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Humanity Lessons

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It was late at night, there was not much movement in the outskirts of the city, curiously, it has always been much quieter than the city itself, the residents had almost no problems with villains, it was very rare the times that some villain would dare to they enter the houses or even attack someone, and incidents always occur because of material objects and money.

So it was more than obvious that some people walked without precaution through the streets. A man walked without hurry on the sidewalk while whistling, the only thing that broke the silence of the night were his little tune and the crickets nearby.

The man who, walking without any concern, certainly did not notice a pair of eyes watching him from the roof of a building a couple of blocks ahead. The figure remained completely still on the roof, following with his eyes the quiet movements of the man, who decided to shorten his route back home by entering the alley next to the building. The figure in it quickly moved to go down to the other exit of the alley.

While this was happening, the man stopped halfway to observe a message in his phone.

"Um? What does Sarina want at this time of night? "The man asked observing the text message from his co-worker.

'Have you already arrived to home? I wanted to ask you a favor... ' His partner wrote.

'I'm halfway there. What do you need?'

'Then I'd better wait until you get home. Something might happen to you.'

'What? It does not matter, tell me what you need, besides this place is very quiet, there are almost no villains in this area.‘

'No. I'll wait until you get home.’

The man a little annoyed by this was about to answer him, until a shadow coming from the other exit extended to his feet. The man stayed in silence, like the figure in front of him. He tried to define something more than just the silhouette, which was clearly covered by a cloak, but the figure was against the light, making impossible to notice the face.

"Hey, I do not know who you are or what you want but I'm not looking for trouble." He finally spoke to the man with a frown, clearly forgetting the conversation with his partner.

The figure did not respond, this began to disturb the man more. Without a word the figure, suddenly, began to walk slowly but surely towards him.

"Listen, if it bothers you that I use this alley I can go where I came from," the man said nervously as he backed away with each step the figure took.

The cloaked figure did not answer him, instead it gave birth to a sphere of fire from their hand. The man was already scared, a villain, he thought to himself, he turned around and started running for his life. The figure simply aimed at its target and fired. It did not fail. The sphere hit the target, snatching the legs of the man who did not even have time to scream, as he was crossing part of the alley feeling an immense pain.

Already on the ground, feeling the nerves of his body scream in a horrendous pain, the man tried to crawl to his way of communication, his phone, which was several meters ahead. Complaining of the pain, while groaning and sobbing, he finally reached the object, taking it among his trembling hands, began to write to his companion as fast as he could, but it did not last long.

The cloaked figure was now just behind him, just watching their prey leave a puddle of blood where previously were half of his thighs, messy , the figure thought. They could also see him trembling like the rattle of a snake. The figure could not tell if it was because of fear or spasms because of the pain. Did not had idea and did not care either. And did not care that he wrote asking for help, anyway he could not testify who attacked him, since he did not know his attacker face and he would not be alive for the time to testify.

Rebuilding the same sphere of fire in its hand, again pointed it at him, and without delay the figure flew his head, making it explode, pieces of it flying around, with that action the remains of veins in his body temporarily created a fountain of blood.

The figure simply turned around and returned to where it had entered the alley, leaving behind the fragmented corpse and the phone in the inert hands of the victim, in addition to a conversation that was unfinished.

"What a pathetic one. I certainly expected more than just easy prey.” The cloaked figure said, as it walked without remorse for the recent actions. "I'll ask him to let me hunt the biggest ones. This is a children's game."