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“We’re getting a new principal tomorrow.”


“Yeah. I wish we’d get a new vice principal though. He’s such a geezer.”

“I know right. I heard he even wears a wig.”

This was the conversation two girls next to Hinata we’re having. However, he wasn’t paying any attention, as he was packing up his stuff and getting ready to leave for volleyball practice.

“I hope he’s nice.”

“It’s a He?”

“Yeah. Maybe he’ll be good looking too.” The two girls giggled.

Hinata got up to leave, but ended up running into one of the girls desk, knocking her things onto the floor.

“Watch where you’re going, Hinata!” She cried out.

“Sorry! I must’ve tripped! Here!” He said, helping her pick up her things.

“Don’t touch my stuff! Just go! I’ll get it myself.” She huffed, and Hinata stood up, feeling bad that he knocked her things over, and was about to apologize again, when he bumped into somebody else standing behind him.

“Is something the matter, ladies?” The person asked. He was quite tall and lanky, and had short, almost buzzed, black hair. He had some stubble on his chin, but not in a gross, pubescent way.

“It’s nothing. It’s just Hinata here has two left feet and can’t even walk straight.” She grumbled out.

“I’m really sorry!” Hinata apologized again, bowing to show he meant it. He didn’t mean to run into her desk, he was just in a hurry to get to practice. They were training more because of the tournament coming up, and he wanted to get some extra practice in before the others showed up.

“Well that’s okay, accidents happen, here, let me help.” He man got down to help her and her friend pick up the items that were knocked off the desk.

“I’m the new principal here. Mr.Endo” he held his hand out for the girl to shake and she blushed.
“Nice to meet you.”

“N-nice to meet you too.” She stuttered, and her friend was in awe at the gesture.

“Well, then ladies, shall I walk you out?”

“I wish, but we have class room cleaning duty today.” She whined.

“Well, then.” The Mr.Endo looked back at Hinata and had a strange smirk on his face, that made Hinata feel sort of... uncomfortable. He was already anxious because he want to already be at the volleyball court practicing, and now he had to wait to see what Mr.Endo was going to say.

“How about, since this gentleman- what is your name?” He asked.

“I-I’m Hinata Shouyou..” He said.

“Well, since Hinata knocked over your personal belongings, I think it’s only fair that he should take over for you today.”

“B-but, I have practice-“

“Then I suggest you work fast.” He said in a strange tone.
“In fact. Everyone!” He announced to the class.

“As your new principal, I would like to give everyone on cleaning duty, the day off.”

Everyone cheered and gathered their stuff, leaving instantly to go to their clubs or go home, leaving the four of them in the room.

“Except for you of course. It’s only fair that since you knocked this lovely ladie’s things over, without helping her pick them up, you should kindly take her cleaning duty for today.” He said.

“But she didn’t want-“

“It doesn’t matter. What Mr.Endo says, goes.” The girl said, and her and her friend walked out of the room together.

“Make you sure don’t miss any spots, Hinata.” The principal said, menacingly, and ruffled Hinatas hair, but not in a loving or playful way. More in a... sinister kind of way.

Once they left, Hinata was the only one standing in the room now, overly looking everything he had to clean, which usually took about ten people, he’d be cleaning by himself.

“I could be practing right now!” Hinata grumbled, but set his bag down and got to work, knowing there would be no way out of it, no matter what he did.




Hinata had just finished sweeping under the desks and had pushed all the chairs in, when his teacher walked in.

“Hinata? Why are you still here? Did everyone go home?” She asked.

“No, it’s just me today.” He chuckled nervously, trying to finish as fast as he could.

“Where’s everyone else. You’re not supposed to be cleaning yourself.”

“Principal Endo sent everyone else home.” He said, trying to stay perky, but he just wanted to be finished already.

“Why? Everyone who’s assigned to class room duty it supposed to be here.” She said, pulling out the chart.
“You’re not even in duty for two more days. Why’d everyone else leave?”

“Principals orders?” Hinata guessed. Everyone knew that if you were assigned class room duty, to stay, but Principal Endo’s orders were for everyone to leave. Hinata wasn’t even going to mention what happened earlier and why he was the only one left.

“Aren’t you also supposed to be a practice already? Everyone else has left.”

Hinata grimaced at the thought that he was the only one still cleaning and couldn’t make it to practice, because the principal made him stay and clean alone.

