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Firewhiskey+Fine Wine: A Drarry Fanfic

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3rd September 2001.

Tuesday morning had arrived, Harry Potter was wide awake in an empty bed in Twelve Grimmauld Place, Ginny had gone home first thing that morning like she always seemed to do at the moment, Harry didn't mind though he was somewhat used it. He and Ginny had been dating since the war just over three years ago, it was okay at first they were happy and in love but the past year had changed, they were arguing all the time, and Ginny just seemed to be different, he too was different. He thinks they are just waiting for one of them to throw in the towel first.

Today was a good day though; Harry reminded himself for the third time that morning. Today Harry would be trying out for a professional Quidditch team, Appleby Arrows. He had heard the team had just come under new management and the new owner wanted a fresh team that will match up to his standards, he had no idea who the new manager was, he assumed it would be an ex-manager from another team, but it was all very hushed up.

Harry ran his fingers through his hair after putting on his round glasses, and let out a long sigh finally deciding to get out of bed. He stumbled a bit as he stood up and felt a pile of his clothes on the floor. It was an obstacle course to get to his ensuite bathroom; there were cups, clothes and shoes all over his bedroom floor, it had been accumulating for a few weeks now since he quit his job at the ministry.

Harry had sat at his Auror desk one morning at the start of August and realised he was in the wrong career. He had been good at his job there was no mistaking that but it had been non-stop since the war, and he just needed to get away from protecting the world from dangers, he had done that for most of his life when he was fighting Voldemort. Quidditch was what had made him most happy it was the thing that he always looked forward to whenever he had gone back to school, he was a very good seeker.

The shower had warmed up when he got inside; he closed his eyes as the water fell down his face, visions of brooms flying zoomed through his head and a little golden snitch fluttering in front of his face made the corners of his mouth lift up. He was going to be a professional Quidditch player.

It took him a good few minutes to find something suitable to wear to try out in; he wanted to make sure he looked professional but comfortable at the same time, it didn't help that most of his clothes needed washing. He found some sweats and a hoodie at the bottom of his wardrobe and quickly threw them on hoping he looked okay as he stared at himself in the mirror flattening his hair with his fingers.

He sat in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee and reading the daily prophet, his eagle owl; Shadow had brought him. He studied it carefully looking for anything slightly significant, but it was mostly the boring rubbish the prophet published. There was, however, a small bit about Appleby Arrows try-outs today that Harry was excited about, still no mention of the new manager though.

Appleby Arrow Try-outs Today

Fancy yourself a career in Quidditch? Come to the Appleby Arrows training ground today at 11 am and show us what you have got,
Our head of sports columnist got a chance to meet the new manager who had officially signed the lease yesterday morning, the identity yet to be revealed until the tryouts today. He said that he would be personally helping decide who gets picked for the team this year and he expects the best players and even has deals with other team players to try out.

Anxiety hit Harry as he read that there was going to be already professional players trying out, he had no chance of getting on the team. "Shut up, Harry, you were the youngest seeker at Hogwarts you got this." He told himself sternly.


Harry apparated outside of the Appleby Arrows stadium holding his Firebolt supreme tightly in his hand; he could feel the sweat on his palms slip slightly on the handle as he stared up at the grounds. Pale blue stared back at him as he examined the stadium, the spectator stands were like the ones at Hogwarts minus the house colours but were draped in the pale blue and silver arrow. There was a sign at the front of the stadium that flashed Appleby Arrows and then changed to Under New Managment.

"Hello, Harry," A husky voice spooked him from behind, he turned around and saw the ex Gryffindor beater Jimmy Peakes. "Are you trying out too?"

"Jimmy, hi, and yes I think so," Harry replied relieved to see a fellow Gryffindor.

"Oh good, you should definitely make the team, they would be crazy to turn Harry Potter down," Jimmy beamed.

"Well I don't know about that, I have never played pro before, I read there was going to be deals going on."

Jimmy frowned slightly then smiled again. "Do you know who the new manager is?"

"No, do you?"

"Nope," Jimmy sighed. "I reckon it's Holyhead Harpies ex-manager, he is supposed to be very strict."

Harry shrugged, and they walked into the grounds together both just as nervous as they saw about fifty people sat on benches on the grass. He recognised a lot of them from school, but there were some he had only seen in Quidditch magazines that have been playing for years. Harry sat next to Angelina Johnson who was another fellow Gryffindor; she looked the same as he remembered her to look, dark with black hair and brown eyes, She smiled warmly at him.

It was deafening as everyone was talking loudly and excitedly Harry could hear a buzz in the air as everyone was discussing the mysterious manager. He looked up at the fifty-foot high round goal posts and smiled. The corner of his eye caught a woman sat high up in one of the stands; he couldn't tell who she was he just saw flowing brown hair sat staring down at them.

They had been sat there for a good half hour when someone had finally emerged from the tunnels dressed in the Appleby Arrow's coach uniform. Harry recognised him as the ex-seeker Gregory Cotton; Harry had always admired him. He had dark blonde and green eyes and a hard jawline, he rarely smiled in any of his photographs and he wasn't smiling now.

"Today is not a day to mess around," He began sternly. "Today you will be put through your paces; if you can't keep up or get tapped on the shoulder you should stop what you are doing and go home immediately, is that clear?"

There was united agreement through yes's and nods. Cotton looked at everyone and then began to tap a few people already, they got up quietly and annoyedly and left.

"Now, I will not be making the final decision on my own, the new manager is going to be joining me and observing everyone carefully," Cotton said shifting his eyes around the people that were still there, his eyes caught on to Harry's and widened.

Just as he was about to say something to Harry, a hand shot up next to him. "Who is the new manager?" Jimmy asked when Cotton allowed him to speak.

Gregory smiled now at the question and spoke loudly. "I know everyone has been dying to know, and I can now finally introduce the New Appleby Arrows manager," He turned to face the tunnel as a figure emerged out of it.

Harry's jaw dropped as he saw the white blonde hair walk towards them, it was Draco Malfoy.