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Drawn to you like a magnet

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Being a Resident was really time and energy consuming for both Raven and Octavia. If they weren't in the ER or running down the corridor, they spent most of their time either in the library and in an on-call room studying. Clarke was barely seeing them so a few weeks ago she convinced them that it was about damn time that three of them to go out and have a fun night like they used to before they started working at the Hospital.

As she heard the door open, Clarke glanced up and locked her eyes with Raven's. « Hey babe! » She grinned.

« I'm dead!!!! My feet are killing me. » Raven growled as she closed the door « Where’s O. ? » Clarke asked, seeing no sign of her friend.

« I saw her on my way out. She said she was just gonna check up on a patient and come staight home.» Raven replied, crashing on the sofa next to clarke.

« I hope she won’t be late again. She needs to bring that fine ass of hers soon so we can decide on what to wear tonight. » Clarke said, going through her portfolio.

« Shit !!! I totally forgot about tonight. » Raven jolted

« Please don’t tell me you want to cancel !!!! » Clarke pouted

« Ha! When does Raven Reyes ever miss a chance to get wasted and luckily laid ? »

Clarke burst out laughing, she was about to speak when she heard the door fly open.

« Hello Bitches ! » Octavia shouted as she came in.

« Babyyy !!! We were talking about tonight’s party and clarkey here's been waiting for you so we can all get ready. »

« No way in hell i’m going out tonight. I’m fucking exhausted all i wanna do is take a freaking shower and sleep for 12 hours. I’ve been up on my feet since yesterday literally!! » Octavia growled, throwing her bag on the floor and pushing Clarke to sit beside her.

Even if the girls had another couch and two armchairs, they loved to sit all together at that specific one. Even if most of the time they pushed each other and mainly bickered about who’s taking most of the space they still loved it, It was their favorite couch.

« Come on O., we’ve planned this like two ago and we didn’t go out since ages !! » Clarke said, with a pleading tone.

« Let’s leave it for another time... I'm really tired!! » Octavia replied, stretching her sore legs on the table.

« Oh fuck off Blake, we're all tired!! I just pulled a 16 straight hours shift and i'm definitely not bailing out!!» Raven growled, glaring at her friend

« Please O,.!! And we all have the day off tomorrow so i’ll be the perfect night for us to party and enjoy the hangover at home. Plus, i've already told the guys that we were coming.

« Griffin got a point O. we can’t cancel now. And look at this poor soul here she's so desperate to go out and so are we. We haven’t had fun since Bellamy’s Birthday and that was like months ago... How sad is that? » Raven said, pointing at Clarke who was making puppy eyes to Octavia.

« Ughhhhh !! I hate you both...» Octavia growled, jumping out of the sofa she walked towards her room.

« Where are you going ? » Clarked asked.

« I'm going to hope in the shower, you better start getting ready before i change my mind. »

« Awesome!!! » Clarke grinned

After spending nearly two hours to get ready, the girls drove to Brooklyn to join their friends at the Ark which was their favorite spot to party. That was no coincidence, the Club belonged to Miller's family. And since it was run by him, he always booked them the best tables and made sure they had the best cocktails and drinks.