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When Waverly Earp started acting, she never expected to become the celebrity she is today. Sure, she had hoped to be successful, but this… this is a whole other level. With her sister Wynonna, also a famous actress, she steps out of the car and on to the red carpet for her premier. Dolls, Wynonna’s personal security, stays within reach but holds back enough not to be in the way. As they walk, photographers and reporters shout directions and questions their way. Waverly’s agent, Chrissy, directs them towards and interviewer and hands them a microphone.


“Waverly congratulations on what people are calling the most promising movie of the year! You must be so proud. How was it being able to work with other big names like Stephanie Jones and your boyfriend Champ Hardy?” The Entertainment Tonight interviewer asks.


Waverly smiles her patented smile and responds with practiced (literally practiced) ease. “It was an amazing experience. I got the opportunity to work with some great actors and actresses and learned a lot. I really love the film and I hope others will too.”


“And Wynonna, how does it feel to see your sister on the big screen and in a film of this caliber? The interviewer directs towards Wynonna.


“Babygirl is amazing. I know that and everyone else who watches her knows that too. She deserves to be here more than anyone else.” Wynonna responds.


“Now, you two are actually doing an upcoming film together, correct? Could you tell us a bit about that?”


“Yes, we are. The film is titled Black Badge Division. It is a movie about two best friends who are federal agents, trying to stop a terrorist attack. It’s an action movie, but very unique in that it has two female leads and is going to be directed by Doc Holiday. We also have Randy Nedley as our executive producer so it is going to be a blast. We are both very excited. We actually didn’t even know we were both auditioning for it until after we had both gotten our roles.” Waverly responds.


“Well, congratulations ladies on the upcoming film. We all can’t wait to see it and congratulations Waverly. Have fun tonight. Thank you.”


“Thanks.” Waverly responds before Chrissy leads the pair through a few more interviews along the carpet. By the time they get inside, both are tired of talking and ready to just watch the movie and get out of their heels for two hours. Champ finds her right before the movie starts, places a wet kiss on her cheek and sits down next to her. Waverly pretends to not notice the lipstick smudged on his collar or the slight sheen of sweat on his brow that is still visible. Instead, she basically ignores him entirely and the movie starts.



It’s not much of a secret that the best parties of the year are always after parties. But the less known fact is that the best parties are the after parties of the official after parties. And it is in one of those parties that Waverly finds herself. The official after parties are fun, but it is mostly full of cast, crew and important suits that make movies happen. This party though… this is only for the top.


It is mostly cast, their friends, other actors in the industry, and of course the people hired to be there. Those people included everyone from strippers, and hookers to drug dealers and suppliers.


As Waverly makes her way over to the bar for another drink, she feels sweaty hands wrap around her and then grab her ass. “Babe.”


“Champ.” She says, trying to sound excited to see him.


“Come over here. Carl got some good stuff.” He says, pulling her over to a table lined with an array of drugs. Wynonna is there too, but she is off to the side and just smoking from a bong with a few of her friends. Champ, however, goes right for the hard stuff. Without hesitation, he does not one, but two, lines of cocaine and begins to speak to her as he begins to smoke the crack on the table. “What do you want babe?”


Waverly shakes her head, annoyed.


“We got some E over here. The good stuff too.” Carl, Champ’s favorite drug dealer, says.


A presence behind her makes Waverly look back and she sees Dolls looking down at her and then to Carl. “Did you test it?” He asks.


“What? Nah, bra. It’s all good. I got good suppliers. They always give me the good stuff.” Carl says easily.


Dolls glares at him but focuses on Waverly once again. The look he gives her speaks volumes and she nods to him before he walks away.


Turning her attention back to Carl, Waverly sighs. “I think I am good. No thanks.”


“Come on Waverly. Don’t be such a loner. Just have some fun. Stop being so… you.” Champ complains, smoking the crack once more before leaning forward and touching her. His hands grab her by the hips and one slips between her thighs and rests on her left, upper and inner thigh.


Waverly wants to puke and make the sick feeling that came with Champs touch and his words go away. She nods to Carl and he hands her two molly tabs. She takes them, closing her eyes and taking a sip of Champs beer. The rest of the night and morning is a haze after that.



