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Jimin had first realized his true feelings for his best friend at the age of ten, after they had seen twilight for the first time. While Yoongi groaned in disgust and looked away, whenever one of the many kiss scenes were shown onscreen, Jimin interested leaned forward, so he could see everything even better and thought about how it must feel to kiss someone. For days, there was nothing else, he could think about and one afternoon he finally had enough.

“Kiss me!” He ordered Yoongi and the other had looked at him as if he had went insane.

“Only a girl and a boy can kiss!” He had told Jimin.

“That is stupid…I want to kiss you, so let’s try and we’ll see if boys can only kiss girls.”

It had taken several more minutes and the promise to buy him ice cream afterwards, for Jimin to get Yoongi to agree to his idea and like that they had found themselves sitting across one another and staring at each other with flushed cheeks.

“Do you really want to do that?” The older asked quietly, for probably the tenth time by now and like all the times before, Jimin nodded unfaltering.

“Remember, you can’t pull away until you’ve counted to ten or it’s not a real kiss…if you do, you have to do it again…In the movies they always kiss way longer, so I’m being generous here…”

Yoongi groaned, obviously already regretting having said yes to the whole thing but he kept his promise and leaned forward. Jimin had never felt this nervous in his entire life and swallowed hard, before he did the same, thinking about, if he should close his eyes or not. Then suddenly his mouth bumped against Yoongi’s, leading them both to slightly jerk back again, startled.

“I’m…I’m gonna kiss you now…” Jimin forewarned his best friend one last time, before he pressed their lips together.

For some moments, he wasn’t able to do anything, too shocked to be this close to the other and still waiting if there would be a force to pull them away from each other again, to proof Yoongi’s point that boys couldn’t kiss other boy’s. However, nothing like that happened and that encouraged Jimin.

He focused on their connected lips, feeling how his best friend slightly moved his own ones while seemingly counting to ten, but the thing that truly attracted his attention was how wonderful and soft Yoongi’s lips felt on his own. In this moment, Jimin realized that he would never be able to forget this feeling for the rest of his life and that he didn’t want it to end or at least do this again.

But then Yoongi loudly exclaimed, “Ten!” and quickly backed up from the younger, breaking off the connection they had just shared. As soon as Jimin couldn’t feel the other’s lips anymore, he already missed them and looked at Yoongi with pleading eyes.

“Yoongi…please let me do it again!” He begged, showing off his biggest puppy eyes but even though they usually worked on the older, that wasn’t the case this time.

He only looked at him in horror, widely shaking his head and wiped his sleeve over his mouth.

“No! That was disgusting, I think I’ll never kiss anyone ever again.” He declared and nearly immediately directed his attention back to his Gameboy, as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened, not seeing the hurt expression on his best friend’s face.

After this incident, they never kissed again but Jimin just couldn’t forget the feeling of Yoongi’s lips on his own. He knew the other only saw him as his best friend but he hoped that one day this would eventually change and he could finally kiss the older whenever he wanted. Until then, he was content with just staying by his side as a friend and spending every free minute in his presence, since there was no other person closer to Yoongi than him. However, that didn’t last very long. At the beginning of Highschool the older suddenly started to experiment, dating both, girls and boys. While Yoongi being bi gave Jimin a spark of hope, he also discovered a new trait of himself which he hadn’t noticed before; he was extremely jealous.

Whenever his friend brought someone new to meet him, he wished for nothing more than the other person to disappear again while anger boiled inside of him and every time Jimin saw them touching each other he wanted to tear their hands away.

Even though he couldn’t do that, one part of his wish came true. Nobody stayed longer with Yoongi than three months. After every break up, the older always simply shrugged and explained “it just hadn’t been the right person”, before he immediately started to date the next person. Through all his countless relationships, Jimin was always by his side and wanted nothing more than for Yoongi to realize that the right person, he was searching for, was right next to him. But there was no need to mention that he never did and so the younger trained himself in covering up his jealousy, putting on a nice smile and his normally cheerful self, until he had learnt to completely control what kind of emotions he wanted to let other people see, looking untouched even though inside of him raged a storm. The only person who could break through his shell of fake happiness was Yoongi, always doing stuff which caught him off guard, but too oblivious to ever notice how Jimin blushed or acted differently around him.

Then after a really bumpy relationship, the older suddenly stayed single for more than three months for the first time in an eternity and Jimin felt hope rising inside of him once again. Maybe his friend had finally noticed his true feeling? At least this was what he wished for but then, she came. Mia.

When Yoongi brought her to meet Jimin for the first time, his inside had felt sick, frustration destroying the hope, he had allowed himself to feel again after such a long time. At least, until he reminded himself that she wouldn’t stay very long anyways.

So, he calmed down and put on his nicest smile, greeting her cheerfully and playing his role as the perfect best friend while he imagined how he pushed her away, so he could be the one holding Yoongi’s hand in her place. ‘Maybe this will be the last one…’ He told himself inside his head like so often before, ‘Maybe he’ll realize it afterwards…only three more months.’

Jimin could understand the other’s interest for this particular girl. She was extremely pretty and probably also nice, everybody would fall for someone as her, but he also knew it wouldn’t last very long and so he sat down across from her, complementing her t-shirt and started counting the days until they would finally break up, leading Mia to simply disappear again.

But three months passed and there was no sign that their relationship got worse, instead they only seemed to slowly deepen their bond and the feeling of jealousy inside of the younger came back stronger than ever before. What he didn't know was that this time Jimin wouldn’t be able to hold in all his emotions and because of that everything would run differently in comparison to the past.

It all started four months after Yoongi had begun to date Mia.

One night, while they were lying next to each other on Jimin’s bed, talking about school and other stuff, Yoongi suddenly said something that destroyed all hope left in Jimin,

“You know, it’s so weird.” His voice was merely a whisper. “The people I’ve been with until now have always felt so wrong but with’s different... I think I could actually imagine to have her by my side for forever...”

His words pierced through Jimin’s heart like a dagger, nearly causing him to go as far as to lay a hand on his chest, to see if there wasn’t indeed something impaling him. But instead he just forced himself to chuckle softly.

“That sounds as if you want to marry her…” Even in his own ears his voice sounded too tense and not as if he was joking, like he actually had intended it to. But Yoongi was too deep in thoughts, to notice anything.

‘Please don’t say you are really thinking about marrying her one day…’ Jimin silently begged his best friend, knowing it would be too much for him in that moment.

However, the time of wishes getting fulfilled seemed to be over, because the other just shrugged before responding with, “Maybe I will really do that.” and in that moment Jimin fully realized that there likely wouldn’t be a time in which Yoongi would tell him, he had also liked him the whole time, but simply not noticed it. For the first time the knowledge that the other wasn’t his and probably never would be sept completely into his mind.

Before Jimin knew, what he was doing, he jumped up and off the bed, while Yoongi watched him in confusion.

“What are you doing? It was so comfortable right now…”

“Do I look like a damn pillow to you?!”

Anger boiled up inside of the younger and he tried to suppress it, but without success. He felt tears gathering in his eyes and quickly turned around, heading into the direction of his door, so Yoongi couldn’t spot them.

“Is everything all right?” The latter asked, still perplexed and as oblivious as always. “Where are you going?”

“I-I think I heard my mother calling me. I’ll better ask what she wants, you know how she can be…” Jimin made up an excuse, trying to hide the shakiness of his voice and hastily opened the door.

“Really? I haven’t heard anything though…Are you sure?”

But the younger was already out of the room, running down the stairs without being able to properly see anything through his blurry eyes. He had no idea where he was going or what he should do but somehow his feet found the way into the living room, in which his mother was still reading on the sofa. However as soon as she saw her crying son standing in the doorway, she quickly put the book away and went over to him, to take him into her arms.

“What happened, sweetie? What is the matter?” She wanted to know, concern clearly resonating in her voice.

“It’s…I…Yoongi…” Jimin tried to explain while helplessly sobbing, but even in his current state he knew that his explanation didn’t make much sense.

His mother frowned but didn’t ask any more questions, simply holding him and softly caressing his hair, to calm him down again. Jimin’s sobs had already gotten less, when suddenly Yoongi’s voice called for him through the house,

“Jimin? Where are you? Is everything okay? Is there anything I can help with?”

The younger eyed the door to the living room with in panic widened eyes. He had completely forgotten that Yoongi had still been waiting for him in his room, not knowing why he had stormed out in the first place. But as soon as he would see his red, swollen eyes he probably would have to tell him about his feelings and he couldn’t do that yet. Not as long it was certain that there wasn’t a chance, the other liked him in the same way.

But his mother seemingly noticed Jimin’s distress. She let go of him and walked over to the door, before she disappeared behind it.

“Oh, hello Yoongi.” He could hear her say and he held his breath, so he wouldn’t miss the other’s answer.

“Ah, hello Mrs. Park.” Yoongi greeted her back. “Did you see Jimin? He told me you called him earlier.”

“That is right.” His mother lied and Jimin felt incredibly grateful. “He has to help me with some stuff and it will probably take some time, so it would better for you to go home for today. “

Jimin could practically see the other frown.

“Oh really? Maybe I could help?”

“That is really kind of you but there is no reason to. I want Jimin to do some stuff on his own and I know you can’t refuse any of his wishes.”

At this he could hear Yoongi chuckling softly, sounding a bit embarrassed.

“You are probably right…well then I’ll head home. Please tell Jimin I said goodbye and I love him.”

Once more Jimin felt the dagger piercing through his heart. They told each other ‘I love you’ since they had been children, not really knowing the meaning of it back then. Now they still did it, with Yoongi clarifying that ‘I love you’ could also be meant in a non-romantic way. “After all, everybody tells their parents that they love them, right?” However, for Jimin it had always meant more than that.

“I’ll do that. Get home safely…”

After some moments his mother came back, eyeing Jimin questioningly but not asking anything. Still, in the way she later cooked his favorite food, the younger knew that she probably had noticed more about his situation with Yoongi than he thought.

Later that night, when he was lying in bed, this time without Yoongi, his thoughts still were a mess. He tried to sleep, turning from one side to the other, but the tiredness just wouldn’t come. There was just too much he had to think about and the knowledge that he was forced to see Yoongi with his girlfriend again the next day, also didn’t help.

Again, and again he told himself that he should happy for his best friend. After all, that was what he wanted the other to be but he had started to grow so tired of it. To always be the perfect friend, smiling and acting nice to whoever Yoongi brought along, even though he was hurting inside and felt like getting slapped whenever they kissed. Deep inside, he knew that he should just let go of the older, but he also knew he couldn’t, not as long as he had to see him every day. Yoongi was his best friend after all and he didn’t want to lose him.

“Why is it so hard to be nice?” Jimin quietly asked himself, rolling over to the other side once again.

His alarm clock showed him that it was already after midnight and the younger groaned in frustration, before he sat up.

“I’m so sick of it…”

Suddenly a new thought came to his mind. What if he simply stopped acting nice and allowed his jealousy free play? What was there to lose now, anyway? As long as he was friends with Yoongi, he wouldn’t get over him, he had already tried multiple times, and if he stopped wanting to be friends with Jimin because of him suddenly acting different, it definitely would hurt, but at least the younger would be forced to forget him and get over him somehow.

It was scary, how easy Jimin made the decision which would change everything.

“I will do all I have to, to win this battle…” He promised himself in the darkness of his room, before he laid back down and finally fell asleep.

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The promise Jimin had given himself also gave him new confidence.

Even though the night before, he had had no idea how to get through the next day with being forced to see Yoongi and Mia together, he was now, while sitting in the cafeteria across them, completely calm and smiled whenever one of them made a joke. What they didn’t know was that behind his smile, Jimin was already working on a plan how to get rid of Mia while at the same time gaining Yoongi, but even if he wouldn’t have been so good at hiding his emotions, they probably wouldn’t have noticed anything, being to occupied by lovingly staring into each other’s eyes or holding hand.

It took all of Jimin’s self-control to not attack Mia like a wild animal right there in the middle of the crowded cafeteria and instead used his anger to come up with ideas for his plan. He didn’t have anything particular in his mind yet but he knew that no matter what he would end up doing, having the complete trust of both of them would make everything a lot easier. So, of that he started smiling even brighter and directed his full attention to Mia.

“Did anyone tell you that you have really nice eyes?” He asked her, letting his voice sound as if he had just noticed himself.

Mia looked a bit surprised that Jimin had said something to her, before blushing slightly and returning his smile.

“Really? Thank you.”

“Wait, let me see.” Yoongi suddenly exclaimed and turned her head into his direction so he could see her eyes.

“Wow, Jimini is right. How come that I haven’t noticed yet?”

His girlfriend blushed even more and tried to suppress a grin, before she started to pout, pretending to be offended.

“Yes, how didn’t you notice until your best friend pointed it out? Did you never properly look into my eyes?”

“Ahh, I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you later okay? From now on I will look into you eyes as much as you want me to.”

Mia giggled and leaned forward to give Yoongi a quick kiss on the lips, both of them already having completely forgotten the presence of Jimin. The latter watched the whole scene with a frozen expression, feeling the always present jealousy raging inside of him. ‘You just have to endure it a little longer. Not long and she will be gone and you’ll have Yoongi all to yourself,’ he told himself to calm down again and it worked. Then he took a deep breath, before he put on his fake smile again and spoke up once more,

“You know…” He started, his voice startling the couple who still hadn’t remembered that they weren’t alone, “I think you could even emphasize your eyes a bit more…Don’t get me wrong, your style is great, but how about different eyeshadow? If you want I could go with you, to search for one…”

At his offer, Mia looked unsurely to Yoongi who brightly smiled at them both, looking incredible happy about the thought of his best friend and girlfriend going shopping together.

“That is a good idea!” He said enthusiastically, before he turned to Mia, “Jimin has a really good sense for this stuff. There is no one who could advise you better.”

Mia still didn’t look fully convinced but after seeing her boyfriend being this excited at the idea, she seemingly didn’t want to disappoint him.

“Okay…” She finally gave in and smiled at Jimin, even though it looked a bit forced.

“Just tell me, where and when and I’ll be there.”

“Great, it will be fun! Believe me, you won’t regret it.”

The other knew that his smile looked way more convincing than hers, even though this time it didn’t take much. His plan started now and he would make sure that he would succeed.


“Hey Jimin! Wait!”

Immediately the younger stopped walking and turned around, his eyes falling on his best friend who tried to catch up to him. When he finally did, he was out of breath and held on to Jimin while calming down again.

“Since when do you walk home without me?” He wanted to know, pouting.

Jimin nearly rolled his eyes at that.

“I thought you would do something with Mia again after school, like nearly every day these past couple weeks.” He didn’t succeed in completely hiding his annoyance about it and of course, even though he never did, Yoongi had to notice it this time.

His expression got extremely guilty and he put an arm around Jimin’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry…I know I kind of abandoned you and I’m truly sorry for that. I promise in the future I’ll spend more time with you again.”

The next thing Jimin needed to do was extremely hard but he had a plan to follow, so he forced himself to shake his head and smile once again.

“Don’t worry. You are in love, of course you want to spend as much time with her as possible. I only want you to be happy, so if spending time with her makes you happy, do it. I’m gonna be all right.”


Yoongi looked skeptical before he also shook his head.

“No…Spending time with you also makes me happy, so I want to do that.” Then his expression darkened and he looked at Jimin with a frown, concern shimmering in his eyes. “You do know that you also make me happy and are one of the most important people in my life, right?”

Suddenly Jimin felt like the air was stuck inside his throat, making it impossible for him to speak or breath. How much he loved these words and how much they hurt at the same time. But maybe he could do it, just being Yoongi’s friend. Maybe that could be enough…His decision to become the bad guy got cracks.

Meanwhile, the other still watched him, seemingly paying attention to every detail of Jimin’s reaction while he waited for an answer. Since he didn’t trust his voice, the younger simply nodded slowly, for some reason on the verge of tears. Immediately a bright smile light up Yoongi’s face and he ruffled his hand through Jimin’s hair.

“Good. By the way, I’m really thankful that you try to get closer to Mia. I noticed that you two didn’t get along too well until now but I really appreciate it that you also want you two get to know each other better…I know you are doing it for me and I also know that this all is probably not easy for you…” Yoongi’s voice got quieter to the end of the sentence and once more his expression changed to a serious one. “I really want to be more there for you again…it’s just…she makes me so happy, I kind of forget everything else around me…”

As soon as Jimin saw his best friend’s face light up at the thought of his girlfriend and the fondness which shimmered in his eyes, he felt the jealousy boil up again inside of him. His doubts whether he should start his plan or not, disappeared and left him surer about it than he had been before.

 Yoongi was his and Mia had no right to take him away from him.



So, even though he didn’t want to, Jimin found himself in the mall the next weekend, waiting for Mia. When she finally appeared in the entrance, she looked similar to how Jimin felt, obviously wishing to be somewhere else. These past couple days he had tried to get closer to her, complementing her hair and clothes and even giving her his notes for math, since they were in the same class. However, she remained distant, seemingly too surprised and a little overwhelmed by Jimin’s sudden attention. When they had met for the first time, she had tried to get on Jimin’s good side but he had ignored her as much as possible, thinking she would be gone again soon anyway, so it was only normal that his change of heart must seem weird to her. Well, he would ensure that they would get along well within the next weeks. He was good at making friends.  

“Hey, over here!” Jimin called, smiling brightly as always and started waving. As soon as Mia’s eyes fell on him, she also put on a small smile.

