaned once more, completely inside him, clenching his teeth to keep himself from coming right away.
The passive planted his nails in his flesh, scratching him in an attempt to hold on to him, while he arched his abdomen beneath him. 《Did.. Did I take it all?》 He murmured faintly, his face contracted with tears, exposing his most humane and sensitive side with a small, embarrassed smile.

Yoongi admired his tensed face, the tears that lit up the corners of his eyes in the faint light of the lamps, his chest rising and falling too fast. Hoseok possessed the charm of being a virgin beauty and Yoongi let out a low grunt when he felt his walls tighten around him.

《Yes, good baby》 he encouraged the younger, as Yoongi closed a hand around a few strands of his hair, pulling just to tilt his face back and to lick the sweat that erotically decorated his neck. He loved the feeling of power, that being almost completely dressed gave him, contrasting with the angelic nudity of the smallest, submissive and dazed.

Yoongi began to push slowly to make the sensation last as long as possible, clutching Hoseok's hip with his other hand. He jammed his head into the hollow of the other's jaw, growling gravely with all the sensations that were shaking his nerves.

《Gh ..》.

Hoseok's arms and legs tightened around Yoongi's back, accompanying every thrust with a strangled moan that so pleased the older's ears. He gasped against his temple, trying to catch the tip of his ear between his lips.

《! More!》

The thrusts grew slowly in intensity, speeding up a familiar sequence: back, tension, waiting, forward. A model that Yoongi already knew well and that Hoseok liked more than expected.

《So h-hot..》 the demon groaned against his skin, pressing one of the knees of the passive against his chest.

《Do you like how I fill you, mh? You're perfect, perfect to take me》he cooed in a hoarse voice, lifting his gaze to face him and enjoying his desperate expression as his hips continued to stick to the other's thighs. Hoseok couldn't reply to that question, simply nodded low-eyed, too busy to moan or gasp in each other's ears. In fact, it took only a few pushes to send him to heaven and splash him against Yoongi's abdomen.


《Nobody gave you the permission》 he reproached him with a sharp tone, while with one hand he wrapped his fingers around his neck and forced him against the mattress: his fingertips pressed against the sides of the pinkette's neck, not enough harshly to suffocate him. The pushes were interrupted, leaving Yoongi's throbbing member halfway inside Hoseok' pussy-boy. Yoongi took a long breath to concentrate on not coming and when he opened his eyes he rested his sweaty forehead to that of the other, while Yoongi's shirt was beaded with the sweat of both.

《Tell me how badly you need my cock.》 he whispered to him.

Hoseok's eyes were filled with delightful terror, frightened by a similar change of behavior before he couldn't even protect himself.

《S- Sorry ...》 Hoseok whined in pain, placing his hands around the other's wrist, without stopping to look into his eyes. He was imploring Yoongi, evidently hoping for his goodness. 《I would like to t-take you again, ple-please...》
《More convincing》 Yoongi ordered, shaking his head, before biting his lower lip and sucking it to make it red. 《Tell me you need my fat cock, come on.》 he murmured in his tiny ear, sliding down his chest to tease his nipple with the tip of his short, gnarled fingers.

《Plea-Please Mmh ~》 Hoseok's prayer was interrupted by a pushed kiss that was making his lips upset, making them swollen and sensitive like every other inch of his body. The sweat beaded the forehead of the passive, divinely framing his clouded eyes and burning cheeks. An even more erotic vision, if one added the fact that what Yoongi was dominating was no less than an angel.

《Aahn I .. I beg you ...》 he bleated as he arched his trembling chest against those venous hands, letting hirself be touched and teased by those soft fingers that were making him scream like a little girl.

《N..Nhn I need it h .. hyung》

His lips began to lean toward the other, revealing Yoongi's teeth in a hungry sneer again. He sank back into him without warning, filling him to the end, biting his lower lip as a sigh from his throat.

《Like this, good baby boy》 he breathed, looking at the other in the face, and starting to humping him hard, perching his own forehead to his and pushing him more and more against the mattress to hold him still, while Yoongi was violating him.

Hoseok struck the push with a wet moan, loud enough to be heard even by the guests in the rooms next door; he threw his eyes back and planted his nails firmly in his back, decorating it with new scratches. The lips rested on those of the demon , then kissing it around the mouth and lingering at the corners of it, while at each thrust Hoseok panted against his skin without taking his eyes from his.

《Yes .. Yes, ah-!》

Yoongi threw himself on his mouth, pressing his nape firmly on the mattress as the uncoordinated and voracious kiss gradually took life. The thrusts became more and more irregular, strong and tense, until the tightness of Hoseok was no longer bearable, until Yoongi poured into his walls, filling it with an orgasm that smelled of liberation. The demon had restrained for too long and so the pleasure grew enormously, until it became almost unbearable.


Hoseok held his breath during the orgasm of the demon, gasping breathlessly against his lips in despair; the heat given off by the seed in his womb pushed him to come for the second time between their abdomen, before letting go without force in the arms of the other.

Without a shred of strength, only his chest moved, rising and falling frantically, looking for air. 《Yoongi .. h..hyung ..》 he exhaled, without a voice.

The black haired male panted heavily when he came out of him, trembling slightly from the aftermath of the orgasmn and he had only enough strength to pull off the almost soaked shirt and wipe his abdomen and limb before letting himself fall on the mattress next to Hoseok. His eyes were closed, his lips parted and his back aching against the sheets. His hips hurt, but an ecstatic sneer was drawn over his mouth.

《I want to do it again》 he commented to himself after a few moments of silence, taking the blanket at the foot of the bed and pulling it loose on him, regardless of the fact that he was leaving the other almost completely uncovered.

Hoseok couldn't even call him to ask for some help, he had literally no more voice, lost among the various moans and groans that had marked their sex session. He was embittered by the lack of care of the older, who had left him dirty and cold without even having thought twice, but Hoseok said nothing to keep him from getting angry.
He crouched against his side, taking advantage of that feeble contact to get some human warmth and clasped his arms to his chest, trembling, before falling into the depths of sleep. Once unconscious, destroyed by the sex beyond the limit of the bearable, his human body disappeared into a fine dust and his angelic form returned to light. The white wings tightened around the two lovers and the long orange hair lay scattered on the pillow.
No one, at that moment, could have said that they didn't look like a pair of lovers.

Chapter Text

Yoongi spent the night in human form, falling into sleep before realizing anything else. The morning pricked him with his cold sun and the familiar feeling of having to do his duty and the demon woke up again with his pants stuck to his ankles.
What he didnt expect was certainly a ball of white feathers to shield him. He was sure he had drunk the night before, how certain he was that he had not exceeded the limit.

《What the fuck ...?》 He cursed as he slid through the wings of the otherworldly creature taking advantage of his transparent body shape. When he was finally out of that bed, the situation finally appeared to him crystalline: Hoseok lay sprawled on the mattress, his clothes and his human body had disappeared to make room for the angelic limbs.
A sadistic smile drew to the demon's lips as he retraced his mind to what had happened the night before. With a triumphant expression, he stood up, putting on his boxer and trousers, and, bare-chested, walked to the window to look out. He really wanted to enjoy a cigarette at that moment.

A few minutes later, Hoseok began to whine something in his sleep as if he were a victim of a nightmare, until he awoke with a start.

《Hyung, sorry ... Can you help me?》 Came his voice, thin and kneaded, like he wasn't feeling well.

《Mh?》Yoongi asked, turning to the uncoordinated pile of feathers and hair that lay on the bed.

《What do you want?》 He continued, moving toward the bed, keeping his hands in his pockets. He could imagine what the other would ask, but he was not sure he wanted to help him.

《N-no, I can't-..!》 He couldn't even finish the sentence before leaning out of bed, vomiting because of the alcohol he had swallowed in his human form.

《S .. Sorry》 he chirped, paralyzed with embarrassment and shortness of breath.

《Tsk. You are going to clean this mess up anyway》the blond demon replied to the other sufficiently, after looking at him with disgust. He shrugged as if he didn't care so much and then he went to check in the drawer of the night table near the bed, hoping to remember the right place where he had placed the cigarette. He breathed a sigh of relief when he found the packet, from which he took one and immediately brought it to his lips. The lighter he had been placed near the package allowed the paper to catch fire and finally Yoongi's lungs filled with the sweet smell of vice. He exhaled calmly, as if every breath were the last and should be tasted to the end. The acrid smell of smoke began to spread into thin, light-gray spirals, slowly.

Hoseok nodded quickly, not knowing what to say or how to justify himself. The change in behavior of the major was making him very uncomfortable; at first this human had looked so kind, now he could barely recognize him. Hoseok stretched toward with his hand to the cabinet to get a napkin and just then, when a long lock of hair fell forward, he realized that he no longer possessed his human form.
《Can you see me ...?》 He asked shocked, coughing with his throat, dry and still sore.

《Yes. Do I have to teach you everything?》 Yoongi replied, returning to the window with seraphic calm. Being a demon involved certain advantages, such as being able to recognize other ultraterrestrial creatures even when they were in different forms from the natural one, a privilege that was clearly denied to the angels.
Yoongi took a long breath; He wouldn't let himself be infected by the angel's agitation, not after having possessed him and destroyed him so well. He had to concentrate on that memory and leave behind the unpleasant visions of the morning. The smell of smoke also served to cover the smell of vomit.

《.. Are you an angel too, r-right?》 Hoseok murmured. The memories of the evening were feeble, he only remembered that he ended up in bed with a kind human and had sex with him, also judging from the clothes scattered around the room and the strong pain in the hips, but the details they were completely unrelated. He was visible nervous, his eyes were low, submissive and he was trembling slightly, his legs clenched to his chest and his nails planted in the flesh of his arms.
《P ... Please, help me to remember .. At this time I should be with my protege .. 》

Yoongi finished in a hurry the cigarette he had started, letting himself be enveloped by that bittersweet taste that pinched his tongue. Once arrived at the filter, he finally deigned to give an answer to the little angel, who was in pitiful conditions. Yoongi made a mental note to remember that he wanted no longer be present at the other’s waking up, if he had the idea of spending the night with him again.

《You really don't remember who I am? You offend me》Yoongi said, letting the cigarette fall to the ground. Tobacco smoke mixed with a darker cloud that engulfed the boy's body; all of this vanished after a few seconds, in which the demon showed himself in his original form, standing in front of the bed on which Hoseok sat.

《Yet you enjoyed it so much.》

《No. ... No …》 Hoseok shook his head several times, refusing to accept that reality. He must have remembered everything, judging by the shocked expression on his face once his eyes rested on Yoongi's black wings. The fingernails tightened in the skin of his arms and the head lowered, allowing the hair to cover his head.
《No. I can't have done it ... You ... you made me drunk and ... and you abused me¡》 The voice was sore with sobs, heartbroken for having suffered such humiliation.

Yoongi snorted superficially, sitting on the small chair in the corner. He still felt some remnant of the thrill he had felt the night before, like an aftertaste after drinking a sizzling drink.
《You should have seen yourself, you were so desperate to beg me to fuck you》 he chuckled, to remind the other of the moments of the night they had just spent together.

《Does it hurt to sit up?》 Yoongi asked him sadistically, slightly tilting his head to the side. He didn't need to receive an answer, he could read on the pretty face of the abused angel how much every inch of his body ached and made him unable to stand up. Hoseok wanted to scream in his face, but he didn't have the strength. He just wanted to disappear and not be seen ever again.

《So .. there wasn't any kind human, last night ..?》 The wrecked beauty murmured faintly when he finally managed to compose himself, before bursting again into tears under the satisfied eyes of the evil one.

《W..what will I tell Jimin ..?》
Yoongi rolled his eyes and stood up; he buried his hand in Hoseok's hair, pulling them slightly to make him lift his face towards him and face him.

《When will you stop whining? Learn to take sex for what it is: Sex and nothing else. Physical pleasure. Is it so difficult to understand?》

《No. It's no pleasure if I can't remember anything ..》 the other replied, frightened, looking him straight in the eye with his own, flushed and glassy gaze.
《For the angels is different .. once t-that we have sex, we remain united to that person ..》

《Really?》 Yoongi whispered, pleasantly surprised by the news. He had never been interested in an angelic creature so much as to desire its body, after all.

《So you now belong to me?》 He asked again, with an evil glint in his eyes. In his crimson orbits, it could be easily read the interest in the creature before him.
Hoseok felt terribly dirty.

《No. It's not fair》 he sighed defeated, looking down, not moving his head, still tied to the older boy’s hand.

《You'll like it》Yoongi said triumphantly, leaning over him to bring himself to his height. Holding his face still, his hand entwined in his hair leaned toward him, licking his cheek with the tip of his tongue, crossing the line of Hoseok's jaw and then climbing up to his temple. He could feel the other's skin shivering at the contact, seeing how Hoseok had narrowed his eyes, frightened, letting himself lick without saying anything; unable to do anything else, he was still blocked by the demon like a fawn in the jaws of a lynx.

《Yoongi, time expired, you've lost your ..》
Jeongguk's voice burst into the room accompanied by a swirl of black clouds, materializing the demon's body in front of the bedroom door. The newcomer's eyes moved from Yoongi to his host and, after banging his eyelids a couple of times, he stopped in disbelief on the face of the older of the two.

《Did I interrupt something?》 Jeongguk murmured incredulously, throwing occasional glances at the angel's upset body.

《You've lost, Gukkie》 Yoongi said with a paternal tone as he got back on his feet, not too secretly concealing the expression of mischievous triumph on his face. He left Hoseok's head, moving a few steps away from his twisted and panting body.

《You owe me a favor》 he laughed then, approaching the younger but higher demon.

《Rest well darling, I have a human to take care of》 he finally said to Hoseok, turning and smiling at him until he showed his gums. Hoseok quickly covered himself in his wings, curled up in that candor to hide himself from the eyes of both of them, who at that moment were laughing at his pitiful conditions.


Once he was finally alone, Hoseok allowed himself an hour of rest to recover from his injuries, even though he knew it won't be enough. He only wanted to disappear, to leave until everyone had forgotten about him and only then to return and pretend that nothing had happened. Unfortunately, such long-lasting creatures don't take a few months, or even a few years to forget.
He wanted to go to Jimin and tell him everything, but if he didn't to make him suffer he knew he couldn't do it; he couldn't even do his job, not in those conditions. So, once he regained the ability to move without feeling too bad, he disappeared and materialized in front of the house of the only person who, he thought, could help him.

The door opened silently, revealing the face of an angel taller than Hoseok. Old scars decorated his face, rippling an otherwise perfect skin; not even the meaty mouth had been spared, a long vertical cut splitting the right side of the lower lip almost to the chin.
The boy's relaxed expression immediately contracted with concern and he invited the guest into the house, pressing to accommodate him. He wore a soft, coffee-colored sweater, which gracefully hugged his broad shoulders and held his scent of white cedar and fig leaves. The only imperfections in that paradisiacal figure was the protruding scar on the left side of the back, covered by the clothes but raised enough to make it clear that on the back of Seokjin, once, wasn't only one wing.
His blonde hair, once long, was short, slightly wavy and shaved by the side of his head.

《What happened, Hobi?》 He asked him, worried, sitting on one side of the sofa in the modest main room and encouraging the younger to sit by his side. He sat next to the other angel, hugging himself between Seokjin’s arms to get some consolation from the eldest, his reference point par excellence.
《I’m mated with a demon …》 Hoseok whispered full of shame, after glancing around to make sure no one was within earshot.
The spark of restlessness in the eyes of the other turned to dismay at hearing those words; Seokjin wasted no time and hugged the younger, welcoming him to his chest. He put a hand on the back of his head, stroking the long hair he had so much envied in the past and still regretted and tried to comfort his friend with all the means at his disposal.

《Do you want to talk about it?》 He asked discreetly as he held Hoseok to him. The younger nodded against his chest, sinking his face in his soft clothes to smell the white smell that characterized the oldest and only when his eyes, first full of tears and red, relaxed, raised his face to the his.

《I don't remember anything, hyung ... It happened and ... And I'm afraid that ...t-that can happen to me ... what …》 he said softly, letting his voice die at the end of the sentence. He realized too late that he hadn't t used the right words, touching one of the most critical points of Seokjin.

Seokjin's eyelids narrowed, his concern was evident and he didn't stop comforting the younger with his caresses and closeness. He wrapped Hoseok with the only wing he had left, to make him feel protected from the dangers that had just threatened him.

《Nothing bad will happen to you. I promise.》
The tone had instantly become more serious, more somber. It was still a painful subject for Seokjin, not enough time had elapsed to make him fully accept the evidence.

《They will have to pass on my body first . No one will hurt you, no one.》He repeated firmly.

Hoseok, in response, pressed Jin’s sweater between his fingers, while he was still close to him like a chick hidden under the feathers of the hen. When Seokjin's arms enveloped him, the smaller angel somehow managed to calm himself, to feel safe from the world full of pitfalls and, this time, Hoseok felt the same sensation. It was shocking how much he managed to make him feel protected despite all the pain he had felt, the pain that was still reflected in those black eyes, those scars and the lonely wing that stood proud behind his broad back.

《It will change something now, that ... Well …》 he ventured to ask, now that he was giving voice to his doubts one after the other.

《I don't know, ‘Seokie..》 Seokjin guessed, leaning against him.

《I'll go and ask, but you promise me you'll never let the guard down. Understoond?》
One could clearly perceive the concern in his voice, when he took the other's face in his own palms.
《I won't let anyone hurt you. Nothing will happen to you, I promise. Do you believe me?》
Hoseok put his hands on his and a delicate smile appeared on his face, like a rainbow after the rain; Hoseok's admiration for the damaged angel grew even more and all the feelings that the youngest was feeling at that moment were channeled into that heart-shaped smile. 《I believe you.》


From: Jimin | 1.18 PM
<I'm waiting for you at the university park, see you there>

To: Jimin | 1.19 PM
<I'm coming. >

Yoongi lost no more time and rushed to his own human with the intention of making the best use of the time when Hoseok was out of play. He took a new human form, wrapped in a coat and a large mint-colored scarf and headed for the center of the park, sitting down on the first bench he found nearby. The dancer must have gone away to go to the university bar and buy something hot, because he was returning to the center of the park trying not to overturn the two glasses in his hand. When he finally saw Yoongi approached him, happy.

《Hi hyung!》 The dancer greeted him, holding out one of the two cardboard cups he had brought with a smile.

《It's to thank you for bringing Hoseok hyung safety at home. You've been very kind.》
Yoongi was surprised by such a gesture, then responding to his kindness with a smile. He took the hot cardboard between his red fingers for the cold, grateful to be able to warm his fragile human body: he already missed the immunity he possessed when he assumed a demonic form.

《Thank you, Jimin-ah》 he thanked him once the other sat next to him. 《I couldn't let him go home alone in those conditions》 Yoongi lied with a calm and serene face.

Jimin sat down next to him, enjoying the comfortable space the other had just reserved and took a small sip from his drink, enjoying that delicate heat that filled his stomach.
《Excuse us again, we aren't used to drinking》 the sweet human confessed with slight embarrassment, blushing on his cheeks and on the tips of his ears.

《But it was fun. Jeongguk was nice too. 》

《Everyone starts from abstainers》 Yoongi said before taking a sip of bitter liquid. It was not sugary enough, but the idea of getting up to go looking for sugar was more irritating than warming his stomach despite the taste of the drink.

《I hope Jeonggukkie hasn't tried with you like Hoseok did with me》 he laughed innocently, pretending to be embarrassed at such a confession.

《.. Huh?》

The lips of the younger were about to settle on the edge of the paper cup when he suddenly stopped, as if those words had hit him in the chest, just like a bullet. Yoongi had to force himself not to smile triumphantly. Centered target.

《It's impossible, he couldn't- …》 Like the last time, the child was interrupted by a small feathered being, identical to what Yoongi had "saved", which rested on the demon’s shoulder searching for a nest in his wool scarf.

《Well..He was rather drunk》 the dark man continued, pretending not to notice Jimin's sudden change of mood. The bird, that had interrupted the conversation, was the only jarring sound in the perfect concert that Yoongi had built to attract more and more the boy in the spider's web.

《I literally had to pull him off, Hoseok didn't want to let me go》 Yoongi laughed again as if it were a terrible joke.
The blond's fingers tightened around the cup, risking to overturn the liquid; stress was palpable in the dancer's eyes.

《B ... But it's impossible …》 He didn't even know what to answer to justify the best friend, now that he seemed to have used the excuse of alcohol to throw himself on Yoongi. 《Yesterday he had fainted on you .. S..So how ..?》

With a little imagination Yoongi could imagine the fragile little heart of Jimin crumble in front of these words: a delightful vision, perfect nourishment for the boundless ego of the demon.

《Forget it, it's happened I hope he has forgotten everything, so we shouldn't talk about it any more》he said then to reassure the boy and make the story just told more plausible.

《Hoseok would never do that, hyung》 Jimin reacted, who couldn't reasonably doubt his best friend by listening to the words of a person he'd known for only twenty-four hours.

《I know him, he would never throw in the arms of a stranger》 he added with a shrug, stretching a pair of fingers toward Yoongi's scarf to caress the robin.

《He was not very conscious last night..》 Yoongi replied shortly thereafter, barely turning his face to the new guest who could no longer be ignored by misfortune.

《I repeat it, it's a thing of the past》 he added, approaching his finger to the feather to try to stroke it.

《How nice, he came back to see us》 Jimin changed the topic, melting in front of the feathery being that was allowing him the chance to caress his little feathered head.

《Do you like birds?》 Yoongi asked, looking at the way the boy's short, small fingers played with the feathers of Hoseok.

《Yes, they are beautiful creatures》 replied the other with simplicity, smiling at the little bird that had settled in the space between the scarf and the neck of Yoongi, in direct contact with his skin.

《Maybe he likes you, look where he decided to settle down》Jimin commented with a spontaneous laugh, finding the behavior of the feathered tender.
Perhaps Hoseok could have loved Jimin's laugh, but for Yoongi it was just another fuel thrown on the fire of his irritation: the little feather had decided to rub his feathers against his skin and if he had not been sure he knew the true identity of that irritating bird, Yoongi would have already driven him away.

《I'm not very sure, but if you say so..》 he replied with a small smile, tilting his head from the opposite side so not to crush their host. The tendon stretched under the skin, highlighting the venous neck as his hands.

《Oh, why ? You saved him, hyung! Of course he feel adoration for you!》Jimin added, leaving the little bird alone, after the birdy had decided to ruffle the feathers.

Yoongi couldn't hurt him, not now that the protege was with them.

《Hyung, is everything ok?》 The human asked with a note of concern, noting his change in mood.

《Yes, it's all right.》 The answer had come a little tense, but he hoped Jimin would not give too much interest. He felt vulnerable with the enemy this near at his neck and, without being able to drive him away, he decided to propose to the protégé a question that would have made a speech tending towards a decidedly more interesting direction.

《Jeongguk told me he invited you to a dance battle. Will you go? 》

Chapter Text

Chapter 3

《Jeongguk told me he invited you to a dance battle. Will you go? "

《Yes, I can't wait to dance with him!》 he nodded, pleased the younger of the two. After those years of difficulty he had left behind, he was able to expand his friendship and it had made him feel better, as if those unhappy days were just bad memories.

《Oh, I'll have to go back to class soon ... We'll see each other again, won't we?》 He paused, blushing gently on his cheeks and ears.

《Of course!》 Yoongi agreed with a smile and a tiny nod, looking the other in the eyes.

《I'll come to see you》 he promised, taking another sip of his coffee. The only thing that kept him calm was to think of the most terrible and painful ways to kill that annoying bird that was tickling him and that was putting a strain on his self-control.

The gaze of the dancer lit up before those words, smiling at him as if the events of the previous evening had gone out of his mind, not undermining his attraction for the major. He stood up, touching his hand with his own, and, before leaving, he smiled again.

《I hope to see you soon.》 《Me too!》 Yoongi replied, waving his free hand to the boy who was moving away.


The little robin, after seeing Jimin disappear in the crowd , for his own safety, abandoned Yoongi's scarf and went to settle on a branch a little further away. Once the human was sufficiently far away, the demon dropped the gentle mask he had been forced to wear, and gave a terrifying look to the feathered being who had just moved away from himself. 《Whether I take off your feathers one-by-one or tear off your tiny legs, which one do you prefer first?》

A soft, white cloud appeared in replace of the tender little bird that had eavesdropped on their conversation, leaving space for the angel's body, sitting on the branch with its delicate, bare legs dangling in the air. The long hair followed, free, in the wind that broke through the bronze strands, completed with a pair of blue eyes, which were posed innocently on the devil.

《Excuse me, but it was so cozy being in your scarf~》he commented with amusement, looking at him from above. 《How do humans endure this cold ...?》 He added, to change the topic.

It must have seemed quite stupid talking to yourself, alone, so Yoongi looked around and, once sure of not being seen by anyone, abandoned the human form to talk on par with his enemy. The glass of coffee he had in his hands disappeared with him, turning into ash that fell on the frozen ground.
《Are you, angels, so weak in Paradise?》 He grimaced, crossing his arms, not bothering to get up from the bench he was on.

《Listen, could we lower our weapons?》 Hoseok asked him, completely ignoring his teasing, not giving importance to his poisonous words; his innocent smile was not broken by Yoongi's voice. 《I told you, we must prevent Jimin from suffering.》

《Let me guess, the demon before me answered “no”?》Yoongi put his right ankle on the opposite knee with a visibly ironic expression.

《It would be a pity interrupting the tradition. Angels are so attached to the traditions, aren't they?》he snorted then.


《N .. No, it's that it would be nice to spend this cohabitation in harmony.》 Hoseok decided to abandon the safe branch where he sat, sheltered from the demon, gracefully descending on the ground with half-closed wings in order to be at the same level of Yoongi; Hoseok's bare feet touched the cold ground first with the tip and the wings closed, settling behind his back. Hoseok liked to play on the equal terms, after all. 《And then we've known each other for only twenty-four hours.》

《You are really kind to offer cohabitation in harmony with a demon. I'm surprised.》 Hoseok was the first angel who proposed a collaboration and without keeping a hand on the scabbard of the sword. A novelty in Yoongi's experience. The tone he had used was seriously surprised, behind the usual irony.

《Let's just do our job, mh? You are the good voice and Im the bad one. It's what you angels like to think.》he said, raising an eyebrow.

Hoseok nodded in silence, remaining displaced by such a sentence, almost as if he didn't expect such kindness. He ran a hand through the long hairs, pulling them away from his eyes and backed slightly, resting his back against the centuries-old tree. 《First you fuck me and then you pretend nothing?"


《That's what humans do.》Yoongi replied, as if he was explaining something simple and logical. He untied his crossed legs and arms to rest both feet on the ground and elbows on his knees, intertwining his fingers to place them over his chin.

《I don't think you didn't enjoyed , so if you want, I can hump you again.》

《But I don't remember almost anything..》 the delicious angel was forced to repeat; this time he wouldn't give up and Yoongi wouldn't have won it again.

《And then when I woke up everything was hurting, so keep your hands away from me, please.》

《Oh, I don't need my hands》 he said, imitating his voice to make fun of Hoseok.

《My tongue is not just for insulting, Hoseokkie》 he concluded with a smile. 《I can send you to Hong Kong with the power of my tongue.》

The delicate face of the angel blushed all over his cheeks, over his ears and neck. It was clear how the demon was putting him in trouble, always with the prompt answer; that tongue was a weapon. 《Wasn't enough for you to have taken me without consent? Ah, yes, I was the one who jumped on you.》

《I have had the consent... and even the total.》 replied Yoongi, continuing to observe the graceful figure before him. Yes, it was really a good idea to put his eyes on a creature so desirable.

《If you do not remember, it's your business.》 He knew how to play well his cards to make his actions seem right.

《But if you care so much, I can remind you of anything you want tonight》 the blonde kme said before he moistened his lips with the tip of his tongue. He wondered if the ingenuity of the angelic creature could really have reached that point. Yoongi wouldn't certainly have complained.


《We just have to talk, you can do it now, right?》 Hoseok approached the demon, sitting next to him so he didn't have to raise his voice; it wasn't the kind of topics that would have been decent to speak aloud. 《... or did you suck that you're ashamed of it?》

Yoongi rolled his eyes to see how the other ignored his insinuations. Nobody could ignore Yoongi, not when he himself did not want it.

《Don't irritate me. It would be a shame if your upper floors would come to discover that you mated with a demon?》

《How does a demon get to my upper floors?》 The other asked, trying not to look too nervous for the threat he had just received. 《And then you can't prove it.》

《I do not care to prove it. I care that in your friends will sprout the seed of the doubt》 Yoongi replied, spitting out the word " friend "as if it were something disgusting. A grin appeared on his face as he continued to look at the beautiful face of the angel.

《If you want to use weapons, just have to say it.》

《... All right, see you tonight.》 Hoseok accepted, without going any further; he had no intention of risking or of participating in a struggle that would have been difficult to win, in his conditions.

《I have so many beautiful things to teach you, darling》 Yoongi said with a feigned innocence as he stood up.

《You'll like them.》 He didn't say anything to him as he turned away from him.

Yoongi could enjoy a little angel all by himself. It really seemed that good luck had decided to play in his favor.



The KILLER was a recent local, open for almost a year, but already well known enough to be defined as a real meeting point for aspiring rappers and DJs. It was an intimate place, where no one cared who met with whom or who fucked with whom, and whoever attended it had implicitly consented to this rule. Often only the name or pseudonym of the performer was known and no one had ever complained. It was the music the reason they found each other, it did not matter if the rapper who played on the stage on Saturday night was a student, an employee or a politician.

For the past few weeks it was opened on Friday nights for dance challenges, with the only restriction of using the kind of music to ensure continuity in the image of the bar. The stage had been expanded, the stereo system improved, and now there was enough space for breakdance or hip-hop performances for small groups. Nothing ambitious, but the atmosphere and the reputation of the place were electrifying enough to push the small crew of Bangtan on the Street to participate under Jeongguk's invitation.

Jimin honored the promise he had made to Yoongi's friend by introducing himself the evening they had arranged to meet, the first Friday after their last meeting. Jimin was followed by crew dancers, as impatient as he was, and Hoseok in angelic form. They had managed to arrive on time and this caused a sigh of relief to the blond dancer, happy not to have made the other challengers wait.

The Jimin was dressed in a white tank top, large enough to show off his muscles and comfortable camouflage pants; the sneakers had been cleaned especially for the occasion and the edge of the white sole glinted under the fluorescent lamps in the same way as the tank top could be seen in the dark green bomber. The thin gold chains that adorned his chest shone with every movement along with the long and slender earring he wore in his left ear.

《Jungkook, I'm here》 he said, waving a hand to get Jeongguk's attention, using the pseudonym he had specified to prefer. Jimin, on the other hand, had never found a stage name that would convince him.

《Jimin hyung!》 Jeongguk replied, coming up to Jimin with long strides and an enthusiastic smile on his face. His minimal attire, black from head to toe, highlighted an unquestionably statuesque physique.

Yoongi made his entrance next to Jeongguk, following him in human form a few steps away. He wore a large black bomber, in whose pockets he had sunk his hands, and a pair of light jeans torn on his knees. The blue locks were captured by the blue lights, while they merged with the basic black under any other light. Seeing Hoseok, Yoongi gave a small enigmatic smile, making it appear to be directed to Jimin, at whose side the angel stood.

《The DJ should be here in moments. Is he a friend of yours?》 The youngest of the group ventured, glancing at the console. 《Yes, it should be h-... RM, I'm here!》 With a snappy hand gesture Jimin greeted his friend with a sweet smile, but put in the shade by the dim light. It could be read on his face how much that surprise was appreciated. 《Let's start?》 Jimin asked enthusiastically; in his eyes the desire to get involved was boiling.


《I'm ready》 nodded Jeongguk, turning to the DJ, waiting for the presentation of the challengers: all he found was a boy enchanted looking at Jimin, his hand still in the air in the gesture to take the microphone. With a sigh he merely approached him and snapped his fingers, distracting him from the world in which he had let himself be attracted.

《We're ready, RM.》Jeonguk repeated annoyed. Yoongi, meanwhile, took a seat against one of the walls, close enough to the stage but far enough to avoid the crowds, while RM's voice demanded a great roar for the first competitor to perform.

Before starting to dance, Jimin turned one of his best smiles to his friend at the console, as if to make him understand that nothing had happened; Jeongguk's behavior towards him was not very good, but for the moment he had decided to ignore him. Even at Yoongi Jimin smiled, this time full of desire, as if he had implicitly told him not to take his eyes off himself; in one way or another he wanted to seduce him and what better way than to dance?

While the floor was full of people around the Bangtan on the Street, the ceiling was full of creatures guarding the crowd more or less closely. Like a flock of bats, angels and demons watched the scene, some more interested, some more bored; the tension was palpable and no one would have been surprised if one or more quarrels broke out between enemies.

As soon as Hoseok had made his entrance more than a few eyes had turned to him, certainly guided by the smell that the creature was wearing. It was clearly an angelic odor, but he possessed a strange smelk, as if a part of him had been contaminated. The angels seemed confused while the demons smiled amused, their eyes looked like those of a predator in front of a succulent prey. It was enough to embarrass Hoseok, who decided to get out of that stuffy place as quickly as possible.


Once out, finally, he finally managed to breathe deeply, after being in a crowded place filled with those curious and hungry looks of the other guardians. He held an imprecation biting his lip. It had been horrible.

《You're Jimin's guardian, aren't you?》 A warm, low voice came, softer than Yoongi's but equally sensual.

《Yup. And who would you be?》The pretty angel was fascinated by that tone, but he had to swallow all the worries so he could show a poker face to what he discovered was an enemy.

A lilac-haired demon was lying on the roof and lazily dangling an arm while the face was resting on the back of the opposite hand, resting on the edge. He had closed the wings on his back and if it had not been for the red pupils that creature would have seemed only a normal human in a very normal place.

《They call me Taehyung. You were the companion of the Beast? 》He asked without delicacy, looking at the beautiful figure of the other with interested eyes.



At that name Hoseok shivered, stiffening. He had not yet been able to get a reason for the period of his existence spent next to a similar executioner. He seemed to still feel his fangs on his wing; the scar between the feathers began to pinch, but he knew it was not the time to let go of bad memories, not with a demon above his head.

《What do you want?》

《You really survived! You're hella strong》 the lilac one complimented the other, with a tone that didn't leaked if he really thought it or if he was just kidding the poor angel. A rectangular smile completed the sentence, while the black wings were opened to help him stand up.

《You have a familiar smell, what happened to you, baby?》 He asked, landing on the ground a few feet away from Hoseok, who backed away. Taehyung was good-looking and his voice was as bewitching as a siren song! that's why Hoseok took care to keep the guard high.

《Nothing bad happened to me.》 It was hard to lie with the nostrils full of Yoongi's smell, but he had no choice. He would never have admitted to having spent the night with a demon, especially to a stranger so intrusive. 《W..What do you want? I'm not looking for trouble.》

《Well, I do!》 laughed the other, amused, rolling his right hand and making a double-sided ax appear at his side. It was black, essential, decorated only with veins on the light metal. The smile turned into a grin on the demon's face.

《Let's see if you're as strong as you say.》

《I didn't say anything!》The angel exclaimed, exasperated, making a golden gladius appear to his side to defend himself in case of need. He just wanted to be left alone.

《Bla bla bla..》 the demon snorted, mimicking the other's tone. Impatience was clear on his face.


Taehyung held the weapon in two hands and, once the wings were wide open, he lifted himself off the ground to throw himself at the angel below him. His eyes shone and he charged, aiming at Hoseok's right arm as he swooped down on him.

Hoseok, to avoid it, rose into the air, coming to the roof, far enough away from that demon that seemed crazy. He made the gladius disappear in a cloud to extract the bow and arrows, unable to face such danger enemy closely. The demon's hatchet stuck into the ground with a strong vibration and, when he had turned his head to find out where the enemy had fled, he found himself with a scarred cheek. The calm was not on the angel's side, but at least he managed to make a warning. It was a useless fight, Hoseok just wanted to finish it as fast and painless as possible.

Taehyung clenched his teeth, emitting a low, hissing sigh and with a dry movement he detached his weapon from the asphalt and resumed the attack, without wasting time.

《Watch your back!》

At these words, with a snap, Hoseok turned, fearing to have another enemy behind him ready to attack. He gave a quick look around with the bow tense again, but there was no one. 《Wha ...?!》

He turned back to the demon, finding him in front of him with the ax in the air.



The blade hit the angel's shoulder, sinking into his joint almost to cut off his limb. Taehyung's eyes greedily drank that image, shining with excitement.

Hoseok screamed in pain with all the breath in his throat, grabbing the handle to resist the blade, which seemed to sink undisturbed in his flesh. His eyes were fixed on the face of the enemy, who enjoyed his suffering, while tears of blood dripped down his side.

《B..Bast ... ard..》 he murmured through clenched teeth, looking at Taehyung with disgust, while the other guardians, both angels and demons, were gathering to watch the scene, after hearing Hoseok's scream, forced against the roof .


《I'm stronger than you.》 Taehyung grinned excitedly, pulling the bloody ax out of the other's flesh. The blue liquid had filled the veins of the weapon, creating a macabre decoration in its elegance. The boy placed a knee on Hoseok's ribcage, pressing it against the irregular tiles and raised the weapon again, aiming at his right wing.

A knife cut the air and stuck in Taehyung's elbow and he, with a broken cry, had to find a way to drop its weapon without getting hurt. His articulation began to bleed profusely, streams of orange liquid dripped onto his clothes.


When the demon turned his head to see who had done such a gesture, another dagger wounded his body with enough force to make him lose his balance, knocking him to the side of Hoseok. Taehyung held his side with both hands, trying to extract the blade that had penetrated almost to the handle. A well-known figure approached wings closed with fast and wide steps, threatening despite the contained height.


《Nobody touches what is mine without my consent.》


Hoseok turned his face several times looking for the reason for such luck, until he heard Yoongi's voice and his tiny silhouette reach his body. It seemed over, but the excruciating pain in his shoulder reminded him that he had been defeated by a demon deprived of his senses right under the eyes of other angels.

《H ... hyung..》 the petite moaned, clutching his shoulder as he tried to stop the bleeding.

Yoongi completely ignored the angel, stopping in front of the demon lying nearby, moaning and clutching his injured limbs.

《Understood ?》 He said coldly, pressing the shoe on the other's neck to make it difficult for him to breathe. Taehyung gave a trembling nod of agreement, looking imploringly at his executioner, who was holding another dagger.

《Good boy. Now go crying somewhere else》Yoongi told him before tearing his daggers out of his flesh and cleaning them quickly on his clothes. He kicked off his body without any delicacy, while Taehyung groaned and writhed in pain. With an impassive gaze, the older one sheathed his weapons and gave him his back.

Hoseok silently attended the scene, without allowing himself to say anything; he paused only to reflect on the reasons that had pushed Yoongi to save his wing. Would not it be better for Yoongi to lose his enemy instead of antagonizing himself with a demon? He could not understand it, even though he was looking for a logical answer. His breathing became more and more breathless, he felt tremendously weak and the blood didn't seem to want to stop.

