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"I'm done," Rui said as he put down the last rubbish bag. They decided to clean their own rooms and placed the rubbish bags in one place outside to make it easier for the workers to come pick them up.

"You did well, Rui," Kai said with a smile and patted the younger male.

"Thank you Kai," Rui closed his eyes, enjoying the head pat he was receiving.

Shun watched the scene before he suddenly exclaimed, "I'm done too!"

"Huh? Oh, thank you for your hard work," was what Kai simply said. The white haired leader pouted at the lack of reaction before he said, "Kai is so unfair... "

"Hah? What are you talking about?" Kai asked, confused at the sudden accusation.

"How come you pat Rui's head but you won't do the same to me?" Shun complained.

"Oi, oi, what are you saying," You interrupted with a disgusted expression.

"What I'm saying is Kai should pat me too! I did a good job too didn't I??"

Yoru and Iku could only smiled awkwardly at their leader's childish tantrum. Not like they could do anything to stop the infamous Demon Lord from creating a scene anyway...

"Shun is right. You should pat him too," Rui said.

"See, Rui agrees with me~"

"Alright, alright," came Kai's reply and he proceed to pat Shun's head as well.

"You did well," he said as he ran his fingers through Shun's soft hair. The latter closed his eyes and grinned. Somehow he enjoyed it when Kai gave him attention.

"That looks gayer than I thought it would be..." You commented from the background.




Since then, Shun had been asking head pats everytime he accomplished anything.

"Kai, Kai, the photographer said I did well!"

"Huh? Congrats then," Kai replied nonchalantly.

Shun went silent and stared at him expectantly which caused him to sigh. "What do you want me to say then?" he asked.

"Pat me!" Shun replied, his tone a bit high which attracted the staffs' attention.


'Hey, did Shimotsuki-kun just asked for a head pat?'


'Aww that's so cute!'


'Fuduki-kun would do it, right?'


Kai sighed again before he rose his hand and pat the November's male representative. "Is this fine?" he asked in confirmation.

"Yes~" Shun replied. Kai's head pats are enjoyable.

"Geez, so troublesome," Kai said but he didn't retract his hand while Shun only grinned in response.




One day, Procellarum and Six Gravity were sitting in the lounge when the drama which Shun starred in began airing.

"Wow, you're a quite a good actor aren't you, Shun?" Haru said.

"Thank you~"

"Shun-san looks like a different person..." Kakeru commented, which was followed by Koi's nod in agreement.

"I will take that as a compliment~" Shun replied before he turned to Kai who was conveniently sitting beside him. "Kai, a head pat please~ I did well, right~"

"Yes, yes, you did well," Kai said, now had grown accustomed to it, and proceed to pat Shun's head.

 Shun let out a soft purring sound, enjoying the gentle treatment.

"Shun-san looks like a cat," Aoi commented, chuckling lightly. He found it cute though.

"Don't cats love to be rubbed under the chin though?" Haru asked.

"Really?" Kai asked back before he tried doing it, earning a soft moan from the white haired leader.

"... I think I will stick with head pats."

"And I will pretend I didn't hear anything..." You said.

Meanwhile, both the white and black leaders seemed to be confused at their reactions.




"Ka-i~~~" the male July representative seemed to be surprised when someone suddenly entered his room without knocking but he could only sigh once he saw who it was.

"What is it, Shun?" he asked.

"I want a head pat~" Shun replied, going towards the taller male and just straight up snuggled to the latter.

"For what this time?" Kai asked, though not making any move to push Shun away.

"Can't I just ask for a pat?" Shun asked, childishly puffing his cheeks in protest.

"Alright, here you go," Kai reached out and gently pat Shun's head, letting the leader leaned against him even more.

"Isn't this enough?" he asked once Shun showed no sign of pulling away.

"Nope! Pat me more~"

"I will get tired, you know?"

"Then do it until you get tired~" came Shun's casual reply as he hugged Kai and rested his head on Kai's shoulder. The taller man could only sigh softly  before he ruffled Shun's hair.

"Don't play with my hair..." Shun pouted, though didn't try to pull away.

"That's a punishment for saying such selfish things," Kai said.

"I just want Kai to pat me... Is that so bad..." Shun replied with a sad tone.



"Alright, alright, I will pat you more, okay?" Kai finally gave in and did as Shun wanted him to.

"Yay~" Shun cheered as Kai pat him once again.

In the end, he fell asleep on Kai's shoulder and the latter had to carry him to his room to tuck him into bed.

"Sleep well," Kai said and was about to walk away when he suddenly stop on his tracks. He walked back to Shun, leaned down, and pecked him on the forehead before saying, "Good night, Shun."

Shun had never have such a pleasant sleep before.