“Hi,” she greeted, after she had finally reached him, nervously putting hair strand behind her ear.

“I’m sorry that I let you wait…”

“It’s fine…”

An awkward silence arose, while they stood across each other, not sure what to say next.

“Uhh…why don’t we start in the shop over there?” Jimin suggested after a moment and Mia shrugged.


The next hours were a blur of them moving from one store to another and Mia trying on seemingly a thousand shades of eyeshadows. Even though, Jimin couldn’t stand her, he still did his best in advising her, being to much of a perfectionist to let her choose a wrong one. If he was already doing it, he could also just do it right. However, because he was never truly satisfied, it took them nearly four hours until they finally found what he had been searching for.


Mia looked at him with surprise.

“Really? Are you really telling me, you finally are happy with the shade?” She asked in unbelieve but smiled.

“Yes! This one is the one.”

“So, I can finally go home now?” Jimin ignored her teasing and instead told the shop assistant that they would buy the product. Even though it had been some really exhausting hours, he also partly had accomplished why he had done all this for in the first place; Mia had let go of her wariness and started to feel more comfortable around him instead.

Everything was going like he wanted it to.

After leaving the shop, having been successfully, he bought he ice cream and they got on their way out of the mall, to their parking spots.

There she even hugged him and thanked him at least ten times for his help, before she finally drove off in her car, waving at him one last time, when she passed him. Meanwhile Jimin stayed back completely exhausted but also pleased with the outcome of the day and walked over to his own vehicle.

He got the proof that his plan was slowly starting to work out not even five minutes after he arrived at home, consisting of a message from Mia,

“Thanks for the nice day and your help. I’m sorry I wasn’t as nice to you as you deserve it before, but I hope you can forgive me for that and we’ll become great friends. See you in school.”

A smile appeared on Jimin’s face. Oh, they would become friends… best friends even, he would make sure of that.

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The next day, Jimin, accompanied by Yoongi, met Mia in the cafeteria again and this time she greeted him with a real, warm smile. She was also wearing her new eyeshadow and Jimin, feeling kind of proud, had to admit that it suited her extremely well. Probably too well, because Yoongi couldn’t stop staring at her with an amazed expression, as soon as he first laid eyes on her. Jimin would have started regretting that he had chosen a good one but Mia even begun a conversation with him after they had sat down which at least proofed that his plan was working.

“So, how was your shopping trip yesterday?” Yoongi suddenly wanted to know, after simply listening to them for some minutes, looking like he felt left out a little bit.

“It was good. Jimin really knows a lot about all this stuff. You were right when you told me there would be no better adviser for me.” His girlfriend answered, cuddling up to his side and making Jimin feel sick like so often these past couple days. However, the smile which his best friend gave him immediately cured the bad feeling again.

“Yes, he really is the best.”

The younger felt himself blushing and quickly hid his face behind a napkin, pretending to clean the area around his lips.

“I’m not that good…just really interested in fashion and make up…” he mumbled through the fabric and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“Just accept my compliments for once…you know I’m not making them without reasons. I hate smooth-talkers.”

And after the older had said that, something in Jimin just fell into place. The plan, he had been working on, got another piece and he kind of knew what he should say next. So, he placed the napkin back on the table, having back the full control of his facial expressions and put on a playful smirk.

“Really? I actually thought you were one of them…you are complimenting me way to often to mean it serious.”

What followed were some seconds of silence in which Yoongi turned bright red, searching for an answer and Mia looked at them frowning.

“Well…Then they are still not meaningless…” The older got out after a moment in the same breath his girlfriend said,

“You hardly make me any compliments…”

At this Jimin needed all strength left in him to keep himself to grinning brightly. His plan was already working beautifully. Meanwhile Yoongi was once again in need of words to calm down his extremely sulky looking girlfriend who now sat next to him with crossed arms and glared at him.

“Mia…That is not true…just last week I told you that you have beautiful eyes and—”

“You said that, after your best friend called your attention to it. And today I’m wearing a new eyeshadow, I got, because you wanted me to and all you say about it is, how your best friend is the best at advising people in this kind of stuff. And now it seems like you give him compliments all the time but I don’t even get a ‘you look nice today’ once!”

She seemed to get more and more upset about the whole topic the longer she thought about it. It seemed to be something which had bothered her for a way longer while by now. In Jimin’s opinion, not receiving as many compliments as the best friend of one’s boyfriend did suck big times…but the drama Mia was starting right now seemed a bit unduly to him. But how could he know? He had neither a boyfriend nor was he the one getting less compliments. Instead, the thought that Yoongi praised him more than her made him feel extremely happy.

Slowly the other students, sitting near their table, started directing their attention to the fighting couple, which got louder and louder with every minute, looking eager to know more about other people’s dramas since their own lives were too boring.

“Huhh…guys…” Jimin tried to remind Yoongi and his girlfriend that once again, they weren’t alone but like always, he got ignored. His best friend was still trying to calm down Mia and the latter was also still not done making a fuss, eyeing Yoongi with a stare which probably could kill people. Then suddenly the school bell rang, signalizing the end of the break and everybody got up to be on point to their classes, not wanting to take the risk of ending up in the headmaster’s office. Even the couple stopped arguing and got up, Mia still having her arms crossed and looking sulky before she simply walked away without saying another word. Yoongi looked after her with an unhappy expression and Jimin carefully placed himself next to him.

“Are you…all right?” He asked and the older turned around startled, as if he had forgotten that Jimin had been present the whole time, which probably was the case.

“Not really…” Was his answer and as soon as the younger saw his sad eyes, he couldn’t help himself but feel bad for him, even though he was actually happy about the fight. But instead of showing that, he put on a guilty expression combined with his big, sad puppy eyes, he knew worked on nobody better than Yoongi.

“I’m sorry…This all happened because of my stupid joke…It’s all my fault.”

The older immediately stopped looking miserable and eyed him somehow angry instead.

“That is not true! Stop thinking stuff like that…This is a problem between me and Mia. You have done nothing wrong…Instead you even helped her.”

Jimin could have left it with that but hearing Yoongi saying such nice things about him felt too good. So, he tried to look even more sorrowful.

“But Mia is really angry at you now…and probably also at me. I thought we could become friends but I think she doesn’t want to be friends with me any longer…Because I—”

“Stop it! Hey, I just told you, it’s not your fault. I’m the one who did something wrong and not you. Also, if Mia doesn’t want to be friends with you anymore she would be extremely stupid, don’t you think? You are the kindest, sweetest person on this planet…and also my best friend. Mia is important to me but if she starts treating you bad after this stupid incident, then it would probably be better for us as a couple to go our own, separated ways.”

After this, Yoongi pulled Jimin into a hug and the younger let it happen, feeling dazed. Did he hear right? Yoongi would leave Mia for him. For him, Jimin. Something like the feeling of euphoria rushed through his body and his thoughts were a mess. His plan could indeed work but it would probably be too rushed if he tried to use their recent fight. Instead he should follow his intended steps and just revise everything a bit. So, he let go of his best friend again and looked at him thoughtfully.

“Okay, but still I want to do something to help you. Maybe, I could talk to her? Tell her that it was just a joke and that you love her or something…?”

At this Yoongi smiled, even though he looked a bit uncomfortable at the ‘love her’ part.

“You would do that? Thank you so much, but please let out the stuff about me loving her…it’s just…I haven’t told her that yet.” He admitted and glanced at the floor to avoid the other’s stare.

Jimin’s eyes widened in surprise, while he loudly cheered inside. So that meant he wasn’t as sure about their whole relationship as he had thought?  

“Really? You haven’t? Why?”

The older simply shrugged.

“I wanted to be completely sure, I guess…”

“Isn’t there a class room you two should be in right now?” Pulled the loud voice of one of the cafeteria overseers them back into the reality of their daily school life. The break had ended a while ago and by now the cafeteria was nearly completely empty.

“Shit! We have to hurry, if we want to be on time for our classes. What is your next one?” Yoongi wanted to know, already dragging Jimin along to the doors after he had grabbed his wrist.

“Math class…with Mia. I’m gonna try to talk to her there.” The younger answered, having a hard time trying to not stumble and fall because of his best friend’s fast pace.

“Do that, thanks.” They had reached the corridor in front of the cafeteria and Yoongi finally came to a standstill. “This way is the fastest one. Hurry, so you don’t get into any trouble…that just wouldn’t suit you.” He let go of Jimin and gave him a small nudge into the right direction so he would start moving. After shortly hesitating, the younger did as him told and was nearly around the next corner, when Yoongi suddenly called for him one last time,

“Meeting at the entrance after school? I really miss hanging out with you.”

This time Jimin didn’t even try to hide his bright smile which appeared on his face while he turned around and gave his best friend two thumbs up, to show him he approved his suggestion.

This day turned out to be a really good one. Now he only had to convince Mia he was the good guy in this whole thing.

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Even though Yoongi had literally dragged him out of the cafeteria, so he wouldn’t be late, Jimin still somehow established just that and his teacher looked extremely unpleased at his arrival.

“Mr. Park…So you also decided to join us today. I’m glad but let’s make one thing clear; you don’t have to show up at all, because I seriously don’t care if you gonna fail this class or not, but if you want to pass it and be part of my class…show up on time!”

At this point Jimin was about to simply turn around and leave again, math wasn’t his favorite subject after all, but he still had to talk to Mia, so he quickly apologized and took the remaining seat behind her. Mia however hadn’t even looked up, when he had arrived and neither did she show any signs that they had been on really good terms only some minutes ago. After half an hour of Jimin feeling like everybody else was speaking a language he couldn’t understand, their teacher gave them some math problems to solve on their own and he knew he wouldn’t get a better opportunity anytime soon. So, Jimin carefully pushed his desk closer to Mia in front of him, until she would be able to hear him, even though he was talking quietly.

“Mia?” No reaction at all.

“Can I talk to you for a moment?” Again, she didn’t show in any way that she had heard him and simply continued doing whatever they were supposed to do in math but of which Jimin had lost track half a year ago. However, he couldn’t just give up this easily and tried it once more,


Mia sighed, obviously annoyed, before she finally turned around and looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“What is it?”

“About earlier…with Yoongi, I’m sorry.” At his apology Mia started frowning.

“You don’t need to apologize to me…it’s not your fault and also not your battle, Jimin…”

“I know…I just feel like it’s my fault, since you were arguing because of me…”

Just like Yoongi earlier in the cafeteria, Mia’s expression softened and she sighed once more.

“It wasn’t because of you…relationships aren’t easy and most of the times fights like this have a complete different reason.” She spoke to Jimin as if he was a five-year-old who had no idea how relationships even worked but he let it pass since he was playing dumb and naïve after all and this only meant he acted convincing.

“So, it wasn’t because of me?” Mia shook her head.

“Then maybe you can forgive Yoongi? He was really sad and he knows, he was wrong. Also, because of the compliments…Yoongi and I probably seem really close…and we are, but it’s because we know each other our whole lives. I know it can be difficult to understand but please try…you…” The words Jimin was about to say felt like stones in his stomach but they were the words which would decide everything right now, “You are really important to Yoongi, please don’t forget that.”

At Mia’s expression, he could see that he had said the right things. Now her eyes didn’t look distant anymore but vulnerable instead.

“You’re probably right…it’s just—you are so close and sometimes it’s just so hard to control my jealousy, I guess.” She buried her head in her hands while Jimin forced himself to put on a sympathetic look.

“I can understand that…” He said and his voice was merely a whisper, “I can just imagine how hard it must be…” Or rather he exactly knew…there probably was no one who understood her better than Jimin but still he didn’t feel any pity for her at all.


After math class, he was finally allowed to leave hell and quickly got on his way out of school. Jimin had nearly forgotten that he was supposed to meet Yoongi at the entrance and, when he saw the older casually leaning against a pillar, while bopping his head to whatever music he was listening to, he felt a sudden rush of happiness. Jimin stopped and simply looked at him, observing the soft curves of his face, his closed eyes and the dark hair, he loved playing with. Fondness, more than he could bear seemed to swamp over him and he could have stood there for hours, just watching the older and dreaming about how it would be to run up to him and kiss him, when Yoongi suddenly opened his eyes and returned his stare, before a small smile bloomed on his face.

Jimin felt how his stomach immediately started riding a roller coaster and he tried to calm himself down and put on a neutral expression, already knowing he was failing, while he forced himself to walk closer. Why was Yoongi still the only person in front of he couldn’t control his expressions?

“Hey.” The older greeted him after Jimin had reached him, took off his headphones and smiled even wider. “Is everything okay? You look like you just had to run at least a mile. Were you this eager to see me?” Yoongi started laughing and even though the younger knew, he was only joking he still couldn’t stop himself from turning from a light red shade to a darker one.

“You wish…” was the only thing that came into his mind as a reply and he decided to quickly change the topic, “I talked to Mia.”

Immediately the smile faded from Yoongi’s face and he looked tense instead.

“What did she say?”

“Nothing in particular but I think you’ll two be all right.” It hurt to see his best friend’s face light up at this and how he pulled him into a hug.

“Thank you! I seriously couldn’t wish for a better friend.” Jimin was more than thankful that Yoongi wasn’t able to see his face, because even his bad eyed grandmother could probably easily see how miserable he felt right now. “But you know what,” the older said and pulled away again, “let’s not talk about my relationship problems anymore and go home to do something fun instead.” 


Finally spending time with Yoongi alone again was amazing. They let the afternoon pass while playing video games and basketball without talking about school or Mia even once and it made Jimin nearly forgetting about their existence.

“God, I can’t stand upright anymore…I’m too exhausted…” Yoongi said after they had finished their third game of basketball and flopped down on the grass, before letting himself fall on his back. Jimin only laughed and sat down next to him.

“You act like my grandpa…”

“Stop teasing me or you will regret it!” Yoongi exclaimed, pretending to be offended even though he was smiling.

“And what if I don’t stop?” Jimin wanted to know, brightly grinning and raised his eyebrows challenging at the older.

“I told you, you’ll regret it…”

“Oh really?” Jimin could clearly hear how his voice had taken on another sound, sounding less jokingly and more as if he was flirting. And well…hell yes, he was but the fact that Yoongi seemingly joined in let him throw all commonsense away and feeling euphoric instead.

“Really…” The older replied and he spoke so quiet that Jimin had a hard time understanding him. They stared into each other’s eyes without saying anything and the tension between them seemed too much for the younger to keep breathing. What would he give for being able to kiss Yoongi right now. He looked so beautiful with his cheeks still flushed from their game and dark hair framing his face…

“Well…I think you even look a bit like my grandpa…” Jimin continued his teasing but instead of it sounding like he was joking, his voice was breathless now.

“You brought this onto yourself…” The older’s eyes shimmered dangerously. Then suddenly he pulled the younger’s arms away, so that he landed on his back next to Yoongi. He had no time to complain about the slight pain which followed because his best friend used his shock to start tickling him.

“No! Yoongi! Stop!” Jimin screamed while giggling helplessly and trying to push the other’s hands away. But the older ignored him and grabbed both of Jimin’s hands so he couldn’t fight back anymore. “Yoongi, I’m—serious! I—I can’t breathe.” Just in that moment Yoongi’s phone went off, leading them to freeze in their movements. For some seconds they stayed like this; the older bend over him, Jimin’s wrists in his hands while they stared at each other, still breathing heavily.

“Maybe you should take the call…” Jimin said after a while in which the older hadn’t moved even though his phone was still ringing.

“It’s her…” Yoongi only whispered, before he slowly let go of the younger again and pulled his phone out of his pocket. Wow, so he even had a personalized ringtone for her…great. This was something not even Jimin had gotten and it made him feel sick again. Why did this girl always have to destroy the moment? But even though he was angry at Mia for just existing in general, he was also somehow glad she had interrupted them, because if she wouldn’t have, he probably would have done something extremely stupid like kissing Yoongi or touching his face weirdly just to feel if it was as soft as it looked like.  

“Yes?” The latter finally answered his phone and Jimin stared up into the sky which was slowly getting darker. He knew how this would end anyway.

“Right now?” Yoongi asked about something Mia must have said but Jimin couldn’t hear since she didn’t speak loud enough. His friend sighed.

“ Yes…okay. I’ll meet you there.” He got up and Jimin sat up too, looking at him questioningly

“Sorry, I have to go. Mia wants to talk so we’ll quickly meet up” Jimin only nodded, having expected just that.


“I’m really sorry…I promised you the whole day not only the afternoon.” At this the younger forced himself to smile and made a dismissive hand gesture.

“It’s fine…don’t worry about me…you should…apologize to her or something.” Yoongi still didn’t look convinced and guilty instead.

“I’ll definitely make it up to you, promise!” He turned around and walked into the direction of the garden gate but before he opened it, he looked back at Jimin one last time, forming a megaphone with his hands,

“I love you Park Jimin!” He screamed so loud that probably everybody in the area of at least one mile could hear it. Then he disappeared and Jimin could finally let his tears run free once more. Why did loving Yoongi and spending time with him hurt so much?  

Chapter Text

After the older had finally left, Jimin couldn’t bring himself to get up and go inside. Instead he let himself fall back on the grass and watched how the sky slowly changed colors while the sun set. Even though so much had happened these past couple hours and he had felt so many emotions, his mind now seemed to be empty. He neither thought about Yoongi, nor Mia or anything else. The only thing Jimin did was watching the sky, not feeling anything, and he didn’t know how much time he spent like this but he knew that it was the most at peace he had felt since so long ago, when Yoongi and him had still been children and slept in the same bed without them having to worry about anything. Just how much he missed those times.