《Let's leave. Can you walk?》Yoongi asked him, finally turning to the weak angel, and bending down to let his healthy arm pass around his shoulders. Hoseok nodded quickly, trying in every way to appear stable, even as soon as he stood his legs gave up, forcing him to lean completely on Yoongi and stain his clothes with his own blood.

《Where are we going ...?》 The tired one murmured, keeping his face down.

《My place.》The blonde demon replied before wrapping them both in a black cloud and disappearing under the dismayed gaze of a small group of angels and demons, who wouldn't dare approach.

Chapter Text

As the black cloud cleared, Yoongi and Hoseok found a looked-like-small-human apartment, but without windows. No superfluous room, just a small living room and a bedroom.

《As humans say, “Welcome”.》 Yoongi greeted him, limping because of the weight of Hoseok leaning on his tiny body. Once in the bedroom, the demon dropped the angel on what could be called a mattress, judging by the consistency and appearance. Hoseok didn't answer and cowered himself, trembling, on the bed, like a wounded animal. He held his nearly severed arm tight, desperately trying to keep his flesh together; he didn't want to lose a limb because of a psychopath.

《T...Thanks》 the long haired beauty said in trembling, wrapping his own wings to hide his weakness and the blood, which had begun to stain the sheet.

《Wait here.》 Yoongi disappeared again, reappearing just under a minute later with a vial in his hand and an irritated expression on his face.

《You won't solve anything by remaining wrapped in your feathers.》 The demon scolded the cute, but afraid creature, approaching him and grabbing the edge of one of the angel's wings with his free hand.

《You owe me a BIG favor. Now stay calm and show me the wound.》

Hoseok didn't resist in spite of Yoongi's tone of voice, the same instilling fear into his guts; it was really hard to trust him after being attacked by another, cruel demon, but he recognized that now he couldn't do otherwise. He gradually pulled back his wings, showing not only the flesh open and full of blood but also the pale face, marked by dark circles under his eyes, unable to stay open, and purple lips from the loss of blood.


《It's ironic that someone like you apologizes to someone like me.》 Yoongi said as he sat down next to Hoseok's wounded body. He twisted his nose at the disgustingly sweet smell he felt as he unscrewed the bottle cap. Once extracted, it turned out to be a dropper filled with a liquid of an intense white color, sometimes iridescent.

《Stay still.》 The blonde demon commanded him, firing at Hoseok with eyes of fire, before letting one of the drops fall on the living flesh.
The angel didn't move, remained obediently still, staring at the emptiness. He didn't even allow himself to comment on the sentence just vomited by Yoongi; he simple ignored him, allowing the demon to comment, without showing hurt or irritated. He was not in a position to offend the one who held his life in his hands.

《Gh …》 the petite whispered only, reacting to an acute annoyance, like alcohol on an open wound. But only those few drops were enough to see the skin heal and stop bleeding; at least that intense haemorrhage had been arrested.
Once Yoongi had counted the number of drops he had been advised, he closed the bottle and placed it on the cabinet next to the bed, sickened by the smell.

《I had to indebt myself to get this thing, make it suffice.》 The grumpy Yoongi said on purpose to make the other feel guilty, while he held the cloth of the angel's dress off the wound, to allow it to heal without difficulties.

《Why did you do that...? Wouldn't it be better for you to let me die there? 》 He murmured, turning to the demon so that he could finally look at his face; now that the wound had healed, the muscles in his neck no longer hurt him.

《Jimin has already lost a guardian and I don't any worries.》 Yoongi replied simply, shrugging. He had no affection for Hoseok, but it would be irritating to have to change partner for such a shit and endure the messes that would result. In addition, it would have been a shame to lose that cute, tiny ass.

《I can pay you …》

《And how could you pay me, mh?》 Yoongi asked sarcastically.

《We don't give a shit about the promises of you, angels. I don't need mon-》

When Yoongi felt a strange heat on his hand, however, he stopped suddenly speaking and lowered his eyes. Hoseok had stretched his hand around yoongi's and, gently, he had crossed their fingers.

《... Why did you ... take my hand?》He asked distrustfully, unaccustomed to being touched so much. The other hand, the free one, had instinctively set on the handle of one of the daggers he wore on his belt.

《It's hot.》 the other replied innocently.

《You have a warm hand ... I like it, that's all》 Hoseok admitted timidly, leaving him, after receiving this grumpy reaction after such a gesture. Then, after the time of some eyes’ blinking, the subject returned to the debt with the enemy.

《How can I repay you, then?》
The gaze of the demon, at first lost, recomposed itself and turned into a mischievous shade. His demon nature was pressing to come to the surface, with his thirst of satisfaction, violence and malice.

《Physical pleasure is a valid payment.》 Yoongi proposed, looking at him from above.

《I .. If that's enough …》 Hoseok looked down, vulnerable to a look, which was devouring him from within. He pushed a strand of hair away from his ear, finding his face red with embarrassment.
Yoongi leaned toward him and, quickly, abandoned his demonic form: when he put his palms on the mattress on the sides of Hoseok's hips, Yoongi was again a simple black-haired boy. He could have been perfectly equal to Min Yoongi who had made Jimin fall in love, if had it not been for the red irises, the only quirk of his original appearance that the demon had decided to preserve.

《Are you consenting?》Yoongi asked, nailing him to the mattress with his own gaze. Seeing that change, Hoseok followed him, returning to his human form; now the wings and long hair were no longer a problem.

《... Yes.》he agreed, before lifting his torso enough to meet Yoongi's lips.

He put his hands on his warm cheeks, caressing that anemic skin and taking possession of those vermilion lips; those lips looked like two drops of blood on the snow, a poetic and at the same time raw image. A perfect metaphor for Yoongi.

The right corner of the demon's mouth tilted into a small grin, as he let the angel's lips wander lightly over his own.

《Have you ever had sex before me?》 Yoongi asked him bluntly, after letting one hand slip behind his nape.

《Don't lie.》

The angel denied with a small gesture of his head, but he didn't stop kissing the corners of those soft pads and snapping over tender kisses. His fingers moved and pulled the long black bang away from his eyes, admiring those crimson eyes.


《Don't ask me》 the demon whispered softly, with a tone full of sensuality and capable of intimidating.

《The answer may not please you.》 he added before turning the little kisses that Hoseok was giving him in a deep, voracious and sensual kiss, in which the short hair of the passive was tightened between Yoongi's fingers enough to restrict his freedom of movement. Hoseok answered with a groan, drowned in their mouths.
Yoongi's eyes narrowed and then he broke the kiss, panting slightly on the other's lips, enjoying Hoseok's expression at that moment. Sheepish, anxious, fearful but somewhat eager. Yoongi loosened his hair only to let Hoseok sit astride his pelvis, imprisoning him between his thighs and pressing his butt on the crotch of his pants. A half sigh escaped from his throat, before the fingers were intertwined with the other's hair and pulled them to one side: Yoongi's lips rested on the other's neck, licking the profile of his tendon and then biting slowly his skin.

《Hyung …》 Hoseok meowed weakly, bending his neck to the side as he had been forced. His hands, from the other's arms, slid down Yoongi's hips and firmly gripped his buttocks, starting to rub against him. Shortly thereafter the fingers began to pull up to lower his pants with the elastic of the boxer and then Hoseok resumed to touch the dark one’s butt cheeks, playing with that softness.
The demon grumbled satisfied with that act of collaboration, sinking his teeth more into the soft flesh and leaving a delicate red bruise to decorate his skin. Yoongi moved his pelvis decisively against Hoseok's, breathing on the damp skin, while the fingers of Hoseok's free hand climbed under the shirt of the other; once he reached one of his nipples he began to tease him, drawing circles around the crown.

The angel moaned in a low voice after the bite, but still vainly determined to keep a shred of dignity; now that Yoongi's buttocks were naked under his fingers, Hoseok managed to reach the gap between them, stroking it with his soft fingertips.

《How impatient you are》 Yoongi groaned in the other's hair, shuddering as his fingers reached his own slit.

《All right, you'll have what you want》 he whispered in Hoseok's ear before lifting from the other's pelvis and pushing it just to pull the submissive back against the headboard.

《Undress.》 he ordered in a low voice, hungry for pleasure.

For a few moments the angel looked at him in the face, hypnotized in front of those crimson eyes, but when he realized he was wasting his time, he quickly undressed his human clothes, letting them fall to the floor.

《A-And then?》 His embarrassment was hidden in every movement; Hoseok was so delightfully inexperienced.

《And then look at me》 Yoongi said gently before pulling off his pants and boxers and crawling over the body of the other; the demon sat astride him, wearing only a light shirt. Now there was nothing left to divide their cocks and Yoongi sighed satisfied as soon as he met Hoseok's erection with his own.

《Do you know what this is?》 He asked to the pure one a little later, pulling a thin dark blue tube out of the bedside table, taking the plug out with his thumb and letting it fall to the floor. Before the denial of the other, Yoongi poured a few drops on the fingertips of both, before heating the gel between the gnarled fingers. Once moistened he led to its opening, delicately pressing into it the first phalanx of the middle and touching the lips of the other with their own as a light moan shattered against the skin of the angel. Once he took two sharp breaths, he took Hoseok's dirty hand and brought his hand to his erected appendix, filling the air with his heavy breathing when the other instinctively squeezed his fingers around his length.
Hoseok stroked it and ran his fingers across the erection to the base and climbed back, snapping a tender kiss on his lips.

《Is that okay?》 He whispered against Yoongi's.

《Fuck, yes.》 Yoongi grunted, pushing his finger deep inside himself, breathing hard for the wet movements on his own length.

《Go on.》 he urged, pushing his pelvis toward the angel’s hand as he massaged his opening until it felt ready for another finger.

Hoseok gripped his fingers more tightly around his flesh, pumping more and more to untangle those delicious moans to the demon and accompanied his gestures with delicate and careful kisses on his neck, not allowing himself to mark that snow-white skin.

《H-Hyung, you're very hot》 he commented against his skin, slipping with his free hand on his gluteus, until it came to its opening.

《Can I...?》

Yoongi grinned in response, tilting his head to the side, and took the wrist that the other had slipped on his buttocks to bring his fingers to his mouth. He caught his phalanxes and ran his tongue through it, slowly covering his tapered fingers with his own saliva, until he felt fit for them to get in without getting hurt. He made sure to be looked by the angel, taking the time to offer his guest a luxurious and inviting show. The other's face was a triumph of trepidation mixed to impatience.

《Now yes.》 he finally allowed, bringing his hand back to where it was before.

《Stop me if it hurts…》 Hoseok said almost with concern, waving a little before penetrating him with only the tip of the index.

《A-ah …》 Yoongi moaned, placing his forehead against the other's, and stretching as far as possible to make room for the other's soft phalanges.

《I'm not made of glass》 he breathed in a low voice, instinctively moving his hips upward, toward the hand that was slowly leading him to pleasure. That position halfway between the dominant and the submissive pleased him perhaps more than he wanted to admit, especially when he could enjoy nothing less than an angel to satisfy his own impulses.

Hoseok looked down in order to avoid his eyes, now that he had his forehead pressed against his own, and carefully inserted the tips of two oiled fingers; the sweet one began to dilate his muscles opening his fingers together with Yoongi's, while with the fist continued to rub along his skin, wet with preorgasm fluid.

《Okay ...?》 The angel murmured against his lips, before kissing him slowly.

《It takes much more to hurt me》 the demon moaned after breaking the contact to catch his breath. He tilted his head back as the other's fingers began to widen his opening and, with a sigh of breath, he urged him to move on. Yoongi moved his pelvis in slow circles, sighing every time the fingers of the other found a particularly sensitive point, whether it was the base of his shaft or the nerves against his walls.

《F-fuck …》 the dark one hissed in ecstasy, while the angel filled his neck and temples with kisses. He squeezed his eyes harder, uttering a long moan of pleasure as he pushed against the other's fingers, to feel the pressure on that bundle of nerves that made him feel a shivering after another.

《There, there, exactly ...!》 He sang without stopping, as he went back with one hand on the back of the other, clutching his short hair.

《Hyung ... I want you..》 chirped Hoseok, impatient, starting to feel pain at the tip of his erection, closer and closer to the limit of endurance. By now his erection was bathed in pre orgasm fluid, dripping from her turgid and painful tip to the base. His fingers continued to dance on the demon's body, massaging and pushing against his prostate, comforting his annoyance with the pump strokes he offered for his hardness.

《Then fill me.》 Yoongi grunted, pulling his fingers away from himself, shivering at the sudden feeling of his own and his fingers missing. He quickly cleaned the dirty phalanxes on the sheets, before rising on his knees in front of Hoseok. He put one hand on the other's shoulder to stand in balance and, slowly, lowered himself on the length of the angel, holding his firm erection with his free fingers. Hoseok's fingers found a grip on his shirt, squeezing and pulling it as the demon lowered over him. Once seated on Hoseok's pelvis and having received within himself all that Hoseok had to give, Yoongi gasped with his eyes closed to savor that sensation to the fullest.
Hoseok, on the contrary, seemed about to burst but managed to get distracted, biting his lower lip and planting his canines inside. A heavy sigh escaped his nostrils, exhaling all the accumulated tension and, after a moment of indecision, he set his eyes on the old one.

《H .. How are you ...?》 《I'm fine.》 Yoongi exhaled gasping, placing both hands on the chest of the other to take a long breath. Hoseok was not huge, of course, but it was enough to make Yoongi's lower lip quiver. Shit.

The demon bit his lip to concentrate and began to rise slowly from the pelvis of the other, until he felt only his tip inside him. Then he let himself fall again, letting the passive’s length hit his walls again.

《Oh yes!》he breathed with a shameless moan, before repeating the same gesture. Hoseok's breathing broke more and more, as he held Yoongi close to him and buried his fingers in his buttocks, spreading them to make his erection pass better. Stimulated by those movements he began to reciprocate with little thrusts, pinned against his prostate.

《Do you ... do you like hyung?》 Hoseok asked, licking his neck and kissing it.
Yoongi rolled his eyes as he felt his tip continuing to press on his prostate and his moans became more frequent and guttural.

《Fuck! Yes!》 he said softly, as if talking too much he was afraid of losing his concentration.

《Do it again ...!》 Yoongi yelped, pulling at his hair, pulling his lips from his neck and giving life to a new, hungry kiss. The younger whimpered in pain but trying to following him, starting to suck his tongue; shortly thereafter he grabbed his erection again, stimulating himself both inside and out.

Hoseok's lips were pleasant, he found himself thinking of Yoongi. He didn't remember the last time he had kissed someone so long, maybe it had never happened. The rhythm of the contact slowed down slightly, to give time for Yoongi to resume moving the hips: again, he climbed slowly and descended quickly, over and over again, quickly losing the bill.
The more the rhythm increased the more the breath of both accelerated, their breasts moved frantically. The pleasure was rising, warming the angel’s belly as the orgasm grew closer and closer, and the small droplets of sweat were illuminated by the dim lighting of the house.

《I .... I’m close.》 Hoseok murmured after breaking away from the kiss, in need of breath, continuing to pump the erection of the other.
Yoongi half-closed his eyelids, which he had tightened up to a moment before to meet the image of Hoseok, stretched to the spasm. It was a sublime vision: an angel corrupted by lust, a wonderful reward for the demon's ego.

He felt his legs aching, his muscles protesting from the effort: what pushed him to go on was the chills that the other was able to give him, gripping the flesh and pressing on it. The movements became uncoordinated, more and more desperate, while the demon’s legs began to tremble.

《Yes, fuck, ah ...!》 He swore, when he managed to catch his breath amid the groans that caressed his throat.
When he was sure he would be able to come and do one of the things he loved most, Hoseok left his erection and took his hips, interrupting his movements to get out of his ass despite the hard and painful shaft.

《Don't be mad …》 Hoseok whispered in his ear as he helped Yoongi stretch his stomach up, placing their two bodies between the covers. Yoongi opened his mouth to contest, but Hoseok had more strength than him at that moment and he couldn't help but let himself be moved and forced with his back against the mattress. He looked at him disoriented, with slightly frowned eyebrows and a confused expression. Yoongi wanted to tell him that it was not necessary and that he would do it, he had endured much more intense and painful things, but he found Hoseok's mouth on him even before he could say a word. He felt his hands widen his legs and finally the pleasure resumed, as suddenly as it was interrupted. Every complaint, every protest was drowned in the throat of Yoongi to make room for other moans of pleasure.
Hoseok's hands rested on the sides of Yoongi's shoulders, locking him beneath himself before the thrusts resumed faster, with greater force and depth all the way again and again, until he pressed his pubis against his flesh and left go inside him, filling him with his own seed. The dark one meowed lascivious, arching back his neck: he was savoring a new pleasure and, this time, he was fully aware of it.
Yoongi rolled his eyes again, arching his back and clutching the sheets between his fingers as if his life could depend on them. Hoseok's last faint thrusts left him trembling and he used one of his own palms to get to the climax and paint the stomach of each of them white. His body shivered even more and his legs tightened on Hoseok's sides, before falling sideways onto the mattress. Yoongi's sweaty body was abandoned by his own owner on those blankets, letting his soul wander in the limbo of ecstasy. His eyes were lost in the void, the sighs shook his exhausted chest.

《Not bad..》it was the last thing Yoongi could say.

《Do you want to drink something hot?》 Hoseok's voice came to his ears after a while, a little breathless.

《W-What ...?》 Yoongi's tired eyes narrowed as the boy felt a wet cloth caressing his abdomen. As soon as he realized what the other was doing, Yoongi simply followed his movements with his eyes, too exhausted to speak. For the first time someone was taking care of him after sex. He never thought it could be such a pleasant gesture.

He leaned the back of his head on the pillow with a soft thud, closing his eyes and remaining almost still even when the sweet angel took care of cleaning the seed he had poured into Yoongi's belly. He shivered slightly, but Yoongi didn't protested. Hoseok also wiped his face with another, clean cloth and, with the same care, he turned it over his back, wiping off the sweat after taking his sweaty shirt off. When he finished his job he took another t-shirt, as wide as the first one, and dressed him with something clean to make him more comfortable.

《Does it hurt somewhere?》 Hoseok asked him fearfully, kneeling beside his body before gently stroking his back and kissing Yoongi's head.

Yoongi let him move without speaking, more incredulous than annoyed.

《Why you are so nice with me?》 He finally asked with a dry throat and a hoarse voice, having inhaled the smell of cleanness that Hoseok's actions had brought on the dark one’s skin.

《Because I couldn't leave you in those conditions, hyung..》 he sighed, slowly running his fingers through his black hair, combing those crooked locks and cuddling them with respect. It seemed that Hoseok no longer felt resentment, as if all the abuses he suffered were things of the past.

《Can I do anything else?》

《Do nothing. We're nothing.》Yoongi said, turning away, so he could give him his back. It was all too delicate, too sweet and too intimate, something that Yoongi had never experienced or was interested in now.

《There's nothing besides sex, understood?》 He whispered, pressing himself and pulling the clean sheet over him.

《I just wanted to be nice to you ... It seems you need sweetness..》 he replied the other, quickly washing away the disappointment from his face, avoiding the defenses of Yoongi.

Oh, stupid innocent angel, he still believes that goodness resides in every being.

《I don't need your kindness.》Yoongi sniffed sourly, closing his eyes.
It was a novelty that scared him. An angel had never shown kindness to a demon. That was not the way enemies confront each other.

He tried to fall asleep, but a pungent smell of vanilla and bergamot pushed him to open his eyes, at least to check that his apartment was not going on fire. With a grunt he surrendered to the evidence and lay down on his stomach with open eyes. When he saw Hoseok come back with a cup in his hand, he raised an eyebrow.

《Is that shit poisoned?》 He asked skeptically.

《No. No, it's one of the infusions in your cupboard.》 Hoseok was sorry to hear such an accusation from the demon, not expecting such disgust at himself; he didn't think it was so suspicious to bring him a steaming cup of chamomile, but evidently he was wrong.

《It's to calm you, you look tense.》

《I'm fine, asshole.》Yoongi swore as he sat up, crossing his legs between the sheets and continuing to look at him skeptically.

《Have they ever taught you that angels have to treat demons badly?》 He erupted a little later, opening his arms in disbelief. Every other partner he had ever had had respected that unwritten rule, in which angels are careful not to show kindness to demons. Only Hoseok seemed to want to ignore the taboo now established and accepted by both sides.
Hoseok's feeble fingers tightened around the hot cup, which rested on the nightstand when the heat became unbearable.

《Yes, but if we live in harmony, we don't risk harming Jimin's conscience.》 It was hard to talk to the demon, but Hoseok seemed immune to insults and bad threats, unable to break his goodness: immediately resumed undaunted to show him sweet smiles and tenderness, as if he were not offended or hurt.

《I'd like to be your friend, hyung.》

A forced laugh left Yoongi's lips.

《... This is the most absurd thing I've ever heard.》

His gaze slowly changed from surprised to worried: Hoseok was not joking, apparently. 《Do not be surprised if I say no. It's not possible, you should understand it too. 》

《... At least we can not hate ourselves?》 He tried again, undeterred.

《I do not hate you, hyung.》

The insistence of the other had annoyed the demon, who sighed and raised his eyes to the sky, clearly beyond the point of maximum endurance.

《You should, Hoseok.》 he tried to make him think. The last thing he was looking for was to ruin his reputation with a friendly relationship with an angel.

《It's like this since the dawn of time. We hate you, you hate us. There's nothing you could not hate me for. 》

《But you saved my life!》The naive angel replied, though more intimidated and tense.

《I'm very grateful to you, hyung …》
The demon fell silent for a few moments, to reflect on the words that had just been addressed to him. That gesture he had made for personal gain could actually be interpreted differently, especially from Hoseok's perspective.

《... Ok, I saved your life. I don't despise you, otherwise I wouldn't have done it. Are you happy now?》 He said, raising his eyes to heaven as if to give him reason only to close the matter. He wanted to finish it quickly, all that talk was making him uncomfortable. Hoseok was an angel too strange to allow Yoongi not to be careful in front of him. After all, that angel had already been able to kill a demon.
Hoseok showed a small smile, happy in front of those words that had been addressed to him like a chant; he believed him! Hoseok felt relieved, as if he had placed all the tension between the two, and tenderly embraced the enemy, before disappearing under the surprised eyes of Yoongi.
Once again he had shown himself dangerously innocent and pure.




《" ... And so we protect humans from temptations ".》
Hoseok read aloud the last verse of the chapter of the book he was reading to three little angels, sitting with him under a tree in the university park, not far from the bench where Jimin used to spend his lunch break. Usually it was Seokjin who took care of the little ones, but He had not felt too well and Hoseok had kindly taken his place.
One of the cupids was sitting on the lap of the eldest angel, comfortable and warm in the delicate veils that made up the new dress of Hoseok, while the other two sat in front of him, listening word after word to what was being read. They still lacked a few centuries to become guardian angels, Hoseok loved dealing with creatures still so small and pure. It was a great way to have fun and forget for a while what had happened the week before.

Yoongi was perched on a tree not far away, his eyes fixed on the people who were circulating around Jimin, some closer and some less. The official excuse was to design the next move to neutralize Hoseok, but the demon's gaze continued to fall on the peaceful square of angels not far from him. Hoseok seemed particularly at ease in such an environment, taking care of the little ones. He managed to make them feel good even though they were brats and Yoongi found himself alone with his thoughts as he stared at the quartet.

That calm was suddenly interrupted by the cry of one of the little angels: his eyes had mistakenly met those of Yoongi and, even if the distance was enough not to disturb Hoseok, his presence had managed to intimidate one of the little angels. Immediately the older angel closed the book and held the tearful baby to him, calming his sobs with sweet caresses. A few moments passed and Hoseok turned to the direction that had been the cause of that cry.

《Did you take care of the brats to avoid fighting?》 Yoongi teased him, moving on the tree that offered shade to the angelic creatures, sinking the claws into the wood of one of the branches to maintain balance. The crimson eyes sparkled with interest and narrowed to two slits when Yoongi showed the sharp fangs in a treacherous smile.

《Hi, babies.》

Chapter Text

Chapter 4

《Hi, Babies.》

In front of that infernal presence, the children got frightened and at the same time they hid themselves among the soft feathers of the angel, seeking protection against the body of Hoseok, still kneeling among the dry leaves. They weren't wrong, the demon possessed sharp fangs capable of intimidating anyone, even Hoseok himself; in a few moments the cry of the little ones began to disturb the ears of the two enemies and Hoseok had to take them in his arms to make them calm.

《Hyung, why did you do it?》 He asked, baffled, opening his wings to hide the soft babies in his arms.

《Don't demons grow smaller creatures?》

《I don't fucking know, I think someone does it.》 the demon replied, shrugging disinterestedly.

《But I've never seen anyone do it.》 he confessed quietly tilting his head to the side.

《Since when did you decide to be a mommy?》

《I'm replacing one of my superiors..》 Hoseok replied sufficiently, opening his wings to check the little ones still close to him, safe between his feathers. He left a delicate kiss on their heads and wiped their tears, collecting them with their thin fingers, as if trying to make them feel safe despite the demonic presence.

《Even demons deserve a little affection, especially if they are kid.》

《Demons learn how to fight. We don't need these bullshit.》 the blond replied, letting himself fall off the branch until he hit the ground with his shoe soles.


《Your superior,you say? Tell me who he is, maybe I know him!》he laughed ironically, resting his plumed back against the tree trunk, arms crossed.

《I thought we had stopped with these mutual malice..》 Hoseok murmured displeased, without hinting to move. The face was low, concentrated to caress the hair of the cupids to calm them, rocking them thanks to the reassuring rhythm of his heart.

《I asked you a question. What's your superior's name? 》 He asked in a melancholy tone, wearing a mask of kindness that no one would believe. Especially in front of those red irises and those sharp teeth.


《... Seokjin..》the angel replied to the other, in a low voice.

《 “Seokjin "? That Seokjin?》Yoongi exclaimed in disbelief, raising his eyebrows imperceptibly. 《The one who lost the wing thanks to Taehyung?》 He continued, more and more interested.


The angel's heart-shaped lips parted, looking with dull eyes at the face of the one in front of him. It took him a few moments to realize that he had met the one who had taken the wing off to Seokjin, last week. He felt terribly guilty for not having seized that opportunity. He nodded, returning to lowering his tender angelic face, unable to respond to the demon. Remorse and anger threatened to corrupt his peace, seducing him with empty promises of revenge that would make him more like a demon than an angel.

《That asshole told me he killed him.》 Yoongi continued undaunted, raising his eyes to the sky and shaking his head. An irritated smile tilted his lips. 《What a son of a bitch!》 he concluded, turning now to himself.

He lowered his eyes to the distant creatures and tapped his eyelids a few times before remembering that they were not alone.

《It's not nice to teach children bad words, right? I apologize.》 Yoongi added a little later, amusing himself with a world to tease the angel's patience.


《Please leave Seokjin alone.》 Hoseok's voice was firm, still unreachable by the demon's ironic words.

《I should look for him and I do not want to.》 the other dismissed him with an expression of sufficiency. Yoongi did not see the reason to go and look for another angel to fight when he wouldn't have earned anything. Indeed, he was in credit at Taehyung.


The angel had lowered his head again, continuing to pamper the little angels as if those words no longer mattered.

《This role suits you.》 Yoongi said after a few moments of silence, nodding his head to the little children on his legs. There was no more harshness than before, the tone was lower and quieter.

《After Jimin's death I'd like to take care of the younger angels..》 Hoseok said with a tender smile to the creatures in his arms, lovingly caressing their heads. It was definitely a less risky and quieter task than the current one; he would also be able to stay more time with Seokjin and protect him.

《Thank you, hyung.》

He raised his face to his and snapped his fingers. Yoongi felt his hair moving and instinctively looked up: he saw nothing that could hurt him, he felt only his own locks move as if they had their own life. He put his hands in his hair and his fingertips caressed something flat and light. He took off that something that was definitely not there before and took it before his eyes to examine it, finding a flower petal in his hand. It took a moment to connect what had happened and, when he looked at the angel, his cheeks were just decorated with a soft pink.
《Did you make the flowers bloom in my hair...?》 He asked quietly, embarrassed.

《Yup. They look good on you. 》

Only then Yoongi realized that even along the uncovered skin of Hoseok plants had grown up: the climbing jasmine stopped just before his thighs, while in his braided hair black-eyed Susan flowers had grown, as orange as his locks.

《If you sit down, I'll take them off~》 the angel said, clapping a hand gently on the ground, in order to not to wake the little ones. His spontaneity was disarming, Yoongi didn't know how else to define it. He probably would have stayed nice even before Satan himself.


Almost automatically the demon sat next to Hoseok, opening his wings not to sit on them. The flowers in his hair didn't bother him, but they would ruin his reputation among the other demons if they saw him.

《Why did you do it?》 Yoongi asked with simple curiosity, raising his eyes upward even though he could not see the flowers that adorned his head.

Hoseok leaned over to him and, carefully, he began to remove the roses from the blond strands, trying not to get the thorns caught in his hair.

《There must be a reason to justify kindness?》

《The demons are kind only when they have to get something back.》 It was the first time an angel showed such behavior toward Yoongi. It was hard for the demon even to accept the idea of free kindness.

《Relax, I don't want anything in return.》Once all the flowers were collected in a small colored bouquet, Hoseok joined the stalks with the bow gripping his braid, freeing his long strands.
《Here, a present!》 Hoseok said as he handed it to Yoongi.

Yoongi was petrified in front of such a gesture, chilling with the bouquet of flowers resting between his fingers. He stared vaguely at the colored corollas in front of him, his eyes downcast to hide his embarrassment. He shouldn't have appreciated such shit, but the angel seemed to make everything so absurdly normal.
《... Nothing?》 He hesitated, to be sure he had heard correctly.

《Of course, hyung.》 Hoseok didn't lose his smile, as he looked at the face of the demon with red cheeks like the petals in his hand. 《You like them?》

Yoongi looked away from the flowers, desperately looking for a glorious way to get out of that situation of inferiority. The behavior of the angel was bewildering him, sending up all his intentions to engage in a fight with him and defeat him again. He couldn't help but stand there, like a girl after her first kiss, without being able to formulate a coherent sentence.
《I think so…》

《I would like to stay longer, but I must continue my work..》 Hoseok sighed after a few moments of silence in which he admired silently the beauty of the demon, pleased with himself.

《See you soon, hyung. I'm glad you liked the flowers~》he said before snapping a kiss on his cheek, exploiting the fact that Yoongi was distracted by the flowers in his hands. A delicate vermilion spread along his bronze face, before the angel embraced the little angels and disappeared with them, leaving Yoongi alone.


《What the bloody hell are you doing with an angel?!》

A low, astonished voice was heard just after the disappearance of the angelic creatures and Taehyung showed himself to the blond, landing in front of his eyes with an amused grin on his face.

《You softened, hyung?》

Yoongi immediately erased all traces of kindness and did all he could to wash away the flush from his cheeks before lifting his face to Taehyung.

《I should say it to you.》 he replied sourly as he turned the flowers he held in his hands to ashes. The black dust filtered through his fingers, falling to the ground and dirtying the grass.

《Shouldn't you be with your protege?》

《Oh, but we're not talking about me, hyung.》 the other teased him with a square smile, amused by his reaction. 《I'm not the one who wastes time cuddling with an angel.》

《I'm not cuddling with anyone and you have to mind your own business, asshole.》Yoongi hissed, raising his face to Taehyung, masking the growing rage behind words of offense. 《You owe me a favor. Seokjin is not dead, bet invalid. You lose.》


《Don't play with me hyung.》Taehyung chuckled, bubbling at the weakness of the elder, who was getting more and more stuck with every word. Since the dawn of time the relations between enemies were forbidden, it was really the right opportunity to get in trouble that obtuse rival.《Gukkie told me you fucked his pussy, you know?》

《Yes I did. Are you envious? 》 Yoongi answered as he stood up, looking him up despite the other being taller. His behavior was giving him a serious annoyance.

As if that were not enough, Taehyung brought his face close to his, keeping his eyes fixed on his red eyes, and took his chin between his fingers, ready to whisper in his ear.

《It would be a real pity if all the other demons came to know it, right? Say goodbye to your ego, Yoongi. 》

《Fuck you.》 Yoongi spat with a grimace, trying to cover with another acidity the threat the little one had just whispered. He felt the backbone muscles contract one by one for an unjustified tension. "Mind your own business, otherwise I'll be happy to plant my daggers in your flesh.》

《What's this? Do you like him, mh? 》Taehyung continued, as if those words hadn't intimidated him, not caring about Yoongi's angry attitude. 《Your boyfriend wants to get fucked?》

Yoongi could feel the anger climb up his legs, arms, climbing slowly up to his head and threatening to blow it up.

《I'll repeat it for the last time. Mind your own business.》He punctuated laconically, as if dealing with a child. The knuckles of the hands clenched became white, so much was the tension that the demon would have vented as soon as possible.

《Show me you can destroy an angel.》Taehyung said, after enjoying Yoongi's tense expression. It seemed really funny to tease him until he shuddered with rage. 《Or not?》

Yoongi narrowed his eyes and took a long breath to stop thinking about piercing Taehyung's flesh with his daggers until he heard him beg for mercy. He was dangerously close to losing his temper, but Taehyung had too many acquaintances with his allies; if he died, Yoongi probably wouldn't have survived for long. 《You have no idea what I'm capable of.》

《Prove it.》

Taehyung made a dogwood wood bat appear in his right hand and handed it to Yoongi, making his fingers tighten around the handle. 《Break his wings.》 He whispered maliciously and, without giving him time to reply, disappeared in his angry red eyes.

A part of Yoongi was relieved to no longer have to talk to such an irritating person, but the thought of having to show his strength made his fingers quiver with rage. He tightened his grip on that bat and carbonized it between his own hands, collecting the ashes in a small vial that he immediately put into his belt. That Taehyung asshole had tried to test him, Yoongi couldn't wait to get him to get rid of all the crap he had spat.

Chapter Text

Hoseok was in his own house, wrapped in a soft warm sweater, waiting impatiently for the demon. Yoongi hadn't answered yet, but there were two steaming cups of hot chocolate waiting for him on the coffee table in the living room.

The house of the angel was not very different from the demon's, essential but comfortable and, unlike the latter, with a pair of windows, that let the view spread.


《It's me.》a familiar voice said as someone opened the door, exploiting the fact that it was not locked. The angels were far too confident in the goodness of their neighbor optimistic enough to leave the doors open: if such a thing had happened in Hell, the unfortunate would have barely found the walls still standing.


The angel, hearing the steps and the voice of the demon, got up quickly and ran to meet him, hugging Yoongi tightly. He was so soft to the touch, the fingers sank into the fabric of his jacket and the same did his face, pressed into the demon's neck. 《You really came..》 Hoseok murmured incredulously, before lifting his face and kissing the corners of Yoongi's mouth, brushing his lips every inch of his tender face.

Yoongi stood motionless beneath his lips, passively welcoming his kisses. He had closed his fist on the hilt of one dagger to the left of the belt but those delicate attentions made him loosen his grip. Hoseok looked harmless, after all. He closed his eyes, enjoying those too intimate gestures to be mistaken for a simple flirt. Yoongi was convinced that it was only this and that he could take advantage of Hoseok for the last time before breaking the precarious peace that they had both consented to. His fingers were trembling, only a careful eye could have noticed.

《Hyung ...?》 The angel murmured, ceasing to fill him with attentions and gently taking his face in his hands. 《... Did something bad happen?》 He asked him worriedly, moving Yoongi's fringe out of his eyes. His warm fingers warmed the face of the oldest, who despite these words couldn't relax; Yoongi's uncertainty could be cut with a knife.

《We shouldn't do this..》 The blond whispered, looking at a vague point to his right, only to escape from Hoseok's gaze. However, despite his rigid and ready-to-defend limbs, his words lacked the decision they had had during their last meeting.

As Yoongi spoke, Hoseok crossed his fingers, taking him by the hand and escorting him to the bedroom. 《Don't worry, hyung!》 Hoseok tried to reassure him; 《Become human with me …》

It was all too fast, too precipitous, Yoongi felt like a spectator of his own life. That request caught him even more by surprise, finally looking at him with an expression different from tension. 《..What?》

《If you're human, I can kiss you …》 The demon's reaction made Hoseok waver, who brought his insecurity into that request, as if he was afraid of being rejected by Yoongi.

《E..Easy, I don't want to do anything bad..》 he added, as his fingers clenched in his long sweater and his face lowered, hiding his teeth stuck in his lower lip.


Yoongi's posture relaxed slightly, but the boy didn't completely lower his guard. He took a light breath and took his human form in a blink of an eye, certain that if he spoke he would certainly change his mind. In front of Hoseok appeared a boy who had all the features of Min Yoongi, wrapped in a dark red sweater and a pair of ripped jeans, with the only difference that the hair were no longer black but a bright blue sky. 《... Oh?》 A light embarrassed sound escaped his blood-colored lips, when he saw a blue lock fall in front of his face. Yoongi's cheeks turned pink, caught unawares by that inconvenience.

《Pretty …》 Hoseok whispered with one of his heart-shaped smiles, just before he turned into a human too: this time, however, he only let his wings disappear, keeping all the other angelic details, from the long orange hair to the light blue eyes. Then on tiptoe, without making any noise, Hoseok approached the boy and, taking his face in his hands, kissed him tenderly. The lips of the angel were blessed by the twins, dancing together in a slow chaste kiss.

That last compliment left the demon even more disoriented, to the point that Yoongi decided to shake his head metaphorically and let go of all those contradictory thoughts that were filling his mind: he took Hoseok's face and returned the kiss, focusing on the good taste that the other's tongue had. The orange locks twisted more and more around the demon's fingers, as the two deepened the kiss; for a few seconds Yoongi seemed to have forgotten everything, that they had returned as if they had been having sex for the last time.

Hoseok moaned, sighed between his lips, pleading again and again, until he had to leave that kiss to regain his breath, weak. The angel's lips were swollen and flushed, abused by that long kiss that had worn their breath and his eyes, laid now on Yoongi, were shining, tearful as clouds in a storm. 《Stay here tonight …》 He murmured in a low voice, leaning his forehead against his and panting against his mouth.

Yoongi closed his lips to breathe deeply the scent of the other's skin, before placing a hand on his chest and push his back against the mattress and then climbing over him and resume the kiss they had interrupted. The red on the other's lips was a shameless invitation to kiss them, to bite and suck them, while Yoongi's ears waited for Hoseok's soft moans to begin to fill his them.

Hoseok folded his arms around his neck, frantically stroking his hair. He could smell his whole body, wrapped in that sweet and inviting fragrance, but so forbidden. 《H-Hyung, let's stop b ... before it's too late …》 He gasped, caressing the curve of his back with delicate fingers that gently ran along the spine.

《It's too late now.》 Yoongi whispered between kisses. He lay down completely on Hoseok, sighing when their basins came in contact and sinking his face under the other's jaw. Yoongi began to nibble at the angel’s skin, so he could hear more moans and squeeze more to him.

