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The NaNoWriMo Participants

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Belle manages to reach 50,000 words easily. She got even further than that by the end of the month, even. She wrote everything longhand and then converted it to digital format every night. She does not find it bothersome whatsoever. Her novel is the modern day’s answer to Jane Austen.

Bonnie Anderson doesn’t participate in the actual NaNoWriMo as she’s too young. But, she participates in the organization’s Young Writers Program. Although being under ten years old, she writes about 18,000 words through the month. It is fanfiction about her toys. A Space Ranger that rides a Unicorn figures prominently.

Claude Frollo’s submission for NaNoWriMo is a religious novel with villains who try to undermine Christianity. It is not received well at all. In fact, it is banned by France.

Colette Tatou does not get to 50,000 words, but manages about half that. She has a full time job! She writes a novel primarily about food. She writes her novel entirely in French. She translates it to English later on.

Fa Mulan found the prospect of NaNoWriMo very exciting. She writes an epic science-fiction adventure about sword fighting women from various countries banding together to fight aliens. She has so much fun, she doesn’t even think of NaNoWriMo as a competition. She writes as much as she wanted. She completed the novel on the last day of November, at 85,000 words. She wrote primarily in English and uses different languages throughout the novel, to illustrate the differences between the characters from different backgrounds.

Happy writes a novel that is made of pure happiness.

Jane Porter writes a novel that is essentially metafiction. She writes a long novel about primates and their appearances within fiction, using TV Tropes, Wikipedia, and so much more for research. She writes more than 50,000 words about the topic, even in November. She uses her own experience of studying primates and analyzes the way fiction portrays them. Once November was over, she continued to write it until it was completely finished. She publishes. Her father is ridiculously proud.

Kiara’s novel is about Africa. She has never been, but has African ancestry and has always been fascinated by the continent. She writes about freedom, spirituality, and lions. It is very moving. She writes it at age 17. She publishes it after high school.

Kuzco doesn’t get to 50,000 words. In fact, he doesn’t get past 1,000. He finds writing to be boring and would rather have someone else write for him. Whatever he wrote was in Spanish and about how awesome Kuzco is, how delicious guinea pigs are, and how tall the Andes are. It’s not exactly a novel at all.

Peach delights that her novel is written during the last month of springtime of Australia. About half of the 90,000 words that she manages to write are written while lounging at beaches in Sydney. Starfish and pelicans are major motifs in her novel that uses beaches as setting.

Roger Radcliffe writes a novel that heavily relies on poems. He can sing them to Anita. He gets past 50,000 words during November, but takes a break for a month before he finishes it. It is about good and evil. Dalmatians representing good and Cruella De Vil representing evil (but her name has been changed). When he publishes, dog lovers eat it up.

Spanish Buzz doesn’t really write a novel. He doesn’t really care to participate. What he does do is that he writes a love letter in novel form. His love letter is more than 50,000 words in both Spanish and English (so, about 100,000 words) about the one true beauty of the universe, a young redheaded woman named Jessie, who pierces his soul. Jessie reads it once the month is over. He proposes marriage in it. She accepts. They are together forever.

Violet Parr writes a collection of essays for her NaNoWriMo submission. She writes about teenage life and being a Super. They are very much like a blog. She does manage to get past 50,000 words during the month of November. She does not really care to publish or do anything with what she’s written. She is quite content with the writing, though. It was cathartic and helps her deal with the stress of being a teenage Super.

Will Turner writes just over 50,000 in during the cold November of England, and the rest over a longer period of time. His best friend, Elizabeth Swann is his muse. His novel is a time-traveling masterpiece where Caribbean pirates come to modern times to kick the butts of Somali pirates. The Caribbean pirates are lead by a woman.

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Andy Davis does NaNoWriMo during his first semester at college. He is surprised that he decides to participate given that he is so busy at college. But some of his friends persuade him to try it out, and he finds out from his mother that Bonnie is working on something, so he figures, why not? Andy decides that he is going to recreate old playtimes and make them even more awesome. He expands on the stories he created with his toys as a child. Buzz, Woody, and Jessie play significant roles. He completes the novel a few days before November ends with about 52,000 words. During his winter break, a few days before Christmas, Andy and Bonnie share their submissions for NaNoWriMo with each other.

Ellie Frederickson is aware of NaNoWriMo. She is interested in it and wants to try her hand at it, but shortly before November, Ellie and her husband learn of her fertility status, and she is devastated. She does not actually participate, but she does write extensively in a notebook about her emotions and feelings and thoughts during the month. It is a great comfort and helps her deal with what has happened to her.

Gantu cannot believe that he actually tried his hand at this silly Earth ritual while he lived on Earth. It was boring that November! He wrote about getting rid of the abomination and going back to the Galactic Federation. He also wrote how beautiful Hawaii was. He looks at what he wrote fondly a few years later, now that he’s with the Federation again. He reminds himself that he should find out what Lilo and Stitch are up to as of late. She should be a teenager by now!

Jasmine is hesitant to participate in NaNoWriMo. Her fiancée, Aladdin, tells her that he supports her in her endeavor. She tries her hand at it. Doesn’t quite get to 50,000 words by the end of the month, but enjoys the experience. She writes about Bengal tigers. She has only been around these tigers once while on holiday in India. But she feels incredibly fond of them.

