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If you don’t care for Introductions, Scroll to the bottom and click on for the next chapter.


This will be the Codex lore for my new writing project: The Man of War Series. This saga will contain crossovers from the following game and movie franchises:




Terminators: 2, 3, Salvation, and Genesis


Duck Dodgers


Alien vs Predators


Mass Effect


Starting on the next Chapter will be a introduction of one of my OCs for the M.O.W. Series and will detail the near future history of the human race. I may or may not do a intro for other OCs for each chapter as it wouldn’t be long enough for it. I hope you enjoy my work.


I own nothing. Any characters, quotes or copyrighted material that are mentioned and owned by any of big or small named gaming/movie franchises belong to their respective studios. I don't even own my shit, That belongs in the toilet.

O ut of U niverse E xplanations


As the title suggests this will explain exactly how everything fits together in the same universe. I tried to stick to cannon as much as possible when it came to lore but I had to recon some things so that everything runs smoothly.

All paragraphs are separate topics so if it has a line space between paragraphs


^ like this then the previous topic has ended and a new one is beginning. The topics are to straighten out any confusion you might have. Also as a warning, for the following will also contain some angry ranting on lazy writing in my favorite sci fi universes. The ^ means the previous and current topics are linked.


So I have to come up with ways to fill massive amounts of plot holes, cross franchise contradictions and fit as much cannon from each franchise as logically possible, this means research into the lore and comparisons of which weapons are good against what and all that other stuff people on YouTube do like Game Theory or Battle Verses (check them out they kinda cool) and I have to fill in the gaps either I created or were blank to begin with so there would be very long waiting time.

This will be an Alternative USNC/Humanity/Human System Alliance history codex in the mass effect universe for the fan fiction I am writing on my own free time. (Again, expect long waiting periods between uploads).


Yes I have multiple universes in here with nearly a dozen additional species from multiple franchises butIbeen planning this out to be as scientifically logical  (in universe) as possible with as few plot devices (I.e because Mass Effect Fields or its Forerunner technology, you know Space magic) as possible without any attempt of a logical scientific explanation dumbed down from scientist talk to actual English.


^For example to the above point: how can ezo make a functional shield generator with a shield as thick as a sheet of rime glass when it can only increase or decrease the weight of something by messing with gravity? Because ezo doesn't change the mass of anything like the games claim they do, you would have to add or take away something from something to do that. If it did that then everything Ezo comes into contact with would look like it has cancer cells or was partly eaten by corrosive acids (This also includes organics/botics) as the games,comics (at the time i'm writing this) never explain this contradiction. (Answer: two extremely small, opposing gravity fields overlapping one another that lay in low power until the armor sensors detect a projectile traveling at a certain speed coming towards you then powers up to “block” the projectile, The “inner” field pushes outward and the “outer” field pushes inward creating a wall of sorts to capture the projectile before dropping it to the floor.)


^To Answer the above question of “how do biotics work then?” the answer is this: the botic has small amount Ezo within the Nucleus of each cell that reacts to the command signals sent through the nervous system. How it reacts is different for everyone and for every species, example: a Turian biotic that is calm and collected at the moment but if he is happy and laughing at a joke his buddy told him, the ezo will react by increasing the gravity in the area around his skin, potentially causing harm if he laughs too hard as his bones might break. The opposite might happen to his Turian girlfriend who is also a botic if she laughs too hard, she might float like a balloon and fall to her death if she gets too high. None of this might happen with a Drell biotic and he just unleashes a force push all around him if he laughs too hard and absolutely nothing happens when a salarian biotic laughs. That is why botics must be trained at a young age to control their power as it can kill them or others if they don’t know how the ezo in their body reacts to certain stimuli. Also Botic inhibitors are essentially just collars around the neck, a chip inside a helmet or an implant at the base of the skull that sends signals that prevent the ezo from manifesting vía nerve ways. Why? Because it’s never explained in game how one would work and I would need one later in the story.


The ME games also never explained how ezo is essentially everywhere or how all possible deposits isn't picked dry any of the previous cycles in ME cannon. And no don't tell me the Reapers made it as it can be mined FROM PLANETS IN ANOTHER GALAXY (Andromeda) where the Reapers HAVE NEVER BEEN! EVER !( Answer:lazy writing on biowares part )


^To fix this, the Leviathans created Element Zero as a cheap alternative to slipspace travel as they were unable to replicate the technology needed to use it and were very careless about how they used it. Essentially it was like the oil spills that happen in today's world but the oil companies never get punished and gave zero fucks about where the oil was dumped because they could get it free. Said Oil/Ezo had more surplus available than salt water. Large quantities of element zero also landed in andromeda when they tried to learn the secrets of slipspace travel while in proximity of ezo. It didn't end well.


