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Aliens and Daddies

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Peter came into the house with a package in his hand. It was another long day at work and he missed his husband. He meet Chris during their college days. He sat right behind him in their Psychology class and would just egg him throughout the class. At the end of the semester, Chris asked Peter out and the rest was history. They became roommates so they could sleep with each other and eventually moved into their own apartment.

After they graduated, Chris went right into work as a licensed arms dealer as well as a bodyguard. Peter went into law school. It didn’t take them long to start doing well with their jobs. Once they had enough and had been together for a while, they reached out to a couple of friends to carry children for them. They had two girls a year apart from each other. Allison and Malia.

The two becoming dads was one of the great things to happen to them. Once Allison turned eighteen, she went straight to college to follow Peter’s footsteps and started to work on being a lawyer. She also started to date Peter’s nephew Derek. The two had never seen a couple as madly in love with each other than them. Even though Derek was already in college and Allison was still in school, he showed up to each of her swim meets and drove a couple of hours for each dance they could go to. Now Allison finished her degree and they were engaged.

Malia on the other hand chose a different path. She like Allison had a high school sweetheart. Lydia was a talented designer and once the two finish high school, moved to Paris. It didn’t take long for Lydia to become a household name. Malia took this to become a trophy wife which the two of them happily agreed to.

Now it was just Chris and Peter in the house again. They missed having the girls in the house but they were happy to have the silence. It allowed them be more sexual as well. Before they had the girls, the only surface they didn’t fuck on was the kitchen counter because Chris would have killed Peter. The kitchen was Chris’s area while Peter had his own office space. The special thing about Peter’s office was that he an cabinet filled with dildos. Not regular ones but ones from Bad Dragons.

Chris didn’t understand it but he didn’t question in. Just stop him from spending money on multiple ones. It made Peter happy. The sad part, he had some of them as the girls were growing up and sadly scared both of them when he pulled one out to teach them sex-ed. Allison couldn’t eat seafood after that.

Peter came into the kitchen as Chris was cooking. The husbands locked eyes and smiled at each other. Then Chris saw the package in Peter’s hand.

“Which one did you get this time?” He asked as Peter came over to the island.

“What makes you think I got myself a new one?” He said, placing the package on the table.

“Because the bank account had a withdrawal from the site. Which one?” Chris started to cut some carrots.

“Egg Plug in this beautiful cyan and gold color scheme.” He smiled which caused Chris to smirk.

“You’re not using it on me at all.”

“Oh dear, I would never dream of it,” Peter moved up behind him and wrapped his arm around him, “Because that ass if for my dick.” He started to nip at his ear.

“Oh I know. By the way, Allison called. Derek and her will be in town next week. They are going to stay at your sister’s house because Derek misses Cora.” Chris said while Peter let him go.

“Wedding stuff?” Peter asked.

“Yes. Also, they are apartment hunting because Allison has an interview for law school.”

“That’s wonderful. Speaking of our child, I had a thought. Let’s hire a maid.”

Chris put down his knife. “A maid?”

“Yes. With the fact the wedding is coming up and work, we will be busy. So why not hire some extra help?”

“I’ll think about it. By the way, Dinner should be done soon.”

“Okay. I’m going to put the egg up.” Peter smirked.

“What if I put sexy?” Stiles asked as he typed on the computer.

“Stiles, you might think that you are sey but…” Scott said.

Stiles turned around and looked at him.  He was couch surfing in his best friends and his boyfriend’s apartment after he got kicked out of school. Now he was looking for a job when he didn’t have any experience. He also dressed graphic tees and jeans. Scott tried to get him to dress up a bit more but it didn’t last long.

“What Scott? What are you trying to say?” He asked.

Scott looked at him. “Stiles, you are signing up on an exotic work site. Which why exotic work? Is it like porn?”

“No. It’s like being a naked waiter or something along that line. And I don’t need work experience for this. And maybe I can find a sugar daddy.” He shrugged.

Scott sighed. “Stiles, why not try to go back to college?”

“I blew up the computer lab. What school will want me?”

“It doesn’t hurt to try.”

“Fine. Let me see how this works out. If it doesn’t work, I’ll go back to school. Happy with that?”

Scott nodded his head. “Yeah. Now we just make sure your dad doesn’t find out. If you’re not in school, he will go off and make sure you join the army.”

Stiles moaned as he turned back to the computer. “As much as I like the idea of being manhandled and being submissive, the military isn’t the best place for me.” He said.

“I agree. You attempted JROTC and failed.” Scott said.

“I know. But let me read to you what I have.”

“Hit me.”

“Twenty year old twink with whiskey color eyes and short brown hair. Bottom. Is available for jobs like wait staff and cleaning services. I left out sexy.” He said.

“It sounds better.” Scott said.

“Good. Maybe I’ll get a hit.”

Stiles hit a button and smiled. He was hoping something would come up soon so he could make some money. He knew a lot of people did well doing porn. But with the fact he liked sex and masturbating, it worked for him. And hopefully he could find a sugar daddy. He didn’t have an issue to suck dick for money.

“Maybe. Theo wanted to hire you but I told him no.”

Stiles arched an eyebrow. “Wait... Theo wanted to hire me. For what?”

“I don’t know. I think after he said that, he knew how weird it would be because of the two of us being childhood friends.” He said.

“Also we’ve been fucked by the same guy before so it’s just weird at this point.”

“I can’t believe Jackson Whittemore fucked both of us. I mean he hated us in school.”

“Yeah but he hates fucked us and had fun doing it.”

Scott nodded his head as they heard the computer go off. They both turned to it. Stiles pulled up the response as Scott came over. It had not even been five minutes. Well it felt like less if it was.

“Already?” Scott asked.

“Yep. Um… It’s a...bdsm gig. Okay…” Stiles nodded his head.

