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The Truest Heart

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The human heart is the most peculiar of all our organs. An organ, the size of a human fist, is the only thing that keeps us alive. Literally, without it, we are dead. What makes it even more fascinating is that it is also where the strongest of our human emotions makes its bed. Love is the most powerful human emotion exhibited and felt by man. Love defies all logic and reason.  Love can make us invincible, just as easily as it can destroy us. Love is maddening and heartbreaking. Love is pure unfiltered happiness and light. Love can be absolutely everything and it can be absolutely nothing. Love cannot be defined. Love does not have to be justified. Love just is.

Humans have always been told that there exists only one heart, but in truth three actually exist.

First is the heart that we show to strangers. This is the least vulnerable of our hearts. The least impacted and the most easily transfigured for our needs. It is the heart that we most easily discard.

Second is the heart that we show to our families. This is the first heart that we form. It exists the moment we are conceived and strengthened when we enter the world. It is the heart that connects immediately with those who make our lives possible, our mothers and fathers. It is the heart that is most easily disappointed. The one most easily tarnished and cracked. It is also the heart that first provides our first smiles, our first laughs. It is the heart that first introduces us to love, pure unadulterated love.

Last is the heart that is the most vulnerable. The most dangerous of all our hearts. It has the power to completely destroy us or completely heal us. It encompasses every human emotion. It is the heart that we share with that one person who completes us on this world. The one we share only with our soul mate. It is a savage beast that is formed of pure unadulterated love. It is our greatest vulnerability. The heart we most reverently guard with everything we have. It defines everything we have been, everything we are, and everything that we will ever be. It is the truest of all our hearts.

Chapter 1 

Felicity Smoak has three hearts.

The first is the one that she shows to strangers. The one publicized and televised for the world to see. It is the heart that her employees see. It is the one that her investors see. It is the ones that her enemies see. It is a heart she has carefully and strategically cultivated in all her years of life. Felicity Smoak is the CEO of one of the largest transnational applied sciences corporations in the world, a title that she was entrusted with the moment she turned 21. It was the title she was destined to fulfill the moment she was welcomed into the world. The daughter of a billionaire and a world renowned scientist, she embodies every characteristic that is expected of her. She is wildly intelligent, kind, beautiful, sassy, diligent, polite, respectful, stoic, and a whole host of others that she has added to her first heart. This is the heart she wears most of the time. It is the heart that emerged when she lost her mother. It is the heart that emerged when she lost her father. It is the heart she hates most but understands its utility. It is the heart that she has accepted as the one that she will have to live with for the rest of her life.

The second is the one that has nearly shattered, clinging together by mere threads. It was the heart that was cracked when she lost when her mother died of cancer when she was 12 years old. It was the heart that nearly obliterated when she watched her father die in front of her eyes in a hail of gunfire at the age of 16. It is the heart held together by her godparents, John and Lyla. It is the heart held together by her best friends Thea and Roy. It is the heart that has nearly darkened due to the sadness which has followed her around from the moment she learnt of her mother’s illness. It is the heart that she has learnt to draw smiles and laughs out of because her family needs to see it. It is the heart that works the hardest to continue on.

The last one is the one that she never believed she would ever have. She had seen the heart before of course. She saw that heart when her parents looked at each other when they thought no one was looking. It was the heart she knew that beat when John and Lyla were in each other’s vicinity. It was the heart she saw formed when her best friend Thea met her other best friend Roy. It was the heart that slowly began to form when she was 17 years old. It had been a year since the attack. The attack that killed her father and left her an orphan. The attack that made her dreams, her nightmares. The attack that left scars, ones that could be seen and the ones that could not. The attack that brought her, her other half into her life as the protector she did not ask for and the guardian angel she so desperately needed. The attack brought her Oliver Queen, the person that made her last heart, her truest heart, and her most vulnerable heart, beat.


Oliver Queen has three hearts.

The first heart is the one he shows to strangers. It is the heart that was formed when he joined the military at 18 years old. It is the one that his fellow soldiers saw. It was the one his superiors saw. It is the one that everyone now sees. He is a soldier through and through. He is stoic, shows no emotions, a strategic thinker, characterized by a deep sense of honour and duty. It is the heart that houses his strengths and his abilities as a fighter and survivor. This is the heart that he wears most of the time. This is heart that dictates the majority of his behaviour in every aspect of his life. It is the heart that wears greatly on him. The heart that drained from him of most of his humanity. The heart that he once saw as his salvation now a gapping black hole. It is the heart that he has accepted but one he wishes he could change.

The second heart is the one he shows to his family. This is the heart that beats for only one person, his sister, Thea. This heart used to beat for his parents until he lost both of them in a freak boating accident at 17. It is the heart forged of both happiness and despair. The heart that is grateful for to the Smoak family for taking Thea in when he left for the military at 18. It is the heart that was almost consumed by darkness until he was reminded that it beat for a purpose, it beat for his family, and would continue to beat until he drew his last breath. It is heart that works the hardest to solider on.

The last heart is one that he never expected or ever wanted. To him this heart was a myth, told by people who believed in the fantasy of true love and soul mates. A creation to make people feel better about themselves, to make them feel less lonely at night when they were surrounded by the cold and darkness, to provide them with a false dream and sense of reality. It blindsided him at the age of 22. He had spent the last five years in the military, three of which was spent in an elite-level Special Forces unit. One that he was discharged from with honourable distinction for duty served because of injuries sustained during numerous fire fights. He never understood why he was discharged, yes he had been injured, yes he had sustained trauma both physical and mental, but he was still a soldier, willing and ready to fight and die for his country. It was his sister who urged him to take on the job as Felicity’s bodyguard. It was a year after she had lost her father in an attack that could only be described as deadly, strategic, and entirely targeted. She had been lucky to survive the attack. Felicity needed a protector and he needed a new purpose. Little did he know that she would begin to heal all the cracks that had formed in all his other hearts. He never expected her to evoke such beating from a heart he never thought existed. He never expected to find his soul mate the way he did, but there she was an angel that the world had tried to bring to her knees. The job brought him to his soul mate, the person who made his last heart, his truest heart, spur to life and beat for.


Death and despair have a way of bringing people together, sometime quite unexpectedly, and sometimes for the best. Death and despair brought Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen together. At first they revealed their first hearts to each other, strangers that did not trust nor understood each other. Their second hearts were revealed to each other when they saw the love that was evoked from their respective hearts for the families they had, both those made by blood and those made by choice. The truest of their hearts were the hardest and took the longest to reveal themselves to each other. Slowly, but surely, their truest hearts began to connect with one another, evoked emotions that neither could comprehend nor wanted to comprehend, and begin to heal the damage that had been inflicted upon their other hearts. Their last hearts, their truest hearts, formed an unbreakable, yet unspoken bond

Felicity and Oliver both have three hearts, all of which would come under jeopardy when the Felicity’s past would collide with her present and alter her future. It is said that love is the strongest emotion that human beings could exhibit or feel. It is the emotion that defies all logic and reason. The emotion housed in our hearts, the strongest being housed in the truest of our hearts. What would they do when their hearts come under fire? Does love really conquer all? Or is the darkness too strong? What would they do to protect their truest hearts?