It was already dark and one star after the other started shining, when Jimin could suddenly hear someone call his name and the surprise was enough to make him sit up straight right away.

“Jimin? Jimin!”

He frowned and looked over to the street, still not really believing his ears.

“What the hell are you still doing in the garden?! It’s fucking cold!”

No, he hadn’t heard wrong. There, just in the act of walking through the gate again, was Min Yoongi, looking at him as if he had went insane. But what was he even doing here? Jimin was still too surprised, or maybe it was only because his brain had seemingly stopped working a while ago (it was indeed freezing and he hadn’t even noticed) so that he kept sitting in the grass, watching his best friend approach him like he was seeing a ghost.

“Gosh, you have to be kidding me…” Yoongi started scolding him as soon as he reached him, “why are you still sitting? Get the fuck up, so we can go inside…today is seriously not the best night to watch the stars.”

“What are you doing here?” Jimin had finally found his voice again but the other just ignored him, while he took off his jacket and put it around the younger’s shoulders.

“Shit, you feel like an ice cube! You must be freezing…” Immediately he also started rubbing Jimin’s arms before he suddenly pulled him up. “C’mon, let’s go inside.”

Carefully he moved Jimin over to the house and inside, where the latter finally realized that he had indeed been freezing. That would explain why his body had felt so numb…

Yoongi placed him on a sofa and with the order, “Stay here, don’t move!”, he quickly walked away, leaving the other alone, shivering and pulling the jacket closer around him. However, he wasn’t gone for long, coming back five minutes later with Jimin’s blanket, a scarf and one of his beanies.

“Could you please explain to me why you decide to sit outside in a t-shirt for hours, even though they announced it would be the coldest night in weeks and it’s freaking fall!” While keeping on scolding him, the older had started to wrap him into the blanket before putting on the clothes he had gotten. After he was done he eyed him, looking pleased. “That should be enough…now tell me!”

“I…I don’t know…” Jimin finally replied after some seconds, still a bit dumbfounded. It also didn’t help that his brain was seemingly still frozen. His friend looked at him as if he had just told him he wanted to fly to the moon…like right now. “I didn’t notice that it was getting so cold…” He quickly added, which was the truth but didn’t convince Yoongi either.

“Wow…that…that seriously doesn’t make sense…How can you not notice it getting this cold? What where you even doing? Did you lie there since I left?” Jimin didn’t answer but the older had always been able to read him like an open book and as soon as he lowered his eyes, he took it as a confirmation. Yoongi’s expression changed from confused to worried.

“Is everything okay? Did something happen?” Again, he didn’t need Jimin to answer to know he was on the right track, especially now that the younger couldn’t even look him in the eyes anymore. Slowly, without looking away for even a second, he sat down next to Jimin on the sofa and took his small hands in his own bigger ones. Immediately warmth streamed through them and Jimin nearly started to laugh at the cruel symbolism.

“You know you can always talk to me…about everything.” Yoongi’s voice was soft and Jimin suddenly couldn’t resist laying his head on his shoulder anymore. In this moment he really wanted to tell him but he also knew he couldn’t…not if he wanted to keep him this close.

“It’s nothing…” He mumbled instead of telling the truth, feeling extremely tired all of a sudden. Because of feeling Yoongi getting tense he knew that the older didn’t believe him but he seemingly also respected that Jimin didn’t want to talk about it and didn’t ask any further. Instead he only wrapped and arm around him and started softly rubbing his shoulder.

“Okay…you can always tell me when you feel ready to…but don’t keep on hurting alone. Promise me.”

“Mhh…I promise…” Jimin said sleepily.

“Good…” After having gotten the promise he wanted, Yoongi relaxed again and pressed a fond kiss on Jimin’s hair. If he wouldn’t have been so tired he maybe would have freaked out but in that moment he only sighed content and snuggled himself closer to the older while thinking how it must feel to be able to always have this.

“Mia is really lucky…” He whispered so quietly that Yoongi wasn’t even sure if he had understood it correctly.

“What did you say?”

But Jimin had already fallen asleep.

Yoongi watched him, worry still rushing through his body. He suddenly realized that he hadn’t seen Jimin sleeping like this for an eternity. Every of the few times they have had sleepovers the past couple years, Jimin had been the last one to falls asleep and the first one to wake up again.

Now seeing him peacefully and vulnerable like this made it even more obvious how exhausted he always looked…it was like only watching the ghost of his best friend. A copy or imitation which was incredibly good but could still be seen through if one payed enough attention to it.

Carefully not to wake Jimin, he started stroking his hair out of his face.

“What is it? What destroys you like this and why don’t you let me help you?” He asked into the silence, already knowing he wouldn’t get an answer.

“I know you are hurting and because of that I’m hurting too so…please, let me help you.”

Chapter Text

The first thing Jimin noticed when he woke up was the pain in his throat and a light headache. Next, he realized that he wasn’t lying in his bed, where he should be, but on the sofa in the living room instead. Confused he sat up, one of his beanies falling into his lap in the process. He looked around and spotted his smartphone not far away from him on the coffee table. Jimin quickly checked the time and groaned in annoyance after seeing that he was on the edge of being late to school.

“Why didn’t I just sleep in my bed?” Just in that moment his mother walked into the room, looking as stressed as Jimin felt.

“Finally, you are up. I tried waking you earlier but you just ignored me and I didn’t have enough time for stuff like this today.” She hurried over to the counter, taking the coffee pot and poured some of the coffee into a cup. Meanwhile Jimin watched her, still too sleepy to really think or get up and get ready for school even though that would probably be the best thing to do.

“Do you feel healthy enough to go to school today? You should at least bring tea or something…I’m hundred percent sure that you’ll get a cold, if not something worse. You can be happy that you got such a good friend as Yoongi…He stayed to watch over you until I finally came home from work. What were you even doing out there?”

Somewhere in between of his mother’s lectures Jimin’s brain finally woke up, making it possible for him to fall back on his memories. Well that would explain his hurting throat and head. But there was something that interested him more right now,

“He stayed until you came home?”

His mother nodded while throwing two cookies into a small paper bag and putting the third one in her mouth.

“Mhhh…Hesh sosch ah nische mhoy.“

„Sorry, what? I think I couldn’t even understand one word.” His mother rolled her eyes in annoyance before taking the cookie back out of her mouth, however not without taking a bite first and putting on her jacket.

“I said, he is such a nice boy. He would probably make a wonderful son in law…”

“Mom! He is my best friend…Jesus…and also, he as a girlfriend and it’s serious this time…” And there she was again…Mia, his problem. Why couldn’t even one hour pass without her being mentioned?

Jimin’s mother frowned.

“Really? Too bad…I actually had hope.” Jimin jokingly shook his head in unbelieve and his mother shrugged before leaving the room to put on her shoes. In moments like this he regretted telling her about his sexuality even though he couldn’t be happier, how easy she had gotten used to the thought of her only son being gay. She was also the only person he had ever told…but Yoongi probably knew anyways. After all, Jimin had never shown any interest in girls while he had been more than obsessed with Jensen Ackles some years ago and the older had also never really told him about him being bi either. He just suddenly showed up with a really cute guy, holding his hand and announced they were dating. This had been the day Jimin had been more hopeful than ever before, only to quickly realize that his hope was useless.

The buzzing of his smartphone suddenly cut through the silence. Speaking of the devil, the person texting him was nobody else than Yoongi himself.

Ey, are you awake?

I just remembered that you don’t have an alarm clock downstairs so I wanted to check if you got up

Answer me

you up?

I’m gonna text you until you’ll answer

I’m serious

You’ll be late

Get up!

I’m up

Stop spamming

Finally! That’s all I wanted, I’m late myself

I overslept…so see you later

Wait, why did you even come back yesterday?

But Yoongi didn’t answer him anymore and Jimin just sighed before finally getting up. He would have to skip breakfast or he would be late for school and he couldn’t do that after all what Yoongi had done to ensure that he wouldn’t. He was just about to leave the room when suddenly his mother walked back in, now fully dressed in a jacket, shoes and even a scarf.

“Baby, don’t forget to put on something warm today. It’s really cold and you are already sick.”

“Okay…” She smiled and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“Love you...” His mother was nearly out of the room again when she turned around once more, “By the way…are you sure that the thing between Yoongi and his girlfriend is that safe?” Jimin looked at her confused.

“It’s his longest relationship yet and he even told me he wouldn’t mind marrying her so that seems pretty safe to me…”

“That’s odd…I don’t want to make anything weird between you two as friends but the way he was looking at you yesterday…it wasn’t the way you would just look at anybody. But if he even talks about marriage it really must be serious, so don’t listen to your stupid mother. Make sure he also invites me to the wedding, all right? I really have to go now, I’m already late. See you!”

Jimin just dumbly stared at the door through which his mother had disappeared. Yoongi looked at him differently? Hope started sprouting in him once more but he quickly tore it down again. After all, Jimin was Yoongi’s best friend so of course he would look at him as if he was someone special. That still didn’t mean he had any feelings for him.

“He’s gonna be the death of me…” Jimin whispered to himself.

A new text message from Yoongi pulled him out of his rigidity.

I actually only came back to tell you that everything with Mia is fine again

We made up and you don’t need to worry anymore

And pls tell me you are already on your way to school

But this time Jimin was the one who didn’t respond. Instead he just stared at the messages before chuckling in unbelieve. Yoongi had come back only to tell him that his relationship with Mia was fine again. He had come back to make everything worse, believing he was making it better again.

I’m on my way

Then he put his smartphone away so he could get ready for going into battle once again.


In school everything was indeed back to normal. Mia and Yoongi seemed to be happier and more in love than ever, not letting go of each other’s hands for even a second while Jimin tried his best to control his jealousy. Even though he wanted to throw up, every time Mia leaned over to Yoongi, to whisper something into his ear, followed by them both giggling like fifth graders and the older pressing kisses to her cheek, Jimin forced himself to smile instead. But if he had magic powers, Mia would already have turned into a toad or something similar.

Then later, in the lunch break, the toad Mia had to look something up in the library and of course Yoongi immediately offered to help her and Jimin was actually glad about it. At least he didn’t have to pretend, he was happy for them anymore, even though it also meant he was now sitting alone on a table somewhere in the cafeteria, only poking in his food with his fork since he didn’t feel hungry.

“They probably don’t even do anything productive and just snog the whole time…” He mumbled to himself, when he suddenly felt how someone placed himself on the bench right next to him. Confused Jimin looked up to see, if Yoongi had maybe ditched his girlfriend to accompany him at lunch after all, but of course that wasn’t the case. Instead he looked into the bright grinning face of a boy with light brown-dyed hair, he had never talked to, but knew from having seen him before in the corridors. How could you not notice him? If Jimin wouldn’t be as helplessly in love with Yoongi as he was, he would probably have the biggest crush on this guy. He just looked so perfect, not like a student but an expensive model who had somehow ended up in a school instead of a photo shooting. The question was, what was his reason for suddenly sitting next to him? Jimin had always thought the guy didn’t even know he existed but now he even grinned at him.

“Hi, I can sit here, right?” The boy asked, even though it sounded more like a statement.

“Huh…?” Was the only thing Jimin got out, staring at the other with big eyes.

“Thanks man, you save me from having the most boring lunch on my own.” As soon as he had ended his sentence, he started eating, not noticing or simply ignoring Jimin’s bewildered expression.

“I’m Taehyung, by the way, but you can call me Tae.” The boy introduced himself with a full mouth.


“Ah, nice to finally get to know you, Jimin.” Finally?

“Huh…yes.” He was still too surprised, to really say anything meaningful. Silence arose which was only interrupted by Taehyung’s eating noises and all the other students who definitely had a better time than Jimin right now.

“So, I was thinking…” the other spoke up again after some moments, still shoveling food into his mouth, “and I came to the conclusion that we should be dating.”

At the word dating, Jimin immediately choked on his own saliva, leading him to start coughing like crazy and Taehyung had to pat his back so that he was able to breathe again.

“But…you don’t even know me.” He finally got out after some minutes and Tae gave him a look as if he was crazy.

“Of course, I know you! I mean we never talked but I knew who you are. How could I not notice you? You are one of the cutest boys in the entire school! Do you know how many people are attracted to you?” Jimin stared back at him in unbelief before he eyed the people in the cafeteria, wondering if what Taehyung had just told him was really true and there were maybe even people in the same room that had a crush on him. However, the only person looking at him was a guy sitting on the other side of the room, wearing a black hoodie, and immediately looked away as soon as Jimin’s eyes fell on him. He probably had stared without any intentions.

“No way…” Jimin mumbled quietly and looked down on his still full plate, feeling how he turned red. The other only shrugged.

“It’s true…too bad that your friend hasn’t realized this yet, though.” Immediately Jimin’s head shot back up.

“My friend?”

“Yes, the dark haired one, you are always around…”

“You mean Yoongi?” Again, Taehyung shrugged.

“I guess…Whatever he doesn’t seem to realize that you are pretty popular either…”

“He has a girlfriend though…” Jimin said, his mood immediately getting worse again at the thought of her.

“That’s what I mean…and I mean, he has also dated boys before, right?” He nodded.

“Well then let’s date!” Taehyung’s smile returned, before he pointed at Jimin’s food, “Do still want to eat that or can I have it?”

Still staring at the other in confusion, he pushed the plate to him. “I’m not hungry anyway.”

“Thanks!” Then Taehyung immediately started eating again.

“So…why should we date?” Jimin wanted to know after some more minutes had passed.

“Jimin…you should know how obvious your crush on your best friend is…like I can literally see it from the other side of the room but seems like your Yoongi is a bit dense…because I think he hasn’t noticed anything of it…am I right?”

For some reason Jimin knew that trying to deny it wouldn’t work so he only sighed and nodded. Taehyung eyed him with a sympathetic expression. “That sucks, I’m sorry.”

“Mmmh…still what does that have to do with us dating?”

“Well, I want to help you…so let’s work together. We can date and meanwhile we think about a plan.” Jimin still didn’t completely understand the other’s way of thinking.

“Wait…you want to date me, only to let me go as soon as Yoongi maybe decides to like me after all? Why not leaving the dating part out completely?” For the first time since they had started talking, Taehyung seemed to feel uncomfortable. His eyes quickly flickered over to something in the cafeteria but when Jimin followed his stare, there was nothing except the guy in the black hoodie who once more seemed to stare at him but quickly looked away again as soon as he met Jimin’s eyes. The latter frowned.

“Do you know this guy in the hoodie? I think he is watching us and he doesn’t look really happy…”

Immediately Taehyung’s face lit up. “Really?” However, he quickly made a dismissive hand gesture, his euphoric expression changing to a casual one. “Don’t worry about him, he had a pretty bad last week…” Once again Tae glanced over to the guy but this time his expression looked cold only to change back into a friendly one when he turned back to Jimin.

“Anyway, if your frie—Yoongi thinks we are dating it could make him jealous…after all I have never seen you date someone and he probably hasn’t either.”

“I kissed people!” Jimin suddenly felt the need to quickly throw in, so he wouldn’t look as if he didn’t have any experiences at all and it was true. He had kissed people, mainly guys, but that was it. Even though most of them had wanted to date him, he had always declined, his heart too stuck in his feelings for Yoongi. Taehyung only frowned at him, seemingly a bit confused about his sudden statement.

“Okay…maybe but that still doesn’t change the fact that Yoongi has never seen you with another person, right?” Jimin slowly nodded. He had never told him about his kisses either.

“Well then this could actually work…people tend to only see what they got when they are about to lose it so, let’s try…”

“But what do you gain out of this? Why do you want to help me?” Immediately the smile was back.

“I’m just a really nice person that can’t stand seeing you follow him like a lost, hurt puppy anymore.” However, by the way he nervously ran his hand through his hair and glanced into the direction of the weird guy again, Jimin knew that this wasn’t the full truth. He was just about to demand the whole reason, when suddenly a familiar voice called his name,

“Jimin?” As if he had been caught doing something wrong, the younger quickly turned his head, to see Yoongi approaching them, Mia in tow.

“Just think about it, okay?” Tae said, seemingly in a hurry now. “Here this is my number and if you change your mind, call me.” He gave him a small piece of paper and smiled at him one last time before he stood up. By now Yoongi had also reached them, while Mia had been cut off from him by a group of students without him even noticing it. However, when Taehyung wanted to walk past him the older suddenly blocked his way and observed him with drawn together eyebrows.

“Who are you?” Yoongi wanted to know and like seemingly always Tae smiled.

“I’m Taehyung and you must be Yoongi, am I right? Jimin told me about you.” Yoongi looked from him to Jimin and back, before raising his eyebrows. He seemingly wanted to reply something but in the same time he opened his mouth, Tae leant forward and started whispering something into his ear. The younger couldn’t understand what he was saying but because of the way that Yoongi suddenly focused his eyes on him and how his face darkened, Jimin wished he could just turn invisible and get away from the older’s attention. After Taehyung was done he looked back at Jimin one last time and winked, before walking away with a pleased expression on his face.

“Who the hell was that?!” His best friend wanted to know, his eyes now only slits while he watched Taehyung leave the cafeteria. Then he sat down next to the younger his expression turning from pissed to worried in seconds.