《Mh …》 Hoseok blinked at those little bites, squeezing his lips against his hair, and groaning, hold tight to his body. His hands clung to Yoongi's clothes and opening more his thighs, letting Yoongi's pelvis fit between his legs. Slowly he let himself be warmed by his soft limbs, embraced against his body. 《... just sex, right?》

A demon, at last, would never have been able to love. 《Just sex.》 Yoongi replied, exposing the cold reality to him, without making it more dramatic or more idyllic than it was. 《Just.》 The demon snapped between his fingers the strands of the other, with firm but not enough grip to tear them away, 《Sex.》 he concluded, pushing his pelvis against his and starting to rub their intimacy.

《Hyung ... Ah!》 Hoseok looked up at the demon's pale face, whimpering when he began to rub against himself and his hair tangled in his fingers. The harsh reality did not allow the angel to dream even for a few moments, despite being cradled by Yoongi's lips and limbs. He couldn't admit that he had suffered for those words, so he choose to keep quiet he clasped his legs around his pelvis, making their bodies adhere perfectly. 《...Just sex.》 Yoongi repeated in a lower voice, while a tiny tear crossed an angel's cheek; he was really incapable of lying, especially to himself.

It was Hoseok's moan that stimulated Yoongi to continue, to quickly undress him of all the clothes he wore until he could admire him naked in front of him, lying against the covers and illuminated by the soft light that came through the windows. His soft and fragile body was the embodiment of grace, elegant in every corner, from the thin wrist to the turned sides.

Yoongi had knelt still dressed between the legs of the other, sitting on his heels while his hands were just clutching the flesh of the other's thighs. He recalled the challenge he had accepted, to the smile of Taehyung when he had said yes, to the ash kept in the vial at the belt of his demonic form. He would have to destroy the creature in front of him, the same creature he had abused and was about to use again, but in such situations he had never scrupled. For this the itch that felt at the breastbone was particularly annoying. And that annoyance, in a sense, scared him.

《... Are you okay?》 Hoseok broke the silence with his own voice, put in awe and embarrassed by Yoongi's absent gaze. 《... Yes.》 the demon whispered, waking from that momentary trance. He gripped the other's thigh and bent over him, looking for one of his nipples with his mouth and with his free hand the other, teasing them both with slight pressure and slow licking. He willingly hid his face on his chest to escape the heavy gaze of the other, who with his innocent insecurity threatened the demon like a blade to the throat. It wasn't all right, Yoongi was sure that Hoseok would have noticed if he continued to scrutinize his expression.

Hoseok gathered his fingers sunk into the flesh of his body with his own and with a breathless groan he brought them to his mouth, starting to suck those phalanges. Yoongi bit the reddened nipple to get a moan in response, then used his damp fingers to soften the muscles around the opening of the other. He caressed with his tongue the line of the hips and the circle of the navel, then kissing the profile of the ribs that could be seen when Hoseok breathed. It had never been so delicate, Yoongi, in any of the sex sessions he had took part.


《Hyung …》 Hoseok felt guilty about interrupting the row of kisses he was receiving, but he had no other choice.

《I have to give you something.》 Hoseok didn't move from his position and easily opened the bedside drawer, pulling out a small box decorated on the lid with dried flowers and a blue ribbon. 《... It's for you.》 The angel's eyes were low and his arms trembled, caught by a sudden emotionality, which colored his face red.

It was a gift to be given to the partner during the first night together, when one would take possession of the other's body to become one, together. The angels, in the course of their life, breed with one person; for Hoseok, simply, he was not another angel.

Yoongi took the gift with his free hand, but when he saw that it was a closed box he wiped his damp fingers on Hoseok's thigh and welcomed the package with both hands. He didn't remember the last time he had received a present, perhaps because it had never happened and all he had managed to earn it and keep it by force.


The dried flowers weren't suitable for Hoseok, Yoongi thought.

The demon untied the ribbon by pulling one of the ends and lifted the lid. Inside there was a small pack of new lube. It was a slippery substance which served to soften the angelic mucous membranes, to help the creature accept the partner.
Yoongi put the empty box down on the floor, and squeezed the bottle into his right hand. He stared at him as if he were deciding whether to use it or not, when the only question he had in mind was how fucking he got to that point.

He held his breath, connecting the elements one by one. Hoseok had chosen a demon as a mate, with all the complications that such a choice would imply. He had voluntarily decided to sacrifice his bond for someone like him. For a demon.

The discomfort at the height of the sternum became more acute, as if it had turned into an arrowhead pressed on the chest.


Yoongi took one of Hoseok's hands with his left, to stop the tremor that shook the other. He hadn't yet met the other's eyes, though he felt it planted on his face. 《Do you really want to do it ...?》 Yoongi said in a low voice, immediately after marveling at his own question.

Hoseok gently squeezed his hand and smiled. That delicate side of Yoongi was able every time to make the angel fall into his arms, to let it be carried by the affection he felt and that showed the demon every time, from the delicate kisses on the cheek to a gift like the one He had done. Though Yoongi's gestures looked rough and unresponsive, Hoseok seemed to see something beyond them. 《I don't want anyone else.》

There was still something deeply wrong, intriguing and scary in what they did. It should not have been like that, thought Yoongi, they should have parted as soon as possible.

Yoongi’s hands intertwined with Hoseok's, observing how his venous phalanxes wrapped and enveloped by the thin and delicate one of Hoseok. It was all too intimate, too personal to be simple sex. Yoongi was blurring the harshest corners of his character when he was in the company of Hoseok. He had sworn to himself not to adapt to anyone, yet he was there, shaking an angel's hand.

《Turn around, crawl.》 the demon ordered, but without the authority he had previously used: it was an invitation rather than an order. Hoseok slipped his fingers from his to fulfill his request and settled down as Yoongi had told him, raising his hips and resting his torso on the mattress, with the pillow hugging his chest.

《Is it fine?》 He murmured, sinking his face into the pillowcase, while his hair fell on the sides of his back, sliding down his skin and making the angel quiver.

Yoongi didn't answer right away, but he drew the outline of Hoseok's butt with his palm, down to his thighs and back up to his sacred bone. 《So beautiful..》 he whispered to himself, hoping the other hadn't heard him. He bit his lower lip to avoid saying something else of embarrassing and he hurried to cover his fingers with lubricant: before the other could still make Yoongi's will waver with his words, he slowly pushed the middle finger into his ass.

Hoseok moaned, biting the fabric of the pillowcase, as those phalanges made their way into themselves. Instinctively, he pressed the mucous membranes around his finger, as if he were defending himself. 《No. I-it h-hurts..》


Yoongi should have enjoyed to see him suffering, listening to those words of annoyance. He had managed to fuck one of the purest creatures, one of those beings who can only make love and never sex, breaking the taboos that separated one race from the other and forbade any contact that went beyond the battle for supremacy. In the end even now, between the sheets, it was a war for the control of the other.

Still, Hoseok's moan pushed Yoongi to stop, to pour more liquid on his opening and on his fingers, until he could move the middle inside him almost without friction. He gently pushed into him, not too deep, as if he wanted to let him get used to it. 《Better?》 He asked, with unheard of care.

《Mmh..b-better..》 Hoseok sighed as he relaxed, little by little. Every inch that Yoongi earned was a moan stolen from Hoseok, as he felt his abdomen burn more and more. His erection stiffened until it touched the belly and only groans of pleasure came out from Hoseok's lips. 《More …》 The younger boy's face turned to the demon, admiring his lover's face, focused on those lips between his teeth.

He carefully prepared Hoseok's muscles, inserting first index and then ring finger, pushing at a steady pace to give him time to get used to. Yoongi's fingers arched and separated between the muscles of the other, waiting even longer than necessary to dilate his opening, while the free hand opened the zip of his pants to be able to caress and ease the pain. The sobs that Hoseok's mouth choked in the cushions were also pushing Yoongi closer to pleasure, the demon drank them greedily as he pushed more firmly into him.

Hoseok had lost every semblance of the pure creature that he was; from the mouth of the angels comes a delicate gentle voice, not impure and lascivious moans. 《I ... I want you, hyung.》 he murmured, panting, lewd, breath too fast. Nothing remained of his angelic demeanor, Yoongi could read it the way Hoseok's mouth opened to moan and his fists clung to the sheets.

With a low grunt Yoongi pulled himself up on his knees, lowering his trousers and boxers to mid-thigh and pulled his fingers out of the opening of the other to moisten even his own length with Hoseok' slick. The warm sensation around his reddened skin made him quiver and with a sigh he lined up the opening of the other and gripped his pelvis with both hands. He surrendered to lust, pulling Hoseok's hips to his own as he pushed himself forward. The meeting of their skin was slow and Yoongi enjoyed it until their basins touched, while a thin strip of lubricant depicted his lascivious path along the bronze leg of Hoseok.

《A-Ah ...!》 For Hoseok it was impossible to contain himself and, with a wet moan, like a cry, came between his thighs, captured by lust that blinded his senses. It was strange to feel something, someone inside of himself, at the same time it hurt, but it was not far from unbearable. On the contrary, it seemed not to be yet full. 《A ... Ah ... A-Again …》


A familiar sensation began to weigh on Yoongi's body, tightening his bowels and inviting him into the familiar abyss of pleasure. Yoongi closed his eyes and let himself be called, guided by Hoseok's needy moans, starting to move. It was slower than any other time, almost more delicate, more respectful, despite the atmosphere that had been created. Yoongi cursed under his breath and drove the other's pelvis in his thrusts, so that their bodies would fit together and that Yoongi's tip stimulated Hoseok's more sensitive muscles. It didn't take long for the rhythm to start getting faster, more urgent. Yoongi took the necessary time to get used to both and not to hurt Hoseok too much. 《Does it hurt?》 He asked almost involuntarily, under his breath, slowing his pace for a moment.

Hoseok took a while to respond, focused exclusively on the raw pleasure he was receiving, but without showing any doubt, he nodded his head, rubbing his forehead in the pillowcase. He didn't resist to Yoongi's leadership, nor prevented Yoongi from moving as he pleased, giving him command over himself. There were no more words, only the muffled moans in the pillow marked their forbidden union.


Reassured by his response, Yoongi resumed sinking inside him, deeper than before to correct the kindness that had unwittingly invaded his words. He had to suffocate the growing weight that seemed to keep him from continuing the pursuit of pleasure, there, at the level of the breastbone, that weight that didn't seem to want to go.


The heat was beginning to be unbearable and therefore Yoongi took off his sweater with a quick movement and let it fall to the ground, while with both hands grabbed Hoseok's ass and dilated it more, letting his gaze fall to the point where the their bodies were connected, watching himself disappear into him, enjoying the forbidden sight. He continued to sink inside him over and over again, having long since lost count. It was a simple model, to be repeated with minimal variations, yet so damned satisfying.

《S-Seok …》 he hissed in a low voice, letting go of one of his buttocks to weave the fingers of his hand in his hair and using those to bring him back on all fours and be able to ensure a better angle of pushing.

The arms of the angel trembled and his face was flushed, while a string of saliva connected his lips and the pillowcase, bathed in a shroud of drool. 《Hy..Hyung》 The voice was broken, weak for all the groans that had tired the throat. How could a demon be able to make an angel feels so good?


Yoongi leaned over him, almost making his chest stick to his back, and used the hair he held in his hands to twist Hoseok's neck enough to see her face at least partially.

Hoseok was shattered, the strands fell disordered on the sides and on his face, while the saliva had adhered some hair to his lips moist and swollen. The lashes full of tears were the right touch of light in a perfect picture, just painted under the eyes of the demon. At each movement the orange locks of the passive drew soft waves in the air, in contrast to the sharp and harsh sounds that came from his throat.

It was the first time that Yoongi was able to see pleasure in his partner as well as in sex itself: it was no longer a question of how, but of whom. Hoseok possessed a charm never met before, something primitive and instinctive but at the same time noble and pure. He could have enclosed the very essence of the noblest sex: lasciviousness and purity, the meeting of what could be more human in the world together with the beauty of a deity. Two opposites united in one body, a body that was now at the mercy of Yoongi. Those fawn eyes, languid and wet, were a silent request for the demon to continue to use their body and achieve pleasure, they expressed nothing but lust and desire to let themselves be worn down by that enjoyment.


《 …》 Hoseok sighed weakly, giving him a submissive look but terribly in love, while his own mouth joined his, silently.

Yoongi kissed him too, pressing his face against his own and starting an uncoordinated and disordered but terribly erotic kiss. The sides of the light blue haired boy continued to crash against those of the angel, moving back as little as they couldn't break the kiss and then back again, inside the cozy tightness of Hoseok, again, again and again.

Yoongi was convinced that he could drown in the sense of inadequacy that was growing in his chest, but the more he made his way into Hoseok more that feeling was pressing, oppressive, pointed. No matter how much the angel's moans were greeted by his ears and then descended and nourished his excitement, nothing changed if the kiss was slow or desperate. Yoongi only felt that the desire to break the boy was fading every movement more, to make room for something newer, more unusual, more frightening.

Hoseok was kissing him as if his life depended on it, as if there was no other horizon than that of being able to kiss Yoongi. The sweat on his back and on his forehead, the saliva dripping down the sides of his mouth, his elbows trembling with the effort to stay still in the position he had set were details that Yoongi could hear before he saw them; whenever he focused his attention on one of them the pressure on his chest increased, penetrating more into his chest. It would take just a little to pierce the lungs, Yoongi already felt the air is missing.


The pushes stopped, as did the kiss. Everything froze, except the gasps of both. Yoongi was shaking, though less than Hoseok, and he rested a hand on the mattress so as not to burden too much on the weak arms of the other. The demon looked away, glazed with growing fear. He thought that by interrupting what they were doing he could lighten the weight he was pressing against his ribs. Oh, how wrong he was.

《H..Hyung..》Hoseok faintly hummed, placing a kiss on the corner of his mouth to call his attention. 《Please …》 His hand, close to Yoongi's, rested and wedged between his fingers, as if the angel needed that contact, of that closeness with Yoongi, so as not to feel more frightened by the frost that had fallen on them. 《 ...?》

Now that everything was still, Yoongi could feel Hoseok's exhausted breath roaring in his ears, the moist shadow of his kisses on his lips. He could feel his frantic beat, so fast it seemed he could explode at any moment.

The delicate grasp of the other's fingers provoked such a sharp contrast with the pain that was tightening Yoongi's ribs. He seemed to have a dagger pressed between his ribs, one of his own daggers ready to destroy it to punish him for a fault that Yoongi didn't know, or perhaps he tried to deny. The only thing he was sure of was that without their groans filling the room the pressure that had arisen in his chest had only worsened.


Yoongi tightened his teeth and, with a low moan, came out of Hoseok. He turned him, pushing his back against the cushions. Yoongi took off everything that had remained on him and settled himself between the thighs of the other; he took more lubricant and wet again his opening, before entering into Hoseok again with a grunt. The cold that had made him shiver when he had abandoned the body of the other was replaced again by the warmth that had welcomed him anew. He would no longer be allowed to interrupt the chain of moans and sighs that Hoseok's mouth could give him.

Hoseok greeted him again between his thighs and arms, smiling lovingly. He kissed his forehead, then passed to his cheeks and finally to his lips; he clasped his arms behind his back, ready to collect the thrusts that would soon bring him.

《Yoongi …》 the angel called him tenderly, stroking his back, as he had done earlier. 《Are you ok…?》


Yoongi raised his eyes to Hoseok face, making the mistake of connecting his gaze to his. His celestial irises dug into Yoongi at every blink of an eye, as if they were the cause of the annoyance that pierced his lungs. An annoyance that had now turned into pain.

《Mh.》 he lied again, nodding faintly as if he could not formulate anything else. Yoongi pushed one of the other's knees against his chest, to allow himself to sink again and better than before. The rhythm of the thrusts resumed, slow and then more and more desperate, with Yoongi's fingers tightened around Hoseok's flesh with such force as to leave bruises. He wanted to stifle what was choking him, even if he could not even name it. He forced his face into the crook of the other's neck, hiding from that far too innocent gaze. The orange locks mingled with the blue ones, intertwining more and more with each movement, as if they too wanted the union of the two lovers.

《H..Hy..Hyung …》 The angel was not only imploring with his voice but also with his gestures; from how he clung to his back and scratching it with his little fingernails, arching from his chest, trembling thighs and shameless moans could transmit all his need to merge with the demon. Each push tied them more and more, satisfying their search for pleasure. Yoongi repeatedly branded Hoseok's neck, biting and sucking, until the heat in his belly began to become almost unbearable as the fucking pain in his chest.

The demon had to lift his head to catch his breath, but he didn't have enough strength to stand on his arms. He rested his shaky wrists on the sides of Hoseok's face, inevitably the visual contact between the two started again: it wasn't a simple look, it seemed to be a panacea to cure the nameless evil that was tormenting Yoongi. He paused on the details of the other's face, his eyes moist and his lips aching with kisses, the sweat that wet his forehead and the redness spread on that perfect skin. Hoseok's body screamed that he was Yoongi’s mate, every sign was a story that deserved to be heard, every scratch on the back of the demon was a medal for having subdued a celestial creature. He seemed to have never seen anything more sublime.

Their eyes were fixed on the twins; Hoseok, in spite of the fatigue, smiled at him, showing a smile contracted with pleasure and, at that moment, he let himself go against the demon’s abdomen. His lips opened again, letting out a faint groan, as the body sank between the cushions, as if the threads that held it attached had left her aching limbs. He cried without losing his smile, his lips stretched to form a heart; With his last remaining strength, he gathered Yoongi's face in his hands and kissed him passionately, until he took his breath down his throat. Yoongi's trembling arms tightened around Hoseok's neck, while he reciprocated the kiss that the other had begun. Their lips moved frantically, almost uncoordinated, while Yoongi's last thrusts were accompanied by the dirty sound of skin against skin and the mixture of saliva. His eyes fogged when he painted Hoseok's walls white, letting the brain stop working for a few long, ecstatic seconds.

Everything was silent again. The chaos of images in his head did not allow him to focus on anything else: Hoseok's half-open mouth, his tense wrist, his fingernails scratching the demon's back, his face a slave to pleasure. In some ways the source of Yoongi's ecstasy had shifted from himself to someone else, someone capable of silencing even his ego. The pain between the shoulder blades had disappeared, or rather muffled amid the meanderings of his mind. Every corner, every space, everything was so full of Hoseok.

It didn't take too long before the first rational thoughts returned to re-emerge in the angel's mind, bringing him confusion and fear, not just sudden happiness. Automatically the arms tightened again behind the demon's back to prevent him from leaving and his face hid against his neck, sobbing for fear of ephemeral, non-lasting happiness. 《No. Didn’t leave me..》the soft mass of orange hair softly wispered, his throat dry and sore. Too soon they would have to return to their duties, to the hatred spitting at the feet of the other, to the weapons aimed at the throat and bleeding wounds. 《I beg you…》

Yoongi closed his eyes and held Hoseok to himself; the body was still trembling, though more and more lightly, while the mind was recovering from the aftermath of ecstasy. Yoongi didn't have enough strength to speak and this was a blessing, because he was about to whisper something very stupid in the other's ear that he would surely repent later. Something like "I do not want to leave you".


Yoongi just let himself be caressed by the fingers and breath of the other and despite the vulgar fluids that covered both the demon didn't move. His accelerated breathing could not synchronize with the other, but it was not a flaw, because he could still feel his nails on the skin and that was enough to make them feel closer to each other.

When Hoseok felt reassured, his body relaxed, reclining between the cushions and no longer huddling with Yoongi in his arms. The breath was still accelerated and fatigued, but now there were no more sobs. Hoseok's body was destroyed, worn out by the sex sessions and by that sudden weeping; it took little to close the angel's eyes, defenseless. If Yoongi had wanted, he could have destroyed him with his bare hands.


An unusual peace had been created, silent, muffled, dull with pain. Yoongi realized that he hadn’t appreciated it enough when that lousy weight came back to torment his shoulder blades, pricking his skin, cutting the nerves, piercing the spine as if another pair of wings wanted to weigh down his body. He had felt so free for a moment before, as if he had floated above it, even higher than the piece of paradise Hoseok and him had hidden.


Yoongi sighed, hoisting himself hard on his elbows to get out of the creature he had just owned. Only when he managed to get back on the mattress did he realize, despite his slightly hazy senses, how much grace Hoseok possessed. Hoseok's whole body was still upset by the aftermath of pleasure, destroyed and sprawled on the dirty blankets, yet in looking at him, Yoongi felt lighter. In his chest the pungent sensation seemed to fade, when he focused on his tired but happy expression. He felt like he had obtained the most precious prize. For the first time Yoongi, a demon, had made someone not only satisfied, but also happy.

Long minutes of majestic silence passed before the angel managed to move the aching body again, still dazed by the pleasure that, like morphine, had clouded every pain and thought. He opened his eyelids, then closed them. He tried again and again, this time managing to keep them open. He looked for the demon that was no longer in his arms; when he found him, he smiled lovingly. 《Come here, hyung …》 He whispered as he tried to turn on his side, moaning softly at the pain that those movements caused him.


The way Hoseok was looking at him was dangerous, because it was clear that for him it was not just sex. But what scared Yoongi the most was that he was no longer sure what he was thinking.

That was why, stupidly, he lowered his guard and lay down beside the lover of that night. Yoongi was tense and he curled up with his back to the angek, hoping to escape. He didn't even cover himself with the blanket, too scared of all the new sensations that were fucking his brain.

Hoseok, however, didn't miss the opportunity to nest behind his shoulders and, despite the fatigue and slowness, he embraced Yoongi from behind, crouching against his back as if Yoongi was his lifeline. The hot forehead of the angel leaned against Yoongi's shoulder, touching his skin with his lips, swollen and warm. Yoongi shuddered when the other wrapped his arms around him, but did nothing to keep him away. In fact, he pressed himself closer to him, placing his palms on the backs of Hoseok's hands, and pressed his skin more on the other's. Even that simple hug was something intimate, a worthy conclusion of the passion that had burned that bed until just before.

It was a new sensation, something that Yoongi couldn't find in his memory. He felt neither defeated nor victorious, he had been broken and healed at the same time. It seemed like he had learned to understand those feelings by observing human behavior. And for that it was something that scared him even more, because they were feelings that a demon should never have tried.

《Ho ... seok …》 Yoongi whispered weakly as he closed his eyes, sighing immediately. Perhaps he had fallen asleep, Hoseok was still not sure, but with the last crumbs of strength he covered both, in spite of the pain in his aching muscles. He settled back against the demon, enjoying those last moments of calm and peace, before falling asleep in turn.

Yoongi's lips articulated something weak, poised between the conscious and the unconscious. Hoseok's regular beat drove the rhythm of his dreams and, for the first time in his long life, he managed to spend a peaceful night after being in the company of someone.

The more this went on, however, the more Yoongi feared that Hoseok was no longer just "someone".



The day after the situation precipitated with the rush of a running train. Yoongi had to pretend the idea of hurting Hoseok was a pleasure when in reality it looked more like a torture. The ashes in the vial he wore at his belt seemed to weigh down with each step.


Yoongi sat down on the roof, taking the vial he had filled the day before, while he was waiting for the angel. He removed the cap and dumped the dust next to him: once gathered on the uneven surface of the tiles it joined again and with a blaze made room for the bat Taehyung had created for the occasion.

Yoongi sighed tightly. It was all so unnecessarily dramatic.


The sunset had fallen when the angel showed up, wearing one of his most beautiful tunics and wearing jewels around his neck and bare ankles, as if that meeting was a special event. He wore no weapons on his belt, though the joyous expression on his face was more than enough to disarm Yoongi.

Everything seemed so perfect, almost a dream in the eyes of Hoseok, who still struggled to believe such happiness.

He left his weapons at home, because he knew so much that with Yoongi there was no need of such precautions and, after having spread his wings, he flew to the meeting place, with a bunch of roses he had made appear at the moment, to give to Yoongi.


《Hyung!》He called him with a huge smile, when he finally landed on the roof. Hoseok's arms were crossed behind his back, but Yoongi didn't have time to wonder why a bouquet of flowers was presented to him in front of his face.

《And ... . These are for you …》 Hoseok was awkward, his face had the same colors of the sky at sunset. His legs were trembling with emotion and the angel's heart was beating wildly as the wind cradled his long hair in the evening breeze.

On one hand, the beauty of Hoseok was a joy for the eyes; on the other, Yoongi could feel Taehyung's eyes judge him with a fucking smile on his face; he thought he heard his hateful laugh, but he told himself it was his too fervent imagination. Even Jeongguk had wanted to unite, Yoongi had had to hold back a blasphemy only because they had been within reach of other guardian angels.

《Should I say thank you ...?》 He murmured awkwardly, moving his eyes from the bouquet of flowers to the angel's face, stiffened by the awareness of being observed.

《No... No hyung …》 Hoseok felt terribly uncomfortable at Yoongi's embarrassment, but he tried not to be discouraged until he glimpsed other demonic presences near other buildings and neighboring rooftops.

《Damn, how many demons tonight..》 he said with a forced laugh. His blue eyes accidentally met those of Taehyung, perched like a raven staring at both the angel and Yoongi. Hoseok felt himself trembling from the base of the spine to the head and the tension began to grow inexorably. 《... We can go my place, if you want …》 he offered in a low voice.

Yoongi stood up, leaving the weapon resting on the shingles. The gnarled fingers quivered, but not for the desire to fight. He raised his eyes apically to Hoseok, erasing every trace of weakness from his face. Nothing was left of Yoongi the night before.


《We can't.》

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Chapter 5

《We can't.》

Yoongi took the flowers from Hoseok's hands and lit a flame that began to eat the stems and climb up the corollas; he threw the deck to the side, drawing a strip of fire from the soft line, as if it were the drape of a curtain in the act of opening up. It was all so dramatic that it made Yoongi sick, but he couldn't do otherwise to buy Taehyung's silence.

The angel ran to the flowers, a useless attempt to put out those flames that had already burned the colorful corollas. He was kneeling on the shingles, waiting for the fire to go off because the attempt to smother those tongues of fire with his hands was useless. 《It was a mistake.》 Yoongi said in a slightly louder voice.

《... A mistake?》 Hoseok asked him without turning around, with his back on Yoongi. How could it have been a mistake? Yoongi had accepted his gift, he had taken it knowing that for the angels it had enormous significance. It must have been the fault of the other demonic presences, Yoongi was certainly pretending not to get into trouble. 《Now we'll pretend to hate us not to make them suspicious, right?》

《We'll do it, but without pretending.》the demon said approaching him from behind, brandishing the bat with his right hand. The only sound was the creaking of the boots on the tiles, the background for a tense and unpleasant situation like that.


《If you close your eyes it won't hurt.》he whispered in his ear with a touch of sweetness, as if Yoongi was sorry, while he stroked the outline of one of his feathered wings with his free hand.


That was the straw that broke the camel's back. The confidence that Hoseok had for the demon vanished like the ash he had in his fingers, swept away by the evening breeze. He made the mistake of turning around when he felt Yoongi's hand on one of his wings, his eyes widened as he saw the weapon in his hands. The legs no longer responded to the commands of the brain, planted on the ground, as if they weighed tons.

《... P-Please …》Hoseok murmured with a faint voice, paralyzed by fear.

《Close your eyes.》Yoongi repeated apathetically, before taking a step back. He tightened his grip on the weapon and took a short breath.

When the images of the night before returned before his eyes, Yoongi smiled sarcastically to himself. Perhaps he had managed to name the feeling that had bitten him since the night before. He refused to acknowledge that he had weakened up to that point, he refused to admit that it was guilt.


He drove away those poisonous thoughts and struck a blow between Hoseok's shoulder blades, beating the sole against his feathers with a dry sound. He clenched his teeth as he saw him fall forward and slam his chest against the shingles a little farther.

Hoseok's face struck the metal ruinously and the angel hoisted up on his arms with a broken moan, weakened by the sudden blow. Small droplets of blood began to stain his split lip. 《Ouch …》 He gasped in pain, placing a hand on his cheek. It was terribly bad, but the heart was worse: he felt betrayed and struggled to believe that the demon was Yoongi, but that wasn't the time to brood over his broken heart, he just had to flee.

He spread his wings wide and rose in the air trying to get away from the enemy, but with a few steps Yoongi went back to him, using the momentum to plant the weapon in the right wing of the creature. With a scary sound the wood met the bones, deforming them at an unnatural angle and Yoongi took the opportunity to grab the angel by an ankle and push him back to the ground. Her lips were contracted by tension on his face; the surgical precision with which he hit the poor angel was the mask he wore in fights.

Really ironic that the first pair of wings that had ever broken belonged to the only creature, who had ever treated him with a crumb of kindness.


This time Hoseok couldn't stop himself and screamed loudly at the excruciating pain in his wings, so strong that he couldn't keep flying. Some of the jewels on him broke or were lost in the shingles, the dress tore off the impact with the rough surface. The collision only managed to stun more the angel, who, after beating his head, felt the pain relieve himself a little, as if he was about to faint. With the corner of his eye he could see his legs, sprawled and open, bent in a position not too reassuring, as if they were broken; how funny, even a few hours before, his thighs were wide open under Yoongi.

The demon charged a new blow, crushing with one foot the end of the wing that was still intact, forcing it to spread on the ground. Then, without batting an eyelid, he hit the joint of the wing, also breaking these bones. He seemed devoid of emotion, like a doctor in front of a patient. In the silence of the night there were only the screams and desperate lamentations of Hoseok, painful even to hear them.

《Do you like what you see?" He finally said with a sadistic smile, looking up at the improvised audience of that massacre, turning particularly to Taehyung. 《Don't challenge me anymore.》 he said, pressing the heel on the wound he had just opened on Hoseok's skin, as if he really enjoyed hearing the angel's screams.

《No! No, no no! 》 The angel whimpered in vain, begging the demon to stop, to let him go, but when a new blow broke the only healthy wing, he realized there was no hope. The noise that his bones made at the time of the fracture was revolting, covered only in part by the cries of pain; by now the angel was on the verge of loss of the senses. His swollen, red eyes were fixed on the demon's face, but they seemed lost in the void. The hair and feathers were soaked with blue liquid, which was now coming out from too many open wounds, the face was marked by a gash on the temple and the delicate nose of the angel began to bleed from one of the nostrils.


《And that's all you can do, Yoongi?》 A deep voice teased him, coming from one of the other rooftops, spitting out poisonous and sadistic laughter at seeing the beaten-up angel.

The angel's muscles sagged under the pressure that the heel of Yoongi's boots were exerting on them, making the joints creak against each other. Blue blood, shed on the tiles and on the body of the angel, had already begun to release its smell in the air. The challenge of Taehyung did nothing but rekindle the anger that the blond was harboring, already awakened by the first wound that had been opened. A part of Yoongi didn't understand the reason for such a massacre, another had begged him not to give in to the provocation, but pride had silenced both. If he had wished that no false rumors had been made, that was the only possible way.

Yoongi leaned back on Hoseok, leaning a knee against his shoulder blades to hold him steady and, with his hands, he picked up the scattered, blood-stained sunset hairs; he picked them up by squeezing them close to the nape of his neck and pulled them to keep them tight. Ignoring the ever-lighter and more despairing lamentations of Hoseok, he drew a dagger from his belt with his free hand and rested the handle near the angel's nape, with the blade facing his hair.




A sudden, surgical movement, facilitated by the perfect wire of the demonic blade, cut Hoseok's hair. The prestige and dignity of Hoseok were severed and burned in the palm of Yoongi. He lifted the bundle of flaming hairs over his head as if they were a trophy, as if everyone were to see what he had managed to do: Yoongi, the demon who had managed to humiliate an angel to the point of breaking his wings and cutting his hair.


Shortly thereafter, however, an arrow stuck without warning in Yoongi's raised arm, directed at the elbow joint, while the demon still held Hoseok's hair in his hands. A strangled scream scraped Yoongi's throat as the demon held his injured arm. The yellow liquid began to wet the sleeve of the jacket, mingling with the blue one it had previously stained.

The arrow had almost pierced the flesh and burned, eating the skin and muscles as if it had its own life. Yoongi used the dagger to extract the tip, an operation that made him cry out for the excruciating pain but which prevented the corrosive weapon from continuing its destruction. He had the dominant hand now unusable, but he would not let it go right now.


《You're a monster!》 A new voice shouted in shock. 《He didn't do anything wrong to you and you almost killed him?》

Yoongi tried to figure out who he belonged to by turning to where he seemed to be approaching: he opened his eyes wide when he recognized that he had before him the angel without a wing, that freak of Seokjin.

The eyes of this angel burned with anger at seeing Hoseok in those pitiful conditions. His voice cracked toward the end, when he finally took Hoseok's senseless body in his arms, cradling it to his chest. 《... He smells like you, asshole.》 he breathed, his blind rage rising in every moment.

《Go away, cripple!》 Yoongi hissed venomously, standing up. 《Mind your own business.》 he added, before throwing the dagger in his hand against the only wing that had remained on the other.

But Seokjin wasn't hurt, so he had time to pick up his unconscious friend and disappear under Yoongi's eyes before he could hurt him; he reappeared a few minutes later, behind Yoongi, on a nearby building. He pulled out another arrow and threw it in his thigh, but it wasn't yet enough to calm the anger and revenge Hoseok’s pride. Seokjin directed one in his shoulder and another one in his side; they had removed a wing, but they hadn't succeeded in depriving him of his archery skills. 《Try touching him again and I'll kill you, demon.》

Yoongi just had time to escape from the trajectory of two of the arrows thrown by Seokjin, but the last one hit him in full, piercing the flesh of his side and burning exactly like the first one he had managed to remove from his arm just a moment ago.


Jeongguk stood up from where he and Taehyung stood, sensing that the situation was no longer the initial one, but much more dangerous. He opened his mouth to say something to Yoongi, even raised his arm to make his weapon appear and go to help his friend, but Yoongi silenced him with a threatening and violent cry, warning him to stay out of it. 《I can do it alone!》 He spat at Seokjin with hatred, holding his hip and using his still healthy hand to throw another dagger at the angel, this time aiming at the bow he had in his hand. He was visibly tired, his weariness prevented the dagger from reaching the angel, planting just before his bare feet.

Seokjin laughed at the poor performance.

《Oh, now you're no longer an asshole?》 He grinned in satisfaction, pulling out a long foil from his scabbard and pointing it to Yoongi's neck, brushing against his skin, after coming close enough. 《... It was fun to slaughter an unarmed angel, mh?》

Yoongi cursed between his teeth, shivering when he felt the metal caress his neck. Even the most superficial cut would have burned like a flame if it had been the weapon of an angel to provoke it. 《Mind your fucking own business.》 Yoongi yelled, his quick breathing reflected his pain from the arrow that was corroding his side.

《So you don't have the courage to kill me.》 Yoongi provoked Seokjin again, going back to the attack despite his disadvantage. He was ready to attack again, concentrating his last energies on creating a flame around his still healthy hand.

《He's my family, so yes, It's my business.》 The angel realized that he had a few feet away from Taehyung, who had clipped his wings, but did not deign to look at him; he would just have played his game, if he had let him know how much rancor he still felt for him. 《You're right, despite everything Hoseok would suffer to know you are dead.》he added with disdain, as if he disapproved deeply.


《Hey, Jindda~》 Taehyung interrupted, moving slowly toward the two fighters, 《how long you didn't go down among the mortals.》 He said sadistically, before giving him a threatening smile that showed off all the sharp fangs that he had between his lips.

《How's your wing?》 He asked him sternly, as if he was talking about something painful about Seokjin on purpose. Yoongi's curses were useless, because the lilac-haired demon was going on as if Seokjin had no blade against the blond's throat.

It took only a short time to silence, that the lilac-haired demon was pierced in the side with a sharp-edged sword. Seokjin clearly no longer feared Taehyung like in the past.

《Go away.》 Seokjin ordered with his lips outstretched, resting one of his feet on Yoongi's chest and pushing it to the ground and point him with the bloody weapon, exploiting his weak position. Now the humiliation began to burn in the demon's chest.

《Don't you talk anymore?》he gave him a last time, looking at him with even more hate.


If Yoongi could talk he would take the opportunity to throw up more bad things about Seokjin and his condition, but at that point he had lost too much blood. The wound at his hip didn't stop leaking and the arm was now unusable, although it didn't hurt any more. The continuous movements must have severed the nerve endings.

His vision clouded, an unpleasant wet feeling on the back of his head made him shiver. He seemed to hear Taehyung swear and to see him pull out the same ax that had wounded Hoseok, dut now he couldn't distinguish faces, figures, everything was sliding more and more towards the black.

With a lament he turned his eyes. Everything he felt vanished in the dark.




When he regained his senses, Hoseok realized that he was alone, in a room that wasn't his and that he could hardly recognize. The cushions where the broken wings rested and the broken legs were not enough to relieve the pain, which came back to haunt him as during the fight. Everything came back to him slowly, even the feelings that Yoongi had shattered with his limbs.

Unfortunately, only the walls could feel its desolation, bared by the tears that began to run on the already blood-stained pillow. In that position he couldn't see the hair that, cut off, began to dye black from the skin.


Seokjin appeared after a few minutes, with the robe torn but without visible wound, dirty only with orange blood. He sat down next to the bed where Hoseok moaned, starting to wipe around the wounds with a wet cloth. The situation was more serious than he had imagined, the battle just ended had only delayed the moment of treatment. The wound on the temple had begun to coagulate, forming a crust that had stopped the blood, and a series of bruises showed where Yoongi's blows had created more damage, especially on the shoulder blades and along the back.

《Stay with me.》Seokjin whispered as he cleaned his forehead from the coagulated blood.

《Don't close your eyes, understoond? Don't close your eyes.》he said, with palpable concern in his gestures and his gaze. The breath of the wounded angel became ever lighter, more and more irregular; Seokjin wanted to come back to Yoongi and let him taste half the pain he had inflicted on Hoseok. 《Please.》 The older angel whispered, his voice cracking with rage and suffering. If Hoseok closed his eyes, perhaps he wouldn't be able to open them again.


Hoseok managed to rest a hand on his and squeezed it with the little strength left over, as if to make Seokjin feel more close to him and make him understand that he would not let go to the weariness, that tried to drag him to the darkness. It was an inviting and welcoming place, but he had to resist. Jimin had already lost a guardian.

He looked at Seokjin as he tried to keep breathing with his lips parted, despite his nose closed by the coagulated blood and the pain he felt at each movement of the diaphragm. He never wanted to be found in such conditions, he felt terribly guilty for having caused so much pain to his lifelong friend. 《I..I'm sorry …》


Seokjin lifted the head of Hoseok with one hand on the back of his head, after leaving aside the cloth soaked in blue. 《Drink, slowly..》He said, placing the edge of a glass against his lips. It contained a viscous dark liquid, mahogany.

《You won't heal right now, but ... you will feel less pain..》the blond angel murmured, his hand trembling slightly. He was terrified of losing Hoseok, the only person who treated him without the compassion and compassion the other angels felt obliged to try. The only person who could not afford to lose.

《I'm the one who should apologize ... Forgive me for not coming sooner.》 Jin apologized in a whisper, as he dropped the first drops of medicine between Hoseok's lips. He welcomed the liquid with a grimace but didn't oppose it, drinking it all; then he shook his head with a smile that meant "it does not matter", despite his eyes full of tears.


《Why ... why are you dirty with demon’s blood?》 Hoseok whispered, alarmed, once he took a breath. 《Y ... You didn't kill him ... right?》

Seokjin shook his head softly, though from his eyes it was clear how much he didn't like the answer.