“$300 for a night to be tied up and have food place served on top of you. May include giving blow jobs and getting blown,” He turned to Scott, “I mean it isn’t a bad deal.”

“True. It’s up to you.” He said as another ding went off.

Stiles pulled it up. “Maid services. Three times a week. Willing to discuss payment and sexual nature if you’re willing to agree to this. Contact at...and I have a number. That wouldn’t hurt either.” Stiles pulled out his phone.

“Really? What if they are killers Stiles?” Scott said with concern in his voice.

Stiles paused for a second. “... I’ll sleep on it. Maybe more options will come up.”

“That might be a good idea. Be safe with this please.” Scott said.

“I will. Don’t worry.” Stiles gave him a smile.

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Chris came up to Peter’s office as he looked at the calendar on his phone. There was a meeting scheduled for “Maid Interview” at eleven, which was in a few minutes. Peter didn’t run any of this by him. He mentioned about them getting a maid to help around the house but that was it.

He came into the office and saw Peter at his desk with the cabinets open reveling his Bad Dragon Didlos. All Chris could do is sigh. He came over which Peter looked up from his work right away.

“Yes dear?” He asked.

“Maid Interview?” Chris asked.

“Oh! I found an erotic maid who’s a bottom, something we would enjoy. I told him we can discuss payment and what we would like sexually.” Peter smirked.

“But you didn’t discuss this with me.” Chris said.

“I thought I did. How about you meet the boy and you can decide from there? His picture was quite adorable.” Peter’s smirk turned into a grin.

Chris sighed. When you married a lawyer, there were several arguments that would have started, got shut down quickly. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. This was one of them.

“Okay fine. Then we will have a talk about you doing this stuff behind my back. And close up everything in here. We don’t want to scare the boy.” Chris said as he turned to leave.

“But what if he likes being scared?” Peter called out.

Chris could only sigh again. He walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. If they were going to have a guest coming over, he was going to make some coffee. Instead of using instant coffee, Chris would grind some beans and make it fresh. He started to hum as he worked on the coffee. As he made the coffee, he wasn’t aware of Peter coming into the kitchen with a young boy.

He was a young, skinny boy that was cover in moles. He had short brown hair that was spiked up and whiskey color eyes. What bother Chris was how he was dressed. Dirty and torn jeans with a wrinkle t-shirt that looked like it was a bit too small. Even his shoes were dirty.

Peter smiled. “Chris my dear, this is Stiles. Stiles, this is my husband Chris. He’s here for the maid position.” He said.

Stiles smiled and reached out his hand. “It’s nice to meet you sir.”

Chris looked at him and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you too. Coffee?” He asked.

“That would be great. Um, I do have a list of referrals and my resume which I can email you it or pull it up on my phone.” He said as Chris grabbed them all mugs and started to pour them all some.

“Why not had it printed off?” Chris asked.

“Well I had to take a bus here and I didn’t want to risk losing it.” Stiles said.

“Do you not have a car?” Peter asked.

“No. I sold my car so I could pay some of my bills.” Stiles nodded his head.

Peter went to the fridge and pulled out the creamer. “That is normal for youth. Now let’s talk about your cleaning experience. What is it?” He asked, setting the creamer down for everyone.

The husbands watch Stiles pour creamer and added a lot of sugar. “So I crash with my friend and his boyfriend’s place. I’ve been cleaning their place to help out as well as their toys. They are very sexually active. I’ve even clean some friend’s place. I know it’s not a lot but still.”

“Well we would need someone to help keep the house clean and sometimes even do our laundry. Chris does all the cooking though. The kitchen is his space. So he does have strict guidelines. You think you can follow them?” Peter asked.

“Yeah. If you tell me what they are, I can do them.” Stiles nodded his head before he took a sip of his coffee, “Shit this is amazing.” He said.

“Thank you. It’s Don Pablo Signature Blend.” Chris said.

“Well that’s good to hear about cleaning. Don’t you think dear?” Peter looked at him as he took a sip.

“Yes it is.” Chris crossed his arms.

“Good. Now the sexual nature. How would you feel about us fucking you and playing with you?” Peter’s question caused Stiles to choke on his coffee.

“Wait fucking? What?” Stiles looked between the two men.

“You’re an exotic maid right? That includes sexual acts.” Chris said.

They looked at Stiles as things clicked. “.... Oh yeah. I thought most would just want me to move around naked while I clean and pay me.” He started to rub the back of his neck.

Chris and Peter look at each other, like they knew what the other was thinking. Stiles arched his eyebrow as he looked at them. They were like that in silence for a second before they turned to Stiles.

“Here’s a deal which you can refuse. We will be willing to house and pay you-” Chris started.

“-while we fuck you in the ways we please.” Peter smirked.

“So pretty much be my sugar daddies?” Stiles asked.

“Pretty much. Say what, fifteen hundred a month?” Peter looked at Chris.

“Seems fair. What do you say Stiles? Peter will draft up a contract agreement for us to all sign.” Chris asked.

“Yeah. Yeah I’m game. So what are you expecting sexually?” Stiles asked with a smile on his face.

“Well I don’t know about Chris because he doesn’t like to give into his as much as me. But I have quite a collection of Bad Dragon Dildos that I would love to use on your ass. As well as the fact I have a setup that you could possibly live out your nerdy sci-fi fantasy dreams.” Peter grinned in a way that made Stiles sit up straight.

“R-R-Really?” He asked.

“Yep. And I know the two of us would love to fuck that little ass together.” Peter said.

Stiles blushed at that statement. “Oh...thanks.” He said.

“So I assume you agree to the terms?” Chris asked.

“Yes. So, um, when can I start moving in?” Stiles asked.

“Tomorrow. I’ll have the contract ready. Can you move your stuff on your own or will need help?” Chris asked.

“I can get myself here. Um, thank you.” Stiles stood up and held his hand out.

The two men shook his hand with smiles on their faces.