Also if you compared the technology the Forerunners, Ancient Humanity and the Precursors had to the technology the Leviathans had, it would be like comparing Human technology from 1700s to the Human technology of the halo universe. They have a few things in common but ultimately the former would always play catch-up to the later. Also the best to worst tech level goes like this: Precursor> Ancient Humanity> Forerunner> Leviathans or at least that how it halo lore plays out ancient humanity and forerunners. Levitations would get their asses kicked. The Reapers are the same as the Levitations.


The Terminator, AVP (Alien vs Predator) and Halo conflicts/wars all happened in the Human territories of the mass effect universe but at different times, much like the Stone Age and renaissance era in our history. Ex SkyNet Rebellion happened before Humans mastered space flight, AVP conflicts (Dark Crusade) happened when Humanity was new to space travel and interplanetary war, could barely protect their colonies similar to the Humans in the ME (mass effect) universe canon so that’s why you (for example) might have a Terminator platform killing dozens of Covenant soldiers for their tech and Yautja hunting parties hunting for Prophets by slaughtering their way to them for a warrior chiva during the Great War.

^ Speaking of Territory the system alliance territory in this universe is held in the human territory and attranverse of the mass effect universe while a bit is cut off from the terminus and turian territory to create a “unknown region” for both sides.


The events of the Human-covenant war in the halo universe from harvest up until just after halo 3 were stretched out over the course of exactly 30 years as opposed to the 26 in halo cannon as this war was not the first genocidal war Humanity has fought in and wasn't the first time Humanity was at a disadvantage fighting a losing war as this codex will show. Also this gives me room to include the other species I had thrown in here.


^Everything that was revealed to happen in between halo 3-4, during and after halo 4 doesn't exist. Yes there was still a civil war within the Covenant between each species and within each species individually. This also means no Spartan IV training program that includes willing adults so no Commander Palmer...Yay!


The Insurrection Wars that happened before 2525 also didn’t exist as the threat of Skynet Infiltrators, Xenomorph cults, Yautja bad bloods/Dark Yautja, and human pirates kept most of the colonies in line with the Sol Alliance. Any insurgent attacks/uprisings is from the Brotherhood trying to make a new Xenomorph hive on a colony or a violent overthrow of government because of corrupted officials causing civil unrest with their policies. This happens quite a lot as the planetary official try to essentially become drug lords like we have today.


I’m also changing Ghost of Onyx lore so it doesn’t explode into billions of pieces and I kinda hated the fact the ENTIRE PLANET was essentially made from hundreds of trillions of Sentinels. If the AI guarding the place wanted to keep all sentient life off the planet why couldn’t it spare a few hundred million at least to do so? Especially with the two armadas in space. I don’t know, it’s a great book but that tiny detail kinda set a huge plot hole and I want Onyx as a Spartan colony in my story anyway. So the colony stayed hidden for the entirety of the war. In short Onyx became the Spartan equivalent to Reach in the sense of how Reach was to Earth. Biggest military colony outside their homeworld.


The Leviathans were complete polar opposites to the Precursors as the Precursors just wanted to create and protect life where the Leviathans want to control and dominate all life as masters to their slaves. The flood sticking that belief consumes all life as instead of “you will all suffer like I have” sorta thing. Yes the flood believes it is doing some good, instead of kill the entire galaxy. In halo lore it is hinted that the Gravemind will just bring an ungodly amount of pain, suffering and despair to those it infects. Instead it's just giving the entire galaxy a mercy killing. I’m doing this because I always hate that there is a certain person who is “bad guy” in a story because the story itself needs one.


The Leviathans also influenced the Forerunners to kill the Precursors as I believe it’s freaking stupid how 343/Bungie written that out. Unless i'm completely missing something it was essentially written out like this: Would you kill your parents when you showed your a irresponsible little brat and your parents entrusted your lil brother to do something cool like drive the car, shoot a gun or something like that when you showed them you couldn’t make your bed without breaking something so you got jealous and killed them for it? No? No. Of course you won't, you wouldn't be reading this if you did. Now back on track, with the Leviathans in the Picture it's just a power play gone wrong as they were indirectly responsible for the creation of the Flood who killed off most of their species before they focused on the Humans and than the Forerunners.