《He fainted, one of his friends took him away..》 he explained briefly, anxious to leave that battle behind. 《... It's dangerous, Hobi》 he admonished with a sad expression, stroking his face with his fingers and pushing aside the uneven strands of hair.

He felt as if his hands were tied, as if the danger of losing Hoseok was closer every second longer. If it had not been this time it would have been next, Seokjin couldn't have protected him forever from that crazy double agent. He bit his lip, undecided about what to do, and in whatever scenario Hoseok was supposed to have died by the hand of Yoongi.

Now that the medicine seemed to have made full effect, Hoseok managed to lift his arms out of bed and was able to wipe away the tears with his feeble fingers, collecting those droplets full of fear and suffering; even the breath must have stopped causing him pain, allowing him to speak and breathe at the same time.

《I won't see him anymore..》Hoseok sighed sadly, without conviction, looking up at the hand that was combing his hair. It did not take long to notice the lack of long strands that until recently had framed his face, now the tips were barely reaching the cheekbones.

《... My ... m-my hair …》 his gaze was terrified, not expecting such scarring.

《Hyung! W..Where are they ...?》He groaned and grabbed his wrist, looking at him with eyes full of terror.

Seokjin's gaze let out a hint of despair that he had managed to hold back until then, showing Hoseok that pity he would have preferred to hide from his eyes. The fingers combed in the mutilated hair of the wounded angel as if they wanted to cure them, as if a few caresses were enough to bring them back to their original splendor. He did not have the courage to expose the naked and violent truth to him, he was not ready to see his dignity crumbling before his eyes after his bones.

All he could do was shake his head quietly to nod, stroking his cheek with his other hand, wet with tears.


Hoseok felt emptied, as if he no longer had a soul or feelings, nothing was left of his integrity and prestige. Everything had been torn apart by Yoongi's blind fury. 《I'm afraid, hyung …》 He murmured without a voice, held back together with the tears accumulated on his eyelashes. 《I .. I wish I could see what he did to me…》

《Only when you get healed..》 Seokjin stammered. He swallowed hard, but he willingly swallowed tears to show himself strong in that situation where Hoseok was counting on him. 《Dawon noona is coming with the aids ... stay awake little one, ok?》 Jin murmured with a tight smile, trying in vain to lighten the atmosphere.

With each passing minute, Hoseok's eyelids tried to close, as if they were terribly heavy. Seokjin was keeping him from letting go, but the weariness was such that he felt like he was inside a soap bubble and all the external sounds were muffled, leaving him isolated from the rest of the world.

《It won't be long, Hobi …》 Seokjin took Hoseok's face in both hands, shaking it lightly. 《Stay with me, stay with me …》 he whispered in terror, fearing the worst.

The angel's eyes closed, now fallen into unconsciousness.

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It was now two weeks since the last meeting Jimin had had with his best friend, Hoseok. Since then he had lost contacts with him, not even for the smallest thing; he had typed too many "how are you?" during the history lessons, but none of them had ever even been viewed. He no longer knew anything, feared that something serious had happened or that he had offended him in some way; even that day he remembered to write to Hoseok, he didn't want to give up and still hoped for an answer. Jimin’s concern was tangible in his tired eyes, sunken in deep, dark circles.


To: Min Yoongi
From: Jimin | 7.32 PM



Yoongi read the message and then let his eyes fall on his figure, a few dozen meters away from him. He had come back to watch over him for a few hours now, as soon as he healed after the fight with Seokjin. The demonic form guaranteed him not to be seen by mistake by the protege.


To: Park Jimin
From : Yoongi | 7.34 PM


To: Min Yoongi
From: Jimin | 7.35 PM

《Let's meet at my place in an hour, this is the address:>

<[click to see the map]>


To: Park Jimin
From : Yoongi | 7.40 PM



Jimin read the message and made the phone disappear in the bag, among the books; he put the bag full of books on his shoulders and went back to the path of the house, running to get there in time and take a shower, to guarantee a good impression with Yoongi. Yoongi followed him from afar, flying lazily and gliding up to perch on the window of Jimin's bedroom. The time passed slower than expected, since the demon couldn't have any company, but finally it was time to get down from the window and take human form in the nearest desert alley.



The doorbell of Jimin's apartment was pressed firmly; the boy had let himself be pampered by the warmth of the water until he lost track of time. He swore through his teeth and ran out of the steam-blown glass walls, putting on a white bathrobe; he hurried to open, shivering when his bare legs were touched by the cold.

《Thanks for coming.》 His cheeks were dyed red, embarrassed for having been found in those conditions right in Yoongi's presence, with wet hair stuck to the forehead and not too suitable clothing. 《Come on in!》

Yoongi bowed a little to thank and entered the apartment, taking off his hands that had sunk in the pockets of the electric blue jacket, that protected them from the cold; the fur coat encircled the demon’s head like an aureola. The older man hung his coat on the hanger at the entrance, showing a simple dress without too many frills, as essential as Yoongi's personality.

《Excuse me for interrupting you, I can wait here if you want..》 he suggested, pointing to the little sofa in the main hall.

《Maybe after having talked a little …》 The dancer's face frowned when he thought back to the real reason he had called Yoongi for himself. He accompanied him to the living room, making him sit at a simple wooden table.

《Do you still have any contact with Hoseok hyung?》Jimin asked, after taking courage.

Yoongi sat down in front of Jimin and nodded, without hesitation. 《I talked to him the day before yesterday.》 It wasn't even a complete lie. 《Why?》

《He ... It's been two weeks since me and Hoseok talked..》 Jimin replied, his head down, sitting down in front of Yoongi. He seemed devoured by unexplained feelings of guilt.

《Did I do something wrong to him?》

Yoongi leaned back against the chair and folded his arms quietly. He looked at Jimin from under the black fringe that pinched his eyes, trying to quickly choose the next move to make. 《I don't think so. He looked calm when I saw him》he lied again, tilting his head to one side.

《... So nothing happened to him and he's not angry? The dancer asked again, looking at Yoongi quite confusedly.

《He's fine, I think.》 Yoongi said calmly, as if nothing had happened. He knew he hadn't killed him and Seokjin had probably moved seas and mountains to heal him, but actually it had been a little too long since Hoseok had been injured.

《I haven't complimented you for your performance at the Killer yet. You were ... cool!》he commented shortly thereafter, to get away from a potentially dangerous speech.

《... Do you think so...?》 Jimin couldn't enjoy at all the compliment due to the worry that the cryptic answer had given him, but he tried to hide everything behind him with a shy smile.

《Um ... Thanks hyung..》 he murmured, shrugging, visibly distressed. 《Jeongguk was awesome too …》

《It's the truth》 the other said simply, resting his arms crossed on the table to approach his interlocutor.

《Don't think too much about Hoseok, he's just busy..》 he reassured again Jimin with a shrug, to put Jimin's soul in peace and focus him on different things.


That answer seemed enough to make him calm, because his position finally seemed to relax; he approached Yoongi himself, leaning toward his face. The table that separated them seemed less and less necessary. 《You're right, hyung …》 Jimin whispered, his lips dangerously close to those of the dark one.

《Since you're here, can I offer you something?》

Yoongi mischievously opened his eyes, delighted by Jimin's expression. After that parenthesis with Hoseok he was happy to return to the old, rude habits.

《What have you got to offer me?》 He said, flirting openly.

《I'll fuck you and make you scream all night long》 Jimin replied with a loving smile, squealing with what he had just said.

《An ambitious proposal.》The demon said, standing up and bridging the distance between them. Without asking permission he passed his fingers on his sharp jaw, lifting his face so as to be looked at from that position of inferiority. 《Are you really capable of it?》 He teased Jimin, smiling at him to provoke him.


《Of course I am.》 the cute dancer said with a mocking smile on his face, not even remotely intimidated by the disadvantaged position he was in. He put his hands on Yoongi's hips and began to caress it, until he squeezed his ass, feeling the softness with the plump phalanges.

The smile on Yoongi's face grew wider and more provocative. He encouraged Jimin with his eyes, letting a hand slide behind his neck and grabbing his light hair. A dancer would always be a good bedfellow.

《Fuck me Jimin ah.》



Two days had passed since the accident. Hoseok had spent most of the time in apathetic silence, unable to oppose Seokjin's will; he had been forced not to make unnecessary movements, but despite the legs and wings wrapped up he managed to get up, taking advantage of one of the moments of absence of the older angel. The steps were slow and scrupulous, the eyes looked down to be careful where to put your feet.

He came to the bathroom, where he remembered there was the nearest mirror, and stopped right in front of the glass, staring at the sink. He put his hands on the edge to support himself and, with a sigh, he looked up.

He saw himself tired, worn, marked by several yellowish bruises and some wounds closed with a couple of stitches sewn by his sister. He remembered Dawon's tearful face as she disinfected and closed every gash,and he remembered Seokjin, when he couldn't look at him and, above all, he remembered that now his dignity had become only a vain memory.

He stroked his short black hair, shaking without care and unevenly. Just then, Hoseok broke.

He put his arms around his chest, his fingers planted in the flesh and cried all his frustration. Tears had the taste of disappointment and anger, of unspoken words and swallowed insults.

Seokjin joined him shortly after, following the choked sound of his sobs. The expression on his face betrayed the deep concern he wanted to postpone that moment as late as possible.

《Seok …》 he called to him in a thin voice, placing the towels he had brought to the bathroom on the nearest piece of furniture. He approached the broken angel until he came in front of him and hugged him, welcoming him in his arms. He took care not to touch his bandages, a reminder of the violence the demons were capable of, and used the wing left to reinforce that delicate hug. 《You're safe, we'll solve everything …》

Hoseok crouched against his broad chest, hiding his face in his neck to escape all those unhappy and painful thoughts. That single narrow wing around them was enough to calm, at least, those tremendous sobs. 《N-No.. You can't, hyung …》 He murmured, now disenchanted, surrendered to the evidence.

《Don't say it ..》 Seokjin replied, shaking his head and stroking the other's thin hair with his fingers. The strong smell of medicine was still impregnated in the bandages that enveloped the younger of the two, surrounding their bodies like another hug, colder and sterile.

《You'll be able to come back you used to be..》 he whispered, taking Hoseok's face in his hands to be watched by his eyes. He had to use all his strength not to give in to the disillusionment he had found in Hoseok's gaze, so deep and desperate to shiver. An angel should never have lost hope.

《You know it's impossible..》 the other replied in a whisper, after sniffling, trying to hold back the tears, which were accumulating on the lashes. The eyes, raised to the other's gaze, slowly fell back, unable to sustain that conversation; in spite of all the affection that Seokjin felt for him, his words failed to bring him hope. The wound in Hoseok's heart was still open and bleeding.

With a slow and light movement, Seokjin stroked Hoseok's cheek, as if to wipe away the tears before they left their origin.

《It's not your fault. We'll arrange things together, the two of us together, ok?》 He whispered, trying to calm him down. 《Soon you’ll get both your wings and your hair back. Soon it will all be over. 》

《... And Yoongi?》 Hoseok asked in a trembling voice, as if he still couldn't close the relationship with him. The black locks fell on the angel's shining eyes, covering his eyes still filled with pain from the Seokjin's sight. Now that he had Yoongi's scent on him no angel would have looked for Hoseok as a mate.

《He won't touch you anymore.》 Seokjin answered firmly, looking him straight in the irises. His words vibrated with rage, making the grip on Hoseok's shoulder tighter and the words more sharp. 《He’ll suffer what he has done to you.》


《No!》 Hoseok groaned, pushing Seokjin’s grip away from him. He backed up to touch the wall with the feathers of the fractured wings, saying nothing. A part of himself, the suffering one, didn't want to met Yoongi anymore, while the other was not yet willing to let him go.

Seokjin gave him a confused look, not understanding his reaction.
《Why not?》 He asked, frowning slightly. 《He is a demon,Hoseok.》 he explained, trying to make him think.

《I know, but ... But we are angels, we can't harm other creatures …》

《Demons excluded.》Seokjin completed, thinking well before speaking. 《They are the most violent evil. They can not be saved, Hoseok. 》

《Taehyung hurt you, a demon …》 Hoseok murmured, remembering the reason behind Seokjin's harsh words.

《Right. Don't trust them, please.》 Seokjim advised him with concern. His fists were tight in an attempt to contain anger. 《Hurt him, let him know that he hurt you. You don't deserve to suffer. You can fight him.》


The younger nodded, keeping his face down to avoid the older man's gaze; an angel couldn't keep so much anger, he reflected. Almost fearfully, getting up on his toes to get better at his neck, Hoseok hugged him. Perhaps, if he killed Yoongi, he would at least have saved the Seokjin's pride.

Hoseok would have done anything for Seokjin.

《…I promise.》

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Hoseok had never been able to stay away from his protege for too long; the healing time seemed eternal. He hadn't yet completely recovered when he decided to return to visit Jimin; despite having assumed human form, the wounds suffered in the angelic body were reflected on the human one. He had to create a pair of crutches to be able to walk.

《Jiminnie!》 He called to the human in a sunny voice, managing to block the boy before he entered the library. Hoseok smiled as if nothing had happened, pretending not to feel the eyes of Yoongi in demonic form on himself.

Jimin turned to the voice that was calling him and smiled broadly as he recognized the face of the one who had caught his attention.

《Hoseok hyung!》 He replied, clutching between his fingers the sheets he had in his hand so as not to drop them as he ran towards his friend.

《What happened to you?》He asked to his best friend, looking worriedly at the crutches.

《Come, sit down here.》 he encouraged, pointing to the nearest bench and offering to help him walk.

《It was an accident, don't worry. Now I'm fine.》 Hoseok let himself be led and sat down next to Jimin, trying not to show the ache for all the bruises and wounds that he had spread around his body; he couldn't appear weak before the protégé, not when he was the first one to need his attention. 《Anyway! How are you?》 He asked, holding the other in a hug.

《You should have told me this right away, hyung, I was worried!》 Jimin reproached him, looking at him with a disrespectful blame that was justified only by being one of his best friends. 《I tried to write to you on kakao, but you never even read my messages!》 he added, to emphasize the concept.

Then, softening the tone, Jimin continued. 《You can't imagine what happened to me the other day. You really can't ~》he gulped with a smug smile, leaving the pending phrase on purpose to tease the other's curiosity.

Hoseok's face turned red, plunged into shame and regret for keeping a dear friend like Jimin so far away, but he couldn't tell him the truth; for this he welcomed the idea of changing the topic with pleasure. 《Oh! Tell me, come on!》

《You remember Min Yoongi hyung, don't you?》 The younger asked, lowering his tone of voice. He had already talked about him with Hoseok so many times, but adding that introduction made him sound more solemn, more important.

《I fucked him~》 he revealed with an excited smile, while in his eyes satisfaction was as clear as in his tone of voice.

Hoseok's voice died in the bud, he was no longer able to pretend any happy reaction. He felt himself crumble before the eyes of the youngest, still lively and full of happiness; he couldn't stop thinking about that night, where he had really became one thing with Yoongi, where he had been his and nobody else's.

He felt stupid to trust a demon. A complete idiot.

《But ... you've just met him …》

《So?》 The youngest replied with simplicity, so direct that he seemed naive. 《It was beautiful, even better than I imagined it》, he confided, letting his gaze wander over the surrounding area as if he were looking for the approval, which he wasn't able to obtain from his best friend, in the trees and the walls of the buildings. 《.. why do you mind?》 He finally murmured, a little sorry for the reaction.

《I'm afraid he could hurt you ..》 Hoseok confessed, in a sorry but serious tone. He put his hands on his shoulders and looked him straight in the eye, to make him understand that he was serious. He wouldn't have interfered more than that in his private life, but he had a duty to warn him. 《... But if he treated you well, I'm calm and I'm happy for you. Ok?》

《He was very nice, I promise 》the youngest commented spontaneously. 《He won't hurt me, I assure you!》Jimin added naively, believing he could control the situation.

A moment later he raised his hand to greet a figure behind Hoseok, with a smile even brighter than what he had shown his friend. 《Hyung!》


That fragile balance of tranquility broke when Hoseok's eyes, after turning, met those of Yoongi, standing behind him. He felt a twinge in his chest, which slowly began to spread like wildfire, increasing the heartbeat of the angel. He felt his temples burst and his heart rumbled in his ears. 《... H..Hyung.》 Hoseok murmured faintly, bleaching his face as if he were ill.

Yoongi approached the two boys, keeping his hands planted in his pockets to protect them from the cold. His face was half sunk in a voluminous, mint-colored scarf, in contrast to all the other dark colors he wore.

《Hey.》 he simply said, once he got close to them, reserving nothing more than a brief glimpse to Hoseok before focusing on Jimin. He had seen well the way the angel was looking at him, he could still feel it out of the corner of his eye. It made him uncomfortable, made his stomach squeeze in a disgustingly painful way, but he just stood still, stiff with the cold, his mouth still hidden behind the wool fibers.

The angel had already looked down when the dancer stood up and rushed towards the dark one, hugging him tightly to himself. It din't take long to get to the moment of the kiss, when Jimin rested his lips on those of Yoongi, creating a wet snap that made Hoseok shiver, tight in the jacket, motionless.

The delicacy of Jimin's lips failed to obscure, in Yoongi, the pungent sensation of being observed. He didn't even close his eyes entirely during the kiss, still looking sideways at Hoseok's stunned face. He showed no other signs of affection toward the blond, but passively received what Jimin had to give him, until that wet kiss didn't stop, leaving their mouths flushed.

《What happened to you?》 then Yoongi asked to Hoseok, without irony or acidity, turning his face to him but carefully avoiding his gaze, focusing on his injured leg.

The angel, feeling concerned, raised his face again, avoiding Yoongi's face. It was so strange to have Yoongi in front of him without spots of angelic blood on his face and on his hands.

《... A ssangyong hit me》 he said, bringing his gaze to Jimin's face, still busy admiring Yoongi with eyes full of love.

It was a curious intertwining of looks, what had been established between the three of them: each one with his eyes fixed on the person he was interested in, and no one who was reciprocated in that look.


《I'm sorry.》 Yoongi answered neatly, as if it were a fact. He tried to keep his tone as regular as possible, without giving vent to the annoyance that had come back to haunt his chest since he had once again set his sights on Hoseok. 《He must have been a jerk.》 Yoongi repeated in a low voice, almost as if he spoke in a different voice to himself.

《Everyone makes mistakes.》 Hoseok sighed weakly, replying to the barely audible murmur of his tormentor.

《Yoongi hyung, are you all right?》The ringing voice of the youngest interrupted that cold calm; Jimin continued to watch Yoongi, shaking his hand on his shoulder, as if to awaken him from a daydream. 《Yes.》 Yoongi said quickly, 《I'm fine.》 Jimin was legally unaware of everything.

《Do you want something hot to drink?》 Yoongi asked the more shabby of the two, looking for an excuse to get out of that uncomfortable situation.

Hoseok shook his face, rejecting that invitation; he had already got his hands dirty enough and knew that Seokjin wouldn't be happy.


《Don't worry. I'd better go.》There was a shadow of melancholy in Hoseok's tone, as if he was saying goodbye to his loved one before letting him go into someone else's arms.

《Never disappear like that again, please》 Jimin told Hoseok, before hugging him gently, so as not to touch any healing wound.

《Get well.》 Yoongi said, more soberly and content than the protégé.

《I'll offer you something as soon as you get well.》 he added with a small smile of encouragement. Yoongi seemed genuinely concerned about Hoseok's health, in the polite way he had addressed him.

《You should offer something to Jimin, not to me.》 Hoseok winked at the younger of the two and greeted Yoongi with a wave of his hand, appreciating that sweet lie. He was convinced that this wasn't the real Yoongi, like during their last night together. That broken leg was just one of the many things Yoongi had shattered.

When he finally got away enough from the other two, Hoseok summarized the angelic form, disappeared and reappeared in his own home. By now he was staying at Seokjin’s place, but he had to take some things from the drawers in the bedroom.

It was a great step forward to be able to return to the place where he had slept with Yoongi, where he had loved him.

《Finally out of the hen’s wing?》 A voice asked, popping out from behind the door jamb through the corridor.

Hoseok jumped at the voice behind his back, not expecting Yoongi's presence in his own home. He couldn't even turn to him and Hoseok did nothing to hide his bandaged wings from Yoongi's sight; he simply froze with a tight pillow on his chest, one of the things he was supposed to take with him. 《... What are you doing in my house ...?》

《Curiosity.》Yoongi confessed with a shrug before walking up to him, wandering his bandaged wings and looking apathetically.

《You can't keep avoiding me forever.》

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Chapter 6



《You can't keep avoiding me forever.》

His presumption didn't amaze the angel, on the contrary, he made him return to the reality. Hoseok didn't owe him a bit of respect, this time. 《... What curiosity, Yoongi?》

The demon tilted his head sideways, masking the amazement derived from such insolence. If Hoseok had decided to drop the formalities, Yoongi would have done the same.

《Black suites you. Do you like your new, short hair?》He asked ironically.

《They'll no longer be your reins, now.》 The angel replied, trying to conceal the bitterness he began to taste on the tip of his tongue.

《I Don't need those to own you.》 the demon said with a too dramatic snort. He recovered shortly after regaining his beloved imperturbability, a characteristic that made him acquire authority despite the small stature. 《Too bad that angels lose color. I preferred you with orange hair. 》


Hoseok entered the room nearby and sat on the edge of the bed, resting his heavy wings on the mattress. He still held the pillow tight to his chest, sinking his fingers and eyes into it.

《Your smell will fade.》 His voice trembled, as if that hope was the reason for his resistance to Yoongi, even if he was staggering and full of fear. 《And I won't be under your control anymore.》

Yoongi now saw Hoseok's profile. 《I don't think it's possible, but good luck.》 he just blurted it out. 《I'll be here.》 he added with a little smile.

《... No, you don't. Now you want Jimin. You've already gone.》 Hoseok denied with a gesture of his head, showing a bitter smile as if he was really sorry for being used by the demon and then thrown away.

《Now you decide what I want?》 He snorted, raising an eyebrow and keeping his lips parted in disbelief and growing irritation. 《You're presumptuous.》 he spat, striding to get back to him.

Yoongi took Hoseok's chin between his fingers and forced him to raise his head, to watch the angel in the face.
《I bet you don't dare to send me away.》The blonde demon whispered, in a tone completely different from before, darker, like when he lent himself to a challenge.

Hoseok denied weakly, being careful not to pull off that warm hand, that touch that made him feel loved, but also weak and useless. 《I should do it, but I don't want to..》 he confessed, before looking up at his and losing himself in those eyes red as human blood.


Yoongi leaned forward, slowly, and laid his forehead against the other’s while continuing to hold his chin in his fingers. He could feel his breath on him, he could see his lip quiver. 《You know how dangerous this gesture is, don't you?》 He whispered again, gravely and heavily. Hoseok denied again, trying to show himself as defenseless as possible.

《You could lose your wings.》 Yoongi continued, patting him on the cheek to get him back from such naivety, 《You could lose everything you have, without anyone being able to save you anymore. All this because of a kiss. Who decided this was supposed to be a really dramatic type, don't you think?》He asked him with a disarming calm, while the tips of their noses touched.

《Y-Yeah..》 the angel sighed against his lips, touching his mouth as if he had accepted the idea. 《Sit next to me, please, I'd like to hold you in my arms one last time…》 Hoseok tried to be as convincing as possible, enough to seem credible. 《You've already taken everything from me, hyung …》


Without detaching his forehead from his, Yoongi sat astride the other's thighs, placing his knees on the mattress. The tension could be cut with the knife, Yoongi wasn't entirely sure of wanting to break that precarious balance, that subtle game that had the flavor of the forbidden. 《I haven't taken away what is most important to you, yet.》He whispered mischievously as he moved to Hoseok's ear, letting his palms slide on the other's thin waist, playing with the hem of his shirt.

The angel held his breath when he felt that venous hand on his side, but didn't rebel from that touch.

《You want my wings, right…?》Hoseok asked, leaning his cheek on Yoongi's shoulder, while his hands clambered up behind his back.

It all seemed so natural, an angel wouldn't certainly have pulled a dagger from the enemy's belt and wouldn't have pressed it's tip against the demon's flesh, as Hoseok was doing. The languid and frightened eyes were in sharp contrast with his intentions.

Yoongi opened his mouth to answer, but his breath stopped in the middle, his lungs full. A slight snort escaped out his open lips, while his eyes stared at Hoseok without really looking at him. His whole body stiffened, feeling the tip of an object press against an indefinite point of the back.


《.. Really?》 He asked in a whisper after endless moments of silence, showing all the fear that was beginning to flow in his veins. He recognized he was at a disadvantage, but he would fight to the end to not prove it.

Hoseok nodded quickly as if he was really sure about his intentions, as if he wasn't about to break under the demon's eyes of guilt and fear. He took a long breath and sank the blade with a sharp stroke, hitting his thigh instead of behind his back. He was too afraid of mortally wounding him.

《Sorry..》 he murmured, pulling the blade out so as not to burn the demon's flesh. 《S-Sorry …》

A noisy curse echoed through the walls of the room, while Yoongi's wide eyes stared at the emptiness and his hands clasped around the hips of the angel. He breathed forcefully from his nose, clenching his teeth hard against each other to prevent himself from manifesting the pain again. 《W-What do you want to do?》 Yoongi asked harshly, without even giving the words the intonation of the question.

《Y-You demons a..are the worst evil.》 Hoseok snapped in a more acute tone, turning to the demon with anger mixed with panic. 《 have to d..die》 The angel's hands, stained with blood, trembled, as he again pointed the knife at the demon, as if he was about to hit him again.

Yoongi narrowed his eyes. What surprised him the most was how Hoseok was fearful in front of an act that all his lineage would have judged as right. A few more breaths and he managed to speak again, despite the wound in his leg being deep. The fingers of one hand wrapped around the thigh to hold the meat together and make it, perhaps, heal faster.

《Is that ... what do they want you to do or ... is that what you think?》 He murmured, panting, still, even when the tip of the bloody dagger rested on his chest. It would have been really appropriate to be killed by his own weapon, after all.

《I ... I promised him, hyung.》 The fingers were tight around the dagger and the eyes of the youngest were fixed on those of the demon, as if he wasn't able to detach them; even at a time like this, Yoongi was able to remain algid and resolute, as opposed to the angel. 《But I d-don't want to kill you …》


《And ... why wouldn't you want to?》Yoongi blew out a grimace, looking at the wound. He just had to concentrate, make a fucking weapon appear and defend himself. At that moment, however, he couldn't even remember what form a hilt had.

《Because I Don't want to hurt anyone anymore …》Hoseok seemed sincere, despite the bloodied weapon that was staining his hands.

He let the dagger go, feeling disgusted to keep seeing it; if Yoongi had wanted, he could have attacked him, but Hoseok wouldn't have cared. Perhaps that was why it had been such an easy prey for those demons, including Yoongi. 《N...Not after what I've felt with you …》


Yoongi looked at him with an indecipherable expression, as if he was facing a puzzle. An angel who didn't have the strength to fight a demon was certainly an anomaly in their fixed and immutable society.

《It's your job.》He cynically commented as he picked up the weapon the other boy had left. Now he was no longer in danger, he had the knife on the side of the handle. 《 I have mine too.》 He added, pointing his weapon at the chest of the angel, with the blade ready to dig his way between the Hoseok's ribs.

Hoseok's face lowered, watching the blade of that dagger point toward him, with tears beginning to fall from his eyes. He tried to focus on Seokjin, to whom he had promised to kill Yoongi, and an excuse to tell him in case of survival, but his mind was completely short-circuited. 《My job is to protect …》 He chirped in a faint but sure voice.

Without warning, Hoseok firmly grasped Yoongi's hips and managed to twist their positions, forcing his body on the mattress under his own, crawling over him. The sudden change of positions slipped the weapon from Yoongi's fingers and the sound of metal on the floor mingled with the brief moan of pain the demon couldn't hold back.

《I'm not like you. I Don't not like to hurt or see the blood flow. I saw how you looked at me when you slammed that bat on my wings.》 Hoseok gritted his teeth and his fingers clenched indecisively around the other's neck, trying to react to Yoongi's power.

Hoseok was right, Yoongi wasn't sorry for doing such a thing. Displeased wasn't the right word.

Being a demon, destruction had never caused him disgust; he had never run away from the pain or in front of the blood; on the contrary, he took pleasure in it. Like all members of his race, those with more vehemence and less, inflict pain was a gesture appreciated and sought as a sign of supremacy. An honour.

With Hoseok, on the other hand, Yoongi had been different after so many years. With Hoseok it was no longer a pleasure, but almost a nuisance. Yoongi had felt empty, a spectator of his own life, looking at his body without being able to do anything. Every blow inflicted on the angel was echoed inside the demon's body like a macabre resonance box.

And now he was there, lying under him, watching him cry and rage and put his hands on him, all without resistance. Inexplicably, Yoongi couldn't awaken the survival instinct that would allow him to protect himself. The feeling of being in debt for a cowardly act like that was fucking annoying, especially when a demon never needed to feel guilty at all, regardless of the severity of his actions. Yoongi cursed to himself, mentally, hoping that the feeling would soon disappear.


His pale veins throbbed against Hoseok's fingertips, blood rushing through the carotid artery on which the angel had placed his thumb. 《What do you want from me…?》

《Tell me why you did it.》 Hoseok moved his fingers from the other's neck, noticing the bruises that the phalanges had left on that milky skin. 《I .. I thought there was something …》 The words came out with difficulty, Hoseok felt pain in speaking, the skin stretched and he felt something re-open and moisten under the bandages that covered the abdomen.

《I had to do it..》 Yoongi breathed as soon as his throat cleared again, after taking a long breath. The motivations that pushed Yoongi to do such a thing seemed the same as Hoseok.

《... D .. Did you have to it...?》 Hoseok moved away from the uncomfortable position that was causing him pain in the abdomen, preferring to kneel next to him. That confession left him amazed, but also strangely relieved.

《... And then, what should be between us?》 Then Yoongi added, dazed, without malice.

《We made love, Yoongi...》 Hoseok sighed and his head lowered, hiding the embarrassment on his face, but his voice remained controlled and calm.


Yoongi took a long breath and then another. It all seemed absurd, justified and illogical at the same time. The laws that governed the behavior of angels and demons had never been questioned and Yoongi wasn't anxious to be the first to do so.

《I Don't even know how to make love, Hoseok..》 he murmured wearily, looking vaguely at the ceiling as he focused on Hoseok from the corner of his eye. He wasn't even sure he knew the implications of such a term. He had never used it, after all.

《Me neither, though ... But it was beautiful.》 The embarrassment was palpable in the voice of the youngest, who wasn't able to give a proper definition to that word.

Hoseok cautiously stretched a hand over the other's thigh and rested his palm near the wound. 《Can I cure you ...?》He asked, forgetting for a moment about that embarrassing conversation.

Yoongi continued to take long, deep breaths, forcing himself not to succumb to the pain of the wound. He raised his head from the mattress to examine it: it was closing, the demon could feel the familiar tension of the muscles that pressed to get back together, but would have required in any case some time to heal. Every help would have done well. 《If you want to.》 he finally said, letting the back of his head fall back against the mattress and closing his eyes, breathing a parted lips through the effort he had put on his neck.

Hoseok waited no more time, which would only have worsened the condition of the wound. Once the angel cleaned the cut, he covered it with a gauze fabric, hurrying to speed up the healing.

Once the pain stopped prodding his thigh, Yoongi managed to pull himself up on his elbows, then using one hand to make Hoseok's face stand up and be seen. He had cured the angel for his own purposes, but he never expected to receive the same treatment. Not when he had in front of himself such a pure creature. 《Why do you do it?》 Yoongi asked him gently.

《Because it's not fair to continue hurting each other.》 Hoseok shivered in a whisper, as if he was ashamed of what he was about to say. If another angel had heard their conversation, surely Hoseok would get into trouble, segregated in a place far from other beings so as not to infect the community with such strange behavior. 《And I'm sorry to have done this to you.》

《You're the only angel I've ever heard of such words.》 Yonggi puzzled, more incredulous than irritated. It was completely wrong, the alarm bell inside Yoongi's head didn't stop tormenting him. 《You're ... weird, Hoseok.》 he concluded as he slouched back to his seat, snorting as if he was already old. 《And you like the risk, it seems.》


Hoseok knew very well the suspicion of the demon, even if he didn't understand it, since Yoongi was the one who hurted him the most. 《What I'm risking?》

《We are breaking three or four laws only by talking in this way, to begin with.》Yoongi said with a shrug, without being really worried. As long as nobody opened his mouth about it, it could perfectly pass for an absurd urban legend.
《But you're interesting. You aren't as boring and unbearable as the others of your race.》 Yoongi finally confessed, shaking his head slightly in a sketchy " yes " to himself. The more he thought about it, the more he convinced himself. 《I like you.》


Those two words were able to upset all the thoughts of the youngest. His heart tightened and, without thinking, Hoseok rested a hand on the back of his and leaned towards him, kissing his lips.

He seemed to have forgotten everything, the rules, the impositions, the dangers. His eyes were closed and his fingers slipped into Yoongi's, breathing in the sweet smell the demon gave off.

Yoongi was ready for various reactions, but certainly not for such a shameless gesture. 《We aren't human …》 he whispered worriedly on his lips, pulling away from the kiss the little that was enough for him to get some air.

They had broken one of the most severe taboos, something so ancient and sacred that no one asked more questions about why it existed.

Now, however, it was only one of the many laws that both had broken. And what frightened Yoongi most was that nothing seemed to happen, everything was exactly as before. As if the calm was announcing an impending storm.


Hoseok's half-closed lips, still wet with kisses, no longer exhaled gasps but silent breaths, giving the angel an almost defenseless air, as if he wasn't the architect of a fatal sin. It took him not long to understand what he had done and that delicate face tinged with fear, not feeling ready to die at such a young age or losing Yoongi under his own eyes. Pale for the terror, Hoseok looked around, hoping that no one had seen their kiss. Perhaps, if they were still able to breathe, it was because no eye had been able to capture those seconds of affection.

Yoongi could see his fear amplified reflected in Hoseok's expression, perhaps more terrified than him about what they had done. He swallowed, breathing deeply. By now the damage was done.

He put a hand on Hoseok's cheek for a second time and made himself look, but he knew he would find a face totally different from the one he had before.


《Oh fuck it.》 Yoongi whispered, almost without using his voice, and decided to blow up all the questions and fears that were filling his mind. If he had to die, he would have done it without letting any chance escape.


A blink of an eye was enough to reunite their mouths, this time driven by a more voracious rhythm set by Yoongi. In the heat, the sharp teeth bumped flat against the perfect theeth of Hoseok, without splintering but still shivering.

《Mh ...》

Hoseok didn't reject that kiss nor tried to free himself, letting himself be calmed and comforted by the demon. A faint broken sob escaped the angel during that desperate effusion, which slowly calmed those eyes dyed with terror, until they were completely closed.

Hoseok folded his arms around Yoongi's pelvis and returned that lascivious exchange of saliva, erotically sucking his tongue and biting his lower lip from time to time, until his breathing became heavy and fatigued.

The faint light in the room illuminated the angel's face, showing the redness that had infected his cheekbones.

《Are you alive..?》

Chapter Text

《Are you alive..?》

Even the demon's face was now sprayed with red, though not as much as his moist lips. He nodded weakly, insecure even after looking for some sign of pain without finding it.

《 You can't ruin what is already rotten.》 Yoongi finally tried to justify at least temporarily that unknown and illogical situation. 《And how are you?》

《No! You're not rotten!》 Hoseok replied, not understanding the answer, so sad and terribly unjust. The hands moved and both came to the demon's cheeks, which they collected them with the utmost delicacy. 《You're not rotten..》 he repeated, before snapping another quick kiss.

The corners of Yoongi's eyes began to pinch uncomfortably, a new and unpleasant sensation . 《It's true.》 he whispered in a low voice, as if it was a reality that had long been accepted and against which he could no longer do anything. As if that was okay.

《You will rot with me too..》Yoongi whispered again. In the air seemed to hover a "I'm sorry", words too important for a demon to say, but no less present for this.

《Yeah..Together.》 Hoseok repeated to his lips, as if it was good to fall with him, swallowed by that thick darkness that came down into his body, slowly, to the point of depriving Hoseok of every sacred and pure appearance.

《... But you must remember what you did.》The mere presence of Yoongi was enough to Hoseok to make him feel safe, even though the memory of what he had been able to do was enough to Hoseok to make him feel pain where his wounds had healed.


《I remember it every day.》the demon murmured, lowering his eyes, ashamed of himself. He had been taught never to regret his actions, but now that he had Hoseok's eyes on him, he was questioning every single aspect of his life. As if it was not enough to kiss an angel to feel better. 《Every fucking day…》 Yoongi remarked in a lower voice.

Long seconds passed before the angel could speak, feeling a little guilty for being so harsh with the demon. It was not Hoseok's nature to be strict.

《... it's true?》 He put a hand on his pectoral to feel the beating of his heart and settled his temple against his shoulder, closing his eyes. Yoongi welcomed him against himself, placing his hands on his hips, over the points that weren't wrapped thick gauzes. If he hadn't had the wings immobilized by the bandages, Hoseok would have tightened their bodies between his feathers. 《Let's build better memories, then …》

Yoongi listened to his words sceptically, while the ghosts of his innate mistrust hovered around his head. 《How can you forgive me ...?》

《A reality without you, makes me more afraid than death.》 Hoseok seemed to have forgotten the promise made to Seokjin, the bloody knife at their feet and the bandages that protected the cuts on both their bodies.

《Tsk ... maybe you're more rotten than me.》the demon muttered under his breath with irony, shaking his head. His fingers reached Hoseok's short hair, their mouths clashing again. For Yoongi that situation was slowly putting together a logic, accepted as right as it was without premises; if he had to die soon he would have done it without regrets, he repeated.

《It's your fault..》 the angel said with a light puff, amused, still incredulous for having seen such a radical change. It seemed all illogical and strange, but the desire to escape all this vanished with the arrival of the umpteenth kiss.

《I'm a mess, hyung..》 Hoseok added, returning the sweet snap as he slowly stroked his pale, warm cheek.

Yoongi shrugged slightly, leaving no grip on the younger's hair.

《I like you the way you are.》 he answered frankly, looking at Hoseok in the eyes again. The fresh hand of the angel on his cheek was what made him feel his closeness.


They lay on the mattress next to each other, breathing both slowly as they let go all the tensions that had animated them when they met. The bodies relaxed, reflecting the mood that had been created between them. While Hoseok kept his eyes closed, Yoongi didn't bother to look intrusive: he kept looking at the other's face, wondering what was so interesting that he could not look away, but without finding an answer. Hoseok was simple pure beauty.

The angel opened his eyes and caught Yoongi's gaze, smiling at him: a flash of happiness dedicated solely to the demon. 《Hey …》He called to Yoongi without losing the blissful expression on his face.

Yoongi suddenly thought that this would be a great time to die. Relaxed, at peace with himself and with the only person next to him who had shown interest in him other than the sexual one. The look in Hoseok's irises was different from all those that had been addressed to him before. It was sweeter, it was something too intimate. 《Mh ...?》 He murmured in a low voice, squeezing his eyelids even more, but without depriving himself of the sight of Hoseok.

