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Birds sing at dawn

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Either these henchmen were getting worse or he was getting better. Jason wasn't sure what the case was. All he could be certain of was that he thought he was going to have at least a little trouble dealing with a warehouse full of Black Mask's men. To be fair, two of them had gotten outside into the alleyway, but not a step further before Jason had gotten to them. And yet, it only took him a few minutes to take them all out. He's just a little disappointment that Mask wasn't there for him to beat around a bit. He's just tying up the last of the men when his phone starts vibrating against his thigh. He thinks about ignoring it, but now that he's done here he hasn't got much going on for him. He checks the caller ID to see if it's worth his time. He should have expected it to be Nightwing.

With a soft sigh, Jason unclasps the back of his Hood and pulls it from his head as he answers the call. "Going by the fact that you're not contacting me through the commlink, I'm gonna assume this isn't important?"

"Phone calls can be important too." Dick's voice comes through the line in a low mumble.

"Am I wrong?" Jason asks, tucking his helmet under his arm.

"Am I not important enough for you?" Dick's tone hints at something teasing and Jason rolls his eyes.

"I'm busy." Jason eyes the knocked-out henchmen at his feet.

"No, you're not, otherwise you wouldn't have answered." Dick points out.

"I'm hanging up now."

"Oh, c'mon Jason, I just wanted to know when you were getting home." Dick rushes to get out before Jason has a chance to.

"Why does it matter?"

"Because I'm already back."

"And?" Jason leans back against a dumpster with a soft sigh.

"The suns starting to rise." Dick notes and Jason clicks his tongue.

"I hadn't noticed," Jason mumbles sarcastically.

"Look, you've been out all night-"

"So have you." Jason cuts in as he rests his foot against the men on the ground in front of him.

"Exactly, even I know when it's time to turn in Jay."

"I don't need a curfew, Nightwing." Jason's tone hints at being spiteful.

"I didn't say you did." Dick chuckles and Jason can hear slight ruffling on his end. "But there's nothing wrong with having some form of routine to your life." The ruffling gets louder, and Jason can assume that Dick's getting out of his suit by the small strained noises he makes. When the noise dies down Jason let's out a small sigh and turns his head slightly.

"You sound like Bruce," Jason mumbles in a low tone. Dick chuckles again.

"Bruce doesn't know anything about routine Jason."

"And you do?" Jason raises an eyebrow in question even though Dick can't see it.

"Since you moved in I've been trying." Dick lets out a sigh and more shuffling comes through his end. Jason frowns slightly to himself.


"To make time for you," Dick says it like it's nothing, and Jason can practically see him shrugging it off. Jason fights back a smile and ducks his head.

"That's gay."

"I know, kinda what I was going for." Jason can hear Dick's smile in his voice. Jason chews the inside of his bottom lip and looks back to the two men he had his foot against. They were still out cold and Jason could assume the rest were too, but they wouldn't be forever. He lets out a small sigh and pushes himself up from resting against the dumpster and stands up straight.

"Look... I've got about twenty or so unconscious gang members and a warehouse full of drugs to deal with. But once I'm done here I'll head home, okay?" Jason offers.

"Why didn't you say you were busy?" Dick laughs when Jason growls in response.

"I'm gonna hit you so hard," Jason grumbles.

"No, you won't." And if Jason could see the smug smile on Dick's face he'd smack it right off.

"Don't make it worse for yourself." Jason mumbles. Dick makes a small humming noise before they lapse into a small silence.

"D'you need a hand?" Dick finally offers and Jason snorts.

"Since when has Red Hood needed anyone's help?" Jason asks rhetorically, earning himself another soft chuckle from Dick.

"How long will you be?"

"I dunno, give me half an hour." Jason estimates roughly.

"Don't be late." Dick hums and Jason rolls his eyes.

"Don't hold your breath."


"I'll see you soon."

"Be safe." The way Dick says it is enough to get Jason's smile to come through.

"When am I not?" Jason teases and this time Dick snorts.

"Just don't take too long tough guy."

"Yes, Dad." Jason drawls with another roll of his eyes. Dick's chuckle is the last thing he hears before he's hanging up. He shakes his head lightly as he works the Hood back on and turns to the men on the ground in front of him. Time to get back to work.

- - -

To Jason's credit, it did take him only half an hour to finish up with dealing with the henchmen, including waiting for the cops to show up and take them away and deal with the drugs. Gordan might have had something positive to say about Jason's work, but he didn't stick around long enough to hear it. He still had to get home, which was going to take another good ten minutes at the least. Despite the fact he hadn't expected to get home on time, he did feel a little bad for the fact that he was going to be late.

The sun assaulted Jason's eyes even through the lenses of his helmet as he headed back to Dick's apartment. He wasn't used to how bright the morning sun could be and it was sat perfectly at horizon level now. Luckily, a lot of the buildings were kind enough to provide a shield against the most of it. Jason's careful not to get caught entering the apartment, though it's usually an easier feat when it's still dark outside.

He steps through the space on silent feet, trying not to make too much noise just in case Dick's fallen asleep. Parts of his suit are discarded a little haphazardly throughout the apartment, leaving a trail to the bedroom. Jason takes a moment to pause in the doorway to look over at Dick. The older was laid out on the bed, still wearing the pants of his Nightwing suit. His head was tilted toward Jason's side of the bed, his arm stretched out with his phone loosely held against his palm. He looked uncomfortable, but not enough to have fallen asleep.

Jason smiles, softly and lopsidedly as he strips off his pants and drops them by the door which he pulls mostly shut behind him. He pads over to the bed, carefully taking Dick's phone from his hand and moving to put it on charge along with his own. Cautiously he crawls up onto the bed, leaning over Dick as he looks him over. He drops his head down and softly presses a kiss to the corner of Dick's lips. At first, Dick doesn't even flinch, that is until Jason lays himself down beside him, letting his arm fall over Dick's waist. It's enough to stir Dick from his obviously short-lived rest.

"Jay?" He mumbles, eyes slowly blinking open like he can't get them to focus.

"I sure hope I'm the only one invited into your bed." Jason teases as he reaches up to push Dick's hair out of his face. "Go back to sleep bluebird."

"You're late." Dick's voice is gruff with exhaustion. He pushes himself up onto his hands and moves to crowd his own body over Jason's.

"I tried my best." Jason offers as Dick nuzzles his face into the crook of Jason's neck. He kisses the bare skin of Jason's shoulder, letting the rest of his body drape over Jason's. They shift slightly until they fit together better and Dick tucks his hands under Jason's body.

"You're warm." Dick sighs contently, forcing Jason to fight back a smile. Jason tilts his head and presses a kiss to the top of Dick's head, wrapping his arms tightly around Dick's waist. "I love you."

Jason swallows thickly and tips his head back into his pillow. "I know you do."

Dick doesn't respond for a long moment and Jason thinks maybe he's fallen back asleep. But a minute later he's shifting so that he can pull Jason to roll over with him, laying them on their sides as he keeps his head pressed into the skin of Jason's neck. He wriggles in a bit of an annoying way for a moment before he's pulling the quilt up their bodies and curling more into Jason's chest.

"It's okay that you can't say it, Jay." Dick tilts his head back and looks up at Jason, his eyes soft and understanding. "I know that you do."

Jason manages a weak smile and leans forward to kiss Dick softly. "I always have." It comes out as a low whisper, one that even Dick, as close as he is to Jason barely hears.

"I know, Jason."

With the sun rising and the rest of the city waking up, Jason and Dick fall asleep together, holding onto each other like it was the only thing that mattered.