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Stiles stood in the kitchen, writing down everything he saw. Peter and Chris told him to take a couple of days to learn the house before he started working. As well as the fact Peter was working on a contact for the sexual nature. He said that he wanted both of them to be on the same page with what the other wanted. Chris on the other hand hasn’t requested anything. Peter claimed it was because he liked to keep his sexual nature private.

But he remembered what was said. Chris liked the kitchen to be a certain way.  So why not note everything so he can make sure it stays in place. He wanted to impress them and hopefully keep this job. The agreement was still Stiles cleans three days a week and if he was asked to do something. Then Peter told him once a week, he would be used for whatever sexual reasons he wanted.

He turned and saw Chris there holding a cup of coffee. “Oh, hello Mr. Argent. How are you today?” He asked.

“Tired Stiles. What are you doing?” He asked.

“Oh, just taking notes on how you have your kitchen. Mr. Hale said you like it to be kept in a certain way.” Stiles said.

Chris chuckled. “I’m only like that when I cook. Just don’t move the spices around. And if you move dishes around, just let me know. My husband likes to be dramatic.”

Stiles nodded his head. “I see. Is that something I should expect?”

“Yes. Especially when the sex starts up. He will get very dramatic because you’re willing to do what I won’t.” Chris took a sip before he walked over to the trash to throw it away.

“Speaking of sex, did you want to write up a contact or anything?” Stiles watched him closely.

Chris smirked. “I have to see how you handle Peter and how well you do here. I wasn’t keen that he contacted you without my contest. So I want to know if the cleaning services you are providing will be worth it. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah. It does. I get that. But if you need help with anything else just ask.” Stiles said.

“I will keep that in mind. So you know, our daughter’s wedding is coming up in a couple of months so chances are it will get hectic here. She is about your age.” Chris said as Peter came in with some papers.

He smiled and gave Chris a kiss. “What are you two talking about?”

“Informing him about Allison’s wedding that’s coming up.” Chris said as Peter moved to the island.

“Oh yes. Don’t worry, Allison and my nephew are staying with my sister and before you say anything about their connection, it is fine. Allison has no blood relation to me. None to anyone but Chris. It can be a slight issue with some people but most see it’s okay because they are once removed. Most don’t bat an eye at that. Anyways Stiles this is our contract. I would look over it. There is a checklist if you do not wish to do it.” Peter pulled out a pen and handed it to him.

“Oh I got one.” Stiles held up his.

“I’m surprised you got that done quick.” Chris said.

“I had free time the past couple of days.” Peter smirked.

Stiles took the papers and read it carefully. If he learned anything about his father being a sheriff was to read the fine print. What this was the agreement that every Sunday would be a sexual day with Peter. That could last for hours on end. Then there was a list of all the sexual things he wanted. It took him by surprise Peter was into Latex. But there was bondage, dildos, milking, and even fucking machines. Shit he was getting hard thinking about it.

“Um so question Mr. Hale.” Stiles looked up at him.

“Please call me Peter. We are going to get very close.” He smirked.

“Okay, Peter. What is the concept of this?” Stiles asked.

“Well, you know how people have an medical examination fetish?”


“It’s like that but in an Alien type of manner. I would be treating you like you’re my experiment and I want to see what gets you off.” The way he said it got Stiles very arouse.

He gulps. “Oh wow.”

“See what I mean?” Chris asked.

“Yes.” Stiles nodded. He found the last page and signed it.

Peter smirked and came over. He signed it. He turned to Chris who knew the drill. The other male signed it as well.

“There we go. I look forward to tomorrow.” Peter said as he picked it up.

“T-T-Tomorrow?!” Stiles looked at him.

“Today’s Saturday my dear. I’ll be in my office doing some paperwork.” He said as he left.

Stiles woke up with a note on his door. He was to scrub himself clean and to come into the back studio in just his underwear and a ratty t-shirt. He did so, washing everything twice and put on fresh clothes. Once he finished up, he headed to the studio. There was another note come in and face the door once inside.

He took a deep breathe in before he went inside. Stiles quickly faced the door. There wasn’t much light that he could tell from the door. Next thing he knew was Peter was behind him. His breath was hitting the back of his neck. He also gave off this present. His hand took ahold of Stiles’s neck. He wore a glove but the grip was strong.

“Open your mouth.”

Stiles did so and then felt metal around his mouth with latex around his face. He was getting a spider ring gag in. It was secured on and then he lost sight. Peter had put a blindfold on. He felt his cock stir. Then Peter picked him up. He was set on something and his legs propped up. He felt his wrist moved and felt straps. Then one over his head and on his ankles. This was driving him nuts.

He was then left there for a few minutes. He could hear some things move around. Then the blindfold came off and the light blinded him. His eyes took some time to adjust and he could see it was one of the lights you see in a doctor’s office. Stiles looked down and saw Peter standing there. He was in a solid black latex suit with a gas mask on. Stile noticed there was a pair of scissors.

Stiles started to struggle as Peter approached him. He kept saying let me go. When Peter showed the blades to Stiles, he froze. Peter grabbed his shirt and started to cut it down the front. Stiles whimpered as his shirt was ruined. The scissors set beside him as Peter’s fingers started to rub the boy’s nipples.

The whimpers started to become moans. His eyes closed as Peter pinched and pulled his nipples. It felt like forever and he was so happy for it. But when Peter stopped, Stiles started to whimper. He looked over and saw Peter’s crotch. He was hard and it was huge. He could feel the drool coming from his mouth.

The latex gloves moved down his chest and reached under his boxers. Stiles was already hard and could feel the pre-cum on himself. His dick was pulled out and stood up. Peter leaned in and looked up. Stiles could see his eyes in the mask. He was enjoying this. He picked up the scissor and cut off his boxers.