Arriving home from the premier with Wynonna, Dolls, and Champ in tow, Waverly is exhausted and still pretty messed up. The night, and morning, was long and she just wants to fall into bed. The premier itself was fine and the movie actually was good, but the after party was a bit much and ended with Steph Jones doing body shots off of a stripper. Besides that, Waverly doesn’t remember anything else.


Walking inside and closing the door, Wynonna went straight up to her bedroom while Dolls did a security check of the property. Champ heads up to her bedroom, not even waiting for Waverly or offering to help her with her things. She huffs out an agitated breath but lets it go. Dolls checks in with her and gives her the all clear so she settles into the living room couch and ends up drinking shots until she falls asleep.



Deciding she needed some fresh air the next morning, she decided a walk on the beach would be nice. Champ, of course, tagged along. Waverly doubts it is for any reason other than the publicity. Champ ends up derailing the walk and they end up walking through downtown. The paparazzi follow them everywhere they go and, unlike Waverly, Champ eats it all up. He keeps an arm wrapped around Waverly in a completely possessive power move as they walk, making stupid conversation as they go. They are almost back to their car when a man barrels through them and hits both of them to the ground. He pulls a gun and points it at them.


“Woah man. Don’t shoot. Do you know who I am?” Champ says, moving to stand behind Waverly. Waverly would roll her eyes at him if they weren’t in a life-threatening situation.


“I don’t give a damn!” The gunman shouts. “Give me your wallets, phones and jewelry! Now!”


Champ and Waverly both hand over their phones, wallets and jewelry. All except for the gold chain Champ wears around his neck.


“That too homie!” The gunman says, motioning to the necklace with his gun.


“C’mon man. Not the chain.” Champ complains.


The gunman grabs Waverly and points it into her side. “Now!”


“Bro, I can’t give you…” Champ starts.


“Champ!” Waverly exclaims in outrage. Is he really choosing a piece of jewelry over my life?!


Before anything else can happen, a police cruiser pulls up and a bunch of cops surround them.


“Down on the ground! Let me see your hands!” The police officers yell.


The gunman immediately drops their belongings and the gun, laying down on the pavement.


Waverly glares at Champ, who goes to pick up his belongings before even looking to see if she is okay, and then turns to see the paparazzi all standing a few yards away taking pictures. Assholes.



“Babygirl! Are you okay?!” Wynonna exclaims as she runs into the police station and drags Waverly into her arms.


“Yeah Nonna. I am okay.” Waverly responds, holding her sister with slightly shaky arms. She turns her head and sees Dolls a few feet away. He gives her an affirmative nod and she instantly feels a little safer. Champ just sits in his chair, playing a game on his phone or texting his buddies.


Dolls gives him some wicked side eye, but besides that, they all just ignore his presence. 




“I am setting you up with some personal security.” Dolls says as they enter the house. Champ went home so it is just him and the Earp sisters.


“Dolls, I’m…” Waverly starts to protest.


“Not going to finish that sentence unless to say that you can’t wait for your new bodyguard to start.” Wynonna interrupts and finishes. Her tone leaves no room for argument. “Waverly, I could have lost you today. That can’t happen again. Got it?”


“Got it.” Waverly replies with a pout. This isn’t the first incident she has had since her fame started to grow. Wynonna had a couple of run ins similar before hiring on Dolls full time. She knows her sister is just looking out for her and so is Dolls. “So, how do we do this?”


“Interviews this afternoon. Then you pick and we take it from there.” Dolls answers. “I already called in to an independent contractor who is going to send five or six of their people. I also called in an old friend of mine. You will meet them all and ask them anything you want. I will vet them all and get you spec sheets with all their info as well.”


Waverly nods and walks with her sister towards their kitchen. She needs a drink.



Waverly hears cars pull up and people assembling outside. Dolls walks out and directs them one by one into the front sitting room. There, Wynonna, Dolls, Chrissy and Waverly interview them, asking questions and reading records.


The first is a young man named Pete York. He seems like a nice guy but he is also a mega fan of Waverly’s so it seems a little problematic.


The next is a woman name Lisa. She is wicked smart, but Dolls and Wynonna both seem concerned with her level of training. Three more men come in, varying in age and ability before the last interviewee is led in by Dolls.


“Nicole Haught.” Wynonna says aloud as she reads the woman’s sheet. “Seriously? That can’t be real.”


“Since birth.” The redhead responds, slight teasing in her almost stoic tone.