Lilo Pelekai participates in NaNoWriMo at the age of 18, still in high school. She is frustrated at the fact that she finds it hard to reach her daily target goal of about 2000 words. She has a very busy life: hula, a part-time job, her ʻohana, school, and so on. There are some days when she can’t write and nothing is written, and other days where she manages to get several thousand words. She manages to get to 50,000 words by the end of the month, which makes her very happy. She isn’t quite finished with her novel by November’s end, but happily shares what she’s written thus far with her family. Everyone enjoys it. She finishes it eventually.

Trixie is swayed into partaking in NaNoWriMo by her friends Dolly, Rex, and Pricklepants. She is fine with it. The three of them share their novels, whether completed or in-progress or abandoned once November ends. It was a fun experience. She wrote humor about dinosaurs and modern life. She makes fun of movies like Jurassic Park, because she can.

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Winter. The last time Andy saw this yard and its white fence, he could see the beautiful green grass and it was a beautiful day. Now, there is snow on the ground and lightly falling right now. He carries a binder with him, holding it in front of his chest, so as to protect his chest from the cold, despite the fact that he is wearing a warm winter coat and a toque over his brown hair. It is a few days before Christmas and he agreed to spend the afternoon with Bonnie. She wanted to share with him her NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program submission with him. In his binder, he carries his own submission. He figured that Bonnie would enjoy his submission too.

Andy sighs deeply and walks up to the front door and knocks. Bonnie’s mother opens the front door and smiles.

“Hi Andy! Merry Christmas!” the woman exclaimed. Andy returned the sentiment. “Come on in. Bonnie is in the living room.”

Andy removed his hat before coming into the house and stuffed it into his jacket pocket. He followed her into the living room, and he smiled broadly when he saw the little girl who a few months previously he had given his old toys to. Her hair was a little bit longer, maybe about half an inch. She was dressed warmly, but very much like the five year old she was. She was playing with Hamm and her Unicorn. He had to suppress a laugh when he saw the Anderson’s cat sitting on the couch because Jessie was draped on top of the cat. The cat looked incredibly patient, considering. Bullseye was not far from the cowgirl, and Buzz was sitting on the armrest of the couch, not too far from the feline. He was able to see each of his old toys in the room. Rex was underneath the Christmas tree. He smiled even more. The small child was having so much fun; he didn’t want to interrupt her.

Bonnie’s mother finally gently said, “Bonnie. Andy’s here.” Bonnie looked up from her playing and nodded.

“Hi!” Bonnie said. She stood up, holding onto Buttercup.

Andy knelt down and said, “I heard that you wrote something for NaNoWriMo, is that right?”

She nodded shyly.

“I did too. Do you want to share yours with me? I’ll share mine,” Andy said. “It’s about Woody, Buzz, and Jessie.”

Her eyes lit up. “I’ll go get my book! Come on, mommy. Come with me to get it.” She grabbed her mother’s hand and started to pull the taller woman from the room.

“Andy, go ahead and sit down,” Bonnie’s mother said. “This will only take a couple of minutes.”

Andy made his way to the couch and set his binder down on the coffee table. He picked up Bullseye as he sat down next to the cat. The only response from the animal was a quiet meow and a simple glance up at him. Andy, not wanting to disturb the cat, carefully picked up the cowgirl from where she lay, setting her next to Bullseye. And he saw that on the coffee table not too far in front of him had Woody sitting next to Bonnie’s hedgehog.

Bonnie and her mother came back to the living room. Bonnie was carrying a colorful thin binder in her arms. She set the binder on the coffee table and moved Jessie, Bullseye, and Buzz next to Woody. Andy scooted over on the couch.

“Are you going to sit with us, Catbus? Okay.” Bonnie jumped up on the couch, in between Andy and Catbus. Bonne gave the cat a quick stroke to which the cat responded with a satisfied meow.

“Would you like to share first?” Andy asked Bonnie. She nodded.

“Do you want to read it to me?”

“Sure! And you can read yours to me later!” she exclaimed. She picked up her binder and opened it.

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Buzz sat on the couch and watched Jessie as she read the paper filled binder. She was reading his love letter to her. He had put it together through November. He had completed it during the month and had finally put it together and organized it into a binder a few days into December. She knew he spent the month writing a lot, but she didn’t know what. He wouldn’t say. She understood. She had quietly worked on her own NaNoWriMo submission without sharing it during the month. She still wasn’t done.

“Was this for NaNoWriMo?” Jessie had asked as he gave her the binder.

“Not exactly, no. I wrote it last month though,” Buzz had said.

“What is it?”

“Read it.”

She had nodded, and opened the binder. He had known she didn’t know Spanish fluently, so he had translated every line he wrote in Spanish, in English immediately after.

