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Baby, It's Just Biology

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The flashing, LED time on her bedroom table told Rey Jackson that she was late.

Great. Just great. It was her first day of a new set of classes and she was now forced to choose between turning up late or turning up unwashed, neither of which she particularly wanted to do. Not when it was Professor Solo’s class.

Rey was in her final year at Harvard studying Biomedical Science with a specialisation in Omega studies. She would have been lying if there wasn’t a selfish motivation behind her choice. Omegas were becoming more and more rare with advancements in medicine that allowed Betas and Alphas to procreate safely.

Being an Omega impacted every day life more than Rey ever wanted. She took suppressants everyday to hold down her raging pheromones, lest an Alpha lose control around her. She would grumble to herself every morning as she swallowed her pills. Why should she be held accountable simply because her biology, something she couldn’t help, would trigger something in another person? Wasn’t it up to them to control themselves?

Apparently not. Not according to the government. Not when Alphas and Betas outnumbered Omegas at almost 500 to 1, the last time the statistics were in. Laws were there to help her at least. Employers and Universities had to allow mandatory sick leave for Omegas in heat, Alphas were allowed leave of their own to care for their mate until their heat passed. For every positive there was a negative that made Rey feel sick. Alphas couldn’t be held accountable in court for anything they did under the influence of their biology if they could prove it.

It was an Alpha world. Rey was just living in it.

She cursed and huffed, rushing around her apartment throwing together whatever outfit she could find. Skinny jeans, black converse sneakers and her Harvard sweater would have to do. She sighed at her reflection, pulling her hair into a bun and finishing off her look by spraying herself with perfume.

Way to make a good first impression Rey…

Grabbing her backpack, she left her apartment, slamming her door and setting off in jog towards the campus. Generally, she was grateful that she lived less than a block away but at that moment, she wondered why she had bothered moving out of the dorms.

Panting as she neared the medical building, her phone buzzed.


Rose <Where are you? I’ve saved you a seat!>

She smiled down at her phone. Rose was one of her best friends, having met her the first day of college. She was a Beta who wanted to study the long-term effects of Alpha and Beta relations. At first it had been her fascination with Rey’s Omega designation that had caused her to strike up a conversation but soon the girls discovered they had more in common than just their classes.

Rey <I’m omw! Stupid alarm didn’t go off this morning :((>

Rose <I’d say better late than never but we’re in Solo’s class. You know how he is!>

Ah yes, Professor Solo. Professor of Biomedical studies, expert in the epidemiology of Alpha Beta and Omega dynamics and one hundred percent Alpha male. Rey had seen girls on campus swoon, physically swoon, after the young professor and honestly, she could hardly blame them.

He was only just in his thirties with messy black hair. His face, was angular with a strong nose and jaw, scattered with beauty marks and his eyes, so deep brown they seemed to go on forever, but his most attractive feature? His voice. A deep, velvet tone that held the attention of anyone he spoke to. It was this reasoning that Rey thought being in his class wouldn’t be so bad, despite the fact it was notoriously difficult to pass at all.

She burst into the class, breathing heavily as she finally pulled herself into the seat next to Rose. The smaller girl smirked at her.

“That’s quite a casual look you’ve got going there!” She laughed, and Rey rolled her eyes, sighing in dismay.

“Look, it was this or my jammies,” She snapped between panting breaths, “Just be happy I made it here at all. Jesus, did we have to sit right at the front?!”

“Well how was I supposed to know you’d be dressed like a student stereotype?”

Rey had a reply on the tip of her tongue, but it was cut off by the man himself entering the lecture room. Professor Ben Solo hadn’t bothered to wear a jacket that morning, the air still mild enough to do without. His white shirt was unbuttoned at the top, his navy tie on but slack around his neck and the sleeves rolled up to the elbows.

“Good morning everyone,” he said, dropping his briefcase onto his desk, “I’m glad most you managed to make it on time!”

He paused suddenly, his eyes snapping to Rey who found herself frozen under his scrutiny. Heat rose up her neck as she watched him inhale deeply through his nose, his eyes darkening for only a split second before he composed himself with a quick shake of his head.

“What the fuck was that?” Rey whispered to herself, feeling Rose elbow her lightly in the side.

