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Dream In Reality

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Taeyong is happy. Taeyong is always happy. He doesn't worry about him being broke, him being kicked out by his parents, his unability to find a job that isn't badly-paid. He walks around, like everything is okay, like he shouldn't control everything besides his dreams. The dreams that keeps him alive and well.

When Taeyong was a child, his elementary school teacher taught him a lot of things and made him the Taeyong he is today but to him, the most important thing was learning how to dream. And how to make them reality.

But Taeyong didn't believe in a reality, for him. These things would end. Reality would end, it would change and it would burn him. That's why, he didn't live in a reality. That's why he didn't care.

But deep inside his heart, his biggest dream was to fall in love. Fall in love with someone like in fairytales, be happy together, have kids, get married and dream together. He wanted that, but even to him, it seemed impossible. Nobody would be able to look after him, nobody would be able to keep him out of trouble and nobody would fall in love with him. So everytime he dreamt of a family, of a husband, of a loved one he pushed his thoughts back, the only time he did that, and he continued to think about other things.

And even though he didn't know, somebody pitied him, for believing in things that would never happen.

Mark Lee.

Mark liked having control, always. He liked to have the control when he was doing things, he didn't like to trust his heart, he always moved with his mind, did what his logic told him to. Yes, dreaming was entertaining and it gave hope,but it was always false, a false hope. He got a good job in a decent company, he was living with his parents without a problem, he was always confident in things he believed, he was the perfect one. And Mark knew it himself

He knew he was good at what he did, what he is doing and what he will do. He trusted his reality, he trusted his hard work, he trusted his realistic way of thinking. Because that was what made him successful, a perfect family boy, the favourite son, a hardworking worker, his honesty and all these things that makes people like him, respect him and love him.

In his future, he saw a perfect and an almost artifical family. He saw a good wife or a husband who had the same job as him without a deep affection that didn't contain only respect and liking. He wanted to have only one kid, who was quiet, studied well and lived just like Mark did.

Don't get him wrong, he doesn't have dreams about his family or whatever. He has plans on what he will do after 5 years, or what he will do after 10 years. This is just how he works, even though his father tries to convince him that sometimes dreaming is okay, it gives you strength, Mark doesn't believe that. Dreams are just bunch of lies that people tells themselves to make themselves happier for nothing. Just like the coffee boy Lee Taeyong.

Mark, for more than once, saw Taeyong sleep in the cafe that should be cold at night, sleeping cause he is homeless, doing everything he's told, no matter its obvious that he's tired. And Mark can't believe how excited he talks about his dreams in a life like that. In a life that he's homeless, he's probably badly paid. He wonders if he has parents.

And he pities him, he pities him when he's going to work in his expensive car and sees Taeyong working like a slave in that damn cafe. Even though, he thinks like this, Mark thinks he deserves it. A life that doesn't hold on to reality, is a life that you agree to kill yourself slowly, little by little, just without any pain.