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Cat Cafes and Rainy Days

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Ashido kept glancing up at the purple haired boy she made friends with during first year. It took a few months, but he was transferred into the hero course, but he was in class B instead. His hair always seemed to defy gravity, and his love for cats was endless. All of his casual clothes usually had to do with cats, and so did his hobbies.


Cat cafes, going to the animal shelter to see the cats, anything that you could possibly think of. Yet, here she was with him at an animal shelter because she was volunteering there for the afternoon. It was different from her hero work, but it was one of the courses she could take to learn more about working with different levels of stress.


Yet, here she was chewing on her lower lip because the soft smile on Shinsou's face did things to her. It made her heart beat a little faster, her face heat up when he looked at her. She knew exactly what it was and why, but she never would act on it ever. She had a crush on him.


Shinsou was sitting down in the cat room, waving a wand up for the small kittens who were all over him. He was stroking one of the tabby kittens under the neck with his free hand, school bag set off to the side of where he was. He hadn't noticed Ashido when he first got to the shelter though that was probably because he always seemed to slip in without anyone noticing him. He had overheard some of the students in class A talking to Ashido about her volunteer work at one of the shelters that were nearby, but he wasn't sure which shelter they were talking about.


By her third year, her hair had gotten longer, brushing a strand of it behind her ear. She had taken to standing next to him, watching over him as he played with the kittens. It was always custom that one of the volunteers made sure to stay with anyone who was in the cat room.


Only because some of the kittens were newborns and couldn't be held yet. She knew she didn't have to worry with Shinsou, knowing that he had a few cats of his own back home with his parents. "I've never seen someone who loves cats as much as you do."


Shinsou let his eyes wander up to Ashido's golden eyes and he gave a small, tired smile. "Not everyone knows how to care for cats. They get mad when they can't treat them like dogs." He spoke bluntly as always, keeping his voice low as if he didn't want anyone else to hear him talking. He watched as one of the kittens rolled on to their back and he pushing his fingers against its stomach, quickly pulling away when the kitten started to scratch at his skin.


Ashido caught his gaze, looking away from him slightly. She was glad her skin was pink, it hiding her slight blush. She reached a hand over, nudging lightly under the kittens chin as it meowed softly. She pulled her hand away, a small smile on her face as she looked up at the clock. "Oh, it's feeding time. No wonder the little ones are getting antsy." She picked the two kittens up out of their small pen, walking them over to the small feeding station set up. "Do you want to help me feed them?"


"Dinner?" Shinsou glanced at the clock on the wall, bringing himself to stand up. He knew how shelters work, knowing that the animals usually ate at the same time every day just like his cats back at home. He watched the pink-skinned girl, keepings his eyes on her for a just a moment too long before he leaned down and picked up one of the other kittens. He figured they ate whatever the volunteers or whatever donations came in, so he decided to keep his mouth shut about what brands of food were the best to feed kittens.


"It's not any special brand, since they're still babies. We need to make sure to take special care of them. They're the runts of their litter." Ashido looked up at him, seeing the curiosity in his face. She gave him a small smile, handing him one of the little droppers they used to feed the kittens. "In about a week or so they should be big enough to eat regular food."


Shinsou felt like a natural when it came to feeding kittens. He looked at the dropper and pushed his finger into the mouth of the kitten he was holding. "You guys will be just fine." He spoke softly, keeping his thoughts to himself as the kitten starting to meow at his thumb. He popped the end of the dropper into the little animals' mouth, gently feeding it.


Ashido already had the dropper in one of the kitten's mouths, looking over at him with a soft smile. He was amazing with cats, and it was something that she'd known forever. Yet, it's still different to see it up close rather than far away. She finished feeding one of the kittens, placing it on the small table while she fed the other one. "We just have one more after you're finished Shinsou. Then they'll be alright for the night."


Shinsou watched the kitten in his hand, making sure the little kitten drank all of its food. He set the dropper on the table next to where Ashido put hers and gently rubbed at the kittens' back. He crouched down and sat the kitten down, who shook and ran off to the other cats. "Do these little guys get special attention?"


"Only from me, I'll sneak in here before I leave for the night to play with them. Though they seem to really have taken a liking to you too." Ashido finished feeding her second kitten, picking up the last one and scratching under its chin. "The boss said once I complete my hours, I could adopt one if I wanted to." Ashido mumbled softly, picking up the last dropper to start feeding the kitten.


"They don't take a lot of work." Shinsou told her softly, watching as she fed the kitten. "But if you adopt a kitten they need more attention than older cats. Most of the time they'll know the litter box but it's always better to put them in it when they get home. They're also very active for being so young."


"I haven't really decided. I would feel bad if I got a pet and couldn't take care of it properly. I know cat's are low maintenance sometimes, but I don't want to leave it alone when I'm working." Ashido finished feeding the kitten, leaving the dropper in the small basin. She scratched at the kittens chin softly again, hearing a small meow. "Did you hear though? They've decided to hold a dance before graduation to celebrate."


Shinsou tilted his head to the side just a bit, not seeming too interest in it. "Is that really safe? I mean, you and the rest of class A have a reputation of attracting villains." He rubbed the back of his neck, stretching it out with a yawn. "I'm sure Principal Nezu would have to jack up security again. Not that it's a huge problem, but still. I guess we can just wait to see what happens."


"It's not just for class A, it's for all of us third years." Ashido felt her heart drop a little, realizing he didn't care too much for the idea. She set the kitten back down with the others in their cage, closing the door. She looked back up at the clock again, realizing that it was almost near closing time. "I'm sure he knows what he's doing. I just thought it was a nice touch, since they've never done it before. Not even when the Big Three were attending."


Shinsou shrugged some, "I'm assuming you'll be going with, uh..." He made a face before he spoke again, "... Bakugou or one of his friends. You like dancing, don't you?" He briefly remember back in their first year when he wasn't in the heroics department that class A had put on a show for their cultural festival. If he recalled correctly, she was the so called lead dancer.


"I haven't asked anyone yet. It's girls choice, but I wanted to wait a bit to see who would still be available." Ashido looked up at him, tilting her head slightly. She walked with him out of the cat room, making sure the door was closed properly. "I take it Kendou or Tooru's asked you? They're pretty fond of you I hear."


"Hagakure has. I believe Kendou is going with Tetsutetsu so she hasn't asked, no." Shinsou responded, glancing at the small little gift shop. He was used to some of the students looking at him differently for transferring departments, but Aizawa did his best to get him into the heroic department and he was thankful for that; as were his former classmates. But there was something about the pink-skinned girl that made him rethink his choice of going to the dance.


"You haven't answered her? Or did you tell her you weren't interested in going?" She brushed a strand of hair out of her face again, huffing softly. She finally gave in, just putting it in a loose bun after she took off the work apron. She hung it up where the rest were, looking over at him with a small smile. "Are you heading home now too then? Since we're all closed up for the night now."


Shinsou shrugged, "I told her that I wasn't all that interested in going. Dancing isn't my thing." He looked at her, pointing to the front door. "I'm heading home for the night. Aizawa-sensei said he wants me to train with him before class starts tomorrow." He covered his mouth as he yawned, looking even more tired than he was before.


Ashido nodded, walking with him out of the shelter. She waved goodbye to the owner before leaving, looking up at him. He always looked tired, the dark circles never seeming to go away. She took her phone out of her pocket, scrolling through the missed messages. "Are you heading back to the dorms or to your parents?"


"My parents are out of town for the week." Shinsou said, keeping it simple. He would return back to the dorms, not saying a word to any of his classmates or teachers unless he was stopped. That's just who he was; simple and... well, simple. He didn't expect much from anyone and he knew that there were still people that were afraid of him because of his quirk. He was more than used to it though - he had plenty of time to get used to it. "Will you be returning to the dorms as well?"


"I will, after I stop to get something to eat. It's been a long day..." She had to laugh softly when she heard her stomach rumble, hand rubbing it lightly. She looked back up at him, giving him a small smile. "Would you like to join me?"


He pulled out his phone from his pants pocket to check the time. He shrugged, figuring that he should probably get something to eat. He would probably just go back to his dorm to study or do whatever homework he had and then go to bed without eating anything. He looked down at her, shoving his phone back in his pocket. "I guess... it wouldn't hurt."


Ashido smiled again, walking with him to a small take out place. "Then let it be my treat, 'kay? Since I asked you to join me." They weren't too far from UA's school grounds, looking around the small town. "This place has good chinese food, but they also do a lot of different things too."


"I'm sure I can find something." Shinsou glanced at where one of the buildings from UA wasin the distance before he followed Ashido inside the take out diner. He looked over the menu, looking over something that he wanted. "You don't have to pay for mine, Ashido. I have enough money."


She glanced up at him, shaking her head. "I know, I'm sure you do. Just let me treat you this time 'kay?" She looked over the menu, rocking back on her heels slightly. She let her arm brush against his lightly, chewing on her lower lip.