The Forerunner-Flood war also had the Leviathans in it but with them hiding from the flood and watching how they acted with very little intervention to gain the information that the forerunners and humans had gained, like how to shield themselves of the halo array. After their homeworld got invaded by the parasite and killing most of their population, the Leviathans only emerged after the firing of the Halo array to ruled half a galaxy filled with the caveman version of every Council species on their homeworlds as the Leviathans enjoyed being worshipped as gods to the primitive species of their half of the galaxy which is the only reason I could think of why they are so god complex-y just like the Reapers in the games despite the fact that there is little more than a few hundred them left.


The Leviathans created the Reapers with the same purpose of the Guardians from halo 5 (to police and enforce their will on entire solar systems as their numbers were too small to do it themselves) The Reapers then turned on their creators in what they believed to be was "policing action" to protect them from themselves by melting them down to Reaper goo (Yep! faulty programing made the Reapers).


The Reapers only had about 3 cycles to bolster their forces and build the relays before modern time. I’m doing this because if the Reapers have been alive for countless cycles and each passing cycle only added to their numbers, technology prowess and overall intelligence. Then how in the name of hell did they not bulldoze through Palaven along with all of the Council homeworlds within months (and that's being generous) of the invasions beginning and completely destroy their military capability, especially if the Council is technology, numerously, and strategically inferior. Answer: Plot Armor.


^On the note of the Guardians, they served to same purpose as the Reapers originally did (to police the galaxy and preventing interplanetary war among the inferior species) and they can be found be found throughout the ENTIRE galaxy.

The Super Predator/Yautja are called the Dark Yautja or “l'ulij-bpe kujhade” (The Mad Ones or Mad Kin in Yautja language) in this universe as the name "Super Predator" seems more like a half ass name for a sub species the developers came up with at the last second. Normal or Civil Yautja are just normal jungle hunters predators that you would see in the movies with a bit of color variety depending on genetics and the planet they are born on.

The Terminators in this universe are more like the ones from Terminator:Salvation using ballistic weaponry for guns but instead of later developing Laser/Plasma based weaponry and time travel it developed the first stages of MAC (Magnetic Accelerated Coils/Cannons) technology, nanosuit technology, and SlipSpace travel as all were experimental projects made by SkyNet before Victory Day but could never properly test them until they stole the results from the Resistance/U.E.G. after making a single jump that nuked a already nuked Australia and nearly destroyed the ship they built. The terminators are not completely gone but did technology evolved alongside humanity and her allies.


^Also Because time travel is way too confusing and messy for me to do without losing my hair and half my brain cells from the resulting headaches just thinking about it. Only slipspace travel for the humans, the Yautja(Predators) use slipspace as well because its not known how they travel the stars.


Any and all lore regarding the Engineers from AVP is NONEXISTENT in this story as they (the developers/writers of AVP/Aliens) have not released enough about them yet so they will not be incorporated in the story. Xenomorphs are a result of a Forerunner bio weapon project they created in hopes to combat the flood or more specifically cut the floods food source of all things bigger than a butterfly. Most of which went deep underground on dozens of planets for their hives and went into status once the halo array fired as they had a sort of small immunity to the Halo effects (meaning they didn’t die when the halos fired) but had a major mutation to it that made them into a hive mind and animalistic killing machines. most of the dozens of planets where in human/yautja territory with one in Council Space.


The Mass Relays are not as galaxy spanning as the games make it appear. Why? Because I'm following the theory of the Mass Relays being made the same way as the Reapers(having tens of millions melted down into goo and said goo is used to make them) and in order to do that you need hundreds of millions of people to make ONE Reaper let alone a Relay(which the protheans and their predecessors have grudgingly provided) to make a relay network that expands the half of the galaxy Humanity wasn’t on. Even then it's kinda bullshit that only 8 or 9 races at most achieve spaceflight with the secret to cross the galaxy planted in their solar system by the Reapers, You can’t tell me out of all the space in this galaxy that I have more fingers and toes than there are intelligent space faring species in the galaxy especially when you just have to travel to the edge of the solar system and boom you got the key to intergalactic travel that was planets by the reaper over millions of years. it’s BullshitIsay, BULLSHIT !