“Oh..” was all he said, and finished sweeping silently, wallowing in his thoughts.

“You can go.”

Hinata perked up at those words and turned to look at his teacher.

“You’ve stayed long enough. You can go to your club.”

“Thank you!” He said, quickly putting the broom away and grabbed his bag. He was so happy he could finally leave. His teacher was usually stingy with him, but he didn’t care. She let him leave so he could get some practice in today.

Hinata ran down the hallways in joy, but before he turned that final corner to get the gym, he once again, ran into Principal Endo.

“Ah, I’m sorry.” He bowed, and was about to run past him, when his arm was grabbed.

“You’re not supposed to run in the hallways, Hinata.” He said, in a dark tone, not quite like earlier. It was much more menacing this time.

“Sorry. I was in a hurry.” He said, looking down at the ground. He suddenly felt the principal’s large, cold hand grab his chin and pull his face towards his line of sight.

“Look at me when you are speaking, Hinata Shouyou. You need to learn some respect. This isn’t elementary school anymore. You need to act your age and learn your place.”

Hinata was terrified. No one has ever said these kinds of things to him, nor handle him like this. The hand on his arm and face were the most uncomfortable feeling he’s ever felt. He didn’t dare look away, but he all he wanted to do was never look at this man ever again, and he had only met him a few hours ago.

“Am I understood?”

“Y-yes, sir.” Hinata said, getting a sick feeling in his stomach.

“Good.” He smirked, and stood up straight, letting go of Hinatas face, but left his other hand around Hinatas arm.

“I was supposed to be here tomorrow. Though, I’m glad I come early. I got to meet you. I also got to go over your profile. Failing classes, rambunctious, doesn’t focus. But you are in the volleyball club. I heard about that. You guys go to tournaments, don’t you?”

“Y-yes. Yes sir.”

“You know.” He said suddenly, and loudly, causing Hinata to flinch.
“In some places, to stay on a sports team, you need good grades. You however... don’t have good grades in any of your subjects. Why is that?”


“There’s no excuse for bad grades, Hinata. I would suggest you study. We’re planning on adding a new rule, that if you have below the average grade in any subject, you will be excluded from any clubs or after school activities until you get them up.”

That made Hinatas stomach sink. Him, Kageyama, Tanaka, and Nishinoya didn’t get the best grades in academics, but they were all important members of their team. If this new rule was set, none of them would be able to play unless they got really good grades. Which was a struggle for all of them, even when they did try their hardest.

“B-but we’re practing so much a-and we’re still studying a lot and trying our best-“

“Well you’re best isn’t good enough if you are failing. And who’s this ‘we’? Your other teammates I suppose. It’d be a shame if you were all kicked of the team for not trying your hardest in your studies. Here at Karasuno, our students should be striving to get into good colleges and universities, not playing some children’s game.”

Hinata didn’t like the way Principal Endo was refering to volleyball, but he kept his mouth shut and just wished the conversation would soon end.

“Let me tell you something, Hinata Shouyou.” His voice got more gruff and quieter, as he clutched Hinatas arm harder and yanked him closer.

“The better grades you pests get, the better pay for me. We’ll be a higher school all together. So I suggest, if you want to stay in precious club, you’ll get your grades up. Am I clear?”

“Yes sir.” Hinata said, in pain from the strong grip on his arm and dread for everything the principal was saying. Studying and focusing was hard, and if he failed, he wouldn’t get to be in his club anymore. Not only that, this principal was making Hinata feel extremely uncomfortable and warry of him. Was this what he was going to have to deal with all of high school.

“Good.” He said, and went to let Hinata go, but tightened his grip once again.

“Oh, and one more thing. Anything you see happen between me and those girls, doesn’t get told to anyone. If you do find that you feel the need to tell someone about something you might’ve seen, I will find out. I suggest you don’t find out the consequences. Got it?”

“Y-yes, sir.” Hinata stuttered once again in just a couple of minutes. He didn’t really understand what he meant though when he was talking about the girls, but he didn’t really want to know if it’d get in trouble for it.

“Good. Now run along. And don’t tell anybody about this either. You’ll regret it if you do.” He said.

“Have a lovely rest of your evening, Hinata Shouyou.” He smiled, and walked off, leaving Hinata feeling frightened and threatened by someone he barely knew and didn’t expect that of this person.