Shinsou didn't seem to notice the girl brushing against his arm until he went up to the counter to order what he wanted. He noticed a cold spot on his arm from where her's was and gave a quick glance back to the pink girl. He ordered what he wanted, keeping his eyes on the cashier before he stepped aside to let Mina order.


Ashido ordered a burger and fries, paying for their meal. She took the plastic number from the cashier, looking around the small place. "Should we sit here and eat, or wait for our food and head back to the dorms?"


"We should head back to the dorms after we get our food. If we stay out too long we'll miss curfew." Shinsou shrugged the options off as he spoke, but knew it would only be trouble for them if they stayed out too much longer.


Ashido nodded, leaning against the counter slightly. She rocked back on her heels, taking her phone out and looking over some of the messages she missed. She knew Shinsou was right, if they stayed out any later they could get in trouble for curfew.

She didn't plan on going to her room once they got back though. It was almost like a tradition, once a month she'd bake cookies and place them on Shinsou's desk without him knowing. As some sort of secret admirer since everyone knew about his love of cats.


Shinsou went right back up to his room when they returned back to the dorms. He said a little "good night" to Ashido before he left. He would be in the kitchen later on that night though when everyone else was sleeping. Truth was, he was interested in the dance that UA was holding and he wanted her to go with him.


"Mina, what are you doing up still?" Uraraka bounced up to Ashido, a smile on her face. "Not going to sleep just yet?"


Ashido looked over at Uraraka, shaking her head slightly with a small smile on her face. She had some flour on her cheeks, her tongue sticking out slightly as she rolled out the cookie dough. "I'm making cookies, the same ones I made last time."


"Same person again?" Uraraka smiled brightly, pointing to her cheeks. "You got some flour." She watched Ashido roll out the dough and hummed, rocking on her heels. "He didn't go with you last time, huh? Hopefully he'll accept this year! Anyone would be lucky to go with you! I'm gonna try and ask Tsu this year!"


"I mean, that was just a small thing though, so I wasn't too put off. I can only hope he'll accept though. I don't think he knows I'm the one baking the cookies though." She smiled at the thought, fingers pushing the rolling pin to the side. "I just need to make these, and then I'll be going to bed."


"Aw, that's sweet though!" Uraraka cheered her on, laughing, "You can do it, Mina! If worst comes to worst, ya can always come with me!" She paused, shaking her head. "Uh, no wait, that came out wrong. I'm sure nothing will happen!"


Mina shrugged slightly, finding the cookie cutter she needed. "Worst case, I do what I did last time, I go alone and just dance with everyone." She smiled over at Uraraka, giving her a thumbs up. "Are you going to hang out here or are you heading to bed?"


Uraraka shrugged, “I think I might go stop by Iida’s room and see if he’s going with anyone. Just in case Tsu is already going with someone else, ya know?”


"I think Tsu is waiting for you, maybe you should go see her?" Ashido smiled at her again, starting to cut out the shapes of the cookies and setting them on the trays.


Uraraka rocked back and forth on her heels, putting her hands to her cheeks. “Good luck, Mina! I’m sure he’ll say yes this year! Definitely sure of it!”


Ashido waved at her as she left, arranging the cookies on the trays. She smiled softly, placing them in the oven to bake. She always baked the same cookies once a month, cookies that were decorated like cats. This month, she hoped to finally tell him who they were from. "I hope Shinsou likes them..." She mumbled to herself as she started to clean up the kitchen.


"Ah, Ashido." Shinsou poked his head in the kitchen, looking her up and down. "You're not in bed yet." He rubbed the back of his neck, as he looked at her. "Sorry for bothering you. I just need a bottle of water." He muttered as usual as he walked over to the fridge, opening it.


"Not a bother, I just wanted to bake." She looked over at him, giving him a small smile. She was glad the cookies were still baking. She didn't want him to see her decorating them and let the surprise slip. Her baking wasn't a surprise, but baking cookies for him was. She wanted to leave it that way.


Shinsou grabbed a bottle of water as he closed the door, glancing at the pink girl. “Kendou says you always work hard on baking things. Is this for the guy you wanna ask to the dance?”


"Yeah, but I don't know how to ask him so..." She felt herself flushing slightly, glad her skin hid the blush. She glanced up at him, seeing him looking at her and she looked away.


Shinsou watched her for a moment, not noticing the blush on her face. He wondered if she would be up all night worrying about what she was making. “I’m sure it’ll go well.”


"Then I guess it should right? Since you're wishing me luck." Ashido brushed a strand of hair from her face, taking the trays of cookies out of the oven. "Are you going back to bed Shinsou?"


"Mhm, I just wanted to grab a bottle of water so I don't have to come back down here in the middle of the night." Shinsou shrugged, looking back at her as he walked out of the kitchen. "Good night, Ashido."


"Goodnight, Shinsou." She smiled softly at him, setting the trays on the counter to cool. While the cookies were cooling, she started to make the frosting. She always decorated the cookies the same way, with cats. She really hoped that he would say yes.


When Uraraka bounced into the classroom the next morning, she noticed a small box on Ashido's desk. Curiously, she took a peek at the small note that was left on top of the box. It had her name scribbled on it in rather neat handwriting. She wanted to read it, wanted to see what was in the box, but she waited for her fellow friend and classmate to enter the room before she did anything. "I wonder who it's from..."


Ashido rubbed her eyes tiredly, bringing a hand up to cover her mouth as she yawned. She sat at her desk, noticing the small box that was sitting on it. It was the same box she usually got once a month, but this time there was a small note attached to it. She picked it up to read it, trying not to fall asleep.


Uraraka waved her hand in front of the pink girl’s face, “Hey, Mina! Don’t fall asleep!” The brunette moved to stand beside her classmate, glancing at the note. “Ooh, a secret admirer? Is he asking you to the dance?”


She sat up straight, seeing Uraraka’s hand in front of her face. She read over the note, just a simple ' I know they're your favorite. ' She smiled slightly, shaking her head. "I don't think the boys would do that when the dance is girls choice."


"Hey, you never know. Maybe he's trying to win you over!" Uraraka grinned, nudging Ashido. "I don't think the handwriting belongs to any of the boys in our class. Maybe he's someone from class B? Or one of the general classes, maybe?"


"Maybe, but I'm not going to go searching for the matching handwriting." She opened the small box, squealing softly when she realized they were chocolates. "Even though it's not the first time, it always makes me happy they know I like strawberry filled chocolates."


Uraraka giggled, looking into the small box. "They always look so well made. Oh, that reminds me! How did those cookies turn out last night?" The brunette rocked back and forth on her heels, humming. "They came out alright?"


"Yeah, they came out pretty good! I have a few left over that I didn't decorate. I'll eat them later though." She smiled, picking up one of the chocolates to take a bite. "I'll enjoy these later too."


Kendou looked up when she saw Shinsou walking into their classroom. She smiled softly at him, waving slightly. "Shinsou, it looks like someone left you a present on your desk again this month. Still no idea who leaves them for you?"


Shinsou raised an eyebrow as he walked over to his desk. He looked down at the box sitting there before he gave Kendou a shrug. He let his bag fall at his side, moving to sit down. He unwrapped the box to find the same cat-shaped cookies he found each month. "I'm not sure."


She glanced into the box, seeing the cat shaped cookies. "Well whoever it is, they know you like cats. Though it's not much of a secret. There's no note though?"


Shinsou shook his head, moving some of the cookies around to look for a note. "Not that I've noticed. She usually doesn't leave a note.” He picked up one of the cookies, bringing it to his mouth to take a bite out of it, a small smile on his face. "I may have an idea though... about who it is."


"Then maybe you should tell her how good they are." Kendou smiled, looking back in front of her at her notes. "It'll probably make her happy if you tell her."


Shinsou glanced at the door, wondering if he should take the girl’s advice or not. He took another bite out of the cookie, “The dance is this weekend, huh? Maybe I’ll let her know.”


"Maybe you should. Before she gives up waiting and asks someone else or goes alone." Tetsu walked over, nudging at Shinsou's arm slightly. He hooked an arm around his shoulder, looking over at Kendou and giving her a small smile. "I'd say you should go now, but class is starting."


“Maybe during our free period.” Shinsou said, closing the box of cookies when he saw Vlad walk into the room. He managed to make room in his school bag, setting the cookies in there carefully.

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Ashido sat in the library during their free period, chewing on the end of her pen. She was rereading over the math assignment that Aizawa had given them, but she still wasn't getting it. Usually Bakugou helped her, but he was off with Kirishima doing whatever they usually do. She sighed softly, pushing her hair back before putting it up in a loose bun. "Why does math have to be so difficult?"


"You're doing the problem wrong." Shinsou said, walking up behind her as he pointed to the problem. "The four and two are supposed to move over to the left so you get the variable over on the right by itself." He moved to the side and looked down at her.