“A love letter to the true beauty of our Universe, Jessie.” She had read aloud, breathless. As she continued to read… she felt so loved! She knew that Buzz loved her deeply. He had showed her in unwritten form. But, wow… this was…

She read in near silence. She laughed softly, she had moaned, she sniffled, her hand had gone to her chest more than once. What she was reading was beautiful. This man, who had known her a long time, loved her, wanted to be with her forever… she understood what Anne Elliot must have felt reading Wentworth’s letter to her. And she understood better her friend, Belle’s NaNoWriMo submission a year ago, which had similar sentiments included, though about 200 years advanced.

By the time she was nearing the end, with a small percentage to go, she was in tears, wiping them away with a tissue that Buzz had given her once he had realized she had started to cry. Once she got to the final lines and his salutation, she had let out a sob, wiped her face, and faced him.

All she said was “Yes.”

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Briar Rose, who prefers to go by that rather than her birth name of Aurora, learns of the project from her maiden aunts. She decides to go ahead and participate. She wants to write something deep, as she wants not to be seen by that whole blonde stereotype. She also wants to reach that 50,000 word goal. While she does not get there because other things happen in November that stops her from getting there, she does eventually finish her novel.

Dory writes a psychological drama about amnesia and short-term memory loss. She knew that double majoring in English and Psychology in University would come in handy. It is enjoyable. She writes just over 50,000 words in the month and another 80,000 afterwards before it is complete. She makes sure that she saves it diligently.

Fa Zhou competes in NaNoWriMo because his twenty year old daughter, Mulan is doing so as well. She persuaded him to try it out. He writes about ancient China, a time that he has always been fascinated by. He did name his daughter after Hua Mulan, after all!

Jessie was influenced to participate by the fact many of her friends, including Belle (who did it last year and was doing it again), and Buzz (who apparently was writing something) were participating in the project. She figured it would be fun. Plus, she could write whatever the hell she wanted, and she liked that. She was going to go for something involving the American Old West. She does not finish the novel in the month, but gets fairly far during then.

Naveen does not want to compete in this seemingly American custom. Tiana reminds him that not everyone who does compete in NaNoWriMo is American. She shares with him her knowledge of other participants she knows who are not American. She tells him she’ll be trying her hand at the project as well. He ends up agreeing to compete. At the end of November, he has written more than Tiana.

Simba learns of the project from his teenage daughter who works diligently on her own submission and says only that lions are involved somehow. He is a very busy man with running his company, but decides to try it out. Why not? He only manages about 20,000 words, but hey, at least he worked on it!

Winston (known as Winnie by his friends!) decides to write a series of short stories that involve bears. He likes bears. This is funny, considering he likes watching The Colbert Report. They aren’t all related but he considers the collection of short stories and essays to be part of his submission for NaNoWriMo.

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Anton Ego decides to try out this NaNoWriMo thing once he is no longer a food critic and is the investor and biggest fan of La Ratatouille. He was a writer, already. He knew about the project, of course. He just never had a chance to take part in it. He decides to do it a couple of years after La Ratatouille is off the ground. He writes about what he knows: his love of food and why food is so amazing. He includes famous recipes and discusses them. It’s fairly long, but is amazing. He shares with Colette and Linguini. They love it. They urge him to publish.

Carl Fredricksen is 80 and Russell is 10 when they decide to participate in that year’s NaNoWriMo. Russell learnt about it at school (the Young Writers Program) and told Carl all about it, from his research. Carl, at first, does not think he’d want to participate, but, he has done much more crazier things in the last few years. They don’t work on the same project, but they do share their progress. Russell doesn’t get past 40,000, because he kind of burns out around Thanksgiving. He blames tryptophan. Carl manages about 49,000.

Edna Mode doesn’t really need to participate in NaNoWriMo. She does finally feel that she needs to write her book about why wearing capes is bad, regardless of whom a person is. She names the book first and calls it “NO CAPES!” She does write most of it in November. And after the Supers come out of hiding. She mentions the Incredibles as they are successful without capes.

Mary often called Boo, because she said that a lot when she was barely verbal participates as a teenager of 16. She has a lot of fun. She decides to write something rather optimistic and beautiful. She shares with her godfathers, Sullivan and Mike.

Rafiki decides to use NaNoWriMo to start his next book. He knows he probably won’t finish by the end of the month, but he figures that it would be a great way to start. He has written and published several books already. He writes about religion, spirituality, and self-help. He also is the family of Simba’s spiritual advisor. He helped Kiara a great deal as a teenager.

Pricklepants is the one amongst his group of friends who first decides that he will participate in NaNoWriMo. He decided this in mid-September. He is very persuasive in getting his friends to try out the project, saying something in Shakespearean-style English about how it’ll get the creative juices flowing.

Yzma makes an attempt at writing during NaNoWriMo, but does not get far. She has massive intentions for her project. She wants to get 100,000 words by the end of the month. She does not get that far. She only writes a quarter of that. She is not happy.

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It was an autumn day in October when a rather excited Russell came to see Carl.

“Mr. Fredricksen!” Russell said excitedly. He repeated the name a few more times. He was carrying a tiny folder, with what seemed to contain loose-leaf paper. Carl was slightly surprised at the boy’s excitement, but over the last two years he had gotten used to it.

“What’d ya got there, Russell?” Carl asked.

