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“What do you mean, you’re leaving?!”

The quiet was broken by Sir Gawain’s outburst, and Sonic watched as he slid his visor up. His lavender eyes were filled with doubt, as if he sincerely hoped that the blue hedgehog- their newly appointed king- was surely joking when he’d announced his departure to the three. Sure, perhaps they saw it coming. He was from another world, after all, but there was a kingdom to rule here!

Gawain was hushed as Sir Perceval held up her hand in silence, wishing for Sonic to continue in his announcement.
“Our sincere apologies, your highness. Please continue.”

Sonic simply nodded, placing a hand on his hip in a relaxed manner. He’d contemplated how he’d tell them. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, seeing as they had no other apparent leader, but it wasn’t like he could just abandon his friends at home. They depended on him! That’s why he had a plan.
“It’s totally okay, I understand it’s kinda out of nowhere..but I decided on someone to take my place for when I leave!” Sonic could see even Lancelot raise his head in interest, though his expression was hard to read from behind his helmet. “Since the three of you have shown a lot of awesomeness and valor, I thought..maybe all three of you could rule! I mean, you all seem to deal with problems so well and-“

Sonic was quiet as he heard a soft sigh from Nimue, who was trying to come to terms with the situation herself.
“As generous as the offer is, Sonic, it won’t work that way. There can only be one appointed as king or queen. That is the safest option.” She tried to explain, though half-heartedly, as she knew this was already a lot to place on his shoulders.

All Sonic could do now was think. He never liked favoritism, but he could only think of choosing between the three knights that stood before him. Gawain was very emotion driven, very loyal, though he did have a problem with the dramatics. Still, if he was anything like Knuckles, his knowledge and intuitiveness would make him worthy. Perceval would be a just ruler. She was always calm in the face of danger, very cunning..though if she were anything like Blaze, she wouldn’t accept the title of the throne. Her loyalty merely lay in her knightship. And then there was..Lancelot. He was nearly Shadow to the core. He was a good leader, he’d held his team well and they listened to his commands. Though he was also inquisitive and just. However, it was hard to say how well he would take the throne. It wasn’t like he himself was any better.

All three choices to think about, and it was very narrow as to whom it would be, but he had to think fast. He couldn’t dawdle at a time like this! He calmly collected himself, placing a hand on one hip in a calm fashion.
“So just one, huh?”

Nimue nodded, smiling softly, as she knew he had his answer, and what a good choice it was.

“..then..I think it should go to the most loyal of knights, one of who will follow their king into battle, but can determine right from wrong..and I see that spirit in Lancelot. You’re a true leader.” Sonic watched as Lancelot brought his full attention to Sonic, scarlet eyes gleaming beneath his helmet. He was shocked, to say the least.

“Forgive me for my confusion, but..I do not understand how I am your best choice.” Lancelot attempted to keep the calm tone in his voice, as to not disrespect him, but like Gawain, he could not believe what he was hearing! Him? King?? It was preposterous! And yet..Sonic had decreed it so..perhaps there was something more he was meant to do? Was this what years of training had prepared him for? Sonic’s laughter shook him from his thoughts, staring in awe. How could he laugh at a time like this? Was this not the most important decision in his life?

He watched as Sonic approached him, the usual relaxed sway to his walk kicking in before he turned on his heel and leaned against the ebony hedgehog. “Are you kidding? You’re Lancelot! From what I hear, people tell stories about you from all over! I’m sure what with all the dragons you’ve faced, and towns you’ve saved, this is probably nothin’! Besides, you’ve got two great friends here to help you out! From what I’ve learned, you should never be afraid to ask for help if you need it, and I know Gawain and Perceval are your friends! They’ll be there for you!”

Lancelot knew Sonic was just trying to assure him, but the overwhelming thought still lingered in his head. How was he to be king..? He didn’t have much time to think however, as Sonic and Nimue exchanged glances, and the haughty sword, Caliburn called forth Merlina to summon a return portal. She did rightfully so, and everyone wished Sonic well before departing the scene. They had much work to do, bringing the kingdom back to order, after all. Though Lancelot remained, not wanting to return right away. He was still lost in thought, and he had to do something while Sonic still remained.

“..Sir Sonic?”