Ashido tilted her head slightly, looking at the problem once more. She listened to his instructions, following and doing what he said she should. She squealed softly with delight when she realized he was right, finishing the problem quickly. "Thank you Shinsou!"


Shinsou watched her bounce in her chair, a small smile on his face before he turned away to grab the chair next to where she was sitting. "Ashido, I need to talk to you about something."


She turned towards him, tilting her head slightly. She nodded slightly, setting her pen down on the table, closing her book. "What do you need to talk about Shinsou?"


Shinsou moves to grab his bag, opening it to put the box of cookies on the table by Ashido’s work. “You’re the one who’s been making the cookies, am I right?”


She brushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear, flushing slightly. She nodded slightly, looking at the container of cookies that she baked late last night. "I know you like cats, and cookies..."


“I figured it was you when I walked in on you baking last night.” Shinsou shrugged, looking at her. “You usually don’t leave a note though, which is odd.”


"Well I..." She fidgeted slightly, twirling her thumbs around each other. She glanced away from the container and looking back up at him. "I figured my handwriting is pretty recognizable so..."


Shinsou tilted his head to the side, wondering if he would have noticed the first time she made him cookies. "Did you like the chocolates?" he asked. opening the box of cookies in front of him.


She watched him open the box of cookies before looking back at him. She smiled slightly, nodding her head before taking the box of chocolates out of her bag. "Strawberry has always been one of my favorites."


“I’m glad you like them.” Shinsou smiled a bit, watching her bring the box of chocolates out. “My mother taught my how to make them, so it’s all homemade.”


She picked up one of the chocolates, taking a bite. She smiled again, letting her eyes close as she bounced in her seat slightly. "I didn't recognize your handwriting at all... I guess it's because we're not in the same class though." She frowned slightly, sighing softly.


"I was hoping that was the case." Shinsou watched her, leaning back in his chair. He picked one of the cookies up, taking a small bite out of them. "Kendou and Tetsutetsu both suggested I come and ask you about them."


"Shinsou I..." She closed her mouth again, unsure of how to ask him to the dance. She played with a loose strand of her hair, setting the half eaten chocolate on the table. She chewed on her lower lip, fingers twirling the strand of hair before looking back up at him.


Shinsou tilted his head to the side, as if he was waiting for her to continue on. He took another bite of the cookie, nodding at the pink girl. “Go ahead. Ask me.”


"Iwantedtoknowifyouwouldgotothedancewithme." She said it quickly, her words blending together. She felt herself flushing deeply, looking away from him as she rubbed at her arm. She took a deep breath, squeezing her eyes shut before opening them again. She looked back over at him and took another deep breath before asking him properly. "I wanted to know if you would go to the dance with me."


Shinsou caught what she said the first time, but he let her continue on properly. He gave her a nod, finishing the cookie. "I will, yes. But, uh... talk properly. Don't jumble your words together like that again. It's kind of hard to understand you."


"I'm sorry, I just..." She knew her blush was getting deeper, fingers fidgeting with the skirt of her uniform. She didn't look at him again, hearing him say yes. "I didn't know how to ask, and I really like you and I just... I'm sorry. I talk too much."


Shinsou actually chuckled at Ashido’s words. It was the first time in a while he managed to laugh at something and to think it was because of the girl he liked. He gave her a small smile, "You do talk a lot so I can't argue with that."


She felt herself smile slightly, hearing him chuckle. She looked up at him, catching the small smile on his face. "I'm also really nervous around the person I like, so that doesn't exactly help..."


"Nervous?" Shinsou seemed a bit confused. More so because of Ashido’s nervousness than anything, but he assumed it was something he didn't fully understand. He had never had a crush on someone until recently and wasn't sure how exactly crushes worked. "Why would you be nervous?"


"I'm nervous, because I'm worried about making myself look like a fool in front of you." She looked back up at him, seeing the confusion on his face. She sighed softly, fingers working on taking her hair out of the bun. "I don't know how to explain the feeling, it feels like butterflies..."


"Butterflies... I think I know that feeling." Shinsou said, the confusion slowly leaving his face as he spoke. He tapped his fingers on the table, watching her flushed face. "There's no need to be embarrassed, Ashido. I'll go to the dance with you this year."


She glanced away from him, twirling a strand of hair around her finger. She smiled slightly, standing up from the chair. She leaned in, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek before gathering her books. "Then I guess I should go tell Aizawa-sensei and Vlad-sensei that I'm going..."


Shinsou brought a hand up to his cheek, face barely blushing at the gesture from the girl. Whatever butterflies Mina was talking about just moments ago had somehow managed to affect him. "I wasn't aware that the teachers had to know who was going."


"They don’t need to know, they just like having a headcount so they can make sure there's enough food." She brushed a strand of hair from her face behind her ear, taking a step back. "I'll see you soon then Shinsou, I have to volunteer today at the animal shelter again!"


Shinsou looked at her and then looked back at the box of cookies still in front of him. She would be at the shelter again that day... maybe he would show up later on in the evening and take her out to eat. After all, he did owe her back for paying for his food from the night before.

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Ashido sighed softly, fingers working on putting her hair up in a bun for her volunteer shift at the shelter. She pulled the apron over her head, tying it around her waist before she looked around. It was a pretty quiet afternoon so far, and she hoped it would stay this way.

She did her usual job, changing the water in the bowls for the dogs before giving them fresh food. She walked some of the smaller dogs that she was allowed to before she started to go check on the cats.


"Ashido." Shinsou leaned against the wall next to the cat room, pushing himself to stand up straight. "Yaoyorozu said you would be back here." He looked in the direction of the dog room and then looked back at the pink girl. "You check on the dogs too?"


Ashido gave him a small smile, pushing the door open to step into the room. "Yes, I already checked on them and walked the few I'm allowed to. Now I have to make sure the cats have fresh litter and the older ones get their food and water."


Shinsou followed her into the cat room, the cats immediately running up to them with little meows. He crouched down when the small kittens ran up to him and smiled softly. "This is a nice room for them. It has a lot of room for them to climb and run around."


Ashido stepped around the kittens lightly, walking over to where the older cats were lounging in the sunlight. She pet them softly before changing their water and giving them food. She checked the litter, checking the paperwork and realizing they were changed yesterday. "Yeah, we want to make sure they get the exercise that they need so."


Shinsou kept an eye on Ashido until one of the kittens scratched at his hand. He grabbed one of the nearby toys, rolling the ball back and forth to watch the kitten pounce. "It's better that they have a place like this." He looked back up at the pink girl, "How long have you been... volunteering here?"


Ashido hummed softly, looking back over at him. "Just a couple of weeks, I only have a week left of volunteer work though..." She finished giving the cats their food, picking up one of the kittens pawing at her leg.


"The little ones don't need fed tonight?" Shinsou asked, picking one of the smaller kittens up. He stood up and looked over at her, "You said that the older ones needed their food, but nothing about these ones."


"They're the last ones to be fed. I was told to feed them before I leave at night." She looked over at him, brushing a stray hair behind her ear. She smiled softly before looking back at the kitten, scratching at the kittens stomach lightly. "They're so precious."


"They like you." Shinsou said, watching the kittens. "When cats show you their stomachs and let you pet them there it's a sign of trust. Most cats don't like it, but there's always an odd one out."


She watched the kitten yawn, setting the kitten down on the ground. She watched it trot over to where the other kittens were laying. "I'm glad they like me..."


"Cats are usually easy going animals. They're not dependent on us like dogs are." Shinsou shrugged, setting the kitten he was holding down on the floor. "Though, I'm sure you already know that from working here."


Ashido watched the kittens all pile on top of each other, smiling softly. She looked back over at him, shoving her hands in the pockets of her apron. "Yeah, but I always like learning new things."


"Most of them like being indoors." Shinsou leaned against the wall, looking over at the older cats. "Mine likes to try and get out of the house when she can but she never gets far. She gets scared of the trees."


Ashido laughed softly, looking over at Shinsou as he talked about his cat. She looked down at one of the adult cats brushing against her leg, kneeling down to pet it. "That's actually kind of cute. Do you have any pictures of her that I can see?"


Shinsou pulled out his phone, unlocking it to show Ashido his home screen. "She's a munchkin calico so she's smaller than regular ones. I adopted her from one of the other shelters about a year ago."


Ashido looked at the picture squealing softly. "She's so cute!! What's her name?" She took his phone, looking over the picture some more before giving it back. She was a little bouncy now, trying to contain her excitement of seeing Shinsou's cat.


"Nami." Shinsou took his phone back, shoving it in his pocket. "The shelter named her after they rescued her. Someone found her down by the ocean when she was a few months old." He looked down at the cats when he felt them rubbing against his leg, smiling some.