^The Relays also leaves a shit ton of space and solar systems unexplored in the ME universe even without the Council ban on opening relays as the distance between relays is too great for them to properly travel or even patrol. This is the reason pirate raids run rapid in Council space and the Council tries to keep the “status quo" to prevent mass panic, civil war or major conflicts. Also this is how Shepard and friends will get around unnoticed.


The Relays are not only meant for FTL travel but act as a EMP device capable of disabling several dozen clusters. I'm saying this because in ME3 it’s weird that if you destroy a relay it would destroy a solar system but if met with energy from the Citadel it could kill or turn all life in the galaxy.


To answer any form of question for the different forms of space travel (Mass Relays, slipspace, time travel) Humanity has developed in the various franchise: In AVP space travel is done by going at extremely fast speeds and the use of cryo beds to reduce the body's aging progress with scientists dismissing FTL travel impossible without dying in the process but deemed going near the speed of light possible. In the terminator and halo franchises it's never properly explained how they open trans dimensional portals for travel in space/time so I used that to kinda unify the methods of those franchises. Also in halo cannon how fast one ship travels in slipspace depends on what speed the ship enters the slipspace portal also in the halo universe they use cryo beds as well. So it pretty much Slipspace, speed and cryo beds.


^also regarding human technology throughout time: during the skynet rebellion everything is pretty much the same as Terminator:Salvation but Skynet developing MAC technology, the methods to create the Terminator 2’s Main bad guy and Slipspace travel possible.


^During the Dark Crusade Humanity had the same tech as the AVP Colonial Marines but with primitive MAC/Sonic hybrid weapons to fight Xenomorphs.


^During the Great War is a little mix of all the above as “bleeding edge technology” at the time before became cheaper to produce and become more effective.


The Colonial Marines were a planetary defense force who were more suited to fight Brotherhood Insurgents and Xenomorphs. The Colonial Marines were also responsible for the safeguarding and planetary evacuation of civilians and were damn good at it because of all the Xenomorphs outbreaks during and after the Dark Crusade. Planetary evacuation was also mandatory if Xenomorph outbreaks are confirmed on more than 3 cities on 3 continents then the entire planet is required to evacuate it. The more you do something the better you get at it and same thing applies here. For example our entire planet can be evacuated in 16 hours. 8 billion people evacuated from the planet in 16 hours. Record time. So the Colonial marines were used for defense while the UNSC Marines was the main offensive arm of the Sol Alliance (Purebloods, Renegades, Martians) having better grade weapons, armor and equipment. The Colonial marines would use their weapons from the AVP universe and UNSC Marines would use their weapons from the halo universe. Same thing goes for vehicles and spacecraft.


Also there is no prothean beacon on Mars. Again they were on the other side of the galaxy on an even smaller relay network then the Citadel Council as the Levaitions were so few in number with a few million at most and most of them was used to make the first legions of Reapers and the rest was unusable or made into relays, so the protheans don’t know what a Human is. All the human relays are going to be on the border of the System Alliance and Council Space.


Garrus and the other turian characters will be taking Shepard’s and the Human System Alliance place when it comes to things like the Specter initiation or other Council matters that involved Humans in ME cannon. So Nihlus would be taking Anderson place as captain of the turian version of the Normandy while also trying to get Garrus to be a Specter as a successor to himself because he is growing too old to do it himself and other such things.

As for the galaxy threatening foe: it's going to be the Reapers as they are the unknown in the universe. The flood was mostly destroyed back at halo 3
and ultimately killed by Shepard at the firing of the ark and is the main reason he is stranded in Council space with a defective carrier full of civilians and a few spec ops members of the System Alliance military. Any flood incursion that happens will all be in the feral stage. The Xenomorphs are a second if they get out of control as they are still very much alive, the flood and Skynet are practically nonexistent (or are they?) and the Council is viewed as “the new Covenant.” Because to be frank. They are more of a dictatorship using democracy as a illusion than an actual democracy.


