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Bat Travels

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3rd Person POV

Nightwing smirked as he landed the triple backflip to avoid Robin’s three move combo, the tips of his toes barely missing the top of his staff. Landing with practiced ease, swinging with his left escrima stick. Just narrowly blocking the counterattack with his right escrima.

The older hero gritted his teeth, oh so very tempted to drop his sticks and tackle the fourth Robin to the ground. Though, this was training and the fact that the smaller black haired boy could hold his ground against him with Red’s- and not his- weapon of choice said a lot about how strong he was. How he was ready and deserved to be in that costume with Batman.

The staff hit his wrist, knocking his left escrima to the ground. Narrowly dodging the second move gave him time to get close and hit Robin in the ribs with his right escrima, then get behind the boy to hold the staff tight. Trapping the younger two feet off the ground and to his chest.

“You give?” he asked, smug because he already knew the answer.

The nine-year-old continued to kick and struggle. He did kick Nightwing in the knees four or five times, but it was only in the fronts. Not the backs. It hurt but didn’t weaken his stance.

“Calm down.” he said in the same tone his words were expressing. The boy did, slightly. “Okay, now, look where your arms are.” in his pull the boy’s left arm was bent at the elbow and the forearm pressed to his chest, while his right was pinned to his side at the wrist by Nightwing’s own forearm. All of them had been caught in a position like this before, he needed to learn to get out of it quickly and efficiently.

The boy smirked. In one smooth motion, he elbowed Nightwing in the ribs, just where his armor was thinner so his acrobatics wouldn’t be limited and pulling his left arm out of the hold. Releasing that hands hold on the staff as he twisted to elbow Nightwing in the collarbone. Then throwing his whole body’s weight against Nightwing’s elbow. Finally getting himself free from Nightwing’s hold. However, in that move he got his staff caught by Nightwing.

Gritting his teeth Robin knew what to do, he yanked hard on the staff and twisted it tightly. Forcing it from Nightwing’s hand. He smirked, holding the staff in two hands once more.

“Guys!” a younger voice called, both boys stopped short. Recognizing the voice instantly, only then did they hear the alarm going off. Robin dropped the staff and took off running. Nightwing quickly grabbed both his escrima sticks and slid them onto his back, before following Robin to the BatComputer.

The younger black haired, blue eyed boy sat in the chair before the computer screen.

“What’s the problem?” Nightwing asked.

The young boy smiled, hitting two keys to show where on the map the disturbance was. Not a crime, a disturbance, a temporal disturbance. Which was centered around their backyard. Well, the garden in their backyard.

Nightwing frowned. “Are B and Red back yet?” he asked.

“No.” the young boy murmured.

Nightwing’s eyes narrowed. “Both of you stay here.” he said sternly. Ready to head down the stairs, but stopped when Robin went to follow him. “No, you need to stay here.”

“I want to help.” the nine-year-old persisted.

Nightwing turned. “I know, but you need to watch over Babybat.”

Robin frowned but turned back around. Nightwing didn’t feel good about it, but he knew he needed to make sure both boys were safe. Then hopping on his bike to go down the tunnel.

Robin went back up the stairs, annoyed. The young boy wisely stayed quiet. Listening to the rev of the N-cycle as he headed down the tunnel. Robin ground his teeth as watched the younger boy saw what Nightwing did from his newly installed mask cam. Scoffing under his breath he removed his mask, showing off his sea green eyes, though he knew his blue was darker and the green in them was more jade. Heading back to the training area, picking up the staff.

As he made his way through the more advanced set of moves he became more and more aware of the pair of ice blue eyes watching him.

Finishing the form he spun tightly towards the younger boy.

“Can you train with me?” he asked, Robin could tell he was nervous. Not that he could blame he was a huge jerk when they first met.

He nodded once, putting the bo staff down off the mat. Letting the smaller boy step onto the mat. He dropped into a tentative fighting stance, he hadn’t been keeping up on his training with the past Robins. Though, judging by how he comfortably fell into a stance he was training with them every other day, or thereabouts.

Robin slid closer to the boy, judging his reactions. The younger tensed but held strong and didn’t react. Something he was thankful for since that meant he knew his own reach.

He went to throw a cross that he knew the boy should be able to see, block, and counter- when an alarm went off. He pulled back on the punch, just before it would’ve hit him in the nose. Both took off to the BatComputer. Shocked to find a bright blue portal and five people fall out of it. One he recognized as his uniform, except he looked older.

