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Sin, Love, and Guilty Pleasures

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Ryou Bakura and his friend’s adventure along side the Millennium items came to a close, and the pharaoh trapped long passed on after his final duel with Yugi. He was going to miss the pharaoh, honestly he was, but looking to his friends whom each one was more teary-eyed than the next, Ryou couldn’t bring himself to be that emotional. A bittersweet feeling indeed, but a different kind of emptiness overtook him, envy perhaps.

 He couldn’t make up any excuses; he was tricked numerous times into allowing the evil spirit of the ring to take him over and causing whichever havoc he deemed necessary. Since his departure, Ryou slowly regains a sense of his lost self. However, the price he paid were guilt, built on top of the evil spirit’s actions, which Ryou will take without complaint. After all, he too made a silent wish on his item, and it delivered in a cruel twist of fate. He wanted a friend, but got a parasite instead. Of course, Ryou would never call him that, far from it. His mind still processing the last few months, but in the end, he came to terms with the toxic friendship.

 So, Ryou Bakura was walking on his way home, but really lost in his thoughts, as his fan club follows him. Really, he doesn’t pay them much mind anymore. The poor boy couldn’t chase them off! Nevertheless, it’s not like their existence mattered much to him anyway. He still goes about his daily what-nots, as if he was alone, but he knew how to lose them, the only place (besides Yugi’s game shop) that he can be himself and shoo away those annoying girls. The occult shop.

 He takes a sharp turn to the right, and through the doors to The Mystic’s Hand Emporium, which seems to actually be doing well (despite the rumors and superstition going around Domino). He knew that his fan club wouldn’t want anything to do with this particular shop, no. They were fairly pretty gals, whose reputations were more important than anything obscure or odd. No, they were superstitious too, and this shop was Ryou’s safe-haven. He opens the doors to leave those girls behind and finds you, chewing bubblegum and reading most likely a horror comic.

 You wave him over and smile, beckon him to come in. “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been?” you ask, flipping over the cover, but bookmarking it for later. “I was starting to think my favorite white haired patron forgot about me.” you say with a playful pout. Ryou just chuckles under his breath.

 “You’re the only occult shop on the block, how can I forget?” he mutters, glancing at a nearby tarot deck. He admired the watercolor art on the box, lightly tracing it with his thin finger. You rush out from behind the counter and towards his gaze like a good sales rep, but not before looking out the window at the disperse girls. Shaking your head, you giggle.

 “Looks like your girls aren’t fond of this shop. A pity really, I know some of them could really benefit from having a luck charm.” you grin. Ever so often you had these vibes, maybe not a clairvoyant, but you do know people, and girls like them could always use some good luck. Ryou couldn’t help but chuckle from your words. He switches his gaze to your beautiful orbs, retracting his digit.

 “Oh, them? I honestly didn’t notice.” he says, flashing a quick smile. You knew Ryou wasn’t oblivious; most boys aren’t when pretty girls are following them. While most boys would go gaga over them, Ryou ignored them, going about his day like usual. Remarkable really, how he had enough patience to let them do what they do, instead of screeching for them to get lost. You lacked such patience, that’s for sure.

 “You either have something on your mind, or you have a strong one to ignore a gaggle of giggling girls.” you said, leaning forward. You noticed the boy’s lack of dark circles, which he normally displayed. “Hmm? You look well rested for once. I’m glad.” you smile, placing a palm on your hip. Ryou was taken aback; his chocolate eyes widen and he leans back a little, but quickly gains his composure.

 “O-Oh. Yeah, I’m sleeping much better now.” he doesn’t lie, but shifts uncomfortably. You notice and back off a tad, your features fallen to a sympathetic expression. You weren’t sure what chaos was going on in his life, but lack of sleep was usually an everyday thing for him. Since you’ve known him, he hasn’t eaten properly, which upon further inspection, his face seemed to be full, instead of frail, and his complexion is fair, but not pale.

 “You are eating better too.” you observed, a pleased smile on your face. “Good, that means you’re taking better care of yourself.” Ryou nods, but remains quiet. The thick air of awkwardness was much heavier now. You drew back, and changed the subject. “Do you have plans with your friends today?” you ask, only knowing of the infamous Yugi Mutou and chums, but never meeting them. Large groups were never your thing.

