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Your Guardian

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Chapter 1

"That's all?"

The demon raised an eyebrow, calmly folding his wings back. He was expecting another problematic individual, a successful business man with a large number of beautiful women around or an old gossipy lady at the death's door, but certainly not a boy just come out of adolescence. That young man was a special case, he had been told, and to break the boredom he had accepted without listening to the details. He had been told something about a conflict, but he hadn't paid much attention to it. The previous human to whom he had been entrusted had been an easy winning and Yoongi hadn't even felt much satisfaction in seeing him go down to Hell among the suicides.

Holding a snort, he sat down better on the branch of the tree he had landed on. The human was eating something, perhaps dining, judging from the time. Who knows where his guardian angel was.

It was time to get acquainted, the demon thought as he thinned his eyes in search of a pair of white wings.

Here he was, sitting a little farther from his human, on one of the vast roofs of the houses, while he admired the sky, in solitude, stretched out between his white wings. The shadow of a smile was drawn on the face of the demon when he put his eyes on the soft and delicate creature.
He opened his wings again, leaping in the air naturally and gliding with regality on the roof where the cocoon of feathers was sitting. Once the wings were closed he fixed his blonde hair with one hand, ready to give a good first impression, and since the other seemed indifferent, the demon decided to get noticed a little more directly.

《You are Jimin's guaridan, I suppose》, he indirectly asked, approaching a few steps until he was a couple of meters to the right of the other; he walked quietly, holding his hands in his pockets.
The angel sat up, stretching to recover from his daydreaming, and turned to look up at the demon with his blue eyes.

《…A demon》, he sighed weakly through clenched teeth, as if he felt threatened by this new presence.

《Really shrewd, congratulations》, the other said, ironically uncovering his teeth and showing the rows of sharp points that defined the teeth of the demons. The demon's palate was tight and it left a small black space near the corners of the mouth. The sitting creature seemed to shiver.
Yoongi continued to tease him, bending his torso forward as he held his hands in his pockets and his legs straight, bringing his face close to the pure, perfect face of the other. He was really good looking even by the standards of Paradise, he found himself thinking.

《Who am I pleased to talk to?》

It was clear how much the other would have preferred not to answer, take his protégé away from the blonde one and bring Jimin in a safe place, away from the dangers that the presence of a demon involved. It was a utopian concept to be able to keep the evil away from a human being, because the latter is always looking for the forbidden, but an angel is always intent on keeping his protégé on the right path; the demon was well aware.

《…Hoseok》, he replied with hesitation. 《You are…?》

《…Yoongi》 he finished the angel's sentence, a little sorry to have been taken so lightly. How much tension could be read in angel's movements. Yoongi did not remember he could have such an effect. Internally he was pleased.

《We will work together from now on, mh?》 He continued, sitting cross-legged next to that delightful little angel. 《What can you tell me about our protégé?》

《He has suffered severe trauma, so I kindly ask you not to play too much with his conscience》 Hoseok replied. He seemed an apprehensive mother in the act of making things clear and Yoongi could clearly see how he was trying not to be walked over from the demon in front of him.

《Trauma? Winning will be even easier. Tsk, I was looking for something more ... fun》he replied before letting go of a disgusted grimace. The tiny angel seemed to have been through a lot of difficulties, from the way he spoke; no angel had ever seemed as frightened as Hoseok in talking about those things. Or simply he was just a newbie. Fantastic, even more boring, Yoongi thought.

《You can play with him, but make him suffer and I'll make you regret it》.

The tone of the angel was not threatening, but simply defensive. He seemed annoyed by that difficult behavior, but not surprised.
His gaze rose again when a ray of sunlight managed to filter through the clouds: in front of such a wonder, the sacred creature smiled.

《It doesn't have to be fun or boring, it's a life...》
The demon stared at his protégé from the top of the building, seeing him talking to other students, then he turned his gaze to the creature on his side, finding his crystalline eyes turned to the sky. His long orange hair gracefully complemented his slightly bronzed complexion, which made the blue of his eyes stand out even more intensely.
If there was one thing Yoongi had learned in all those years of service: more beautiful the virtue to defeat is, more satisfying the moment of the victory would be.

《Are you afraid of me?》

《...Why should I?》
The white wings, still open, little by little closed against the back of the guardian with solemnity and he turned his back on the demon, a silly attempt to pretend nonchalance.
Yoongi laughed, relaxed, as he drew one of the daggers from the lining on his belt, benefiting from the advantage of not being seen.

《Because it's very foolish of you to turn your back on the enemy.》
The sharp point of a blade pressed, without warning, on the skin of the angel's cheek. The demon's free hand was wrapped around the other's shoulder and one of the demon's shoes was pressed against the ends of a pair of feathers of the angel's wings. Hoseok's expression betrayed his surprise for that gesture, probably not expecting such a cowardice from the demon: the naivety of the angels never ceased to surprise Yoongi.

《You really are a newbie》, he taunted the pure one, drawing a small circle with the metal of the dagger on his skin, not hurting him yet. It would have been a pity to deface that beautiful face too soon, after all.

