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Forbidden Promises

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 In the Kim Dynasty, the political and economic situation of the Korean Empire stabilized. The Kim clan was made of generations of brilliant rulers which was why the country was doing so well. They’ve formed a powerful state that others feared. The Kims were worshiped by the citizens and many considered them as the Saviors of the nation. What made the family so strong was their pure alpha blood.


Ever since people could remember, the ranks played a huge role. Everybody had their obligations and duties and no matter how unfair it may have been, nobody complained because it was what made the states stable. Alphas – the rulers and protectors, Betas – the middle class and finally Omegas – the servants and the lowest rank have coexisted together ever since the world’s creation.


A life of an omega was the exact opposite of an alpha’s life. Unlike alphas, omegas were poor and had little rights. They were given the worst jobs where they spent most of their time and were paid barely enough for them to cover for food and accommodation. They were treated as slaves even though it wasn’t officially stated.


There were omegas who got a bit luckier and were sold to serve the royal family at their palace. It wasn’t much but at least they didn’t have to worry about their life conditions. They worked every day and got safety in return. However, they often weren’t used only for work, but also as a source of pleasure for the young alphas.


Jeongguk, a boy omega, was one of the few lucky ones who got to live in the palace. He didn’t love it, but he knew it was much better than living on the streets. He got everything he needed and even though his life had no real purpose, he was content and grateful for the little he got. He couldn’t remember when was the last time he saw the outside world and he’d lie if he said he didn’t miss it, but he knew he couldn’t leave even if he wanted to.


All the palace omegas, often called as lucky children, were young, not older than 25. There were about twenty of them and both the boys and the girls all shared one huge room together. It was the only place where they could spend the little free time they had. Even though it was only a couple of hours daily, it was Jeongguk’s favorite time of the day because he got to talk to his best friends – Jimin and Yoongi.


“God I’m starving,” Yoongi complained, lying on his bed, facing the ceiling as he observed all the carefully painted ornaments. For what it was worth, at least their room looked rich. The walls were nicely decorated in different shades of red and beige. There were two rows of beds, one on each side of the room on a higher platform. There wasn’t much for them to do since they’ve read every book they had in the room and played cards too many times for it to still be entertaining.


The girls were happily chatting, sitting on the stairs of the platform as they observed the cloth all of them received. Of course, they had to sew it themselves if they wanted to wear it, but that wasn’t a problem for them. The boys gladly gave up on the material to make the girls happy. They all wanted to appeal to the sons of the Emperor Kim. The three young alphas often came to look at them, so they could pick a concubine for the night. The girls felt special if they were picked, so they tried to look their best.


“Aren’t we all?” Jimin sighed from the other bed. It wasn’t like they never received food, they only got it at the same time of the day and sometimes they just couldn’t wait for the hour. Jeongguk often regretted having the bed in the middle for he always had to listen to their complaints. On the other hand, he felt safe.


They all continued resting, waiting for their lunch to arrive when the door opened, and two men walked in. All the omegas quickly stood up and formed two rows, facing each other, creating a passage for their visitors.


“Everyone greet our Young Master,” said Nana, the woman who was in charge of the lucky children. She stood next to the two man who wore fine clothes. Jeongguk always loved these visits for he could appreciate the beauty of the young Kims. He especially liked the youngest of the three even though he smiled the least. There was something attractive in his eyes which made him shiver whenever they shared a second-long eye contact.


Kim Taehyung and his right-hand Jung Hoseok, a beta, approached the omegas and walked through the passage. They came to observe and pick a concubine for the young alpha. The boys were never nervous because only girls were chosen. They simply stood there and waited for them to leave.


Jeongguk watched Taehyung instead of looking at the floor just like he was supposed to. The man was the definition of ethereal beauty. He always focused on the details of the alpha’s face rather than him as a whole. The first thing he noticed when he saw the man was his non-symmetrical eyelids which Jeongguk found really appealing. What he liked the most about his face though, were the heart-shaped lips and the small mole of the tip of his nose.


“What’s your name?” Taehyung asked one of the girls as he lifted her chin gently, so that she could look at him. Her voice trembled as she spoke, hoping the master would choose her. Jeongguk could see how her peachy cheeks turned more into a strawberry color.