“Okay. So, my teacher told my class about the Young Writers Program, which is apart of National Novel Writing Month also called NaNoWriMo. And I decided I’m gonna do it! You write 50,000 words of a new novel by the end of the month,” Russell said. It sounded like he was reciting part of this from whatever was in the folder. In fact, when Carl perused the folder a little later, the kid had basically memorized what he had read.

“Uh huh,” Carl said.

“Will you participate with me, Mr. Fredricksen?” Russell asked.

“Why don’t you get Dug to try it out?” Carl asked. “He’s talkative. I’m sure he could try it.”

“I do not have hands the way humans do! I cannot write like humans can!” Dug said.

Dug would probably just write about dog related things anyway, Carl thought, as he patted the dog’s head.

Carl sighed.

“Are we writing together?” Carl asked.

“No, I’ll write something, and you write something, and we see how far we get by the end of November. We have to write all these words in November,” Russell said. He then read from his printouts, “‘Outlines and plot notes are very much encouraged, and can be started months ahead of the actual novel-writing adventure. Previously written prose, though, is punishable by death.’ I think they are kidding about the death part…”

Carl nodded. “Let me think about it…” Carl promised.

And so he did. A few days later, he decided that he was going to try it out. He was going to write about South America. He had not even written about his experience there, and figured, he should. Get it down before he left the world. So the world would know. Or at least have the memories and experiences someplace other than his mind. That way, it does not die with him.


“You still working on your novel, Russell?” Carl asks. It’s now two days after Thanksgiving; NaNoWriMo ends in four days. It’s been about three days since he last asked Russell of his progress. The kid was closer to 40,000 than 35,000. Carl recently breached 41,000.


“Why not?” Carl asks, amazed. He was sure the kid was gonna go all whole hog on it.

“I’m tired,” Russell says. “The tryptophan in the turkey really got me sleepy. I don’t wanna work on it.” The kid does look tired. And sounds whiny. He was really enthused in the beginning, and now that enthusiasm has disappeared. “It’s hard.” he continues.

Carl knew he should have given Ellie’s recipe for Thanksgiving turkey to Russell’s mother. Ellie’s turkey never made him tired.

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Cruella De Vil uses her NaNo to extol wearing fur. She doesn’t exactly write 50,000 words, but she does publish. And when she publishes, people loathe it or love it. It depends on who you talk to. When asked, Edna Mode does not like it, as Cruella loves fur capes.

Hamm is an economist, among other things. He decides to spend a November working primarily on a book about economics that he’d like to publish the following year. Sure, it’s boring to the layman, but he enjoys it and is sure that those who are into economics would like it. Next year, he plans on writing an actual fiction piece for NaNo.

Li Shang decides to participate when Mulan is spending more and more time in her bedroom writing plans for her own NaNo, and when she actually is writing it. It’ll give him something to do while she isn’t spending time with him. Not that he’s bitter or anything like that. His novel isn’t something he really plans on sharing with Mulan. He feels that it is more for him or for guys, as it’s mostly about sex. He does share some of it with his Spanish friend, who raises his eyebrows at him and then goes back to writing what seems he surmises is either a novel or a love letter.

Tiana decided to participate before Naveen did and got him to try it out. She has great enthusiasm for the project, given her foreign contacts, and how she wants to write a great deal. She decides that if Georgia had Gone With the Wind, she will give Louisiana their own epic novel. At the end of the month, Naveen has written about 72,000, and she got to 56,000. She can’t believe that he beat her.

Woody is a huge fan of horses, so he decides that he’ll try writing about horses. His novel starts out primarily about horses, but ends up being a romance novel about two people who fall in love because of horses. He surprises himself. He completes the novel in November, and it’s just over 60,000 words. He doesn’t publish it but he shares it with his friends. Mostly his female friends. Belle, Jessie, and Mulan are overcome by a case of squealing while reading parts of it at a Christmas party.

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Woody had decided to have a small Christmas party the week before Christmas, because he knew the people he was inviting would be celebrating on Christmas with their families or closer friends. His sister, Jessie and her fiancé and his friend, Buzz were planning on spending Christmas with him, for example (though, he was sure the two would spend part of the day in bed). He had invited Belle on the insistence of Jessie, and Belle brought a friend, Adam. Rex had brought Trixie with him. Jessie had also invited Mulan, one of her younger friends, so he made sure to include the non-alcoholic beverages. Mulan had brought Shang, who was friends with Buzz, and Chien Po, who had actually provided some delicious Chinese food (both American Chinese food and actual Chinese food) for the party. Rex and Trixie had came along together to indulge in the food and games; Jessie had enticed them with the Wii.

With Chien Po’s American Chinese and actual Chinese food, they did have a lot of food! There was Mexican and Spanish food, some French cheese (Brie, Comté and Fourme d'Ambert), some chips, dips, various beverages (sodas, eggnog, fruit punch, water, and some actual alcohol), and more. Jessie had even made sure to bring Christmas candy and food. She was sucking on the last of a candy cane when Chien Po had approached her with one of his dishes.

“What is this?” Jessie asked Chien Po, as he showed her the spicy stir-fry tofu.

“Tofu,” he said.

She had nodded. “Okay, so if I eat this, will you eat a tamale? They’re really good.”