"Nami is such a cute name..." Ashido smiled at him, kneeling down to pet the cats. She grabbed one of the string toys, watching the cats bat at it with their paws. "I'm still not sure if I'll adopt one or not. I'd feel bad if I can't take care of it properly..."


"Cats are better to have around the dorms, I think." Shinsou shrugged his opinion off, watching her play with the cats. "You won't have to worry about taking them out every so often and they'll probably just sleep when you're in class."


"I know, but when I start hero work, I wouldn't have any time for one." Ashido sighed softly, setting the toy down when the cat trotted off to the food bowl. She sat back on the ground looking up at him before standing up.


"I could watch it." Shinsou shrugged, looking over at her. "Well, I mean, it wouldn't hurt to have two cats together so you can brings yours over to my place or vise versa."


"Mm... It's still something I'll have to think about. Though I appreciate you offering to watch it for me." She looked over at him, smiling softly as she leaned in to kiss him on the cheek softly. "I should feed these little ones before it gets too late."


Shinsou stared at her, watching her for a moment before he spoke. "Do you want me to help you again so you can finish faster? Unless you're staying later than you did before."


Ashido picked up two of the kittens, setting one of them down on the small table. She looked over at him, shaking her head slightly. "I don't have plans on staying later. Though you're welcome to help me if you'd like to."


Shinsou crouched back down to wave his finger in the air, watching one of the cats pounce at him. He smiled just a little bit, watching the animal before he took another look at Mina. "I think you work well in this kind of environment."


Ashido picked up one of the droppers, pushing her finger in the kittens mouth before pushing the dropper in. She took her time, making sure none of it spilled from the kitten's mouth. "I always did like animals. It was one of my favorite things as a child was to play with them. Though my parents didn't approve of me playing with the stray cats in the neighborhood."


Shinsou listened to her speak, closing his eyes for a few minutes. He looked down at one of the cats who had laid down and started to pet them. "Didn't your quirk bother them? Though, hopefully your parents watched you with them."


"Well, I've always had a pretty good grasp on my quirk honestly. I never hurt any of the cats, luckily. Though there were times I'd get too excited and almost hurt myself." Mina shrugged slightly, watching the kitten eating. She glanced over at him, before turning her attention back to the cat.


Shinsou wondered what it was like to have a physical quirk than one like his. Sure, mind control had its ups and downs, but he was never really a fan of his quirk. He shrugged it off, admiring her beauty while she wasn't looking. He looked away when she would look in his direction and he moved to pick one of the cats up. "Ashido, do you have to cut their nails?"


"Tomorrow actually, one of the full times have to show me how though. This way I won't accidentally hurt one of them..." Ashido finished feeding the kitten in her arm, setting it down before picking up the other. She repeated the process, making sure the kitten ate everything. "Are you planning to come visit tomorrow too?"


Shinsou shrugged, wondering if he should show Mina how to clip the cat's nails. "I might, but..." He moved to walk over to her as the cat he was holding meowed at him. "It's not that hard to cut their nails." He pushed one of the nails out, keeping a grip at the neck fur when the cat started squirming. "It's easier to see their veins than it is for dogs." He pointed out one of the veins, loosening his grip at its neck before letting the cat jump down. "As long as you don't go any lower than the vein you won't hurt them. If they start squirming like that one did just grab at their neck; it won't hurt them since they have extra fur and skin."


"I'll have to keep that in mind then. Like I said, they're showing me tomorrow so." She finished feeding the other kitten she had in her arm, glancing up at Shinsou. She set the kitten down, glancing up at the clock. "I suppose it's closing time now."


Shinsou glanced at the clock and nodded, "I'll get out of the way so you're not here for long." He stepped back to grab his schoolbag and tossed it over his shoulder as he opened to the door to walk out. "I'm sure I'll see you tomorrow."


She nodded slightly, hearing the door close. She started to clean up the cat room, making sure things were put away. She picked up the kittens, setting them back in their own pen for the night.


"Oh, Ashido. Be safe walking home tonight." Shinsou called from the other side of the door. "I can't have you getting hurt before the dance, right? Or maybe you'll feel a little better if I walk you to the dorms?"


She opened the door to look at him, shutting the big light off and making sure the small night lights were on. She closed the door softly behind her, rocking back on her heels. "You really don't have to walk me back, I'm only heading for the dorms."


Shinsou smiled some, watching Ashido as she rocked back and forth. "So am I. At least let me walk you to the girl's floor. It will be nice to talk with you for a little bit."


"Alright, I suppose you won't take no for an answer, will you?" She smiled up at him, brushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear. She took the apron off, hanging it up before grabbing her bag. "Not that I'm complaining though, it does give us some time to talk."


“I don’t know how these things work. The dance and all. Do you pick out a dress with me or...” Shinsou made a face as he spoke, tightening his grip on his school bag. “That sounds stupid. I’m assuming you pick out a dress though...”


"We could pick something out together? Usually you would get something that matched my dress. At least I think that's how it works." She waved at the owner behind the counter, walking out of the shelter with shinsou. "Though I might already have something I can wear if I can't find anything I like."


Shinsou tilted his head to the side as he listened to her speak. “Matching, huh... I think I should be able to find something to match whatever you’re going to get. Will it be pink or a different color?”


"Either pink, or white, I was thinking or maybe purple?" Mina tapped her finger against her chin, sighing softly. She undid the bun that her hair was in, coming through it with her fingers. She groaned softly, feeling the small knots. "I should really cut my hair..."


Shinsou watched Mina take her hair down before he looked back in front of him. He shrugged as he spoke, "It's a change from your usual short hair, huh? To be honest, I think you're pretty with longer hair. I think it fits your hero name more."


She looked over at him, feeling herself flushing after his compliment. She brought her hands up to her face, covering it as she tried to hide it. "It's really not that special, it's just hair..."


It was only when he noticed the girl blushing when he realized what he said. His cheeks briefly flushed before he rubbed at his neck with his hand and forced a laugh. "It may be, but like I said, it's pretty long."


She pulled her hands away from her face, her cheeks still flushed. She played with the strap of her backpack, not looking at him. "Well, thank you. For saying so."


"But then again, it's your hair so overall you have the final say in it." Shinsou shrugged, clearing his throat. "Besides, I've got no reason to be mad if you do decide to cut it. It might be a good idea though when we graduate so it doesn't get caught in your face or anything when you go pro. But still, it's your choice."


Ashido twirled a strand of hair around her finger, still not looking at him. She still was trying to let it wrap around her head that he said her hair was pretty. She started walking towards the dorms finally, feeling her heartbeat calm down. "I only have to come in for about an hour tomorrow, so they can teach me how to clip the kitten's nails..."


Shinsou glanced over at her when he heard her change the subject. “Like I said, they’re easy to cut. As long as you can see the vein and don’t cut below that you’ll be fine. It’s important to cut they’re front nails so they don’t break or get stuck.”


"I'll keep that in mind, but I was more thinking..." She glanced up at him, chewing on her lower lip before letting it go. "I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come with me to pick out a dress? Maybe we could get lunch or something too..."


Shinsou raised an eyebrow at the question, wondering if she was serious. “Well, I don’t think I’m the best person to go shopping with, but if it makes you happy I’ll go.”


"I mean, if I'm gonna get something, I want you to like it too. Since we're going together." She glanced up at him, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. "It probably seems silly though, doesn't it? Asking you out to help me pick a dress when you'll probably be bored being in a store for awhile..."


"Mmh, a little bit." Shinsou said. "It would be a nice surprise to see what you pick out yourself.  I don't want to hold you back by being bored the entire time." He rubbed at the back of his neck, looking up at the dorm rooms in the distance as they continued to walk.


"Then, I'll surprise you. Give me your phone though." She stopped walking, turning towards him and holding her hand out. She wanted to make sure she told him what color the dress was, so he could find something to match it.


Shinsou looked down at her, taking his phone out of his pocket. “What do you need it for?” He handed it to her as he watched the girl, assuming it was for when she got her dress.


Ashido found his contacts, adding her number in and adding an alien emoji next to it. She handed it back to him with a small smile after she sent a quick message to herself from his phone. "After I pick out my dress, I want to at least tell you what color it is. That way we can match, if you still wanted to do that."


Shinsou looked back through his phone, noticing that she had added her contact information. "Yeah, I still planned on matching." He nodded, glancing at her as he put his phone back in his pocket. "I think it would be better to match."


"Then I'll make sure to text you when I pick one out." She smiled softly, saving his number in her phone with a cat emoji after his name. She glanced back up at him before looking towards the dorms. "We should get back, shouldn't we? Before it gets too late."


Shinsou nodded, figuring it was getting closer to their curfew time. "Yeah. I would rather not have to deal with getting scolded by the teachers tonight. Don't stay up late making anymore cookies, Ashido."


