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Sin, Love, and Guilty Pleasures

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You tapped your fingers along your dull book, glancing over at your hard working boyfriend. Yes, you understand how selfish you are by craving his attention, but how could you not? He’s Seto Kaiba after all, who would not want to be doted by the soft on the inside, but icy on the outside CEO. To be so lucky and somehow manage to get close enough to him, you’re surely something special. However right now, you don’t feel special. Sitting in his home office for three hours, with the only acknowledgement from him were gruff hmm, which were more geared toward his laptop.


Resisting the urge to chuck your novella at your boyfriend, you sat up from your laying position, setting it next to you. Your eye twitched with his every tap on his keyboard, his long and slender fingers working the keys instead of your buttons. How long until he’s done? You wondered, watching as he worked away. All that work and no play can’t be good for him and what sort of girlfriend would you be if you weren’t concerned? A pretty crappy one really. I mean, most girls would want Seto to work as hard as possible, mostly for the possibility of marrying into money, fame, and lavish lifestyle that comes with such a life. Lucky for him, his icy exterior pushes those types away.


“Seto~” you whined. “When are you taking a break? It’s not healthy to work constantly through the night.” He was working your nerves thoroughly, inviting you over to spend time with him, and he’s overworking himself. Seto gave a soft grunt, his sapphire blue eyes barely leaving the screen for a second to glace at you.


“Give me another hour. I have to sort through program files for my hologram system yet.” You rolled your eyes, knowing well the stubborn male has no intentions on resting anytime soon. Jumping to your feet, you stomped over to him, your lower lip sticking out into a pout. With your hands on your hips, you stood next to his desk, bending over slightly.


“You said that a while ago. If you keep me waiting any longer, I’ll die of boredom!” you retorted, with a little huff. Seto rolled his eyes, but smirked at your silly attempt at intimidation. That smirk. Oh, how you loved and hated it at the same time. “I’m being serious, you’ve been working hard enough. You need to relax.” He snorted, typing away on his document.


“My meeting is tomorrow and I need my plans finalized for it. You can wait a little longer.” Your pout twisted into a sneer. Your boyfriend can be such a jerk when he’s working! With his sapphire orbs locked on his screen, he didn’t acknowledge you much further, beside side glances every so often. Fine, if that’s the way he wants it. One way or another, he will take a break and you know how to be annoying enough to do it.


You sauntered behind Seto, gently rubbing your delicate hands along his broad but stiff shoulders. He shifts in his seat, but continued his focus on work, not bothering to question your actions. You knew though he was waiting to see what you were up to. Behind his calm exterior, the man was curious, but he was also aware of your capabilities. However, that didn’t mean he would make it easy for you. That was part of the fun after all, the unspoken cat and mouse game you both played every now and then. Bending down beside his ear, you blew in it gently, earning yourself a low sigh. Smirking, his typing slowed down, which you knew you gained his attention.


Seto-sama~” you whispered in his ear. “You look lonely over here.” The cut throat CEO of Kaiba Corp froze, but only for a second. No easy feat, but oh so rewarding, catching him off guard. His shoulders slumped forward slightly and a thin bead of sweat slid its way down from his temple, his fingers fighting to keep typing. Giggling, you went in for the kill. Nipping his ear roughly, you wrapped your slender arms around his chest, caressing the buttons on his suite. “You know what they say, all work and no play…” You paused, glancing to the side, his blue eyes down caste and taking a sudden interest of your hands.


“Y/N…” he barely whispered. “Why do you torture me?” He leaned back in his plush chair, shutting his eyes, and for once accepting defeat. If he was going to accept such fate, it would be on his terms though. He swiveled his chair, now facing you. With a sudden yank, you fell into his lap, your lips caught in a passionately intense kiss. Squeaking, you propped yourself up and straddled his hips with your own, nibbling on his bottom lip. His tongue darted into your cavern, leaving no crevice explored, while his hands roamed your exposed thighs, caressing lovingly. Sighing into the kiss, your hands tugged on his perfectly styled locks, your hips rocking back and fourth. Just the anticipation worked you up.