“Dami.” the small voice beside him caused him to pause. Thankfully none of the intruders had woken yet. He took off his cape and hood. Placing them around the younger boy and pulling up the hood.

“Stay hidden.” he commanded, placing on his mask once more, then moving to another hiding place. This one slightly more obvious, and very far away from the younger.

The five stirred, he would’ve thought time travel except he didn’t recognize the man who was the second tallest and second largest built. Nor his costume, well not all of it.

‘Batman’ turned to his hiding place almost instantly. Normally he’d curse, but with their attention on him, they wouldn’t look for the other boy hidden away. “I know you’re there.” he stated calmly.

The other four around him stopped doing anything and followed his line of sight. Landing solely on him. He stepped out of the shadows, tutting under his breath. “I wasn’t really hiding.” then jumped over the railing to land in the chair before the computer.

Their Robin recognized him instantly, after all, he’d know himself anywhere.

“Time Travel?” not-Nightwing inquired. He noted how he seemed older but by more than the three years that separated him and his copy. Or he had a really hard three years. Fuck, he hoped not.

“Perhaps.” he admitted, looking at the potentially skeptical Batman.

“DNA Test, you and Robin. Now.” he commanded. Robin sighed knowing better than to argue. Placing his hand on some of Red’s tech. looking impatient to his counterpart as he pulled his hand away. A small drop of blood coming from his palm.

“Well?” he questioned, annoyed at waiting.

Tutting louder than he normally would he placed his hand down. Barely reacting as the needle pierced his skin.

“DNA Match; Damian Bruce al Ghul- Wayne; Current Alias: Robin.” the automated voice said, showing the same verification on screen.

He couldn’t understand his older self’s distaste at his mother’s name, but he knew his father’s rules. He didn’t ask. “Satisfied father?” he questioned. Batman did a low growl in his throat and sat down in front of the computer. “I will contact the others, bring them here.” he didn’t offer it, he was flat out telling them.

He headed up the stairs, only to pause at Timothy’s voice. “Where’s your cape?”

“Pennyworth was insistent on fixing the bullet holes.” he brushed off finishing his way up the stairs. Thankful that he could get to the younger boy without them noticing. He followed with one small hand motion from Robin. Both of them intent on changing into their civilian clothes.

Damian donned his usual grey slacks, black long sleeve turtleneck, red sweatshirt, and black tennis shoes. While the younger boy put on similar pants, a black t-shirt, and kept the cape and hood instead of his usual jacket. “Keep out of sight.” he told the younger sternly. “Go to Pennyworth, bring him down here.”

He nodded quickly then took off to one of the numerous hidden exits.

Damian grabbed his comm. “Nightwing.” he stated, making his way back. Best to keep an eye on them.

“‘Sup Little D?” he questioned.

“I need you to gather the others and return to the Cave.” he stated sharply, even though he knew he shouldn’t.

Nightwing could clearly sense his urgency, something he was both annoyed by and grateful for. “We’ll be there soon Lil’ D.” soon usually meant 5-10 minutes.

He didn’t say anything as he drops the line. Ensuring none of the newcomers were to hear him. All three of his brothers and himself turned to him as he paused by the costume wardrobe. The costume did seem lacking without the cape he noted.

“My father and the others should be returning quickly.” he commented.

The Batman nodded, looking up information on a sorcerer that he admittedly didn’t recognize. Though, judging by how little they had on him in the computer’s databanks he had no reason to. Other than the fact that the Batman before him was looking him up.

“Don’t recognize him brat?” the modulated voice he’d recognize anywhere asked.

He nodded. “You can take off the helmet Ren.” he told him.

“What’d you call me?” he questioned, sounding defensive.

“Just take the helmet off Jay.” Grayson told him.

Grumbling he did as he was told.

He wanted to ask why he was wearing the dumb thing in the first place, but three engines nearly deafened all of them. “I keep telling them not to do that.” he grumbled, annoyed.

Thankfully both motorcycles and the Batmobile shut off quickly.

“Hey Rob.” the seventeen-year-old voice greeted, jumping out of the back of the Batmobile.

“You needed a ride from father?” he questioned, confused.

The seventeen-year old frowned. “Roy stole my bike.”

He nearly chuckled, but he heard his other-self scoff which shocked him enough to shut up.

“Suddenly this all makes so much more sense.” Red commented, pulling his cowl down.

“Boys, go get dressed.” his father commanded. All three nodded and took off up the stairs. Though he saw Red dodge the second oldest and let him hit Nightwing instead.

