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The Legend of Atlantis

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Clouds floated along the wind, dancing through the bright blue sky. Ripples flowed gently accompanied by the sound of waves transcending from the sea. The sun was high in the sky leaving a crystal-clear clarity to the world, a sense of peace and tranquillity.

But then it was shattered, as a blinding light lit up the horizon. The light was gone a heartbeat later as small shadows appeared on the horizon, gaining speed as they traveled towards their destination. The sea churned, the outlines of several fleets of ships appearing on the horizon were the figures were racing away from. Ten small shadows were trailed by a larger shadow as the enemy fleet sped closer. Humanoid figures rode the shadows that were quickly becoming recognisable as giant, winged beasts and lithe dragons flapping enormous wings trying to desperately gain speed. Wings pumped faster as several wyverns and griffons rushed to catch up. The remaining few phoenixes put on bursts of speed, drawing from their remaining magical reserves in hopes of out-racing the approaching fleet. The massive shadow trailing behind the smaller winged creatures, a feathered serpent dragon had an assortment of humanoids on its back, reducing wind speed and causing the dragon to not go as fast as it needed to escape the enemy fleet. Golden harnesses adorned the fleeing creatures that strangely did not impair their flying.

Humanoid beings gripped the harnesses attaching them to their beasts, hunching over to reduce wind speed in a feeble hope of outracing the approaching ships that grew closer to their home. The wind caught and scattered the muttered spells and ancient prayers asking the gods for help.

Suddenly, one of the riders of the wyverns turned to his left and pointed at the rider of a nearby griffon and shouted, “That fleet is massive! We must warn Atlantis!” Pointing behind him at the all-encompassing enemy fleet they paled as the ships caught up with their beasts.

“We are too late!” Another rider screamed as the enemy fleet overtook them and their beasts in a magical downpour of death. Five other beasts and riders were overtaken by the enemy fleet’s mages, sorcerers and wizards. They screamed out a terrified yell before the magical wave crashed over them, disintegrating their bodies. Several people cried out in terror as the feathered serpent dragon let out a rumbling cry as it was engulfed in a wave of deadly magic.

The only two left flying were the phoenixes, and their riders barely had a second to wipe away their tears, before urging their phoenixes to go even faster. Incredibly, the two sped ahead at an even faster pace, outdistancing the enemy fleet; enough for their riders to glimpse the outlines of the rolling hills and valleys that surrounded their beloved Atlantis. The two riders on their phoenixes were finally within range for their telepathy to send out distress calls to the capital of Atlantis. The messages for everyone within distance to head to the capital had just been transmitted when they were cut off abruptly as the phoenixes were finally overtaken by the enemy fleet.

The sprawling city could glimpse the massive enemy fleet bearing towards them as emergency alarms sounded, the echoes of the giant gongs a warning that resounded throughout the streets. People screamed and lost control of other creatures; some disappearing into portals as frantic people chanted ancient magical words to send their creatures back to the Astral Plane from where they originated, terrified that their astral-partners would also die horrible deaths.

People rushed and crowded, heading towards the capital, all trying to at least get passed the five statues the rimmed the inner city. One of the statues depicted an ugly black canine with massive horns and red marks around its body. Another canine statue was an elegant, white, fox-like creature with blue markings around its face. The largest of the statues was of a lithely coiled dragon of the purest white, a flowing silver mane running down its back. The brightest of the statues, made of pure gold, was of a feminine humanoid with the wings and feathers of a bird. The final statue was the most beautiful made of platinum and depicted a female with pointed ears and plumed butterfly wings. These were the five greatest gods known to the Atlanteans. They were called Mortem the Cursed One, Fraud the Trickster, Sapientiae the Wise, Ignis the Brave, and Lux the Protector. These were the five Atlantean gods the people turned to for protection and guidance. They symbolised faith and hope in times of darkness, of which this was a time of.

At the palace two small males were running, trying to keep up with their mothers the queens, Sun Wing and Wind Song. The twin females were the only children of the last king of Atlantis and were given the whole of Atlantis to rule together upon his death. They were beloved by the people for their kind spirits and gifts in magic. Each of the sisters had preformed the Spell of Life causing them to have their two sons even though neither took a mate. The queens, mirror images of each other with bronze skin and long black hair, hurried across the courtyard, trying to reach the safety of the palace walls. Wind Song pulled along her young son White Light, his hand clutched tightly in her own, while Sun Wing and her son Dark Shade kept pace with them. Stately robes billowed around them as they ran towards the awaiting awning, but White Light tripped causing Wind Song to stop to pick him back up. White Light, the younger of the two princes, could not understand why everyone was screaming and running around, but the urgency of his mother had caused him to try and keep up with her, but she moved too fast causing him to trip. Sun Wing and Dark Shade, who had ran ahead a few paces before noticing they had stopped, rushed back towards them, Sun Wing urging her twin to hurry. But Wind Song had always been a little too emotional and knelt down to comfort her crying son.

White Light nodded his blond head, blue eyes filling with tears, but his mother had already turned her head away, a state of wonder on her face as she gazed up at the sky. A blue white light enveloped the sky as the light touched her and her sister Sun Wing. Sun Wing had the same expression on her face, as though the gods and goddesses were calling to them. Their personal bond items, necklaces made from beaten gold, began to glow white blue as their eyes shone with the same blue white light.

Suddenly, the two queens rose into the air. White Light and Dark Shade stared at their mothers in confusion as they rose higher and higher into the sky. White Light cried out in surprise as Dark Shade tried to grab his own mother from the light, but wound up with a piece of shredded cloth as the bottom of Sun Wing’s dress gave way under the weight of her son. Dark Shade fell back to the ground, a piece of white cloth still clutched in his hand as he glimpsed up in mute terror.

White Light, glimpsed up at his mother as she was lifted higher into the sky, lifted his hands, reaching for her, and shouted out, “Mama! Mama!” His voice broke as tears streaked down his face and Dark Shade, the older the two princes, joined him in calling for their mothers, hands still clutching the ripped piece of cloth like a lifeline.

Blue white lights emerged from the five god statues as an energy shield spread over the city. Civilians crashed into the shield, unable to get through. The enemy fleet had docked their ships, thousands of warriors and magic users departing, destroying buildings and snatching up people as they went. Those left on the outside of the shield saw the army of enemy warriors and knew their own death was approaching. Friends and family gripped each other for temporary comfort as hopelessness and despair swept through them. They held each other as the wave of enemy warriors cut every last Atlantean down, sparing not a single survivor.

The blue white lights began to burn brighter as two figures sprinted across the pathway to reach the two princes. High Priest Blue Lightning, the twin queens’ cousin, and his mate, Draca, ran to the two young princes and swept them into their arms, shielding their eyes with their robes. “Glimpse away White Light, Dark Shade! Glimpse away!” Blue Lightning shouted to the two young males as he and Draca bowed their heads over the two cousins to keep them from going blind. The blue white light that had been the two queens grew brighter as the force-field closed to form a dome over the city.

The light grew brighter until the enemy forces crashed against the dome, unable to get in. The invading army threw everything they had at the energy shield but nothing, not weapon nor magic, could penetrate the protective dome. The island shook with an ear-splitting crack, the foundation of the city broke as cracks filled the earth under what was the capital city of Atlantis and the ground gave way under the dome. Earth, rock and debris hit the protective energy shield as water flooded in where land had once been, taking the lives of the invading army with it. The blue white shield grew dimmer until the city of Atlantis sank beneath the waves; never again to resurface.