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The body I live in

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Garrus was still shocked by the acceptance of her clan markings. However, seeing that it made their lives on the Citadel easier, it proved itself a good decision. Receiving another package with parts, he noticed that Shepard was watching the progress leaning, against the wall. For a moment her human spirit was visible just behind her new turian form, smiling at him. He becomes lost until Jane's voice brings him back to reality. 


               “Do I have something on my face Garrus?” Jane asked the weight of the day visible on her shoulders


               “No… no at all ShepardGarrus said hoping she didn’t notice his nervous sub-vocals.


“Good. Install these guns as fast as you can. Jacob is waiting to install armor plating.”  


               “Aye aye, Commander.”  




For new readers, this is just a taste of what awaits you in my fanfiction. For the old one, I hope you will like the art that TheWyvernsWeaver created for us. Please be advised that English isn’t my first language and this is my first try on writing something like that. First few chapters really show that maybe in future I will be able to find time to rewrite them, for now, my focus is on writing new chapters. From chapter 18 Dr_Compass is helping me out, thanks to his help the level has clearly improved. I hope you will enjoy this transformation fanfiction, probably the only one that is so long and as time goes on more developed with side characters and additional stories.