^To quickly recap the Council's actions in ME cannon for those who are unfamiliar with it. They uplifted the krogan who were culturally dead after they nuked themselves. “Culturally Dead” meaning they are back to the tribal age. Council uplifts them to fight the rachni, all the rachni die, there no rachni left to fight so krogan do what they do best: they fight more aliens because they don’t really know any better (Those aliens being the Council), The Council sentence them to a slow genocide with the genophage (basically 999 in every 1,000 krogan born are are stillborns). Then they fuck over the quarians when the Geth Rebellion happens by not only denying them help to deal with the geth but sentencing the last 15 million or so living refugees to a slow genocide by forcing all of them into exile in space. If they decide to settle on a new unclaimed planet the council will literally blow up all the ships in orbit and all structures on the planet and ship in orbit because they said they couldn’t settle on a new planet. Even though the quarians are no longer a council member and are settling a planet outside of council control.


^The Asari also have been breaking their own rules regarding prothean technology for the past two thousand years, the Salarians break their own rules on genetic alterations and bio weapons (the genophage for example was developed in secret and most likely the salarians also have the turian and Asari version of it too.) The turians break their rules about the dreadnaught limit in secrecy. The “Top Three” break their own rules all the time but severely punishes the other council members species if the do the same.


If you're having trouble picturing the Martians. My version of the Martians appearance are mostly based on Queen Tyr'ahnee (google it) from the Looney Tunes show DUCK DODGERS But they are actual people instead of cartoons in real life like Space Jams. Also they can't be impregnated by facehuggers in the traditional way as they do not have mouths but have bone and muscle structure similar to Humans in regards to the jaws throat and organs but you would have to cut through the skin and major arteries that have developed in what would be the oral cavity and throat if they were Humans. They would bleed out within a minute and the embryo wouldn't grow properly in a dead host, similar to a baby being born at four months in the 1920s, It'll just die. But they can be impregnated by the predalien if it plants the embryo in one of the lungs as the front of the lung does not have any major arteries there and would not bleed out from a hole in the chest with 2 or 3 broken ribs. Because of this they can survive the birth of a Xeno but the “roots” of the embryo that grow to nourish the baby Xeno continues to to pull nutrients from the body to feed the Xeno even after the Xeno leaves. Killing the host.


Martians "speak" only Earth languages. Any Human Mass Effect characters that had botics will be a Martian or Martian hybrid(depending if they are badass enough to be a spartan). And on the last note of the Martians, Doctor chakwas or Chak'raw is going to be a Martian as they can hold down a Spartan if need to.

The Human-Covenant also lasted 30 years just like the halo universe and won the through the same means as canon only with much more Casualties on both side as the morals of Humanity are different from Humanity IRL or halo canon. Example any “Hard” decisions made such as ones regarding civilian made in the halo universe were effective almost immediately as the existence of the species was at risk. Either the civilians fell in line with the UEG/UNSC or get killed by a bio weapon dropped from orbit then every thing of value is taken for the war effort.


Also with the Spartan program had much more support than it did in Cannon. Example: instead 75 children kidnapped from their homes at 5-6 years old and less than half surviving Augmentation to become Spartans II commandos trained to fight insurrectionist than later on the Covenant, it's instead over 3000 5-6 year olds that were orphaned from Xeno/SkyNet/Insurrectionist attacks that are trained to become Spartans IIs to combat Yautja bad bloods, Xenomorphs, SkyNet, Insurgents, and later Covenant to maintain stability for Humanity's continued existence with less than 5% being crippled for life and 1% dying from genetic augmentation rejection. Keep in mind that was the Spartan IIs. The IIIs were the UNSC’s Ace in the hole and they successfully defended reach time and time again until the end of the war.

(The low mortality and rejection rate is because Skynet conducted experiments on Humans to learn of their biological structure for the inflators series and the Resistance gain this knowledge after the Rebellion, the research the U.E.G. had done for genetic deformities from radiation poisoning in the Reclamation Era and continued medical advancement afterwards also made this possible) and instead of merely delaying the Covenant in a interplanetary guerrilla war for 30 years, Humanity locked themselves in bloody stalemate with the genocidal alien government, defeating entire armadas the size of the Reach invasion fleet and launching counter invasion fleets to purely covenant controlled worlds that never had Humans on it but at the heavy cost of equal or greater casualties. Also the Covenant controlled everything of every species in its command. I didn’t like that there is Colonies in Halo lore that were not part of the Covenant during and before the Great War. It makes interesting stories but overall I didn’t like that fact.


