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I’ll be okay.

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Swagger shivered as he sat at his desk, Jay and Cam joking and Mason seriously asking if he was in a gunfight. He couldn’t reply to Zuckles’ question, just say he wanted to play another match, he readied up and forced himself into one, this was going to be a long night.

”Swagger?” A familiar voice piped up. Didn’t Cam leave? Whatever.

”Mmph?” Only a noise of questioning could leave his mouth, he didn’t want to speak, he was still in a state of shock.

”What happened?” Cam mumbled into the mic,trying not to startle his friend.

”Ya know how Zuck is really gullible?” Swagger huffed “That really wasn’t a joke.”

Cam just sat back against his chair making scared and confused noises. He could hear him scramble for something to grab, why was he concerned? I’m fine.

”I’m okay Fitz!” Swagger laughed into his microphone, helmet clicking against it.

”No No No Swagger you are not okay!” Cam yelled at him, guess the not startling thing was out of the window.

Swagger spent around 23 minutes calming Fitz, why am I not freaking out? I was the one who got shot! Why am I so calm?

”Hey, hey, it’s okay buddy, I’m fine!” Swagger chuckled softly “I patched up my arm and I think the bleeding has stopped! I’ve barely lost anything!” 

“Bleeding?!” Fitz screamed as Mason entered the chat, noticing the two were still there.

Swagger sighed and explained everything, stumbling around his own words trying to not shock them, or scare them further because at that point the both of them were generally very upset and confused.

He declared he was leaving and needed to sleep, disconnecting from the chat was probably the most peaceful thing he had done that night. Rubbing his eyes and removing his helmet, Swagger slipped into bed, the soft sheets against his skin was so nice, especially after recent events. He just wanted to fall asleep, forever.

As the next morning rolled around, Swagger could only describe what he was feeling as “empty”, just melancholic vibes surrounding him and his home.

He flopped down in front of the computer and opened Discord.

Fitz: how r u doing? I know it’s early but you seemed really upset

Swaggersouls: I’m okay but do you wanna play like CSGO or w/e?

Fitz:  sure

the two played together for a while, laughing sweetly and making filthy jokes.

“It’s so nice having you around Cam.” Swagger sighed as they entered another match. 

“I know!” Cam jokingly boasted, but honestly it was nice having him around, to just talk to him was the best thing Swagger had ever felt.