“Of course. It is only fair.” He gave her a small bow, his hands together pointing upwards.

She appraised him and then decided that she was fine with eating the tofu. She nodded. She then turned around and shouted to the room at large. “Belle, get over here! Buzz, bring the tamales, por favor!”

When both had arrived, Belle had been the first to say, “Yes?”

“I want you to try this with me, girl. Same, Buzz.”

Buzz nodded and set the tamales next to the tofu.

Jessie scooped a small amount of the tofu dish, enough for the three of them on a small paper plate. She grabbed several plastic forks.

“Hey, you should be using chopsticks, as this is a Chinese dish,” Belle said.

“That’s not necessary. I didn’t bring any,” Chien Po replied.

Jessie gave Belle a cheeky response that involved a rude gesture. She then gave a fork to Buzz and Belle. The three of them then proceeded to try the dish.

“I need water,” Belle said. She gasped. She tossed the used fork into the trash before she then proceeded to drink a small cup of water.

“Lightweight! It wasn’t that hot!” Jessie called after her. “You agree, Buzz?”

He wiped his mouth with a napkin and nodded. He turned to Chien Po and said, “It was very good. Thank you.”

“Yes, I agree, thank you for sharing, Chien. It was very delicious,” Jessie replied. She gave him a bow. “Excuse me, I have to go find Belle, make sure she isn’t crying over a little bit of spice.” She laughed.

When Jessie came back a few minutes later, a piece of candy cane in her mouth, one hand on Belle’s waist, and the other holding a plastic cup of eggnog, Buzz was showing Chien Po the tamales. Belle had a plastic cup of iced rum punch in her hand that she stole from Mulan who shouldn’t be drinking alcohol, anyway. She was drinking in silence, a small scowl on her face. Chien Po ate a bit of the tamale at first and then the rest quickly, he liked it.

A little while later, Belle, Mulan, and Jessie were sitting together on a loveseat. They had their heads together, talking. Mulan had taken Jessie’s left hand and was looking at it. Jessie was eating some Christmas cookies with one hand while dipping them in the cheese left over from the nachos she had just completed.

“So, Buzz spent NaNo writing his proposal to you?” Mulan asked, whispering. She touched the nondescript ring on Jessie’s left ring finger.

“Can I have my hand back?” Jessie said. Mulan let go of Jessie’s hand. “And yes, he did. Though, he wasn’t really doing it for NaNo.”

“When did he propose?” Belle asked.

“Two weeks ago,” Jessie set the empty plate down on the table next to her.

“That’s so romantic that he did that. And I know romance,” Belle said. Both Mulan and Belle sighed.

“And she does,” Jessie said. “Have you read her NaNo from last year, Mulan? It’s amazing.”

“Share this with me, Belle,” Mulan said.

“I’ll give you a copy to read while you’re having Christmas with your family,” Belle said.

“You have it on your computer right? We’ll just copy the files onto USB drives to share with one another. You wanna read mine? It’s really good. You’re fine with science fiction adventures, right?”

Belle took a sip of the rum punch she was drinking and when she swallowed said, “I love reading, Mulan. I read anything.”

Mulan nodded. “Should have figured,” Mulan replied. “Come over to my place tomorrow and we’ll make the digital copy.”

“So, you are talking about reading NaNo submissions, eh?” Woody asked. He was leaning down on the loveseat, so the girls had to twist around to look at him. Mulan’s body was partially in Jessie’s lap.

“Oh, yes!” Belle said. “Did you participate, Woody?”

“I did,” Woody replied.

“What did you write?”

“Wanna see what I wrote?” Woody said. “I think you guys would like what I wrote.”

Jessie grunted quietly and then pushed Mulan gently up to a standing position, and then stood up with her. She then pulled Belle up with her.

“Show us,” Jessie said.

A few minutes later, a large plate of food (French cheese, quesadillas, tamales, cookies, a few pieces of fruit, and nachos) sitting in front of them, the girls were sitting together on a bench not too far from Woody’s computer. Each girl had their own drink: Mulan with a Dr. Pepper, Belle with another rum punch, and Jessie with ice water. Mulan was sitting partly on Jessie’s lap and Belle’s lap, for lack of space on the bench. Woody was kneeling in front of the computer, right hand on his mouse, preparing to show his submission.

“Did I tell you about what Shang wrote for his NaNo?” Mulan said.


“Buzz said he wrote about various sexual acts,” Jessie said.

“Did Buzz or Shang employ what he read/wrote?” Belle said hiccupping. “I hope so.”

Woody took the half-finished rum punch from Belle’s hand, and gave her a cup of cold water. He then looked at the three girls and addressed them: “First: I do not need to know about any of your sexual habits! Save that for your girl’s nights out or whatever you do! Second: If you’re still inebriated when the party is over, Belle, Jessie and Buzz will take you home. Third: Mulan, no, you can’t have the rum punch.” He then went back to the computer.

Belle exclaimed “I’m barely tipsy!” and then whispered into the water, “Bossy,” before drinking the water.

To answer Belle’s question, Jessie whispered something in Belle’s ear, to which she responded with “Sexy!”

