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I Didn't Know You Had It In You

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As you disappeared into the forest foliage, the vampire followed the scent of your blood. With a flurry of strength and flashing sharp teeth, he was upon you, tearing a chunk out of your arm, letting your blood spray and your veins break apart, his teeth tearing them with a speed and skill no human possessed. As soon as it began, it was over. The vamp stood slowly, licking the sweet red liquid from his lips, savouring the taste. It was then he heard the hatred and bloodlust-filled voice of the King of Hell.

Crowley had heard your cries, slammed the offending vampire against a nearby tree, almost breaking his back, clicked his fingers and watched the vampire's body explode.

Although he was more than satisfied with his kill, Crowley recoiled in horror and despair and he found you splayed on the ground, one side of your arm almost torn to pieces, you had gone into a state of shock. For you it surely was over. You had lost so much blood, even Crowley's teleportation couldn't get you medical treatment or a transfusion in time. You were laying in a pool of your own blood, the scene resembled a severe gunshot wound. The vamp had torn through one of your arteries.

In an instant Crowley made a decision. Cas had not been answering his calls and there just was NO time. You were almost dead and had almost lost conciousness when you saw it, Crowley's red plume of smoke, the very essence of him, shooting out from his mouth, vessel collapsed to the ground, and all you could think was, "No, he can't, he'll find out...I'm done for,".

Just before this moment, Crowley had quite literally prayed to Cas: "Cassie, I know you can hear me, I'm going to say this once. I /need/ your help. Yes, me. I'm saying it. (Y/N) will die if you don't come and heal her /now/. I'll keep her ticking, keep her soul from leaving her body, you must come fix this. Now," Crowley said into the otherwise vacant ....he hoped it was empty of monsters anyway... "I'll be waiting." He also pictured saying this in his mind, and broadcast a telepathic message for good measure. *I may not be able to tap into angel radio just yet but I can certainly get into your head. Friggin' hurry up* he added to Castiel.

You lost conciousness as the demonic scarlet smoke entered your mouth and your eyes glowed red, your last thought before fainting, "He's saving my life, but now he'll find out the truth - SHIT!" - you were well aware that entering your body and mind granted a demon access to your deepest desires and thoughts.

To the outside observer, your body was now on the ground, knocked out, unconcious.

Crowley entered your mind and his sense of 'reality' and place appeared before him. He was watching a memory of you laying awake in your borrowed room in the Bunker and he could hear your thoughts and sense your feelings as if they were his own. In this screwed up 'reality'/place/memory inside your head, he sensed and saw your memory of this scene, you were mulling over your desire towards him.

*He's so hot, he's gorgeous, and he has no idea that I want him* He heard you saw in your thoughts in this scene *But what are Sam and Dean going to say? I can picture it now "You wanna screw the King of Hell? Fine. But you're not gonna do it in here and you're certainly not going to hunt with us ever again" - you had pictured Dean saying this, along with Sam adding, "You know he's right, (Y/N), I want to believe that you're on our side but how can we let you stay here or believe you after this? What else are you keeping from us?" You could almost hear Sam saying it in the pictured scene in your mind and in this moment, watching the memory of you thinking this up, Crowley could feel it too.

The scene suddenly changed and flashed forward, Crowley couldn't see a scene this time and the scene had gone black, he could just feel your lust towards him and an almost love of everything about his, the scruffy beard on his face, the way you pictured him snapping his fingers and removing your clothing in that most creative and fun way, pushing you aganst a wall with his invisible powers and having his way with you in the most imaginative ways possible. *Wow, such an imagination....* He thought.

Crowley pulled himself from his own memory and thoughts and concentrated on standing and feeling, almost drinking in your thoughts and lust.

"I had no idea you were such a naughty girl, (Y/N). If I'd known how you feel about me and how your body and mind yearn for me, I'd have made my move, used better lines than Dean ever could, wined and dined you my darling, until you wanted to take it to the next stage.." He shouted out loud, unable to control the train of thoughts and memories until...


It was like you were in a dream. You were sitting in a jacuzzi, relaxing, seemingly unaware of what was going on around you, looking out onto the sea. You were unsure of where you were, but you were in the state of mind where you didn't care or even realize half of what was going on, or question it, it was a dream-like state. You let your mind wander until...

"Hello Darling" Crowley appeared in the hot tub with you, his chest was bare, and you could see faintly under the bubbles that he was wearing black swimming trunks., you had no idea Crowley's vessel had such amazing tattoos...if this demon/man wasn't enough with his sexy accent, snarky attitude, wonderfully scruffy beard and strokeable hair, powers, domineering authority, then his vessel's body art really was the cherry on top. An oriental dragon on each arm, one was green and surrounding in flame and the other was red on the other arm. On one side of his chest he had a koi carp splashing and thrashing (something you would love to be doing with him in the jacuzzi right now) and you couldn't see any other tatts right now but that didn't mean you weren't curious...

*Oh here we go, brain* you thought to yourself *Turn it dirty why don't you, can't I just be innocent for once...*

"Oh, innocent is NOT a word I would use with you, love," Crowley replied, licking his lips and staring intently into your eyes.

"I know this is just a dream, okay?" You answer, blushing a little.

"Darling do you remember what happened?" He turned serious for a moment.

"I had a feeling this was a dream, yes...." you trailed off, the memories of what had happened hitting you, overwhelming you, causing Crowley to slide over to be next to you, he held you in his arms until you came to your senses again, your heartbeat had quickened but your panic was over as soon as it came, soothed by his presence, strangely, because he was a demon after all, the King of Hell.

