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Mr Smith Will See You Now

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MrSmith sent you a message: Hey sweetheart – havin a good day?

Cas grinned as his phone flashed with the new notification. He should really be writing his essay for grad school instead of spending his evening messaging some guy on Tumblr. But this was Mr Smith… and Cas would do anything for him.

<< It’s been pretty good thanks. Yours? How’s work?

>> boring as fuck. i hate meetings

<< Zachariah again?

>> yup dude is an ass

>> wish i was with you instead  

>> that would be much more fun

Cas chewed his lip absently as he read the messages. It would be amazing to meet Mr Smith in real life – the man was one of Castiel’s favourite followers, always leaving sweet compliments, liking all his posts and sending him scorching hot fantasies. They’d been chatting for several months now. Mr Smith had been one of Cas’s first followers when he’d started his panty blog, and unlike some people (dickheads as Mr Smith called them), he’d been genuinely lovely. Most guys sent Cas messages asking for private pics or pics of his hole wet with slick or sent him pics of their knots telling him just how much they’d like to breed them.

Cas usually just rolled his eyes and send them pictures of penis snake before blocking them.

It was only a month or so in that he and Mr Smith had started sexting… and they’d never stopped. Mr Smith had even sent Cas a few pics of himself in a suit, face omitted, or in his boxers or even once or twice fully hard and leaking. Cas had had a lot of fun with those pics.

He just wished he knew more about the other man. Mr Smith was very careful about what he said so all Cas knew was that he was in his thirties, a single, bisexual alpha, who worked a high powered corporate job and had a love of pie and classic cars.

Cas didn’t even know where he lived. It sucked.

<< What would you want to do to me?

>> mmmm so many choices baby

>> probably start off by sucking those pretty nipples before i rim your tight little hole – wanna lick up all your slick and get you so wet for me

Oh god that sounded good. Cas groaned sliding his hand into his boxers, his little omega cock hardening, the sticky feeling of slick between his legs.

<< That sounds amazing. I’d love that so much.

>> good boy. Can’t wait to get your pussy all wet for me before I slide in and pound you

Cas gasped, his fingers circling his hole, slick coating them before he pushed two inside, loving the stretch. He loved it when Mr Smith called him a good boy. God, he wanted to be so good for the man.

<< Yes alpha. Wanna be your good boy.

>> I know you do baby. Gonna be so good for me – gonna make you scream on my knot as I breed your tight little ass

>> are you touching yourself for me?

<< Yes

>> are you gonna cum for me?

<< Yes alpha please

Cas threw his head back, panting and moaning as one hand worked his dick and the other pumped three fingers inside his hole, brushing his prostate. He imagined Mr Smith whispering in his ear, fat alpha cock filling him as Mr Smith’s knot swelled, before it filled him up with come.

<< cum for me sweet omega

Cas came. Hard.

He lay on the bed trying to catch his breath. His t-shirt was covered in come, as was his hand. Cas knew he needed to get up and have a shower before he finished his essay. But now he was tired and all he could think about was Mr Smith’s dick.

Fuck he needed to get laid.

Cas reached for his phone again and opened Grindr.