 “When is your heat?” Taehyung asked afterwards. The alphas had to be careful because they didn’t want to impregnate any omegas. It was against hierarch rules.


Nana approached the young heir and informed him of the girl’s heat schedule. Taking care of the omegas‘ heats was one of her responsibilities. Once heard the information, Taehyung only nodded and continued walking, asking about some other girls.


Jeongguk never stopped looking at him, simply appreciating his features for as long as he could. He was too focused on the alpha’s puffy cheeks when Taehyung looked at him. He startled and immediately looked at the floor, hoping the man wouldn’t say anything about it.


He felt sweat forming on his forehead as he listened to the quiet steps, louder every time the alpha made a step forward. The pace of his heartbeat quickened, knowing the alpha was really close. He didn’t want to be punished for his misbehaving. He would probably not be allowed to eat for a whole day and he couldn’t afford that.


When a pair of shoes appeared in his vision he stopped breathing. Jeongguk couldn’t remember the last time he feared for his life as he did at that moment. He knew he was overreacting, but he was well aware of the power the Kim family had, so he wouldn’t be surprised if he was executed simply because the Young Master wanted that.


The moment was painfully long and Jeongguk couldn’t hold back anymore, so he exhaled quietly, hoping nobody saw how nervous he was. A lot of things were happening in his mind when he felt two fingers under his chin. “And you?” Taehyung asked as he lifted his head.


That was the first time they shared such a direct and intense eye contact. Taehyung was so close and Jeongguk couldn’t help but stare at him, at his perfect skin and his dark eyes. “J-Jeongguk,” he said, forgetting all the honorifics


He felt his eyes sparkle as he looked into the older’s eyes, not blinking even once. “Jeongguk did you forget how to address to your Master?” Nana yelled and was about to punish him with a slap, but Taehyung raised his hand, stopping her. “It’s okay, don’t hit him,” he said, not showing any of his emotions.


“What about your heat schedule?” Taehyung asked, ignoring the confused looks from Hoseok and Nana. Neither Taehyung nor his brothers ever picked a boy omega, so everyone was surprised Taehyung even bothered to ask about the boy.


“Jeongguk hasn’t started having heat, sir,” Nana spoke for him and suddenly Jeongguk felt embarrassed. He felt his cheeks burn, painting them red. He was always happy that he didn’t have to worry about heat until now when he was ashamed. He didn’t know why, it just never came.


Taehyung’s lips formed a small ‘o’ as he let out a surprised sound. “Oh, really? How old are you Jeongguk?” The alpha asked, brushing the back of his index finger against the boy’s jaw line.


“Seventeen, s-sir,” Jeongguk answered, looking at the floor for he felt the older’s gaze was too intimidating. He couldn’t read Taehyung’s expression because it was blank. He knew there were emotions, that Taehyung didn’t want to show, behind the protective wall he’d built.


Taehyung didn’t mention his misbehaving which was the only thing keeping Jeongguk sane. He didn’t even find the master asking about him weird, simply being too distracted to think straight. “He should’ve had his cycle going already then. Have you taken him to physician-noona?”


“No, sir. I didn’t think it was necessary,” Nana admitted, surprised at how invested the young alpha was. Jeongguk felt really uncomfortable as the two talked about him even though they were just a few meters away from him.


Humming in understanding, Taehyung gently caressed the boy’s jawline again before he pulled away and continued walking. Jeongguk felt as if he’d been drowning in the depths of the oceans and finally emerged to breathe.


Jeongguk didn’t dare to look up anymore, feeling too pressured already. He could hear Hoseok and Taehyung talk about something before Taehyung walked out of the room, leaving his right-hand behind.


The omegas finally looked up, waiting for Hoseok to speak and announce who had been picked by the young master. The man first talked to Nana, discussing the preparations and everything that had to be taken care of before the night.


“Jeongguk, are you okay?” Jimin asked, grabbing his shoulders to shake him awake. Jeongguk met the worried faces of his two friends when he finally sobered up, sitting down on the stairs to steady his breathing.


“God, I thought I’d die there,” he exhaled deeply, closing his eyes for a few seconds. He heard the girls talk about the potential ‘winner’. Yoongi passed the boy a glass of water and Jeongguk gladly accepted for he felt too hot.


