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Rainbow Six Siege One Shots

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as Mark slowly turned the door knob, he’s greeted with a dark house and a figure laying on the couch as soft breaths of air left their mouth, fast asleep it seems. he smiled and locked the door behind him, softly placing his huge backpack down onto the floor and made his way towards the figure.

Mark picked you up slowly and walked into the bedroom, placing you down onto the bed and taking a moment to take in the image of your peaceful sleeping figure, he felt so damn lucky to have you.

after Mark took a shower, he made his way back to the bed where you were still fast asleep, his eyes roaming over your sleeping figure, the strap of your singlet falling over your shoulder and your legs hiked up, exposing a little of your underwear, and the sight was enough for his cock to slowly harden. deciding to take off his underwear, Mark slipped into bed beside you, turning your body and hooked his arm under your leg and slowly lifted it up, his other hand rubbing the head of his cock against your opening, wetting it with his precum.

Mark’s mouth gently nibbling the side of your neck, tongue darting out to give your skin a little lick, and as he slowly eased himself into you, he let out a sigh of relief, the familiar feeling of your warm and soft heat gripping onto his hard cock felt so damn good. now with his cock in you, his hand moved away from his cock and to your mouth instead, parting your lips to push two of his fingers into your mouth, toying with your tounge.

his hip soon got to work and thrusting into you, sometimes stopping to grinding against you, Mark’s breath stated to get inconstant as he felt himself coming closer to cumming in you.


your voice soft and unstable as you start to wake up, the feeling of his cock stretching you out and rubbing against your sweet spot just the way you like it and his fingers in your mouth were driving you insane and you knew to start begging him to go faster,

“f-faster please, right t-there..”

Mark smirked and sped up his thrust, fingers reaching from under your leg to toy with you even more and pulling your hips flush against his.

“ M-Mark!” you cried out as he hit your sweet spot right on with the head of his cock, just the way you liked it, “g-gonna cum!” after months without him, you couldn’t hold back any longer.

“cum darling, cum around my cock.” Mark whispered and sped up his thrusts and going deeper into you each time, “make yourself feel good with my cock.”

groaning and jerking your body, you felt yourself cum hard around your boyfriend’s cock, biting down on his fingers as you released with Mark deep inside you and soon it was his turn, non-stopping and overstimulating you even more as you felt his hot cum spurt out inside you.

Mark biting down onto your skin as his cock twitched inside you and coming down from his high, “i wanna stay inside you, so warm.”

smiling, you nodded and pushed back against him, making sure his cock is nestled deeply inside you, “i expect to be waken up by your cock in the morning.” you mumbled as you felt sleep take over you once again.

chuckling, Mark hummed against the back of your neck, “of course, gonna fuck you for days, missed you so damn much.”

“me too, Mark. me too.”