“Has he said anything…mean to you? Or done anything inappropriate?” Jimin nearly started laughing at this.

“What? No! How do you get that idea?” Yoongi only shrugged without answering his question, still not really looking calm.

“Then what did he want?” Immediately the younger felt heat rushing to his head and he looked over to the hoodie-boy again instead of the other’s face, only to find him gone too. Strange…



“I asked you a question.” Something in Yoongi’s voice, suddenly sounding really pressing pissed Jimin off but he tried to not let it show.

“Nothing! He just told me I’m pretty, gave me his number and asked me on a date.”

“What?! But why—” But in that moment Mia finally reached them too, looking as pissed as Jimin felt and he knew that there soon would be another fight.

“Why didn’t you wait for me?” She exclaimed in the same moment Jimin stood up and said,

“I just remembered I have to get something from my locker.” Then he quickly fled from the cafeteria.

Chapter Text

The next time Jimin saw Yoongi was after school, when he was about to leave through the main entrance, yearning for his warm comfortable bed since the small headache from the morning had grown into a quite painful one. Being occupied with his own thoughts he didn’t notice his best friend at first who sat outside on one of the benches, like the day before listening to music with his headphones. However as soon as Jimin saw him, he remembered that he was still angry at the older for his behavior earlier and wanted to simply walk past him but when Yoongi’s eyes fell on him he immediately jumped up, taking his headphones off in the process.

“Jimin!” The latter didn’t even try to surpass the urge to roll his eyes. If Mia was a toad, he slowly started to feel like a dog with the countless times Yoongi was calling his name these past couple weeks. A dog of who he thought wasn’t pretty enough as that someone as handsome as Taehyung could be interested in him.

“Jimin, wait!” The other called once more but he still didn’t stop and kept on walking. Yes, he was that petty. However, he didn’t get far since Yoongi suddenly grabbed his wrist and turned him around, confusion written on his face.

“Why didn’t you stop when I called your name?”

“Maybe, because I’m not your dog that does everything you want as soon as you demand it?!” He hissed and Yoongi’s eyes widened perplexed, hurt flashing through them. Immediately the younger felt guilty but he was too stubborn to show that and crossed his arms instead.

“I…I’m sorry?” The other apologized but it came out more as a question. Jimin just let out an angry snort and wanted to continue walking but Yoongi was faster and grabbed his wrist once more.

“Wait! What’s going on? Why are you suddenly angry with me?” He wanted to know and the younger saw in his changing expression that his mood was going from confused to angry, too. ‘He thinks I’m treating him unfairly…’  “You act so weird these past couple weeks…before you always told me everything but now days you don’t and just get angry randomly at me. You never acted like this in the past.”

At this Jimin raised his eyebrows at him. “Maybe you just never noticed…maybe I never showed you, when something pissed me off or how I truly felt!”

He tore himself away from Yoongi and turned around, when the latter suddenly spoke up again,

“Then why don’t you show me how you truly feel? I don’t want you to hide, you know…” His voice didn’t sound angry anymore but soft and somehow sad instead. Immediately Jimin froze on the spot, panic rising in him. Did Yoongi notice more than he had thought? Did he maybe even know?!

Slowly he turned back. “I’m not…I’m angry at you right now, am I not? Don’t worry, I’ll show my feelings from now on…” Please don’t have noticed.

Yoongi frowned, not looking really convinced or as if he was ready to drop the subject yet but then he sighed.

“Okay, promise me you will tell me if something hurts you…or someone.” Well, where should Jimin start there? On this list Yoongi would be on the first place but instead of saying that, he only smiled.

“I promise…but who would want to hurt me?” Immediately the other’s face darkened.

“There are all kinds of bad people in this world…people who want to use you or make fun of you…” At this Jimin had to think back to the incident in the cafeteria and Yoongis worried expression, while he had asked him if Taehyung had done anything bad to him.

“Wait…you don’t seriously think Taehyung is one of these people and was hurting me in any way or wants to use me, right?” In the way Yoongi didn’t meet his eyes he knew that it was exactly that. “I told you it was fine…he only asked me on a date…”

“See! Promise me that you won’t let yourself be pressured into something you don’t want okay?”

“I—” Jimin started to explain for seemingly the thousandth time that he didn’t mind Taehyung asking him out, when Yoongi suddenly rushed forward and pulled him into a tight hug, cutting off all the words, the younger had wanted to say.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt…I couldn’t bear seeing it and you only deserve everything good in this world…”

“Yoongi, I’m fine…” Jimin said and in this moment, it wasn’t a lie. How could he not be fine as long as the other held him like this and worried about him?

“Good…” Yoongi mumbled and let go of him again. “Then…are you not angry at me anymore?”

The younger shook his head and smiled. “How could I, when you look at me with such desperate eyes?”

“Great!” The older exclaimed and his bright gummy smile appeared on his face. “Then let’s get on our way home. Now that this misunderstanding is solved, I have something to ask you.”



“A party?!” Jimin stared at his best friend in unbelief.

The latter only nodded and smiled.

 “But we never go to parties…you hate them.” At this Yoongi shrugged.

“Maybe I judged too early…we should at least give it another try, don’t you think?”

Jimin observed the other closely; the way he was smiling and not directly looking into his eyes. Then realization hit him and his expression immediately fell.

“Mia asked you if you would go, right? I thought you had another fight?”

Yoongi looked like he had been caught and he nervously started playing with his scarf.

“We didn’t really fight…it was just a difference of opinion and it’s already solved again, so don’t worry…and yes, she did ask me…but it’s probably gonna be fun!”

When he saw Jimin’s raised eyebrows and unconvinced expression he sighed.

“Okay…I hate parties and that’s why I beg you to come with me…”

“You ask me to accompany you and Mia on one of your dates?!” it broke out of Jimin and he immediately bit himself on his lips since it was obvious how much he hated the idea. However, the guilt which rushed over Yoongi’s face made it worth it.

“It’s not a date…there are many other people.”

“Many other people, I don’t know so, I will still be third wheeling…”

“Well…actually not.” Yoongi suddenly started smiling and Jimin knew he had as well as lost this battle, “They are all people from our grade and school so you’ll definitely find people to talk to…Oh, c’mon! It’s gonna be fun, please. I’m begging you!”

He looked at Jimin with big pleading eyes and once more the younger cursed himself for being so whipped for Yoongi. He sighed loudly and devasted.

“Fine…but if I hate it, I’ll immediately gonna leave.” The other only started grinning brightly before putting an arm around him.

“You won’t regret it!” Well…actually Jimin already did… “And it’s gonna be a super interesting night…”

At least with this Yoongi should be right.

Chapter Text

Jimin regretted having given into Yoongi’s request, as soon as he could hear the loud music and muffled bass, before he was even able to see the house.

“Can’t we just turn around and not go?” He begged, his steps getting slower, until he just stopped. Yoongi needed some seconds to notice that he wasn’t next to him anymore and turned around confused before he walked back.

“Don’t worry it’s gonna be—”

“Fun?” Jimin ended his sentence. “Yes, you said that like a million times today and that makes it sound like you have to convince yourself…” At this his best friend started to pout, probably without even realizing it and it made Jimin even more sure that he was right.

“That’s not true. It’s always fun, when we are together…”

“Well, except that you’ll ditch me for your girlfriend as soon as you’ll lay eyes on her…” He was as surprised about his unfiltered words as Yoongi who stared at him with an open mouth. Just some weeks ago he would never have said something like this and simply pretended everything was fine but by now he was so done with the whole Mia thing that he had stopped caring. And maybe his cold played a part too. It seemed to make him sassier than usually. However, his best friend also realized that he indeed had a point, because he put an appeasing hand on his shoulder.

“I promise you, I won’t leave you alone.”


But Jimin should have known that this would turn out to be a complete lie. Just as he had predicted, Yoongi nearly immediately disappeared after they had crossed paths with Mia who dragged him away to meet some of her friends, leaving Jimin behind on his own like always.

The inside of the house was full; Yoongi had been right, probably their whole school was present. Still, even though he recognized most of the faces, he barely really knew any of them personally and for the first time, he noticed how isolated he actually was. All his attention had always only been focused on Yoongi. While the latter had met and dated other people, Jimin had only seen him and always been by his side. He thought about his talk with Taehyung in the cafeteria. Maybe the other was right, maybe Yoongi had never seen him clearly, because he was just too used to his presence and the only thing, to draw his attention to him was distancing himself.

He kept on walking through the rooms full of people, still searching for his best friend, and since he was too deep in his thoughts, Jimin saw the him approaching figure too late. They collided and he would have fallen, if the other person wouldn’t have grabbed his arm.

“Thanks….” Jimin said and was about to also apologize about his inattentiveness, when suddenly the stranger pulled him closer. Confused and a bit startled, he looked up and right into the sinister face of the guy from the cafeteria. Like last time, he was wearing a black hoodie and the shadow of his hood only worsened how grim he looked.

“You—” Jimin stated surprised, but the other only leaned in even closer, the smell of alcohol emanating from him, and whispered with a threatening sounding voice,

“Stay away from Taehyung!” Then he abruptly let go of him again and walked away as if nothing had happened, while Jimin looked after him flabbergasted. Who the hell was this guy? And what was his relation to Taehyung that he thought he was in the right to act like this? In that moment another boy approached him, unlike the guy before, smiling friendly.

“Hey, are you all right?” He asked and Jimin turned his head to see, if he was maybe talking to someone behind him. However, there was no one, only him. He looked back at the boy who was now grinning amused. “Yes, I’m talking to you. I just wanted to apologize for my friend’s behavior. It’s not your fault, he is going through some shit right now. I hope he didn’t scare you.”

“Ah…” Jimin got out after a moment, still confused, “it’s fine…He didn’t scare me.” Only a little…

“That is good! Don’t worry, he is completely harmless.” He wasn’t quite sure about that but nodded anyways and returned the other’s smile. “By the way, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Hoseok but all my friends call me Hobie…” He reached out his hand and Jimin shook it awkwardly.

“Nice to get to know you…I’m Jimin.” Hoseok’s smile got even brighter.

“I know. So, Jimin, why are you all alone?”

“I…lost my friend.” He muttered quietly.

“The cute one?” Since Jimin had only one friend to choose from, he nodded. “Then do you want to come with me? I was just getting some drinks for me and my friends.” He held up some bottles and cups. “Of course, you are invited to join us.” Jimin thought about it. He didn’t know Hobie nor his friends, but he seemed nice and the only other option was to wander around alone again.

“Huh…okay.” He agreed.

“Awesome!” Hoseok grabbed his wrist and dragged him through the crowd and rooms, until they reached two, on a sofa sitting, guys.

“Hey, I’m back and I brought someone.” He announced and then turned to Jimin, while pointing at his friends that smiled at him friendly, “This are Jin and Namjoon.”

“Uh…hi, I’m Jimin.” He introduced himself again and their smiles only got wider.

“Yeah, we know.” They knew, too?

 “Don’t tell me, he is another one Jungkook threatened?” Jin asked and Hoseok said nothing, but his expression was answer enough anyway. So, the scary guy’s name was Jungkook? Interesting. Namjoon sighed and then smiled apologizing just like Hobie had earlier.

“I’m sorry, he is in a really bad mood at the moment. Normally he isn’t like that at all.”

“This is no excuse to act like this, of course.” Jin added quickly and in the way, he spoke, Jimin could hear that they have had this conversation before.

“It’s fine.” He repeated his previous words and they all smiled at him.

“Now that you are here anyway, how about we drink the stuff I got and have some fun instead of talking about the misery guts.”

“Hobie is right! Sit down Jimin.” Jin agreed and patted the spot next to him. Jimin did as him told and Hoseok quickly pressed a filled cup into his hands.

“Cheers, guys!” They all clinked their cups and he watched the others taking a big sip, before glancing at the liquor in his own cup. He actually had never really liked drinking that much. It only made him do stupid things, like kissing random boys, he didn’t even know, and it didn’t taste good either. Still, they all had already finished their drinks and the pressure to fit in gnawed on him. So, he leaned his head back and poured down the content of his cup, the alcohol running down the inside of his throat with a warm feeling. Immediately someone refilled the now empty cup but Jimin needed a break first.

“So, Jimin…” Jin turned to him after some minutes, his cheeks already glowing red, “How do you know Taehyung?” The younger’s eyes widened in surprise.

“How do you know, I know him?” He asked and Jin laughed.

“For what other reason should Kookie try to scare you?” Jimin had no answer to that, since he didn’t even know what exactly was going on between the two.

“I’ve never talked to him until last week…”

“That explains, why we haven’t met you yet.” The other said and then, again, lifted his cup, “Nice to finally get to know you. Cheers!”

“Cheers…” Jimin replied weakly and under the encouraging stare of Jin, gulped down everything, once more. Since he wasn’t used to alcohol, the two cups of whatever were already enough to make him feel tipsy and giddy. Besides it also helped him to relax more and ease into the small group of friends which turned out to be really funny. He quickly got to know all of them and in return told them everything about his own life…well, except the thing with his feelings for Yoongi.

After a while, Jimin was animatedly talking to Namjoon about whether it was better to eat rice with a fork or a spoon, when a sudden exclamation by Hobie made them look up,

“Taehyung! You found your way to us after all!” At the greeting of his friend Tae smiled weakly but it faded quickly and left back a tense expression.

“Hey guys…”

“What happened? I thought you didn’t want to come…Junkook is here.” Taehyung’s face got even darker.

“I know, I just met him.” The others shared significant glances, before Namjoon spoke up,

“Tae…you need to get him under control and sort your stuff out… I think he drank again…Also, he just threatened another one of your friends…” Tae frowned confused, before his eyes fell on Jimin, still sitting on the sofa and watching the conversation with big, confused eyes.

“Jimin?!” He asked irritated and the latter grinned at him, all caution long gone because of the alcohol in his blood.

“Taeeee…nice to see you here! Your friends are reaaaally nice.” He squealed happily. Yup, he should definitely stop drinking at this rate.

“Are you drunk?” The other’s voice sounded concerned and he looked at his friends with an angry expression. “How much did you give him?!”

“Calm down, it wasn’t that much…Just relax…You aren’t usually this responsible.” But Tae only rolled his eyes.

“Come one Jimin, let’s get you home.” He said and reached out a hand to the other who stared at him with big eyes.

“What?? But it’s so much fun right now…”

“It’s gonna be even more fun if you throw up or something, so let’s go home for now, okay?” At this Hobie frowned.

“Tae, just because you want to go home, you don’t need to use Jimin as an excuse. He wants to stay, so let him. Nobody forces you to be here either…”

“That is not it…I just really care for him okay. And I don’t want anything bad to happen to him…”

This time the glances, the others shared, were full of unbelieve and confusion.

“But why do you care so much for him? You don’t even really know each other…” Jimin watched Tae search for a reply, while suddenly feeling extremely miserable. They were friends and fighting, because of him…Quickly, he jumped up, only to nearly fall back down again.

“It’s fine, I’ll go with him!” He announced and immediately the whole attention was on him.

“Jimin, it’s nice that you want to ease this situation but there is really no reason for you to go, if you don’t want to.” Namjoon said and the other two nodded in agreement.

“He has no right to just bring you home and—”

“No, he has.” Now, everybody was staring at him in confusion, even Taehyung.

“He has?” Jin asked bewildered and Jimin nodded, before he put on one of his long practiced fake smiles.

“We are dating.”

Chapter Text

“What?!” They all exclaimed in one breath and even Tae looked shocked.

“Since when are you two dating?” Jin wanted to know with crossed arms and Jimin shared glances with Taehyung who just shrugged, still confused, before he cleared his throat.

“Huuhh…since…some days ago.” He replied and the other quickly nodded.

“I didn’t tell you earlier, because he is my first boyfriend and I still need to get used to everything…”

“Okay, but that still doesn’t explain, why Tae hasn’t told us anything yet.” Hoseok eyed Taehyung with a challenging expression.

“Because I didn’t want him to know…” Again, everyone shared glances and even Jimin knew who he was talking about. Jungkook.

“That’s another thing…are you sure it’s the right thing to do? Do you already feel ready to date again?” Tae shrugged.

“Why not? Also, Jimin and I are taking it slow since we both are in similar situations.” Then he smiled at him, “I’m lucky, who wouldn’t want to date him? He is really cute.” Immediately Jimin felt how he turned red and the tension around them seemed to relax.

“Do whatever you want, it’s your live after all. You know, we just want you to be happy.” Namjoon finally ended the discussion and Taehyung smiled at them. However, it was just as fake as the ones Jimin always gave everyone, when he was actually sad.

“I know…” Whatever the other said, he was definitely not over Jungkook yet. “Jimin?” Because of getting addressed so suddenly, the latter looked up surprised.


“Let’s go home.”

“Okay…” This time he took Taehyung’s offered hand and with his help, climbed over everybody else’s legs.

“Bye, Jimin. It was nice, finally meeting you.” They shouted after them and they waved back until he wasn’t able to see them anymore.

However, they couldn’t get far. He had just turned back around from waving goodbye at his new friends, still clinging on to Tae’s arm since walking was harder than usually, when suddenly someone grabbed his other arm.

“Jimin!” After hearing his voice, his body immediately turned into a complete mess. One part wanted to quickly turn around, while the other regained the anger from earlier. “Finally, I searched everywhere for you!” Next to him, Jimin could feel how Taehyung tensed too, before Yoongi stepped in the space in front of them, his face full of relieve.