 Ryou shakes his head. “No, not today anyway.” You purse your lips together; the somberness with a hint of hope in his voice tugged your heartstrings. Come to think of it, you’ve never seen his friends walk him home, or at least pass by the shop. Maybe it gave them the willies? You wouldn’t be surprised. Still, even at school, he seemed to be the one in the background, while his friends interacted with each other. You honestly found it a little strange, but chose to say nothing. 

 Instead, you smile brightly. “Why don’t we hang out today then? I’m off in like an hour and I doubt we’ll be busy. If you want, that is. Sorry if I impose.” you drew back, realizing you were being a bit pushy. The white haired boy’s features dropped blank, as if he was contemplating an excuse. It seemed so long since he allowed anyone over his place, not since the Monster World incident. He wasn’t in a huge hurry to invite guests to his home after that, and repairing the friendship with him and the rest of the gang was more important. 

 “I-“ he pauses, unsure of himself. It’s not that he disliked your company, but was he ready to get close to someone again? You’re nothing like the spirit of the ring, far from him. Guilt struck his heart, but what excuse could he have? The least he can do is humor you after you’ve shown him nothing short of kindness. “Sure, we’ll have the apartment to ourselves. I hope that’s ok with you.” he finally says, and you nod, your smile still shining brightly.

 “Alright, cool. Let me finish some orders and stock some things, then we’ll be out.” you said with excitement, and rush back behind the counter to finish your days work, leaving the boy to look around for the time being.



After work, Ryou walked with you towards his apartment. On the way, you talked about your hobbies. He still put up a bit of a wall, but you agreed it would be too soon to ask about anything too personal. However, it turns out you both have the same taste in horror movies, so you decided on a movie.

 He unlocks the front door and lets you in first, before following suite and locking it behind him. “Make yourself at home.” he says, flipping the switch that lights the hallway between the kitchen and living room. Your eyes dart from one corner to the next, taking in the rather normal set up, which you some how thought would be different? You push those thoughts away, catching up to the taller male, as it would be rude to linger behind.

 “Thanks, it looks cozy.” you compliment, slipping off your school shoes. Your shift generally starts an hour after school lets out, surely not enough time to go home and change. So, you stay in that insufferable blazer until you get home. For now, you wistfully follow Ryou and turned the corner towards his living room.

 Immediately you sit down when he gestures towards the couch, while he snatches the remote and clicks through movies, until he finds the one you both agreed on. He sits next to you, but scoots a little away from you, careful not to invade your space, not that you cared. You settled in, unbuttoning your garishly pink blazer, and folding it. You sense Ryou’s chocolate orbs flicker to the side, as you sat it next to you, but quickly her turns his attention to the screen. The tension was clear.

 “Sorry, I hope you didn’t mind I took off.” Ryou shakes his head.

 “No, it’s fine.” he replies, drumming his fingers against his knees to keep himself from looking over your way. You frown, but go back to watching the screen.

 You did have an ulterior motif for inviting him, friendship being the major reason. But, you couldn’t help but being a little romantically interested. He’s cute, funny, and great to be around. The fact he enjoys the occult too, is a huge plus for boyfriend material. The movie no longer interests you, but instead the question weather or not Ryou liked you too. Regardless, you’ve been carrying these feelings on your shoulders for weeks and you’re ready for him to know. The tension though, how it still lingered in the room like a thick fog, there’s no ignoring it.

 Even Ryou couldn’t ignore it, with his chest beating so rapidly. He squeezes his hands into knuckles, while the lump in his throat grew ever massive. Maybe he’s thinking too much? Yes, that must be it. Its two acquaintances watching a movie, that’s all. No use getting worried. Fortunately, the sounds of the slasher’s first murder victim drowned out any doubt, forcing him to pay attention to the screen.


 An unbearable twenty minutes flew by, with only the movie playing, but served best as background noise. Your eyes stay glued onto the TV, this wasn’t going anywhere. You knew Ryou can be reserved, but respectful, so him taking the plunge was nil to none. At the risk of offending the boy and maybe even making a friendship awkward, you swallow hard, and went in for the kill. Soft lips soon met another pair, as your eyes closed, while his nearly popped from his skull.

