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22 Years and Counting

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He had a crush on his leading lady, she cursed herself for finding someone, young enough to be her son, this attractive. He told himself to get over it, that you are not allowed to like the star, that it's unethical, that it's a cliché.

When he first realised that he liked her,
he stopped speaking to her for a week, the embarrassment too much for him.

She'd asked him, at a party that he threw just to spend time with her, yet not have the pressure of a full on, one on one conversation, why he was avoiding her.
He, after having a few drinks, admitted his crush and said that he was sorry and that he would stop.
But her response shocked him, she told him how she felt the same, he had never been happier, the woman he had admired and quite frankly obsessed over, was into him. It was every teenager’s dream.

On their first official ‘date’ he was 27, she was 41, he'd invited her to his house, he was planning on making Crepe Suzette Flambé.
He asked her to come to the kitchen to help him out with the cooking.
He'd assumed the date had gone well, seeing as they never made it back to the table after she joined him.

When he woke with his arm wrapped around her, he smiled, happy, content, not knowing just yet that he had met the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with, start a family with, fall in love with.
She was to become his everything, someone he could look after and be looked after by, someone he could always rely on, who would put up with his singing around the house, with his endless haircut changes, with his ups and downs, highs and lows. Someone he would love with everything he had, someone he would protect with his life, someone that he would never let go of, no matter what.
They were the perfect couple, living the dream.

22 years later they still love each other more than ever, their relationship only growing stronger, living each day as it comes and loving every minute.
Not letting what they may have been through, keep them down. Not letting scrutiny from over people affect them, affect how amazing they are together.

Their beautiful children mean the world to them, and anyone with any sensibility can see how much of an incredibly amazing family they all are.

Hugh and Deb, I think any person would wish to be in a loving, comfortable, caring, committed, marriage like the one you two are in.
Happy Belated 22nd Anniversary and May you two gorgeous human beings be happy forever.