“Yoongi…” Jimin said, still not sure how he should react but, in that moment, Yoongi finally seemed to realize who was standing next to him and still holding his arm. Immediately his eyes got darker.

“You…!” He started but Jimin quickly stepped forward to defend his new friend.

“Stop it Yoongi, he only—” However before he could end his sentence, his legs suddenly gave up under him and he fell into Yoongi’s arms who quickly caught him. Everything around him was spinning and Jimin cursed himself for drinking too much.

“Woahhh…” The other helped him to stand upright again, his expression once again full of worry. “What happened? Why are you like this? Is everything all right?” Jimin nodded, now slightly grabbing on to Yoongi’s shirt who had wrapped his arm around his waist, so he wouldn’t fall again.

“I just drank a bit too much and now everything is spinning, but it’s fineeee…” His friend observed him with a frown for a moment, before his attention shifted back to Taehyung who watched everything without giving away any emotions. Even, when Yoongi looked at him as if he wanted to kill him right there and then, he simply replied his stare calmly.

“How much did you give him?! And where did you want to take him just now?!” Yoongi wanted to know, his voice sounding more and more furious. “Did you get him drunk on purpose, so you could take advantage of him?!”

Jimin felt how anger rose inside of him again. Why did Yoongi always see Tae as someone who wanted to harm him, even though the other did everything he could to help him?

“Yoongi, stop! It wasn’t like that!” But the older ignored him and still seemed to wait for an answer from Taehyung.

“He met my friends and they drank too much together, but I wasn’t there or I would have stopped them. When I found them, it was already too late and that’s why I’m getting him home now.” His voice was as calm as his face, but even though it was the truth, Yoongi didn’t seem to believe it.

“Thanks, but he doesn’t need you anymore, so you can go back to your…friends. I’ll take him home.” With these words, he turned around, pulling Jimin with him in the process, and started navigating them through the rooms.

“Why did you have to fight again?!” Jimin wanted to know, but even though he was really angry, the alcohol somehow made everything look less serious and it came out more as a whine than an exclamation. However, once again Yoongi didn’t answer him and that was too much for Jimin to handle.

“Answer me!” He exclaimed and stopped, so that Yoongi had to stop too. He ran his hand through his hair, looking close to losing his patience.

“Mini, you’re drunk…let’s talk at home, okay?” He said, his voice sounding strangely soft compared to his tense expression. However, using his nickname, he hadn’t used for years, wouldn’t make Jimin just do whatever he wanted, without asking for a reason. So, he only crossed his arms and pouted, like a stubborn child.

“No, I want to talk about it now!” Yoongi opened his mouth to reply something, when suddenly another voice made them both freeze.

 “Yongiii! There you are!” Like that all hadn’t been enough, Mia had found them now, too.

“Oh, you found Jimin! Good, then you can finally come back. They want to play a round of Truth or dare and I told them we would participate.” His girlfriend placed herself next to Yoongi and looked at him with pleading eyes, while the latter just kept staring at Jimin.

“Mia…I’m sorry but Jimin is drunk and I have to get him home or—”

“He can play with us, too! Oh, come on, please! It will be fun, right Jimin? You’ll play too, right?” Now she was looking at Jimin who returned Yoongi’s warningly stare, before he smiled provocatively.

“Sure, sounds like fun…am I right, Yoongi?” The latter’s eyes grew big in surprise of Jimin refusing to comply but it was already too late; Mia dragged them both to a table in the next room that was already packed with people. Their arrival got greeted by cheers.

“Sit down, sit down! Okay then we can finally start now.” One boy said, Jimin knew by sight but had never talked too. “You all know the rules? Who gets picked has to choose between truth or dare. If you chose dare the first round, you have to choose truth the next, all right? Stop complaining, you know it will get boring otherwise. Now, let’s start!”

The first few rounds nothing really happened. People got picked and had to answer weird questions or drink all kinds of random mixed drinks, while Jimin was lucky enough to only be an observer. One time, even Yoongi had to do twenty pushups and it was funny to see how everybody was surprised, when he actually finished them. But of course, Jimin’s luck shouldn’t last forever and suddenly the bottle was pointing at him.

“It’s Jimin! Finally, I feel like he hasn’t said anything since we started the game.” The boy from the beginning, and self-announced game master, exclaimed and everybody started laughing. “What do you choose?” He wanted to know afterwards and Jimin looked around nervously. He knew, if he would be forced to drink even more alcohol, that wouldn’t end well…

“Truth.” He decided and tried to sound as confident as possible.

“Truth it is then! But what fun-question is there to ask you? I’m sorry, but you seem pretty innocent to me…” Again, everybody laughed and Jimin felt his face getting hot. Why did everyone think he lived his life like a priest?

“Maybe I’m not as innocent as you think…” He said, the alcohol somehow giving him enough courage to, and ‘uuuh’s went through the crowd.

“All right, let’s still start off easy…Who was your first kiss, Jimin?”

The latter smiled proudly, he could easily answer that, and turned to Yoongi who had gotten a pink shade and looked like he wanted nothing more than to disappear under the table, nervously glancing over to his girlfriend. She on the other hand looked around curiously, trying to guess if it was one of the people gathered around the table.

“Yoongi!” Jimin eventually declared loudly, grinning brightly and the air around him was suddenly filled with “I knew it”s. However, he only had eyes for his best friend who looked back, still turning even more red but giving him a tiny smile, which made Jimin’s heart flutter like it always did.

Mia seemed to be the only one who was surprised, staring from Yoongi to Jimin and back again with wide eyes.

“Really?” She asked her boyfriend and he nodded embarrassed.

“We were still kids back then and had no real idea how kissing even truly worked or what it meant…it was only a kind of experiment…” It hurt to hear his best friend say that, while it had been so completely different for Jimin.

“What a surprise…” The game master said and it didn’t sound like he had been surprised at all. “Now, let’s spin the bottle Jimin, so we can continue the game.” Suddenly getting addressed, the younger woke from his trance and did as him told, only to watch how the bottle ended spinning right in front of him again.

The announcement of “It’s Jimin again and you all know what that means, he has to choose dare” drowned in the other repeatedly chanting, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” and the game master quickly joined in. Yoongi helplessly looked at his girlfriend.

“Don’t worry, I won’t misinterpret anything…I mean I know that it’s only for the game,” she gave him her permission and smiled encouragingly, before joining into the chants as well. She was definitely way more relaxed, when she had drunken alcohol.

Jimin couldn’t believe his luck. He really got to kiss Yoongi, even though this would only tear his heart even more apart, but the chance to be closer to his best friend than he had been since their last kiss, nearly ten years ago, made it worth it. So, he slowly got up, and under the expectant stares of the others, walked around the table until he stopped in front of Yoongi who looked incredible nervous. He smiled cheekily at his best friend, the alcohol making him a lot braver than he usually was, before he sat down on his lap and leaned forward to whisper into his ear,

“Don’t be nervous…you know I would never do something, you wouldn’t feel comfortable with…”

At this the other also started smiling.

“You are right,” he replied quietly, so that only Jimin could hear it, “I trust you.”

“Really? Are you sure?” The other asked once more, simply to tease him.

”Yes…” The older replied, knowing this very well and they both started to giggle nervously, their faces already so close that Jimin could feel Yoongi’s breath on his lips.

For everybody who didn’t know what was going on right now, they would look like a normal couple which was lively flirting with each other. Jimin liked that thought and hoped someone was taking pictures of everything, not skipping them.

“Now finally kiss each other, we want to continue playing!” A girl shouted, he didn’t know, and another guy said, “After keeping us waiting this long, you better put on a good show!”

At this, the younger raised his eyebrows in amusement and looked at his best friend.

“What do you think, should we give them a good show?”

Yoongi only shrugged his shoulders, not looking fully convinced but not trying to stop him either.

Slowly Jimin came closer again, their foreheads nearly touching and he had to think about his best friend’s words from earlier,

‘We were still kids back then and had no real idea how kissing even truly worked or what it meant…’

He couldn’t help but chuckle softly. He definitely knew how kissing worked now and he would poof it to Yoongi.



The cheers around them had been loud but as soon as Jimin’s lips met Yoongi’s, they seemed to go silent. Like their first kiss so many years ago, he could only focus on the their connected lips, but except that, it was completely different. Last time, they indeed had been children and he might have liked Yoongi but in a different, more innocent way. Now, his heart seemed to be burning and everything; his whole body and mind, melted into the kiss.

Something else which was different from their first kiss was the fact that this time, Yoongi didn’t just endure it and counted down until he could finally break away again, but instead he kissed him back and Jimin noted that he was an extremely good kisser. He made him want more and more and without really realizing it, he was putting his arms around Yoongi’s neck and pulled him even closer, pressing their bodies against each other. However, the older didn’t seem to mind and Jimin felt him putting his own hands on his cheeks, before he softly started to caress them. If someone would have asked Jimin, how he imagined a perfect kiss, his second kiss with Yoongi would immediately come to his mind.

If it had started pretty boring and innocent, it had gotten quite passionate by now and he wanted it to never stop. However, everything had to stop eventually and when they finally broke away from each other again, Jimin wasn’t sure how much time had passed. It could have either been 10 minutes or just one.

The crowd had gone wild, while the two just stared at each other in shock. Then Yoongi turned his head to Mia, still looking dazed, who’s expression was unreadable. The next things that occurred afterwards, happened too fast for Jimin’s drunken brain to process them; Mia turned around and hastily walked away, Yoongi immediately jumped up and quickly followed her and since Jimin had still been sitting on his lap, he nearly fell on the floor. He was still staring into the direction, Yoongi had disappeared in, when someone suddenly dragged him out of the crowd, the too hot and stuffy rooms and finally outside into the cooling night air. The whole time Jimin felt as if he was in a trance, half awake, half dreaming, and it took him some minutes to clearly see and recognize the person in front of him, let alone understand what he was saying,

“Jimin? Jimin, can you hear me? Are you all right?” Tae looked extremely worried and had put both of his hands on Jimin’s cheeks, similar to Yoongi earlier. No, he couldn’t think about him right now.

“Tae…?” The other’s eyes widened in relieve.

“Thank god…you didn’t react for like three minutes…it got scary.”

“Sorry, everything was a bit much…” he apologized weakly.

“Are you all right?” The concerned expression had returned to Tae’s face.

“Yes…” Jimin answered and nodded, only to suddenly feel tears running down his cheeks. “No…” he corrected himself, before he started crying for real. Immediately Taehyung’s arms were there to comfort him, while he carefully moved him away from the still ongoing party.

“Pssst…hey it’s okay, just let it out, that helps the best…I should know…” he reassured him. “Where do you live?” Somehow Jimin managed to answer and somehow Tae even managed to get him there. He rang the doorbell and Jimin’s dozy looking mother opened them. However, as soon as she spotted her by now less, but still crying son, she immediately seemed to be wide awake.

“Jimin?! Darling, what happened?” He didn’t answer and simply ran past her and into his room but he could still hear Taehyung apologizing for bringing him home so late and not taking enough care of him. Then his door closed shut and Jimin fell into his bed and not too long after, into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Chapter Text

The next day was a Sunday and Jimin was more than thankful for that. Yoongi texted him a couple of times during the day but he didn’t respond neither did he answer the questions of his mother about what exactly had happened. After a while she gave up and instead focused the subject on Taehyung.

“The boy that brought you home was really polite…and so handsome too. Who is he? I think you’ve never mentioned him before.” Jimin who was eating dinner with her shrugged.

“His name is Taehyung and he is a boy in my grade.” His mother rose her eyebrows significantly and Jimin had a hard time holding back an eye roll. “No need for you to look at me like this, he is only a friend.”

“Yes, but a very good looking one. Don’t you think he could be an opportunity for you to get over Yoongi?” At hearing the other’s name, Jimin immediately tensed, the spoon half way to his mouth.

“How…do you know?” He asked and his mother’s smile became so fond that he was about to start crying again.

“I’m your mother, silly. How could I not notice something like that?”

“Most mothers wouldn’t…” he muttered, before he looked up and asked, “since when you know?”

“I can’t remember…it was just a feeling. The way, you always talked about Yoongi with so much love and admiration and how sad you looked, whenever he started dating someone new…” She sighed. “You know, I love Yoongi too, with all my heart. He is like a second son to me, but I hate how you have to suffer because of him and I also think it’s time for you, to let him go. Maybe you should just talk to him about it…I’m sure, he’ll understand. Your friendship is so strong, it will survive.”

Jimin still thought about his mother’s advice later, when he finally checked his phone. The first thing he saw was a video, Tae had sent to him with the message;

I didn’t want you to get surprised by this. Someone filmed you two and some stupid people are going crazy over it. Just ignore them.

In the video, one could indeed see how Jimin, sitting on Yoongi’s lap, was kissing the other quite passionately. If he had been kissing anyone else, he might have been embarrassed because of the video but for some reason, he didn’t care about this one. Jimin himself looked good and it was easy to see that the kiss hadn’t been one-sided either. Mia had given her consent too, so what was there to be ashamed of? Except that he had once more fucked himself over and his feelings.
He quickly texted Tae back and thanked him for his help the last night, before he finally clicked on his and Yoongi’s chat, for some reason feeling frightened about what the older had written. The first messages had already been sent the night before,

Jimin, where are you?

You suddenly disappeared, did you leave?

I’m worried, text me, when you got home safely


I’m gonna call your mom!  Seriously, I’m worried

Okay, I called her and she told me you are home and asleep. Pls text me next time, she sounded tired

Yoongi’s concern made Jimin smile and immediately forgive him for the fact that he had abandoned him after their kiss. He probably just had been really shocked since he didn’t constantly think about kissing him like Jimin did. He was just about to text him, that he was all right, when he saw a new message from not too long ago,

Mia saw the video and she is everything but happy. I told her, it was only for the game and that she doesn’t have to worry, but pls understand that I’ll have to keep some distance from you…Only until she calms down again and people stop sharing the video with the caption ‘The cutest boyfriends’. It’s not your fault and ofc, you’re still my best friend but pls understand…I need to sort out this mess rn.

Jimin just stared at the message for some minutes, until he threw away his phone on the bed, without responding. The fact that Yoongi thought Mia was more important than him, made him angry and it hurt worse than anything else the other had done till now. At the same time the fear of losing his best friend was also bigger than ever. There was no way, he could tell him about his true feelings and because of that, he made a decision.

He started typing;

Hey Tae, how about we eat lunch together tomorrow? I think we have a lot to talk about.


Jimin put down the food stray on the table and let himself fall on the chair, while Taehyung flopped down next to him. They had arranged to meet for lunch and coincidentally met in the waiting line some minutes ago. As soon as they both were sitting, Jimin decided to immediately get out what he wanted to say,

"Uhh, I just wanted to tell you thank you for Saturday again. I can be pretty annoying when I'm drunk." Tae smiled and put some fries into his mouth.

"No problem. You were really cute." Jimin knew he was blushing and quickly begun eating as well. "How did you feel the next day? You drank quite a lot." He shrugged.

"It was all right...I experienced worse."

"Damn. You really look so innocent but it seems like you do bad stuff when no one is around to look." At this Jimin started laughing.

"I try new things out too, you know. And it sounds worse than it actually was..." Tae raised his eyebrows. "Didn't you tell me that you kissed guys?"

"Yes, but that was the only thing that happened...believe me. I'm as boring as you think."

"I never thought of you as boring...just because you don't go out partying every day or already had sex with ten different guys does not mean you are automatically boring." Jimin didn't know what to respond to that but it somehow made him feel better.

"Soooo...what about the fake dating?" Taehyung seemed surprised that Jimin brought up the topic.

“You seriously wanna do it? I thought you only meant that as a joke because you were drunk and to save my ass." Jimin shrugged and then shook his head.

"I thought about it and I think you are right. It would be good for both of us."

"What did your friend do?!" Jimin shifted uneasily. How did Tae know that he had made this decision because of Yoongi’s message the last day?


"I don't believe that." He sighed.

"You already know. A video of us kissing is going around right now and his girlfriend is pissed so he thinks it's the best to keep his distance from me for the time being until everything calms down again."

"What?!" Taehyung looked as offended as if he was the one in Jimin's place. "Have you ever thought about changing your best friend to a new one? I would even offer myself." Jimin smiled, somehow feeling thankful for Taehyung's reaction. If he wasn't able to be as angry as he actually should be at the unfair behavior of his best friend, at least someone else should be instead. 

" your offer with the fake dating thing still up?" The others expression changed from angry to all smiles again.

"Sure...even though...I have some conditions..."

"Okay...? Tell me."

"Firstly, you have to go shopping with me."

"Shopping?" Jimin started at him surprised.

"Yup. I like going shopping but all my friends tell me, I take too long and don't want to go with me. But going alone is no fun. Also, we could make it look like a date or something...if that’s what you want."

"No, it's fine, I like shopping too but usually I go on my own since Yoongi hates going shopping." Jimin quickly threw in and Tae smiled excitedly.

"Great! Then this is a win win for both of us." Jimin nodded.

"What are your other conditions?"

"You have to accompany me to one of my friends gathering on Wednesday. They asked me so many questions about you and they really want to see you again. They love you...If I wouldn't be dating you, I would probably get jealous." He laughed and once again the other felt himself blushing.

"I liked your friends too...they are really nice and friendly."

"Yes, they are." However suddenly Jimin had to think about something, he was extremely curious about. 