《Will you be there when I wake up?》

Yoongi nodded slowly, already with his head in the dream world. The orange strands that the other had had danced before his eyelids closed to the rhythm of each breath, reassuring him, as if he didn't remember what had happened. He opened his mouth, now unable to stay awake long. 《I …》 He muttered under his breath, finally abandoning his head on the pillow. 《... like you …》 Yoongi seemed to say it again, but he was already too sleepy to be able to say with certainty that it wasn't already part of the dream.


Hoseok fell asleep in his arms, lulled by the reassuring words that Yoongi had confessed before ending up in the world of Morpheus. The calm, however, surrounded him for a short time, because it didn't take long to wake the angel up with a start, sweating and breathing fast. He panted, covering his mouth with one hand so as not to make noise, looking nervously around as if he was afraid of being attacked by darkness at any moment.

Yoongi, feeling in the cold, rolled over between the blankets, with the only result of tangling even more the sheets at his feet. With a low grunt he opened his eyes, resigned himself to the idea of having to wake up and solve the hitch. Finding Hoseok seated and no longer lying beside him was another thing he didn't like. 《Come back here, baby..》 he exhorted him in a weak, sleepy voice.

《... Oh.》 Hoseok didn't even realize he had woken up Yoongi, too preoccupied with the terror that those visions were too real to be considered a mere nightmare. Before turning around, he swallowed and held his insecure voice, giving the demon a reassuring smile. 《I'm sorry..》 he whispered, returning to his seat in Yoongi's arms, who welcomed him again.

The older one took a strip of blankets and pulled them on both, covering them awkwardly to the shoulders. 《Ssh..》 Yoongi said, involuntarily crushing his lips against the angels's forehead. The sound came out of his mouth in a deformed way, comically resembling a moan. He gave no sign of seeing what had shocked Hoseok, too tired to open his eyes entirely.

Hoseok preferred not to say anything to him and no longer cause him any trouble, falling asleep gradually guided by Yoongi's heartbeat, taking refuge again in his dreams after having left a tender kiss on his lips.




Two weeks had passed since that kiss and everything seemed terribly normal.

Hoseok had begun to look at Jimin from above, to become human from time to time to go out with him and give him some company. The love and passion with which the boy spoke to him of Yoongi were disarming, together with the fear of hurting the protégé; the angel felt suffocated slowly, inexorably.

That day when he and Jimin had gone out to talk he couldn't believe he was seeing Yoongi and Jeongguk approaching the bench they were sitting on. By now Yoongi was no longer a danger, but having to pretend he had nothing to do with him was strangely ill.

As soon as they were close enough, Yoongi greeted with a smile and a wave of his hand; a gesture decidedly more content than the comic exuberance with which Jeongguk gave the five to Jimin, then a fist knuckles against knuckles and a convinced dab, after which both burst out laughing. 《I was brought here》 Yoongi justified, raising his eyebrows in surrender as he addressed the only person present who was not busy chuckling.

Hoseok raised his face to Yoongi's, standing in front of him, and showed him a smile, amused to see the two young boy so united and happy; he remembered seeing Jeongguk already, but he still believed he was a mere human.

The angel stood up easily, now that he was finally healed, and gave a friendly pat on Yoongi's back. 《Come on, I thought you were in agreement with Jimin.》 he commented spontaneously, giggling, as the protégé approached Yoongi and kissed him on the cheek in greeting; in those moments, Hoseok fell silent. Another pang in his chest hurted his heart.

《He told me there was something interesting to hear.》 Yoongi answered as the younger man snapped the kiss on his cheek. 《Is your friend calling us? Namjoon? 》He asked again, this time to the blond of the company; he didn't have time to complete the boy's name that Jimin's cell phone began to ring, a sign that someone was calling him.

For a few moments, Hoseok found himself thinking how soft Yoongi's cheek could be in contact with his own lips, completely ignoring what Jimin had just said before closing the call.

《Namjoon hyung is waiting for us at his house!》 Jimin exclaimed, grounding the angel, 《Don't stay behind, Hoseokie hyung!》 Hoseok had to restrain his thoughts to stay behind the group.


When they reached the designated place, they found Namjoon waiting for them right in front of the garage door. He was responding to some messages, but immediately put away the phone when he heard known voices from afar. 《Jimin-ah!》 He replied, his heart swelling with expectation to see the group approach.

He would have lied if he had said that he had immediately noticed who was accompanying the dancer: only when he saw his hand entwined with that of Yoongi, the enthusiasm slipped away from his face, leaving a pale smile of convenience for the other three guests. The greeting he addressed to Yoongi was stiffer than the others, but if he had noticed it, he didn't show it. On the contrary, he also had the impudence to smile as he bent his head and thanked Namjoon for calling them to his house.

《What did you want to show us, hyung?》 Jimin asked, not taking away his hand from Yoongi's.

《You'll see. There's also Tae, waiting inside!》 Namjoon explained to Jimin, before raising the door anything but silent. Immediately the light outside merged with the electric light that was lit in the garage, revealing a large wooden plank fixed on pedestals and almost covered by a cloth. Various recording tools, a mixer, a computer with open a music editing program were on it.

Hoseok had already been in that house more than once, when he accompanied Jimin in an angelic form to his friend to try new pieces with the group or when they simply saw each other to study. He had seen Namjoon so many times that he understood that there was something wrong with his look and he also understood what it was, when the attention of the human continued to fall right on the intertwined fingers of Jimin and Yoongi.

Jimin was another person with Yoongi, you could tell from their looks, from the smiles that their lips formed; Hoseok couldn't hear anything, just a slight nonsense buzz in the background. Jimin seemed really happy with Yoongi, maybe Hoseok simply had to let them be happy.

《Is here where you register?》 Jeongguk asked the host; he was a guest too. Namjoon nodded as he arranged some chairs to allow everyone to sit down. 《I ran a couple of bases and I wanted you to hear amd give me an honest opinion.》 he explained as he sat on the chair in front of the computer, before looking briefly through the folders. It was clear how comfortable Namjoon felt with his tools at hand, forgetting for a moment the intertwined hands of Jimin and Yoongi.

Jeongguk was the only one to remain standing when everyone sat down, intent on looking around and discovering that place with his eyes. It was an essential room, the concrete floor housed only the desk: the rest of the room was bare. Only an inscription made with a stencil and a spray was on the wall: "Mon Studio".

《Where is Taehyungie hyung?》 Finally asked the youngest of the company, noticing that the other hadn't yet appeared.

Hoseok watched carefully the cursor that moved Namjoon, as he opened the various folders full of .mp3 files, but his attention was soon distracted by the arrival of Taehyung, who with his lilac hair stood out in that neutral-colored room.


《Hey-there ...!"》The newcomer's low voice was heard throughout the room, until it was abruptly interrupted; Taehyung's eyes rested on Hoseok, standing with his back against the wall. The surprise in his eyes was palpable, not expecting to see the angel still able to walk and breathe. Yoongi had to explain it to him.

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Taehyung couldn't even glare at Yoongi that Hoseok immediately bowed to greet him. The angel was holding with all his strength the instinct to Run away, but he couldn't explain to Jimin the reason for his escape.

Jeongguk hastened to greet the newcomer, while Yoongi continued to show himself completely calm as if there was nothing out of place. He didn't even try to look at Hoseok, knowing that it would be useless to confirm his thoughts. He only hoped that everything was smooth, at least in the eyes of the two humans.

《Do you remember the track I told you last week? That's it!》Namjoon called them back before pressing play. A mighty bass sounded in the speakers at the sides of the room, punctuated by a clap of hands that was soon joined by the notes of an electronic piano. It was a base suitable for a deep and dry rap, but a dancer could have pulled out something equally interesting from those notes.

Sometimes could be heard fingers popping, or shoes that kept time on the floor; even the ugly thoughts of Hoseok and Namjoon were silenced by the rhythm.


《Namjoonie hyung, it's awesome!》 Jimin said, using his free hand to give Namjoon five. The host, however, couldn't make more than a little smile, uncomfortable with the sight of Jimin happily hugging Yoongi's fingers.

A part of Hoseok could no longer endure the scene and decided to follow his instinct for once. He put a hand on Namjoon's shoulder and drew his attention closer to his ear. 《Namjoon-ssi, can we talk?》

Namjoon didn't hide his lack of enthusiasm too well as he rose his face from the work table. 《You can listen to the track when we’ll come back. Don't mess up with my things.》he finally said, glancing eloquently at Jeongguk and Taehyung who were already talking to each other. Then, without looking at the others, he motioned at Hoseok to follow him up the stairs. They reached the kitchen, without Namjoon saying a word. It seemed to do everything automatically like an automaton; even pulling out a couple of light beers from the fridge.

Hoseok refused to drink and, to avoid embarrassing performances in front of everyone, he preferred a glass of fresh water, instead. 《How are you, Namjoon-ssi?》

Namjoon opened his own bottle and took a brief sip. 《Don't ‘’-ssi’’ at me, we're the same age.》He answered with a light embarrassed laugh, before drinking another little. 《It's not all right, but you've probably noticed..》 he added with another short laugh, this time less convinced and decidedly more sad.

《it's Jimin, right?》 Hoseok's arms tightened against his chest as he examined Namjoon's expression; his smile became more and more vacillating, until he ended in a disappointed sigh.

The angel embraced him, rising on his toes to be able to cross his arms around his neck. 《I Don't like to see him with Yoongi hyung too …》

Namjoon barely opened his eyes, caught off guard, but willingly accepted the support Hoseok was showing him. 《... how long are they together?》 He asked with a hint of insecurity, as if he was undecided about wanting to know the answer or not.

《Since we met him, about a couple of months ago.》Hoseok replied, hoping not to make him suffer too much for a too inconvenient truth. 《Why don't you try to take him out? Yoongi did the same thing and Jimin immediately fell into his arms.》

《But it's not good!》 Namjoon scratched his forefinger against the glass he held in his hand, distractedly detaching the edge of the label. He didn't seem angry or indignant, just ... resigned.

《Never as much as going to bed with your best friend's boyfriend.》

Hoseok's head lowered, after sighing, feeling infinitely guilty for what he was doing. He bit his lip, cursing himself for letting the selfish thought escape. He had never wanted all of this and now he was jeopardizing Jimin's happiness.

Namjoon mentally thanked himself for not taking a sip of beer before hearing those words because he would certainly have spat in surprise. 《... Hobi?》 He blinked a few times, to make sure he was awake and sober. Unfortunately, it was. 《Excuse me..?》

《Yoongi is not interested in Jimin ... He never was.》 Hoseok spoke in a low voice, fearing he could be heard by someone. He really hoped he wouldn't have to explain anything to anyone else. 《That's why I want to help you to conquer the love of Jimin, he deserves to be truly loved. You love him, don't you? 》


《Yeah ... But how do you know? You're not a friend of Yoongi hyung ... or yes? I seem to have just arrived from another planet.》Namjoon said with a short laugh so he could lighten the atmosphere, but his nervousness was more than evident. He seemed to have been blind all the time, too focused on Jimin to see what was going on around him in the meantime.

《It's ... It's complicated.》 Hoseok clenched his fingers around his arms, while his face, more and more gloomy, lowered, trying to hide the embarrassment that was sending him into confusion. 《But it's not important, you must try to get Jimin's attention. Only then he will be really happy》 he rushed to say, at last 《Okay?》

Namjoon, however, this time didn't seem to believe in Hoseok's sudden mood change. 《... Don't not tell me Yoongi hyung fucked you.》

Namjoon's embarrassed smile was washed away by an incredulous expression, on the verge of shock, when Hoseok didn't seemed wanting to contradict him. 《... Let me understand, isn't a joke?》

Those painful memories returned to the angel's memory with the same force as a stabbing behind. The guilt was still fresh, the eyes of the angel were wide and full of tears and the nails tightened in the fabric of the shirt, showing all the tension accumulated by the boy. 《I was drunk ... Then it became more serious …》


《Did you do WHAT?》

The tone was more acute, more insecure and full of resentment.
Jimin was standing at the door, probably he went upstairs to take a drink or to say something to Namjoon. Whatever the intent was, it disappeared like snow in the sun.

Hoseok froze, like an animal seeing a car coming up against him. He didn't even find the courage to turn around and look at the person closest to him. 《No..Nothing Jimin.》 A futile attempt to be safe and serene. 《W-We'll talk later, mh?》

Jimin swayed his gaze nervously between Hoseok and Namjoon, but when he saw the confused expression of the latter he understood that he would only have answers from Hoseok. 《No, we'll talk about it now.》

His voice was filled with rage, as if behind the seemingly calm expression he was ready to burst at any moment. 《You have things to say to me or you don't you have the courage? 》 He provoked him, clenching his fists.

Hoseok took a long breath, trying to calm the tears; certainly he wouldn't have sweetened the pill to Jimin making himself seen in those conditions. 《... I made love with Yoongi》 the angel confessed in a cracked voice, turning cautiously toward him. 《He confessed his feelings to me after having fucked with you …》


《 You fucking liar》the younger hissed, convulsively planting his nails in his palms. He approached Hoseok, without stopping to scratch him with his accusing gaze. His voice trembled, but not for the same reasons as Hoseok. Namjoon wanted to protect his friend, but in front of the blind fury of Jimin, he didn't dare raise a finger.

《So it's true.. you flirted with the boy I like. Weren't we friends?》The dancer went on, while a bitter, angry disappointment grew in his voice.

Hoseok denied with a gesture of the head the accusations that the minor had addressed him. Those words filled with more and more resentment worn out the angel, who felt more and more guilty. He had never seen Jimin so angry. 《I ... I tried to keep you away from him because you need someone who really loves you, not someone who uses you as a stop-gap when I'm not there》

《Why you never told me anything? Why did you encourage me?》Jimin had raised his voice, not caring to be heard by others. Namjoon, not far from them, seemed petrified.


《I'm leaving.》 He concluded in a broken voice, before rubbing the tip of his nose with the back of his hand to stop the tears, which had already flushed his eyes.

《Jimin-ah, don't …》Namjoon tried to interfere, but Jimin silenced him with an eloquent look, that even the host hadn't the courage to oppose.

Hoseok ran to Jimin, grabbing his wrist to stop him. When they looked at each other, the oldest could no longer restrain himself and let the tears wet his face, along the delicate cheeks to the chin. 《J .. Jimin …》 The words were hard to get out, his throat was burning. 《I encouraged you before I knew him better ... I didn't want to hurt you too, my little one …》 he sobbed. 《I ... I had to protect you …》

《Fucking with him, of course!》 he breathed, freeing his wrist from Hoseok's grip. It was so bad to argue like that with his best friend, they never used words like that against each other. 《Don't touch me.》 The tone became more serious, more methodical, colder. There was no longer any filter to his emotions, every thought was looking for the sharpest way to hurt Hoseok. 《And never call me " my little one " again. I don't need you.》

《I ... I never had fun behind you …》 He no longer had the strength to defend himself from the blind fury of Jimin; Hoseok was wounded to death by the words that had been addressed to him. Hoseok was an hypocrite, crying in front of Jimin, who had just been betrayed, but he wouldn't give up, despite his tears and his trembling voice. He would fight for Jimin, his protege, his best friend.

《I haven't talked to him for weeks. I'm trying to get away from him, I don't want to stop your happiness any more, because even if Yoongi made me feel good, you're more important …》

Jimin kept looking at Hoseok with empty eyes, as if he was hearing his words but not listening to them. His expression didn't soften even before the desperate cry of the ex best friend.《You're a whore.》he replied angrily, shaking his head. Jimin quickly gave him his back and hissed one last time before going down the stairs. 《I pity you.》

Namjoon rushed to follow him, calling his name to try to make him stay. You could hear their footsteps walking along the stairs, the heavier ones of Jimin, the faster and more excited of Namjoon.

Once alone with his feelings of guilt and all the insults received, Hoseok's legs gave up and dropped him to his knees, tightly convulsed in the shoulders. He had no voice to cry, he didn't have the courage to make the other guests hear his crying, the only things that made his pain tangible were the fingers planted in the arms and the tears running down the chin and neck of the boy.

Only when the crackling voice of Yoongi called the angel, Hoseok stopped for a few moments his sobbing, trying to quickly dry the tears to hide what had happened to the angel. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he had arrived late. 《Seok?》

《G ... go away》Hoseok said weakly; his voice was terribly upset.

Yoongi crouched in front of him, resting his knees on the floor and placing a hand on his hair to caress them. It was the first time he saw Hoseok so destroyed. 《Do you want to tell me what happened?》 He asked softly, almost gently, urging him with quiet interest.

The fingers of the youngest hugged behind Yoongi's back, welcoming his embrace, as if it was his lifeline in that moment so tragic for an angel. He would never have forgiven himself for the suffering he had caused to Jimin, his Jimin. 《J..Jimin..》 he purred, his face stuck in Yoongi's neck, who was still stroking his hair. Despite the bitter tears, Hoseok was infinitely grateful to the demon to be there to console him. 《He discovered t..that you and I.. we fuck.》

The movements of Yoongi stopped for a moment, due to the stiffening of his limbs. The moment of dismay, however, didn't last long and the Hoseok’s hair began to be shaped by the gnarled fingers of the demon.


They stood in silence for a moment, Yoongi unsure of which words to use. No one had ever needed his help so desperately. 《Do you want to stop?》 He finally asked, without malice.

《I like you so much, hyung..》 Hoseok said after finally weeping against Yoongi's skin. The idea of giving up first to Jimin and then to Yoongi was terribly bad. 《B .. But Jimin loves you and ... and I have to make him happy》, “ but I wish it was Namjoon to stay with him, so we could stay together, hyung” he ended up in his mind.

He rose from Yoongi's neck, showing him his face, reddened with tears and marked by the furrows of tears. 《... You want Jimin, n-no?》


Yoongi didn't answer immediately, because that heavy question oppressed his conscience uncomfortably.

《You are right. Maybe the game lasted too long. 》

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Chapter 7


《You are right. Maybe the game lasted too long. 》

Yoongi continued to caress Hoseok's neck and his nape, with a care he never thought he knew how to prove. For Yoongi staying close to Hoseok made everything a continuous discovery, of himself even before than the other. He had been convinced that there was only one way to deal with angels before he met Hoseok.

《It wasn't a game…》 Hoseok answered resigned, lowering his eyes drowned by tears. 《But duty is duty, r..right?》 He tried to let go the pain and despair, that the distance from Yoongi would cause him. Hoseok had to think about the happiness of his own protégé, not his own. After all, he was a simple guardian angel who had just broken the heart of his weak human.

Hoseok grabbed the fabric of the demon's shirt between his fingers and pulled him toward his chest, as if he wanted to print a last kiss on his lips, but stopped before doing so. He was no longer allowed by now.

《Jimin won't take this well.》 Yoongi said instead as if it was a fact, without showing signs of compassion for the tearful angel before him. 《I shouldn't feel sorry for him, it doesn't bother me to make fun of Jimin, but I would never be able to hurt you.》 he murmured, cracking his own voice with a sliver of sweetness in the last words. He was torn: should he continue on his own path or take care of his enemy. Absurd as it was, the second choice seemed to him the right thing to do.

The angel denied with a gesture of the head, continuing to keep his eyes down, now disillusioned. He was struggling to accept all of this: the idea of remaining alone made him obscenely afraid, but he couldn't oppose his duties.

《You made fun of me, you should be happy.》

《I told you. The game lasted too long.》 The tone used by the demon was firm, but not severe or threatening; indeed, it was welcoming, protective, expression of one side of Yoongi, which always struggled to emerge.

Yoongi took the other's face with both hands, resting his fingertips on his cheekbones and ears to just incline his head and hold it still. Their lips touched, slowly but with passion, to exchange a kiss that could be called sweet.

Hoseok's eyes gradually opened, no longer filled with tears like clouds during a storm, and he parted his lips, letting his tongue pass to stroke the twin. His fingers rested on the backs of Yoongi's hands and crossed between his to amplify their contact. He had never been so happy to be wrong.

《H .. Hyung》

One of Yoongi's hands came down Hoseok's shoulder, brushing his arm before settling on his back, close to what would have been the attachments of his wings. He stroked him without breaking the kiss, even deepening it and pulling Hoseok even more against him. His chest, shaken by accelerated breathing, was impossible to synchronize with the demon's breathing, but Yoongi didn't care too much. The important thing was to have Hoseok for himself. The rest didn't matter anymore.

《... Let's get out of here.》 Hoseok whispered, his lips against Yoongi's, struggling to separate from the twins. At that moment, the angel seemed to depend on the one and only presence of Yoongi, as if a demon could save an angel.

Yoongi shuddered at hearing that thought, trembling at the idea of having Hoseok on him once again, without worrying about what would come next. 《Do you really want to come with me?》 He whispered in his ear, caressing the cartilage with the tips of his lips as Yoongi did the same with his hands Hoseok's back.

At that moment, for the first time, Hoseok felt fully human in being selfish. He came to prefer his own happiness to that of the protege, especially when the bond with Yoongi pressed to be re-established. The need to feel the other, to touch him, to feel part of him, hurted the angel like a knife, which cut the flesh of the chest to dig to the heart; now that they were finally together, that excruciating pain, that seemed to have taken his breath away at night, just lenited. 《I beg you.》 Hoseok asked again, closer and closer to the demon, more and more impatient and desperate.


Yoongi tightened his grip on the other's clothes and, once again, he joined his lips to Hoseok's, wrapping both with black clouds, that only became less pronounced when they both appeared in Yoongi's apartment. He knew that all this was against the rules, but even though he was fully conscious, he didn't give up yet again. Yoongi broke the contact only to get out of the floor and take Hoseok with him, before letting him lie flat on his back and cage the poor angel under himself. Every kiss they exchanged was more ravenous than the previous, more needy and more intimate, almost delicate. Unusual behavior for a demon.

Hoseok felt he needed all this, having to escape from the fury of the protégé and his peers who would punish this unsuitable behavior. He didn't care what he was supposed to suffer, for Yoongi it was worth it.

His hands gripped both of the demon's wrists, tightening them more and more, until he broke that kiss, panting, terribly in need of oxygen.

《Let me stay with you.》 A pause, to catch your breath. 《Forever.》


Yoongi's lips parted slightly in amazement, while Hoseok's eyes stared vaguely, as the image, of what the angel had just said, was manifesting in front of his pupils. He had never considered the idea of bonding to someone (many demons survive without problems even without partners), but for Hoseok he could have made an exception.

It had changed so much since the first time they had seen each other.


《Stay with me, babe》 Yoongi whispered back, before pressing the body against his, and, once again, capturing his mouth, running his hands over his hips and then climbing up to his short hair.

The darkness was devouring their bodies in the whole windowless bedroom, reminding Hoseok what he was doing and the sin their joint lips were generating. It was everywhere and it was inexorably marking with its fangs his angelic limbs, even closing his eyes, it was useless and, again, Hoseok prematurely interrupted their kiss. 《L ... Light!》Hoseok wagged weakly, grabbing the demon’s face with his hands, hidden in the shadows with his own. 《I..It..It..It scares me… It's too dark …》

Yoongi nodded faintly before stretching an arm toward the lamp on the bedside table, which was dimly illuminating the room with a warm light. Whenever he had brought someone into the room to spend the night with, Yoongi had never wanted to remember their features because all he needed was someone quite brash enough to desire sex as much as he did.

With Hoseok, however, it was still different. It had always been, after all, since the first time Yoongi had laid eyes on him.

《Better?》Yoongi asked, with a sweet note in his voice; he could have called it almost tender. Hoseok regained some courage thanks to that sweet tone, as he delicately parted himself from Yoongi's chest, as the traces of terror vanished from Hoseok's face; caressed by that light, the angel smiled, reassured.

《Thank you hyung …》 He murmured in his ear, after having placed a delicate and loving kiss on his lips, inviting him to resume that lascivious gesture that had been interrupted a few moments before.


Yoongi's pelvis lowered to press against Hoseok's, swaying slowly against him and rubbing their still-covered intimacy. Everything was slower, quieter than what Yoongi had been used to, before Hoseok: when he and everyone else had preferred quick, decisive and voracious meetings, with Hoseok he didn't mind slowing his pace, even enjoying tickling on the tips of the fingers while stroking the other's skin under the shirt.

《Mh ..》

Their mouths joined again with a slow kiss, passionate yet silent, as if no one had to hear them.

Hoseok clawed at Yoongi's back, running his fingers down his back, coming first to his hair, then to his buttocks, which he gripped with overwhelming desire. He moaned in a weak voice, as if he didn't want to disturb the demon, trying to keep quiet his verses at all costs, while his nails were sinking more and more into the fabric of Yoongi's jeans and their basins getting closer and closer to each other.

He slowly began to pull the sweater off the demon, unable to resist, obscenely upset by a quick and heavy breathing; the tip of his excitement could be seen against the zip of his pants and mouth ajar, full of restrained and swallowed moans.

《I adore you.. hyung 》

《What an impatient baby boy, mh?》 He smiled as Yoongi rubbed his nose against Hoseok's. It was no longer a sarcastic smile, nor even a grimace of mockery: a different light animated the demon's eyes, more involving, more intimate.

Yoongi's hands did the same thing Hoseok had just done, but instead of stopping over his clothes he slipped under the shirt of the youngest, teasing one of his nipples with his fingertips; the brazenness of a gesture like that, combined with the determined basin movements against the genitalia of Hoseok, continued to screech with the tenderness of rubbing their noses.

《What do you want me to do, Hoseokie?》

Faced with such stimulation, the angel instinctively scratched the fabric of Yoongi's trousers right over his buttocks, and, without any modesty, he moaned with pleasure, without concealing the crescendo of lust.

《Let me forget the pain …》 He blew, imploring Yoongi. He only wanted to forget the angry and suffering face of Jimin, which had been imprinted in his mind like a torture.


The demon hesitated for a moment, uncertain in front of the reality that was before his eyes: it was against nature that an angel had decided to succumb to remorse; they were too pure and trusting creatures to let themselves be abandoned to regret. Another piece of Hoseok had just shattered right in front of Yoongi's eyes and he couldn't help wondering if it was the last piece or if he could have dragged his frail being even deeper.

In front of Hoseok's desperate eyes, however, he realized that he no longer wanted to destroy him as he had promised to do at the beginning of everything. Yoongi could have broken the angel with the gesture of one hand, so easily that he didn't give Hoseok the time to notice it, but that was not Yoongi's will.

《Then close your eyes》Yoongi finally whispered, caressing his face with the palm of his hand before going down on his pelvis; as he untied his belt, he covered his belly with kisses and, once he was able to take off his pants, the demon left a damp kiss on the bulge in his boxers.


Yoongi's invitation left the angel frightened, mindful of their last fight, where those four words had been the preamble of his defeat. His breath stopped, but when he soon felt the demon’s lips on his skin, he finally calmed down. Despite everything, he had given Yoongi all his confidence.

Hoseok could feel his warm breath on his own womb, until he received another kiss on his taut and hot flesh. His body quivered with pleasure in response and a small patch of pre orgasm liquid soaked the cotton underwear, inviting the demon to continue.


One of the delicate angelic hands leaned on Yoongi's head, caressing his hair carefully, while gradually Hoseok's eyelids began to lower, until they were completely closed.

Yoongi restrained a thrill when he felt the fingers of the other on his head, squinting as he continued to kiss him. Once Hoseok's boxer was moistened, the demon slipped them gently, enough to rest his lips on his bare length. He kissed the tip, then drawing the outline with his tongue and tasting the first drops of his pleasure. Yoongi gasped softly, his lips wrapped around his circumference, before pressing his fingers around his thighs to open them more.

《Aah ..》 Yet another thrill ran through the body of the angel, who, for the first time, was letting himself immerse in that new experience. Weakly, he gave a slight tug to Yoongi's dark locks and his eyelids narrowed, but they gave no sign of wanting to hatch, obedient to the invitation he had received shortly before.

《H .. Hyung, you don't have to …》 He murmured, after an involuntary, quick hips blow, which made his way into Yoongi's mouth as he felt his lips wrap his wet tip


If he hadn't had a busy mouth, Yoongi would have probably smiled, showing his boldness; yet he answered, lowering his head more, and slowly sliding the Hoseok's shape against his throat. 《Mh ..》 With a slight moan, Yoongi continued to move slowly, anxious to tease the other's patience, to see how long he would be able to resist before yielding to the instinct of wanting more.

Guided by the pleasure, Hoseok felt obliged to give small and careful thrusts in Yoongi's mouth, afraid of hurting him or making him cough because of his impatience.

《No...Nhh.. Come o-on, hyung …》 He moaned with a lewd voice, stabbing his toes into the mattress, while his fingers, still clenched in his hair, began to force his head to move it against his painful erection.

《N..Nnnh .. Please …》

The moans coming from Hoseok's throat were so pleasant, so deliciously sharp. Yoongi still lowered into the other's pelvis, without blocking his shy movements, and letting him fuck his mouth at the pace he would like most. His taut form filled his throat so satisfactorily, and Yoongi didn't hesitate to rub his tongue over all the skin he could reach, wetting the other's length even more.

The angel's fingers tightened around Yoongi's locks with enough force, but without tearing them, and he opened his mouth wide to let go those indecent lines, that were filling the demon's room with their shamelessness. Every push was accompanied by a desperate sob, a lascivious verse; Hoseok's back arched, the neck too and, to get a better support, he put the sole of his feet on the sheet, while the tears of pleasure mingled together with the saliva stained the pillow.


Yoongi continued to cradle his skin with his own tongue, soaking it until some saliva trickled from the corner of his mouth as he moved his head up and down. He could feel the tremors of the little one’s limbs, his accelerated breathing, all terribly sexy details that stimulated his fantasies. With another low moan he lowered himself completely, brushing his pubis with the tip of the nose, feeling his sweaty skin quiver. He sucked louder than the previous times and stood still for a moment in that position, leaving Hoseok the time to fully enjoy that feeling.

That tongue was enough to drag the angel into the most absolute and forbidden pleasure. His breathing was obscenely rapid, alternating with slight sharp moan as Yoongi's boiling muscle touched a sensitive spot.

To avoid reaching the climax too quickly and ruining the whole atmosphere, wasting the mouth of the dark with his own seed, he took off his erection and went on all fours, going up on the older man's chest. That detachment made him shudder, but at least he had gained the chance to hug himself between Yoongi's arms and kiss him.

《You deserve some pleasure too …》 He sighed weakly, his breath still too fast and desperate and the erection dripping with saliva between their bodies, as he began to kiss Yoongi's neck vulgarly, leaving him wet bites and kisses.

A short laugh, mixed with a slight moan escaped from Yoongi's lips.

《But I was enjoying too..》 he replied as he stroked the other's hair, before grasping and gently pulling them.

《Why did you stop me? Wasn't it good enough?》 The demon teased him, using the grip on his hair to lay Hoseok on his back.
《I'm offended.》 he continued to act with a relaxed expression, wrapping his palm around his wet, pulsating length and stroking it shamelessly.

《P..please ...!》 Hoseok whimpered, but soon the delicate, unsatisfactory caresses he was receiving made him calm down. Light pushes accompanied those touches, trying in some way to try a little 'enjoyment’, but with poor results.

《I didn't want to make you think this ... I.. I'll be good boy, I promise!》


《You'll be “good boy”, mh?》

Chapter Text

《You'll be “good boy”, mh?》

Yoongi repeated, more slowly, savoring the words one by one without stopping the touches on his own erection with slow and insufficient movements. The contracted expression that rippled Hoseok's features was fucking exciting.

Without stopping to caress the angel’s skin, he leaned forward to take some lubricant, returning between his legs and leaving his member only to get his fingers dirty with the cold liquid; Yoongi leaned against Hoseok's opening, drawing slow circles and moistening his muscles.

《Do you like it?》

Hoseok denied, dissenting from his statement, too dissatisfied with his touches, too impatient to be able to enjoy the demon’s cock. His puffy, pinky hole relaxed just enough to allow a single phalanx to enter, still too tight after weeks of chastity.

《Just fuck me …》

《I just want to be sure I won't hurt you, pumpkin》 Yoongi warned as he inserted a damp finger inside him, hastening the preparations. He didn't want to make Hoseok wait any longer, not when so sinful words had slipped out from his lips.


《Are you ready?》 Yoongi finally asked, looking into his eyes, after positioning himself between his legs and aligning himself with him. Despite the dim light, in his irises it was clear that there was something else more than the first few times, something more attentive and welcoming.

Hoseok had covered his eyes with his wrists, to hide himself from Yoongi's red eyes. He nodded quickly as he knotted his thighs behind the demon's back.

《J .. Just go, Hyung ..》 He sobbed among the gasps, which increased more and more when he felt his tip against his own flesh, still too tight, as if a part of him was afraid of pain. 《I-I Don't deserve y-your kindness.》


Yoongi took his wrists away from his eyes and brought them over his head, fixing his arms with one hand to the edge of the pillow while he was holding himself onto the mattress, resting his free elbow. 《I won't hurt you, baby..》 he whispered gently, as he lowered to touch the tip of his nose with his lips. 《I promised it, remember?》 He added, leaving two very light kisses on the angel's eyelids, wet and trembling.

Only when Yoongi gave him those kisses, Hoseok finally opened his eyes, red and glassy. His gaze engulfed every detail of the soft human face of the demon and, at that moment, the angel was unable to hold back a smile, even if broken by tears. Hoseok folded his arms behind his neck and reached out to him, kissing him repeatedly and tenderly on his lips.

《I trust you…》


Yoongi half-closed his eyelids and became infected by that smile, smiling back at the expression of the angel. He no longer felt the desire to defeat Hoseok or destroy him; it was something more tender to shake his fingers and feel warmth in his chest.

With his lips pressed on his, Yoongi pushed himself into him, slowly, gently. He gripped Hoseok's shoulder to restrain himself from ejaculate, though it was terribly difficult once he was welcomed by Hoseok's pussy; the touch of the angel's fingers was perfect, they were warm and light as feathers on the demon's taut back.

《Mh …》

The youngest moaned against Yoongi's soft lips, swallowing the moans of pain so as not to worry the latter too much and let him taste every part of himself. The neck arched into the pillow, scattering the pink hair over the soft fabric and the same thing did his chest, shaken by rapid breaths that highlighted every rib of that thin body; in the movement the short nails scratched the milky back of the demon, marking it with their own pleasure.

《Ke-keep going》

Yoongi didn't close his eyes but, instead, he kept them fixed on the face of the other, not to lose even a ripple of his expression. The way his pectorals tended and contracted with each breath was hypnotic.

Back slowly, then forward with determination: the movements were careful and not too rough, the delicacy of that moment was a thin bubble that enveloped that small room, as if Yoongi was afraid to destroy it with blows too firm.

《A-Ah …》 He gasped in rudeness, near Hoseok's ear.

《Ah..more..》Hoseok implored, asking Yoongi to go deeper, even if he felt pain and he could already perceive small droplets of red viscous liquid dripping along his buttocks.
He wanted to feel part of him, inside himself, he wanted Yoongi's breath on his skin and to join his lips to his, letting himself be worn down by pleasure mixed with pain.

His hands danced on Yoongi's face, caressing it and picking up his sweat with his fingertips, while the angel's tongue plunged between his lips, losing himself in a slow, sweet, lascivious kiss, alternated with bites and lapped between the demon’s teeth. He seemed to have left behind his role as guardian, the discussion he had with the protégé; now Hoseok existed only for Yoongi.


The rhythm of the demon's pelvis was regular, fast enough to go deep, slow enough to taste everything. Hoseok's body quivered as he moaned, bringing Yoongi ever farther away from himself, more and more lost in his own body.

《You're so beautiful..》 Yoongi grunted in a low voice as he struck a stronger push than the others inside Hoseok's wet and welcoming walls. He was rewarded with a groaning, soaked with pleasure and desire that made the whole body of the angel shake in tears.

《W-what ..?》

Despite the groans and the mind full of Yoongi, Hoseok managed to hear the compliment, which left him displaced, to the point of ignoring the smell of blood hovering in the air.
A part of Hoseok questioned the reason that pushed Yoongi to tell him that sweetness, but soon his mind came back to blur with pleasure, with his nails planted in the demon's sweaty back.

The obscene flapping of skin against skin echoed in each other's ears, accompanied by a soft wet sound that was slowly leading them to pleasure. 《Enjoy it.》 Yoongi blew at his skin, more breathless than before, 《Enjoy with me-》 he groaned, choked in a sob.

Every question that Hoseok could have asked was forgotten after two deep thrusts, which reduced him to a tender mess that was screaming and trembling with pleasure.

Hoseok howled, finally looking into Yoongi's eyes, as if he was digging into his whole being.


The ecstasy for Yoongi was extremely near and shortly thereafter he found himself panting Hoseok's name like a mantra as he came inside of him. It was all muffled, Yoongi couldn't quite distinguish the features of his lover's face in the confusion post orgasm, not even when he used one hand to caress the erection of the other while he was still inside of him.

It was enough for Hoseok to feel the warmth of Yoongi's semen in his belly to follow him and come a little later between their bodies with a broken sob, now with a dry throat and no voice. The nails remained gripped at Yoongi's back for the duration of the little one's pleasure, until he let himself fall into the softness of the mattress with his legs still vulgarly open around the demon. The breath was accelerated, no longer able to distinguish Yoongi's voice from his own in that amalgam of gasps and the eyes inevitably fell backwards, losing the perception of the world for a few moments by the intensity of the pleasure reached.

With his muscles aching with exertion, Yoongi came out of him and leaned on his elbows to lie exhausted next to his body. He could still feel the sweat running down his forehead and tickling his temples.


Yoongi didn't interrupt the silence that had been created between them, punctuated only by their heavy and slow breaths. He merely looked at Hoseok's profile between his eyelashes, destroyed and happy, with a slight smile on his lips and his hair glued to his forehead. He seemed to have lost consciousness, but the impression had lasted so little that he left Yoongi with the doubt that he was wrong.

《Are you all right?》 He finally asked, slightly hesitant.

《I... I think so..》 Hoseok murmured, his mouth still kneaded by saliva, giving a weak smile to the dark one, brittle and sore. 《How are you, love…?》

It was amazing how Hoseok tried to smile even at moments like that, when his muscles were trembling and the annoyance was more than visible. 《Better than you.》 Yoongi then noted with a touch of bitterness, seeing the angel’s thighs dirty with blood. He stood up with a light puff of fatigue and went to get a towel to clean the exhausted body of Hoseok, after having quickly cleaned himself. 《Can you turn your back?》He asked him gently, after he passed the towel in silence on the front of his body.

《You don't have to, Yoongi hyung..》Hoseok replied, placing a hand on his as if asking him to stop; It seemed so unnatural for Yoongi such a sweet and caring gesture, even if his delicacy made him smile like a little boy. He didn't know how to describe that little glimmer of joy that was filling his chest and inevitably his face flushed.

Hoseok received only a small smile in reply, to confirm that Yoongi didn't need his permission to give him some kindness. Once finished he dropped the balled-up towel, too tired to get up and put it in the right place, and he lay down again next to Hoseok, in the same position he had assumed before getting up.


Yoongi felt a tingling at the breastbone, a slight tremor that spread to his throat, to the tip of his tongue. It wasn't pleasant, not even unbearable; something seemed to indicate to the demon to swallow and shut up, but the mouth moved before the brain could order it.