He didn’t get much time to rest before he saw Hoseok standing in front of him. He quickly got up and bowed slightly. “Jeongguk, you will entertain our master tonight. You’ll come with me, we have a lot to prepare and you have a lot to learn. This is new to all of us but don’t worry, everything will be just fine,” Hoseok reassured the boy with a smile.


Jeongguk’s eyes widened because that was the last thing he expected. He never even thought of what happened behind the doors of the Kims’ chambers. He never asked the girls, so he had no idea, but he figured Hoseok would tell him everything. Suddenly he felt scared and excited at the same time.


“I’ll let you have lunch and then I’ll have Nana bring you over,” he said and left. Hoseok looked worried, that much was obvious from his face. And he wasn’t the only one. All eyes were on Jeongguk. Some of the girls were glaring, some were crying and then there were Jimin and Yoongi who looked just as scared as Jeongguk felt.


Jimin took the younger’s hand and pulled him up to lay him down on one of the beds, so that the other omegas couldn’t make him feel even worse with their looks. “I’m sorry Guk, I don’t know what to say to make you feel better,” Jimin sighed, caressing the boy’s hand.


“I don’t even know what to do to pleasure him,” Jeongguk admitted, squeezing his eyes shut. He was never taught anything about that kind of intimacy. He never even got his heat, so Nana thought it was useless for him for the time being.


Yoongi sat on the bed next to him, flicking his nose. “It will be okay, don’t worry. It will come naturally. It’s not like having sex is a big deal anyw- ow,” his sentence was cut off by Jimin punching him, making him fall off the bed.


“H-How do you know?” Jeongguk asked shyly. They never had this kind of conversation, so he felt a little embarrassed. But he’d rather get advice from his friends rather than some strangers.


Jimin helped Jeongguk sit up, so he could look at him as he spoke. “We know because we help each other out through our heat. That’s what people do here since alphas aren’t allowed to sleep with omegas while they are in their heat,” Jimin explained gently, not wanting to make Jeongguk feel even worse.


“But don’t worry, they will teach you everything before you go meet Taehyung,” Yoongi added, sitting on his own bed to stay in a safe distance from Jimin. The more his friends told him the more nervous he felt.


It wasn’t like he could object anyway, so he simply nodded and closed his eyes to calm down before the food was brought it and all the lucky children gathered around the table in the dining area. It was going to be a long day, so he at least wanted to enjoy the meal.


To say Jeongguk was nervous would be a huge understatement. He was going to spend the evening with the Emperor’s son, one of the most powerful men in the whole country. He wasn’t just going to spend time with him, he was supposed to entertain him in many ways. The ways he had yet to explore.


He felt uncomfortable at the table with everyone. Nobody said anything but Jeongguk knew very well what they thought. It made him not enjoy the food at all. It felt like he was eating dust, no flavor. He wanted all of it to be over already. It was just one night after all. The alphas never chose the same person twice which was why the lucky children came and went.



Feeling satisfied with the decision, Taehyung returned to his chamber to get some paperwork done for his father. Most of the people thought that the three sons of the Emperor mostly enjoyed their life, fooled around and didn’t have to worry about anything because they had servants to hop around them as they whistled.


The truth was that the Emperor himself was very strict with his sons. He gave them a load of work on the daily, preparing them for taking over one day. They took private classes to learn about ruling and managing the country. Taehyung didn’t mind because he was interested in those things even though he knew he probably wouldn’t rule the country for his older brother was only two years older than him and Taehyung didn’t expect to live much longer than Namjoon. As depressing as it seemed, he was okay with it.


Taehyung opened his balcony for he saw it was pretty outside. He considered moving his desk, so he could work while looking at the bright, cloudless sky, but he figured he might get distracted by small birds chirping and singing charming songs. When he was young he always watched birds and he’s grown to love listening to them, his favorite being a finch. He loved the small bird of pinkish shades.


There was a knock on the door before Hoseok entered, clearly triggered by something and Taehyung knew exactly what. “Taehyung what on earth were you thinking when you picked the omega boy? You know how problematic this might be? The boy seems to have no clue about how this goes and honestly, I don’t either. I’ve never had to prepare a boy, I don’t know how to explain things to him,” he started complaining, not letting Taehyung defend his actions.