Peter picked up a dildo that was purple with a golden trim. He had a giant test tube in is other hand. It was filled with something. Hopefully it was lube. He placed the plug on Stiles’s chest and it was shaped like an egg. Peter poured some of the contents over the plug, dripping on Stiles. Then he took some into his hand and rubbed it over Stiles’s ass.

His finger would slide in causing Stiles to moan. So Peter started to finger him. He drew it out, teasing him. Stiles was begging for more. A second finger went in. Stiles’s hips arched as the size grew. His toes curled up.

“Oh god. Oh god.” He mumbled.

Peter picked up the plug as he kept fingering the boy. He put a third one in to stretched him some more. It was so tempted to fist the boy. But it was his first time. Stiles knew they would work him up. It wasn’t long before he felt the pressure of the plug. Stiles let out a cry of pleasure and pain. Slowly it went in and he knew when it was in.

God he felt full from whatever plug this was as well as its size. Stiles looked at Peter and saw he picked up a good size tube. He took ahold of Stiles’s dick and slide it on him. He reached behind and flipped a switch. Stiles quickly felt the suction and moaned. He was right. This was a sci-fi dream. He was being treated as if he was abducted by aliens. He was probed and getting samples collected from him.

Stiles opened his eyes and saw Peter beside him with his dick out. It was hard and huge. He gripped Stiles’s head and turned it to the side. With his mouth forced open, Peter slide himself inside. Stiles choked on the size a bit. It went in and out of his mouth as he moaned from the suction. His body shook as he came. But he didn’t care. He liked this.

The taste of the pre-cum filled his mouth. Oh god. This was amazing. Peter picked up a bit more. Stiles gagged at each thrust. He was sure that the gag sound was making him go faster. It was a few minutes before Peter froze, filling Stiles’s mouth with cum. The boy took each drop and swallowed it.

Peter pulled himself out and turned off the machine. He came around and took off the tube and slowly pulled out the plug. Stiles lets out a moan as it came out. Then Peter came over to remove the gag. Within seconds, Stiles moved his jaw around. He felt the straps get removed and then the door open and closed.

Stiles slowly sat up, feeling a wave of exhaustion. Peter didn’t even fuck him but shit he was wiped. As well as his ass felt like he had taken a shit for hours. That’s how much it was stretched. It took him some time for him to get off the bench and to go outside. And then the light hit him and it was brighter than the light over him.

He made his way inside and up to his room. Slowly he crawled out on his bed and fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Peter was taunting Chris with Stiles. He would make it clear when he was fucking the boy or blowing him. He wanted Chris to indulge on his fetishes. But there were things that were bothering him.

Stiles was sloppy.

He cleaned the house without an issue but when it came to his own room, that was a different story. It has only been a week and his clothes were everywhere. There was trash here and there. Then there was his personal appearance. He wore baggy t-shirts, dirty jeans, and god knows how old flannels. And his even his hair was shaggy. It bothered him so much.

It was now Wednesday. It was Chris’s day off. He found Stiles’s in his room and on his laptop. The older male came over and closed the laptop on him which caused Stiles to shoot his head up at him.

“What was that for?” He asked.

“This is a mess and you are here to help clean our house. Stiles if you can’t keep your room clean, this is an issue.” Chris said.

“But I’m still unpacking and sorting. Plus Peter has often been keeping me busy with work.”

“You’ve only been sucking his dick. That’s not work Stiles. Some changes are going to be made. Am I clear?” Chris got up into Stiles’s face as he spoke.

Stiles licked his lips and nodded. “Yes sir.”

“Good. First clean this fucken room and then we are going to head out.” Chris stood up as he pulled out his phone.

“Why are we going out sir?”

“Because not only is this room sloppy, you are as well. We are changing that. You got fifteen minutes.” Chris headed out the bedroom.

As he pulled up a number, he heard Stiles quickly getting off his bed to clean. Good. A smirk appeared on Chris’s face as he hit the call button. IT only took a couple of rings before he got through.

“Ennis’s Chains. How may I help you?” a voice spoke.

“Ennis, it’s Chris.”

There was a chuckle. “Long time Chris. You never called during the day. What you need?”

“I got a boy I’m bringing in. Set it up.”

“Hm... Can’t wait to see what you do. Got a ETA?”

“An hour.”

“Everything will be set up.”

Stiles behaved the whole time while they were out. He quickly cleaned his room within minutes and then when Chris took him out, he barely spoke against him. Chris informed him that he would have a change in wardrobe and all. If he was going to be at the house cleaning or when they had guest over, he needed to be presentable.

Stile didn’t like the fact he was going to be in uniform but the second he tried to speak back, Chris took him into a dressing room and spanked him. Literally spanked him. Stiles stayed there for a second before he came out. Chris handed him polos shirts and khakis to wear. There were already paid for so he did so. Now he looked like a boy who went to private school.

Afterwards, he did what Chris said. He carried all the clothes to the car and took a seat. He kept quite as they drove. His eyes went everywhere as he tried to figure out where they were going. But he didn’t know this area. Soon enough, they pulled in front of a place that had Ennis’s Chains above it. The neon lights were off.

“Out of the car.” Chris ordered.

Stiles did as he was told. He followed Chris inside. It was dimly lit in the entry way with red neon lights. It was all wooden walls and floors. They went through a door and saw it was a bar. There were some stools and along the bar and a couple of high top tables. There was a pool table in the corner as well as a stage. But on this stage was a barber’s chair.

He heard footsteps and saw a guy come from behind the chair with a small bag in his hands as well as a cloth over his shoulder. He was a big guy with a bald head wearing a tight black shirt as with matching jeans and combat boots. He smirked.

“Look at him all in uniform. Took you awhile to bring in a new boy.” He grinned.

“He’s a slob and if he’s going to work for me, he’s going to look the part.” Chris turned to Stiles. “Undress and sit in that chair.”