With a low growl, Seto broke the kiss, but flawlessly removed your lacy tank top and your bra with it. Your cheeks flushed crimson, but you turned the tables and licked down his neck, giving his silky blue tie a tug, loosening it enough to slip it off from around his neck. Your nimble fingers got to work, unbuttoning his suite and under shirt, tossing them carelessly across the floor. Running your hands over his well toned chest, you drank in every contour of his muscles, but you never seem to get full of it no matter how many times you’ve seen him shirtless. Taking the opportunity, Seto reached up and rubbed harshly at your breasts, pinching your buds, and torn you from his hypnotizing torso.


Seto’s cocky smirk widened when you squirmed in your seat, moaning rather loudly. “You’re too lewd for your own good, Y/N. Did you really think I would lose that easily?” Biting your lip, you knew Seto’s competitive spirit was intense, even in bed. However, you would be fibbing if you said it didn’t make you shiver and send your sensations into overdrive, and the best part of it all, he never ceases to surprise you with how imaginative he can be. He stole his tie back and wrapped it around your wrists, knotting them together tightly. Your eyes widened, but you didn’t protest. Rather, you tried not to lose yourself.


Shutting your eyes, your hips wiggled with Seto’s slender finger prodding your soaked lips through your thin panties. He leaned forward and licked up your neck, nibbling along the way. “Wet already?” You nodded, his husky voice only amped the excitement. Aware of how little time you had, Seto unbuckled his belt and revealed his hardened cock. He pulled your panties to the side and guided your opening over his it. Slowly he lowered you down, your pussy walls clenching tightly around his girth. Gasping, his length brushed against your g-spot without moving, it never ceases to amaze just how deep he can go.


Gyrating your hips, your gasps mixed with moans, while Seto’s rough grip clung to your thighs, his hips rocking into yours. Your wrists struggled to get free while attempting to grab something, anything for dear life. You were almost certain you would fall off his lap, but you knew Seto wouldn’t allow that to happen. Your digits brushed through his chocolate locks, earning yourself a soft murr. He leaned up and gave your lips a quick peck, thrusting in harder and faster. Your pulsing pussy took in every inch, while your back arched drastically to accommodate.


“S-Seto…you’re so….gah!” You gasped, jolts of pleasure rushing through you. Good thing he kept a hold of you, otherwise you would’ve fell off your bucking boyfriend! Moaning hard, your pussy walls throbbed and the knot in your region was ready to break. Seto’s gruff moans were like a symphony from the most majestic orchestra, and you wanted to hear more. Slamming your hips down, Seto’s moans turned into pants with a small bit of gasps, surely a different reaction from normal. Smirking, you bent over to your lover’s ear and nipped it, whispering little taunts. “Did Seto-sama enjoy that?” His eyes snapped open, quickly turning the tables on your plot, and stood up, carrying you to a clear spot on his desk.


He sat you down and positioned himself at your opening again. He leaned in this time and nipped your ear hard this time, slipping your bound arms around his neck. “Just for that, I’ll make sure you writhe under pleasure.” Thrusting in your depths hard, Seto kept his quick rhythm. Your hips collided with his, your back arching from the constant pounding. He spread your legs, angling his cock to slam against your cervix, forcing you to howl with bliss.


“S-Seto-sama!” Seto’s thrusts became sloppy, while that knot grew tighter and tighter, finally snapping and sent you under a euphoric frenzy. Your eyes shut tight and your muscles trembled, while your animalistic scream filled Seto’s office, which you were sure poor Mokuba heard. Not long after, your lover arched his back, giving a final hard yet powerful thrust, and shot his hot, sticky essence past your cervical barrier.


Ridding out both of your highs, Seto chuckled, untying your wrists. He rapidly recovered, pulling on his suite, smoothing out the wrinkles (no excuse for sloppiness after all). He cradled you in his arms and brought you back to the couch, and sat you down. You panted, your heartbeat slowing back to normal, he flashed a smile. Not a smirk, but an honest and loving smile that only he could muster towards his loved ones. He brought over your clothes, giving you an intimate kiss on your lips.


“Thank you for the break. Go ahead and rest now, I’ll finish my files and then after, we’ll spend more time together.” You tiredly nodded, curling up on your side. He may not admit it, but he’s glad to have someone like you worry for him, not hat he would ever say so.