Taehyung’s seen the boy many times, but never did he consider having something with him until he noticed Jeongguk looking at him even though he wasn’t supposed to. When he saw the raspberry colored blush on his cheeks, he knew he’d made the right choice. He’s never been with a boy before but that only made him more curious about how it’d go.


“Tae, as your right hand, I’m asking you to reconsider. What would your father say if he found out?” Hoseok asked with a worried expression. He had a point, the Emperor probably wouldn’t be too happy about it, but Taehyung didn’t think a one-night fling would bother him too much.


“But as my best friend, you will support me in my decisions, right?” Taehyung asked, placing a reassuring hand on the older’s arm, making him give in easily.


Hoseok sighed as he looked at him with a soft smile. He loved when the younger reminded him they were friends before they were bonded by professions. He was also soft for the young alpha since he’s been with him for years now. “Fine, but I don’t even know how to dress him or-“


Taehyung chuckled at how nervous the beta acted. “Hoseok-ah, I trust you in this. Just put him in something…quick, if you get what I mean,” he smirked as he winked at the boy who rolled his eyes. He loved Hoseok’s presence, he was lucky have someone like him unlike his brothers who didn’t have a friendly relationship with his right hands.


“Kim Taehyung you are a whore!” Hoseok crossed his arms on his chest as he shook his head. Taehyung smiled at the memory of the older being shy around him when he was first assigned to take care of him. He was glad Hoseok became comfortable around him and not treat him as a God or something he wasn’t just like the other servants.


Together they laughed at the older’s comment, not minding the fact that the words could have got Hoseok killed if Taehyung was someone else. “Go prepare my boy, make sure he knows everything. Tell him he doesn’t have to be scared,” Taehyung said gently, making Hoseok roll his eyes again.


“I’ll want all the details afterwards. I’m quite curious about how this plays out,” he smirked, walking towards the tall door, ready to do his job. No matter how unusual it might have been, Hoseok was glad the young alpha went for what he wanted. It was a good trait to have for a leader, he was sure Taehyung would be a great ruler if it happened one day.


“You could join us, you know,” Taehyung joked, making Hoseok pause and glare at him before he left, scoffing at the younger’s audacity. He’d never considered being with a man, yet alone two at the same time. What a fool Taehyung was.



Jeongguk was nervously sitting in a lounge room, waiting for Hoseok to come. He dug his nail into the skin around the corner of his nail of his thumb. He didn’t know what to expect and he’d lie if he said he wasn’t scared. He bit on his lip, the silence slowly killing him inside, creating a pool of worry in his stomach.


He didn’t have to wait for much longer before Hoseok entered the room with Nana. They were talking about something he couldn’t hear, but he figured it must have been something about the upcoming night.


“Sir, Nana,” he greeted them politely, slightly bowing his head. He didn’t want to disobey again because that was the reason why he was in this mess in the first place. Hoseok sat down on the loveseat across him, looking directly into his eyes.


“Jeongguk, I don’t know how much you know about this, so I’m going to explain everything step by step. You’ll be taken to the washroom and have the servants wash you, then you’ll come back here and get dressed. Me and Nana still have to think of the outfit for you, but don’t worry, it’ll be ready by the time you’re back,” Hoseok explained slowly, making sure the boy understood everything that was being said.


The omega tried to process the words, quickly repeating them in his head. “Wait, why can’t I wash myself? I don’t want other people to watch me or touch me,” he said, getting a glare from the woman who was standing by the sofa next to Hoseok.


The fact that he was to be naked around some omega servants, probably the girls from his group, made him feel even more nervous. For the first time he wished he lived on the streets, so that he wouldn’t have to deal with this, but there was no turning back.


“It’s a tradition, everything needs to be perfect for the Young Master,” Nana replied, making Hoseok nod in agreement. The strictness in the woman’s eyes made him reconsider protesting ever again. He just accepted his fate and hoped it’d be over soon.


The tension between the three was quite heavy, all of them feeling stressed for different reasons. “When you return, we’ll have a talk about this evening. I’ll also have someone explain the process of an intercourse to you,” Hoseok said, knowing the boy had no clue. He didn’t want Taehyung to get annoyed if Jeongguk was too whiny and uncooperative.