《I hope I didn't hurt you..》


It was the first time that Hoseok saw the demon in such a delicate and careful attitude towards himself and this novelty prevented him from holding back once again a lovely and seraphic smile, as if he was no longer feeling any pain.

《You were awesome..》 Hoseok snapped, before cuddling and squeezing as best he could between his arms, resting on Yoongi's stomach. From time to time he would leave a few kisses on his shoulder, breathing his scent that now was on his whole body; he wanted every inch of himself to scream he belonged to Yoongi.

《I like you, hyung …》

Yoongi's breath stopped halfway, without warning. Now that the haze of excitement had disappeared, there was no way to misunderstand those words, as if they were part of a delirium.

The half-closed lips of the demon took a few seconds before exhaling the question he was afraid to ask. 《... What do you mean?》 He blew gently, confused, while with one hand he drew the outline of the dimples at the base of the other's back.

《It means that I'm willing to lose everything, just to stay by your side..》 the angel explained hesitantly, snapping an almost innocent kiss on those crimson lips.

《Anything ...?》Yoongi asked, looking at him straight in the irises. Such self-denial was something new in the eyes of the demon, having never experienced anything so absolute, even for the people he considered closer.

《Would you be willing to give up everything?》


For a moment the eyes of the angel became darker, full of discouragement; having hurt so deeply his own protégé made him feel a bad angel, almost as if he no longer deserved to belong to heaven and to everything that is pure in the world, like the comfortable hugs of Seokjin. Yoongi instead had never judged him, not even after having hurted a human. 《Yes ... Yes …》 The tone had been reduced to a whisper, trembling with sadness.

《I want to stay with you…》

《You won't be able to go back..》 Yoongi reminded him, despite himself being selfishly happy. Holding someone alongside would be a new experience, but that new reality seemed something pleasant. A wish that a demon like Taehyung or Jeongguk would never even think about it. 《Do you want to ... stay with me?》 He asked one last time, masking his desire to hear Hoseok saying yes.


Exasperated by that continuous asking him if he wanted it or not, Hoseok threw himself on his lips kissing him with all the energy left over after so much sex. He simply wanted to become part of Yoongi's life, the idea of belonging to him soothed his soul, shaken by the resentment he felt toward himself. The demon couldn't help but accept that kiss, letting the soft lips of Hoseok match their outline with those of Yoongi. Yoongi was the only one to accept him, the other angels would have only isolated him and mocked him.

《Yes …》 He whispered tiredly to his mouth, after leaving him breathless and with red and swollen lips.

《Seok …》Yoongi murmured, fought between the satisfaction of having the angel at his side and a new, unpleasant feeling of remorse. It was now irreversible, they both knew it before they exchanged those words, but now that Yoongi had succeeded in his initial intent he couldn't fully experience that joy. Something was missing and he couldn't name it.


《Mh..Hyung, what's wrong?》 The angel's forehead began to rub against the demon's neck, calling his attention with delicate caresses and light kisses. The angel was unaware of the thoughts that were distracting the demon and soon that innocence turned into disappointment.

《You don't want me anymore…?》

《Don't talk nonsense, Hoseok 》 Yoongi said without much harshness, smiling at him as he tightened his body to himself and lingered on the curve of his ass. He seemed to have left behind the negative thoughts of just before.

《Of course I want you..》 he murmured again, running his fingers through his hair and combing them with the tips of his phalanges, shivering as he felt his breath on his neck. In the midst of all those pleasant sensations, he found himself thinking, he wouldn't have despised the cozy smell of nicotine.

It was ineluctable and automatic the smile that Hoseok showed to the demon: it was delicate and sincere, it accentuated every single detail of his face, to the very white teeth like stars in the empyrean, to the cheeks red with joy, under the eyes that were reduced in small cracks of serenity.
The tone of the demon didn't admit uncertainty and Hoseok abandoned himself in that sweet embrace between two lovers, accepting everything of Yoongi, as he had just done with him.

《I want you too..》 he murmured, losing himself in those pitch-black eyes, mesmerized by such forbidden and lethal beauty.

《I didn't think you liked my ass that much..》 Hoseok finally commented with a touch of malice.

《And you only noticed it now?》Yoongi replied the other with wit, stroking the forehead of the youngest with the tip of his nose.


《Does it bother you if ...?》 The demon asked, leaving the sentence pending as he pointed to the pack of cigarettes on the bedside table. Yoongi didn't even remember where he had taken it - almost certainly he stolen it from some a too spoiled human being- but he had cultivated this habit for some time and had no intention of quitting soon.

Hoseok watched Yoongi abandon the warmth of their embrace to grab a small red and white package and extract an equally small stick of tobacco that emphasized the thin fingers of the demon. It wasn't the first time he saw Yoongi smoking, but certainly they were all unpleasant occasions, where the demon needed a cigarette in his mouth to enjoy the distressed angel's sight.

《Only if you give me a try.》

The blond stopped for a moment with a cigarette in the air, looking at Hoseok with the frown of someone who has just heard a secret that he never imagined.

《You want to do….What?》 He whispered with a disbelieving smile, intrigued and surprised at the same time by that novelty. He slipped the splint between his lips as he waited for the answer, looking for the lighter with his free hand, while the other was busy resting on the back of the younger.


《I-I would like to give a try, hyung…》Hoseok replied with less energy than before, finding himself with his eyes lowered and his cheek resting on a pectoral of Yoongi, embarrassed by the latter's amazement. 《 It never harmed anyone..r-right?》 The angel said to himself, justifying his curiosity for such forbidden behavior.

《Please, hyung..》

《Good boys don't smoke..》 Yoongi teased him as he flicked the lighter, inhaling to turn on the filter. The free end of the splint brightened red vividly and, after a few moments, the gnarled fingers of the oldest removed the cigarette from his lips; a small cloud of pearl-colored smoke escaped from the demon's mouth, dissipating into the surrounding air. The angel's eyes widened in front of the little red firefly that shone in the semi-darkness of the room and disappeared when the demon inhaled that clear with a strong odor. Already from the first taste Yoongi's nerves shuddered under the skin, muffling a little the feeling of soreness.

《But if you really insist …》 he added, with a half smile, to curl the corners of his mouth, as he approached the cue to the lover's lips. 《Start with short shots..》Yoongi advised him.

As a good newbie, Hoseok welcomed the advice received from Yoongi with a heart-shaped smile and, when he put it between his lips, he pulled a couple of small breaths, until he found a disgusting taste of tobacco in his mouth. Instinctively he coughed, sickened by such taste, showing the boy an expression of disappointment. 《Yuck! How disgusting! 》 He exclaimed, turning away from his face the hand of the demon.

Yoongi let out a laugh, whispered with exhaustion, before the disgusted expression of the angel. Even in such a situation, the angel's features possessed a grace unknown to the human world. 《Do you want it again?》 he teased the naive angel, moving the cigarette between his lips, back in place.

《You will appreciate it better than me, hyung~》 Hoseok replied, without malice, happy to be with Yoongi without bickering or battles, unable to look away from the face of the beloved.

The cue was slowly consumed between the phalanges of Yoongi, adding to the light of the room those sporadic red fireflies that had enchanted the angel so much.

After a short time and a short yawn, however, Hoseok gave up and closed his eyes, trying to stay awake.

《Hyung ... So now I can't go back home ...?》 Hoseok whispered, his mouth thick with sleep. 《It depends..》 Yoongi answered quietly, covering their clasped bodies with a blanket, 《..On what do you mean by " house “, baby..》

《The heavens …》 The feeling of warmth and security that the arms of the demon guaranteed him was unique, enough to allow Hoseok's body to let go of the tiredness and the pains that still burned.

《I … lo’..ou …》 He mumbled, his fringe covering his puffy eyes, delightfully closed and relaxed. Yoongi watched him fall asleep under the blanket and said nothing until he saw his breath slow down and get regularized. His hair, gray and pink, like the first time they had met in human form, was scattered on the pillow and on Yoongi's chest, twisted and ruffled despite being short; for Yoongi it was enough to look at him to feel at peace with himself, as if he could purify his soul only with that.

He turned off the cigarette in the small plate on the bedside table and tucked the covers over to both, being careful not to wake the other.

《This could be the house of yours..》Yoongi whispered at last to his ear, as if Hoseok was still able to hear it. He felt the need to say it, as if that was enough to make everything more real.

As if they both could have a normal life.

Chapter Text

How many times Hoseok had asked to be an human, in order to make their forbidden
relationship legal?

Perhaps whispering the request between a sob and another, crying between his own
blankets, avoiding Seokjin's attentive and alarmed gaze that still made him live with him.

He missed being alone with Yoongi and it had been too long since he'd spent the night with him, in his arms. Now that Seokjin had dyed his hair orange again, bringing it back to its original color, Hoseok had thought he could make peace with himself; but, all he could think of when je looked in the mirror were the nights spent with Yoongi, those nights when there seemed to be more than just sex.

The angel touched the bottom when he found himself on the point of cutting both of his wings with his own gladius; he still remembered the terrified expression of Seokjin, broken by tears, and the ensuing slap he received for such idiocy.

Seokjin didn’t understand, didn’t
want to understand that if Hoseok had lost both wings, he would become human and could love the demon freely. Or, at least, it seemed so: no creature remembered what had happened to their human life, it was only known that the cycle of life and death led human beings to reincarnate in creatures based on their behavior on Earth.
All the rest was only rumors, only urban legends. Stupid legends, according to Seokjin, to which Hoseok tried to hold on to avoid drifting apart from Yoongi.

Both Hoseok and Yoongi lost their eagerness to fight one against the another, yet Hoseok
couldn’t refuse his sister's request for help on the battlefield. It was at that moment that he
realized how truly the world around him and Yoongi had become dangerous, that they didn’t solely lose the desire to fight.
Jeongguk had planted his feet on the ground, countering Dawon's blows with the armbands
of his armor. It began as a trivial clash between guardians but it had turned soon into a real battle, two against one, Yoongi and Jeongguk versus Dawon.

<<Behind you!!>>

Shouted the younger of the two demons, too far from Yoongi to intervene in person: the eldest managed to turn around, but wasn’t quick enough to avoid the violent blow that had taken him full on his chest, knocking him to the ground.

Yoongi raised himself on his elbows with a grunt, his left ear slightly ringing and his nose
hurting in an unpleasant way; he felt only a few deaf metal-metal slamming behind him, but he was too busy checking on the integrity of his limbs to worry about it too much.

Jeongguk was still almost full of strength, while Yoongi seemed to have lost the strength and the iron wrist, that always accompanied him in battle as faithful subjects.

The blond demon struggled to get up on his feet, taking out a new dagger from his belt and holding it firmly, when he turned around to meet the figure of Hoseok, only a few tens of meters away.

<<What ...?!>> He whispered to himself, deaf for a moment at everything that was happening around him and Hoseok.

<<Hoseok!>> Shouted the other angel, with all the breath in her lungs, while seeing her
brother stalling as if he were distracted by something. Finally she had found the demon who had brought his younger brother close to his death and Dawon wouldn’t have let slip the opportunity to make him taste, at least in part, the pain that Hoseok had felt.

Without thinking twice she flung herself against Yoongi, hitting him on the back of the head with the wooden part of the halberd that she was holding and then piercing his shoulder with the top of the sharp blade. Yoongi's suffering expression was so delightfully adorable in the eyes of the woman who enjoyed seeing that bastard moan in pain.

<<It's not funny anymore now, is it?>> She grunted, not taking her eyes off his victim's face.

The voice of his sister calling him was muffled, as if Hoseok were under water, where he could do nothing but watch the scene passively. His stomach clenched as he saw Yoongi workso hard to get up, weak and exhausted; he had to put his nails into his palms to resist thetemptation to rescue his loved one.

Another inhuman scream of Yoongi pierced the air, running a cold shiver down the back of Jeongguk, who didn’t need to look to imagine the scene. Instead, the younger one laid his eyes on Hoseok and let out a disbelieving snort, raising an eyebrow in front of the one who had wanted to put between himself and Dawon.

The clash had already presented itself more difficult than expected, that woman had managed to keep up with both demons; Jeongguk realized he was at disadvantage and made the decision to deal with one enemy at a time, even if it meant putting Yoongi’s life in danger.

<<Come at me!!>> Hoseok growled, catching the bow he had made appear in his hands.

<<No need to ask, darlin’>> Jeongguk replied as he brandished his weapon with both hands, striding toward the angel to put an end to that fight as soon as possible.

Yoongi, meanwhile, spat insults against Hoseok’s sister as he tried to free himself from her grasp, but he only managed to make a cut on her leg. He felt his head throb at the same rhythm as his arm, where the wound had been inflicted on him, and he managed to get up only using what he found next to him as a shield.

Hehad never felt so weak as now.
Hoseok's eyes, despite looking at the enemy far stronger than himself a few meters away,
were focused on Yoongi's body. Jeongguk was closer and closer, his steps echoed in the absurd silence that had been created after Yoongi's cry, but Hoseok didn't care any longer.

He ran to his sister to reach Yoongi as fast as he could. He repeated to himself like a mantra that he needed to save the demon and nothing mattered more, then. The terror of losing his beloved partner was too much and didn’t care if their relationship had surfaced. Yoongi's salvation was more important.

<<D..Dawon, please..>> Hoseok found himself begging his sister, as he watched the older woman grab the wounded demon's neck, clenching her delicate blood-soaked fingers around that pale skin.

Yoongi was almost lifted by Dawon, his feet barely touching the ground; he was too busy
breathing and trying to survive in order to have the strength to insult her in the way he

The split lip had stained his chin and his neck, also dirtying the fingers of the angel who was holding his life; the exposed skin was studded with fresh bruises, where there was no bruising there was blood. A sour, thick yellow liquid that had impregnated the demon's clothes and splashed those of the angel.

The sight of the demon was blurred, the ends of his vision were darkening, every blink of
eyelids becoming slower. He could sort out Hoseok's voice and the main features of what was supposed to be his pretty face; all he had to say, however, remained entangled in his throat

<<Never turn your back to the enemy.>> Jeongguk said suddenly to call Hoseok back to the battle, while with his own weapon smithed the poor angel behind his back.
Hoseok fell onto his knees ruinously, and then struggled to get up with his trembling and bloody limbs.

A tremendous defiant look was stamped on Jeongguk's face just before
Hoseok managed to throw himself against him, angry as he never ever have been before. The demon tasted the courage of Hoseok, who made him jump backwards until he fell on his back, against the ground, and the tiny body of the angel on him.

<<Woe to you if you still
prevent me from rescuing my Yoongi>> the orange haired angel hissed with an unprepared wickedness for an angel, before drawing a small knife, substitute to the gladio that Seokjin had taken from him to prevent Hoseok from getting hurt again. He pointed it at the demon's throat and then he dug a long cut into his body, cutting his chest over and over again, while clenching his teeth with rage. He could also feel his sister's eyes on him, bewitched to see his brother that angry. Short orange hair swayed abruptly with each stroke, while the air was filled with the screams of Jeongguk.

Yoongi's eyes widened, fearing the worst and trying to wriggle away; more and more
frustration was mounting, he only wanted to separate Jeongguk and Hoseok from the battle that was filling his mouth with bitterness.

<<Nh ...>> he tried to free himself, planting his sharp nails in the wrist of Dawon’s hand. Thin blue drops soiled his fingertips, mingling with his yellow blood and running down Yoongi's trembling forearm.


Jeongguk, in spite of his injuries, managed to grab Hoseok's arm and let him thrust the
dagger into the ground, before tilting the positions and blocking the angel with an arm close to his throat. As a result, Hoseok grabbed Jeongguk's wrists, trying unsuccessfully to free hihimself being the demon too strong compared to him. Jeongguk gasped desperately for air, as he held his fingers around the other's trachea.

<<Leave him, or I'll kill Hoseok>> the
demon gasped, turning angrily toward the woman, who had Yoongi's life in her bloody

<<Bastard.>> Dawon hissed, letting Yoongi fall. Hoseok's life was worth more than that of a beast.

<<Now leave him, you coward.>>
Jeongguk swung his gaze between Dawon and Yoongi, finally stopping at the angel to look at her with hatred. As he removed the grasp from Hoseok's neck, Jeongguk grabbed his weapon again and hurled himself at the woman, trying to hurt her, even though his wounds he received has not healed.

Yoongi slumped on the ground in an unnatural position, continuing to loose blood from the innumerable wounds. The fall had shown him black for a moment, but the impact on the shingles against the bones of the pelvis awakened his pain. At that time, Yoongi’s cuts should have already healed, but his body didn’t show signs of healing, unlike those of Jeongguk and Dawon.

The first thing Hoseok did when he was free was turning to his sister, desperately looking for Yoongi and when he finally saw him, an inhuman scream escaped from his throat, frightened by the demon's condition. If Jeongguk hadn’t intervened he would probably have succeeded in saving Yoongi.

Tears of rage mounted under the eyes of the male angel, who rushed against the shoulders of the still lucid demon. He bit Jeongguk on the back of his head, planting his teeth in his flesh with hatred and anger, venting his frustration into it.

<<It's your fault!>> He cried out desperately, causing the demon to fall, preventing him from approaching his sister.

<<You intruded! It's ... It's your fault..>>

<<S-Shit, leave me ...!>> Jeongguk stammered in a broken voice, in pain. He fell ruinously with his face, banging his nose against the ground and almost breaking his head.

<<Ngh...>> He moaned, trying to shake the angel off again, letting him roll sideways to be able to
hoist back on his own knees.

He looked up at Yoongi, abandoned in a corner of the scene, and realized that he couldn’t do it alone.

<<Fuck off>> Jeongguk hissed with the little breath left in his lungs, before
opening his wings and rising in the air, while uncertain spirals of black clouds enveloped his body before making it disappear.

Hoseok didn’t say anything, didn’t even say a word to his sister, who was also exhausted
after that exhausting battle. His arms trembled as he greeted Yoongi and hugged him, afraid of hurting him or worsening his critical condition. He seemed to have stopped breathing.

The poor angel didn’t know how he would justify this to Dawon, but he vanished in a soft white cloud and appeared in the demon's house, laying him on his bed.

<<Y-You are safe now..>> He tried to keep his voice firm and soft, but all his efforts
shattered when he approached Yoongi's body with a damp cloth to wipe his wounds. His
body was full of bleeding cuts and bruises, a victim of his sister's blind fury.

<<Everything will be fine, everything will be fine, everything will be fine..>> he repeated in tears like a prayer, touching the wounds as gently as possible, medicating them one by one. It was all
obscenely strange, those wounds should have already been closed with all that time, but they were still fresh.

For Yoongi it was heartbreaking to have only to listen, without being able to speak because that would mean to exhale one's last breaths. Yoongi was maneuvered without resistance, too exhausted to object but not enough to lose his senses; in that case, at least, he could fall into a comforting sleep in which the pains were muffled and wake up only when it was all over.

But Mother Nature is a whore, and for some sadistic joke Yoongi was forced to endure
everything without any anesthesia other than the terrified words of Hoseok.
He felt every fucking hole made by the needle as if it pierced his brain, every lousy cut burn to exhaust his nerves. Yet he couldn’t move, Hoseok was helping him and probably saving his life, so despite the confusion that turned his mind Yoongi stood still, as still as possible, clenching his teeth and eyes, and occasionally let out some muffled moan of pain.

He could have peace only when the angel stopped to dab the blood with a fresh cloth or gave him a short break where he just stroked his hair, the only non-suffering part of Yoongi.
For Hoseok it was horrible to have to see his loved one in those conditions, he felt obscenely guilty for all he had suffered and was undergoing.

<<I..I’m almost finished>> He murmured
faintly, finally leaving the needle to begin applying a cream that would help his wounds to heal.

<<This won’t hurt you, I promise...>>

Yoongi didn’t answer, stuck in the rigid position he had mechanically hired for the duration of the dressing. The muscles that weren’t injured tingled and he just wanted to be able to close his eyes and rest; his fingers quivered with tension, his pupils wearily followed Hoseok's movements as far as his position allowed him.

Everything seemed to move too fast in front of his half-closed eyes.
He breathed in, whispering without a voice when he managed to regain his strength to speak.

<<Stay here.>>

Chapter Text

<<Stay here.>>

Hoseok just nodded and finished taking care of Yoongi to let him rest as soon as possible. In that moment, there was no need of words, but only of the company of one for the other. Hoseok was still terribly tense, as well as suffering from the blows he received during the fight, but at least he had managed to save the partner and keep him safe.

<<I'm here.>>

Whole minutes passed in which the room remained governed by silence, until a new presence appeared before Hoseok's tired eyes.


<<Yoongi? Are you here?>>

Jeongguk's voice preceded his sudden entry into the room.

<<Yoongi?>> He kept calling him, more and more worried.
When he saw the figure of Hoseok, however, his face quickly showed surprise, anger and anger, until with cold aggression the demon pulled his weapon out to point it at the neck of the angel.

<<Get away from him>>, he told him in a tone that didn’t admit replies, as he planted his fire gaze on the angel.
Hoseok denied with a gesture of his head, disobeying the other's imposition; he wouldn’t have left Yoongi for any reason, he had swear to him. The angel looked with red and still puffy of tears eyes at the younger demon, but remained seated and calm, without extracting a weapon to defend himself despite the blade's edge on his skin.

<<I don’t want to leave hyung alone ...>>
Jeongguk brought the weapon closer to Hoseok's neck even more, sinking into the flesh enough to cause a shallow cut and snatching a slight moan of pain from the angel’s mouth.

<<What have you done to him?>> He asked indirectly, speaking with even more hate than before. He hid his concern behind exaggerated aggression, swinging his gaze from Hoseok's face to Yoongi's wounds.

<<I..I saved his life ...>> Hoseok murmured in a weak voice, holding his teeth clenched, suffering from the wound that began to stain his clothes in blue blood. Yet again he didn’t move from Yoongi's bedside.

<<I ... I can help you..>> he said, pointing at the wounds of the younger demon.

<<I don’t need your mercy>> the younger demon spat without lowering his weapon, his voice a little higher, inclined with fear.

<<Guk ..>> Yoongi's voice tried to make room for itself in that heavy atmosphere, even though the demon still couldn’t move without pain.

<<Leave him ... alone...>>

With a snap, Hoseok rushed to the weak and sleepy demon, making sure he was okay after talking, completely forgetting about Jeongguk and his own bleeding neck.

<<Ssh ...>> He consoled him, stroking his hair to soothe him;
Yoongi terribly needed to rest, his bruised eyes the clearest proof.

<<Yes ... I'm here, i’m fine hyung..>>, Hoseok lied, hoping that the dim light would hide the gash on his neck.
Jeongguk swung his gaze from Yoongi to Hoseok, watching both of them with an alarmed, appalled expression. Hoseok's behavior, if he had previously seemed inexplicable, was now decidedly against nature.

<<... Why?>> He asked after a while, hesitantly lowering the bloody weapon, but maintaining a combat posture.

<<Why are you doing it?>>

Hoseok turned away from Yoongi, placing a hand on the gash on his own pale throat that seemed not to want to stop tapping blue liquid. The question of the younger one frightened him, unable to find a satisfying lie to silence him.

<<I..I don’t want to lose ... another p..partner.>>

He took a light breath, cautiously approaching the demon with the cloth he had used to clean Yoongi's wounds. Without his permission, Hoseok raised Jeongguk’s punched t-shirt by his own stabs and started to dab the wounds, which slowly began to close under the tired gaze of the angel now devoid of strength, close to fall against the chest of Jeongguk. The demon remained motionless, frowning. Absurd as Hoseok was to want to treat Jeongguk, when he was the most in need of care.

<<Don’t worry..>> Jeongguk said, taking Hoseok's wrist resignedly. He helped him to stand on those legs that threatened to give in at any moment, carrying his arm over his shoulders. He seemed to do all this for duty, when no one had ever established rules of peace between angels and demons.

<<You're the one in need of care...>>


Twelve winters later


Park Jimin had seen himself shatter his dreams one after the other, as if all that he had already had hadn’t been enough. All that was left was his work, an anonymous place fixed in an equally anonymous office and a piddling salary; the gray sky of the city made him wish he had never left Busan, the city that had raised him until absurd dreams had infested his head, making him leave for Seoul and try a different life. Eventually, a life that had proved to be a failure.

Contacts with old friends had become more fleeting, disappearing. His own parents had had health problems, but he didn’t earn enough money to visit them very often. Those were years that every day had minimal differences with the previous and the next.
Jimin took his cell phone out of his pocket, lying on the sofa in his apartment still wearing his work suit.

He scanned the messages, eliminating a couple of old conversations and even the last ex-boyfriend's number with which he had tried to date; he had been the last of a long line of people whose name Jimin didn’t even remember. After the break up with Yoongi, the others had seemed to have turned off copies of his sharp look and his gorgeous, gummy smile.

As he was passing, a more than known name came before his eyes; seeing the messages that had been exchanged some time ago he felt a big nostalgia puncturing his chest, making it even heavier than he already felt. Who knows where he was?

He ran his thumb to the side of the screen, before taking the phone to his ear.

<<..J..Jimin ..?>> The voice on the other side was insecure, as if he didn’t know what to say at that sudden call.

<<Good morning, Hoseok.>> the tone was happy, but there was too much formality to be talking to a friend.

<<It's been ... a-a while..>> He hesitated, after a bit of embarrassing silence; there was so much tension in their voices was that wss palpable. Now that Jimin had the voice of his old friend directly to his ear, he realized that he hadn’t prepared anything to say. He reviewed in his mind the events of the previous weeks to find himself in front of nothing but a dull monotony; Jimin strongly hoped that Hoseok spent a more interesting life than he was now.

Even if Jimin couldn’t notice his presence, for all those years the angel had remained on his side, forced to bite his tongue countless times to withhold the impulse to succor the man who had grown into an adult.

<<It's no longer a child, Hoseokie...>> Jin's words boomed in his head, reminding him that now his closeness was no longer as vital as it used to be.

<<How are you...?>>

It was unjust to have to pretend not to know anything about the younger's life, when he followed him day after day, trying to protect him the best he could to feel less guilty with everything he had done. When he was young, Jimin was so happy; now he seemed simply dead.

<<I..I survive..>> Jimin said cynically in a whisper, immediately regretting that he had used so much bitterness at the beginning of their conversation.

<<Uhm... I wanted to say, nothing very interesting happens>> he tried to make up for it with poor results. He swallowed silently, more uncomfortable than he wanted to admit, pulling his hair out of his forehead before the sweat stuck to his skin. The tie he wore was becoming suffocating.

<<I called you for, well ... do you want to see me again? Like ... Like when we were students>> he continued, smiling as he spoke the last words, remembering the past years, feeling a little calmer and at the same time out of place. Jimin spoke as if he had already reached the final stage of his life, with the nostalgia of those who look to their youth with a satisfaction veiled with melancholy.

<<We could go ... I do not know, to get something at the bar outside the university?>>

He proposed, while the ghosts of his youthful dreams awakened inside his head, making him regret having said something like that. By now it was too late to take it back.

The angel remained silent for a couple of endless seconds, certainly not expecting to hear such a proposal from the mouth of the person who had disappointed most. Memory is a frightening place for those who, like the angel, experience so many resentments towards themselves; when the horrified face that Jimin had addressed him last time came back to him, he felt like he was about to burst into tears.

<<Y-You...Would you really see me? >> He whispered softly.

<<I ... I'd like to, but I don’t want to hurt you..>>

<<You won’t hurt me. >> Jimin swallowed again, still in silence, taking a long breath afterwards. He felt the impulse to drop the call and possibly to blame the telephone exchanges, but now the mistake had been made. It only remained to land without getting too bad.

<<Is ... tomorrow okay for you?>> Jimin hazarded, covering his eyes with his free forearm to reassure himself in the darkness of his closed eyelids; a place he had learned to love over the years.

<<Oh ... yeah, see you then>> Hoseok muttered helplessly, before closing the call with a bittersweet greeting. There was no more need to add more to that painful phone call.

For: Yoongi | 6.45 PM

<Tomorrow I’ll go out with Jimin, would you like to see us before the appointment with him? I need some advice, I'm a little scared. >


Yoongi reached Hoseok with his eyes on the ground and his hands buried in his pockets of a purple jacket, absorbed in his own thoughts. He had transfigured a few streets further and he was slowly reaching the meeting place with the angel, an anonymous park near the university. Spring didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get there, the rigid weather hadn’t enticed many people to leave the house: the streets counted a few souls on their asphalt.

<<Seok!>> the demon muttered affectionately, after looking around to check once again that no creature was there to watch them. It had become a habit now. With the lightheartedness that had always characterized him, Hoseok ran to the demon, hugging him and leaving a tender kiss on his cold cheek, caressed by the same sharp wind that moved the angel’s pink locks.

The pure one didn’t care about the amazed or disgusted expressions of neighboring presences; it was enough for him to spend the short time he was allowed on earth with his fiancé.

<<Why this meeting with him?>> Yoongi asked, sitting on the bench next to Hoseok.

<<He called me suddenly yesterday and he invited me out..>> replied the other, <<as if I were still a friend of his ...>>

Hoseok had Yoongi nestled on his chest, his head resting on his shoulder, welcoming the demon in his arms to keep him warm and safe. It was so beautiful to look at him from top to bottom, enjoying his neutral expression, his lips prostrate outside in a tender snout.

<<Maybe I worry too much for him, but I wouldn’t want to disappoint him again>> he added, resting his lips on his dark head.

Yoongi closed his eyes, enjoying the moment of peace and inhaling the smell of Hoseok.

<<You were kind, compared to what I did to him>> he commented with detachment, to disguise the displeasure he felt in thinking about how he had let Jimin go. He had begun to feel compassion in the last few years, but he still didn’t know if it was good or bad.

<<You're not the one who disappointed him.>>

<<You just did your job, hyung.>> The angel's tone was resentful, as if he had forgiven every vexation made by the demon over the years.

<<I was his best friend ...>> His voice dropped to a whisper, swallowed along with the guilt that hurt his conscience.

<<Thanks for being here...>>

<< Just.. try not to dwell on it>> said the older one, moving away from his embrace for a moment to be able to look at his face.

<<You never wanted to hurt him, Hobi..>> he added as he stroked his cheek; Yoongi smiled at him, trying to encourage the angel as he had learned to do in those last years, before kissing him gently on the lips. With his thumb he continued to caress his cheekbone, to comfort him during that soft but firm kiss. Yoongi could finally call himself happy, happy to have Hoseok at his side and to feel a sensation that could be defined as new, in all his life as a demon.

Hoseok's feeble and delicate fingers gracefully caressed the demon's raven hair, while his lips were busy returning the countless kisses he had received. At that moment only they seemed to exist, as if time and space had bent before them to give a little peace to the two sinners.

A few steps further, Jimin decided to present himself a little early for the appointment, eager to see his childhood friend again. He didn’t think that, in his place, he would meet the proverbial drop that makes the vase overflow. Once again, time had stopped flowing.

A choked laugh escaped from Jimin's throat, while staring at the two lovers, paralyzed. If he still had any doubts about the irony of fate, at that moment all that good had happened to him in his life seemed insignificant.
He no longer had anything to hold on to, every crumb of happiness had slipped from his fingers like sand. The smile on his face was anything but happy, more like a forced grimace; the fleshy lips were so chapped by the cold that they had dyed in dark red vermilion, contrasting with the skin, no longer tanned.

He stared at them until Hoseok turned to him, paralyzing soon after. Yoongi followed him shortly thereafter, freezing in turn. Probably only a few seconds had passed, but they weighed like hours. In the human's eyes everything was out of focus outside the two boys sitting on that damned bench.

<<I-I’m sorry.>>

Chapter Text

<<I’m sorry.>>

Jimin whispered too softly to be heard, before venturing backwards. He slipped on a twig, losing his balance for a moment, regaining it shortly after and finally choosing to turn his back on that scene. He’d have preferred to scream, throw up or twist on the ground, or do all of these things together, rather than seeing his best friend and the boy, who was still in love with, together.

Even if the time available was flowing away, sliding away like sand inside an hourglass, Hoseok with an impulse ran towards Jimin; maybe there was still time to explain everything.

<<You do not have to apologize, Jimin ...>> Hoseok said displeased, without thinking that the other had only whispered. A hand was firmly holding Jimin's wrist enough not to let it slip, but not enough to hurt the human.

After all that time, Jimin's soft skin had thickened; Hoseok had forgotten that only otherworldly creatures had the gift of preserving their beauty for ever, while humans decayed as easily as butterfly wings.
Jimin's face was that of a now thirty years old, while Hoseok's face hadn’t changed a bit, as if he were still a teenager.

<<N-No.. Don’t hate me again, please!>> The angel's voice trembled like his body, before Jimin's dead eyes.

<<I-I beg you..>> A faint sob, before freeing a couple of tears, when little by little the angel managed to hug the man's chest; he looked like a fragile boy, terrified like a kitten in the rain.

<<I don’t hate you..>> Jimin said automatically, without feelings, with the same polite tone he used with his office colleagues.

<<Let me go, Hoseok..>> He murmured with a fake laugh, as if this was a joke. It was, it had to be.

<<I said, let me go ...>> He added, squirming weakly and trying to pull the fingers of the other away. He no longer wanted to see Hoseok, his own Hoseok, whose face was the same as when they had left: still young, still beautiful.

<<... I know what you're going through.>> Jimin needed him and this time Hoseok wouldn’t let him get hurt again. The angel’s eyes, first hazel, were now a shining blue, highlighted by the tears and the general redness and puffiness. Perhaps Jimin’d have noticed them and perhaps he’d have believed him.

<<I- I know you w-want to kill yourself..>>
At that moment, his guardian angel's identity was willing to fuck up and show him who he really was.

<<Let me ... help you, even if you can’t s-see me, I- I'm always with y-you>>

<<You're crazy>> the young man whispered, shaking his head. When he found the courage to look at Hoseok in his face, he breathed in surprise.

<<No ... you never had blue eyes..>> he corrected himself, incredulous, looking at the other with wide eyes, <<The one who is crazy, is me..>>

He was struggling, but finally he pulled his arm violently away from Hoseok's grip. For a moment he imagined himself fighting with an inexistent figure, how could it actually be, since what he had given for normal was no longer natural. He was not sure if he had a human in front of his eyes; Hoseok’s body could easily have been another trick of his mind.

He turned his back on Hoseok and began to run, faster and faster.. He came back to where he had come from, managing to get into the bus before it closed its doors. From the glass he could see the one who had once considered a friend running desperately towards him, before the vehicle set off to get away from that damned park.

Hoseok felt his heart beating in his temples at a frantic pace, preventing him from feeling Yoongi approaching and trying to get his attention. His breath was agitated, his lungs yearning for air, as if he had been underwater for an indefinite amount of time; his sight got teary as he watched the damn bus go away. There was no time to wait for the next bus and, before anyone's eyes, he transfigured into his original form, following the vehicle in flight, until he saw Jimin descend in front of the university he had attended twelve years ago.

He didn’t understand the reason for such a choice, so sudden and unexpected.
He saw him enter in the building, get on the roof and lean out just enough to see the emptiness below him. In the heat and despair of the moment, Hoseok decided to appear behind Jimin, grabbing him again to keep him from doing crazy things.

<<What do you want to do?>> Hoseok asked in a voice full of fear; there was no time, there was no time to do anything, he just had to take the human away from there.

<<M-Minie ... Let's go away, it's .. it's dangerous.>>

Jimin turned, shocked, unable to understand how Hoseok managed to get there in such a short time.

<<I told you to leave me>> He said with too much decision, glaring at the other. He didn’t want anyone around, specially Hoseok.

<<Only if you come with me..>> Hoseok replied. Jimin's voice scared the out of him; never before has anyone had a similar tone of resentment and contempt with him, nor during a fight against a demon.

<<You're important Jimin ah, d .. don’t do it..>> He came closer and closer, until he reached and hugged the human’s hips again, his face against his back, sheltered from his dark eyes.

<<If you throw yourself, I'll come ... I'll come with you..>>

<<How ... how did you get here?>> Jimin interrupted his cry, looking around as if he was searching for a way to get rid of Hoseok without getting hurt.

<<How did you follow me?>> He asked again, disoriented, while he stared at a frightened Hoseok.

For whole moments the angel was silent; slowly he raised his face, gently rubbing the tip of his nose against his back.

<<I told you a long time ago ...>> The angel’s voice was firm, not shaky or wavering any more, though the tone was clearly that of a person who had been worn down by tears.

<<I'm here to protect you and ... And I'm sorry if I failed in my purpose and made you suffer...>>

<<I don’t need you to protect me..>> The other spat, outstretched with rage and clenched fists.

<<Go to Yoongi hyung. He loves you. >>

<<No, I'm staying here>> Hoseok muttered softly against his back. Jimin's life was sacred, he couldn’t allow him to waste it in that way.

<<My place is next to you ...>>

<<Shut the fuck up! Leave me!>> He struggled again, more energetic than before, breaking Hoseok's grip and sending him off with a brusque thrust.

<<We shouldn’t have seen each other again, go away-!>> Jimin continued, unable to hide the tears that pierced his eyes and broke his voice.

Hoseok had to hold back a groan when he fell backwards, hitting his ass on the cold concrete because of the thrust he received. He looked at the human from the bottom up, incredulous, frightened and helpless, as Hoseok saw Jimin cry in front of him. It was heartbreaking.


He forced himself up, returning to the place he had previously managed to conquer, disobeying Jimin’s wishes once more. He murmured in tears, dragged again by emotion. His arms trembled around Jimin's hips, desperately pulling his body toward him, trying to push the human away from the edge of the building.

<<... Go away>> the protegè gasped with heavy breath, clenching his fists around Hoseok's wrists and scratching his skin. He struggled again, coming dangerously close to the ledge. He could see the grey concrete that surrounded the building.

<<N-I don’t want you. I don’t need you. And..and you don’t need me. >>

<<I-I’m Sorry ...>> Hoseok could only pronounce that word, invoking his forgiveness in vain. He let himself go with all his weight backwards, taking Jimin with him; it was the only way to get him away from that emptiness.

A strangled moan came out of the angel's mouth for the pain of the impact, between the body of the protege and the cement; at least he had succeeded in his intent.

<<No. You won’t die today ...>> He gasped, his teeth aching.
Jimin moaned with the impact, throwing his head forward to avoid bumping the back of his head against Hoseok's body. More tired than he wanted to admit, he abandoned himself to the other's chest, gasping with his eyes fixed on the sky, having lost the will to fight.

<<What ... What do you want to know about me? It’s been 12 years... >>

<<It's hard to explain ...>> His breath was strained by the weight of the man above his chest, but the angel seemed to don't want to let Jimin go from his hug. Perhaps now he had finally given up on making such a stupid gesture.

<<Since you were born, that ... that I try to protect you>> Hoseok whispered in short breath, relaxing his grip from his hips.

<<It’s absurd >>Jimin answered after a few moments of silence. The human slid sideways, rolling until he was lying face down next to Hoseok, so as not to crush him with his weight.

<<... Aren’t you kidding me ...?>>

<<It’s against my nature to lie ...>> Hoseok answered quietly, trying to maintain a calm and gentle tone. One of his hands slid towards the human's face and, with an infinite delicacy, wiped away the last tears that were wetting Jimin’s soft cheek, as if he wanted to wipe away every shadow from that still beautiful face.

