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Sin, Love, and Guilty Pleasures

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Turning your sketchpad slightly for the right angle, you sketched your demon lover’s sleeping form. Giggling, it’s hard to believe the normally cut throat man could easily be careless while asleep. Still, you loved him all the same, despite everyone’s shock. Goodness, your friend’s expressions forever carved in your fond memory, one which you look back on ever so often, especially during quiet moments like these. Behind close doors, you supposed anyone could be loving and gentle, even unruly demons like Hiei (though he would rather gouge out his eye than admit).

Glancing back up to the tree, you frowned at the now empty branch. Really?Dammit! You puffed your cheeks and glared down at your unfinished piece. I either have to scrap this, or put him in the same exact position and time of day. That jerk! Tearing the paper from the book, you crumpled it up angrily, tossing it behind you, and missing the obvious shadow looming over your agitated form.

“It wasn’t that bad.” Whipping your head around, your eyes shrink to slits, you huffed at his direction. The demon chuckled, most likely at your ‘human antics’ he would put it. Crossing your arms over your chest like a miffed child, you hopped to your feet; all the while your beloved remained amused, smirking. “Don’t tell me you’re angry because I moved.” He knew damn well what you’re like while sketching. Anything moved even a centimeter throws off the whole picture and as a perfectionist, you couldn’t allow it.

“Well yeah, you know how passionate I am with my art. How can I draw anything if my subject keeps moving around to piss me off?” The slightly shorter man, still quite amused, shook his head, clearly not grabbing your current human woe. Your pout quivered while he carried on, but it takes a strong person to handle Hiei, and you’re not afraid to show your inner strength. Smiling sweet enough to give even the hardest of candy cavities, you spoke softly, yet with a hint of mild suggestion. “Of course, you can make it up to me. You see, I would love to sketch you sometime. Only without clothes.”

Hiei, dumbfounded at your sudden outburst, arched an eyebrow, absorbing what you just said. You waited patiently, until vermillion redness claimed his cheeks. You grinned. He finally understood. The small demon struggled to hide his fluster in his tunic, even turning around to compose himself. Letting your mood get to you and let’s be honest here, any time you can force the sassy demon into a flustered mess is a good time, you pressed further.

“Of course, it’s only for my eyes to see. I can think of many positions to have you in that’ll expose all your best features.” you hinted. The poor boy growled under your relentless taunting. You smugly giggled, bending down to pick up your supplies and put them away. Hiei glanced to the side, his blush still apparent, but wheels in his foul mind spun. However, just a flash of his smirk and you knew you were in trouble. A fraction of a second later, you were pushed up against the tree.

You knew he absolutely hated being bested and always needed to get the last word in, hell or high water. “I hope one of those positions was this one, you should have no problem drawing it.” Your lover’s devious and half lidded eyes studied your shocked expression. Your breath hitched in your throat, while his smirk twisted sadistically, turning the tables on your little game. His ruby orbs dared you to make your next move. Your chest heaved to his challenge, while his fingertips caressed your arm, sending shivers through your excited form.

Hiei’s predatory gaze was matched by his smirk, and he dove in with nips and sucks against your neck, claiming his prey. Panting slightly, you knew you were losing the game alarming fast, but you didn’t expect for him to honestly take you up on it. Chuckling against your flush, he bit down harder, licking and sucking your wound. Wincing slightly, you knew he drew blood. He always did, but regardless it sent tingles down to your core and you couldn’t help but to lean in. Take me against this tree~

His arm breath tickled against your ear and whispered sultrily. “I heard your thoughts.” You squeaked and your face illuminated fire red, cursing yourself for being caught in the moment. You looked away, pushing him away gently. The fire demon grabbed a hold of your chin and turned you to look at him, his ruby gaze softened. “Did I get too carried away?” You shook your head no, not wanting to seem sensitive.

“I-I was just embarrassed…” you sighed. “I was in the moment and it just…came out dirty.” His surprisingly soft lips clashed with yours in a passionate but chaste kiss. It was his way of saying sorry and it’s alright. That’s actually one of the many things you love about him, how even though he isn’t one to broadcast his feelings, but he cares and show’s it subtly. You kissed back, weaving your fingers through his thick hair, nibbling on his bottom lip. Moaning, Hiei caged your body with his palms on both sides, near your head. He pressed himself tightly against you, kissing you deeper.