"Cookies are only a once a month thing. I have studying to do tonight." She glanced over at him before starting to walk forward again. She tightened her grip on her bag, chewing on her lower lip.


Shinsou chuckled, smiling a bit as he looked away from her. "Once a month thing, huh? Should I expect more before the end of the school year then or is that asking too much?"


"Maybe if I pass my exams I'll be able to make some..." She mumbled softly to herself, brushing a stray hair behind her ear. She could feel her heart beating a little faster, a little self conscious that he would know who made the cookies for him now.


"I wouldn't mind walking into class to see a box of cookies again." Shinsou told her, "They taste good and I'm sure you worked hard on making them. But maybe try not to wait until late at night to do that."


"I only waited until I knew everyone would be asleep. I didn't want anyone trying to take any of the cookies..." She felt her cheeks flushing, looking over at him. "They were for you, not them."


Shinsou couldn't help but laugh at what she said. "I'm sure they would have listened to you if you told them not to bother them... or you. Cooking takes time, I know that too."


"Not many people know I bake though. Ochako does, and Bakugou. Bakugou's the one who taught me to bake. He doesn't know why I asked though, so I want to keep it that way." She glanced away from him, rubbing at the back of her neck. "I wanted to do something special that I knew you would like."


"Huh... who would have thought 1-A's Bakugou could do something else besides throw a fit and scream all the time." Shinsou grinned a bit and rubbed the back of his neck. "Guess that kind of sounds like something Monoma would say..."


Mina nudged Shinsou's side lightly, laughing softly. She walked with him through the gates of UA, looking over to where the dorms were. "He's really a nice guy once you get to know him. I suppose he's harsh on the outside, but he gets better after time."


"Something tells me I should believe you, but then again, it just seems hard to... like him." Shinsou shrugged his words off, figuring that the girl was probably right about the hot headed blond. "I suppose it's easier for you to say that though since you've been in the same class as him."


"Yeah, three years, and you really get to know someone." Mina rocked back on her heels slightly, turning slightly to look at him. "I suppose I'll text you tomorrow then? When I pick out my dress. Which will probably be after I finish at the shelter."


Shinsou nodded, pointing to the left side of the dorms. "Unless you want me to get caught going over to the girl's side of the dorms."


"No, no. I don't want you to get in trouble." Mina laughed softly, looking away from him. She chewed on her lower lip before making a decision. She turned herself back towards him, leaning up and pressing a quick kiss to Shinsou's cheek before walking away. She waved at him as she left, entering the girls dorms and heading up to her own room.


“Good night.” Shinsou said softly, bringing a hand up to his cheek where Mina had kissed him. He turned around to head back across the hall to the boys dorms and made his way up to his room.

Chapter Text

Ashido spent her day like normal, going to class and hanging out with her friends. The only difference was the hour she spent at the shelter learning to clip the cats nails. Her next difference, was walking through the mall close to the school to look for a dress.

She sighed softly, having tried on several dresses but none of them seemed right. All the dresses she tried on fit perfectly, but they didn't seem right. Pink only matched her skin, white didn't really match anything, and the black ones all seemed too formal.

It wasn't until she found a small boutique by the exit of the mall, that she found one that seemed perfect. It was purple, knee length and strapless. It had silver lace around the middle that looked like flowers, and it was poofy.


Shinsou had spent his time after school studying by himself in his dorm room instead of with the other students in class B. Then again, he was never a real people person to begin with. He was leaning over his desk in his room, scribbling down a few things in one of his notebooks.

For the first time in months he didn’t go to the animal shelter after school, but that was because Ashido wasn’t there for her full shift. She was supposed to be picking out a dress for the dance that was coming up quickly. He kept his phone on his desk, taking a glance at it every so often just in case she had messaged him.


Ashido chewed on her lower lip as she paid for the dress. It was a little more than she planned to spend but, it would be worth it. She hadn't texted Shinsou yet, wanting to wait until she got back to the dorms. Something told her though, that she shouldn't wait much longer.

She listened to her gut feeling, taking her phone out of her school bag and brought up Shinsou's number. She sent him a quick text, telling him that she found a dress and the basic color that it was. Purple.


Shinsou was scribbling down a few answers to his math homework when he heard his phone vibrate on the desk. He reached out for it with his free hand, seeing the screen light up with a notification from Ashido. He assumed she was done shopping so he let his pencil fall on his paper. He unlocked his phone quickly reading over the message before he replied, letting her know that he would go out after school to grab a match suit.


Ashido looked at the message from Shinsou, just sending back a thumbs up emoji with a smiley face. She folded the dress bag over her arm, heading back towards the small shoe store to find something that would match the dress.


"Mina!" Uraraka bounced up to her, waving her hand. "Tsu said you would be out here today." She held her hands behind her back with a big smile on her face, "I see ya got your dress! Pretty color too! I guess that means your date said yes!"


Ashido looked over to where Uraraka was bouncing over to her, giving her a smile. "Yeah, I only had a short shift at the shelter today. They taught me how to clip the nails on the cats. I figured I should get my dress though, so he has time to get something too." She looked down at the dress folded over her arm, still smiling. "I just hope he'll like this dress as much as I do."


“It’s a nice color! It looks like it’ll look nice on ya!” Uraraka grinned, looking back at the pink girl. “So who’s the lucky guy? I just finished talking Iida into coming with me! I think Tsu might have already asked someone, but...” The brunette paused, shaking her head. “Sorry, I’m rambling!”


"I told you to ask her the other day Ura!" Ashido frowned slightly, hearing her talking about how Asui might have already asked someone. She reached a hand up, poking at Uraraka's cheek. "I'm sure if she did, if you asked her to dance, she'd say yes."


"Yeah I know!" Uraraka waved her hands in the air, "I'm gonna make sure to dance with everyone! It's one of the last chances we have to see everyone, right? Might as well make it a big memory!" She glanced back at Ashido's dress, admiring the color of it. "So who's the lucky guy? You've never told me who ya were making those cookies for."


Ashido hummed softly, shaking her head. "I'm not telling! I don't want him to feel overwhelmed if people start asking him questions." She started walking around the shoe store, looking at the different options. She wanted something simple, nothing too flashy. "I just have to find shoes now that'll match."


Uraraka pouted as she whined, "No fair! Argh, but I guess I won't push ya. I guess I'll have to wait until this weekend to see who you show up with. Did he like the cookies you made for him at least?"


"He did, though I still haven't figured out how he knew it was me who baked them." She flushed slightly, picking up a pair of purple shoes. They had a small heel, and they were more like a pair of boots that came to her ankle. "I think these will look nice!"


Uraraka examined the shoes, picking one of them up to hold up to the dress. "Oh, these are cute! They look comfortable too! Are you gonna stick with purple for the dance this year?"


"I think so! I really liked this dress out of all of the ones I tried on." She grabbed the box off the shelf, sitting on the small bench so she could try the shoes on. "Pink wouldn't make much sense, since well, my skin. White didn't match because it felt too formal, and same for why I didn't get black."


Uraraka laughed, “I think I might switch it up and go with blue this year! I’ll make Iida wear pink!” She laughed at the thought, “If he wants to anyways. I think it’ll be a cute idea; definitely something different!”


Ashido laughed softly, trying the shoes on. She walked around the store a little bit, humming softly. "I'm definitely getting these shoes. They'll look just perfect at the dance. Are you heading back to the dorms now Ura?"


The brunette nodding as she took a step back. "Yeah, me and Deku were gonna have a little study session for the upcoming exams with some of the others. Did ya wanna join us when you finish shopping?"


"No, I think I'm gonna just study on my own. You know I get distracted when it's everyone together." Ashido took the shoes off, putting her school sneakers back on. She put the shoes in the box, bringing it up to the register to pay for them. "I'll walk back with you though!"


"Okay, that works too!' Uraraka rocked back and forth on her heels, straightening out her skirt. "How's it going at the animal shelter? I heard you and Yaomomo work together!" She smiled brightly, following her classmate up to the front of the store so she could pay.


"We see each other a few times! She more works with the dogs, and I work with the cats." Ashido carried the bag and her dress, walking with Uraraka out of the shoe store. "Let's get back, I don't want to be out too late."


Uraraka followed Ashido out of the store and she patted at her skirt. “Awe... I think you guys have a great job! I don’t think I would be able to balance out a job and school. Ooh, but it would be great to have a little extra money...”


"I mean, it's not like I'm going it for the money. I'm more doing it because I have to. Though I'm definitely enjoying it quite a lot!" Ashido laughed softly, walking next to the brunette. "Are you doing anything special with your hair for Saturday?"


“Hmm...” Uraraka thought about it as she messed with her hair. She had grown it out just a bit since her first year but she never let it get too loud. “I was thinking maybe some curls? Or something wavy?” She didn’t sound too sure of herself as she spoke.