《Here humans use "hyung" to refer to older guys. Let me hear how it sounds from cute lips》, he cooed with a grin; his voice was low and soaked with a more than a hint of sensuality: it seemed more a request between lovers, than between enemies.
In that position Hoseok could no longer afford to play, he had to be condescending to get out unscathed.

《H .. hyung?》 He murmured in a feeble voice, following his instructions. Red colour bloomed on his cheeks, which it spreads along the skin of his face. Adorable.
The demon's smile widened and the blade leaned on the fleshy lips of the angel. It would have been enough saying only one word to make them bleed and Yoongi really wanted to test the other's abilities and limits.

《I like it. Memorize it》, he whispered again, stroking the back of his neck with his thumbnail, near the spine.

《I want twenty minutes alone with Jimin. Can you grant them?》
Hoseok's eyes widened in surprise; evidently he hoped to be released after having satisfied his silly request, but judging by the blade's position it hadn't been enough. He swallowed a thrill and denied the demon's order with the utmost care, holding his breath. It was clear how much he feared the contact between Jimin and the demon, after all he was his guardian angel and his job was to keep him away from perdition.
The laughter of scorn that filtered through the demon's teeth poured into the angel's ear, before Yoongi removed the dagger from the lips of the purest.

《There's an easy way to solve the question, isn't it?》 He said, backing away a few steps, paying attention to stepping on more than one of the white feathers he found in his passage. He could easily imagine the expression of the other and almost feel his teeth gnashed with annoyance, as if his hair were being pulled.

《Who says that? Fighting hurts Jimin's soul...》
Oh, how much nobility of mind the angels possessed, who extracted their weapons only in case of serious necessity and who hated to hurt their neighbor, even if he was a demon.

《So you don't want to fight?》 Yoongi asked, raising an eyebrow, visibly upset. He was already ready to see the lifeblood of the angel flows, dreaming the way it would decorate his frightened face.

《Boring》he huffed then, withdrawing his weapons. If Hoseok didn't wanted to fight, it meant that Yoongi would still be right about him. Fault of stupid sentimental attachments.

《Have fun pitying yourself alone while I go to get acquainted with Jimin》 he said with a malignant grin on his face, before disappearing into a cloud of black smoke and reappearing in human form a few dozen yards away.
Like all creatures in human form, horns and wings had disappeared to leave space to a normal look, like a real human being. His blond hair turned into blacks and also his red eyes turned into black. Yoongi's face was similar to his demonic form, but slightly rounder: he hadn't had to change the shape of his eyes, and he didn't complained at all about it. A blue sweatshirt and a pair of black trousers complemented his look, designed specifically to impress Jimin. It was improper to read in the desires of his protégé to be able to meet Jimin's favor, but morality was something only the angels were worried about. Yoongi had already gotten rid of it more than once.

The human was sitting on a bench, immersed in the study of a book, which he would have to exhibit at the next university exam. He was tight in his coat, wrapped in a soft woolen scarf that kept him away from the cold autumn. While he was reading, he played with the strands of hair, rolling them between his fingers or placing them behind his ears, reddened by the cold.

《Park Jimin?》

Yoongi's deep voice announced his arrival, before the boy came out and approached to the bench where Jimin sat.

《One of ''Bangtan On The Street'' dancers?》 He asked, standing beside him.

Jimin looked up curiously at the face of the boy who had spoken, evidently not expecting to receive such an epithet. He blushed, embarrassed, not knowing what to answer; it was easy to notice how much he felt in awe and how much he was repeating himself not to make a bad impression to the blonde guy.

《U-Uh .. Yes, it's me. I do not know you, I'm sorry ... can you tell me your name? 》

《Min Yoongi》 the other murmured politely, tilting his head slightly.

《I saw you dancing, you're good. Would you like ... to go out with me for a drink when you've finished your lessons? A couple of friends of mine wants to meet you too, one of them is a dancer too》he offered nonchalantly, taking advantage of the effect he knew he had caused on the protégé.

In that exact moment, like a divine punishment, a feathered bird swooped down to buzz around the demon's head, chirping alarmingly, as if trying to communicate with the dancer to tell him not to fall for it. Yoongi could sense it, that angel was transfigured into a robin.
The bird settled on the dark head and began to pull the black strands with his beak, to peck at the demon's earlobe, bothering him in any ways in front of Jimin, who looked confused at the scene.

《What's wrong?》 He asked Yoongi, pointing to the tiny, little bird that was disturbing their conversation.

Yoongi felt the unstoppable urge to abandon the human form and stifle that annoyance with his own hands, but after he glared at the unbearable animal he only turned to the younger one as if it were not a big problem.

《Robins in Seoul .. really unusual》 he pointed out with an irritated smile to the angel to make him understand the mistake he had naively committed. With a sudden and unexpected movement, Yoongi managed to capture the small robin for a leg and then he close the birdy in his hands, forming a cage to prevent Hoseok from flying away. With one hand he held his wings closed, while with the other he supported him from underneath.

《Beautiful, don't you think?》 He murmured, sitting down beside Jimin and stroking the feathered head with his thumb and grinning internally. The little heart of the tiny bird was beating wildly, scared in the enemy's hands. Like every little bird in the panic he kept his beak open and, blocked by fear, he let himself be caressed without rebelling, breathing heavily.

