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Metabee/Brass minifics

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“No, no, no- you’ve got it all wrong.” the cat-type berated. “It’s like this.”

Peppercat demonstrated the complex ballet move once again, patience notably diminished from the last time. The two shooter-types stared at her in mild bewilderment.

“Y’know- ya think it might not just be coincidence that the only one who ‘gets it’ is the only other cat ‘bot here?!” Metabee exclaimed. Sumilodon appeared incredibly nervous at the sudden outburst, especially since he was the subject.

“... Besides, these feet ain’t exactly made for dancin’” He finished with a low growl. Peppercat scoffed in response.

“You were doing a lot better at the WRC, that’s for sure. Even Brass’s doing better than you and she’s never done it before!” She expressed her comment further by waving a paw toward Brass, whose demeanor quickly changed to one of unease as well. Neither Sumilodon nor Brass could really blame the other, since both Peppercat and Metabee had reputations for being… firey. It didn’t help that three of the bots’ medafighters had all landed in after-school cleanup, and Koji just hadn’t shown up yet after allowing Sumilodon to meet up with the others. So, with an hour or so of freedom, somehow the general consensus had been an impromptu dance lesson from Peppercat (learning from careful observation of Samantha’s lessons, of course), especially since Metabee and Sumilodon already technically had experience.

“Alright-” the cat-type finally said after a bit of bickering, “Let’s try with a partner. I’ll take Sumilodon, you take Brass.”

“Oh, sure. Pair up the two worst dancers. That’s a good idea for sure.” Came the snappy reply.

“Would you rather have Sumilodon, then?”


Metabee’s sudden hesitation spawned not from the concept of ballet dancing with another male Medabot, but from how the difference in their skill levels would make it blatantly apparent how bad he was at it. Eventually, he let out a huff and stepped beside Brass, sharing a quick look with her.

“Alright, now, straighten your back and place your hands on either side of your partner’s waist-” she explained while also demonstrating.

“Wait, what now-?!” Metabee interrupted once again, turning to look at Peppercat. Unbeknownst to anyone but her, he had a slight blush, which caused her to smirk slightly.

“What’s wrong now? It’s a simple enough movement, shouldn’t even require anything other than arms to do.” Peppercat responded in a purr-laden, teasing voice. “Maybe you really would do better with Sumilodon, after all.” The look in her eyes told Metabee exactly what she was implying by that, and it was enough to send him off the hook once more.

As the two descended into a shouting match once again, Sumildon and Brass could only exchange exasperated expressions.