"Curls would be cute. I bet Tsuyu will like them!" Mina nudged Uraraka slightly, giving her a bright smile. She twirled a strand of her own hair around her finger, sighing softly. "I haven't decided yet. Maybe I'll straighten it, since my hair's already wavy as it is."


Uraraka glances at her classmate, giving a little nod. “Oh, I think you would look cute if you straightened your hair!! It’s always a nice idea to change things up a bit.”


"It always takes awhile to straighten though, but I think my date will like it." Ashido hummed softly, letting the strand of her hair go. She skipped forward a little, looking over at Uraraka. "Curl it, Tsuyu will like it! I think Iida would too."


“Oh you think?” Uraraka played with her hair again, humming softly as she thought it over. “Tsu did say she was gonna do a cute hairstyle...”


Ashido nudged Uraraka's side lightly when she caught up. She gave her a small smile, hooking their arms together. "I'm sure she'd love it if you did something. You're always cute, but I think curls would look really cute on you too."


Uraraka placed her hands against her cheeks, blushing. “Ooh! It’s our last year so I wanna make a good impression to the freshmen coming in! I don’t wanna make a fool of myself...”


"Well considering its just for us third years, nobody's going to see it except us! Besides, you're one of the top students in class now!" Ashido laughed softly, walking with her into the girls dorms.


“I know! It’s funny to think that I made it this far. I definitely have to thank Nejire and Gunhead for everything they’ve done to help me.” Uraraka let out a quiet sigh as she let her hands fall to her sides.


"I'm glad you got to where you wanted to be Ura. You're gonna make an amazing hero!" Ashido gave her another smile, nudging her side before walking towards the stairs. "I'm heading up to my room, what do you have planned to do now?"


“Hmm... I definitely have to go and study. I don’t wanna get a bad grade on the exams.” The brunette followed Ashido up the steps and pointed the opposite way, “If you wanna join us, we’ll be in Kaminari’s room.”


"Have fun then! I'm gonna just study alone I think. Maybe I'll sit down in the common room." Ashido hummed softly, watching Uraraka walk away. She went into her dorm, hanging up the dress and putting the shoes away. She grabbed her books, deciding to sit in the common room like she said she might.

Chapter Text

The day of the dance, Shinsou stood in front of the mirror. He fixed his tie and straightened out the purple suit he was wearing. He pushed his hair back and stared at himself, letting out a soft sigh. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and he took it out.

It was from one of his classmates, asking if he was still going. He quickly replied before shoving his phone back in his pocket.


Mina fixed her dress slightly, making sure it was sitting properly on her. She fixed her hair a little bit, securing the curls back with a cat shaped barrette that she found at a thrift store. It was a nice touch, just a white and black pattern and it made her smile. She had made a small batch of cookies that she could share with Shinsou, looking at them sitting on her desk.

They were a little different this time, as in the words 'I like you' were written on the back in icing. She didn't know how else to say it. Yet, she didn't think she could say it out loud properly to him. At least not when they were in the gymnasium full of their friends.

She sighed softly, touching up her lip gloss slightly before looking over herself in the mirror again. She still loved the dress she got, loved the heels, yet something seemed to be missing. She couldn't put her finger on what though, and she just let it drop.

Shinsou had said that he'd pick her up from her dorm room, and she sat on her desk chair to wait for him. Her feet kicking slightly in the air since she couldn't touch the ground completely.


Shinsou glanced over at his desk before he managed to look away from the mirror. He was supposed to pick Mina up before they actually went to the dance and he was just stalling; hoping that she would be ready when he got there. He waited another moment before he walked to his door to open it and walk out.

He made his way to the other side of the building to the girls’ dorm section and walked through the halls until he found Mina’s room. He raised his hand to knock and awaited an answer.


Mina heard the knock on her door, opening it and seeing Shinsou standing there. She smiled slightly, tilting her head slightly. “Your suit looks really good on you Shinsou. I’m still really glad we’re going together.”

She grabbed the small container of cookies from her desk before handing them to him. “I figure maybe we can share them later? After the dance is over. We can take a walk around the small garden maybe.”


Shinsou looked Mina up and down, telling himself that she looked good in the purple dress. It somehow suited her better than he was thinking it would and he smiled a bit, quickly covering it up as he spoke, "You look nice, Ashido. The colors fits you." He looked down at the container she handed up, noticing the cookies inside. "I don't see why we couldn't do that."


Mina bounced on her toes slightly, smiling brightly. “Then maybe we should head down. This way nobody will come looking for us. Don’t you think?” She held the container of cookies in her hand, closing her door after she walked out.(edited)


Shinsou followed Mina, taking the lead after a few seconds as he led her back down the steps to where the dance was being held down in the cafeteria. He was never one to want to be in a crowd of people, but it was their last year at UA so he guessed he could deal with it for a little longer. “I’m still a little surprised you wanted to go with me.”


Mina looked up at him, humming softly. She held the cookies in her hand, a small smile on her face as they walked. She was still a little nervous, being here at the dance with him. Though it wasn't because he was different, it was because he looked handsome in his suit.

The way the purple complimented his hair, and the way his hair almost seemed tame for one. Slicked back slightly by gel maybe and the black tie that looked like silk. It made her heart race slightly as she thought about the cookies that were in the container. "Is it really that much of a surprise?"


Shinsou shrugged as he spoke, "Just a bit. I mean, Kendou and Tetsutetsu thought it was a surprise." He rubbed the back of his neck before he brought his hands up to his tie to fix it. He managed to find an empty table where he led Mina over to and he sat the container of cookies down. "You of all people have a lot of nerve to ask someone who doesn't like being around crowds to a dance." He thought about what he had said, realizing what he said sounded a bit rude.


She twisted her fingers slightly, glancing away from him. She knew he was right, but she didn't want their last year to end without her telling him how she felt. "I know, I just, thought it would be fun. Sometimes being center of attention isn't always my favorite thing."


Shinsou glanced down at her with a little smile, "Really? You always seem like the type to make it known when you're around. I guess you really have grown since your first year." He looked towards where the music was coming from and noticed a few of the teachers keeping watch out in the hallways.


"I mean, I know I'm pretty loud sometimes, and I know I'm not always the smartest but... Being the center of attention, it just doesn't seem that great if the person you like doesn't always notice you." Mina brushed a strand of hair behind her ear, glancing up at Shinsou.


"People learn from their mistakes." Shinsou said, catching sigh of a few of his classmates chatting and dancing. He glanced around the cafeteria a bit more, averting his eyes from the pink girl. "Would you... like to dance?" he asked hesitantly.


Mina was a little taken aback by his question, but she nodded slightly. She let the cookies on the table, standing up before brushing her skirt down slightly. "I would... Very much like that."


Shinsou never thought he would say those five words in his life but he was the one who agreed to go with her after all. The fact that he was hesitant was something he wasn’t used to and he wondered if Mina was just as nervous as he was.

Nervous... Shinsou made a face at the thought, realizing that he wasn’t him. He reached for the girl’s hand, taking a hold of it.


Mina felt herself flushing when she felt Shinsou's hand against hers. She could feel her heart hammering in her chest, pulling on his hand lightly. "We can go over by the window... There's nobody really over there. If you don't want to be in a crowd."


Shinsou silently thanked Mina as he slowly led her over to the other side of the cafeteria where only a few other students were hanging out. He recognized one of them from his class but he didn’t say anything. He stopped to look out the window, seeing one of the pros standing watch outside.


Mina followed him, glancing out the window as she saw the moon. She looked over at him, leaning a little closer to him. "The security is a little more than usual, but we had to expect that since everyone is together in one place."


Shinsou kept his eyes focused outside, practically having to rip his eyes away from the sky. “Mhm, I guess that makes sense. It kind of sucks but it’s whatever. It’s a shame that the villains haven’t gave up trying to attack, but now that the majority of us are graduating, it seems like they’ve backed off some.”


"It looks really pretty outside right now..." She mumbled softly, looking back up at the moon again. She could still feel his hand in hers, and she had to resist squeezing it. It was warm, and it felt nice against her skin. She finally looked away from it, back up at Shinsou as the songs changed. It was slower than the one before, but her heart was still racing at the thought of dancing with him.


Shinsou had forgotten that he was still holding her hand and it was only when he looked down that he noticed. He took her other hand in his, looking down at Mina as he heard the songs change. “Should we dance?”


She felt her cheeks heating up, but nodded. She turned towards him, looking up at him slightly. "I'd really like that Shinsou..."


“Do you... want to lead?” Shinsou asked slowly, wondering what he was saying. He liked he idea of dancing with her though, even if he wasn’t good at it himself. “You’ll have to teach me.”


"I don't know too much but, we could just dance in circles?" She laughed softly, pulling a hand away from his. She let her hand rest on his shoulder, pressing herself a little closer to him.


"You don't know too much, huh? I thought dancing was your thing." Shinsou grinned a bit as he listened to the pink girl talk. "I guess we'll have to manage it by ourselves then."