“Did you take your suppressant this morning?” her friend asked quietly.


“I forgot…I was running late…” Rey mumbled.

“Could be it. Odds are you’re the only Omega in here…”

“Ladies is there a problem?”

The heat Rey had felt earlier was nothing on the embarrassment she was feeling having every eye in the room on her and Rose. Luckily, Rose was quicker off the mark than she was

“No, Professor. Sorry!” She apologised quickly, leaving Rey still in a state of minor mortification.

Ben nodded sharply.

“As I was saying,” he continued, his deep voice ringing through the room, “Today we’re going to be discussing a controversial topic, something that many have strong views of and that’s about the role of Omegas in modern society,”

Rey felt herself tense, her back straightening and she caught Ben’s eye with an unrelenting stare.

“So long ago, Alphas and Omegas were responsible for procreation, with Betas filling a secondary, passive role. Obviously as we’ve evolved, human’s have moved past their own biology. People fall in love, they want to be together despite their designations and with that comes the medical advancements that mean the mortality rate among Betas breeding with Alphas has decreased exponentially. So…if this is the case, what role do Omega’s play in modern society?”

He looked around the room, silently opening the floor for opinions.

“I, for one, think it’s unfair that Omegas can take time off and still get paid for it, all because they’re horny!” a girl with a slightly nasal voice declared, “If everyone did that, nobody would get any work done!” A light smatter of laughter rolled over the class.

Except from Rey who was biting her pen so hard it was going to crack.

“Well, it’s a little more than that,” Ben drawled, “Anyone who has taken Biochemistry 101 will be able to tell you that a heat is very different from just wanting a bit of action,”

Rey agreed firmly with that. She had only been through two heats in her short life and only because it was recommended she came off her suppressants once every few months to let her hormones regulate. Without an Alpha, it had been the more excruciatingly uncomfortable experience she had ever felt.

“Of course, this is why Omegas are now prescribed suppressants to help control their heats as well as make life easier on the Alphas around them,”

Rey snorted. Loudly. Ben titled his head curiously at her.

“Do you disagree, Miss Jackson?” He asked. Rey lifted her head up from her notes, her eyes wide with surprise, not realising that she had been so loud. She cleared her throat, ignoring that she could smell his heady scent from the front of the room.

“I just think it’s a little rich that people would assume the reason an Omega takes suppressants has anything to do with making an Alpha’s life easier when in actual fact, that never crosses their mind,” she reasoned. Ben nodded thoughtfully.

“And honestly, Omegas have enough to deal with. Being told it’s up to them to supress their own biology and if something happens then it’s their fault? So really, why should Omegas make an Alpha’s life easier when nobody is trying to make their life easier?”

His eyes narrowed as he watched her, seeing how indignant she was becoming at the subject. Murmurs broke out among the rest of the class, but Rey boldly held his eyes, trying to ignore how good he smelled. Like rich coffee and spice. Suddenly he smiled, just enough to lift the corners of his mouth.

“A very interesting point of view,” he said, “and one that is seldom heard, no doubt because as with so many things in life…if it doesn’t affect people, they don’t feel the need to think about it and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I’m trying to get you to see…just because something doesn’t affect you directly doesn’t mean it’s not important. Even though Betas can and do take all manner of medication to make breeding with an Alpha possible, children born that way tend to suffer health problems later in life…there’s a reason…”

Professor Solo continued his lecture on why Omegas were still important to the future of humanity, how their biology can be used in future fertility treatments and so on. Rey was doing her best to continue listening, but he was so damn distracting.

His voice alone was making her feel hot under the collar and she desperately wished she had worn something under her sweater, so she could relieve her body. His scent was hitting her hard, filling her nostrils and throat. Maddening and calming all at the same time.

Mercifully, the class comes to an end and Rey gathers her notes and bag, so she could leave the room. How could one Alpha’s scent overpower a room of over 30 people?!

“Miss Jackson, a word?”

Damn. So close.

Rey steeled herself, waving to Rose and telling her that she would be right there, fixing a tight smile on her face as she approached his desk. His eyes brazenly looked her up and down and suddenly she wished she had just taken the late hit, so she could look a little more presentable. His jaw worked as he watched her.

