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The Mummy Returns

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Five thousand years ago, a fierce warrior known as the Scorpion King led a great army on a campaign to conquer the known world. After a vicious campaign, which lasted seven long years, the Scorpion King and his army were defeated and driven deep into the sacred desert of Ahm Shere. One by one, they slowly perished under the scorching sun until only the great warrior himself was left alive.

Nearing the brink of death, the Scorpion King made a pact with the dark god Anubis that if He would spare his life and let him conquer his enemies, he would give him his soul once he let out his final breath. Anubis accepted his offer and spared his life, sending him one of the most known creatures in the desert.

A scorpion.

Without a second thought, the great warrior snatched the creature up from the sand and brought it to his chapped lips. As he chewed into the scorpion sent to him, an oasis sprouted out of the desert around him, later named the Oasis of Ahm Shere, and he gave a triumphant battle cry.

Anubis gave the Scorpion King command of his army, and like an evil flood, they washed away all that lay before them.

The Scorpion King— now an anthropomorphic chief warrior of invincible hordes of two-legged, jackal-headed demonic fighters— led Anubis' army that swept across Egypt and defeated Thebes in a military victory.

When his task was done, Anubis forced the Scorpion King to serve him for all time.

The Scorpion King dropped his Anubis Bracelet into the sand at his feet, and Anubis claimed his soul and took it to the Underworld where he was frozen in time for five thousand years along with his army.

His army was returned to the sands from whence they came, where they would wait for millenniums, silently to be awakened once again.

Whoever found the Scorpion King's magic bracelet could revive him, kill him and take control of his fearsome fighters.