 Ryou stiffened, sitting perfectly still in utter shock, struggled to wrap his mind around the current situation. You were kissing him! Shivers ran down his spine in a mix of fear and long dormant crave for attention. He resists the urge to push you away and the urge to embrace you, settling for stiff confusion. His taste, his scent, his everything clouded your judgment, and before you could get too carried away, you draw back, a thin line of saliva connecting both your pairs of lips together.

 “I’m sorry.” you mutter. “I-I couldn’t help myself.” Ryou’s lump in his throat was finally gulped down, as he touches his lips with the back of his hand. You were sure you made a mistake, and after a few moments of silence, you spoke again. “I don’t understand what’s going on with you, and I don’t have to know. But, whatever it is, it’s ok for you to be happy.” you say sincerely, darting your eyes away from him.

 He sits back and his expression went from shock, to blank, and after the most excruciatingly long silence, it finally changes into one you’ve never seen. You opened your mouth, but before any words could fall out, Ryou locks lips with you again, this time taking the reigns, much to your excitement. Wasting no time, he shoves his tongue past your teeth and into your wet cavern, slipping his hands under your skirt and resting them on your hips. You moan softly, your eyes fluttering shut, as you gladly roll with it.

 Ryou breaks the kiss and plants feather-light ones along your jawline and up your ear. “Thank you.” he says between husky breaths. Your words reassured him, allowing the weight of his fears and held back emotions to finally surface constructively. “Thank you.” he repeats, groping the back of your thighs, and laying feverish kisses down your neck, his teeth nipping here and there, until his senses flutter back, and he realizes what he’s doing, and sits up. His chocolate orbs boring into yours, his mouth agape.

You sit up slightly on your elbows, as you stare right back at him. “W-Why did you stop?” you pant, licking your lips, savoring his taste. When he didn’t reply, your hand tugs on his shirt, as you bring him down for another fiery kiss, deepening it, hopefully giving him the right signal. Ryou not only takes it, he intensifies it, by taking off his uniform top, and fumbling around with the buttons on your white undershirt.

 Pure instinct was the driving force between you two. As long as you felt the same, Ryou would comply, and after he slips away your top, he does the same to your bra, taking in the sights of your breasts bouncing free. He scans over your exposed chest, before hovering over your left mound, his breath cascading over the nipple. “May I?”

 You grin, nodding. “Of course. Anything you want, I want too.” He smiles a genuine one, not one of his somber ones. It was the first time in a while you’ve seen it, really. Leaning forward, and sucks on our nipple harshly, while his right hand plays with your right breast. His touch was rather soft, something you imagined, but didn’t believe you would experience. You arch your back, so your breast shoves further into his mouth, as his tongue flicks against the hard bud.

 “Mmm, Ryou-“ you moan, reaching up and tugging his thick, white locks. You arch your pelvis into his, displaying more of your need and desperation. “Y-You’re teasing me…” you trail off when he releases your bud with a pop. His cheeks twinge a little red, listening to your pleas. He gulps; tucking his fingers under the waistband of your skirt and panties, and slowly pulls them away, your hips rising for him.

 He takes in your bare form, deliciously displayed before his very eyes. His brain took its sweet time processing that this was reality, and not illusion. Either way, he wasn’t about to question a thing, and instead traces his middle digit along your slit. His curiosity rears itself when he spreads your thigh with his left hand and leans in to get a better view. While his breath brushes against your sensitive flesh, Ryou inserts his digit, exploring your depths.

 Your hot slickness coats his finger, and makes it easy for him to go as deep to his liking. It’s certainly warmer than he expected, and wet too. He studies your expressions, as he adds in a second one, gyrating until your moans turn into lust-filled cries. Curling and uncurling his invading appendages, Ryou moves a bit faster, watching as your juices drip onto the couch cushion, as the aching in his member nearly distracting him.

 “R-Ryou please-“ you whimper, moving your hips. “P-Please, I can’t hold on.” The melody of you begging struck a cord within him, not necessarily a primal one, but the side of him that was all too new. This new sensation forced Ryou to take the lead, something he never did. It was strange, he hasn’t been in control with himself in months, but that was a different feeling altogether. He was still conscious, he could still think freely, and even though the movements were his, he still seemed possessed.

