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Glee My Way

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“Mom do I really have to go to this new school? I won’t know anyone and I will miss all my friends.” MaKayla “Mac” Barrett asked her mom for what had to have been the 100th time that month alone.


“Yes sweetheart you do have to go to this new school. I know you are scared of being the new kid but you will make friends at no time.” Gina Barrett told her daughter as she kissed her forehead.


“Sure famous last words.” Mac mumbled to her mom.


Gina laughed and then they both left their new home and headed to William McKinley

High School.


Will Schuester who was WMHS Spanish teacher and glee club coach was walking into the teacher’s lounge when he heard that the school was getting a new guidance counselor. When he heard this he shook his head. This school never seem to be able to hold a teacher or guidance counselor for more than a month at most.


Will walked back out of the lounge when he ran into someone.


“Oh I am so sorry.” The voice said and when he heard the voice he thought it sounded familiar to him.


When Will looked up he was surprised to see the voice was just who he thought it was. “Gina Barrett?”


When Gina looked up she was surprised to see who she was looking at. “Will Schuester. Wow it has been too long.” Gina told him as she tried to hide the fear of him finding out her secret.


“Mom, I’m going to be late can we go?” MaKayla said from next to her and when Will heard that he was shocked.


“Mom?” Will asked shocked.


“Umm yea. Well we should be going to get her to class on time. I will see you around Will.” Gina said as she quickly pulled Mac away from Will and it couldn’t have been fast enough for her liking.


Will watched them leave as fast as they could and he couldn’t help but wonder who Gina’s husband is. Seeing them gone he shakes his head and then turns and walks down to Principal Figgins office cause he was going to request the glee club for himself and not let Friggin take it away.



Later that day Rachel Berry was walking out of her class deep in thought on how to save the Glee Club when she bumped into someone. She closed her eyes fearing it was going to be a slushies facial when she heard someone say her name.


“Rachel?” The voice said and when Rachel opened her eyes she saw it was her best friend from another school.


“MaKayla? Oh thank god it was you.” Rachel said as she hugged her tight.


“Why did you looked worried after you bumped into me?” Mac asked after she pulled back from the hug.


“Because I am afraid I am not a very popular girl to be friends with.” Rachel said and just before she could say anything else both Mac and Rachel were treated my slushie facials.


“What the hell!” Mac yelled after she and Rachel got hit by the cold drinks. She looked right at the boys and girls that did it.


“Well lookie here if it isn’t the school freak and she is making friends with the new girl.” Said Quinn Fabray with a smirk on her face.


“Oh I hope you were not looking to win anything as a cheerleader and make sure you let Coach Sylvester know that the cheerleader she had gone all the way to Seattle to personal watch and want on her team here sends her regards but is now saying she won’t join the team cause she has bitches on her team who have no problems hurting other people and then laugh about it.” Mac told Quinn as she took Rachel’s arm and they walked down the hall to where her mom was working as the new Guidance Counselor leaving Quinn to watch in horror as she realized she has just cost her team the member Coach S had been raving on and on about that was really going to bring home championships


Mac and Rachel walked into the guidance office and Gina looked up in shock. She was horrified to see her daughter and her best friend standing in front of her and they were covered in what appeared to be food coloring.


“What the hell happened MaKayla?” Gina asked as she walked over to them with 2 towels she kept in the office in case of emergencies.


“Well it appears that the popular kids here like to throw slushies at Rachel just for fun and so they did it to both of us just cause I am the new kid hanging with Rachel but I got back at the cheerleaders that did it too cause I told one of them that they can explain to Coach Sylvester why I would not be joining her cheer team now.” Mac told her mom.

When Gina heard this smiled. Mac was always good at telling people off. It made Gina wonder who she got it from her or her father.


“Well then Rachel it is so good to see you sweetheart.” Gina told her and then she turned and took the bag that Mac had made for herself for after she finished cheerleading today. “Well since it looks like you won’t be cheering today here put these on and Rachel do you need to go home and change.


“No Gina. I am quite use to this happening so I have a change of cloths in my locker. I will just let my other best friend know what happened and he will meet us at the bathroom to help us clean up.” Rachel said as she pulled out her cell. She looked up and saw how Gina and Mac were looking at her. “Oh he is gay and proud of it.”


“Ah k that makes sense now.” Mac said as she and Rachel left to get changed and then go to class.