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The NaNoWriMo Participants

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Belle manages to reach 50,000 words easily. She got even further than that by the end of the month, even. She wrote everything longhand and then converted it to digital format every night. She does not find it bothersome whatsoever. Her novel is the modern day’s answer to Jane Austen.

Bonnie Anderson doesn’t participate in the actual NaNoWriMo as she’s too young. But, she participates in the organization’s Young Writers Program. Although being under ten years old, she writes about 18,000 words through the month. It is fanfiction about her toys. A Space Ranger that rides a Unicorn figures prominently.

Claude Frollo’s submission for NaNoWriMo is a religious novel with villains who try to undermine Christianity. It is not received well at all. In fact, it is banned by France.

Colette Tatou does not get to 50,000 words, but manages about half that. She has a full time job! She writes a novel primarily about food. She writes her novel entirely in French. She translates it to English later on.

Fa Mulan found the prospect of NaNoWriMo very exciting. She writes an epic science-fiction adventure about sword fighting women from various countries banding together to fight aliens. She has so much fun, she doesn’t even think of NaNoWriMo as a competition. She writes as much as she wanted. She completed the novel on the last day of November, at 85,000 words. She wrote primarily in English and uses different languages throughout the novel, to illustrate the differences between the characters from different backgrounds.

Happy writes a novel that is made of pure happiness.

Jane Porter writes a novel that is essentially metafiction. She writes a long novel about primates and their appearances within fiction, using TV Tropes, Wikipedia, and so much more for research. She writes more than 50,000 words about the topic, even in November. She uses her own experience of studying primates and analyzes the way fiction portrays them. Once November was over, she continued to write it until it was completely finished. She publishes. Her father is ridiculously proud.

Kiara’s novel is about Africa. She has never been, but has African ancestry and has always been fascinated by the continent. She writes about freedom, spirituality, and lions. It is very moving. She writes it at age 17. She publishes it after high school.

Kuzco doesn’t get to 50,000 words. In fact, he doesn’t get past 1,000. He finds writing to be boring and would rather have someone else write for him. Whatever he wrote was in Spanish and about how awesome Kuzco is, how delicious guinea pigs are, and how tall the Andes are. It’s not exactly a novel at all.

Peach delights that her novel is written during the last month of springtime of Australia. About half of the 90,000 words that she manages to write are written while lounging at beaches in Sydney. Starfish and pelicans are major motifs in her novel that uses beaches as setting.

Roger Radcliffe writes a novel that heavily relies on poems. He can sing them to Anita. He gets past 50,000 words during November, but takes a break for a month before he finishes it. It is about good and evil. Dalmatians representing good and Cruella De Vil representing evil (but her name has been changed). When he publishes, dog lovers eat it up.

Spanish Buzz doesn’t really write a novel. He doesn’t really care to participate. What he does do is that he writes a love letter in novel form. His love letter is more than 50,000 words in both Spanish and English (so, about 100,000 words) about the one true beauty of the universe, a young redheaded woman named Jessie, who pierces his soul. Jessie reads it once the month is over. He proposes marriage in it. She accepts. They are together forever.

Violet Parr writes a collection of essays for her NaNoWriMo submission. She writes about teenage life and being a Super. They are very much like a blog. She does manage to get past 50,000 words during the month of November. She does not really care to publish or do anything with what she’s written. She is quite content with the writing, though. It was cathartic and helps her deal with the stress of being a teenage Super.

Will Turner writes just over 50,000 in during the cold November of England, and the rest over a longer period of time. His best friend, Elizabeth Swann is his muse. His novel is a time-traveling masterpiece where Caribbean pirates come to modern times to kick the butts of Somali pirates. The Caribbean pirates are lead by a woman.