Stiles gulped. He took off his clothes, placing them neatly on the corner of the stage. The coldness really hit him. And when he sat in the chair, it was worst. It was freezing. He saw the guy come over and pull up leather straps on his wrist. Then the guy moved his legs and strapped his ankles to it. Chris walked up and looked at him.

“Stiles have you had any structure in your life?” He asked.

“Just my father sir.”

“What did your father do?”

“He’s the sheriff back home.”

“So he was busy all the time? Never home to take care of you?”

Stiles shook his head a bit. “After my mother died, not really.”

Chris nodded. “That make sense. But here’s the thing now Stiles, you are going to get what you’ve needed. Discipline. That’s what I am into. You can ask Peter.”


“Yes. Ennis is going to make sure you’re in proper grooming regulation that you will have to keep up with for as long as you work with us. Understand?” Chris asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Ennis, do your work.” Chris smiled as he walked away. “Also don’t use the cape. He must learn.”

Stiles looked up at Ennis who was grinning. He threw the cape to the grown and opened the bag. Before Stiles was allowed to see anything, his head was turned around. The anxiety started to build up. He heard the sound of clippers and his head forced to the side. His eyes closed as he felt it run up the side of his head. From the usual haircut, this was so much more erotic. He was naked and strapped down in a chair.

As the clippers ran up the sides of his head, he felt himself start to get hard. Stile bit his bottom lip as the grip stayed steady while his head was moved around. He could feel his hair building up on his lap. It was a couple of minutes before it stopped he started to feel something get put into his hair. What were they doing? He looked up and saw something move in front of his head and heard the clippers go on again. What was going to be part of his new look? He sat there for what felt like forever before it was removed. He thought it was done till he heard the sound of a shaving can and something smear all over his head.

The anticipation started as felt himself get aroused again. His throat went dry as he felt himself start to drip. Then when he felt the razor scrap against his head, he felt like he was going to cum right then and there. He couldn’t help but to moan. It was likely this was dragged out from the moans. Stiles even felt some of it on top of his head.

When it felt like it was done, he felt a towel rub his head clean. Stiles was expecting to be let go but he saw Ennis come in front of him. He looked down and saw Ennis wipe the hair off his crotch and then saw the clippers come up. They came to life and Stiles watched Ennis start shaving him clean. He bit his bottom lip as his dick was moved around. This took maybe a couple of minutes before Ennis finished. But he quickly unstrapped one arm and shaved off the hair. He held himself together from laughing. But as fast as it started, it was over. Ennis freed Stiles and walked behind him. He came over with a hand broom and dust pan.

“Clean it up.” He said.

Stiles took them and got up, watching the hair fall except for some that stuck to him from his pre-cum. He got down on his knees and started to clean up the mess. He didn’t expect that he had this much hair on his head. It took him a couple of minutes before he swept everything up. There was a trash can to the side which he dumped his hair there. He handed the tools back to Ennis as Chris came back over.

Stiles bit his bottom lip when he saw him. He was shirtless and wearing just jeans and boots. He was fit beyond belief which made sense with what he did. And there was a bit of chest hair on him. He was gripping a riding crop.

“Get over here on your knees.” He commanded.

Stiles quickly got off the stage and over to him. He dropped to his knees and looked up. The second he felt Chris’s hands on his head, a sensation overwhelmed him. Whatever haircut he had now, he could feel his flesh on him.

“Good job Ennis. This is perfect for him. What do you say?” He turned Stiles’s head to Ennis.

“Thank you sir.” After he spoke, his head was turned back to Chris.

“Good. Now start licking my boots.” He let go of him.

Stiles slowly got on his hands. It took him a second before he started to lick them. As he did so, he felt sharp stings on his ass. Chris was hitting him as he licked. But each time he was hit, he lifted his ass up in the air for him. He extended his tongue out more to lick more. He moved to the other one. Stiles had to lick Chris’s shoes clean before he felt the riding crop his chin to make him sit up.

Chris smiled. “Do you like this Stiles? Do you like being treated like this?”

Stiles nodded his head. “... Yes sir.”

“Would you want me to keep treating you like this?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. I’ll have Peter write up a contract for this.”

Chris sat in the garage cleaning some of his guns. He heard the door open and closed. Just by that he knew it was Peter. He heard a chair get pulled up and saw Peter took a seat beside him. He was still in his suit and honestly, Chris did enjoy him in a suit. He has tired him up in one and got him off. But this wasn’t going to be a case.

“So I noticed the change on Stiles. What caused it?”

“I was tired of the slob that he was.”

“Stiles went through the whole deal?”

“Yes. Clothes, hair, and shaving. He enjoyed it as well.”


“I asked him if he did. He very much also enjoys being spanked. So I want you to write up a contact that has mine and your agreements.” Chris reassembled his gun and cocked it.

Peter smiled. “That I can do. Does this mean we’ll split roast him?”

Chris looked at him. “Eventually. But first we both need to fuck him because I’m sure you’ve only put it in his mouth.”

“Because I wanted to make sure you didn’t want him. Otherwise, I would be putting eggs in his ass already.”

“Well he would enjoy it. He likes his ass being played with. He even moaned alittle while I run the lotion on his ass.”

Peter chuckled. “I learned that when I applied it to him as well. Imagine what will happen when you start to flog him. I can’t wait till I can put him in a full latex suit.”

“Wait till after the wedding for that. I don’t think Allison wants to come home and find a gimp cooking her food.”

“But a boy her age with a flattop and dressing like he’s twelve won’t be surprising?”

“She’ll understand that a bit more. Both of the girls know we live this lifestyle. Speaking of which, have you talked to your daughter?”

“We have a call scheduled for tonight. I’ll be able to put her and Lydia down tonight hopefully.”

Chris smiled. “Ally would love to see her sister and best friend again.”

“And I would like to see my daughter who has a sugar mommy. I’m so proud of that.” Peter had a huge smile on his face.