After you both parted for air, a thin string of saliva connected your lips, and you dove in for another kiss, wiggling your muscle in his maw aggressively. Growling, he forced his tongue against yours, shooting it inside your cavern and dominated your exploration. Another eternity goes by and you both part again, but this time panting from the intensity. Hiei nuzzled against your neck. “We can go somewhere private, if you prefer.”

You didn’t know if it was your thoughts from earlier, but you quickly shook your head, bringing him in for another kiss. “I thought what I meant, embarrassed or not. And since we haven’t come across anyone in this forest…” you paused, your scarlet blush rushed back to you cheeks. “W-We can e-enjoy ourselves.” Without a second thought, Hiei wrapped your legs around his slim waist, bringing you in for another heated kiss, silently agreeing to your plan. He tossed his cloak and tank top carelessly on the ground, and then slowly lifts your top over your head. His fast and nimble fingers tore away your bottoms, leaving you completely exposed.

“Always to the point.” you mused, lacing your fingers inside of his pant’s waistband, tugging. Smirking, he wiggled out of them, and kicked them to the side. You licked up his neck, nibbling your way to his ear, and giving the lobe a suck. Hiei rewarded you with a low growl, but he won’t be bested. No, he would return your action a hundred times fold, starting with giving your pussy lips a firm but soft stroke. You bit your lip, your hips wiggling under his touch. “D-Dammit…” you breathed.

“This wet from a mere thought.” You huffed, bucking your hips against his calloused hand. The demon slipped two fingers into your soaked entrance, scissoring against your walls. Writhing under his torture, you gave steady moans with every thrust. Curling his fingers tightly, they hit your g-spot gingerly, forcing you to cry out in lustful desperation. Your knot kept being pulled tighter and tighter, while your moans steadily escalated.

“Ngh! …H-Hiei…” you muttered under your breath, scraping your fingernails along the tree bark above your head. The fire demon bit his lip, as haste getting the best of him between the urgency of his name being called. Hiei was never patient to begin with, so it’s a surprise that he held out this long, but now it was time to take his prize. Positioning himself at your soaked entrance, he poked his length’s head between your folds, and effortlessly slid in. Arching your back, you squeaked from sudden pleasure filling your space, but it only took a moment for you to grind your hips wildly against his, needful heat radiating from your wanting form.

Hiei sheathed himself fully, driving his cock deeply, making you feel every vein and pulse while he thrust. His rough palms hoisted you up, keeping you sturdy enough for his oncoming increase of speed. Glazed over eyes took in the sight of your helplessness, tantalizing and pleasing. “I need you, Y/N…” he breathed into your ear, followed by a grunt. Your core nearly gushed at his words, but truth be told, you needed him too, if not worse. Digging your nails into your lover’s shoulders, the mix of pain coming from your back being scraped along the jagged tree bark and Hiei pounding into you with hard but fast thrusts, was a perfect symphony.

“G-God Hiei…I’m gunna…” He kissed you hard to silence your panting, leaning over you and the tree more, while his thrusts became just as unforgiving as your lustful thought from earlier. He glides his cock out; all except the head, only to shove it back in, giving your g-spot hard pleasure. You moaned into the kiss, scratching at your lover’s back, while his thrusts became irregular, and your pussy throbbed with impending bliss. Breaking the kiss at the last second, you threw your head back, groaning his name, closing your eyes and melting against the tree.

“Fuck!” Hiei laid his head against your shoulder, while his hips kept going, until your clamped walls sent him over the edge and milked his exploding cock. Both of you stayed completely still, your highs rapidly running its course. He slowly helped your wobbly legs to stand, after pulling out of course, and had you use him for support until you could move freely on your own. Your eyes drifted down to your sketchbook and you silently giggled. Hiei arched an eyebrow, collecting his clothes, and put them back on. “What’s so funny?”

You paused, bending down to pick up your shirt. “That position would’ve made a nice sketch, too bad my mind is too fuzzy to draw it.”