"I haven't ever slow danced though..." She flushed slightly, leaning in a little closer. "I do know, you're supposed to put your other hand on my waist. We can just turn in circles, and just dance however we want to."


He tilted his head to the side a bit as he moved one of his hands down to her waist. "Like this?" It felt more natural that way in his opinion. "Your arms are supposed to be around my neck, isn't that right?"


She let her fingers tighten slightly on the jacket of his suit. She could tell her blush had gotten deeper, but moved her arms anyway to wrap them around his neck. "You mean like this?"


He nodded, letting her move her arms around him. "As far as I know." Shinsou motioned over to the other students dancing as he spoke, "Everyone else is like this so it's either we're all right or wrong."


"Then I think it's safe to say that we might be right. Since everyone else is." She mumbled out softly, glancing around the gym before looking back up at him. "Though I don't exactly care about the others. I feel content just being here with you."


He chuckled softly, looking down at her as he started to dance, taking the lead after a few seconds. "I guess it'll be safe to just follow what the others do." He glanced back out the window, "I don't mind being here with you. It's somehow peaceful."


"It's quiet here, with you." She smiled slightly, leaning in a little bit. She let her head rest against his shoulder, moving with him as he took the lead.


Shinsou studied the other students, practically copying them as he held Mina close as they danced. He felt more comfortable being away from the other’s, knowing it was just the two of them.


They weren’t moving much, just in small circles by the window. Yet, it felt perfect for her. Being in his arms, being near the one she liked. She let her eyes close, feeling their movements slowing down as the song came to an end.


He looked down at her, noticing that her pretty golden eyes were shut. He wasn’t sure how long the song went on for, he just knew that he felt content having someone close to him... especially the pink girl. “Ashido?”


Mina opened her eyes, glancing up at him with a small smile. “Yes, Shinsou?” She didn’t move, just let herself stay in the same position. Her head against his shoulder and her arms around his neck.


Shinsou had to tell himself to look away when she met his eyes and he sighed. “Thank you for the cookies...” he mumbled out to himself. He had never really felt embarrassed before, but he almost positive that’s how he was feeling. “You look... pretty.”


“Thank you.” She felt herself flushing a deep red at his compliment, not bothering to cover her face. “I uh, wanted something that would match you. Nothing seemed right until I saw this dress and... I was really hoping you’d like it.”


“I hope this outfit looks decent enough. I went out shopping with Tetsutetsu the day after you sent me a picture of it.” He admitted aloud. “It was... definitely an experience.”


Mina let one hand move, resting on his shoulder. “I really like the color, it looks great on you Shinsou.” She gave him a soft smile, leaning up slightly. “Should we go out to walk around the garden instead of staying in here? I want to share those cookies with you still.”


Shinsou took a step back, creating a small distance between them. He had momentarily forgotten about the cookies while they shared a dance and he glanced over to where they were sitting on one of the tables. “That’s fine. We can do that.


Mina took his hand, pulling him over to the table where she left the cookies. She handed him the container, still holding his hand as she hummed softly. “Should we go to the garden or the roof? We can probably see the moon better on the roof.”


Shinsou went silent for a moment as he thought over the choices. “The roof.” he finally said. He was almost positive that there would be pros no matter where they went for some alone time but he hoped that going on the roof would at least let them have some more privacy.


Mina nodded, walking with him towards the stairs to the roof. She still held his hand, hesitating for a moment before entwining their fingers. She pushed the door to the roof open, letting it close softly behind them. “It feels so nice outside tonight, don’t you think?”


Shinsou didn’t mind having their fingers entwined and he smiled a bit. It was a nice feeling, having someone to hold his hand. He thought of himself as a child, getting excited over a little gesture. “Spring is nice... I like it.”


"I like the spring, I like the flowers." She smiled up at him, looking up at the moon after a moment. She let their hands stay linked together, pulling him towards the edge. "It feels so high up from here... As if we're the only ones here."


"Well, you wouldn't be wrong but given the circumstances of this being UA..." Shinsou cut himself off from saying anymore and he leaned over the railing. He looked down at one of the pros below them, carefully guarding the entrance.


"I still think it's enough, don't you? Just to be able to spend a little bit of time alone." She glanced up at him before giving his hand a light squeeze. She leaned back against the railing, humming softly to herself.


He nodded slowly, agreeing with her. He would admit that it was a nice night out and the fact that there was a slight breeze seemed to make it more enjoyable. He closed his eyes for a moment before he glanced at her, a small smile on her face. "I guess it is a nice night..."


She closed her eyes, feeling the breeze against her skin. It was a little chilly, but not something that bothered her. She just let herself relax, feeling the tension in her shoulders easing. "It's a really nice night."


Shinsou nodded, stealing a quick glance at the girl every now and then. "About those cookies. You seemed very eager for me to see them. I'm assuming they're the same ones you made before?"


"Well, yes. You said you'd like some more after exams right?" She opened her eyes, glancing up at him with a small smile. She reached for the container of cookies, opening them. "Should we sit down to eat them though?"


He nodded slowly, listening to her voice with a quiet hum. "That's fine with me." He turned around to sit down on the ground, leaning against the cement wall. "You didn't have to make them again tonight."


"I made them earlier, since we didn't have classes." She shrugged slightly, sitting down next to him. She set the open container between them, her legs crossing over themselves.


Shinsou looked over at Mina with a soft smile on his face. He reached for the container to open it and grabbed for one of the cookies to pick up. He felt the back, tilting his head, “You decorated the back this time?”


Mina nodded slightly, flushing. The only difference this time, was that she wrote something on the back. 'I like you.' She wrote the simple words on the back of the cookies, because she never knew how to say the words out loud.


Shinsou looked at her face, seeming a little confused at the sudden change of expression in the girl. He waited a moment before he turned the cookie over, noticing the words written out. He felt a slight blush sweep across his face, “You...”


She fidgeted with the bottom of her dress, glancing up to see the blush on his face. Seeing his face, her blush just deepened as she looked away. "I..."


Shinsou couldn’t find the words, or rather, he didn’t know what to say. He took a small bite out of the cookie, hoping that Mina wouldn’t expect an answer so soon. For once in his life, Shinsou Hitoshi was speechless.

He cleared his throat after he swallowed and sat the cookie on his pants. “You... like me?”


“Yes.” She responded simply, knowing that there wasn’t another way. She glanced up to look at him, before looking down at the cookie sitting on his pants. She stopped fidgeting with her dress, smoothing the skirt of it slightly.


Shinsou wasn't exactly sure what to say. He had feelings for her too, he just didn't know how to act on them. It wasn't unusual for him to keep them to himself, though, it was mainly a bad habit of his. He thought over her words and looked down at the container of cookies in between them, waiting a moment more before he spoke, "I like you too, Ashido."


She felt her cheeks flush, hearing Shinsou’s response. She could feel the blush trailing down her neck and up to the tips of her ears. Nobody had ever told her that they liked her in return, and it almost made her heart beat out of her chest. She didn’t know what else to say, just scooted a little closer to him and let her head rest on his shoulder.


Shinsou tilted his head at the sudden movements from the girl. He knew he didn't say anything wrong and Mina looked rather happy when she heard him speak. He had been crushing on her since their second year when he transferred to the hero department but he kept quiet about it up until they got to the roof that night. "Are you embarrassed?"


“I’m just...” She let her voice trail off, letting her hand grasp his lightly. “I’m not used to people... Liking me back...” She glanced up to look at him, his purple eyes focusing on her. She didn’t look away, keeping her eyes on his.


"That makes it sound like no one's ever confessed to you before." He responded as he looked down at their hands. He gave a gentle squeeze, making sure it was just enough for the girl to feel it. He turned his attention back to her pretty gold eyes and smiled a bit, "Do you believe me?"


“Well they have but, I’m talking about me liking someone, and them liking me back.” She kept his gaze, smiling slightly before entwining their fingers. “If I’m being honest, you’re the only one I’ve ever really liked...”


Shinsou raised an eyebrow, almost as if he was a bit surprised. "That's a little... surprising. To be honest I thought you were dating Bakugou or Kirishima. I'm a little surprised too that you like me."


“They’re only interested in each other really. Sero’s been after Kami since our first year too though.” She hummed softly, finally looking away and down at their joined hands. She had a small smile on her face, tracing her thumb across the back of his hand. “Ever since our first year, during the sports festival. Then there was that time during the cultural festival that you scared the hell out of me too. You were really good in that haunted house attraction.”


Shinsou closed his eyes, remembering the cultural festival that the school had put on. He had wanted to go and watch Class A's performance, but due to the department he was in, their schedules unfortunately clashed together. "I wouldn't have guessed that you would ever fall for me, but I guess things change over the years. You seemed to have matured some too."