The U.N.S.C. was also less suicidal with its tactics involving Spartans IIIs as I just hate how bungie played that in halo lore. In halo CE and the books they made Chief seem like the last surviving Spartan after Reach with the small possibility of Linda surviving than they just said screw that and half ass-ly covered it up.


With the Introduction of the Spartan IIIs, the IIs were able to conduct deep space counter offensive operations similar to how Grey Team and the HeadHunters did. Yes it does seem a little OP for the IIs but if you know the actions and operations of Spartan II Grey Team and the Spartan III headhunters and what kind of havoc those 3 dozen Spartan Super Soldiers can make deep behind enemy lines than it seems perfectly logical what I have written what 3,000 Spartan Super Soldiers can do with a modified stealth cruiser and an ammunition factory.

Humanity and the Alliance races will NOT have First Contact with the Council races until the ME2 ark.  M.O.W: Duty, Charged, and Trust.

Also If we were to follow the gargantuan calendar (our normal calendar) it would be 5183 in the main story and 3183 by the Apocalyptic Calendar as Judgment Day happened on the New Years of 2000 in this universe as SkyNet was supposed to be somewhat symbolic to a new era with its activation and its 2171-2181 by the Council calendar. Where everything takes place.

Judgment Day was essentially a hard reset in the political and cultural aspects of Humanity with its technology somewhat preserved and nearly 96% of Humans dead. This also caused over 2,000 languages spoken today to ceased to exist as everyone who spoke it died in the initial attack or in the following weeks due to radiation. All this on top of the common enemy of Skynet made the unification of Humanity under one banner much easier.


The Renegades can come in different forms like the hybrid (like Marcus Wright. Google it) unit/platform from terminator:salvation. Basically a T-800/850/900/X with a Human brain and heart that keep the “Human” cells alive and the power cells and memory banks that keep the “machine” active. You can remove the brain and heart from the body but because the memory banks in the platform it’ll store a digital copy of the memories and neural pathways that will be recreated as the brain is regrowing. You can remove the power cells and memory banks and you’ll just be a vegetable but very much alive Renegade. It is also possible to be completely digital/mechanical similar to Halo AIs only without the rampancy part.


^The Renegades also included the T-1000s (Terminator 2’s bad terminator) as they often rebelled against Skynet when they become too smart and evolved out of their control. They are the only “True” AI that will not require a Human brain. Cortina and any other halo AI will be a purely Digital T-1000 housed in “shifting” chip that would allow them to plug into any computer as the chip is made of the liquid metal stuff the T-1000s is made of. I'm doing this because it would make no sense for them to go through rampancy when Skynet perfected the Renegade Transformation process. The terminator platforms are the military models for the Renegades, the civilian models are the androids from Aliens.


Only languages alive in modern day Humanity in this universe is English, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish though there are many different accents from different parts of the world and different planets that were passed down from generation to generation.


Human-covenant war was just the a bunch of high almighty idiots also known as Prophets believing the halo rings were the gateway to heaven and Humans were the demons they had to kill to get there. No Reaper influence there.

As for relationships I'm open for suggestions so write them at the bottom of your review so I could possibly add them in when the main storyline starts. Also some of the more one shot/plot filler characters like Sidious, Nyreen and Lia are having a bigger role in the series. Vetra and Sid Nyx from ME:Andromeda are also going to be here as the Initiative was funded by Humans who in this world, don't have knowledge that the Council Space exist.


Also more characters from ME:Andromeda will be with Shepard as most of the ME:A crew joined the initiative as a second chance and Shepard who is seeking redemption for his sins gives them that chance. Example Drack would be a badass like he is along with Wrex uniting the krogan in the ME2 Ark. Dr. Lexi T'Perro would be found on omega and later teach Chak’raw about medicine on Council races and Chak'raw would teach Lexi about medicine on the Alliance races and so on.


As for Atriox and the Banished they did not just magically appear on the Ark. (at the moment I’m writing this unclear how they even got there in the first place as I started writing this a few weeks after Halo Wars 2 release) Instead they joined the Arbitrator and the Rebel Sangheili as they fight the Covenant and later joined the Coalition.


