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Rare pairs - Only the Best

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Hey, so this is just a planner-type chapter, and an opportunity for you people to request stuff. 


In this fic, I’m going to write short stories (or long ones) for, but not limited to, these pairs:







-Nico/Mitchell (Aphrodite child)

-Annabeth/Thalia (I’ll decide if I want this to be strong platonic or romantic in the future)








-Scorpius/Albus (okay, not rare but shush)

-George/Fred (yup. incest. don’t read it if you don’t want to)

-Harry/Colin ( I kNOW Harry hates Colin, but drarry’s a popular ship soooo)

-James/Remus/Sirius (slightly rare)


You can request your own rare pair from these fandoms:

-Harry Potter

-Percy Jackson

-The Perks of Being a Wallflower

-Shameless (pleeeease nothing with Frank because I could do a realistic one with him/fucking lampost, and i kind of loathe him, therefore can’t write about him)

-The Maze Runner (I only know so many characters though)

-Skins UK 


-Dance Academy (it’s on Netflix, watch it, it’s discontinued (I think) but it’s good to binge watch)

-The Walking Dead

-Please Like Me

-Everything Sucks

-Grey’s Anatomy

-Limited amount of YouTubers


I don’t usually write straight couples, but if I really like it, i might.


I’ll have the first chapter up soon enough. Till then, brainstorm (preferably depressing, I seem to be good at writing those) prompts with or without a pair.