God, why had she forgotten her suppressants for his class?

“It’s not often I have an Omega in my class,” he said with a small smile, “I wanted to check that you were alright. Sometimes the discussions in here can be a little close to the bone,”

“And how exactly did you know I was an Omega?” Rey asked, immediately regretting such a stupid question. He raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“Other than the fact it’s on your file and your strong opinions? I caught your scent the moment you walked in here,”

Rey sucked in a breath, the low timbre of his voice sending tingles straight to the apex of her thighs. Stupid biology, stupid Alpha and his downright delicious scent. This was something that could not happen. He was her Professor, she was his student. It just couldn’t happen.

And yet, at that moment in time, Rey couldn’t imagine anything else except his pretty, full lips being put to work. And from how Ben Solo was looking, his hands fisted at his sides so hard his knuckles popped, maybe he was feeling the same.

Stupid suppressants.

“Is this going to be a problem?” Rey asked softly, “I know there’s a lot of other Alphas in this class…”

“No!” Ben insisted, “No…Umm…not at all. You’re taking suppressants, right?” Rey rolled her eyes.

“Course. Why would I want to make life harder for all the Alphas?” she said sarcastically, and Ben had the good grace to look sheepish.

“There won’t be a problem,” He said firmly, and she was wondering, as his eyes continued to take her all in, his mouth parted slightly, if he was convincing her or himself.

“Well…good,” Rey said awkwardly.

The glands in her neck were stinging like crazy and she suddenly felt the desperate urge to scratch at her skin, but she clamped a hand by her side, the other fisting around the strap of her bag tightly. Instead she settled for stretching her neck, desperately seeking any kind of relief.

It was no use and all it served to do was heighten her scent. She could have sworn she hear a growl rumble in the back of his throat, inhaling deeply through his nose, his nostrils flaring, his eyes closing tightly as if he was in pain. Rey took that as a good time to leave, shuffling backwards away from him.

“So, umm…right,” she stuttered, “I’ll see you next time Professor,”

She walked away from him as quickly as she could to try and hide the flush on her cheeks, his scent still intoxicating her. AlphaAlphaAlpha…


It was only when he was finally in the relative safety of his office, that Ben Solo relaxed. She hadn’t been in his office yet. It only smelled of his scent. He closed the door hard behind him, locking his door and pulling down the blind over the glass front.

He had other Omegas in his class before. Most had smelled as pleasant as Omegas did to Alphas but this girl, this Rey Jackson was unlike anything he had ever experienced. She was sweet like jasmine, mellow like vanilla and bright like the scent of sun kissed skin. Even dressed down the way she was, he had never been affected so deeply. Every gland in his body felt like it was about to explode.

The way she had rolled her neck in front of him. It had taken a considerable amount of control on his part not to immediately grab her and run his tongue over the scent gland in her neck. He considered himself an Alpha with willpower and it was becoming evident that said willpower was about to be tested to its limit.

“Shit,” Ben muttered to himself, rubbing his hands over his face in frustration.

Three days a week he would have to see her. For at least 12 weeks. How the hell could the scent of one Omega completely overpower 30 other Alphas and Betas? He threw himself down on his chair with a huff, the idea of her still swimming around his head.

He closed his eyes, allowing the filthy things he was imaging to come to life, his hand mindlessly drifting down to the fly on his jeans, popping the buttons. The relief of pressure was instantaneous as he pulled his achingly hard cock free, his hand stroking himself languidly.

Rey lying back in his bed, her slender body completely open to him, her eyes dark with lust as her chest heaved. Rey in heat, begging for his knot, to be pumped full of his cum.

Please Alpha…

He bit his lip as he stroked himself, his head tipping back in pleasure as he imagined her slick sex taking all of him. Oh, how he wanted to make her moan for him. From the second he had scented her; his body had betrayed his rational thoughts and all he wanted to do was take her. Own her.

Groaning, he came, his release spurting suddenly over his hand, landing on his shirt. He sighed as his breathing steadied, his heart rate returning to normal and he reaching to the box of tissues in his drawer wiping his hands with an annoyed frown.

Christ, he hoped she had suppressants next time.