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This Time's Different

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No, no, NO! This wasn't supposed to happen, this... This didn't need to happen. However, nothing stopped the vanguard from pillaging, killing and desecrating the streets with a bloody nightmare. I wanted Sylveranti and Teth'alla to merge and get along. Not this. Anything but this.

So in a last panicky attempt, deciding to run away was the best option. Not just run away, but run away with the core my dad just found recently. Ratatosk's core. They were planning on fueling the mana canon with it. I knew that Ratatosk was my last hope in attempting to even correct nature and stopping this, but didn't truly understand how.

My back against a building gasping for breath I heard cries of people dying, children crying, family trying to protect each other. It hurt knowing I supported this. I drew a shaky breath and prayed to the core in my hands. Honestly, if I could, I would stare at it all day. The way the red caught the light and refracted it, and how it seemingly glowed from within. It was captivating, breath taking even. Inside of it was something similar to the shape of a butterfly or a dancing flame. It was elegant in its curves but I felt its importance of power.

I prayed to this beautiful gem and said with words as shaky and quivering as my breathing

"Save me. Save me Ratatosk." As if I said the magic words to unlocking it, it brightened with a flash of light and I felt its warmth through me. I collapsed with a thud and let the surroundings slip away.

When I came, I saw a boy with blonde hair and a type of white coat. His clothing wasn't tasteful and rather bland, and what I would have expected a cheerful voice to procure, I heard a deep voice ask me.

"Are you alright?" I blinked at his words and fumbled a bit.

"Uh, yes. I think. Did you... Did you save me?... Who are you?" My head ached and pulsed but I paid no mine. I was curious in this stranger who was so calm and collected despite all that was happening. I heard a howl in the distance and the boys tone lightened

"I have to go" and walked away from me.

"Wait! I didn't catch your name." It was too late. He was gone in the smoke. Odd.

I heard more vanguard lackeys on their way to me though so I had to get moving. I collected myself and ran off towards the direction of the howl. Tenebrae's howl. Whoever that guy was, hope he's ok.