"Then now that we are doing this, can I also have some conditions?"

"Sure." The younger impaled a tomato on his plate.

"Tell me what happened between you and this Jungkook guy..." Immediately Tae tensed and the air around them seemed to turn colder. "I just think I should know about what is even going on between you two, since he'll probably be standing in front of my door with an ax as soon as he finds out we are allegedly dating." The other seemed to realize that he had a point because he sighed defeated. 

"You are right. It would not be fair, to not tell you..." he stayed silent while eating for another minute in which he probably also organized his thoughts, before he started telling the story,

"It all started with Ko--... Jungkook transferring to our school and my class. As soon as I saw his shy, cute, little bunny face, I just knew I needed to help him make friends or I would feel bad for the rest of my life." Tae smiled at the memory "When I talked to him for the first time, I hardly got a word out of him and it stayed like this for a while. I seriously thought he just wasn't interested in being friends with me and even considered giving up and leaving him alone but then one day, he started bringing me drinks for breakfast to school and I realized that he wanted to socialize with me but he just didn't really know how. So, I stayed and after a while he became more comfortable around me, started talking and even joking and I decided to also introduce him to my friends. Just like with you, they loved him immediately and he didn't have as much problems communicating with them than he had with me which was good... seriously I should have been so happy but I quickly noticed that I wasn't."

One of the tomatoes on his plate, Tae had started poking around in, fell on the table and Taehyung finally looked up to meet Jimin's eyes. "I was jealous that I didn't have him all to myself anymore but it took me a while to realize that it was jealousy what I was feeling and that I was already way too in love with him..." He made another pause in which he put the tomato back on his plate, then he continued his story. "The good thing was that Jungkook seemed to feel the same way, even though it took us a long time to finally confess to each other. But the waiting time was worth it." A fond smile appeared on his lips. "The time afterwards was perfect...I think I've never been happier in my entire life and it would have stayed like this wouldn't have..." Tae stocked, the smile gone again and replaced by a dark expression.

"Wouldn't have what?" Jimin asked carefully, not wanting to pressure Tae into continuing talking, if he didn't feel comfortable to.

"Wouldn't have Kookie insisted to keep our relationship a secret...from everybody. You know I kinda got him...I would have understood, if he didn't want to tell his parents or the whole school but we couldn't even tell our friends...I mean they still noticed, of course they did, they are not dumb. But hiding was annoying and hurt like hell sometimes." He sighed and Jimin felt bad for his new friend. His life didn’t seem to be any easier than his own. 

"Then one day it happened. It had been a really good day and I had been in a super good mood. Me and my friends wanted to meet up and I don't know, the thought to see Jungkook made me so happy that, when I finally saw him again, I just couldn’t help but kiss him in front of everyone. Nobody was surprised, they all had known anyways but Jungkook...he just kinda lost it. I don't even know why. Maybe if he would have explained to me why it was so important to him, to keep our relationship a secret, I wouldn't have broken up with him but after our fight that day I just couldn't handle it anymore..."

"I'm so sorry..." Jimin hadn't even noticed that he had started holding Tae's hand somewhere in the conversation, probably at the point, where tears had started gathering in the other’s eyes. 

"It's fine...I'm okay." A complete lie but he didn't say that. Instead he only smiled at Taehyung.

"Well then it's good that we met right? We have each other now." 

Tae blinked before he returned his smile and even though it was only a small one, it seemed to be the only real one he had seen on the younger’s face, since they had met the first time and therefore it still made him smile even wider. 

"Sooo...when exactly again is this friends gathering, I'll accompany you to?" 

Chapter Text

Even though Jimin already knew all of Tae's friends and how kind and accepting they were, he still felt incredible nervous, when he got out of the bus to meet his new friend near the restaurant, the others had agreed to meet in. No, not only his friend but his boyfriend...the title still sounded wrong in Jimin's ears. After all, they were only fake dating and he might really like Taehyung but he couldn't imagine being more than friends with him. Maybe at a later point in the future, but not right now and he knew the other felt the same way. 

They greeted each other with a hug and Jimin noticed that Taehyung was probably even more nervous than himself. Immediately he grabbed his hand, to comfort him, without even realizing it, but his friend didn't seem to mind. That was something he liked about Tae; they seemed to just click. They fitted together like two pieces of a puzzle and it gave Jimin the opportunity to act without thinking too much about the consequences. It was like it had been with Yoongi, before everything had changed and he had started to be cautious of his every move. Taehyung took a deep breath.

"Okay...let's go." He said and turned to walk to the entrance of the restaurant, only to stop since he was still holding Jimin's hand but the other wasn't moving. He looked at him questioningly.

"Have you never seen any movies? Shouldn't we plan on what to tell your friends about our relationship and how to act? did we meet? Do you think our relationship has potential?" At the word potential, Tae chuckled. 

"That sounds like we are talking about some kind of business..." Jimin ignored his interjection.

"Also, we need to talk about if we'll hold hands, cuddle..."

"I like holding your hand and I wouldn't mind cuddling you."


This time Taehyung didn't reply immediately, then he gulped before he answered,

"I'm sorry but I don't know if I would feel comfortable to kiss you in front of's not because of you, you are super cute, seriously, and you have really nice lips and in general you--"

"It's fine, don't worry. I can understand that." Jimin interrupted his rambling and couldn't help but smile. "I wouldn't feel too comfortable either. But thanks for your compliments anyways. It's good to know you think I'm cute and you like my lips." 

"Only the truth. Now let's go. We'll make the rest up on the way." 



Upon their arrival everybody looked up at them surprised. 

"Taehyung? So, you actually came?" Jin asked surprised and Tae shrugged. 

"Why shouldn't I?" 

"But you know that--" 

"Look guys who I brought!" He interrupted Hobi and laid his arm around Jimin who smiled and shyly waved at Tae's friends. They returned it happily.

"Awesome! We didn't expect him to actually bring you...mostly, because we didn't believe him that you two--"

"Are a thing?" Tae ended Hobi’s sentence. "Well it's true."

"I can see that...we just didn't think you would move on so fast after--"

"Do you seriously have to talk about him, while my new boyfriend is standing right next to me?" Taehyung interrupted Hobi once again, his voice sounding cold as ice. The other realized he had set foot on the wrong ground and quickly changed the topic,

"Whatever, it's so nice to see you again Jimin! We all couldn't wait for Taehyung to let us meet you again." The rest nodded in agreement.

"C'mon you two, sit down. We already ordered the party menu...I hope that’s fine with you." They did as them told.

"No problem...I'm starving" Tae replied in the same breath as Jimin and they both looked at each other surprised, before they started giggling. The others seemed similar amazed.

" aren't even dating for a month yet and still you seem to creepily be in sync with each other..." Namjoon stated and looked from one of them to the other. "We should probably watch out for you, when you two are together." 


Soon afterwards Jimin had already forgotten about his previous nervousness. Just like the last time, he seemed to fit in extremely well with the group of friends and being able to hang out with them was remuneration enough for having to pretend to date Taehyung which by the way seemed to work out perfectly. They didn't kiss or do anything similar, but since they both actually really liked the presence of the other, they were either holding hands or cuddling the whole time without Jimin feeling uncomfortable about it. Therefore, also Tae's friends had started to accept the fact that he was already dating someone new, even though the break up between him and Jungkook seemed to have been a pretty nasty one, considering that they still were not talking to each other. 

Time passed fast and the waitress brought the food, together with the plates. Namjoon quickly counted them, before he raised his voice,

"Excuse me, but could you bring another plate? We need one more." The waitress smiled politely, before she went off to get the missing plate while Jimin felt himself frowning. Just like Namjoon he also started counting the plates, his confusion getting worse.

"Namjoon, you just ordered another plate but I think you counted wrong. We are only five people but with one more plate there will be six and that would be one too much." It seemingly took Namjoon some time to get Jimin's point, his brows narrowed in confusion, similar to Jimin's expression. Then he moved his eyes to look at Taehyung who had started shifting uncomfortably. 

"Didn't Tae...Tae haven't you told him that--" but he wasn't able to end his sentence nor did he need to because in that moment a voice from behind them sounded,

"Sorry guys, I'm late but there was an accident and--" Jungkook's voice was cheerful, completely different to the drunk slur Jimin had heard till now, but as soon as he saw Taehyung who had still wrapped one arm around Jimin's shoulders, he stopped. 

"Taehyung...I didn't know you would come." 

The other rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Why is everyone saying that? Seriously what reason is there for me not to show up?" However, Tae didn't get an answer. Instead everyone was looking back and forth between him and Jungkook with an expression as if they were scared a bomb would go off at any moment, while the two ex-lovers stared each other down. After a while Jimin couldn't stand the tense silence any longer, 

"Hi, nice to finally and officially get know you...I'm Park Jimin." He introduced himself with a big smile but the look Jungkook gave him was cold, his eyes stopping at Tae's hand on his waist.

"What is this guy doing here?" He wanted to know and Jimin felt Taehyung tense next to him, while his smile dropped. 

"This guy just told you his name like a nice person and also...he is my boyfriend. Not that that's any of your business anymore." At the word “boyfriend” Jimin clearly saw Jungkook's eyes widen in shock, hurt flickering through them, before they turned cold again.

"You surely moved on fast..." He stated and for some reason Jimin felt bad for him. It was true that he had acted like a douchebag towards him until now, but the tone of his voice sounded so sad, it made Jimin pity him, even though he did a really good job at hiding it. Not good enough for Jimin though, he knew best when someone was trying to hide his emotions. However, Taehyung didn't seem to notice. 

"I did move on you have a problem with that? And guess’s way better than whatever we shared, because he actually allows me to touch him in public! I can take his hand whenever I want, I can brush his hair out of his face..." To emphasize his words Taehyung took Jimin's hand and carefully brushed some hair out of his face, before he continued, "and the best thing is, I can even kiss him." 

Jimin was still processing what Taehyung had just said, when the other suddenly leaned in closer and pressed their lips together.

Chapter Text

Jimin froze in shock, Taehyung’s lips still on his. What was going on? Why did Taehyung not act according to their plan?  Without really knowing, what he was doing, Jimin pushed Tae away from him again, so that they broke apart. The other stared at him with big, shocked eyes, seemingly as surprised by his actions as Jimin. Then his eyes flickered to Jungkook who was already on his way out of the restaurant.

"What the heck, Tae!" Jimin exclaimed, before he jumped up and also quickly made his way outside. This was just too much for him and he needed fresh air, so that his brain would finally start working again. 

"Jimin! Wait, please!" But Jimin didn’t stop until he was already in the, by now dark, parking lot in front of the restaurant, the cold night air helping him to calm the mess in his head. He took a deep breath, before he turned around and faced Taehyung who looked more than miserable and guilty.

“You knew he would come too, right? That’s why you wanted me to accompany you…” Jimin stated and Tae nodded, his expression turning from miserable to ashamed.

“I’m so sorry about everything…really! I just…I thought if he maybe would get jealous, he would want me back and even agree to be more open about our relationship…I know that is stupid…it’s sounds even more dumb saying it aloud…” Jimin sighed, while running one hand through his hair. Why did emotions need to be so complicated?

“It’s a natural way of thinking, but you also shouldn’t forget that he really liked you too and probably still does. I know he hurt you and you are angry, but trying to hurt him too won’t solve this problem nor get you to your actual goal of making up with him.” Now Tae was the one sighing resigned.

“I know…or at least I know now…but what else can I do?”

“Isn’t that obvious? You need to talk to him. Talk about how you felt and your reasons for breaking up with him. Even if that doesn’t get you back together, you can at least ask him about what was his reasons for his own actions.” Taehyung looked at him for some seconds, seemingly thinking about his words, before he nodded.

“Okay, deal…but only if you also talk to Yoongi about your own feelings. I can see how much you are suffering because of him and I’m so sick of it. You deserve the chance to get over him, not to forget that there is still also a slight chance that he likes you back.” Jimin shook his head, looking at the dirty ground under his feet.

“I don’t think so…”

“Whatever…you’ll never know, if you don’t ask. So…I guess, we’ll both talk to our Lego bricks in the next couple of days, deal?” At this Jimin looked back up confused.

“Why Lego bricks?” Taehyung started grinning, before answering his question,

“They hurt like hell, when you step on them but they are also pretty cool, so you still can’t help but like them…but that wasn’t the point. Deal?” Jimin sighed but couldn’t help but smile at his friends’ words.


“Great!” Tae offered him a hand and Jimin took it, still smiling. “Let’s go back inside.” But there was one more question, Jimin needed an answer to,

“Uhh…Tae…are we still a couple or will we tell the rest that it was just a stupid joke?” The other grinned and pulled him closer, while they approached the restaurant.

“I’ll tell them after I talked to Koo— Jungkook…until then, I’ll enjoy the pleasure of having you as my cute and handsome boyfriend. I mean…we are seriously the best-looking couple in the whole school.” Jimin started giggling and lightly slapped his friend’s shoulder.

“Stop it! That’s not even true…”

“It is!” Tae insisted, “I told you, you are one of the best-looking people in the entire school…and guess what?! I’m dating you!” He shouted the last part into the darkness and now Jimin couldn’t hold his laugh anymore, feeling how he turned red out of embarrassment and lack of oxygen. He was just about to slap Tae again, when his eyes fell on a familiar figure and he nearly chocked, followed by him stopping in shock. In front of him stood Mia, accompanied by Yoongi who stared at them with big eyes.

“Yoongi!?” Jimin squeaked and now also Tae noticed them. Meanwhile, Yoongi didn’t say anything. Instead he only kept on looking back and forth between Jimin, Taehyung and their still entwined hands. The silence was barely endurable, the tension heavy enough to feel like it was pressing Jimin to the ground and suddenly standing upright felt like a difficult challenge.

“See!” Mia suddenly spoke up after a while with a loud voice that made Jimin flinch, before she pointed at him and Taehyung without taking her eyes of her boyfriend. “I told you he is gay! I had every right to be jealous!”

Jimin looked from Yoongi to the girl he started to loathe more and more with every passing day. But Mia seemingly wasn’t finished yet,

“The whole time you told me, you are sure, he is straight, but look at this! Seems like he got himself a boyfriend after all…”

It took Jimin some time, to let her words sink in. All this time, Yoongi, the person he spent the most time with and was the closest with apart from his mother, had thought, he was straight, even though he had been so sure that Yoongi knew…that he had noticed a long time ago.

Before his brain could process anything else, he spun around and ran. He didn’t really know where he was going, but he also didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was that he needed to get away. He couldn’t stand seeing Yoongi’s surprised face for even a second longer or the triumphantly expression of Mia.

The last thing he heard was her voice that asked, why Yoongi had lied to her the whole time, followed by someone shouting she should just shut up, but he couldn’t make out if it had been either Taehyung or Yoongi.



Jimin couldn’t really remember how he made it home, without getting run over by a car since he couldn’t stop crying and his sight had been horrible blurry. Still, he somehow survived. At least physically.

He unlocked the front door as quietly as possible, not wanting his mother to see him miserable like this again in such a short time span. Jimin was lucky, she was apparently watching something on TV and therefore he was able to slip into the house unnoticed. He was just about to exhale and walk up the stairs to his room, when the doorbell suddenly went off in form of a loud ringing noise. Jimin jumped startled and would have nearly fallen back down the first steps of the stairs, if his hands wouldn’t have found the banister. Like that he stood on the stairs, his eyes widened in shock, while holding on tightly to the smooth wood. At least the sudden shock had finally made him stop crying. Then the sound of another door getting opened echoed through the house, followed by footsteps.

Shit, his mother was on her way to open the door, probably thinking it was Jimin himself outside. It didn’t even take him ten seconds to run up the remaining stairs and into his room, before listening carefully to what was going on downstairs.

Since it wasn’t him on the door who else could it possibly be? Had maybe Yoongi followed him, to finally apologize or at least talk about everything? A little bit of hope rose in Jimin, only to get destroyed as soon as his mother spoke up, sounding extremely confused and a bit worried,

“Uhh...hi. Is there anything I can help you with? Are you okay, honey?” That definitely wasn’t the way, she would talk to Yoongi. But who else…?

“Could I…could I talk to Jimin for a second?” A familiar sounding voice asked but even though he knew it, he just couldn’t place a face to it.

“Oh, I’m sorry…Jimin went out for dinner with his friends and he isn’t home yet.”

“Really? But I just saw him walking in here…”

“He did?” Jimin could clearly see his mother’s dumbfounded expression in his mind. Well…this had just gotten complicated. “JIMIN?!” She called and he flinched startled. Shit, shit, shit…This day was definitely not going the way, he wanted it to… The best thing to do right now was pretending, he had come home without his mother noticing. Which was kind of the truth, he just had to let out the part in which he secretly sneaked in.

“Yes?” He shouted back, his voice still sounding weakened and hoarse from crying, but not enough that she would notice. At least he hoped so…

“Oh…seems like you are right…” His mother said to the mysterious guest in her normal speaking volume, before shouting up the stairs again,

“Jimin, there is a handsome, young man who wants to talk to you! I’m sending him upstairs, so do something about your room! It looks horribly messy!”

Jimin frowned and looked around himself. It wasn’t that bad…just some clothes on the floor, school stuff seemingly everywhere and his bed was unmade. Even though he had no idea who would enter his room in a matter of seconds, he quickly grabbed some of the dirtier clothes and threw them back into the closet. He could take them out again afterwards. He was just thinking about, if he should also make his bed or just stop caring, when someone hesitantly knocked on his door. Well…the cleaning was seemingly done for now.