“I-Intercourse?” Jeongguk stuttered, looking at the man with confusion in his big doe eyes. He’d never heard the word before, but something told him he knew what it was.


“Seriously kid, do I need to explain how pups are made too or what?” Hoseok was losing his patience with the boy. He couldn’t understand how someone his age was so inexperienced but made no further comments about it.


Jeongguk quickly shook his head. Of course, he’d always wondered, but felt too ashamed to ask. His parents died when he was young, and he didn’t attend the classes his peers did, so he had no way of knowing.


“Good, now follow Nana and try to be more cooperative,” the older said before he stood up, gave Nana a few directions before he left the room, leaving Jeongguk alone with the angered woman.


“I don’t know why the Master chose an oaf like you,” she scoffed before she pulled his hand and dragged him away.



Jeongguk’s never been to this washroom before. It was spacious with a huge pool in the middle. He breathed in the scent of the vanilla incense sticks, he loved how peaceful the room was. He was wrapped in a piece of white cloth, feeling too hot in the steamy room.


“Okay, go to the pool and rest for twenty minutes. It’s supposed to relax your muscles and clear your body of sins. The girls will come later to wash you over in the bathroom,” Nana said, pointing at the small room in the corner before she left.


After doublechecking he was alone, Jeongguk let the towel fall on the floor before he walked down the stairs, straight into the pool. The warm water made him groan in pleasure. It’s been ages since he felt this comfortable. He sat down, leaning against the edge of the pool, and closed his eyes.


For some reason, his thoughts drifted off to the young alpha he was supposed to meet in a few hours. He liked the idea of spending some time with him, he wondered what the boy was like because from the rare visits and the protective walls, he couldn’t see through him at all.


His peace was interrupted when four omega girls and Nana entered the room. “Time’s up,” the woman said, motioning for Jeongguk to get out. He was hesitant because he was naked after all and he wasn’t used to being seen liked that. “We don’t have time Jeongguk,” she nudged him when she saw the boy made no effort to move.


Jeongguk sighed as he got up, trying to ignore the curious eyes from the girls. He considered it as practicing for the night because compared to what was going to happen, this was nothing. He wrapped the towel around his waist before he looked at the girls who were, surprisingly, giving him heart eyes.


“Okay girls, I want him cleaned and shaved. Try not to take too much time,” Nana said before she left Jeongguk with the girls. Jeongguk didn’t know what to do or what to say, so he just stood there awkwardly, waiting for the girls to do something.


He’d expected them to be mad at him, but they didn’t seem angry at all which made him feel a bit relieved. He looked at his feet, curling his toes in anticipation. One of the girls giggled at how shy Jeongguk was before she asked, “Shall we?”



“Took you long enough. Go dress up, we prepared your clothes. It’s over there behind the curtain,” Hoseok said, motioning to the corner. The shower experience wasn’t comfortable at all, but Jeongguk figured it’d be much worse if the girls were angry.


Eyeing the corner, Jeongguk saw the clothes hanging on the wall. He approached it slowly and touched the softest material. He blushed as he checked the red wine colored shirt with long sleeves. It was see through, decorated with pretty floral lace.


He took off his top and put on the pleasant garment. He tied it in the middle with a black ribbon. There were no buttons, so the knot was the only thing supporting the shirt. The pants were black and simple, nothing out of ordinary when it came to the looks, but a lot more expensive because of the material.


“Hmm, I think we picked the right clothes, don’t you think Nana?” Hoseok smiled when Jeongguk appeared from behind the curtain, still blushing at the revealing top. “Come here kid, put this on,” Hoseok handed him a box with a white pearl necklace.


Jeongguk was a bit reluctant because he didn’t want to look girly, but when he put the necklace on and looked at himself in the mirror, he felt quite confident. “It suits you,” Hoseok said as he approached him to fix the sleeves on the shirt.


“T-thank you, sir,” Jeongguk stuttered and looked away. Hoseok guided him to the loveseat again, sitting him down. For some reason, Jeongguk felt special now unlike before when he felt just like a puppet. Maybe it wasn’t going to be as bad as he thought.