"I told you before, having the spotlight isn't always fun if the person you want to notice you doesn't notice." She let her thumb still trace Shinsou's hand, looking up at the sky. It had gotten darker, the clouds starting to form as they passed in front of the moon. She always wanted him to notice, and if he did, he never said anything.

Anything she did, it was for him mostly. Learning how to bake, taking her volunteer hours at the shelter. She wanted to get to know him better, to prove to him that she could be better. "You're kind, always trying to improve yourself. Always paying attention to your classmates. You're amazing Shinsou."


"Mmh, that's what a hero is supposed to do, right?" Shinsou shrugged her words off and let out a sigh, picking the cookie up to take a bite. "I suppose now is the time to say that you're the amazing one, Ashido. I mean, your quirk probably gave you problems when you were little, but I highly doubt that anyone said that it would be perfect for a villain."

He made a face and looked up at the sky, closing his eyes when he felt a raindrop hit his nose. "We only got to dance to one song inside. If you're up for another we could dance out here?"


"Nothing about you, would ever make you a villain Shinsou. I will personally fight anyone who says otherwise." She glanced up at him, a small frown on her face at the thought. She hated hearing people compare him to a villain. He was nowhere near that type of person, and she hated hearing people say he was.

She felt the rain hit her cheek, and it made her giggle a little bit though. She nodded slightly, standing up before tugging on his hand. "My last statement still stands though, I would fight anyone for you. Now, about that dance... I would love to."


Shinsou pulled himself up to stand in front of her with a small smile. "It doesn't bother me as much as it did my first year." he told her, keeping his voice down. He glanced up at the sky, noticing it starting to rain before he looked back at her. He took her hand in his and placed his hand on her waist. "It may be different without music."


"You have your phone right? You could put a song on if you want to." She let her free hand move to rest on his shoulder anyway, humming softly to herself. "Though I'm okay without music since you're here."


Shinsou glanced down at his pants, shaking his head. "I, uh, don't have any slow music on my phone that I know of." he mumbled. "I'm sure we'll be fine without it though." He looked Mina up and down before he nodded, "You have rhythm so you shouldn't have a problem keeping up with me."


"There's a thing called youtube." She laughed softly, letting her hand move to wrap her arm around his neck. "It's alright though. I don't mind so much. It's just, really nice being out here with you." She let her head move to rest against his shoulder, pressing herself closer.


"I see you don't care about your dress getting all wet." Shinsou pointed out, overhearing the pro hero below them complaining about the rain. He didn't seem to care too much about the weather and he hummed softly, starting to take the lead as he danced.


"I don't really care that much at all." Mina let him take the lead, letting go of his hand. She let her other arm wrap around his neck, holding him close. "The rain never bothered me that much. I like playing out in it as it is."


"I guess you are a little immature for doing that. Don't you get sick?" Shinsou asked, looking down at her with an eyebrow raised.


"Not really, I don't play it in as much as I used to. Usually when it's raining, I'm busy studying." Mina sighed softly, letting her eyes close. She could just faintly hear the music from the gymnasium, humming softly to the tune.


Shinsou let his eyes close as he listened to Mina hum. "Your voice sounds pretty, Ashido. I wouldn't mind hearing more of it."


"I don't sing too much, just hum. Though, thank you for the compliment." She smiled softly, pressing herself a little closer to him as she started to shiver. "Though I don't think staying out here much longer is going to be a good idea."


Shinsou smiled some, letting it stick on his face. "Being with you makes me... hm, how to say it?" he thought over his choice of words, opening his eyes to look at her. "... content. Happy. You're easy for me to talk to and not sound like an ass."


She leaned back slightly, opening her eyes to glance up at him. She smiled softly, moving a hand from around his neck to rest on his chest. "You never sounded like an ass Shinsou. You've always been very kind to me."

He shrugged, glancing up at the sky as rain began to fall more and more. “You have to admit that some of the things I say make me sound like an ass.”

"There's never been anything that you said, that made you sound like an ass." Mina frowned slightly, moving a hand to rest it on his cheek. "You've never said anything that would've ever made me think that you're an ass."

Shinsou tilted his head into her hand and smiled some, "I suppose I shouldn't argue with you. You seem pretty sure of yourself so I'll leave it at that." He spun her around to the beat of the faint music playing back inside.

Mina giggled softly when Shinsou spun her around, arm wrapping around his neck once more. "I'm always pretty sure of myself most of the time. At least about other people I'm always sure."

Shinsou chuckled, "Whatever you say, Ashido. I trust that you have good judgement. I'm pretty sure if you thought I was that bad you wouldn't have asked me to this dance."

"You're not bad at all Shinsou, so don't think of yourself that way, please." Mina let her head rest on his shoulder, arms tightening slightly around his neck. She let her eyes close, feeling her curls starting to loosen because of the rain.

Shinsou nodded in agreement. He could continue on and say how he had thoughts of his quirk being used for evil, but honestly, he was see it was something he would never get out of his head. He decided not to say anything though, mainly because he didn’t want to ruin their little moment together. “Do you think anyone’s noticed we’re gone?”

“Probably, though I don’t think they really mind so much. They would’ve come to find us if they cared.” Mina let a hand tangle lightly into Shinsou’s hair, leaning back slightly to open her eyes and look up at him. “Are you enjoying yourself tonight?”

Shinsou nodded, his eyes meeting hers. “It’s been a nice time so far. The rain hasn’t completely ruined anything. I overheard Tetsutetsu talking about a party afterwards. I probably won’t be going; parties aren’t really my thing.”

"I don't feel like going to a party. I'll probably just go back to my room after the dance is over." She hummed softly, moving herself slowly to the soothing beat of the song that was playing.

Shinsou hummed quietly as he danced with her, spinning her around again. "Do you want to go out to lunch tomorrow?" he asked softly. "There's a cat café I've been meaning to go to. It'll be my treat."

She smiled before nodding, looking over his shoulder at the moon. “I would really enjoy that, Shinsou. I’ve never been to one so it’ll be new to me.”

"Consider it a date then?" It sounded more like a question than anything. He didn't seem to mind the confusion in his voice though. "It's the weekend so we should probably get there a little early."

"It's a date." She smiled bright again, leaning back to meet his gaze. She pulled her arms from around his neck, looking towards the door. "I think maybe we should go back inside, it's getting colder because of the rain now."

Shinsou didn’t seem to mind the coldness of the air, though he wasn’t very interested in the rain. He let his hand rest on her hip for a moment more before he took a step back. “Mhm, I wouldn’t want you to get soaked from the rain either.”

“I don’t mind the rain so much but, I don’t want to get sick. It wouldn’t be fun if I do.” Mina let her hands rest on his chest, humming softly. She looked back up at him before pushing herself closer. “We could go sit in the common room? Or we could find somewhere to hang out while everyone else is at that party.”

Shinsou nodded, “That doesn’t sound too bad.” He liked the options Mina spoke of and the fact that she didn’t want to attend the after party made him somewhat more happy.

She gave him a small smile, reaching down to take his hand. “Come on, I wanna go change out of my dress and then we can hang out in the common room. I’m sure we can find something on tv to watch together maybe?”

Shinsou nodded in agreement. “Yeah, that sounds good to me. This suit is a little itchy but it’s not completely uncomfortable. I’m sure you’ll feel better with slippers on your feet rather than heels.”

"The heels don't bother me so much, I've been wearing them a lot around the dorm to break them in." Mina shrugged slightly, pulling him back towards the door of the roof. She bent down, picking up the container of cookies. "Though I think my pajamas would be more comfortable now that the dress is wet."

Shinsou chuckled, looking at her with a soft smile. "Are you keeping the dress or do you have to take it back to the store? I think that's what Kendou was doing so she could get her money back. It's not a bad idea in my opinion."

"I think I'll keep it, it wasn't too expensive for being as pretty as it is! Plus I really like the color too." Mina hummed softly, pulling the door open before entwining their fingers together. "I'll meet you in the common room in ten minutes?"

Shinsou gave a little nod at the girl as he responded, "Ten minutes sounds good, but it won't take me that long to change." He reached a hand up to push some of Mina's hair out of her face, sighing out softly as he did so.

Mina tilted her head slightly, giving Shinsou a small smile as he pushed some of her hair from her face. "Maybe not you, but I have a little bit harder time with the zipper on my dress." She let her eyes close, humming softly as the roof door finally closed behind them.

Shinsou led her back to where the dance was  taking place. “Do you want me to help you with the zipper so you don’t have to do it yourself?”

"It's alright! I got it up, I'm sure I can get it down. If not, that's what coat hangers are for!" She smiled brightly, following Shinsou back to the gymnasium. She pulled him towards where the dorms were, looking towards the girls' dorms. "I'll see you soon."

“Coat hangers...?” Shinsou looked a bit confused at first before he shook his head. “Yeah, I’ll see you soon, Ashido. Don’t make me wait too long.”