“Still wish she had a job. Anyways, dinner should be ready and I want to see how well Stiles can suck cock.”

Chapter Text

Stiles stared at Theo as he sat beside Scott. He sat there with now a perm in tight curls. Last he saw Theo, his hair was getting shaggy and was straight. Since he left their apartment, Scott and Theo apparently started to get back into their BDSM relationship. They put in on pause when Stiles was living with them and now since he’s out, it went back into swing. And apparently Theo broke his two week long masturbation hold and Scott caught him.

His punishment was to get a perm which it was clear Theo hated. Scott told him he could get rid of it by shaving it off but Theo wouldn’t go bald. So he was stuck with a perm for a while. He also could tell Theo was shaved smooth because he was walking off a bit like Stiles did his first day after he was shaved.

“How serious are you two in this?” Stiles looked at Scott.

“Well he has a chastity device on now and is wearing a women’s thong. Plus you see the perm he’s wearing. Theo what is the next punishment you get if you don’t obey?” Scott looked at his boyfriend.

“... Scott gets to pick the next haircut.” Theo looked down at his feet.

“Oh wow. And I thought this flattop was punishment for being a slob.” Stiles said.

“Why do you think we didn’t let you in our room? We had our stuff in there. But anyways, how have you been here?” Scott turned to Stiles.

“Yeah. We’ve actually been worried about you.” Theo looked at him.

“I’ve been great actually. You know how I’ve wanted a sugar daddy?” They both nodded, “I got two. I just clean the house and they fuck me and I get money.”

“And look like that too.” Scott said.

“You know what, this haircut is worth it. The guy who cuts it, he makes it the most erotic thing on this planet. And both Chris and Peter have it, if I come while Ennis gives me my haircut, I have to become human furniture. I’m not keen on that.”

“Wait really?” Theo asked, perking up.

“Yeah. But Scott gets to pick the next haircut, remember?” Stiles pointed at him.

“Oh yeah.” Theo said.

Scott smirked. “What about the sex?”

“Um, well they haven’t fucked me yet but they have their own kinks. Chris likes discipline and control. So far he has tied me to a pole and paddled me. Fuck that was amazing. He will also have me do things in a certain way and if I don't do it right, he will spank me.” He smiled at the thought.

“What about Peter?” Theo asked.

Stiles smirked. “So it’s a weird thing but I love it. He will make it like I’ve been abducted by aliens. Like he will wear a full latex suit and a mask. I’m then tied down and he will cut whatever clothes I’m wearing off. Then he’ll do various things to my ass like finger it or even didlos. I saw him setting up a fucking machine. Also, there is a lot of oral and nipple play.”

“Wow that is some kinky ass shit. You love every second of it don’t you?” Scott smiled.

“I do.” Stiles smiled as they heard the door open.

“Stiles?” It was Peter. He came into the living room and saw the three. “Who are these?”

“Oh um, this is my best friend Scott and his boyfriend and submissive Theo. Guys this is Peter.” Stiles said.

“Pleasure... Do you have a perm? Are those still a thing for men?” He asked which caused Theo to blushed.

“It was a punishment for Theo.” Scott said.

Peter smile. “Creative. Very creative.” He looked at Stiles. “So you know, Allison is coming over tomorrow so we’re going to have our session early. I am going to ask for your friends to leave but I will talk to Chris and take Allison and Derek out for dinner to let you guys have the house to eat dinner and hang out. Is that okay?” He asked.

“That’s fine. We can cook sopapillas.” Scott got up.

“Awesome. I’ll see you then.” Stiles got and gave him a hug.

“Text me.” Scott returned the hug.

When they broke, they waved to each other. Theo waved as he followed Scott out of the door. Stiles smiled and turned to Peter. He was smiling. Once they heard the door close, Peter loosen his tie. He turned to the boy.

“Undress and assume the position. I’ll be back.” He turned to walk out.

Stiles quickly did so. He took off his clothes and folded them up. Since he started sessions with Chris, all his clothes must be folded and set aside. Peter prefers it as well. His clothes rested by the wall of the room. He made his way back to the center of the room. He dropped to his knees, spreading them apart and put his hands behind his head. This is what the chosen position was due to the fact it was easier to put gear on.

It was a few minutes before Peter came back. Stiles stayed still as the gear was put on. He felt a collar secure itself around his neck then on his wrist and waist. Stiles’s hand was moved to his wrist and chained there. He didn’t even try to move his wrist. Peter stood up and undid his pants. Stiles stood straight up on his knees, excited.

Peter chuckled. “Someone’s eager. Do you enjoy sucking cock?” Peter asked as he unzipped.

“Yes sir. I enjoy sucking cock.” Stiles looked up at him.

“If I wrote dickpig on your forehead, would that be a true statement?”

“Yes sir. I am a dickpig and enjoy sucking cock.”

Peter smiled as he pulled himself out. When Stiles went to take it, Peter moved it and slapped Stiles with it. He closed his eyes and enjoyed it. Peter kept smacking him. Each smack caused a moan from Stiles. Peter forced his head down and rubbed himself where his landing strip was. Feeling Peter’s cock on his head was a euphoric experience for Stiles. It was a new level of pleasure. Once Peter was down, he put Stiles’s head back and placed himself at his mouth.

“Kiss the tip.”

Stiles did as he was told. It was dripping with pre-cum. His eyes kept up at Peter as he did so. He kissed it several times before he slowly slided his mouth on. Peter didn’t pull back so Stiles kept going down. He dragged it out, letting the pre-cum fill up the inside of his mouth. His eyes kept up at Peter who had his eyes close.

“That’s good. Such a good dickpig.” He moaned.