Waverly can already see the wheels turning in Wynonna’s head, so she moves on before her sister can start. “So, your sheet says you have military training?”


“Yes Ma’am. I spent five years in the Army. I was transferred to Israel and trained with the Mossad for three years before I took my honorable discharge and moved into the private sector.” Nicole responds.


“While in the military, you also pursued an education?” Chrissy asks, reading the sheet as she goes.


“Correct. I completed most of it during my time in the military. After being discharged, I finished up my degree in six months and graduated from West Point with a bachelor’s degree in Defense and Strategic Studies.” Nicole explains.


“And when did you graduate?” Chrissy follows up.


“May of last year.”


Chrissy nods and sits back further in her seat. Waverly just stares at the redhead, trying to get a read on her.


“So, are you a fan of my sister’s?” Wynonna asks.


“I actually haven’t seen any of her films, my apologies, so no. But I am aware of her because of her presence in media and through mutual clients.”


“Mutual clients?” Wynonna asks.


“Yes. It is my understanding you both are Gus McCready’s nieces. I was under her employ until about a month ago when she moved back to your hometown.” Nicole clarifies.


“And you worked for her for what…almost a year and a half?” Chrissy asks, doing the math.


“Yes Ma’am. Closer to two actually.”


“Dolls, you have any questions for her?” Waverly asks, surprised by his relative silence.


“No. I think you covered it all.” He responds.


“Alright Ms. Haught. Thank you for your time. We will be in touch.” Chrissy says. Nicole nods, shakes all of their hands and allows Dolls to walk her out.


“So, what do you think Waves?” Chrissy asks her, spreading six packets across the coffee table with the applicant photos on top.


That Pete guy is a no.” Wynonna says quickly. “Same thing with the Lisa chick.”


Dolls enters and joins the conversation. Chrissy removes Lisa and Pete’s packets, leaving their other options on the table.


“Ericson needs to go. The guy is a washed-up cop who couldn’t handle the job.” Dolls says, removing the packet and handing it to Chrissy himself.


“This guy was a little too comfortable… if you know what I mean.” Waverly says, pointing to another packet. Chrissy removes it. “And that guy just kinda gave me a weird feeling. Like it just didn’t click.” Chrissy removes another.


“And then there were two.” Wynonna says, looking at the two remaining applicants. A former FBI agent named Damion Franks and retired Staff Sergeant Nicole Haught.


“Well, does gender matter to you Waves?” Chrissy asks.


“Not really. But having a woman might be nice. Especially if she will be with me almost twenty-four seven. Plus, Mossad is no joke. She seems almost over qualified in comparison to the others.” Waverly admits.


“I am good with the redhead. I texted Gus and she said she is good.” Wynonna says, looking down at her phone.


“I agree. She seems professional, but also seems like she cares. She has got my vote.” Chrissy agrees.


“Waverly?” Dolls asks.


“Yeah, I will give her a shot.” Waverly agrees.


“Alright then. I will text her.” Dolls confirms.


“Text her? Damn I didn’t think you texted people about work stuff.” Wynonna teases.


“True. But I figured she would receive this quicker than an email, plus, I need to confirm our plans together tonight.” Dolls says, looking down at his phone.


“Plans? You going on a date with Waverly’s bodyguard?!” Wynonna exclaims in surprise.


“Earp. No. Nicole is a friend of mine from my army days. We had preexisting plans to go out for a drink prior to all of this.” Dolls says.


“You have friends?!”


“Shut it Earp.” Dolls says, but it has no malice to it.


“Why don’t you just have a drink here? Bring her by and she can get herself familiarized. Plus, we can get to know her better.” Wynonna suggests.


“I will suggest that.” Dolls says, walking out of the room.



Nicole shows up a few hours later and is greeted by Dolls at the front gate. “Hey Haught. Welcome back.”


“Thanks. How have you been Dolls?” Nicole responds, walking by his side and into the house.


“Good. This job has been good for me after everything that happened. I think you will like it here.”


“I am glad to hear it on both accounts.”


 “Let’s give you the tour while we are up then we can get drinks and join the others.” Dolls suggests.


“Let’s do it.”