 Removing his fingers away from your core, they didn’t lose their nimbleness, especially when he unbuttons his once neatly pressed pants and tosses them next to yours. His boxers were next, as his cock springs free, with small rivets of precum gathering on the head. He leans forward, rubbing the tip along your soaked folds, releasing a throaty moan of his own. God, did that make you shiver.

 You reach up and rest your palms on his shoulders, spreading your legs wider for him, a clear invitation. Not daring to turn your eyes away, you kept them locked on his every movement with silent pleas. As if reading your thoughts, Ryou glances up with the amount of passion which rivals his love for rpg’s (if that’s possible). What seems an eternity of teasing, he dips the tip into your opening and with haggard pants, Ryou thrusts himself in all the way to the hilt, earning a mighty cry from you.

 He shudders from the sudden impact, his cock pulsing against your walls, maybe not filling you all the way to your womb, but still a considerable amount. You wrap your legs around his waist and roll your hips against his, signaling him to move, when he’s ready. Ryou’s eyes snap open, as his half-lidded ones bore into yours. A low groan erupted from his throat, but with your hips eagerly moving, he couldn’t help but move in time with you, creating a lustful symphony.

 “I-Is this your first time?” you moan, slightly digging your nails against his back and bringing him closer. Ryou nods.

 “Y-Yeah…I’m not bad, am I?” he pants, his thoughts scrambled from the electrifying pleasure setting fire to his veins. You giggle and lean up, planting a loving kiss on his neck.

 “No, you’re doing fine.” You giggle, nuzzling your cheek against his. A strong surge of confidence welled within Ryou, as grips your ass and hoists you up, and plunges into your harder, increasing his speed. He totally gets into the moment, leaning down to bury more of himself in, the head of his cock hitting the back against your cervix.

 Your back dug into the couch cushion, as your hands fell from his back, finding it difficult to hang on. You grip the upholstery, your knuckles turning white, but you didn’t care. All logic slipped away from you, as you quickly became addicted to your crush’s member, hitting all the right spots. Pushing yourself to look up at him, you licked your lips at the view of Ryou already given himself over to the pleasure.

 “Are you ok?” you ask, your already warm skin on fire, while the sounds of skin slapping on skin echo through the room. He nods, digging his nails into your cheeks.

 “Y-Yeah, but I’m so close.” he huffs, his movements growing sloppier. Your end was coming too, but not nearly as fast as his. You decided to help him out, it being his first time and all, and you would hate it if he in anyway felt inadequacies. So, you reach between your legs and vigorously, rub against your aching clit. He watches the small bud bounce against your skillful fingers, then looks over to you. “Why are you-“ you smile, cutting him off.

 “J-Just a small tid bit, but if you gently rub a woman’s clit, she’ll come far easier, and it heightens the male’s pleasure.” you explain, your whines become loud enough to be considered sobs, and your little knot within your depths coiling and coiling, almost desperate for release. Nodding, Ryou hesitantly replaces your digits with his own, grinding against your bundle of nerves. He’s a fast learner, much to your surprise.

 After a few more rough strokes against your clit, you scream his name, almost certain the neighbors would listen, not that you cared. The knot within you burns with your immediate release, sending you over the edge, and your mind foggy with pure bliss. Your throbbing walls tighten around Ryou’s cock, as the boy gasps from the sudden constrictive sensation; your every pulse delightfully combines with his trembling member.

 Actually, it felt all too good, so good in fact; Ryou could no longer contain himself. “Dammit…” he mutters under his breath, as he continues to slam his hips against yours, continuously shooting his hot cum into your depths. He keeps rocking against you, riding out his high, while you lay still, and catching your breath. A stupid smile plastered on your face, when he collapses onto your chest, his cheek resting against your breasts. Instinctively, you reach up and pat his head, almost like a job well done.

 “You did great.” you coo, playing with a few fly-away strands of thick white locks. It took Ryou a few moments to regain his sanity, as he also catches his breath. His sweet face serene and peaceful, the most peaceful you’ve seen him in months. You couldn’t help but feel a sense of calm yourself.

 His eyes slowly open to meet yours, as he flashes you a tired smile. “Thank you.” he replies, snuggling up closer to you. Regardless of what would become of your relationship, you wished for Ryou to find his own happiness, with or without you.