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Mr Smith Will See You Now

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The club was sweltering, and it stank. There were horny couples grinding on the dance floor under flashing lights and a pounding baseline, and Dean was pretty sure some of them were fucking. The whole place was a sea of scents and it made his nose wrinkle in disgust… and lust. Fuck it, this wasn’t even his kind of place. But dammit he really needed to get laid and blow off some steam.

This week had been hell on wheels and Dean was glad to see the back of it. As soon as he’d managed to escape his office, he’d grabbed his phone and fired up Grindr. He just needed a hook up, something quick and fun to take the edge off and he was too lazy to go bar hopping in the hopes of finding a willing body.

Thank fuck for modern technology.

By the time he’d gotten home and changed, he’d already arranged to meet some cute twink. The guy looked cute: nice body, high, tight looking ass and a face that was horribly familiar, but Dean couldn’t quite place it.

Sure, the guy wasn’t quite his Tumblr crush, but he’d do for tonight.

By the time Dean got to the club and found his way to the bar, there was a fluttering of nerves in his stomach. He ordered a neat whiskey and sipped it, allowing the burn to sooth him as he flicked open his phone, noticing the new notification.

Daddys-little-omega sent you a new message: Got any plans for this evening?

Dean groaned into his drink. Dammit, he was supposed to be thinking about this guy from Grindr, not his favourite panty blogger.

<< yeah got a hot date. Need to blow off some steam

>> Me too – hope you have fun! <3

<< you too if the guy is rude just kick him in the nuts

>> I’ll remember that.

Dean grinned, taking another sip of the whiskey. He slipped his phone into his pocket and looked around the club. They’d agreed to meet by the bar at ten, and it was nearly ten past already. Dean had sent the guy a picture of the outfit he was wearing so his hook-up could find him. Maybe the guy wasn’t coming?

He put the empty glass on the bar. He’d wait a few more minutes, just in case he was running late.

There was a twitch in his nose, a slight itch and then the soft smell of something divine flooded his senses. It was fresh in a way that reminded Dean of the seaside and the scent of the ocean, but there was a sharpness there too, an undercurrent of citrus that was so refreshing in the stifling heat of the club. And then a gentle waft of sweetness… honey and vanilla and brown sugar. It rested on his tongue and overwhelmed him.

It was the most delicious scent Dean had ever encountered.

He took another deep breath, drinking it in and letting the elements seep through him. Fuck he needed to find the person who smelt like this – he wanted to kiss them and lick their skin and suck little marks into their neck until they melted into his arms. Dean felt his dick twitch in his pants. And yeah, then he wanted to fuck them until they screamed his name.

“Excuse me?” A voice snapped Dean from his thoughts. He looked around to see a wide pair of blue eyes peering at him through long, dark lashes and the scent of citrus and the sea intensified. “Are you Dean? I’m Cas.”

Cas… Cas… shit this was his Grindr date! Wait, his Grindr date smelt like this?

Holy mother of god yes!

“Yeah, I’m Dean. Nice to meet you Cas,” Dean said, forcing his brain back on line.

“Same,” replied Cas, a smirk on his face. He was clearly younger than Dean, but the lust fuelled look he was giving Dean suggested he didn’t mind at all. Despite the low light, Dean could see the omega’s tight, lithe body and his full lips that were already filling his mind with fantasies. The boy was dressed in a tiny pair of shorts and a crop top that wasn’t really covering much at all. For a moment Dean wondered how the fuck the guy had got past the bouncer. Then he realised he didn’t give a shit. Most of the girls here were wearing the same amount of clothing.

“So Dean,” Cas murmured, stepping in close to whisper in Dean’s ear. “Do you want to buy me a drink or can I tempt you into something else?”

Dean took a deep breath, his dick hardening as he indulged in that delicious scent again. Should he buy Cas a drink? Or…

“What are your other suggestions?” He muttered, running his hands down Cas’s back to cup his ass and relishing the way Cas shivered at his touch, melting into his side.

“Well, right now, I’d really like to take you into that corner there,” Cas said, nodding at a dark, secluded part of the room, “and blow you until you fill my mouth with come.”

“Yeah… that sounds good.” Dean squeezed Cas’s ass again, pressing wet, sucking kisses into the omega’s neck. “Lead the way, sweet omega.”