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Careful What You Wish For

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Castiel pressed Daniel against the wall, biting down on his slave’s neck near his collar, before he tugged his naked slave into the sitting room. Out of the corner of his eye Castiel could see his maid had just started cleaning the room. He discarded the fact that there was another person in the room and focused on his own pleasure all the while ignoring Dean. It wasn’t like this was the first time Dean had been in the room while Castiel had sought release inside Daniel and it likely wouldn’t be the last.

Dean was his employee and he would either do his job regardless of Castiel’s activities or Castiel would seek a new maid.

“Free my cock and then I want you bent over the couch.” His voice was rough with arousal and his cheeks flushed. It had been a long day and he’d thought of nothing but getting home and fucking Daniel until his stress was gone.

That was the whole point of having a sex slave: a warm body to seek release in whenever he wanted.

Confident fingers went to Castiel’s pants and a warm hand reached inside to free Castiel’s aching cock before Daniel took a step back. He watched the lean lines of his sex slave, how Daniel’s beautiful body moved with each shift of his gorgeous body, before his slave went to the couch and bent himself over.

A perfect round, plump ass was presented to him and Castiel groaned at the sight. Daniel had clearly been born to be a sex slave and Castiel was thankful the sex slave house had acquired Daniel early enough that his training was second nature. When training started later the obedience and service they provided their masters was never as effortless as a sex slave who knew no other life.

His slave was so delightfully obedient, responsive and perfect in all the ways he could hope for.

Idly he could see Dean freezing out of the corner of his eye and casting one casual look over at his hired help he dismissed the young, pretty maid and instead focused on the one waiting to be fucked. There was a reason he’d chosen Daniel, of all the slaves up for auction. Castiel didn’t need to get distracted by a lower class maid no matter how pretty and tempting Dean was when he was bent over cleaning.

His lips curved and he slowly prowled forward until he was right behind Daniel. Castiel’s fingers traced over Daniel’s back and went down to his slave’s ass, parting the perfectly round cheeks to see the large glass plug Daniel always wore for him, before he was tugging it free. “Did you make sure you would be ready for my afternoon fuck?” he asked, hands stilling, as he waited for Daniel’s response. Castiel always made sure to check that his slave had been good, obedient, even when he wasn’t around to enforce his rules.

“Yes, Master. I used extra lube to save you the trouble.” Daniel kept his head down and his hands gripped the couch cushions as he waited to be used. The sex slave house that had placed Daniel up for auction had been very thorough in their training and Castiel constantly found himself pleased at how Daniel excelled at meeting his requirements. Often times Daniel knew exactly what he needed without Castiel needing to say a word.

“Good boy.” Castiel set the plug aside and guided himself inside wet heat. His eyes slid closed as his cock sank into Daniel, spreading his slave’s ass, as he enjoyed the flex of Daniel’s inner muscles around the hard flesh of his cock. “Have you been thinking about me fucking you? My cock pumping inside your tight ass?”

“Yes.” Daniel tried to raise his hips up more and clenched around Castiel’s cock when his master started to thrust inside him. He relished the feeling of balls slapping against him, the way Mr. Novak’s breathing changed and the filthy words his usually well put together master spoke in between thrusts.

When he looked up he could see the maid glancing over at them, a slight flush to freckled cheeks, but Daniel ignored him. He focused instead on his master’s pleasure and the slap of skin against skin. It was his place to provide his master nothing but pleasure and getting distracted by a no-name, lower class servant wasn’t putting his master’s needs first.

Since the first moment during training that he’d received his first cock Daniel had enjoyed being full and used. He was good at being a sex slave, at being a living and breathing toy, and he would continue to do that as long as he was able.

“You’re such a little whore for my cock.” Castiel growled the words and dug his fingers into the flesh of Daniel’s hips. “I bet you love being fucked full of my come. Love knowing it’s locked up inside you when I shove your plug back in.” Castiel pressed Daniel down harder and now he was rutting harshly up against Daniel’s ass, one hand gripping the back of his slave’s collar, while more of his rough words escaped. “You have such a greedy hole. I bet you’d spend the whole day taking cock if you could. It wouldn’t matter which end: either in that pretty mouth of yours or fucking into your plump ass.”

Daniel nodded jerkily. He could feel each time his master’s cock brushed his prostate and the occasional whimper escaped him. His cock, almost always locked away in his cockcage, rubbed against the couch with each snap of his master’s hips. “Please. Master ohhhh.” He moaned when a particularly deep fuck nailed his prostate.

The sound had Castiel grinning.

Neither noticed Dean watching them fucking, they were too lost in the heat and friction, as he paused in his cleaning to take in his employer pounding into his slave. He twitched and turned his back to them when the sounds became more frantic.

Castiel’s rhythm was getting wilder, a signal to Daniel how close his master was to release, as the pleasure built inside Castiel and he finally let himself go. His hips jerked in short little thrusts as his cock emptied his load inside Daniel’s ass. Full lips dropped open, parting with pleasure, as Castiel’s eyes slid closed and he allowed himself to focus on the tightness around him.

“Good boy.” Castiel stroked a hand down Daniel’s side, felt the flex of his slave’s muscles around him again, before he eased himself out and reached for the plug. He pressed it back inside Daniel’s hole, watched how it popped inside, before he was stepping away. “I want you kneeling in front of me.”

Castiel seemed uncaring that his now soft cock was still out of his pants as he picked up the paper from the table and settled himself in his chair. He watched Daniel remove himself from the arm of the couch where he’d been bent over and walk over to drop gracefully to his knees before Castiel on his pillow.

Blue eyes flicked to the cockcage his slave wore, pleasure at the sight had him smiling, as Daniel waited for his next instructions.

“Clean my cock.” He spoke softly as Daniel braced himself before leaning forward to take Castiel’s cock into his mouth. Warm heat around the sensitive flesh had Castiel’s breathing stuttering but he calmed himself and enjoyed the sensation of a warm mouth cleaning the mess from him.

His fingers stroked through Daniel’s dark hair and when his slave went to lean back after finishing he stopped him with a soft sound.

“I want you putting that mouth of yours to use.” Castiel watched as Dean moved to clean the right side of the room, “Keep my cock warm and later I might let you come when I’m fucking you into the mattress.” He didn’t bother to hide the smirk that crossed his face when he saw Daniel’s eyes widen at the thought of getting release. “But I expect you on your best behavior. No interrupting me.”

Daniel didn’t say anything and instead shifted himself as he made sure to keep Castiel’s soft cock resting in his mouth. He allowed his eyes to slide closed and focused on breathing through his nose when those long fingers returned to petting him as Castiel read the paper.

He could barely hear the maid moving around, cleaning and ignoring the scene, as he focused on obeying his master’s orders and silently hoping that Mr. Novak would let him come when he was getting fucked later in the evening. The sounds of movement off to the side soon faded when Dean left the room to move on to another and Mr. Novak sighed as he continued to pet Daniel’s head while relaxing after his much needed fuck.