<<Even if so many years have passed, you're still my dear Park Jimin ...>>

Jimin closed his eyes and smiled bitterly, blocking a half-throat sob. Despite everything, he was happy to feel the presence of what he had considered his best friend; he didn’t deny him a hug, moving closer to Hoseok to hold him in his arms. After all, Hoseok had never really wanted to hurt him.

<<Let’s go home..>> The human whispered in his ear, without breaking the contact.

It’s been years since Hoseok had waited for that moment; he couldn’t hold back tears of joy. Hoseok was terribly happy.

<<I ... I love you so much ..>> He sobbed, before pulling his face up and showing the human a tender smile.

Little by little, Hoseok broke his embrace and, once standing, extended his hand to help him get back on his feet.

<<L-Let's go home, Minie...>>

Jimin weakly smiled at him, accepting the offered help and clinging to Hoseok's hand to stand up. He wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, then he smiled more firmly while arranging his crumpled clothes.
He tightened his arms once more around his friend's chest, as if he no longer wanted to leave. Hoseok closed his eyes when he felt the hands of the human on himself and returned automatically, with the same sweetness as before.

<<Sorry, Hobi hyung..>> Jimin whispered shyly in his ear, just before he broke his embrace again. When he opened his eyes, Hoseok saw Jimin's face flushed with tears, his lips trembling, even though he was smiling. There was an incredible melancholy in that look and Hoseok leaned forward to kiss his forehead lovingly.

<<Ssh ... It's all right, sweetheart..>> he said gently.

<<Yeah..It's all right>> Jimin repeated, cuddling himself with those words and smiling in front of their simplicity. Yes, everything was fine now.

<<I love you, Hobi..>> he added with new tears in his eyes, unstable on his own feet. He inhaled, slowly and deeply, with his eyes closed. He was still tense.

He took a few steps backward, then turned, and with increasingly rapid steps approached the cornice and, without slowing down, before Hoseok could stop him again, he rushed forward in the void.
Hoseok took a little to understand what was going on, but when he realized, reality hit him like a running train, making him bleach with terror. His ankles seemed to hold him anymore when, after running as fast as he could, he threw himself into that tremendous emptiness.

The air was passing through his limbs, ruffling his hair and preventing him from seeing clearly the body of Jimin, but when he managed to intercept the human, he tightened his body to himself. He held him desperately by the hips, trying to take a position that would allow Jimin to survive.
For Hoseok's misfortune, that momentary limbo came to an end and, still embraced convulsively to the protégé, the angel touched the ground and silently turned into dust.

Hoseok wasn’t grateful to heaven when he gradually regained consciousness, with Jimin's body, lifeless, in his arms. He could feel Jimin's blood everywhere, on his clothes, on his face, on his arms and on his wings. Hoseok tried to shake him, as if trying to make him wake up, but it was useless. Again.
Yoongi, in an unearthly form, approached that scene. There was no triumph on his face, not even the shadow of a smile. He stood, composed, staring at the ground, on Jimin's split skull.

He showed no emotion in front of such a scene. Yet, hearing Hoseok's desperate tears, he felt his chest close, pressing, more and more, unpleasantly around his heart.
He slowly moved closer to Hoseok, who was still convulsively close to the body of his dearest protégé.

<<Seok ...>> He said in a whisper, putting a hand in his hair, <<Babe...Let's go away>>
The angel denied with his head, squeezing even more tightly the body, which no longer belonged to Park Jimin; now it was an empty puppet.

Perhaps, if Hoseoki had kept him company again, his feelings of guilt would have faded. Perhaps, if he hadn’t let Jimin go, his soul wouldn’t have been brought into the Underworld; the hell.

<<N-No..L .. Leave me here ...>>

Yoongi sighed in a low voice; he looked around for other dangers, but only a pair of confused humans seemed to approach.

<<Come on, leave him>> Yoongi repeated, this time grabbing Hoseok's arm and pulling him a little more firmly. Fortunately, it was enough to separate them, but some white feathers fell to the ground, surrounding the lifeless body of Jimin.

The angel's face showed no anger nor regret: it had simply become a blank canvas, devoid of any feeling. He had cried all the tears in his body and now there was silence, like the calm before the storm.

Hoseok took one last look at the demon, before abandoning himself in his arms. Yoongi cursed under his breath, clumsily taking the angel’s body in his arms. He had never been able to lift him, but he did his best.

Around them, a girl had already shouted upset.
A man was phoning to call for help, other angels and demons were approaching as an accompaniment of their protégés.
Yoongi gripped Hoseok to himself, before transfiguring himself and disappearing from that macabre place.

Hoseok blinked after an impossible time to determine, breathing a sigh of relief when he found himself in his own bed, in his own home, safe from everything and everyone. Immediately he felt reassured; maybe it was only a horrible nightmare.

Every trace of panic seemed to have been disappeared until he put his hands to his face to rub his eyelids: when he saw his hands still stained with human blood, he screamed again. Every rational thought went to hell, now all that remained of the angel was pure terror.

His hands were clasped to his arms, his nails stuck in the flesh until he was bleeding, his face pressed against the sheets, desperately concealing his dirty limbs from his eyes, and his wings automatically tightened around his trembling body.

<<Hoseok!>> Yoongi rushed to the angel, cursing his distraction.

<<Seok, stop, stop!>>

He took the other's wrists firmly, moving them away from his body and locking them against the mattress. It was difficult, but he finally managed to win his strength. <<You're safe, it's all over ..>>

The eyes of the angel looked at the partner with pure terror, full of tears and infinite pain; even though he was unable to utter sensible words, his eyes conveyed everything. The tears that resumed flowing, partly wiped the blood on his face away, while the tension on his limbs gradually loosened and the angel stopped resisting.

<<>> Hoseok murmured in a hoarse voice, weak after having exhausted it with shouts.

They stared into each other's eyes, one lost in the frightened irises of the other. Yoongi couldn’t fully understand what was shaking Hoseok, but seeing him in those conditions was enough to move something inside himself into sympathy.

<<Why are you hurting yourself?>> The demon finally asked.

<<W.. Why do humans give up so easily to life ...?>> Hoseok's voice trembled like his body, as he stopped staring at his partner's eyes, to look at the window: he couldn’t find anything beautiful in the sunset, which had been able to fascinate him in the past.

<<Why did he die, while I’m still alive ...?>> It was a silly thought, yet he still couldn’t understand anymore the precariousness of human existence; his fingers, stained with angelic blood still fresh, clung to Yoongi’s gnarled one , weakly. Everything was hurting so bad.

Yoongi couldn’t look at his face; instead he chose to focus on the intertwining of their hands. The angel's fingers seemed so thin like Yoongi's, their joints were thinning like their faces.

<<Don’t die..>> he whispered in a low voice, hoarsely. He used his free hand to caress Hoseok’s body, but from his position Yoongi couldn’t do nothing but touch one of his feathered wings. He moved distractedly and didn’t notice that some feathers had fallen after being only touched.

<<You too, please..>> The angel asked the demon after interminable seconds, holding with a little more force the faint squeeze between their fingers, both stained with lazuline angelic blood.

<<I won’t Seok..>> Yoongi answered, merely nodding.

The demon loosened his grip on the other’s wing, cradling an arm in the crook of his knees and the other behind Hoseok’s back, using all the forces he had to lift the weakened body of Hoseok and bring it into the bathtub inside the next room. He opened the door awkwardly with one foot and laid out the angels’ limbs as best he could; he removed the top of his tunic and gently bathed it to clean it.

The angel let himself be carried away without uttering any word, finding tranquility in silence. Even if his lips were unable to articulate words, the look he continued to address to his lover was full of gratitude, a feeling that hadn’t weakened as their bodies were. The fingers carefully brushed the skin of one of the demon's wrists, finding them more bony than he remembered.

<<... Why are you so thin, hyung?>>

The demon was stroking a part of Hoseok's wing, but something stopped him from answering immediately. He stopped halfway through the movement, turning his hand to see the palm: a large handful of milk-white feathers, wet with water, was clenched between his fingers.


<< Dont’t worry, It's just the moulting..>> Hoseok chirped, trying to cheer him up. He tried to draw attention to the major to hide the growing tension, but he couldn’t.

<<It's not normal, Seok..>> Yoongi replied. He shook his head, unable to believe such an excuse.

<<You have no feathers here..>> he continued as he brushed his exposed skin. It wasn’t hurt, but Hoseok shouldn’t have lost so many feathers at once.

<<Again, i-it's just the season, they'll grow again.>> he answered, clinging to that conviction.

<<Seokjin will visit me.>> It semed normal, like every time he'd changed feathers when the right season had arrived; but he couldn’t persuade Yoongi.

<<Nor the cracks you have on your horns are normal.>> The angel commented spontaneously.

Now he had noticed it. They were there, above their own frightened eyes, almost horrified in front of so deep and branched furrows, as if a breath of wind were enough to see crumble away those proud black horns. Often they saw themselves as humans, it was easy to mask the fragility behind a soft, plump face.

Hoseok's words made Yoongi worry enough to get up and move closer to the mirror above the sink. He didn’t usually check his appearance frequently, so he had never noticed what the angel had just pointed out to him.
His lips parted in surprise, lightly touching those that once were the symbol of his prestige. Now he could understand the words that Jeongguk had said about his horns a few weeks ago, words that Yoongi had taken as a joke and that instead had a foundation of truth. He touched the cracks with extreme care, as if he feared to break that part of himself; not even a word came out of his lips as he looked at himself with an indecipherable expression.
The angel looked at his partner with eyes full of sadness, with his cheek resting on the forearm placed along the edge of the tub.

<<Hyung ...>> He tried to call him feebly, but he knew Yoongi wouldn’t answer.

<<If you had a fight, you can tell me..>> Maybe those fractures were due to a fray, Hoseok was not sure, but he began to pray by himself.
With a furious sigh, Yoongi rested his hands on the edge of the sink, leaning back and relaxing his head between his shoulders. He stood still for a moment as if he were deciding what to do, but all he had in mind were other questions that were added to those already in the head.

<<Nobody hit me.>> the blonde one hissed, angry at himself for not being able to understand what was happening.
Hoseok nodded in silence, no longer commenting to make the situation worse. He stood up, even though his legs no longer seemed able to bear his weight, and he tacitly hugged Yoongi from behind, surrounding him with his wet limbs and his face hidden between his shoulder blades. He wanted to tell him not to worry, but it would have been useless and hypocritical when he was the first one to not believe it.

<<Sleep will help..>>

Yoongi continued to look at his own reflection with empty eyes, looking over every crack he could find, freezing more and more with the growth of their number.

<<What's happening, Hoseok ...?>>

Chapter Text

<<What's happening, Hoseok?...>>

Yoongi's question came out feeble, exposing the fragility that has always been suffocated by habit. Probably not even Hoseok knew exactly what was keeping it down.

<<S-Stop it, hyung..>> The angel's wrist settled on the demon's chest, soon reached by Yoongi’s fingers. It would have been much easier to hide the head in the sand and ignore all the fears, leave everything behind and forget how weak their bodies were. It would have been much easier, but nothing was easy.



The sky was dark that afternoon. Rain was expected but no one was seeing a drop yet.
A couple of days had gone by, time needed to call all the people who remembered Park Jimin, to whom he had left something: colleagues, family, old friends. Namjoon was present, his head bowed to hide his sobs, unable to find the courage to look at Jimin's framed picture.

Inside a bare black frame, Jimin smiled. It must have been a picture that was at least eight years old, but no one had asked.
The room was full of guardians, piled up on the two sides of the room, divided between angels and demons; some of them with a hand over the handle of their weapon, more or less heedful to the celebration. Yoongi was one of the distracted demons, often intent on looking around, masking his will to keep an eye on Hoseok. Taehyung sat not far from Namjoon, bored at the scene, turning a lilac lollipop like his hair on his tongue, upset for not having been the author of such a glorious death for a demon. He was a little envious of Yoongi, but he would have died rather than admit his feelings.

For Hoseok it was a torture to be in that place, among the angels who never stopped taunting him with their stares on his wings full of ‘’pois’’, where the feathers didn't grow anymore. It was impossible not to notice all those angels so busy mocking their fellow guardian and the reason behind those sneers full of contempt.
For this reason, Hoseok received with a relative enthusiasm the opportunity to get away from them and stay a while beside the coffin of his protégé, praying for his soul.

He took courage and, despite the uncertainty, he tried to leave Seokjin's hand. However, he didn’t have the time to remove the last pair of fingers, that his legs became like jelly. Seokjin managed to stop him from falling, but Hoseok turned his eyes to Yoongi, who was staring at him, while another demon, who he recognized as Jeongguk, was holding him by the wrist as if to prevent Yoongi from approaching him and Seokjin.
Yoongi couldn’t look away from Hoseok, more worried that he wanted to admit.


<<Yoongi? Are you okay? >> The blonde heard absently when he felt Jeongguk's hand tighten and shake his wrist. Yoongi didn't answer him, squeezing his fist free as he seemed to be watching the scene in slow motion.

Seokjin didn’t unnoticed the look that Hoseok had addressed to the demon and, in response, he hugged the younger angel to himself before disappearing under Yoongi's nose.

<<Yoongi, answer me.>> Jeongguk ordered, ignoring all formalities.

<<Yoongi!>> He exclaimed again, squeezing his hand on his wrist before accompany him out, away from that place so sacred that he felt dizzy.


<<Stop that! What do you want? >> Yoongi squirmed, frowning and slipping out of the other's grip, not without difficulty. Yoongi only wanted to go away, there wasn’t even a reason to continue to follow the one who had been his protégé. He just wanted to forget about Jimin and move on.

<<Leave me alone.>>
Jeongguk didn’t insist and didn’t regain the touch on his wrist, leaving his space to avoid annoying him more than necessary.

<<I've known you for centuries and I know when there's something that bothers you..>>

Then he approached his ears as if to whisper, but at the sight of Yoongi's weakened horns, he just fell silent.

<<... Your ... h->>

<< I told you to mind your own fucking business.>> Yoongi growled in reply. He wasn’t inclined to give explanations, nor to justify his behavior: with his back against a wall, being aggressive was his shield.

Tired of being rejected by the older, Jeongguk took him by the neck of his jacket and hugged him, almost making their noses clash together. Contrary to his gesture, his eyes were filled with concern.

<<I'm not a stupid kid!>> He growled like Yoongi.

<<I also saw the wings of your ‘’ dear friend ‘’. What the heck is going on ?! >> Yoongi planted his eyes on the other's, cursing his height. As he was shaken, a few crumbs of bone parted from his horns, contrasting once he fell on his blond hair.

<<Leave me->>
A few moments passed by, both silent when Jeongguk decided to loosen up his grip and raise a hand to pick up those black fragments in the other's blond hair.

<<Yoongi ...>> He sighed weakly, showing him those crumbs.
Yoongi let his face crack in fear for a moment, but quickly he hid it behind his anger.

<<I-It's nothing>> he repeated, but now he didn't look convincing even to his own ears.

<<I beg you... Stop that.>>

Yoongi let his face crack in fear for a moment, but quickly he hid it behind his anger.

<<If you want to talk about it ...>> Jeongguk instinctively bit his lip for not being able to help his friend; he only worsened the already shaky situation.

<<... You know where to find me..>> he said before disappearing under the other's gaze.
Yoongi let out a sigh of relief when he was alone. He gently touched his own horns to check their condition and when he looked at the palms, he found other pieces of bone bigger than the previous ones. With a low, angry growl he threw them to the ground, cursing himself to vent his growing fury. He wanted something to destroy with his bare hands, but at the end he just threw a single punch at the wall. When one was not enough, he gave another one, and then another, and again until his knuckles burned like hell.

Damned the day he met Hoseok.


In a blink of an eye, Hoseok found himself in the house that had hosted him in all those recent years, the same building what had kept him away from all dangers, but also from Yoongi himself. It was all as before, except for the distorted look of Seokjin, who stared at the younger angel with concern mixed with anger.

His fingers, tightened around Hoseok’s thin arm, were beginning to hurt him, but Hoseok had to give up at the attempt to rebel because he couldn’t afford to lack respect with Seokjin.

<<Seok ... jin ...>> He murmured feebly, looking around, frightened like a mouse caught in a trap.

Seokjin didn’t soften his eyes, he only added some human pity. He might have even despised Yoongi with his whole being, but that demon still remained the closest person to Hoseok.

<<You just didn't feel well, so I brought you home.>>

<<Really?>> Hoseok asked, intimidated by the seriousness that the eyes of the elder transmitted and by the strong grip around his arm.

Seokjin abandoned his grip on Hoseok in order to cross his arms, visibly impatient. His irises seemed to have never contained so many shades together, none of them reassuring. 

<<No.>> He closed his eyelids and took a long, deep, studied breath.

<<I forgave you when you didn't kill him, I let you do what you thought was right even though I warned you so many times. You disobeyed me to see him, you even sought his help when you were about to fall->> He swallowed, unable to hide his frustration.

<<You'll end up killing yourself, Hobi..>> Seokjin whispered softly.

Hoseok held his breath when he heard the last words slip out of his best friend's lips, which hit straight in his chest until planting in his heart. It was difficult to describe the overwhelming feeling that without kindness was making his pulsating muscle, already cracked, bleed.

<<Yoongi hasn't raised a finger on me for years ...>>

<<He's been corroding you for years->> Seokjin corrected him with a bitter taste.

<<You saw your feathers too. They won’t grow back.>> He nodded briefly, pointing to the patchy wings of Hoseok.

<<And you are weaker than in the past..>>

<<...-What? What- What are you talking about?>> Hoseok murmured with growing fear

<< I lost many feathers after the death of my human body, this is the reason- r-right ...?>> Little by little, under the eyes of Seokjin, the smaller angel was closing himself in his own bubble, scared more than ever for his own life, but, above all, for that of Yoongi.

<<No>> Seokjin replied sadly, <<You know it's not for that. There is only one explanation and I want to hear it from you.>> His tone was firm, only apparently calm. In his expression, it was clear how hard it was to pronounce those words, how much he felt compelled to do so.

Hoseok covered his mouth to banish a sob, but also because his lips were what the old one was referring to; he was genuine, but not stupid.
The angel had shut himself up in painful silence, full of guilt. It was hard to believe that his kiss was the cause of everything, he felt crushed with a tremendous weight when he realized that it was his own fault if Yoongi had also weakened.

<<It's ... it's all my fault>> Hoseok sighed and, after a long pause, he raised his face to theother angel.

<<Y-Yoongi is innocent, don't ... don't do anything to him, I beg you->> he pleaded, placing his hands on his crossed arms.

<<I’m the one who started the kiss->>

Seokjin dropped his arms to the sides of his body, regretful and afraid to hear those news. He had suspected the worst, but he never imagined it was THAT bad.

<<You ... what?>> He frowned, an expression between fear and reproach. He felt poised between two precipices; each sentence had to be weighed with the utmost caution.

<<Y-You ...>>

<< F-For him, I-I'm not the ugly duckling of Paradise...>> Hoseok interrupted him again, after coughing a little from the cry. <<He gave me the affection that the other angels have always denied me ...>>

<< " The love that the other angels have always denied you "!? I loved you like a brother, Hoseok, I always put your happiness before mine, you don't ... don't even you realize ...? >>
Seokjin narrowed his eyes, stepping back, uncertain as his tone of voice. He swallowed, his lips were trembling. He hated uttering those words, anger and disappointment were making room for themselves by tearing up fear.

<<Did you really forget everything I warned you about?>>
Hoseok could do nothing but nod in silence. He knew he was guilty, he knew of the consequences that were in these cases and that most likely he would have died at the hands of another angel, yet a part of himself still trusted in Seokjin, that he would be there in spite of everything, that perhaps he would protect him.

<<I have not forgotten, I have forgiven him..>> he managed to reply, having regained the strength to speak without stuttering.
<<I don't ask for your understanding, just ... Allow me to live the few years that remain me with Yoongi hyung...>>
Seokjin gritted his teeth as his eyes covered with a glossy veil of tears. He tried to maintain an attitude despite his pain; the voice had been reduced to a broken whisper.

<<Are you asking me to ... look at you ... w-while you die?>> He shook his head, first in a barely perceptible way and then with more and more decision.

<<No, Hoseok. I-I won’t stay h-here to look at you. We must ... we must seek for help >>

It seemed that all of Hoseok's emotions had moved to Seokjin. With his eyes on the floor, Hoseok could see the smaller feathers falling from time to time at his feet. He didn't feel worthy to be able to look at Seokjin in the face.

In his heart, he knew he didn't deserve help.

If he hadn’t been so reckless, if he had remained faithful to the rules so dear to the angels, probably Yoongi wouldn’t be dying, Jimin wouldn’t be dead and Seokjin wouldn’t be crying in front of him.

<<Save Yoongi, he's innocent ...>>

<<Don't say it!>> Seokjin's tone came closer to the cry but fell silent at once for fear of being heard by prying ears. Hoseok's altruism was both admirable and terrible since it was addressed to a demon. <<S-Stay here, I ... I'll look for someone who can help you.>>

Probably there wasn’t even a cure for that disease, but fear makes Seokjin blind. <<Don't go out, understand? We will find a cure, together, there must be a cure.>>

With uncertain steps, the smallest angel approached just enough to be able to embrace the other and, before fading silently, in a white cloud, kissed him on the cheek and showed him a smile broken only by tears. He was infinitely grateful for everything, he had been the only one, along with Yoongi, to show him a different affection than the fake one he had always obtained from other angels, but he preferred to use the last energy to appear in Yoongi's house and tell him everything.

He deserved it since his existence was also at stake.

<<Hyung ...>> Hoseok sighed wearily, wiping a drop of blood from his nostril before Yoongi could see it. Despite all efforts, it was impossible to hide fatigue. <<We're dying, hyung ...>>

The last words, before breaking with pain and falling to his knees on the floor, without strength.

Yoongi rushed to rescue him, holding him by the arm to prevent him from hurting himself by falling to the ground. It wasn’t as easy as he hoped, but the state of Hoseok was certainly more critical than his own. <<Seok, what's up ...?>>

Hoseok let himself be dragged to the couch. His fingers trembled as he gently placed his hands on Yoongi’s.

<<I ... I know the reason behind all this ...>> He managed to say, before being interrupted by the sight of the demon's wounded knuckles. <<What ... what happened to you?>>

<<Nothing.>> Yoongi said quickly, hiding his hands between his thighs as he sat down beside the angel. He didn't want to explain to him what he had done, nor the reasons why they had not yet recovered.

<< " All this " what?>>
Hoseok sighed sadly, trying not to focus his gaze on the demon’s hands, hidden.

<<My wings, your horns ...>> He couldn't even look at his face, he would only see the handsome boy who was weakening because of his own fault.

<<The kiss we gave years and years ago is now killing us ... But Seokjin hyung is looking for a cure, you just have to wait for a little..>> Hoseok tried to console him, masking all his feelings behind a despairing hope.

Yoongi frowned, shaking his head slightly without understanding. It was a confession too sudden to be able to understand it immediately.

<<What it m-...?>> He broke off in half, stepping back slightly when he put all the puzzle pieces together.

<<You mean->>

<<..I'm sorry..>> the angel muttered again, hiding from the eyes of the blonde one behind the palms of his hands. The fear of being hated by Yoongi became more and more palpable.

He had nothing left but the presence of the demon. Yoongi roused himself from the trance he had fallen into, wrapping his arms around Hoseok. He welcomed him against his chest without thinking twice; it seemed only the best thing to do.

He breathed slowly, clenching his fingers on the other's clothes. <<It’s OUR fault..>>

<<It's not fair..>> Hoseok hissed bitterly; the shock he felt at Seokjin's house was still too vivid and, despite the consolation received from the angel, despair hadn’t finished haunting the conscience of the youngest.

<<Seokjin’ll find a cure, I ... I'm sure of it.>> Even though his eyes were still bright and red, Hoseok showed the demon a sweet smile, because all would be solved.

The fingers rested on Yoongi’s cheeks, no longer full and soft, and he carefully placed his forehead against that of the demon.

<<Everything will be fine, Yoongi.>>

The fragility of those words broke free in the air, making even what tied them together uncertain and precarious. They both walked on a sheet of ice, as thin as the veil of tears that had covered Hoseok's eyes. Even the promises seemed vain.

<<Is everything going to be fine? If-...>> Hoseok's voice became weaker as if the seed of doubt was beginning to bloom in the angel's mind. It was difficult to remain calm when the fear became more unbearable and real.

<<I-If we-we are doomed to die..>> he swallowed in a muffled cry, <<We ... We'll stay together, won't we?>>

Yoongi nodded softly, at first uncertainty and then more confident. He wrapped his arms around the other's lips, silencing his doubts with a slight, almost tender kiss on Hoseok's lips. There was nothing erotic, nothing carnal in that almost angelic contact. When everything seemed unstable, the only place where Yoongi was sure to find tranquility was in Hoseok's mouth.

At first, the embarrassment was palpable but little by little the rhythm grew until it became desperate and wet. Hoseok's hands no longer gripped the other's face softly, now they were tight in his shirt, with such force that his knuckles turned white.

<<Thank you..>> The little one managed to utter, after huddling against his chest, despite his tiny figure.

That was all he needed now.

Chapter Text

That was all he needed now.

<<Can I sing you a song? Being with you makes me feel so good that I feel like singing ... >>

Hoseok asked, hold tight between Yoongi’s hands.

Yoongi only smiled, softly, leaving the worries that shook him and Hoseok in a corner of his mind. It wasn’t a grin, nor a sneer, but a simple and spontaneous smile. His lips showed a little of the upper gum, making it similar to a child's smile, while he tightened the embrace around the other's hips a little.

<<I listen to you dearly, my pretty angel..>> he replied.

Concerns and sorrows seemed to dissolve like an impious cloud of smoke in the wind. It was not a love song at all, but it was a kind of lullaby, the one that Hoseok used to sing near Jimin when he was still alive.

The angel still didn't know how to call the feeling he felt for Yoongi, but it was strong enough to keep him from looking away from the deep red eyes that had once scared him so much and to let his heart warm by those butterflies that fluttered in his stomach.


When Seokjin appeared in Yoongi's house he hoped he had arrived there unnecessarily, but Hoseok was right where he was told not to go. The demon didn't seem to be around, which Seokjin really liked because he wasn't really in the mood to argue. He was interested in Hoseok, for a more than urgent reason.

<<Hoseok? Hoseok! >>

The angel was lying on the bed, without any veils, between the sheets that still smelled of him and Yoongi, half asleep and more and more exhausted day after day; legs still wide open after another forbidden sexual intercourse with the demon. He awoke with a start, almost frightened, and, after dressing up, he scampered on tiptoe into the living room, where Seokjin was obviously waiting for him. Yoongi seemed to have come out when Hoseok was still asleep.

<<What are you doing here ...?>> His fingers were visibly trembling at the sight of the purest creature, clutching the blanket he had slipped from the bed to his chest, using it to cover himself better, as if the fact that he shared the bed with a demon wasn’t evident.

<<We have to go. >> Seokjin looked at him with wild eyes, breathless. It looked like he was being chased by someone.

<<We need to find a cure before they find out about you and Yoongi’s disease >>

<<Who are you talking about?>> Gently, Hoseok put his hand to the major's face and placed them on his cheek, as if to calm him down from the heat. He seemed to ignore the fear of the older angel.

<<We're safe here, don't worry Hyung..>>

<<We're not safe, you're not safe!>> Jin raised his voice, driven by the fear of losing the only person he had left.

<<You're sick, Hoseok, don't you understand?>>

He added excitedly, <<You and that demon. You managed not to be found but it won't last forever. Hoseok, we have to do something, I don't want them to take you away from me... >>

"Sick", this is the last word Hoseok wanted to hear from Jin's lips, which, like a breath, had sent his house of cards to pieces, made of false hopes and beliefs that weren’t standing alone. His feelings at the time could be summarized in one word: chaos.

<<Only if Yoongi won't be left behind ...>> Hoseok peeped, trying to look serious when his lower lip and gaze trembled with fear and insecurity. He had failed to save his precious protégé, he had to make up for it by helping at least Yoongi.

<<I want to help you, but it won’t be easy.>> The other angel replied.

<<No one knows much about it, it's a rare disease. When I talked about it with Seokjung he was very worried, he told me not to mention it to anyone.>>

The words rolled out of his mouth faster and faster, like a landslide.

<<If the ‘’upper floors’’ came to know it, I have no idea what could happen. Hoseok, I'm so scared, I'm so afraid of losing you ... >>

Hoseok looked at him frightened, while guilt was starting to devour everything it encountered inside his body, from his stomach to his lungs, his heart too.

His irresponsibility wasn’t only killing Yoongi, but he was also destroying his family, Seokjin as well.

<<Sorry ...>> He managed to mutter before hugging him, squeezing the edges of the other's dress with all his strength, as if he were vainly invoking his forgiveness. Only the forgiveness Of the people most dear to him would have helped, perhaps, because Jimin wouldn’t have come back to life and Yoongi wouldn’t have recovered.

<<You're all I have left, Hobi..>> Seokjin piped up, fragile as Hoseok had never seen him before. He was trembling, trying desperately to hold back the sobs, trying to show his composure again.

<<I-I ...>>

<<You haven't told who the fuck he's looking for us yet.>>Yoongi closed the door behind him and leaned against it with his arms crossed. His angry expression created a threatening aura around him, but his clenched fists hidden in the crook of his elbows said something else.

Seokjin wrapped his arms around Hoseok's hips, clutching his weak physique to his chest as if to hold him while the younger angel turned his gaze to the demon. The demonic presence alone was enough to change the tone of the voice of the older angel, from trembling and frightened to angry; in his eyes, the demon was solely responsible for Hoseok's disease.

<<Your problem is to heal.>> he hissed,sniffling to get the remaining tears back.


<<J-Jin, please..>>Hoseok said softly, turning back to Seokjin and placing his hands on his cheeks.

<<It isn’t his fault...>>

<<How did you find this place, Seokjin?>> Yoongi interrupted, glowering at him.

<<What do you want? Be mad at me, not at him. What do you mean we have to heal? >> He continued, tapping words a little too quickly to give the impression of having everything under control.
Hoseok instinctively buried his face in the other angel's chest, clutching himself with all the strength he had left against him as if he wanted to load all his anger on himself.

<<I beg you two, Don't argue...P-please>>
A few moments passed, allowing the oldest of the three to calm down, who was next to burst into tears again; every time he thought about what was happening to his beloved Hoseok, it was impossible for him to remain calm and not give in to emotions.

<<I always know where Hoseok is and, as I have already told him, a rare disease is spreading inside you ... F..Furthermore you have to be hidden, because only God knows what would happen if the high spheres found you >>

<<A rare disease? Are you kidding me ...?>> The acidity, with which Yoongi's words were wrapped, melted in a few moments when the demon saw more white feathers falling at Hoseok's feet. Twelve years of lies, to pretend that everything was normal, of smiles for each other hit Yoongi like a running train.

They had hidden from the eyes of the creatures and fought as little as possible, too focused on each other. The goodness of Hoseok had managed to smooth out the tips of Yoongi's character, the frankness of Yoongi had made Hoseok know some experiences that he might never have made by himself. They had approached each other as if they were happy to get away from their respective sides.
Now, due to their selfishness, Jimin had lost the desire to continue living. In the absence of both, the line between goodness and malice had become increasingly blurred until it merged everything into a monotonous gray, gray that had accompanied their protege for years. All because of them and their selfishness.

This, perhaps, was a divine punishment. <<S-Seok, your wings ...>>
In the silence that followed the demon's words, only a faint sobbing of the two angels was audible, both tightened to each other, frightened and trembling. Seokjin reached the limit when he found some white Hoseok feathers between his fingers and it was impossible for the latter not to burst into tears when he saw Seokjin and Yoongi destroyed by his own fault.

<<I-I’m sorry... sorry .... >> He repeated like a mantra; as if such a shameful act could be canceled so easily.

<<No Yoongi, no ... It’s not a joke..>> Seokjin replied to the demon's question, gently stroking the hair of the little angel to try to calm him.

<<It's a joke, just a fucking joke.>> Yoongi snapped, running his hands through his hair. He breathed between his teeth, looking at Seokjin with a mixture of disbelief and despair. He had never looked at an angel like that, he had never tacitly asked for help from an angel.

Long and painful moments passed, in which the sobs of the two angels weighed more and more on the demon's back.

<<We have to leave. We have to leave now. >>

<<No!>> Seokjin exclaimed, with a more acute tone than the norm, regretting a few moments later, afraid of being discovered by neighboring demons.

<<You have to be treated, it's a matter of tim- Hoseok?>> But the sentence was abruptly interrupted, when Seokjin felt the boy's grip on him more and more weak, as if his body was slipping away from his arms.
Tears had tired him over the edge, making Hoseok almost unable to stand alone on his own legs.

<< I-I’m fi-fine>> he whispered, trying to get courage and strength; he would never, ever let the disease win, even though it was obscenely aggressive on their bodies. Yoongi's horns and Hoseok's wings were the most evident proof of such cruelty.
Yoongi approached Hoseok and hugged him to support him, squeezing his back against his chest. No one would believe their words if they had explained how a demon had become the point of support for an angel, and vice versa.

<<I'm here, sweetheart..>> Yoongi whispered in Hoseok's ear, with a gentle sweetness.
It was just when Yoongi approached the two angels that Seokjin saw for the first time the damage that the disease had caused him slowly: Yoongi's horns had been devoured piece by piece.

<<Yoongi, your horns ...>> Seokjin said, amazed both by the affection the demon had given to Hoseok, and for his ruined horns; in spite of everything, Seokjin felt immense displeasure: he has never imagined he would have conversed civilly or would have thanked Yoongi, the one who had left Hoseok dying during an evening of just twelve years earlier.

<<Yoongi ...>> Hoseok replied wearily, turning a small smile to the demon, to conceal his suffering in feeling so responsible for the pain he had caused everyone close to him.

<<Forgive me ...>> He added bitterly, repeating like a mantra the apologies he felt he owed to him.


<<It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter.>> Yoongi replied, squeezing Hoseok tighter against his chest.

<<We'll find a way, okay?>>
Seokjin, meanwhile, looked at them with empty eyes, a silent witness to an affection he couldn’t understand. It hurt to have to leave Hoseok, but he knew that if he insisted on keeping him by his side he would only have led him to death faster. He should have said goodbye to Hoseok in one way or another.

He wiped the last tears that had remained on the cheekbones and, in a trembling voice, whispered: <<Go away. I'll make up some excuse to cover you. >>

<<Jin ...>> Hoseok turned back to the older angel, looking at him with a mixture of confusion and fear. Seokjin had always been in Hoseok's life and the latter felt lost, afraid of never seeing him again.

<<N-No... N-No, hyung, please!>>

<<We will continue to see each other, I promise you>> he reassured the younger, his voice firm even though broken by tears; occasionally he wiped the other's tears.

<<You must stay safe with Yoongi, I’ll bring you the medicines, ok?>> He lovingly kissed the angel's forehead, trying to console him in every way and continuing to caress him on the head.

<<I entrust him to you, Yoongi.>> he said one last time, before disappearing into a white mist.
Yoongi did nothing but nod, confused and still deaf to the effects their decisions could have on their lives. He watched Seokjin disappear, looking at Hoseok with shining eyes, and took his face in his hands, forcing the other to look him straight in the eyes. He breathed softly before speaking.

<<We have to hide in some way, we can't stay here.>>
With so much care and delicacy, Hoseok placed his hands on the backs of Yoongi's, who were stroking Hoseok's cheeks to wipe away the tears; Yoongi's hands were warm and soft, despite their size, and for a few moments Hoseok felt safe so close to the demon.

That brief moment of sweetness brightened the minor a little, who managed to look Yoongi in the eye without crying much as before.

<<Hyung ... even if we run, we will continue to kill each other..>> he murmured in a distraught voice, sniffling from time to time.

<<But a part of me prefers to die rather than be without you ...>>
Yoongi stared at Hoseok as if he didn't understand, distraught and confused.

<<We won’t die..>> he said, but the decision had long since been abandoned. Not even Yoongi believed his words.

<<We ...>> he tried to repeat, but his voice died away at the end of the sentence. The words spoken by the angel had blocked the will of the demon, crushed by the weight of those statements.

<<We won’t die>> Hoseok repeated, trying to convince himself and the boy in front of him, both scared and about to break. Yoongi had always been strong, he had never let himself go to emotions; Hoseok had never seen him cry like that.
Taken by instinct, the angel hugged Yoongi, letting his face fit into the hollow of his neck, to make him physically feel his support.

<<Hyung, let's not waste this opportunity that Jin is giving us ... Let's take some things and let’s go away.>> It was hard not to give in to exhaustion, the last thing Hoseok wanted was to escape and the certainty that his legs could withstand so much stress it became increasingly remote, but it had to stay strong for Yoongi.

Yoongi clung to Hoseok, holding him with all his strength as if his life depended on it. He nodded uncertainly, letting the other go away little by little.
Hoseok found the strength to smile at him, before letting him go, trying to cheer him up somehow. He passively emulated Seokjin's gesture before disappearing and kissed the demon's forehead, collecting his tears with his fingertips.

Now that the oldest angel had disappeared, only Yoongi remained. <<Don't cry, Hyung, everything will be fine.>>

Hoseok was uncertain, but somehow he had to reassure his partner. In a few minutes they prepared for the journey they were supposed to take, without any sureness and with only the company of one for the other.


Hoseok let Yoongi guide him through the underworld, teleporting with him where he thought the place was safer. Changing homes had become a priority; fortunately for them, in Hell it was easier to escape the control of angel’s superiors.

More than a month had passed since their escape, both unable to define how much time had elapsed since their farewell to their normal lives; the feathers Hoseok lost in marked the rhythm of the days.
Teleporting was becoming increasingly difficult for both of them. During their last moving, the angel seemed quite exhausted and the two had been forced to stay longer in the small cave hidden from prying eyes. Sometimes they met Seokjin to receive food and medicines; without his help, the two were forced to fast, which deprived them both of so much energy.


Yoongi picked up yet another feather from the ground; he had already lost count of their number. Hoseok looks like a ‘’puppy’’ again, with bare wings, that seemed ready to fill with majestic feathers; alas, his thin body reminded them both of reality. Yoongi's cheeks were hollowed out more than Hoseok's, the angel's ribs more visible than the demon's, even the fingers of both of them had thinned. It was tiring to always run away from anyone, always living with one hand on the hilt of the dagger even knowing that if a battle broke out Yoongi and Hoseok would have had the worst.

<<Should we live like this forever?>> Yoongi whispered, turning the gathered feather without enthusiasm in his fingers.

<<What do you mean?>> Hoseok was squeezed in a corner of their makeshift shelter with a couple of blankets around him to keep his decayed body out of the cold, as his wings couldn't keep him warm anymore. It was already a week that they were forced to remain there; at first the angel thought it was just fatigue due to lack of food, but now it was making him terribly worried.

<<We must have hope, you know ...>>
Yoongi curled up next to him, putting an arm around his shoulders to keep him warm. He seemed to have a fever or something, judging by how weak Hoseok was.