After touring the three-story house, Nicole feels like she has a pretty good grasp on the layout. The top floor consisted of Wynonna’s room, a guest room Dolls sleeps in, an office and another guest room that Wynonna uses for extra storage. The second floor is Waverly’s and holds Waverly’s room, one guest room, and two offices. One office is Waverly’s and the other is empty. On the ground floor, there is a home movie theater with nine seats, a sitting room, a living room, a large kitchen, a billiard room, an indoor gym, a sauna, a dining room (fitted with an indoor bar), and a library. Outside is a large pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen and swim up bar.


Walking outside, Nicole and Dolls join the sisters and Chrissy at the dry side of the bar.


“So Haughtstuff? What did you think of the place?” Wynonna asks as they approach.


“It is very nice Ms. Earp.” Nicole replies politely.


“Oh god. Okay, first rule: No calling me ma’am or Ms. Makes me feel like our mother.” Wynonna says, pulling from her bottle. “And second, relax. We aren’t that uptight here and you are going to be living with us so you might as well get used to it.”


“Okay, well in that case, I should let you know, I have heard every pun on my last name imaginable. I wouldn’t try it.” Nicole responds, matching Wynonna’s playful smirk. “But I will take your first attempt as a complement.”


“Challenge accepted Haught-topic. I am just getting started.” Wynonna replies, leading them all over to a bonfire pit near the pool. Dolls and Nicole take seats next to each other, Waverly, Wynonna and Chrissy on the other side. As conversation flows, Waverly can’t help but look at the redhead. She would have to be blind to not notice the other woman’s beauty. That is obvious. But there is something else about her that intrigues Waverly.


After an hour or so, Waverly finds herself scooting over to the other side and sitting next to Nicole. “So, I figure we should probably get to know each other better, considering you will basically be by my side all the time for the foreseeable future.” Waverly says.


“Is that a bad thing? Being your personal security?” Nicole asks.


“I feel like it is going to be boring for you, or annoying. Life is pretty weird with me and Wynonna involved. Or Champ for that matter.” Waverly explains, looking down at the beer in her hands.


“Champ is your boyfriend, right? I still haven’t had the chance to go through the dossier yet on your contacts. Sorry.” Nicole asks, patting the file box sitting behind her that Dolls gave her.


“Ha yeah. He is. And don’t worry. You don’t start until Monday anyways. Are you planning on moving in this weekend or on Monday as well?” Waverly asks.


“Um, Dolls suggested I move in Sunday morning. I was thinking that as well as long as that is okay with you and your sister?”


“No, I mean, that’s great.” Waverly fumbles a little. She shivers and Nicole wordlessly slips off her jacket and offers it to the smaller brunette. “Oh no, Nicole, I can’t. You are going to freeze.”


“No, please. I am plenty warm from the fire. You look really cold.” Nicole insists with a warm smile.


“Okay.” Waverly finally agrees, draping the jacket over her lap.



Nicole moves in two days later with nothing more than two duffle bags, a backpack and two hard cases.


“Is that all you have?” Waverly asks in disbelief.


“Um, yeah. I don’t really have a lot of stuff. Force of habit from my time in the service I guess.” Nicole says a little sheepishly.


Waverly smiles and offers to help her with her stuff but Nicole politely declines. Waverly leads her upstairs. Nicole moves into the bedroom next to Waverly’s, quickly stashing her gun safe in the closet and another under the bed before unpacking the rest of her stuff. Walking back down stairs, Dolls and her meet in the dining room and go over all the vital information Nicole needs to know about Waverly and about the sisters as a whole. Although she is Waverly’s guard, she is now a part of a team with Dolls to keep both women safe. By the end of their session, both Dolls and Nicole are happy with the briefing and feel she is ready to start work the next day.


As they pack up their folders and move to leave, Dolls starts speaking again. “Oh, and before I forget, Waverly’s boyfriend Champ is throwing a party tomorrow night at his estate. We are going to be accompanying the sisters and making sure they get home safe. These Hollywood parties make me feel at times more in danger than I did on the battlefield.”


“10-4. I will be ready.” Nicole responds without hesitation.





When Waverly walks downstairs to find Dolls and Nicole waiting for her and her sister, she isn’t prepared for what she sees. She is used to Dolls in a suit, but to see Nicole in one… she feels her brain shutdown momentarily and her steps falter before regaining her bearings. Nicole smiles at her respectfully and looks down at her feet before returning her eyes to Waverly. Wynonna joins them a moment later and they set off for the party.