Mulan whined in response to Woody and then said to the two women near her, “I only read part of Shang’s NaNo. It was kinda hot,” Mulan said.

“Buzz said that Shang was insatisfechas en el dormitorio during November,” Jessie said, a grin on her face Mulan could not see. She gave Mulan’s hip a pat.

“Dorm something about satisfaction… what?” Mulan said.

“He was ‘unsatisfied in bedroom’ is the exact translation.”

“Did you forget about Shang’s needs during NaNo, Mulan?” Belle said. “You couldn’t just say the English translation, Jessie?” She drank some of the water and then sighed.

Before Mulan and Jessie were able to respond, Woody spoke first:

“Ladies… save it. Time to read.”

They leaned forward together to read some of what was on the monitor. They quietly read for more than five minutes before devolving into squeals of delight.

“I want to put this on a USB drive to read while I’m at home, can I, please?!” Belle said. “It’s wonderful!”

“I second that, dear Woody,” Mulan said.

“That’s perfectly fine, ladies,” Woody said.

“That was lovely, Woody. I want to read more, too,” Jessie exclaimed. “Love scenes, romance, the countryside, a lovely couple…”

“And horses!” Mulan finished for her.

They squealed again, this time much louder.

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Ariel decides in mid-October that she will do her NaNo basically writing a huge research paper (but not actually for school, for her own pleasure) about the history of mermaid stories. She uses October as a time for gathering research for her novel. Once she finally can write in November, she writes a great deal. She continues gathering research during November. She does not finish in November, but she does get fairly far with her project, but misses the goal of 50,000.

Chien Po spends his NaNoWriMo writing about Tai chi chuan. Chien Po teaches Tai chi at a small studio at the college town he lives in, and advocates the use especially for the health benefits but acknowledges the defense side. Friends and students, Shang and Buzz joined the class for the defense side of the martial art. But once both men learn of how it helps with general mental health and coping with stress in addition to defense, they manage to get their girlfriends, Mulan and Jessie to take the class. Chien Po writes his novel about the benefits of Tai chi chuan and gives examples (while using initials for actual students) of how it has benefitted these students.

Dolly decides that she will write a series of children’s stories for her NaNo. She ends up writing several stories in total, reaching her goal of 50,000 words by the end of the month. It was fun, and she plans to share them with her students when she finishes her teaching certification and becomes an elementary school teacher.

Kronk is a native Peruvian who lived in the United States for a part of his life, even going to cooking school in the States. Once he has established a couple of popular Peruvian restaurants in the United States, he decides to write a book about Peruvian gastronomy. He takes a break from his restaurants during the month of November to start on and work on his novel. He does actually consider it a NaNoWriMo submission, and manages to complete his baby within the timeframe. When published, it’s a smashing success. Anton Ego sends him a letter informing Kronk that he enjoyed the book and they start writing regularly to each other.

Mo’s writing during NaNoWriMo was not really an actual submission. He uses the project as an excuse to write about whatever he is currently obsessing about it. His cognitive behavioral therapist suggested he do that as a way to cope and deal with his obsessions and compulsions. It does help him a great deal.

Rex has an enjoyable time competing in NaNoWriMo. Many of his friends are participating, including Trixie, his girlfriend. Though, he actually decided before Trixie. Because of the fact that he did not want to be left out when they were discussing their creations as his friends were likely going to do once the month was over. He decides to write about video game characters and expanding upon the universes they are in. In one of them, Lara Croft retires from her lifestyle, and lives to ninety.

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Seated in her private plane, Edna Mode was headed to Milan, Italy for Milan Fashion Week. As she sat in her seat, to pass the time until they touched down in Italy, she read a copy of Cruella De Vil’s book. She had been asked to review the book for an American fashion magazine. E had met Cruella a couple of times while at several London Fashion Weeks, and could not say that she liked her much. In addition, Edna did not like the use of fur in fashion. It just did not work for her. It wasn’t functional! Especially when one considered that she often designed for Gods— the Supers. They had no use for fur. Easily wet, and when fighting in the rain, it did not work.

She was more than halfway through the book when she got to the chapter on fur capes, and how Cruella loved these. She let out an angry sigh. She hated capes. Loathsome, troublesome killers of some of the best Superheroes of old. She refused to let any of the Supers she fitted for Supersuits have capes on their person. Too many airplane issues, too many wind issues. And while capes within the fashion world were less of a problem, given the stick figure and petite nature of the models that they used, they could easily become airborne. Just not worth it. She considered these stupid pieces of fashion a disaster waiting to happen. She wanted to throw the book out right here and say that she didn’t like the book, end of story, period. But she knew that the editor of the fashion magazine wouldn’t appreciate that, and it would be rather unprofessional of her. She had a reputation to uphold.

She looked at her watch. She could finish the book and maybe write the review before they arrived in Milan. And even if she wasn’t done with writing the review when they touched down, she didn’t have any appointments immediately afterwards, so she could finish it as soon as she settled into her room. She sighed deeply. Come on, E, finish the book, then you can write the review and then you could enjoy Fashion Week in Milan! You have time! she told herself. She snapped her fingers loudly.

One of the stewards of her plane came over to her in an instant.

“I want a double martini, please. And get me my laptop.”