“Yes? Come in!” Jimin called in his visitor and his eyes were about to pop out, when he spotted the tall guy, awkwardly standing in the doorframe. “Jungkook?!” He couldn’t help but ask surprised and the other attempted a small wave.


“Wow…what are you doing here? You look…horrible…” As soon as the statement slipped out of his mouth, he wanted to take it back again, but it was too late. However, instead of drawing out the ax and maltreating Jimin for kissing his ex-boyfriend, like he had expected him to, Jungkook only laughed a humorless laugh.

“I could say the same about you…damn, what happened after I left? You make me wanting to give you a hug, even though I should actually hate you…” Jimin shrugged his shoulders, before pointing at his bed,

“It’s not important…and please sit down.” The other did as him told and Jimin carefully placed himself next to him. The whole atmosphere was kind of awkward but way less bad than he had imagined how it would be, to be alone with Jungkook. With his red, puffy eyes and the way he was swallowed by his huge, black hoodie, he didn’t look scary at all anymore. Instead he made Jimin wanting to somehow comfort him.

“Sooo…what did you want to talk about?” He asked after some seconds of silence, nervously rocking back and forth.

“It’s…it’s about Tae…” Jungkook answered, staring at his hands and Jimin nodded since he had already expected that.

“Okay…” Once again silence arose in which the other was searching for the right words.

“I…I don’t like you very much…” He started after a while and Jimin couldn’t help but chuckle.

“All right, thanks…I don’t like you that much either.”

“I’m sorry…it’s not really about you as a person but the fact that you…”

“…that I’m dating Taehyung. I get that.” The way, in which Jungkook looked at him at this, was extremely close to relieve.

“Thanks…It’s just…I still really like him. I mean…I always liked him since the day, he started talking to me. You know how he is, you just have to love him.” Jimin nodded in agreement and smiled at the other to encourage him, to continue talking.

“I think, I kinda fucked up…I don’t know. I just wished he would have given me a second chance, but instead he is already dating someone new!” He seemed really upset at the thought, “I just thought I was someone special to him, like he is to me, and that we shared the same feelings for each other but—” Jungkook stopped to take a breath, tears gathering in his eyes, “seems like I was wrong…” Jimin felt pity for the younger boy. It was horrible to know that Taehyung felt the same way about Jungkook without having the right to tell him about it.

Jungkook let out a quiet sniff, while wiping away his tears with his hands and Jimin quickly reached over to his night stand to grab a box of tissues and hand it to the other.



Like earlier they sat in silence for a while, before Jungkook spoke up once more,

“Anyways…the reason, I’m here is, because I wanted to tell you that Taehyung is the most amazing person in the entire world. He has the biggest heart and the kindest soul and you should do everything to make him happy. Don’t fuck up like I did. If I ever hear about you cheating on him or making him unhappy in another way, I’ll definitely find you and you’ll regret it.” Jimin stared at him with a mix of awe and horror. That was how he had expected Jungkook to act like and he didn’t doubt for one second that he would actually make his warnings come true.

“Still…as long as Taehyung is happy…I’ll not be in your way. I might not like you but he seems to really like you and he is right…you can probably give him everything I couldn’t, so even though I hate seeing you two together, I’ll not do anything to win him back. I won’t even talk to him since I’m only hurting him anyways…” After hearing this, Jimin couldn’t take it any longer and before thinking about it twice the words were already pouring out of him,

“Jungkook…there is something I need to tell you. I actually didn’t want to tell you since it’s not my place but Taehyung’s to tell you, but I seriously can’t stand seeing you two suffer any longer.” He took a deep breath, before he finally revealed the whole truth, “Tae and I…we aren’t dating. At least not really…”

“What?!” Jungkook stared at him in utter confusion. “But the others said you are dating and he even kissed you…” Jimin rolled his eyes at the memory.

“He did but that was only because he can be an idiot too. Jungkook…the only reason why he did that was to make you jealous. We are not dating, we are only friends…” The other still looked like he didn’t get what was going on and therefore Jimin decided to explain the whole situation a bit more in detail,

“As you know, Tae and I met not too long ago. Back then he offered to date me but didn’t tell me the reason for it. Later I found out that it was because he had broken up with you but still hoped to win you back and since I found myself in a…kinda similar situation, I agreed to do it. I know, it was dumb but I guess we both were desperate…” After he had ended his explanation, he anxiously waited for the other’s reaction. He expected him to react in all kinds of ways, however what he didn’t have expected was Jungkook to suddenly start laughing.

“Wow…Tae you idiot…how could you not know that that wouldn’t work out the way you want it to...” The younger got out between his laughers and Jimin couldn’t help but smile at the sight. Jungkook suddenly looked so much younger and really cute. He finally understood, where Tae’s attraction to him came from. “Uhh…now I feel really sorry for my behavior…it’s just, when it’s Tae I get—”

“—extremely jealous?” Jimin finished his sentence. “Well, I noticed that.” Jungkook lowered his head embarrassed.

“Yes…I’m sorry…” He apologized once more, “is there any way, I can make it up to you again?” Jimin shook his head.

“It’s fine except…I want you to talk to Tae about everything okay? Start with the the reasons for both of you to act like you did.” At this Jungkook nodded profusely.

“I promise! It’s what I wanted to do anyways…Do you think he is still awake?” They both glanced at the display of Jimin’s alarm clock and he shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know for sure but it’s only ten and I don’t think he’ll sleep too well after today…”

“Okay, then it’s probably the best if I go right now. I really want to solve this misunderstanding.” Hesitantly Jungkook got up, followed by Jimin and the latter walked him downstairs and to the door. However, instead of disappearing immediately the younger turned around once more in the doorframe. “Are you all right? I mean with whoever you are in a similar situation, like Tae and me are, with…” Jimin looked at him surprised. He didn’t have expected that.

“Yes…” he lied, only to immediately correct himself. What use did he get out of lying at this point? “Actually no…I’m not okay but you don’t need to worry about it. You seem to have enough of your own problems and I can take care of them myself.” The other observed him for a moment, before he nodded, giving in.

“Okay…but if you ever need my help, just tell me. You…you seem like a really nice person…” Jimin couldn’t help but smile at this, feeling thankful for his worries.

“Thank you…I’ll remember your—” But he wasn’t able to end his sentence, because Jungkook suddenly pulled him into a tight hug.

“Thank you so much.” He whispered, before he let him go again. “Seriously…thanks to you I finally have some hope again. Hopefully, we’ll see each other again soon. Bye.” Jimin returned Jungkook’s waving, a small smile on his lips. He maybe was slowly losing a friend and that hurt, but he was also making new ones on his way.

Chapter Text

The next morning Jimin was woken by the loud ringing of his phone. He groaned in frustration. Just why had he forgotten to put it on silent last night? Ah right…he more or less had fallen unconscious as soon as his head had touched his pillow. Jimin yawned and glanced at the display of his alarm clock. It was nearly nine in the morning and too early to get up on a Sunday. He yawned once more, before he checked his phone and nearly died right there and then because of a shock.

“Thursday?! Oh no, shit shit shit!” He screamed panicked and jumped out of his bed. Why had his mother not woken him, even though he had been running this late for school? He dashed out of his room and into the bathroom, throwing on whatever clothes he could grab on his way.

“MOM!” He shouted downstairs, while putting toothpaste on his toothbrush.

“What is it?” His mother replied, sounding completely calm. Hadn’t she looked at the clock at some point yet?

“You have to drive me, I’m way too late for school and my teacher will kill me! I’ll die! Today is the day, I’ll die!” Jimin started brushing his teeth, as if he was trying to win some kind of competition.

“Relax, darling. I already called your school and told them, you are sick and therefor staying at home…” What?! Jimin stopped moving, his arm still hanging in the air and stared at himself in the mirror in utter confusion and surprise. He quickly washed up and then went downstairs, where his mother was already waiting for him with the breakfast. His confusion only got worse.

“What is going on…?” He asked, slowly sitting down, without taking his eyes of his mother who calmly started eating. She just shrugged her shoulders.

“Nothing…” Jimin stared at her in unbelieve. Nothing? How could nothing be going on, when his mother usually would have been furious at him for even skipping something like PE. “I tried to wake you, but you slept like you were in a coma and I decided, you, finally getting some sleep was more important than one day of school…Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Did I ever tell you that you are the best mom in the entire world?” His mother smiled brightly.

“Then let me also tell you that I couldn’t wish to have a more perfect son.”


After breakfast Jimin went back to his room, thinking about whether he should try to do some homework or just take a nap. He decided for the last option and wanted to lay back down on his bed, when his phone started ringing again, reminding him that he still hadn’t checked who had been the one to wake him earlier.

Jimin hadn’t taken a look on his phone since yesterday afternoon and since then he had gotten three missed calls from Taehyung and eight from Yoongi, the newest one being from some seconds ago. He stared at his friend’s name, feeling the anger and devastation from the day before rising in him again, while he debated whether he should call him back or not. At least he hadn’t sent him any messages this time. The only ones he had gotten were from Taehyung who worriedly asked him to call him back, so he knew he was okay. Then there was a time gap and a last message in which the other told him, he needed to talk to him. Jimin really hoped it would be good news.

In that moment his phone went off once more, Yoongi’s name appearing on the display and before realizing what he was doing, Jimin answered it.

“What do you want?” He asked annoyed and, in the way, how his friend didn’t immediately answer, he knew that he hadn’t expected him to pick up this time too.

“Jimin?” Yoongi’s voice sounded hoarse and for some reason it made him feel bad. He quickly shook his head to clear his mind again. There was no reason for him to feel bad, the only one who should feel bad was Yoongi himself, even though he sounded a lot as if he did.

“Did you expect someone else?” Jimin snapped, seemingly not any longer able to control his emotions like he had been used to.

“Yes…no…I don’t know. I thought maybe Taehyung is with you…”

“Why should Taehyung answer my phone, when he is with me?” He wanted to know and again, there was silence.

“I don’t know…” Yoongi said after a while, “because you are dating and everything that happened yesterday.” He sounded extremely guilty but that didn’t calm Jimin’s anger. “I’m sorry about Mia…we talked about it and—” He hesitated, before he sighed frustrated. “This doesn’t work. Can I see you? In person?” Jimin frowned.

“I’m not in school today though…I’m sick.” Hadn’t Yoongi even noticed?

“I know…that’s why…I’m not there either…”

“What?! Why would you skip school, you idiot?” His friend chuckled softly at his sudden outburst.

“Don’t worry, it’s only one day and there are more important things in the world so…Would you meet me?” Jimin thought about it. No, actually he didn’t want to see him right now, otherwise, Yoongi hadn’t exactly done anything wrong. After all it wasn’t his fault that he was as oblivious as a rock. So, he sighed in defeat.

“Okay…where do you want to meet and when?”

“Uhh…how about in front of your house and right now?” Jimin stopped and looked over to his window.

“Wait…you aren’t standing in front of my house right now, right?” Yoongi awkwardly cleared his throat.

“I might be…” Immediately Jimin jumped up and ran to his window, before he looked outside. It seemingly had snowed overnight and everything was covered in white dust. It looked beautiful and calming, only disturbed by Yoongi’s dark figure, dressed in a black winter coat, a thick scarf and a knit hat, waving and smiling up at him awkwardly.

“Okay…hang on a second, I’ll come outside.” Jimin said, before he hung up and quickly got dressed.


Outside Jimin wasn’t only greeted by the cold and the fresh snow, but also a stiff frozen Yoongi with extremely red cheeks. Without wanting to, Jimin immediately started worrying for his friend’s health.

“Damn Yoongi, it’s freezing! How long did you wait out here?” He wanted to know, while taking Yoongi’s ice cold hands into his own warm ones. They were way bigger than his own and therefor he was only able to warm them partly, but it was better than nothing. Meanwhile, Yoongi smiled at him thankfully.

“I don’t know…maybe about two hours? I tried calling you, but you didn’t pick up…the one you answered was actually supposed to be my last try…” He said, before loosening Jimin’s hands from around his own and intertwining them instead.  Jimin stared at them, feeling the butterflies, he was trying so hard to ignore, beat their wings inside his stomach.

“Why didn’t you just knock on the door?” He mumbled, staring at his feet instead of their connected hands or Yoongi’s face. He would never be able to get over his feelings for him, if he kept on doing things like this. For Yoongi they maybe were only supposed to tell him how much he loved him as a friend, but Jimin couldn’t help but hope for more than that every time and it hurt.

“I wanted to give you a choice if you want to see me or not…” Yoongi answered and Jimin chuckled.

“And waiting in front of my house in the cold for hours is giving me a choice?” He finally looked Yoongi in the face who smiled at him with a pink flush on his cheeks.

“Okay…maybe I didn’t think that through completely.” They stayed silent for a while, simply holding hands in Jimin’s snowy front yard, before he spoke up again,

“So…why did you want to see me?”

“I Just wanted to tell you that you being gay doesn’t make any difference between us. I mean you probably already know that, but I still wanted to make sure, because you seemed so upset yesterday and I still don’t completely get why.” Yoongi quickly said, sounding like he had practiced this speech many times before in his head.

“Okay…” Jimin replied, not really knowing what else he could say right now. Yoongi smiled nervously.

“Yes…uhhh…I’m bi myself so…You could have told me.” Jimin stared at his best friend, feeling a bit overwhelmed. He probably would have told him, if he hadn’t assumed Yoongi already knew the whole time. However, the latter seemed to still not be done,

“Also, I wanted to tell you that you seem happy with Taehyung and that you two look great together...I know I wasn't really nice to him before, but I thought he was trying to pressure you into something you didn’t want and I just tried to protect you, even though it wasn’t my place to and I want to make up for it. I'm seriously happy that you also found someone who loves you as much as you deserve..."

Jimin still stared at Yoongi in unbelieve for an odd reason suddenly feeling extremely angry again, more than he had the last night.

"Are you serious right now?" He wanted to know after some seconds and Yoongi nodded and smiled, not noticing his incensed undertone.

"Yes...Just like I said, I'm really happy for you."

The younger chuckled without any humor in it, before he pulled his hands away from Yoongi’s who stared at them confused.

"Of course, you are..." Jimin said quietly and his friend frowned. 

"What's wrong? Do you think I'm not honest to you? I'm seriously happy...really!" He tried to put a reassuring hand on his should but Jimin quickly jerked back.

“Don’t touch me!” He ordered and Yoongi immediately stopped mid movement, staring at him startled and still confused.

“Jimin…It’s the truth, I promise. I know I wasn’t nice to your boyfriend but I’m still happy for you and I want to apologize and get to know him. I promise!” By now his friend sounded desperate, not understanding what was going on and why Jimin was reacting this way. And how should he know? This all was Jimin’s fault after all. He had fallen in love with him first and not managed to get his feelings under control until it was already too late.

“How many times do I have to tell you that I’m happy until you’ll believe me?”

"But what if I don't want you to be happy?!" Jimin shouted back, all the frustration he had felt these past couple years suddenly breaking out of him, without him being able to keep them in any longer.

"What if I want you to hate it, when you see me with another guy?! What if I want you to feel like you want to scream at me and hug me tight at the same time, when I tell you that I’m dating someone else?!” Yoongi stared at him confused, taken back even more by his sudden outburst.


"I fucking love you!" Jimin screamed the words, he had wanted to say for such a long time, into the cold, clear air, but it felt different to what he had imagined finally saying them would feel like. Instead of sadness or happiness, there was only anger, frustration and despair.

"I've loved you for years, but you have never noticed! Jeez, you even thought I was straight for God's sake!" His best friend’s eyes were huge, while he stared at him with an open mouth, seemingly at loss for words. 

"All the time you've dated people right in front of me and all the time I tried to be happy for you and told me, I would eventually get over you or, you would notice but you never did...Then the whole thing with Taehyung happened and I actually finally had some hope again but now you crushed it again...and you even smiled, while doing so!" By now tears had started streaming down his face but Jimin didn't care. It felt so good to finally let everything out, he had held in for so long.

"You only care about Mia and you do whatever she wants, but since you started dating her you sucked even more at being my best friend than before. I don't need you to return my feelings, but at least try to be there for me and act like a proper best friend just the way, I did for all these years even though I cried myself to sleep every damn night!" 

"I'm so sorry..." Yoongi stammered but Jimin didn’t give him enough time to say anything more than that.

"Don't be sorry. It's not only your fault...I should have told you sooner, but please understand that I'll keep my distance from you for some time from now on. Not because oh mighty Mia wants me to but, because I need some time to finally get over you and to also finally start living my own live with my own friends which is not completely evolving around you. Now, please go home Yoongi or you’ll catch a cold."

With these words Jimin turned around and went back into his house, leaving a still open mouthed Yoongi standing in his front yard in the cold alone.

Chapter Text

Nearly a week passed without Jimin leaving his house nor him going to school. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, he knew school had never been more important than right now, so close before his final exams, but he just couldn’t bring himself to go there and see Yoongi and Mia together, while his own heart seemed to still be broken.

Jimin had thought, his mother would make him go, but after she had found him in his room, still crying, after she had come home from work later that day, she had only pulled him into a hug and told him that he was old enough to decide himself, if he wanted to go or take a break for a couple of days.

A couple of days would have probably turned into forever, if a loud knock on the door and shouting from outside wouldn’t have made Jimin nearly fall down from the sofa, he had just settled on some minutes earlier.

