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The One Where the Glee Kids Meet the Thespians

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“Alright, guys, we got our comments from regionals this morning,” Mr. Schue said as he passed out a choral arrangement of Separate Ways. “It looks like we have some good stuff to work on.”

“But we won regionals,” said Santana, using the sheet music to hide her phone.

“Which is exactly why we need to be at the top of our game! We can’t get complacent and let Vocal Adrenaline pick up the slack. Now, everyone loved our song selection—thank you, Mercedes, for your help on that,” Mercedes took a little bow to Kurt’s applause, “but what we really got knocked on was our acting.”

“Acting?” said Finn absently. He was still confused how Schue found this arrangement after Artie hacked into and and moved everything by Journey to “Celtic Hymns.”

“Acting!” Schue repeated. The club’s faces were blank (except Rachel and Kurt, who were upset the judges hadn’t realized they were God’s gift to the stage.) “The theatuh! The judges felt like you weren’t conveying the truth of the songs through your expressions. Sooo, for this week’s lesson, we’re spending the week with the McKinley High Thespians Club!”


“The who?” said Sam.

“We have one of those?” asked Kurt.

“Hey, Santana, that’s perfect for you!” Puck began, but she pinched his arm and he wisely shut up before he lost too much blood.