Sonic paused, the tip of his shoe just touching the portal. He watched as the dust circled around him somewhat calmly. He almost hadn’t heard the other, he spoke so gently. Though he knew immediately what this meant, hearing Shadow’s voice mimic this. He hated leaving like this, but he knew it had to be done. Still..he hated hearing how lost the brave knight was. He hated it enough hearing it in Shadow’s voice, but at least he could be there for him. Once he left, Lancelot would be left to his own. His calm smile returned, turning to the remaining knight.
“What’s on your mind, Lance?”

The knight was taken aback by the nickname, though quickly shook it off. He approached him hesitantly, now only a few feet away.
“I asked before, and I must ask again..what is your reason for choosing me above all others?”

Sonic contemplated his answer for a moment, his ears twitching in thought before finding it.
“Well, honestly? If I’m gonna be real, nearly everyone here is someone where I come from. You three knights are actually all my friends! You act a lot like them too. Gawain is a renowned protector of one of our greatest artifacts. He’s smart, but can sometimes be hotheaded. Perceval is actually a princess! Though she prefers to not be referred to like that, so we call her by her other title, ‘The Guardian of the Sol Emeralds.’ If Perceval is anything like she is in my world, then she wouldn’t take up the throne. But you..” Sonic paused, his thoughts returning to Shadow. He stepped closer to Lancelot, watching the other remain as still as a statue.
“Your place in my world is an important one. You’ve helped me save our world multiple times. You’ve saved my life too..more than once. I’ve seen that same spirit in you from just being here for a week! it dumb, but I trust that you can be my shadow.”

Lancelot was silent for a moment, before finding the words to speak, he almost didn’t realize that during his speech, Sonic had taken hold of his hand. He looked down to their bond, before back up to his emerald gaze. He felt his visor slide back, noticing Sonic’s other hand placed on his helmet.
“..I can trust you, right..?”

Lancelot swallowed hard, his free hand brushing his thumb and forefinger together nervously. He simply nodded, keeping his gaze.
“Sir Sonic, you can trust me to be your shadow. I will do everything in my efforts to revive Camelot so that it’s stories may see a happy end.”

Sonic tilted his head with a smile, his usual cheery demeanor returning as he leaned back from their close little moment.
“Well then! I guess this means you’re officially King Lancelot!” Sonic chimed, though one last thought pulled at him before he would turn to leave. As much of a storybook nerd he was, he couldn’t let this opportunity slide.
“..and since you’re King, may I part with you formally before I go?”

Lancelot was all too quick to nod.
“Of course.”

Before he knew it, Sonic had swept him off his feet, leaning him back into a kiss. Hey, if it had worked with Shadow, why not him?

Lancelot had held his shoulder for support, shocked at how quick the azure hedgehog was. It took him a moment to register what had happened, but when he did, he merely leaned into the warmth that his body provided. His lips were soft, but he felt a small cut near the bottom, perhaps a small bite mark. It wasn’t a passionate kiss, but rather a quick goodbye, and yet, Lancelot longed for more when they separated. Sonic was still holding him, staring back as wide-eyed as he knew he was too.
“Sorry I caught you off guard, but my 8 year old self would kick my butt if I hadn’t done that.”

Lancelot attempted to remain stoic, though his doe looking eyes and the slight green hue in his cheeks did nothing to hide the fact that he’d enjoyed their small moment. When he finally found his voice, Sonic helped him back to a standing position.
“No need to apologize. If I had a pence for every time someone tried to do that, I’d be a rich man. I hope you’re satisfied.”

Just as he suspected, he was snarky like Shadow as well. It caused Sonic to laugh, a soft snort escaping him before he turned to the portal.
“Well, at least now I can happily say I was kissed by a king and Lancelot. But hey, on the real? Good luck with the king thing. I know you’ll do great.”

Lancelot regained his confidence now, folding his arms across his chest and returning the small smile.
“Enough of the flattery, Sonic. Your friends miss you. Don’t keep them waiting.”

“..Right. Well..I’ll see you around, Lance~” Sonic finger-gunned to him, watching him stare back in confusion before simply bowing.

“I wish you a safe journey, Sir Sonic..the Knave~”

A laugh resonated between them, before Sonic pushed himself through the portal, and it closed in front of him.

Now, there was much work to be done.