The party itself is just madness. Champ is absent upon their arrival, but about an hour later, he finds them and proceeds to be all over Waverly the rest of the night. Waverly and Wynonna both hit the booze hard and Nicole even sees Waverly take a pill Champ hands her while Wynonna is busy making out with some stranger. Soon, Champ is pulling Waverly on to his lap and having her straddle him on the couch as they make out heavily. Champ is grabbing her ass and breasts and basically every part of Waverly’s body that gets him harder. Grinding into each other as if they aren’t in a room with about twenty other people, Nicole isn’t even sure if Waverly can remember her own name. Nicole just leans back against the wall, next to Dolls while they watch over the two sisters, neither looking too pleased. Watching Champ and Waverly practically having sex on the couch in a room full of people is definitely not where Nicole wants to be, but it’s the job and not something she is unfamiliar with. She looks away when she sees Champ slip his hands under Waverly’s shirt, but looks back just in time to see and hear Waverly protest and move his hands away.


“C’mon Babe. I am hard and you got me going. Let’s go upstairs and fix this all up.” Champ whines.


Definitely on drugs and drunk, Waverly barely gets her response out. “Champ. No. I don’t- I don’t want to.”


“Waverly. You were the one who got me all riled up, now we are going to go upstairs and you are going to fix the problem for me. Got it?” Champ says, a little harsher but also very intoxicated and possibly on cocaine, if Nicole had to guess.


Nicole steps forward after telling Dolls and places a light hand on Waverly’s shoulder. “You okay, Ms. Earp?”


Waverly’s eyes are bloodshot and her movements are sluggish. The smaller brunette visibly isn’t functioning.


“She’s fine.” Champ barks out, trying to pull Waverly back down for a kiss but Waverly stays up as best she can and continues to try and focus on Nicole.


“Ms. Earp?” Nicole asks, completely ignoring Champ and keeping her focus on Waverly.


“Nic-Nicole, I don’t feel so good.” Waverly slurs, taking her hands off of Champ and holding them out at Nicole like she wants a hug.


“Alright, I think it’s time to get you home.” Nicole says, glancing away just long enough to see Dolls gathering Wynonna and standing her up.


Waverly nods and leans off of Champ and takes Nicole’s hand to stand. She is shaky, but she seems to be able to support at least some of her own weight.


“Who the hell do you think you are bitch?!” Champ exclaims.


Nicole looks at him, knowing he is too messed up to fight or even get up, and then proceeds to ignore him and walk Waverly out of the house. They are almost to the front door when Waverly goes limp and Nicole has to catch her. Gathering her up, Nicole carries her out to their waiting car, and lays her down in the back seat with the small brunette’s head in her lap.


“Good to go?” Dolls asks.


“Yeah, go. I think Champ gave her some rohypnol or something. She is conscious, but she is unable to move and isn’t really here right now. Plus, she had a lot to drink. I assume you got a protocol for this?” Nicole asks, periodically checking Waverly and then Wynonna (who isn’t in that much better shape).


“Keep it closed book. Just get them hydrated and settled in when we get back.” Dolls says.


Nicole nods and does exactly that. After watching Dolls help a still partially mobile Wynonna inside, Nicole slips her arms under Waverly’s knees and back before lifting her out of the car and carrying her upstairs. After placing Waverly in her bed, Nicole runs downstairs and grabs some waters, a cool and wet towel and an icepack. She reenters and finds Waverly a little more conscious and lucid then before. Turning her head at Nicole’s entrance, Waverly smiles at her and then winces. “Ouch.”


“Are you okay to sit up?” Nicole asks, walking over to her.


Waverly does her best attempt at a nod and with some help from Nicole, she is sitting up a little in bed with her back braced with pillows. Nicole watches and helps her drink two bottles of water before pulling out the icepack and laying it on Waverly’s now resting arm. The bruise Waverly hasn’t even seemed to have noticed is already forming in the shape of Champ’s fingers and Nicole wants to treat it quickly. She lays Waverly back down and places the cool, damp towel on Waverly’s forehead. After twenty minutes, Nicole removes it all and makes sure Waverly is comfortable before settling into a seat across the room to make sure she is okay for the rest of the night. She loosens her tie and pulls her belt off, finally dozing off around sunrise.