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S.W.O.R.D University for the Unusually Gifted

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“From the desk of President Nicholas J Fury, head of S.W.O.R.D University for the Unusually Gifted,

To Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N),

It has come to our attention that you are one among many who have developed a level of functionality above that of most humans.

According to Section 13 in the United Nations 2013 Public Safety Among Enhanced Humans Act, you officially fall under the category of “Super-Human” and on your eighteenth birthday, must either comply with the new restrictions that will be placed on you including but not restricted to;

- Enforced curfew

- Restriction of power usage

- Enhanced security measures outside of your home country

Or, attend a three year University with others similar to you, where you’ll undergo behavioral analysis, power and restraint training, and an optional bootcamp should you choose to use your beyond human abilities for the advancement of your world.

Please note that sharing this information with anyone beyond your parent or guardian(s) is strictly prohibited, and may lead to negative repercussions.

We highly recommend that you enlist, however if we have not received your request to enroll by your eighteenth birthday, we will assume that you’ve chosen to accept your new restrictions.


Nicholas J Fury”

That was what landed you here in the southern half of Washington State, at a campus so remote, they’d flown you and several other students in on a helicopter.

Other than those students, you hadn’t really met anyone so far. You’d spent most of your time in your dorm setting up your space, and your roommate was MIA for the time being

All of that was gonna change today though, it was the first official day of classes. As you took your first steps up to ‘Kelvin Hall’ a pair of towering glass doors slid open, and the sound of your own heels hitting the floor was drowned out by the commotion of excited students walking to their first class.

Some, you noticed, were using their powers casually. Maybe to help them navigate the halls better, but more likely just to show off on the first day. Either way, you distinctly remembered reading something about a ban on power usage outside of class in your school handbook.

As you looked around, a man with a full head of dirty blonde curls caught your eye. You couldn’t help catching his contagious smile as he waved to you, slinging his red leather jacket over his shoulder and entering one of the classrooms.

“Right, class...Kelvin 273,” you repeated to yourself, pulling a scrap of paper from your pocket to double check the room number.

“Need help freshie?” Someone asked, tapping your shoulder and grinning as you turned to face him. He was clean cut, slick black hair, with a pair of blue tinted glasses just transparent enough to show his eyes.

“Actually yeah, any idea where I can find Kelvin 273?”

He grinned, held up his class schedule, and pointed to the first class listed. “Intro to Power and Responsibility?”

“That’s the one,” You smiled.

“This way.”

He led you over to the door where the man with the red jacket had gone and you noticed the ‘273’ sign.

“I’m Tony by the way,” He continued, flashing a radiant smile.

“(Y/N),” you responded automatically, “Why are you taking an intro course if you’re not a-“ you held your fingers up in air quotes “-freshie.”

“Oh!” He laughed and opened the door to the room. “I’m a freshman too, but chicks dig the upperclassmen persona.”

You nodded, a bit grossed out by his honesty, but also somewhat intrigued. His brand of unapologetic flirting was somehow charming.

The room he’d led you into was full of students, all of them taking seats at the 2 person desks that faced towards the front of the room.

“I promised my roommate I’d sit with him so I gotta go, but I’ll definitely catch you later (Y/N).” He shot two goofy finger guns at you and winked before strutting off to sit down next to a someone else.

Your eyes did a pass over the room looking for seats, and you noticed that the red jacket guy already had a desk mate. Well that idea was out the window. You sighed and accepted the idea of sitting with a complete stranger. Not that red jacket guy wasn’t a stranger, but he’d at least acknowledged you previously which would have given you a conversational in.

Deciding to simply suck it up, you sat down at the closest available seat. The man you sat next to was engrossed in an old leather book, his hands flipping quickly through the pages as he scanned them.

“Hi, I’m (Y/N).” You introduced yourself as you set down your bag and pulled out a notebook.

“Pleasure to meet you,” he responded, eyes still locked on the pages. “My name is Stephen.”

