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Queen's Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

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            It had been since he was home, so Jobin was set on spending his time back in Morioh with his family. What kind of jerk would stay away from their own family, after all? He had arrived at night, so when he got home, he flipped onto the couch and there he stayed. He awoke early morning to a door opening somewhere in the house. He lifted his head slightly from the couch he was so luxuriously sprawled all over.

            It was Daiya, who walked into the living room, unsuspecting, passed by the occupied furniture, then did a double-take. "Big brother~!"

            "Hello," Jobin smiled, "I thought you were going to pass me by,"

            She crouched and hugged him tight, earning a chuckle from the other. "Daddy didn't say anything about you coming back so soon!"

            "Because I wanted to surprise you guys,"

            One by one, each member of the family woke up and sported similar reactions. Joshu was second-to-last to arise and seemed indifferent, simply trying to get him off the couch that the elder claimed entirely as his own and refused to abandon. The last one was the one Jobin had awaited most, his own son: Tsurugi. He flashed him a smile, beckoning him. Tsurugi's face lit up and dashed over, clutching onto him.

            "Dad!" The son cried joyfully, having long awaited the embrace of the father who had finally come.

            "There you are," Jobin wrapped his arms around his son, and they held each other close and tight.

            The atmosphere was warm and lively, breakfast being made and passed around, the TV presenting them with a show they had settled on after arguing which to watch. Even then, Jobin had remained lazing on the couch, unmoving despite every other family member's attempt to get him to lend them a spot. They all had to settle on chairs or the floor.

            It made for a delightful afternoon, indeed.