"Look, I had to possess you, otherwise you'd have died right there...right then. I couldn't let my favourite hunter be destroyed in front of me and do nothing..." Crowley showed his vulnerable side and a slight smirk had emerged on his lips as he said, "Well, this has been I not only know why you didn't say anything, but also the extent of your crush on me and how you pictured us getting 'down and dirty'. At least buy me dinner first, (Y/N)" He squinted his eyes, licked his lips and smirked, "Are you okay?"

You had become better from your momentary panic at the memory of what happened.

"You saved my life, Crowley" Without thinking, tightly gripped the top of his arm, not hurting him or scratching his prized vessel He locked eyes with you, his deep green eyes staring into yours. In that moment he knew what you wanted. He kissed you, deeply and passionately, his tongue fighting yours for dominance until you gave in and let him take over completely.

"That was...magnificent, darling, you have no idea how long I've wanted to do just that," He paused a moment, stroking your hair gently. He leaned in close and spoke softly into your ear, "You do understand that this is only temporary, until I can contact Feathers and he can come and sort out your little...sanquine loss problem? I won't linger any longer than I have to in your vessel," He allowed his voice and breath to ghost your ear and he pulled away to stare into your eyes once more.

"Are you certain you want to do this in your current state? While we wait for the baby in a trenchcoat to finally make his way to you on the outside and heal you?" Crowley asked, he was a gentleman who never made his move without knowing his lover was completely comfortable. Demon or not, he knew about common decency and never took what he wanted forcefully. It wasn't his style.

"You're really asking me that? Doesn't my blushing and smiling answer your question?" You asked Crowley.

"I like to be sure," Crowley stated with yet another smirk, "I never assume."


"This beautiful scene, Crowley? Why would I stop this perfect fantasy? The amount of times I pictured doing things to you in a hot tub...we hunters don't get luxuries like this often..." Your sentence was stopped by Crowley crashing his lips against yours, he got closer and you could feel his passion and excitement brushing up against your thigh, spurring you on.

You felt as if all the air in your body was exhaled out of your lungs at that moment in one involuntary sigh. Everything you had been hiding had come to the surface and he was aware of your uncontrollable feelings for him, the ones you'd tried to shut away from yourself, Crowley and, most importantly, the Winchesters and Cas, if they were going to frown upon this then fuck their opinions as far as you were concerned. Yes they knew what was best but you were entitled to fun with a willing partner all the same. No matter who you chose, and who chose you.

"I'm flattered, so ready for me, so relaxed and willing, and I've barely touched you yet. Wait until you find out what I can do, what I can make you feel, how /good/ I can make you feel, and I'll certainly draw a deeper sigh from you than that, my filthy little hunter," Crowley growled into your ear. "When you're with me, it's not a case of IF you'll come, it's how OFTEN you'll come and how...I'll let you find out the rest, whilst I lick and kiss every part of you..." He got very close to you and had a large grin on his face...

"Mmm" You considered his words.

Crowley remembered something...."However, we need to wait for Cas, he'll be here any minute," Crowley trailed off. "As much as I'd like to fuck you into next week, darling, I don't think he'll appreciate waiting around," He laughed.

Suddenly he disappeared from view. You suddenly wondered if your vessels had been safe out in the open like that, what would happen if a group of vamps came across them and their beheaded nest member. What if a rival faction of demons had found his vessel, or some angels? Or if they'd found your unconcious body? This thought stayed in your head, Crowley had taken a huge risk to save you and that only added to his heroic appeal.

*Oh great, nice time to smoke out, just when I was getting turned on and ready to jump on him* You thought.


Crowley smoked out of your vessel in a magnificent display of crimson smoke, and back into his own vessel. Castiel was standing there looking unamused.

Crowley came to his senses again in his vessel and stood up to face the trenchcoated angel.

"You took your time?" Crowley snarked at him.

"Some of us are fighting an ongoing battle instead of getting into hunter's heads and flirting with them," Cas replied.

"Hurry up and heal her!" Crowley exclaimed as your vessel started to bleed out again.

Cas chose to ignore the ungrateful demon king and pressed his palm against your forehead, you still knocked out and bleeding out. There was a glow from Cas' plan onto your head, your severe wound on your arm immediately closed up. Within you, your blood was replenished by your own body, with the help of Cas' healing and there was now no need for a transfusion or visit to the emergency room. With a splutter you regained your senses, you were no longer injured and you got up to your feet. You realised that Cas had healed you

"Crowley, Cas, thank you for saving me." Crowley grinned from ear to ear as you kissed both his and Cas' cheek in term. Crowley felt a tinge of jealousy as from your innermost thoughts he knew you had a small, but present crush on the beautiful, dark-haired angel as well. Secretly, he did as well, that's why he teased Cas so much.

Cas nodded, "I'd love to stay but I have work to do".

"Thank you Cas, I owe you one" Crowley was grateful even though the words burned like holy water in his mouth. "Normally I would say yes but, it's nothing, anything to save (Y/N)'s life," Cas teleported away with a single beat of his wings, the noise of the flap echoing in the woods.

"Now, where were we?" Crowley hugged you from behind, "I think it's about time we made those *imaginative* fantasies of yours a reality, providing you're up to it?"

"Yes, definitely, let's go now!" You replied, eagerly.

"I know just the place, take my hand (Y/N). Let's get you out of that bloody, torn top and let me show you what a night with me is like, I hope you've got good stamina darling, 'cos mine is infinite," He showed you his red eyes which sent a rush of heat to your core. He was extremely proud of himself as he took your hand and your world shifted again. You couldn't wait to see what surprises he had in store for you...

(To be continued)