Being praised made Stiles want to going even deeper. He started to gag a bit but pulled back some. But be kept going as far as he could without choking. Stiles felt Peter’s hands hold onto him, causing him to stop. Right away, Peter started to move his own hips at a faster pace. He made some gagging sounds but was loving it. He lost track of how long it was but Peter pulled himself out.

His head was moved down and Peter started to stroke himself. Stiles closed his eyes and waited. It was a matter of seconds before he felt the warmth on his head. He felt himself drip even more when that happen. The door open and he looked up. Chris came in and looked at the two.

“He’s already to suck some cock. I mean look how beautiful he is with cum all over his head. And I’m bet that ass is ready to be popped.” Peter stroked himself as he spoke.

Chris closed the door and walked over. He looked down at Stiles. Chained, horny, and covered in cum. He took his hand and ran it along Stiles’s face.

“I like this look on you. Collared and begging for cock.” Chris said.

“Thank you sir. Can I suck your cock?” Stiles looked up at him.

“What do I get if you suck it?” Chris put his thumb on his mouth.

“Anything sir. I would do anything to suck your cock. Your cock is the only thing I want.” Stiles gulped.

“On the couch, facing backwards.” Chris said.

Stiles nodded. He got up and moved over. One knee at a time, he got on the couch. Without knowing who it was, his wrist were unchained and moved to his neck. He was able to grab the back of the couch. Next thing he knew, Chris moved in front of him. His shirt was off and his pants were lowered. His cock was out and hard already.

Stiles opened his mouth and Chris went in. Chris put his hands on his neck, gripping it as he moved. Before Stiles’s could close his eyes to enjoy it, he felt pressure getting placed on his ass. It was barely a second later when he felt his asshole being stretched. As the contracts were being made, both Chris and Peter agreed to use condoms whenever they would fuck him.

He moaned while his mouth was full. Never would he have the chance to blow someone and be fucked at the same time. This at the moment was the greatest day of his life. Chris moved his hips even faster causing a mixture of pre-cum and drool to come out of Stiles’s mouth.

Stiles was starting to lose himself at the moment. He felt himself slipping and getting dizzy. But a good dizzy. It was euphoric for him. They could keep doing this to him forever and he would be happy. He was aware when Chris pulled out and came all over his face and then Peter coming to come again on him.

“What do you say?” Chris asked.

Stiles’s eyes close. “T-thank you s-sirs.” He was struggling to speak.

“Aw look at him. He’s in a subspace. Feel good doesn’t it?” Peter asked.

Stiles could only nod his head. He heard the two chuckle before someone pulled out their phone and took a picture of him. Peter left his sight afterwards. He was picked up and held him in his arms. Stiles knew where they were going and he didn’t care. Peter came into the bathroom and placed him in the tub. After the gear was taken off, Stiles barely connected the water coming on and hitting him. Peter was washing him.

When he was done, Peter wrapped a towel around him and picked him up again. He was carried into Chris and Peter’s bedroom. Chris had switched to a pair of sweatpants. He got on the bed as Stiles was set on it. The younger male was pulled into Chris’s arm. His body warmth was everything.

“Don’t worry. We’ll be here till you’re better.” Chris comforted him.

Stiles babbled something and then felt another set of arms around him. It was Peter’s. The two held him for a few before he heard the TV turn on. He was moved back and forth between the two, being held and kept close. He liked it. It felt like an hour or so before he came back down.

“Thank you.” He said softly.

He felt a hand on his back start to rub him. “Your welcome. Did you come back down?” Chris asked.

Stiles nodded his head. “Yes... Can I confess something?”

“Of course.”

“... I liked being tied up like that and being used by you two. I like you guys restricting my movements.” Stiles asked.

He heard a chuckle and then a kiss on his shoulder. “We can arrange that. If you want, we can do some in the morning before Allison comes over. Start training you for long periods of time.” Peter said.

“Please.” Stiles asked.

“We can do that. For now we’re going to order pizza and you can sleep with us tonight. This was your first subspace experience so you can stay with us.” Peter said.

“Can I have bacon on it?”

“Of course. Now get some rest.”

Chapter Text

“Dad...why are there jello eggs in the fridge?” Allison asked as she stood in front of the fridge.

Chris chuckled as he pulled down a glass. “Peter. Which brings me to something.”

He heard the door slam and turned to see Allison looking at him. With the fact Chris and Peter were sex positive especially with kink, you would think that both Malia and Allison would be open and okay with it. But ever since Peter took over teaching sex ed to them, Allison quickly was turned off. Anything to do with kinky sex, Allison didn’t hear it. So finding out something about jello eggs and Peter, it quickly answered to Allison.

“You know since you both moved out, you know we’ve resume several things again. Which is something we need to talk about because Peter is doing something with it right now.”

“Oh god. What is it?” Allison asked.

“We hired an erotic maid. He cleans for us while we have sex. And he is also our submissive. His choice and we have paperwork to prove it. He lives in the guest room and we aren’t going to ask for him to come to the wedding since you don’t know him. Peter and I have talked about it to him and he agrees with us.” Chris said.

Allison bit her bottom lip as she crossed her arms. “Are you going to keep it vanilla while I’m here?” She looked at him.

“Yes. I promise you.” He said as Peter came in with Stiles.

Peter smiled and came over to Allison. “Hey there little girl.” He gave her a hug which caused her to smile.

“Hey Papa.” She said.

Peter let her go and pointed to Stiles. “Allison, this is Stiles. Stiles, this is our daughter Allison. I assume Chris told you everything?” He asked.

“No not everything because I don’t want those details.” Allison said.

Stiles shook his head. “You don’t want to know. But it’s nice to meet you. They’ve been excited about you coming and the wedding.” He said.

“I’m not surprised they talked about it all the time. You should have seen them when Malia got married. It was funny.” Allison smirked.

“Well the first daughter got married and now our other one is. It’s an exciting thing for us. Fathers of the Bride. Also Chris gets to walk her down the aisle. He’s looking forward to it as well as the father-daughter dance.” Peter said.