<<Hope in what?>>
The thought of the demon ran to Jeongguk, the only person he could ever consider "friend". He wondered where he was, what he was doing, if he had wondered where Yoongi had gotten himself and if he had gone looking for him. He would only find an empty and untidy house as usual, as if the demon could return at any moment. Perhaps it was better that Jeongguk had thought so.

Hoseok lifted one of the blankets a little to allow the demon to curl up with him in that sort of nest and, so delicately, as if afraid of breaking his partner, he hugged him to chest. The younger man's hands began to caress the demon's back, tickling him from time to time with the tip of his nose on his neck, as during a normal moment of intimacy, without any malice.

<<In us..>> the little one murmured, smiling at him serene, as if he had no omen, without ceasing to run his fingers along Yoongi’s back, feeling the vertebrae one by one.

<<We’ll soon be able to defeat this disease..>>

<<You're getting worse, Seokseok..>> Yoongi murmured in response, pained. He had stopped believing those words for weeks.

<<You're dying. We are dying. >>

<<I'm hungry, hyung.. like you>> he replied calmly, as if the terror of death had never occurred to him.

<<It's been so long since we eaten, it's normal..>>

<<It's not ‘’just’’ hunger.>> The demon continued, shaking his head. <<I don't want to lose you, ‘Seok..>> he murmured, with disillusionment and fear.

<<Hyung, you won't lose me ...>>

This time Hoseok couldn't keep his smile and, little by little, it crumbled, showing simply a bitter and sad expression, which he would have preferred to keep hiding from the loved one.

<<B-But ... if I were no longer able to teleport myself or even walk, I can't keep you here to die with me ...>> The fingers that were caressing his back before, this time traveled over to his face, putting down the bony phalanxes on his hollow cheeks, and gently Hoseok laid his forehead against Yoongi’s.

<<I can't stop you from escaping.>>
Yoongi shuddered, violently driving away the negative thoughts that were filling his head, failing.

<<What's the point of escaping alone?>>

<<So you can heal and get a new life ...>>

Hoseok tenderly kissed the tip of his nose, cuddling Yoongi with all the sweetness he was able to give him to keep the demon from thinking of bad things. It was the only thing he could do at that moment.

<<Maybe you will meet a beautiful demon who you can date without having to hide or a woman with long, long hair ...>>

<<I don't give a shit about other demons, same for humans, Hoseok->> he hissed, raising his head to look at Hoseok in the face. It cost him to say those words, so unsuitable for a creature made to hate.

<<I only care about you.>> He continued, his voice trembling.
Hoseok fell silent, certainly not expecting such a phrase from the demon. Yoongi, despite his coldness, had always been kind and gentle after obtaining the angel’s forgiveness, never had words like this escaped him. Usually it was always Hoseok who said sweet and loving things, while Yoongi was more for silent gestures, sudden kisses and quiet support.

<<I care only about you too, hyung, but...but I can't stop you from living..>>
<<I can't watch you die, Hoseok.>> the demon murmured, shaking his head and clenching his fists.

<<I don't want to watch you die.>> he continued, more and more desperate.

The mask of imperturbability was inexorably crumbling away;Yoongi could no longer put it back together.

<<You won't see me die if you go without me, hyung ...>> Hoseok whispered weakly, his face pressed against Yoongi’s chest, while his shoulders shook with the pain he was feeling during those words. The fists were tight to Yoongi, to his clothes, as if he didn't want to leave him. However, he reminded himself, at least with him he should not be selfish.

<<P-Please, leave me here and save yourself.>>

<<I won’t leave you alone..>> Yoongi said weakly.

<<I won't go without you. With you, or nothing. >>

Hoseok couldn’t continue to resist him, repeating the same words to try to reason with him. Because of his own fault, even Yoongi wouldn’t have been able to save himself, and the thought broke the soul of the youngest, who sobbed against his chest.

<<Then hold me tight to you, hyung ...>>
At that moment he wanted nothing more than to be able to remain embraced by him and listen to his weak heartbeat to calm his painful cry. He hated being seen in those conditions by Yoongi.
Yoongi remained close to Hoseok for what seemed long, heavy moments of waiting for something neither of them knew. Or that neither of them wanted to admit.

Yoongi's whisper reached Hoseok's ears with a despair never heard before: <<I can't take it anymore, ‘Seok ...>>

<<N-Neither do I, hyung. I just want to go home, to Seokjin hyung..>> There was no point in continuing to hide his fear, a disquiet that was visible through his convulsive fingers in the demon's clothes or the tremors of the angel. Seokjin's medicines helped to slow the ferocity of the disease, but they didn't scratch it. There seemed to be no way.

<<What is the purpose of living like this?>>

Yoongi moved away from Hoseok, standing up and walking nervously, his back to Hoseok. He pressed his palms over his eyes, cursing the tingling that announced a useless cry.

<<What is it, Hoseok ???>>
Hoseok refused to reply to the words that Yoongi was spewing at the mercy of despair and pain. If only he had been able to walk, surely he would have run away from that harsh reality with Yoongi, and yet, through his own fault, they were confined there, in an anonymous and cold cave. He was tired of having to see the other being consumed and suffering for his own fault.

<<What’s the point in spending the time that remains to escape? We don't even know where we're going or who we're running away from, fuck.>> The demon swore, clenching his fists. He inhaled hard, almost growling.

He seemed to explode.

With an angry calm, Yoongi placed his hand on the hilt of one of the daggers he wore on his belt.

<<I'd rather die than wait for death.>>
Hoseok was desperately covering his ears as Yoongi kept spitting out painful but terribly true sentences. He didn't want to see him while he was extracting the weapon, he didn't want to hear him saying he wanted to kill himself, he didn't want to see him so angry.

<<S-Stop>> Hoseok shouted in a choked voice.

Yoongi pulled the dagger out of its sheath, turning it in his hand and then holding it firmly. He had hurt so many creatures with that dagger, but he never thought he would be able to turn it towards himself.

<<I don't like it, but the alternatives are worse, don't you think?>> He said, blinded by a desperate desire to put an end to all the suffering he had seen on Hoseok's face in past years.

<<But without me you won’t go, right ...?>> Hoseok asked with a faint murmur, lying there, without having his ears covered by false hopes and by his own hands. He couldn’t yet see Yoongi, but he had heard perfectly the noise the blade had made out of its sheath.
A hard thud of bone against stone anticipated the pain Yoongi felt in falling to his knees. The dagger was dimly lit in his hands, attracting and frightening him at the same time.

<<Come with me then, ‘SeokSeok..>>

In silence, the angel tightened in the blankets that were protecting him and, slowly, began to crawl to where Yoongi was kneeling; the demon's knees were spilling orange blood, but soon, nothing would count.

When Hoseok finally managed to huddle next to Yoongi, he showed him a smile that he knew was liberating, but it carried infinite bitterness, even if fearless.

<<I love you ...>> He whispered, placing one of his hands on the hilt of Yoongi’s dagger, before gently kissing him on the lips.

Yoongi's hands trembled, betraying the trust he had placed in his decision until a moment before. Anger had given way to weakness and despair.

<<I’d like to close my eyes, open them again and find myself near you. I'd like to find you in my next life, if there is one.>> Yoongi’s voice was shaking now.

<<I'm asking too much ...?>>

<<I'll be there with you, like now.>> Sweetly, Hoseok tried to deprive Yoongi of his weapon to throw it away from them, but the only thing he could do once with the dagger in his hand was put it back in his hilt.

<<Now, hyung, let's go to sleep ... You are tired, you no longer reason lucidly. You guarded me to let me sleep, now let me pay you back, mh? >>

<<Every time I wake up it's worse.>> A knot was swelling in Yoongi's throat, heavy and painful.

<<I don't want to see you in these conditions anymore. E-Enough, we have suffered enough.. >>

<<Sssh ...>> Hoseok greeted Yoongi’s face against him, stroking calmly his back, giving his breaths a rhythm to calm him.

<<Crying will help you to feel better..>> The angel whispered in his ear, letting Yoongi lay his cheek against his chest to make him feel his heart beating.

<<I support you ... If you fall, I'll get you up, like you always do with me..>>

<<No-Not this time.>>The words came lapidary, now Yoongi was beyond the point of no return.

<<Not this time, ‘SeokSeok..>> He repeated, again pulling out the dagger that Hoseok had made him put away.

<<Can I just ask you just one thing?>> The demon asked for a hand from Hoseok, where he placed it on his dagger.

<<I know I am selfish. Don't hate me for this..>>

<<Sure hyung, I'm here ...>> The angel whispered weakly, without losing his reassuring tone, as he clutched the cold grip of the dagger in his bony fingers. He hadn’t held a weapon in his hand for months; the last one had been confiscated by Seokjin to prevent him from doing more madness.

<<I never hated you, not even when you broke my wings. I certainly won't start doing it now. >>
Yoongi continued to look at Hoseok in the face, holding his hand on the dagger. He might as well have been selfish to the end.

<<Will you come with me?>>

<<Of course, Yoongi>> Hoseok assured him, kissing his lips again; if the words weren't enough, the kisses were perfect to convey all their affection to the demon.

<<But I have to convince you not to kill yourself ... Life is important, you don't have to waste it ...>>

<<I want a better life with you. You don't deserve this..>>

Yoongi placed the tip of the dagger on his chest, holding it with both hands. He trembled, torn between the survival instinct and the desire to have a better life.
In the end, he was the survival instinct to win. The metal fell on the stone, resounding harshly against the rock.

<<I-I cant’... >> He looked up at Hoseok, as if searching for strength inside his eyes. <<I can’t... can't do it ... alone ...>>

Even Hoseok was tired of seeing his lover, who was becoming thinner and more desperate, reduced in that terrible way. Maybe Yoongi was right, maybe they both deserved better.

<<I-If it makes you happy, I’ll do whatever you want, as I have always done ...>> Hoseok murmured after long moments of silence, sending to hell the promise not to kill anyone anymore.

Yoongi put his dagger in the angel's hand and pointed it at his chest, unable to stop the trembling of his limbs.

<<Just one shot. J-Just one, Hobi.. >>

<<You will do the same with me, right ...?>> The other asked, terrified of being left alone without Yoongi. 

<<I come with you, do.. do y-you remember, ri-right?>>

Yoongi narrowed his moist eyes, softened by a selfish joy. Both would have had the same end; it was so unnecessarily dramatic, hidden from the eyes of the world. He pulled out another dagger from his belt, the twin of the one he had just placed in Hoseok's hand.

<<Are you sure? No turning back, ok?>> He whispered, pointing the new dagger at the other's chest.

<<Where are you going, I'll come there too..>> The angel repeated, keeping his eyes low, fixed on those blades that would soon put an end to their suffering. The breath of the smallest was fast, as if frightened, but his face was terribly serene and imperturbable; in the very end, he was happy.

<<Is there time for one last kiss, hyung?>> Hoseok asked, with a hint of embarrassment.
Yoongi nodded, leaning over to match their lips one last time. It wasn't frantic, fast or desperate; what they exchanged was a silent affection, delicate attentions that had never found expression in words.

The slow and soft sound of their lips contrasted with the blades pointed at each other.

Hoseok breathed deeply the fragrance of Yoongi, stamping it in his memory to take with him every sensation that being with the demon gave him. Paradoxically he managed to be happy, because soon he would stop suffering, he would be reborn with Yoongi by his side and, perhaps, in their next life they could have been happily together.

<<Yoon ...>>He murmured, moving away from his lips to place a kiss on her cheek.

<<Throw yourself forward, to my three>> the demon whispered, settling the dagger against him again and doing the same with the blade Hoseok was holding. Everything was easier with Hoseok. No less painful, but certainly Yoongi felt less alone.

<<I'll see you later, okay?>> Yoongi added, smiling through his tears, cooing the angel with a soft tone, like a sweet lullaby.
Hoseok nodded, kissing the demon's eyelids to collect his bitter tears with his lips.

<<See you later, sweetheart>>

Even Hoseok smiled sweetly to Yoongi, finally happy again; a part of himself died at the idea of not being able to see the demon smile so candidly again, but he trusted in a "goodbye".

<<I'd do it all again, I'm so happy to have met you in this life, Hyung..>>

<<Me too, ‘Seokseok>> Yoongi replied, smiling so much that his red eyes almost disappeared.

<<See you later..>>

<<One two Three..->>

Chapter Text

<<One two Three..->>

<<I lov->

At the ‘’ three’’, the angel tried to say those sweet words one last time, but he couldn’t finish them. He fell silently into the arms of his beloved, while the blankets covered the wound that was beginning to lose blood.
Yoongi waited for a pain that didn’t come but received only Hoseok's body on him.

<<Seok ...?>>

He heard a cough from the angel as the demon felt his hands getting wet. He laid Hoseok down and noticed with horror that only the dagger in Yoongi's hand had caused a wound, while the demon's body remained intact. The pain for Hoseok must have been enough to make him lose his grip on the hilt. Now they were both dirty with blue liquid, blood gushing from the deep wound on the angel's abdomen. It shouldn't have been like this.

Hoseok perhaps had chosen to sacrifice himself, preventing Yoongi from coming with him; until the end, he had wanted to defend the demon's life even at the cost of sacrificing himself.

Perhaps he had thought that, without himself, Yoongi would be cured. What a cruel choice.
Panic made its way into Yoongi, devouring all that was still in his mind.

<<Seok!>> He shouted, before using the forces he had left to hug Hoseok's body and teleport them both to Seokjin's house; the only person they could ask for help.


Seokjin was busy studying books, studying another tome to find a cure for the illness that was devouring Yoongi and his Hoseok.
Suddenly someone materialized in his own home: he took one of the weapons he had at hand and ran to the entrance, then stopped to look at the two fugitives with dead eyes. Hoseok was dripping blood on his floor, his lip and Yoongi's neck were stained with that heavenly fluid.

<<What .. What happened ...>> He muttered, moving closer to the two and stifling the mass of emotions he was pressing to emerge. Hoseok's eyes were tight with pain; Seokjin felt the ground crumble beneath him.

<<H..Hyu..Hyung>> the wounded angel chirped, before coughing up more blood.
Yoongi laid his body gently in Seokjin's arms, gritting his teeth to keep from crying again.

<<H-Heal him..>> he whispered desperately, <<Please ... please ...>>

Seokjin greeted Hoseok in his arms, shivering. He seemed to have a doll in his arms: his weight was almost non-existent, obscenely thin like his partner.

<<Afterwards I take care of you too>> The older one answered with shining eyes, as he carried the wounded angel to his own room, Yoongi by his side. He laid Hoseok on the mattress, stripping him of the shirt he was wearing, but without depriving him of the blankets that he still held tight.

The dagger was still stuck in the flesh, everything around the hilt was livid; Seokjin had to refrain from vomiting.

<<H-Hobi, this will hurt you a little, but it's f-for your sake, okay?>> He whispered, pushing his orange hair out of his eyes; they were so filled with terror that Seokjin only wanted to close his eyes and wake up from that nightmare.

<<!>> Hoseok shouted, while Seokjin pulled his dagger out of the younger angel’s tummy: the flow of blood began to flow faster, but Seokjin was quick and applied drops of liquid that helped to calm the bleeding; alas, the wound didn’t close. He tried everything he had at home: nothing seemed to help. He decided to bandage Hoseok’s abdomen, hoping that in some time he would stop bleeding. Angels didn ’t need to have their wounds closed, in order to heal they didn’t need a hospital, usually, those few medicines that existed in their world were enough; not for Hoseok, not this time.

Yoongi watched the scene in tension, unsure if he could help or not. He yearned to do something, anything, to stop Hoseok from dying. He could feel his fingers burning with impatience, but he knew he had to hold back. Only when he felt his ears throb did he realize that he was holding his breath.

Meanwhile, Seokjin had hung two bags of semi-transparent liquid on a coat hanger and attached the tube with a needle to Hoseok and Yoongi's arm. <<This will help you get better..>>

<<Tell me he will survive->> Yoongi replied, short of breath and clenched fists.
Seokjin looked at the demon with glossy eyes, while tears began to spill out along his cheeks. He was probably trying to make the demon understand, with the silence, not to get too much hope. He left the room in silence, leaving the two young lovers alone, probably looking for some solitude.

<<Y ... Yoongi..>> The younger angel turned to his partner, seeking his attention. <<Come here, please..>> The terror of dying had begun to bloom in his thoughts.

<<I-I'm scared...>>

Yoongi sat on the edge of the bed, taking Hoseok's warm and thin fingers between his trembling fingers. <<Why didn't you do what I asked?>> He asked weakly. What a pathetic way to exchange their last words.

Hoseok tenderly squeezed his fingers between his own, huddling against his side to feel closer to him. <<Because I love you...>> Even though he was an angel, he didn't fully understand the meaning of the word "love", but he knew that his feelings for Yoongi were the closest thing to it. <<I want you to have a second chance ... Without me, you won't have to flee..>>

<<Who told you I want a second chance? Without you?>> Yoongi mumbled in a low voice.

The anger was now mixed with resentment and despair, accumulating like a weight between the throat and the diaphragm. <<You are selfish, ‘SeokSeok..>>

The eyes of the angel, in front of those words, were filled with pain, not knowing how to justify themselves. The fear of dying had just been overcome by the fear of being hated.
<<Do... Do you hate me?>> He whispered wearily as if his energies were going along with the tears that were flowing and the blood that was expanding on the white gauzes.

<<Stop talking non-sense>> Yoongi muttered, shaking his head. <<Stop it.>>

Seokjin entered shortly thereafter, his eyes swollen and red as if he had wept all his pain. When he saw the angel sobbing, he rushed to him and sat beside him, on the opposite side of Yoongi's, slowly stroking his hair to comfort him.
<<Don't cry, Hobi ... We're here, shh, you're not alone. Should I call Dawon?>>

Hoseok denied his head with a faint movement.

He was starting to feel terribly tired and his grip on Yoongi's hand became weaker and weaker. That slight numbness was helping him to stop feeling pain, even though it was gradually depriving Hoseok of his sight. << ..>>

Seokjin covered his mouth with one hand, trying to stifle the sobs. With a dry movement, he removed the IV line from Hoseok's arm: a tiny attempt to shorten his suffering.
<<Take me with you, ‘Seok..>> Yoongi murmured one last time.

Hoseok couldn’t reply. He listened to their voices for the last time, gave them both a tired smile and died under their unarmed eyes. The angel's hand fell silently from the demon's fingers and his face sank into the pillow. No glory for him, just a stupid wound to dirty his belly.

Silence had fallen in the room: Seokjin was too upset to be able to process the incident. He hadn’t stopped stroking Hoseok’s head yet, as if he were really sleeping.
Now there was only peace and calm on Hoseok's face, devoid of any pain or worry; only the blood that had trickled down his chin ruined that peace. A couple of tears ran down his cheek, wetting the pillow; until the end, Hoseok had held back his sadness and pain, concealing them from the demon so not to make him feel too guilty.

Before his eyes, perhaps the stars were dancing, who knows what place Hoseok’s soul had taken refuge. Yoongi was only sure that he would never be with his loved angel and that the last words he had spoken to him were words of anger, resentment, and hatred.

All the opposite of how it should have been.

Without saying anything, the demon bent over Hoseok's lifeless body and wrapped his arms around his torso, gently, as if he didn't want to wake him.

Only when he had his face hidden against the other's chest did Yoongi allow himself to cry, to vent that pain that had paralyzed his being.

Seokjin watched in silence as the blonde cried with Hoseok in his arms and his face hidden against the angel’s bare chest, without allowing himself to say anything. The tears flowed dried under his red and empty eyes. He hadn't even asked how Hoseok had gotten that damned wound, but it didn't matter anymore.

Only the sobs of the demon were audible in that painful silence, but suddenly Hoseok's sister appeared in the middle of the room, her eyes already bright and numerous traces of tears on her cheeks. Dawon kept one hand on her chest, at heart level, like she felt pain just breathing.

<<Why?>> The woman screamed, in pain and tears, looking at the demon with fiery eyes. <<Bastard, you killed him- you killed him, didn't you?!>>

Yoongi clenched his teeth and laid down Hoseok's body with the same care with which he had tightened it, without haste. There was no one for whom it was worth doing things quickly. He got up and stood in front of her, not scared. He knew he was in a pitiful state, with swollen eyes and a distorted face in an expression of pain.

<<Yup. It was me.>>

At least he expected a slap, a punch, but certainly not Seokjin ready to help him. He had placed himself between the woman's body and the demon's, ready to protect the latter. Yoongi never imagined that he would one day be protected by him.

<<Dawon, Hoseok wouldn't want to see you hurt the boy he once loved and, above all, he'd never want to see you like this.>>
He scolded her without any harshness, embracing Dawon with affection to calm her.

As soon as the woman clung to Seokjin she burst into bitter tears, destroyed by the loss. <<I-I didn't even say him goodbye..>> She sobbed.

<<I know honey, I know ...>> Seokjin murmured in her ears, comforting her as he could. There was nothing but pity in his voice. <<Nobody can replace him. You're right to be angry. I'm sorry..>>

The girl remained still a few minutes close to Seokjin, giving vent to all the pain in her tears, until, little by little, she left the embrace. She avoided Yoongi, not even looking at him, and carefully sat on the edge of the bed, staring at her brother for a few moments, gently running her fingers through his orange hair. Despite his thinness and his naked wings, he was still beautiful, smiling and serene.

<<Did he suffer...?>>

Seokjin tried to smile as natural as possible. It made no sense to make things worse.


The silence became more and more dense with the flow of time. Seokjin felt the weight of duty pressing against his shoulders. <<Will you come with me to honor him?>> He proposed to Dawon.

The woman returned the smile Seokjin had shown her, reassured by Seokjin's words. <<Sure, but will he come too?>> She asked, pointing to the demon. Seokjin replied with a silent sign.

<<... Why are you crying, demon? Shouldn't you be happy?>> Certainly the girl didn't believe demons could cry over the death of an angel.
Yoongi wiped away the tears that threatened to cross the border. He took a long breath, turning his back to her and figuratively closing himself in his personal space. He just wanted to put an end to that little theater as quickly as possible.

<<Leave me alone.>>


Yoongi didn’t even ask for explanations when Seokjin had picked up Hoseok and, together with Dawon, had teleported all four of them to a bare, wide, dark room. Lamps could be seen on the light walls but they were all turned off. Every step sounded on the cold floor, making the demon uncomfortable; he had never seen anything like this. The only light present came from an imposing blue fire placed in a large brazier; in front of it there was a simple table of what looked like stone.

Around the edge of the table ran a small channel dug into the material, a few centimeters deep, connected to the place where that unusual blue flame burned.

Yoongi didn’t even ask questions when Seokjin laid the body on that table and, together with Dawon, began to weave a wreath of flowers between Hoseok's hair. He looked at them without saying anything, without judging.

<<Yoongi, come here..>> Seokjin softened his tone as he turned to the demon, without hatred.

<<You have the right to stay by his side until the end too.. You loved him so much, didn't you?>>

Yoongi reflected on the meaning of his words, wondering if a demon could ever love someone. He didn't even know what ‘’love’’ meant, even after what had happened: a definition was missing; in his head, there was only emptiness.

Carefully, as if afraid of scaring a wounded animal, Seokjin approached Yoongi with flowers in his hand.

<<Hoseok wouldn't want to see you like this ... Maybe now you hate him because he left you here, but over the years I'm sure you'll be able to forgive him, mh? Come on, finish your flower crown with us..>>

<<I never made one.>> The demon replied, waving a hand toward the flowers Seokjin held out to him.

Maybe it was just a trick of his imagination, but those corollas resembled those that Hoseok had grown in his hair long time ago.

Cautiously Seokjin laid his hands on those of Yoongi, after having made him approach the lifeless body of his friend; they completed the crown together, weaving one by one the stems of the flowers that would have adorned the angel's head. Their scent recalled the same fragrance that Hoseok used to use.

The oldest angel, Dawon, was silent, but this time her expression didn't seem to judge the demon: on the contrary, it had softened. She knew his younger brother had always had difficulty finding someone who really loved him, excluding herself and Seokjin; Dawon brightened a little knowing that the last moments of Hoseok’s life ended in the company of his loved ones. That demon had been much kinder than many other angels with Hoseok.

Yoongi followed Seokjin's movements until Hoseok's body was adorned with flowers on his head, wrists and his ankles too. It was a ritual without purpose, for Yoongi, but the dedication and faith that the two angels placed in those gestures gave him an unusual awe, a feeling that led him to imitate them.

The way in which Hoseok's body was decorated, together with the delicate smile on his parted lips that still softened his face, suggested he was just ready for a party: still in his prime of life, full of desires and dreams, yet with such an adverse fate.

<<Do you want a some time alone with him?>> Seokjin asked, after demanding the same question to Dawon. Yoongi shook his head, keeping his gaze fixed on Hoseok.

<<There's nothing left to say.>>

Seokjin approached the dead boy, followed by Dawon; carefully, they both placed a kiss on his forehead, mourmoring together a whispered prayer, something incomprehensible that came muffled to Yoongi's ears.

They went to the sides of the altar, where there were two transparent cruets filled with a pinkish liquid; gently, as if afraid of annoying Hoseok, they poured that water all over his skin, sprinkling his body and the material that covered him. Slowly the excess liquid slipped on the sides of the altar until it poured into the channels dug on the edges; from there it descended through a canal connected to the brazier and, as soon as a drop came into contact with the lapis lazuli-colored flame, the blue fire filled the canals and reached Hoseok’s dead body, enveloping it in fiery light.

Only those present at that sad funeral would have known the true story of Hoseok, while in heaven and hell as well he would only have been remembered like the stupid angel, who has fallen in love with a demon.

Seokjin sighed and Dawon hugged him, both about to start crying in front of their beloved Hoseok who was leaving the angelic worldto go who knows where in the universe. No one know where the souls of angels go once dead, not even the wisest of cherubs.

The two angels sat on the ground in front of the altar to watch the flames dance, and Yoongi imitated them shortly after, crossing his legs at Seokjin's side.

Dawon began to sing a song in a language unknown to the demon, a melancholy melody to which Seokjin added himself shortly thereafter. They sang alternatively: when one of them needed to catch his breath or to rest his voice, one added at the other place.
They sang until the fire went out, marking time with their words.

When the last flame finished burning, along with the last echo of the melody, there was only peace on the faces of the two angels. The three of them stood up and Yoongi noticed that nothing was left on the altar, not even the ashes: there was no longer even the trace of Hoseok, no matter what the angels or demons believed.

It was over, it was all over.

<<Dawon..>> The demon asked, placing himself with a cold decision in front of her:<<I know very well that you don't owe me anything, but let me ask you a favor...>>

The anger disappeared on the woman's face, replaced by a quiet pain.

<<Tell me.>> She replied gently; now that they had shared such strong pain together, the boundaries that had been imposed by their fellows seemed to no longer matter.

The calmness on the woman's face contrasted with the coldness on the demon's face. Yoongi pulled his trusty dagger from his belt, the same one that had killed Hoseok.


<<Kill me.>>

Chapter Text

That bit of sweetness that was painted on the Dawon's face was soon swept away.

She was shocked, both for the request and for the small traces of oxidized blue blood at the base of the dagger; undoubtedly, that was Hoseok's blood.

<<... Are you sure, demon?>>

Another voice was added shortly after. Seokjin also wanted to give it a try, though he wouldn't have insisted. <<Hoseok died to let you heal ... Do you really want to waste his sacrifice?>>

Yoongi laughed bitterly. <<I am like him, I won’t heal.>>

<<Wherever he is now, I want to reach him. Or at least try it. There is one or two things I have to tell him.>> The fear of dying gripped his stomach, but Yoongi consulted Dawon anyway.

<<Please.>> The demon begged, taking her hand and putting the hilt of the weapon on her palm . <<Take your revenge.>>

<<Although his illness, he passed away happily and that happiness is also thanks to you. I mustn’t avenge myself on anything.>> Dawon took the weapon the demon had given her almost respectfully, accepting his request bitterly. <<But if you want to reach my brother, I'm nobody to tell you ‘’no’’. Where should I hit you ...?>>

Yoongi took the blade in his hand and guided the tip over his throat, oblivious to the small cuts it had made in his palm. It would have been quick and painless, not like Hoseok. <<Here.>> He turned his eyes to Seokjin, swallowing. He wasn’t sure he would receive forgiveness, but for some absurd reason, he cared now.

<<I'm sorry..>>

<<Yoongi ...>> Dawon was about to speak, but was interrupted by Seokjin who embraced the demon one last time, pushing him away from the blade.

<<When you’ll reach him, please tell my Hoseokie that we love him so much...>> He begged, before letting the demon go.

<<Stay by his side there too, where he can now be free, among the stars of the empyrean.. >> Dawon commented, before repositioning the weapon where the demon had indicated her.

<<Close your eyes now...>>

Yoongi nodded, not wanting to disappoint the two angels. He wasn’t certain of reaching the same place where Hoseok was, if the souls of creatures like them reached a life after death; it was worth at least trying, rather than living with remorse.

<<I'm ready..>> He lied, closing his eyes.

The terror of the unknown gripped his guts, making him feel tiny and impotent before the decision he had made. He repeated that it was late to go back and, again, that perhaps he could see Hoseok again. Maybe they could have spent more time together. It was all in doubt, all too uncertain.

I'm scared-

He forced himself to take long breaths, trying to forget the blade that was pressed against his throat. He hadn‘t even said anything to Jeongguk, he hoped with time he would forget Yoongi and his madness.
He repeated again he would soon see Hoseok again, he deluded himself that he could soon talk to him again.

I'm scared-

It wasn't the first time that Dawon had killed a demon, but this time it was different. She felt a sort of displeasure, not the usual pleasure she got from seeing those hideous creatures writhing in pain after being slaughtered by her sword.

Yoongi had a different aura, perhaps all that time spent with Hoseok had washed away some of the sin from his body, making him almost... good?

Dawon had never seen a demon cry so desperately over the death of an angel.

She was still not so sure about what she was about to do, but the fear was held back when, with a sharp blow, she hit the demon in the throat.

She could feel his warm blood wetting her fingers, then her palm, while the younger of the three dropped, now closer and closer to their Hoseok.

Seokjin took Yoongi in his arms when he saw that his legs had given up, after being hit. He laid the younger one gently on the ground, stroking his hair to keep him from feeling alone.

Even though he was a demon, at least in death he deserved some affection.
<<You did well, Yoongi...>> he whispered, just before seeing Yoongi close his eyes.


<<Yoongi ...? Yoongi ?! >> 



The darkness was comfortable, unlike the voice which was calling him. "Yoongi!"
It was a known voice, that was certain.

<<Yoongi, what the hell are you doing in my house ?!>>

The boy opened his eyes, immediately placing his palms in front of the eye sockets to shield them from the intense light in which the place was immersed. It was so white it hurt.

<<Where am I...?>>

<<In my house, and I swear you weren't here until a moment ago.>> The voice replied.

Strangely, it seemed surprised, almost incredulous. It didn't look like Hoseok's. Yoongi decided it was the right time to open his eyes; after rubbing his eyelids briefly, he squeezed them to get his eyes used to the light.

<<.. Seok...Jin??!>>

<<Finally ‘’the sleeping beauty’’ woke up.>> Yoongi wasn’t used to Seokjin doing a sarcastic remark, but how could the older angel take seriously the fact that, all of a sudden, while he was sleeping, Yoongi had materialized right next to him, naked; moreover, not as a demon.

Two large white wings had been placed at the sides of his body, just like those of Hoseok. What bad joke was that ?! Evidently the pain of the loss was driving him crazy.

<<Yoongi, if this is still your name, maybe you should seriously get up and look in the mirror.>> He said, pointing to the bedroom wall.

<<You would never believe me..>>

Confused, Yoongi stood up and stretched cautiously; the first doubt formed in his head when he saw himself naked, but he had to lean against the wall to bear the surprise of seeing that bulky pair of feathered wings attached to his back. 

He approached with eyes wide open in the mirror indicated by Seokjin to find the face he had always known to be devoid of horns and crowned by long blond hairs.

Of all the questions he had in mind he managed to formulate only one: <<Where is Hoseok ...?>>

Seokjin's smile was replaced with a resigned expression.

<<He is reborn, Yoongi. He is reborn as a human.>>
He placed one hand on the other's shoulder, approaching behind him; Yoongi looked him in the face through the reflection in the mirror.

<<I have watched over him, for now he doesn’t yet know how to distinguish good from evil..>> Seokjin continued.

On his face Yoongi could read the sorrow for not being able to continue his task, but his disfigured body was no longer suitable for being a guardian. <<He lost all memory of his past life as an angel ... But he is alive and he is healthy. >>

Yoongi's expression relaxed a little, glad that Hoseok was okay, but his eyes remained covered with sadness. He wasn’t by Hoseok's side again but, at least, they both seemed to be fine: Yoongi's body was healthy again, almost at full strength, and Seokjin had guaranteed for Hoseok.

<<Where is him? I'd like to see my ‘SeokSeok again..>>Yoongi asked, turning to the older angel.

<<Yeah, but get dressed first. Toddlers can see celestial creatures, I don't want Hoseokie to see you naked.>> Seokjin said, almost jokingly not too hard, before reaching for a tunic.

Yoongi smiled slightly, thanking the other. The robe in his hand was almost certainly from Hoseok, judging by the expression and care Seokjin had had in handing it to him. Hoseok could have lost all memory, but Seokjin’s memory was still vivid.

The younger one dressed in a hurry, struggling a little whit his hair too long, but appreciating the everyday life of a gesture like that. The tunic seemed to have been stitched for an angel taller than him, but he didn't mind; that dress, after all, had belonged to Hoseok.

<<Seokjin..>> Yoongi called to him, picking up his long locks, <<Could I cut them? There is no rule that prevents angels from cutting their hair or anything like that, right?>>

<<Nothing prevents us from cutting our hair, but then they'll turn black.>>

<<They don't belong to me..>> Yoongi said simply, <<They aren’t a part of me. Black will be fine. >>

<<Your hair reminds mine when I had both of my wings...>>

He added with a kind of bitterness, finding regret in Yoongi’s decision as he began to caress them carefully. They were so elegant and blond to be the envy of the most beautiful angel of paradise.

<<You can use the scissors in the bathroom. I just ask you to clean up later. >>

Yoongi nodded and retired to the bathroom, coming out of it shortly with his hair untidily cut and a bit disheveled as he tried to cut them so that they wouldn’t fall over his eyes. The roots were already starting to darken.

<<I’m done ... maybe..>> He murmured with a small pout on his face.

Seokjin laughed at the sight of his hair cut a little mesy, but fortunately they were long enough to be fixed. <<Come here, I'll help you.>> The oldest angel had learned to settle the cut by himself after losing his long hair thanks to Taehyung.

He took him back to the bathroom, picked up the scissors with his fingers, and carefully adjusted the boy's cut, until he modeled it in a graceful bob with a slight undercut. It was vaguely similar to the hairstyle of Seokjin, but slightly longer; some tips were curled upward, giving the boy an adorable and almost innocent air.

<<You're lovely now, Yoongi!>>

Yoongi blushed, still unaccustomed to receiving compliments on his physical appearance; he became even more red when he realized that he had shown his embarrassment to the one once he called enemy.
<<Thanks. >> He mumbled, twisting the tips of his thumbs, <<Shall we go?>>

<<Relax...>> Seokjin suggested, pinching one of his cheeks, red as ripe tomatoes.
In Yoongi’s gestures, Seokjin saw so much uncertainty, but it was understandable after such a change. It was the first time a creature turned into another; Yoongi wasn’t reborn as a cupid, but directly as a finished and done angel and, above all, he still kept the memory of his demon life.

Seokjin didn’t want to wonder about that mystery, not at that time: Yoongi was reborn, Hoseok as well. There was nothing more beautiful.

<<I know you still remember your demon life, but you will gradually get used to angelic kindness. We aren’t nice just to ask for pleasures, but because we like to be good to others. Although unfortunately there are angels who mistreat with their more sensitive peers... But we have all the time in the world to talk about these things, now we go to Hoseok.>> Seokjin concluded, holding Yoongi's hand and teleporting with him in Hoseok's bedroom.


It was a welcoming place, full of colorful toys and equally cheerful books; three bright foam panels on the floor bore the words "Jung Hoseok".

Yoongi managed to find out where the little boy had hidden when he saw him climb up to the desk near the window. He was dangerously close to the wooden headboard of the bed, so Yoongi didn’t fail his grip when he reached out to take the child when he had lost his balance. With a huff of relief he welcomed the baby in his arms, happy to have protected his loved Hoseok.

Seokjin also smiled when he saw that scene, glad that Yoongi had already changed from his previous life.

<<Oh, hello sunshine. >> Yoongi whispered softly, clutching that tiny bundle to his chest.

The child, as he was hugged to the chest of that new presence, gently returned the hold, clutching his plump little hands to the fabric of his tunic. He rubbed his forehead friendly against the angel's shoulder, chuckling with innocent happiness at the affection he was receiving.

Those two new boys weren't his parents, yet the joy he was showing was comparable to the one Hoseok felt in his mother's arms.

<<M ... Mo...>> He barely bumped syllables, but they undoubtedly resembled the word ‘’ mommy’’ as he reached out for Yoongi's face to touch him. He smiled fondly at the warmth of Hoseok’s hands, softened by how unripe features already resembled those he had always seen on Hoseok's face when he was an angel: the shape of his eyes, the line of his nose, that adorable mole on his upper lip.

Seokjin gave to the two time to get to know each other better, before interrupting them with a slight cough.

<<You know, Hoseok is at the right age to receive his guardians..>> the speech introduced the topic, while Seokjin placed a hand on his shoulder.

Yoongi looked at the older angel with confident eyes, smiling hopefully. <<Seokjin hyung..>> he asked, <<would you please help me become his guardian angel?>>

The angel smiled with contentment at that question, nodding. Since he couldn’t be Hoseok's guardian angel, he was glad that the task was given to Yoongi. There was no one more deserving than him, except Dawon, who however refused to become a guardian angel; eventually, she was an archangel, she wanted to shield her people with her sword until the end.

<<You already are, look how happy he is in your arms ... Remember what happened with Jimin, even though I know you won't repeat the same mistake anymore. >> Seokjin warned him as a precaution.

<<Ah, one last thing: just call me ‘’Jin’’, from now on we are colleagues. Aaaaaand, until you find another house, you can stay with me in Hoseok's room. I cook very well ~ >> He added, with a friendly wink.

Yoongi felt the smile on his face widen until his eyes disappeared behind his cheeks. << Thank you, Jin hyung. Thanks for giving me confidence. >>

The new angel, then, turned his attention back to the little one, cuddling him until he saw him fall asleep. The smile on his soft cheeks was reassuring, a promise of a better future. The angel felt his chest swell with joy: he deserved it, after what he had gone through.

<<We love you, Hoseok>> Yoongi whispered before placing him on his bed, near his teddy bear, and covering him with the soft blanket.

Yoongi had so many things to tell him, things he had already told him; he would never tire of telling Hoseok again that he loved him so much. The road was uphill, maybe they could never have been together, but it didn't matter.

If Yoongi had kept thinking about the future probably he would have forgotten to live in the present.

Yoongi wasn’t afraid to wait for Hoseok. The right time would come, sooner or later.

<< I love you, Seok-ah. >>