Hoseok motioned for Nana to sit down as well. “Now, there are a few ethics we need to remind you of. As you know, or not, when you meet Taehyung, uh, I mean, the Master, you’ll have a dinner. He’ll ask you questions that you will politely answer. Remember, you’re not allowed to ask questions, you only let him handle the conversation, if he wants to share something with you, which I doubt, he will,” Hoseok explained, cursing at himself for letting the alpha’s name slip out in front of Nana.


Jeongguk nodded in understanding. He wanted to ask why he wasn’t allowed to ask questions, he really wanted to know more about Taehyung, but he didn’t want to cause more trouble, so he remained silent.


“So, as soon as you enter, you will bow and wait for the Young Master to allow you to look at him. You will refer to him as Sir or Master whenever he asks you questions,” Nana continued, looking into a book. Jeongguk frowned when he realized there was a whole book written about how to behave around alphas. It made him feel a bit unfair.


He wondered why the world was ranked, he wanted to read about the hierarchy more, but the poor choice of literature in their room didn’t allow him to learn more about it. He always wondered what the alpha library must be like, he thought it must have had at least two floors and hundreds of shelves full of books. He knew he’d never find out.


Hoseok coughed, noticing the boy wasn’t paying attention anymore. Nana continued explaining how he should sit while having a dinner and other table manners. It felt like forever before she closed the book and took off her glasses, looking at Hoseok as if she was expecting him to confirm whatever she read was true.


Clapping once, Hoseok stood up, saying, “Good, now that that’s covered, we should go through the most important part of the night. Nana, you may go and please send the physician in.”


Jeongguk tensed when he heard a doctor was going in. He didn’t know why, but he always hated being around them. He remembered crying whenever he saw one when he was young. He stirred in his seat, trying to make himself comfortable.


“Don’t worry, she’s just going to teach you what you need to know,” Hoseok said when he noticed the boy was nervous. He felt bad for him even though he’s never experienced it, he figured it must have been stressful. It was easier with the girls who were mostly excited about being the chosen one.


Jeongguk nodded as he watched the door, waiting for the physician to enter. When the door opened, he didn’t expect to see an old lady. The woman was short, probably due to her age, but she could walk properly even though a small hump formed on her back.


Hoseok greeted her politely and helped her sit down, he introduced Jeongguk to her and explained what she had to tell him. “Alright then, I’ll leave you two alone. I have some things to take care of, but I will be right back,” he said before he left. Jeongguk watched him leave as if he was begging him to stay.


“Alright son, I believe you know the differences between male and female bodies,” she started, waiting for Jeongguk to nod before she continued. “So, unlike with females, an intercourse between two males is anal,” she said casually.


Hearing the words, Jeongguk started choking on his saliva. “Omegas, like you, go through a monthly cycle. I’ve been told yours hasn’t started, but don’t worry it’s individual. Although, you’re seventeen already which makes me a little concerned, but we’ll talk about that later,” she said carefully, not wanting to scare the boy.


Jeongguk felt relieved now that he knew it wasn’t that unusual. He carefully listened to her talk about heat and how omegas’ bodies worked. “Oh,” he said whenever she pointed out something that fit his information puzzle. Things were a lot clearer now that he knew about his body more.


After a while he relaxed and just focused on whatever he needed to know to make the master’s evening enjoyable. He blushed when the woman talked about different things that were done during an intercourse.


“Now, you may, and probably will, experience pain during the act, but it’ll change into pleasure in no time, so don’t worry.” She said and with that, her lesson was done. She told him he should come see her in her office sometimes, so she could talk to him more about his heat in detail.


He stayed in the room alone for a while, thinking about the new information. He hated pain, so he wasn’t sure if what he was about to experience would ever become pleasurable to him just like the physician said. He wanted to back off, he really did, but he only had about thirty minutes before he was supposed to meet Taehyung. The time was up.


Taking a few deep breaths, he stood up to walk around the room. He could no longer just sit and wait. He looked out of the window and appreciated the sight, watching little figures work in the distance. “Jeongguk,” Hoseok entered the room with a rush. Jeongguk was glad he wasn’t the only one stressing about the situation. “Are you ready?”


He wasn’t sure if he could ever be, but he nodded anyway.