“Park Jimin! If you do not open the door immediately, I’ll call the police!” Jimin frowned until he recognized the angry voice. Quickly he hurried over to the door, afraid that it wouldn’t stand the beating much longer, and opened it.

“Tae?” The other stared at him, his fists still hanging in the air.

“Jimin! You are alive!”

“Uhh…I guess…why?” Jimin said, looking at his friend in confusion.

“Maybe because you didn’t answer your phone for nearly a whole week! Gosh, I’m so angry! I even asked Yoongi, but he told me, he doesn’t know anything about you either and I should ask you myself. After that I was even more worried, but Kookie told me, you are probably fine and, I should give you some space and you would eventually call me back but you didn’t, so I came here to see you with my own two eyes and make sure that you are not actually dead or kidnapped. Gosh I hate you so much you idiot!” Tae ended his too fast explanation and pulled Jimin into a tight hug. “Why did you make me worry like this?”

Softly Jimin patted his back, on the one hand feeling guilty for making his friend worry about him, but at the same time happy to finally not feel alone anymore. He hadn’t even noticed how much he had missed Taehyung. Then he suddenly processed something the latter had said and he quickly pulled away again, staring at him with wide eyes.

“Wait, what do you mean, Kookie told you? Don’t tell me the two of you are finally talking to each other again!” Immediately Taehyung turned red and he smiled brightly, not able to hide his happiness.

“Actually…we made up again! Remember how I thought I finally fucked up after the whole…kiss incident? Well, Kookie came to my house a while afterwards and told me that we needed to talk and that he still loves me and I don’t know…we talked and I told him about our fake relationship and then we made up, I guess…” At the thought Taehyung’s face got an even darker shade and Jimin decided to not ask what made up exactly had meant in that situation. Instead he only grinned and gave his friend a light slap on the shoulder.

“See! I told you everything would get solved. I’m so happy for you, Tae.”

“Yes…but what about your happiness? I know something really bad happened with Yoongi so…”

“I told him about my feelings…” Jimin blurted out and Taehyung stared at him with wide eyes.

“You did?! Oh no…what happened afterwards?”

“I told him that he sucks as my best friend and kinda told him that he should stay away from me so I could get over him…”


“I know…it’s just…I was so angry and my heart hurt so much…I couldn’t take it any longer and every nice word from him or apology would have made everything even worse…” His friend sighed, a sympathetic expression on his face.

“Will you apologize to him?” He wanted to know.

“I don’t know…” He nearly whispered, looking at the neighbor house behind Taehyung instead of his face.

“Then will you at least come back to school with me tomorrow? I know how much this shit hurts better than anyone but, when I learnt one thing, because of this, it’s that you should never throw your life away. Instead you have to push through and focus on other things…it’s the only way to forget about him Min, believe me…”

And like that Jimin found himself back in his school the next day and the day after. Time passed faster than ever and Taehyung had been right, being busy seriously helped Jimin with coping with his broken heart. He had enough other stuff to worry about after all. Managing to get through his exams, praying that he would get accepted by the colleges he wanted to attend and in the mean time trying to avoid Yoongi as much as possible. That turned out to be way easier than he had expected since the other seemingly did the same and whenever they were forced to talk to each other, because of classes, they could have been as good as strangers. Meanwhile, Jimin got closer and closer to Taehyung and his friends. They immediately had accepted him as one of theirs, even after the whole fake dating incident, and invited him to all their gatherings. Slowly Taehyung seemed to replace Yoongi as his best friend and filled the hole he had left behind and even though Jimin still missed him, it got more endurable with every day. Another thing that helped him was discovering that he really liked dancing, after Hoseok and Jungkook had dragged him to one of their classes. In the beginning he hadn’t wanted to participate, convinced that he would look embarrassing, but when the music had started, he hadn’t been able to resist and by now he slowly had gotten the hang of it. It also brought him much closer to Jungkook which was advantageous since Taehyung and him were nearly inseparable these days, always somehow clinging to each other. Jimin didn’t mind, he was simply happy that his friend was happy. At least one of them had to be.

“Jiminni, who will you go to our graduation prom with?” Taehyung asked him one afternoon, one week before the prom was supposed to take place. They were currently laying in the warm grass next to an outdoor pool, enjoying some free time again after finally having finished their exams. It was a nice, sunny early summer day, too nice for Jimin to be reminded that he was still single. He shrugged.

“I don’t know…I was actually thinking about not going at all…”

“What?!” Taehyung exclaimed, before he quickly sat up and looked down on Jimin with wide unbelieving eyes. “You’re kidding me… It’s our graduation prom! Not just a random school dance…”

“I know…but it’s only fun, if you have someone to dance with.”

“But you have me! We can dance together! Or do you think, I’ll only dance with Kookie, because he is my date?” Actually, that had exactly been Jimin’s thought but it suddenly seemed stupid. However, he got saved by Jungkook and Namjoon showing up and putting their bags down next to them.

“Hey, you two.” Namjoon greeted them with a bright smile, while Jungkook waved at Jimin, before bending down to give his boyfriend a kiss on the lips. Jimin felt envy foam up in him and he quickly looked away, focusing on Joon instead and returned his smile.

“Sorry, the traffic was worse than we expected…” The other apologized, before searching for something in his bag.

“No problem.” Jimin replied. “We just—”

“Jimin doesn’t want to go to prom!” Taehyung suddenly exclaimed loudly, cutting off Jimin’s words. The latter gave him an angry stare. Why did he need to tell everyone about this?

Jungkook and Namjoon looked at him with similar shocked expressions as Taehyung had earlier.

“What? Why?” The older wanted to know and even stopped searching for whatever.

“I don’t have anyone to go with…” Jimin mumbled quietly, feeling the urge to just run away. Why was he so embarrassed about this?

“But you can go with us, if you want to.” Jungkook immediately threw in, what his boyfriend had also said earlier and Joon just clapped his hands excitedly as if someone had promised him a nice piece of cake.

“That’s good!” He exclaimed and the rest of them stared at him in confusion.

“What exactly do you mean? The fact that he can come with us?” Taehyung wanted to know and Namjoon shook his head.

“No…it’s just…I don’t have a date either yet, so if you want to, we could just go together, Jimini. You know, as friends. I bet it would be super fun.”


That was how he ended up nervously waiting for Namjoon to pick him up at the night of the dance, looking into the mirror again and again to check, if his outfit maybe hadn’t turned hideous after all, even though he was wearing a simple black suit.

“Jimin, relax…it will be fun!” His mouther shouted from the living room, where she was reading a magazine on the couch, after Jimin had ran to the bathroom for probably the hundredth time by now.

“I don’t even know why you are acting this way… Didn’t you say the guy you are going with is only a friend and you don’t have a crush on him?” That was true. He wasn’t interested in Namjoon, not in that way, even though the other was nice and really handsome too. The reason, he acted that way was, because he knew Yoongi would be there, together with Mia. He sighed and looked at his reflection in the mirror. The bags under his eyes had gotten smaller, but they were still there and it somehow seemed as if something was missing. As if he had lost a light in his eyes that had always been there, but he had never noticed until it had suddenly disappeared.

“You need to finally get over him!” He said to his own face in the mirror, “He isn’t worth it…” That was a lie but he still didn’t take it back. After all a lie seemed to be better than being heartbroken for the entire rest of his life.

In that moment a ringing signalized Namjoon’s arrival at the door. Jimin gave himself one last determined look, before he turned around and left the bathroom to open the door.

“Hey there!” Namjoon greeted him, looking down on him with a bright smile that made his dimples show. “Oh, Jimini! You look really pretty today.”

Jimin felt himself blush at the comment. “You look good too…” And it was true. Namjoon did look even more handsome in a suit than he usually already did with his tall, slim figure and friendly shining eyes. Still, it wasn’t Yoongi…

“Wow…Jimin, since when do you have so many handsome friends?” His mother suddenly asked from behind him and now it was on Namjoon to blush, before he slightly bowed and introduced himself to her,

“Nice to meet you, my name is Kim Namjoon and I’m a friend of your son. I’ll take good care of him and bring him home safely later.” At the expression that appeared on his mother’s face, Jimin could see that she had just found her perfect candidate as a future son-in-law. Namjoon’s charisma was seriously no joke.

“I’m sure, you will. All right…Have fun, you two! I’ll see you later, bye!”

They both waved at his mother, before they made their way to Namjoon’s car. Inside the other started the engine and looked at Jimin.

“Ready?” He asked. No…he definitely wasn’t.



The dance turned out to actually be way more fun than Jimin had expected. After they had arrived at the venue, they went to search for their friends, only to find them already going wild on the dance floor. In the past Jimin would have probably been too shy, to even set a foot into the center of everybody’s attention, but together with his new friends that didn’t seem to care even a bit about what others were thinking of them and encouraged him to show off the new dance skills, he had gotten from the lessons, he went to with Hoseok, his shyness seemed to suddenly disappear. Instead he had fun and a lot of it.

Then the song changed to a slow, romantic one, leading all the couples to start slow dancing on the dancefloor – including Taehyung and Jungkook – and since Jimin was still single, he decided to take a break and get something to drink. Namjoon and Jin, not being the most passionate dancers, had already excused themselves to go and plunder the buffet a while ago, which only left Jimin and Hoseok to make their way over to the bar.

“God…suits seriously aren’t the best clothes to dance in like this…” His friend complained, grabbing a napkin from one of the tables and starting to wipe away the sweat on his face. Jimin nodded in agreement, trying to save some of his make up around his eyes from running down his whole face.

“It really is too hot…” They reached the bar and both ordered a glass of water since they couldn’t get any alcohol anyways, when Hoseok suddenly started waving at somebody. Jimin frowned and followed the other’s stare, his eyes falling on a guy from their grade, he had never talked to nor knew his name of, who smiled and waved back. Then Hoseok turned to him.

“I’m sorry Jimini, but would you mind staying here on your own for some seconds? I just quickly want to greet Felix.” Jimin just shook his head and smiled.

“Of course not, go on. I’ll drink my water and then probably go to search for Namjoon and Jin.”

“I’ll try to make it quick!” Hoseok promised, already on his way through the crowd, until he disappeared in it. Jimin couldn’t help but sigh. He took the water from the bartender and started drinking it slowly, while watching the people around him. They all seemed to have fun, just like he has had some minutes ago. Suddenly, he felt alone again and without wanting to, his mind wandered to Yoongi. What was he doing right now? Against his expectations, Jimin hadn’t seen him till now and he didn’t know if the other had decided to not show up after all or if he had simply been too distracted to notice him.

Even after drinking the cool water, the sweat was still running down Jimin’s face. It was just too hot in here and he yearned for some fresh, cool air. Therefore, he took his water and maneuvered his way through the crowd while trying to not spill anything which turned out to be a difficult task since most people didn’t seem to care about anything that was happening around them and simply moved as they wanted to. Still, he somehow made it to one of the doors that lead outside and he opened it, leaving the loud noises of the music, the people and the stuffy air behind.

Outside it was quiet, except for some snogging couples and the muffled noises of the party. Jimin took deep breathes, enjoying how the soft early summer breeze cooled his skin. Then he started wandering around. It seemed like someone had outlived his secret highschool movie fantasies, because the whole area was covered in fairy lights and Jimin couldn’t help but ask himself how much of the budge had went into this. Probably way too much, especially since most students wouldn’t even see it.

Jimin was just thinking about whether he should go back inside and search for his friends or stay here a little longer, when he suddenly heard muffled noises. He frowned and focused on it. Was someone crying? Slowly, Jimin followed the sound, until he found a slumped figure on one of the benches. With every step he was coming closer to it, the noise got louder and Jimin became more certain that the person was indeed crying. Immediately he felt pity rise in him. Seemed like he wasn’t the only one going through some shit right now. Carefully, to not startle the other, he walked even closer, until he was standing in front of the bench. Paying attention to the short hair and the suit the person was wearing, he assumed that it was probably a boy. However, because of the little light and posture of the other, he couldn’t make out his face and he seemed too occupied, to even notice Jimin’s approach.

Therefore, Jimin cleared his throat quietly, before addressing the boy with a soft voice,

“Excuse me, but is everything all right? Can I somehow help you?”

The other stopped crying immediately and seemed to completely freeze, before he slowly raised his head. Then their eyes met and the whole world around Jimin seemed to just stop.

“Yoongi!” He whispered surprised, staring at his former best friend in shock. The other seemed similar surprised and opened his mouth to say something but instead, he started sobbing helplessly and before Jimin even realized what he was doing, he sat down next to him and pulled Yoongi into a tight hug.

“Hey, pssst. Everything is all right.” He tried to calm him down but without any success, while he softly patted his hair and back. All of a sudden, he realized that he had hardly ever seen his friend cry before. Of course, Yoongi had cried as a child but after entering middle school, he had simply stopped. Or at least he had stopped crying in front of Jimin, just like he had done the same in front of Yoongi. Why are we both so scared to show our feelings in front of each other, even though, we are best friends? Jimin asked himself, while Yoongi was still weeping into his shoulder.

“Jimin…I’m—I’m so—sorry“, the older somehow got out between his sobs, “I—I fucked up.”

“No, you didn’t…” Jimin replied, still rubbing his friend’s back. “Everybody makes mistakes and it wasn’t your fault.” Finally. Finally, he had said, what he had wanted to tell Yoongi since they have had their fight in his front yard. His friend only shook his head, before he pulled away, so that he could look at Jimin with his eyes which were red from crying.

“I…We broke up, Jimin…Mia and I…we are no longer a thing.”

“What?” Jimin asked dumbly, not able to believe his ears. “But I thought you loved her…”

“I did…but, I don’t know…seems like she wasn’t the right one after all.” Yoongi replied, his tears slowly getting less and less. He seemed exhausted and Jimin suddenly felt extremely bad and guilty. All this time he had only cared about how horrible he himself was feeling and not once had thought about how Yoongi might have been unhappy too.

“I’m so sorry Yoongi…” He whispered, feeling tears gather in his own eyes, but he fought against them. “Back then…I—I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did…The things I said…they are not true.” Yoongi only closed his eyes and shook his head.

“No, you were right. I was a horrible best friend. I should have noticed how much you were suffering but instead I—”

“How could you have noticed, with me trying my best to hide it?” Jimin interrupted Yoongi, sick of hearing him giving himself the fault for something, he couldn’t have known.

“I should have just told you sooner…I should have tried to distract myself from my feelings instead of focusing my whole life on you. It’s not your fault…”

“Still…I could have tried to understand you…to find out how you were truly feeling. Even after our kiss at the party I never questioned anything…Instead I tried to scare away the only real friend you had…” The tears started running down Yoongi’s face again and now Jimin couldn’t stop his own ones anymore, too.

“That’s not true…It’s not your fault you are as oblivious as a rock.” At this his friend chuckled softly.

“I really am…” He smiled and Jimin pulled him into another hug.

“I never wanted to leave you like this…” He admitted quietly, breathing in the familiar scent that had never failed to make him feel at ease.

“I don’t want to lose you either.” Yoongi said and gave him a small kiss on the head.

“So…are we still friends?” Jimin asked, for some reason feeling anxious about the answer. What if Yoongi had realized that he didn’t need Jimin? He quickly brushed away that thought. If he had learned something over the past months, it was that one should never need someone. That only ended in an unhealthy relationship. Instead one should appreciate the presence of the other and cherish it.

“Of course, we are still friends, Park Jimin. How boring would my life be without you?” Happiness exploded in Jimin’s heart and held onto Yoongi even tighter.

“I missed you so much, Yoongi.” He admitted.

“Really? You looked like you had a lot of fun without me.” His friend said but his voice was without any bitterness in it. Instead it sounded fondly. Jimin thought about Taehyung, Jungkook and the others that had helped him so much these past couple weeks and he smiled at the thought.

“True…I made amazing friends…” Maybe he could introduce Yoongi to them as well.

“I’m happy you did.” His friend said and pulled back, a serious expression on his face. “More people deserve to be touched by your many good qualities, Jimini.” The younger felt his face getting hot.

“Thanks…” He mumbled.

“By the way, I’m sorry, I confused Taehyung for your boyfriend. I kinda figured, he is with the other guy by now…” At this Jimin couldn’t help but start laughing.

“That seriously wasn’t your fault. We might have been fake dating to…” He hesitated, blushing even more, “…to make you and Jungkook jealous.” Yoongi stared at him dumbfounded for some seconds, before he started laughing loudly.

“Jimin…you two seriously watched too many corny dramas.” Jimin shrugged.

“It worked though. Tae and Kookie are back together and you were really angry.”

“Yes, because I thought Taehyung was forcing himself onto you, without you wanting it, you idiot. Your rock friend here was seriously worried.” Yoongi said, still laughing and Jimin forced himself to smile. Right, Yoongi still only saw him as a friend.



“I love you.” Jimin whispered, putting all his feelings for his friend into these three words. Yoongi smiled.

“I love you too.” He replied and they hugged again.

Yes, Yoongi might not feel the same way for him like he did for his best friend, but he still loved him and Jimin knew he could live with it. Now he knew that having the other loving him as a friend was enough and he also knew that he would get over him at some point.

Maybe not this night, definitely not right now and maybe not even in weeks, but he would manage to eventually.

After all he had not only gotten back his best friend but also his life which he now could live however he wanted to.

Soon Jimin finally wouldn’t need to feel like Pluto anymore.


The End.