“Nice to meet you.” You searched your brain for conversation topics, but you couldn’t think of anything, and he didn’t seem all that interested in talking, so you elected to pull out your phone and occupy yourself with that until the professor got there.

“Good morning students,” Everyone instantly snapped their attention to the booming voice in the front of the room. You immediately recognized the person speaking as S.W.O.R.D. University’s President, Nick Fury. You glanced over at your desk-mate who had finally found a reason to look up from his book.

“I would introduce myself but I have a feeling that that isn’t necessary so I’ll cut to the chase. You are here because you have a gift, power, curse, whatever you want to call it, and our world leaders have deemed you too dangerous to live among civilians without proper education and training.”

He had every ear in the room locked in on his speech, clearly well versed in commanding an audience “What you choose to do after you earn your freedom back through my unorthodox college is up to you, but know that for most of you, I would recommend pursuing a heroic track and aligning yourselves with S.H.I.E.L.D., I’d like as much as possible to avoid labeling any of you as targets in the future.”

With those somewhat un-encouraging words, he stepped to the side and gestured for someone else to walk in. “This is Professor Rogers, listen to him well and with some luck, I won’t have to see any of you in my office for misconduct. Good luck, and Godspeed.” With that, he exited the room, leaving the somewhat intimidating Professor Rogers to lead the class.

“Welcome to Intro to Power and Responsibility.” He beamed, handing a stack of papers to a student in the front of the room to begin distributing. “The syllabus I’m passing around outlines the objectives of this course but to sum it up, I’m gonna teach you the ABC’s of using your powers without breaking the law, as I’ve been informed some of you have already managed.” He laughed as he spoke, clearly amused by your collective mishaps.

“To start the semester, I want all of you to pair off into 3 groups of 7. This isn’t preschool so I’m not going to assign them, consider this your first lesson in diplomacy, you may begin whenever you’re ready.”

He sat down at his desk as the room lit up with excited conversation.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Tony shout as he ran towards you, his roommate in tow. “Wanna join my awesome group of awesome people?”

You rolled your eyes, unable to hide your amused smile.

“Sure, you in Stephen?”

He looked up at you, glanced around the room to contemplate his options, and nodded.

“Cool that’s four, we just need three more.” Tony grinned and began looking around for available people.

Red jacket guy caught your eye and smiled again. You waved him over and he quickly jogged up next to you.

“Hey, I’m Peter.” He grinned “Based on your wave I assume you’re still looking for a few more?”

“That we are, welcome to the cool group, Peter.” Tony smiled, shoulder checking him with a grin. “I’m gonna go get two more people, you guys make with the introductions.” Tony instructed before waltzing off to work his magic.

“I’m Stephen Strange, he’s Peter, she’s (Y/N), you are?” Stephen cocked his head slightly and nodded to the mystery man.

Tony’s friend looked a little flustered at the question, “Ah, Bruce...Bruce Banner.”

“Sweet! I like you guys already.” Red ja- err, Peter exclaimed, wrapping an arm each around you and Bruce to pull you both in for a side hug.

“A hugger eh?” Tony interrupted, returning to the group with two other students behind him. “This here is-“ Tony turned to one of the students, “what was it again?”


“Right, T,Challa, and this here is our new resident name twin, Mr. Peter Parker.”

“Name twin?” Peter Parker asked.

“Hi, I’m also Peter, Peter Quill. I guess now we get to battle it out over which one of us has to go by their last name.” He laughed, his eyes squinting slightly as he did so.

“Alright class, looks like the groups have been formed so if you could push a few tables together to create space for your whole group to sit together, we can begin.”

As the others began arranging the room, you snuck a quick peak at your syllabus. “Hey guys, it says that the fist day is for team obstacle course power assessments, any idea what that might entail?” You asked, sitting down at your table.

“Aww no, my RA was telling me about this while I was moving in but I thought he was kidding.” Tony sighed, “Looks like there’s no such thing as an easy intro first week at superhero school.”