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Crush is an Australian surfer. Given that November is not a good time for surfing, with lack of awesome waves; he decides to spend his time writing for NaNoWriMo. He decides to write stories about surfing. They aren’t so much one story, but many. It is a great way for him to count the days until summer and the better waves.

Edmund Pevensie and his siblings all decide to participate in NaNoWriMo right around the same time. His NaNoWriMo is about a Witch who tries to seduce men but fails miserably. He refers to the seducing as “creeping” given that he is too young to understand seducing just yet. When he is much older, he will refine what he writes so that it is more adult and written better.

Giselle is excited when she learns about NaNoWriMo in the first full year she is living with Robert and Morgan. Robert teaches her to type and to use his computer so that she can try out NaNoWriMo. She doesn’t get too far (she manages to type about 20,000 words, and handwrote more than that Robert gathers), but she still tried, and is proud of herself nonetheless.

Lady is a huge dog lover. While she loves all breeds, she especially loves American Cocker Spaniels. She decides to write about these dogs, in NaNo. It is partially informative but decides to wrap the information of the dogs in an actual fictional novel. She manages to write well over 50,000 words.

Lucy Pevensie was going to write about mythology and fiction involving fauns but when she wanted to include the Greek mythology involving satyrs, she was unable to find any of the Ancient Greek books. Peter and Susan had hid them. Thus, she changed what she was going to write about and changed it to be about a faun and a lion.

Peter Pevensie competes in NaNoWriMo once he learns that his sister Susan is participating in the project. He doesn’t care to do something boring but rather something interesting and badass. His NaNo does include battles and it even includes battles with varying types of weapons: guns, bombs, swords, bow and arrows, and so on. He even talks about the differences in injuries with these weapons.

Susan Pevensie is in her teen years when she decides to participate in NaNoWriMo. She decides to write about the contrast of the life of females in the 1940s and 1950s and compares it to the 2000s and 2010s. It is partially a history of the time periods she writes about, but it is also her personal commentary on what she is writing about.

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Linguini and Colette watched Anton Ego as he ate and read at La Ratatouille from inside the kitchen. While he ate and wrote sometimes, this was a surprise. He was reading while he ate. He was reading a Chef’s book.

“So, what is he reading?” Linguini asked.

“Un livre d'un péruvien américaine chef. Par le nom de Kronk. Il a un peu de restaurants aux États-Unis. Il est à lire en anglais,” Colette told him. She nudged him.

He nodded. Anton spoke and read fluent French and English and sometimes preferred speaking only in French to Colette and Linguini. The three of them had French and English fluency, but Linguini spoke little French, but understood it fluently, just preferred to speak in English. Colette was perfectly content to speak only in French, but rather liked slipping in and out of speaking two different languages.

“That’s cool. He looks like he’s enjoying it,” Linguini said.

“He does, doesn’t he?”

“Do you know anything about the American chef Kronk?”

“Native of Peru; lives in les États. He makes Peruvian dishes. I have never tried.”

“Neither have I. Don’t they eat guinea pigs?”

“It’s called cuy, and yes, they do.”

They heard a squeak from near them and looked at Little Chef. Little Chef had given them a dirty look.

“I won’t be trying that,” Linguini informed Little Chef. He gave him a pat on the head.



“Pouvez-vous demander Petit Chef si il peut faire tous les plats péruviens mentionnés dans ce livre, s'il vous plaît?” Anton asked Linguini. They were sitting at the table. Colette was cleaning up with Little Chef in the back, and Linguini had decided to sit down to ask him about the book he was reading. Anton had finished the book that evening, and was looking at some of the recipes in the book.

“Bien sûr,” Linguini replied. “Colette can help, too.”

Remy, or, as they knew him, Little Chef, had made Anton a few Peruvian dishes (Colette had helped), excluding guinea pig, but had made a couple of other dishes, including spinach puffs. They had tried them with him and had enjoyed them. Especially spinach puffs. Anton had loved them and had decided to send a letter to Kronk. He writes in English, telling him that he greatly enjoyed the book and that he enjoyed the dishes that he had the opportunity to try.

To Anton’s surprise, Kronk sends him a response back, and they start writing back and forth, and Anton made a new friend.

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Caspian is a Spaniard who decides to try the project after learning of it from his British friends, the Pevensie children, who are all trying it out. He enjoys it. He decides to write an epic that’s also fluffy and heartwarming. He doesn’t finish in November, but gets to 50,000 words, and continues on until it is finished, after November.

Christopher Robin is about eight when he decides to do NaNoWriMo unofficially. He just decides to write, not compete. He decides to write about stuffed animals that come alive in a Toy Story like manner but not exactly. It’s only stuffed animals, though, and they’re like Hobbes. Only more fun. Somehow, he ends up including certain stuffed animals from fiction that is similar to his project.

Gaston tries to write a book about hunting but doesn’t get very far because he can barely read and write. He manages to write about twenty percent of that 50,000 word goal.

McCrea sees himself as something as a philosopher, and decides to spend NaNoWriMo writing about various enjoyments of life and why it is great we live on Earth. He writes a great deal and it is lovely.