《It's the first time I see a robin ..》 Jimin commented with a delicate smile, caressing the scared little bird with his finger; Yoongi pretended that it was the same for him too, murmuring something about having seen them only in the natural sciences book.

《Ah! Excuse me, I didn't even thank you for the compliments, what a careless! You were very kind .. How old are you? 》 The dancer excused himself, raising his face to meet Yoongi's gaze.

《Twenty-four. You? 》Replied the other, without stopping to squeeze the robin in his hands, taking advantage of that precious moment of conversation provided so gratuitously by the pretty angel. Although he didn't like asking questions of which he already knew the answer but he decided to keep the game alive under the frightened eyes of his little enemy.

《Twenty-two!》 Jimin answered with a smile on his face, hiding his face into the soft scarf, fascinated by the major.

《I'd love to come with you tonight, Yoongi hyung!》 he added, placing a hand on his with the excuse of being able to pet the animal. The reddened cheeks of the human had such a delicate look of innocence and insecurity. Jimin's behavior had to be diverted from the root and it was necessary to plant the seed of doubt in his fragile being.

《Take some friends with you if you want. We'll meet at Kkanbu at nine o'clock, do you know it? 》

Everything was going super fine, if it hadn't been for the pocket-sized creature that was crying, twittering with all the breath he had, asking for help, but the only thing he got was an even more stifling hold. Out of spite, the petite robin left a little poop on the palm of the hand of his tormentor, who committed himself with all of himself to pretend nothing, hiding the rage as best he could. It was difficult, he already felt the corners of his mouth tilt into a grimace of disgust.

《 I'm going to take our guest to the first animal aid center I'll find. There they will know better how to take care of this little one》 he said, rising from the bench and turning his back to leave the scene with another noble act. He squeezed the feathered one more tightly as he walked, blocking the tip of his beak closed between two fingers, and after taking a few steps he turned his head, looking at Jimin over his shoulder.

《See ya, Jimin-ah!》 he said using his most sensual voice, leaving the youngest alone on the bench and then walking quietly down the main street.

Jimin greeted the newly-known boy with a wave of his hand, not knowing how to react to the appointment just received: he felt himself chuffing to bits, unable to chose between embarrassment and happiness in its purest form. Yoongi, being able to perceive the sensations, smirked satisfied.

As he rounded the corner, Yoongi hurried to a deserted alley, sheltered from prying eyes and ears. The petite one had stopped chirping, crushed by the force that those hands were exerting on his fragile tiny body, ceasing to irritate the demon's ears with his own shrill voice.

《Stupid beast! 》 Yoongi hissed, throwing with all the strength of his human form the robin against the walls and wiping his dirty hand against the rough cement of one of the two walls that marked the street. The faint creature, now nearing to his death, at the blow that he received died, dissipating himself in white dust that soon dispersed in the air. If Jimin had been able to see the scene he would have already changed his mind about Yoongi.

The body of the youngest appeared shortly after, wrapped in his white and soft feathers, weakened after having squandered all his energy in that suicidal mission for the salvation of his own protégé. He leaned against the wall, still alert but exhausted. In the silence of the scene there was the sound of a cell phone that received a text message and Hoseok hastened to read what was certainly a message from Jimin.

[I had my first date, hyung! Yoongi hyung said I can invite a friend, do you want to come?: 3], Yoongi managed to read and looked up.

Shortly the demon also lost its human form, fading into a swirl of black clouds and leaving space for its own otherworldly being.

《I made a good impression, apparently. Thanks for the help, 》he snorted with a sharp smile, mocking him.

《Will your nice little pretty ass be there tonight?》He asked rhetorically, passing to the attack again; the role he felt most comfortable with. Yoongi didn't felt sorry teasing such a beautiful angel, especially seeing his face contracted in some grimace of pain or disgust. For too long, he had been confined to partners much younger or much older than him, and now finding one who seemed to be his age seemed like a more unique than rare event. He had no trouble understanding why Hoseok's previous partner had so much fun fighting him.

《Obviously. I don't trust you enough to leave Jimin alone with you!》 he spat as if he had received an affront, challenging the demon with the only glance, after having pulled out his claws. He had already experienced how much Yoongi's hands could be lethal and it was obvious that he didn't want a delicate human like Jimin to touch the demon's impurity.

《What are you trying to do with him? Look for someone else to exploit, Jimin has already passed many .. 》he concluded, closing his wings around like a shield.

《I only do my job》 the other replied sufficiently, shrugging. He had already managed to trouble the angel, but the game was getting too easy for him.

《You know I can't " look for someone else ". I'm his guardian-devil》he replied, licking his lips with his can't after saying those words. He loved to call himself that way, it was such a powerful and accurate term to define the evil counterpart of guardian angels.

《... I accept the fighting of yours》Hoseok growled through clenched teeth, making his faithful bow appear at his side, ready to point at the demon. It didn't take long to point the tip of the arrow towards the blond, stretching the rope with index and middle. He had been teased too many times that day and had grown tired of letting him win the arguments.

Any Last words?