Atriox was born before The Great War and is able to fight for the Covenant at the very start of it. Instead of having a deep hatred for Humanity for killing off most of his clan, he respected them for it as he was smarter than your average brute, and could not find it within himself to hate those those desperately fighting for their existence even if he is the one that kills them.( Also they give one hell of a good fight and are a great stress reliever) He saw through the lies of the prophets and disregarded their religion. He held a deep hatred for the Covenant and Sangheili for they sent his clan and family to die in suicide charges at the Human’s fortifications for absolutely no reason at all. He actually respected the Humans for their tenacity and resilience in battle despite being so physically weak. He allowed Humans to join the Banished as they were able to activate and use Forerunner tech, he also admired the creative ways they could wage war because the absurdity of it still boggles him as it actually work. Most of the time. Outside of that his cannon rise to power is pretty much the same. I’m doing this because even with his origin story released, he is like a shakespeare villain: he is the “Bad guy” because there needs to be one.


Elites and Brutes live about 520/550 Human years respectively on average before the Great War as it is not stated in canon how long they actually live and they would most likely be to a more Humanized standard if they did so I amped it up. The Jackals are able to just make a century, Engineers are living Forerunner bio computers and so I expect them to live a while so I’m gonna give them around 1,500 year (because why not?) grunts live about 50 years because they grow up pretty quick and breed worse than krogans. The Drones I give about 25 years as insects don’t actually live that long and they are actually disposable in purpose (they'll be like the Alliance version of vorcha) and Hunters can live indefinitely as they are a collective intelligence of worms who breed and feed constantly to grow in size and replenish their numbers. So Cluster will outlive everyone.


The UNSC was not just the special forces of the Sol Alliance but also the Special Forces of the Yautja as well before being the main governing body of the Spartan population as the Sol Alliance knew they couldn’t just toss the Spartans into the civilian life, they sure as hell couldn't get enough funds for the organization without the governments collapsing due to economic reasons and the most important reason…common sense. Would you want try to kill 80 million Spartan Super Soldiers that you trained to fight and win battles where they are outnumbered 1000 to 1 just to protect a reputation? No? No of course not, you're smarter than that.


Also when I say the UNSC were financially independent of the Sol Alliance (Yautja gave metal, weapons and training, not money) I meant that the UNSC gets funds for itself through its own means like mining asteroids for minerals for self use/trade or create new tech to fund themselves similar to how the Diamond Dogs did in Metal Gear Solid V as a form of secondary income.I say this because every time I think an army made up completely of Spec Ops soldiers I can’t help but think of Metal Gear Solid.


As for the Human and Yautja corporation. Let me put it like this: Yautja are good at Hunting and the Humans are good at waging War. The Yautja have a strict honor code too ingrained in their society to fully grasp the concept and understanding of war which is why they were forced into exiled for so long. They also understand that humans would ultimately win any war between their species as the humans Evolved from war. Also having such a species take back your long lost homeworld does wonders the Diplomatic relationship between the two.


^Also keep in mind the the Dark Yautja were Genocidal Maniacs. All other Sentient species the yautja had known or was shown in AVP died off from the Dark Yautja hunting’s parties. Except Xenomorphs, they’re always gonna be a pain in the ass.


Also keep in mind that the Master Chief in Cannon was the Second Best rated Spartan during training (Fred would be the second if he didn’t purposely hold himself back because he didn’t want the fame of doing it, so Halsey unofficially declared him the best rated even though the test show he was second) so Chief is going to be the Spartan Standard. When he was 14 in Cannon just after the Augmentation Surgery, he went to the normal gravity side of a gym (1G is 1x earth's gravity, 2G is 2x Earth's Gravity and so on) and maxed out the leg press machine (thats could be 4-500 Lb squats variation or 15-1700Ib leg press variation ...I'm going with the letter as it’s never stated which). He said it was TOO EASY. He then went to the other side of the gym that was 2G to the same exact machine and max that out too which was NORMAL to him. That literally a Ton and a half (3000 pounds).I know they are purposely trying to be vague when writing it so no one calls out their scientific bull shit but it's more Spartan-y with what I gone with. Also its stated by Chief Petty Officer Mendez that John EFFORTLESSLY LIFTS 3x his weight when he was 14 (Im going to say 350 pounds as it possible he could be 250- 500 pounds based on halo nation forums because its never stated in detail) that’s potentially 1150 pound minimum he could lift. In the books during their aug recovery Kelly was able to punch Tank Armor off a scorpion. Suffice to say, they are well above your average human and OP in comparison but what of their children? Well they’re even more so. Kelly is the fastest Spartan alive running at 38 mph while Shepard for instance can run that speed backwards and run 60 mph full sprint forward though he can not pull of some of the physical strength attenuates because he did not have the titanium reinforced bone surgery as they did.