Mia Thermopolis is a normal teenager, who rather likes writing. Her grandmother, who runs a small but successful company, suggests to try out NaNoWriMo as a way to get the creative juices flowing (she suggests this while singing!). Mia has so much fun working on her project that it keeps going through the end of November and into the next month. She doesn’t care so much about the goal of 50,000 words by November, but rather writes at her own leisure and pace.

Timon decides to participate in NaNoWriMo just to try it out. He likes to watch Meerkat Manor with Kiara and happens to notice that her dachshund Zabull will sit in the same manner that the animals on that show will stand. It intrigues him. So, he decides to write something about dachshunds and meerkats being friends. It’s very sweet and cute. Kiara squeals when she reads it.

Yao has anger management issues and after an intervention by Chien Po, Mulan, and Shang, decides (though Chien Po and Mulan do persuade him greatly) to write about his anger in a more constructive way in NaNoWriMo. He doesn’t share what he’s written, but it does help him out with the anger a tad.

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Barbie decides to write about politics. She chooses to look at various dictatorships and democracies throughout the world and throughout history, and show how they either failed or succeeded. It’s a doorstopper. It’s incredibly long. She doesn’t write the whole thing in that month either. She spends several years on it. At least three NaNos. What she does is that she does not write anything in regards to it for a few months and then goes back to it. It ends up being longer than 800 pages.

Kovu is a twenty-year-old in college when he participates in NaNo. Kiara, who he currently was dating, mentions how when she was still in high school she wrote an amazing novel for NaNo that she published a few years ago. He apparently read it last year, and loved it. She still does NaNo every year because she enjoys it so much. Kovu decides to write a very happy love story, the couple is not afraid to get together (like the characters on Bones), they do not fail (Hello, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, as well as Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague), or anything like that. They are a great couple who stays in love and is together forever. Like that one couple Kiara and him often double-date with.

Mary Poppins spends her NaNoWriMo on sabbatical from her job as a Nanny so that she can write. She decides to write a ton of children’s stories for her project. She writes many and she writes a lot over that month. After she is done, and back at work, when she has spare time she binds the stories in little folders and then she shares some of them with the children she takes care of. They enjoy them. Even if they missed her while she was away.

Milo Thatch is an archaeologist who is fascinated by the myths involving Atlantis. During his month leave from work, he spends November working on what could be defined as a NaNoWriMo, but really, Milo is unconcerned by such matters. He doesn’t finish what he’s working on during November, of course, but he does eventually finish it, and it is about 250,000 words.

Robert Seaver, when his step-children are adults and the dogs and cat they had in their childhood are naught but memories, he decides to spend two Novembers of two subsequent years, working on a NaNoWriMo project that he dedicates to these animals. He calls the novel “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” and it is about how twice, these animals made it back to them after being separated.

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Abby Mallard spends her NaNoWriMo project to write about alien invasions and falling in love. But the aliens don’t fall in love with the people they are invading. That doesn’t happen! Don’t be silly! More along the lines of two people falling in love as a result of an alien invasion.

Butch (also known as Buttercup) spends NaNoWriMo doing two things. Playing Robot Unicorn Attack and writing his submission. He basically creates a story around that game. And it is awesome. The end.

Ken spends the month of November writing about men’s fashion. He decides to make it rather lovely but at the same time serious in that matter of taking a subject serious, even if the person is having fun while writing. He manages to make it fairly long. It’s well over 50,000 words by November. And he eventually publishes.

Maurice does not really participate in NaNoWriMo; at least in the whole create a story type of thing, but more in terms of inventing machines. That month is about creation, is it not? His daughter agrees, even if she’s more interested in writing than machinery. She says something about how beauty is in creation, regardless of the form. And he does find beauty in inventing, so he does go with that. He gave her a good name.

Wally writes about robots and how they will help us advance technologically and advance in general. He actually looks at some of fiction in which robots are portrayed negatively somewhat and analyzes them. Movies like The Terminator films and shows like Futurama. He manages to make it into a great book.

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Audrey is busy at her mechanic shop for most of November, but what spare time she does have, she writes about what she knows best: fixing things. She enjoys writing manuals for fixing things and she certainly does not stop until she’s finished. She writes throughout the year, rather than just in November.

Charles Muntz uses Novembers in Paradise Falls as a time to be writing up yearly reports on his search for the bird of Paradise Falls. He allows the dogs to hunt the beast during this time but never bothers leaving the Spirit of Adventure during this month in order to write. He often finds himself yelling at his papers because of the fact that he still hasn’t found the damn bird yet!

Delbert Doppler spends November in the BenBow Inn working on a book about Astronomy. He writes extensively, going past 50,000 words. Jim and Sarah have to make sure that he eats because he is so focused on the book.

Jumba learns about NaNoWriMo when Lilo is thirteen, because she mentions it to him and shows him the website. He at first calls it a silly ritual and laughs. He then decides to write. He doesn’t write a story or anything like that. More like, just writing stuff. He ends up writing about his family and that sort of thing.

Linguini decides to use his free time during November to write about rats. Just writing about them. He has grown acquainted to them and feels he understands them. Of course, he doesn’t publish. It’s just something he does for fun.