“Awwww.” Stiles grinned and looked at Chris. He looked like he wanted to deny it but it would have been a lie.

“Anyways. Peter, you ready to go?” Chris asked.

“Yes. Ready Ally? Let’s get to the school.” Peter grabbed his keys.

“Yeah. It was nice meeting you Stiles. I’ll see you later. Bye Dad.” Allison waved to the two of them before she followed Peter out of the kitchen.

Once they left, Stiles turned to Chris. “Can I make a request sir?”

Chris went to the fridge and open it. “What is it?”

“...Can I wear a collar please? I enjoyed wearing it from the other night...It made me feel like I was yours and Peter’s even more. I know it’s been a few weeks but this has felt right and all. I-I would like it if you could do that for me. Please?” He asked.

Chris closed the fridge and looked at him. “I will say this Stiles, Peter and I have enjoyed you here. Not just as our sub but as company around the house. There is a connection among all three of us. I would not object to the idea of you wearing a collar. Especially around the house. And I’m sure Peter would be on board as well. I believe he wants to put you in a rubber suit and lead you by a leash.” He went to his glass and pour his drink.

Stiles felt his dick twitch at the thought of that. “Really?”

“Yes. I do as well. Remove your identity and you just become a toy for us to use. How would you feel about that?”

Stiles imagined it. Being covered in rubber. It could take away his sight and hearing leaving him with just taste and the touch that comes from his mouth. He closed his eyes and licked his lips. He was getting hard. His mummification this morning was similar. And he loved it. Only his lips, nose, and dick were free. He couldn’t hear or see. And if that was close to permanent, he would accept it as his fate.

His fantasy was ruined when he felt a hand on his dick. Chris was rubbing it through his pants. Whimpers came out which caused Chris to stop. Then his pants were being taken off. They dropped to the floor with his underwear to follow. His dick stood straight up, dripping with pre-cum.

“You are so desperate to get off aren’t you?” Chris asked.

Stiles blushed. “Yes sir.”

“Go to your bedroom and lie on it naked with your hands behind your back.” Chris ordered.

Stiles nodded and picked up his pants. He hurried to his room and undressed. He made sure his clothes were folded to the side. Stiles lied on the bed and waited. It was only a minute before he felt Chris grab his hands and tie them. He couldn’t help but to smile.

Then he felt Chris’s hand grip his head, pushing him into the bed. Without warning, Chris slide himself in. There was nothing gentle about this. Chris was rough. Even in their sessions. It was fast and a bit painful. And Stiles loved it. He bet the talk about them making him a gimp is what causing this.

Stiles felt the tears form in the corner of his eye as his mouth opened for air. Then Chris’s finger slid into his mouth to fish hook him. This was brutal and he loved it. It wasn’t long before he heard Chris moan. He slowed down before he pulled out. Even though he didn’t even do anything, Stiles felt worn out.

“Th-thank you sir.” He said.

“Your welcome. I’ll have lunch ready downstairs.” Chris untied his hands.

“So Stiles wouldn’t mind being turned into a gimp?” Peter asked as he got into the bed.

“He got hard right away. It all started when he asked to wear a collar.” Chris was on his phone, looking at something.

“Hmmm...I’ve wanted to put him in a collar. He seems to enjoy the straps from the table when they are put on him. But if he wants to be a gimp, you know what that means?”

“I do,” Chris looked at him, “And we can do it when we get to D’s place. The festival is a couple of weeks. For now we can slap a collar on him and a mask on his face for a session.”

“I like that,” Peter reached over and pulled the phone out of Chris’s hand, “Know what else I would like?” He mounted himself onto of Chris.

Chris smiled, knowing where this was going. He pulled down Peter’s underwear, letting himself fall out. As much as he loved Stiles’s cock and playing with it but Peter’s was perfect for him. He was the only man he would ever be close to submissive for. He felt Peter lift himself up, letting Chris lean forward.

He took Peter inside his mouth and started to suck. Hearing Peter moan was his most favorite sound in the world. He looked up, seeing his husband with his head leaning backwards. He put his hands on the wall to hold himself up. Chris’s hands came up and grabbed his ass, pulling it apart.

“Fuck Chris. You’re really wanting me to fuck you.” He chuckled.

Chris stopped and took his mouth off. “Do it.”

Peter grinned. He got up and took off his pants. Chris tossed the sheets aside. He wore only shorts which didn’t last much longer on him. He lied on the bed as Peter grabbed a condom and lube. He was able to quickly get the condom on. Before Stiles came, they would bare back but both agree to wearing condoms now. He squirted lube on his hand.

Chris rolled over and felt Peter rubbed his hand on his crack. His eyes closed at the touch. Peter grabbed him by the hair as he entered him. Fuck, it had been a while since he felt this. He started it fast, knowing that was what both of them wanted. Chris grabbed the sheets as he moaned.

“Fuck. Fuck me hard Peter.” Chris moaned.

“I plan to.” He lifted Chris’s head back and kissed him.

The kiss was rough yet filled with passion. This was something the two of them did to each other. It was something they wouldn’t do to Stiles. Not yet. They would kiss him along his ears or body but never his lips. They broke the kiss and Chris’s head was jerked back. Slowly he got to his knees.

Peter released his grip and grabbed his hips. Chris felt himself dripping non-stop. Quicky,he grabbed himself and stroked to match Peter’s pace. He could feel the grip get tighter meaning Peter was getting closer.

It was only a minute before the warmth hit him causing him to unleash his load. Chris fell to the bed and felt Peter on top of them. The sweet on them felt nice as well as the warmth from one another. Peter smiled and kissed his shoulder.

“Next time, it will be long and gentle.”

“Hm. I like it when you fuck me.” Chris smiled.

“I know. Don’t judge me if I fall asleep on top of you.”

“Never will.”