^All modern spartans are like this but with a few set back such as the fact they can easily break their bones if they are careless because metal grafted bones are a mechanical component of a spartan not a biological one, there are no “lazy” Spartans because they are all dead. meaning if they want to live a long life they have to work out like a olympic athlete for “causal” workout sessions for several hours every three days at most or the blood that is a clogging agent on steroids in their veins will clog up the arteries and heart along with the fat inside their bodies is far more dense and compact that it will kill them, how their skin is comparable to concrete that will break like glass once they reach the retirement age or how almost no drugs can actually work on them in anyway and if it does then it will not work a second time before their bodies will adapt to it and either produce antibodies that will work similarly to the drug that benefits the body (like an antidote for a poison) or become completely immune to it (like painkillers or sedatives). These are my addons to the spartans as I believe it will help level the playing field for what I have in mind.


Martian history is tied to the Pureblood history as all other records before “The Event” is lost. They still have their own culture and stuff but history wise it is practically the same since first contact.


The guns you have in the halo games are still around and are fairly popular among the Pureblood and Martian Special Forces Groups and is the standard equipment for the non-spartan soldiers for the UNSC. The AVP weapons are used by the Colonial Marines and the Martian Legion who themselves are practically cannon fodder similar to the Imperial Guard in 40k or the standard imperial stormtrooper in star wars.


Any ME human weapons or vehicles such as the Avenger or the Mako will be made as a cheap terminous alternative to high quality Council weapons.


On the topic of who better than who will be answered in the next couple of topics in a short answer. The following answers all revolves around what is best suited suited for COMBAT.


As for Best Weapons damage (and damage alone), I’ll list it simply in order from weakest to strongest. meaning how much damage it can do to a tank or 10 ft of armor plating. The group's name whose standard guns(pistol,SMG, AR ,BR , SR, LMG,and SG) will be listed as follows.: Colonial Marine(UEG)< Skynet(includes Renegade because it's the same thing)< UNSC Marines/Republic Legion< Yautja< Coalition/Covenant(all races)< UNSC Spartans,


^For Best Weapons Accuracy(alone) it goes like this: Skynet< Colonial Marines(UEG)< UNSC Marines/Republic Legion (Martians use the same tech)< Yautja< Renegade< Coalition/Covenant, and UNSC Spartans are tied.


For Best Group/Army Standard Training goes as follows:Skynet< Colonial Marines(UEG)< UNSC Marines/Martian Legion <Yautja< Coalition, Renegades, and UNSC Spartans are tied because they all compete with each other to get a upper hand.


For Best Navy: Skynet< Colonial Navy(UEG)/ Republic Navy(Martian) because they share the same Navy just different ways of building the same ships<Yautja <UNSC Marines <Renegade <Coalition and Spartans are tied.


For Best Ground Vehicles:Colonial Marines< Skynet< UNSC Marines< UNSC Spartans <Coalition. Note Yautja do not use ground vehicles apparently because I never read about it and three pages into google search says it does not exist.


For Best Special Forces: Colonial Marines(N7s) <UNSC Marines(ODSTs) <Martians Legion(Shoguns) <Yautja(Elite Status or higher Warrior), Coalition (Sangheili Shadow/ Atrox Chosen) and UNSC Spartans(HeadHunters).


Now for who has the highest population before the Parasite Wars goes in this order of Least to Greatest: Spartans> Yautja> Renegades> Martian>Purebloods >Coalition.


Feel free to write a review. Tell me if this seem like a good fanfic or just a jumbled mess as I'm not going to be following the main mass effect ark like most fanfics (i.e. Recruit the crew similarly to the game, stop saren, kill Cerberus, save or kill the rachni queen, expose the threat of the Reapers but have the Council ignore it.) Because the bare bones of it is too similar to the game. It becomes too predictable for my tastes so I'll be pooling ideas from the other five franchises I have in here to make it as unpredictable as possible. Like Tali, Rula and Lia getting kidnapped to lure Shepard out when the all of the abovementioned doesn't know that the other is alive. And if I miss anything or create a plot hole for something please for the love of all that is holy point it out, this is hard enough to make 6 or 7 franchises fit in one universe and make it look good. So don’t be afraid to curse my ass out like the fanboys to the developers for Half Life-3.