“We already-” the other Batman began.

“ran a DNA test.” his father finished. “I assumed as much, Damian wouldn’t change his clothes if you didn’t.”

“Now what father?” he asked.

He pulled his cowl back, letting it hang behind his head, then turned directly to him. “Where’s your brother?” Damian gulped, he should’ve known how he’d react.

“Calm down Master Bruce.” Pennyworth chided, stepping down the stairs the other three had just run up.

His father sighed but backed away from Damian. Something he was not-so-secretly grateful for.

Before anyone could raise the question they so clearly wanted to ask, Nightwing laughed, accompanied by a sound he had become very accustomed to, the sound of the youngest happily squealing. As he came into view the canary yellow coloring of the cape on the youngest’s shoulders still complemented its original owner.

The youngest resting on his shoulders, clearly just ending up there, if his lack of balance was anything to go by.

“Dick, put him down.” father stated, his voice deadly calm. The eldest said nothing, merely doing as he was told.

“Told you.” Red’s voice grumbled, but he was still smug. Before he walked with the youngest down the stairs. The older two were clearly in cahoots, ensuring a good distance between themselves and the other two.

“Who is that?” he was shocked by the malice that came out of his own mouth.

“Okay, not time travel, per se, but rather dimensional travel.” the other Red commented.

“We need to make sure you’re all the same then.” his father spoke up. Nightwing nodded, stepping up to the other.

“Dick Grayson.” he stated confidently, knowing, but it was also obvious.

His mask came off to show the same bright blue eyes. “Nightwing?” the other asked which Dick nodded.

Red handed the youngest to his elder. “Tim Drake.”

The older nodded, pulling back his own cowl. “Red Robin.”

The opposite bulky man stepped up. “Jason Todd.” even showing off the aquamarine eyes under his mask.

Damian could only watch as the younger seemed to have an aneurysm. He himself fought to keep his face emotionless. “Re-Renegade.” the 17-year-old offered weakly.

“Renegade?” their Nightwing asked, confused.

“Red Hood?” the other Jason offered.

All five boys over eight winced. Renegade hardened almost instantly. “It was a one time thing, I don’t use that name anymore.”

Damian watched as the youngest stood beside Renegade. Wondering when his Nightwing had set him down. “It’s okay Ren.”

That got ‘Red Hood’ to turn back to him. “Ren, that’s what you called me.” it wasn’t a question, but Damian nodded anyway.

The older Nightwing crouched before the youngest boy. “And who might you be?” he asked, though Damian knew from experience he wanted to hug the smaller boy.

“Terry McGinnis-Wayne.” he said, his icy blue eyes shining.

“Alright Babybat, Alfie’s gonna personally kill me if you don’t go to bed, let’s go.” Damian was mildly surprised that it was Renegade but knew that this was a good opportunity for the seventeen-year-old to get out.

The youngest pouted slightly but didn’t fight it as Renegade picked him up and headed towards the stairs. Though one thing caught Damian’s eye.

“Terry.” he called as the two were about halfway up the stairs. The youngest turned towards him. “Put my cape back.”

Terry frowned, clutching the edges before him tightly in his small hands, but when he and Ren got to his wardrobe he placed the cape back on the mannequin's shoulders without any fuss from the youngest.

“Babybat?” he heard Grayson’s voice ask, but quickly realized it wasn’t his own.

“Tt, it’s nothing Grayson.” his alternate snapped.

He tutted under his breath, which caught his double’s attention. “Now I know what I sound like when I lie.” he explained.

“Why’d you call the new kid Baybat?” Jason’s older counterpart asked.

“Because he is.” his Grayson said with a shrug. “Even if we didn’t know that til about a year and a half ago.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” his doppelganger demanded, his anger rising far too quickly for even his own comfort.

“Terry is my half-brother.” Damian spoke simply. He watched as shocked covered the five newcomers faces. “Not to mention we were created for the same purpose, just by two different sources.”

“What does that mean?” the other Batman demanded darkly.

Damian sighed. “Mother created me to be a link you could not ignore between you and her and to have me replace you. Cadmus did the same- as in the second half- with Terry.”

“Cadmus?” Batman asked. Damian knew him well enough to know that the tone was because of how he had the sick thought that Terry could very well exist in their world. He knew because that was the same tone his father used when they found out Terry was biologically his son.

“I refuse to believe that.” his own voice growled.

Finally, he snapped. Throwing the same cross he had planned to throw at Terry, and feeling quite pleased when he felt the high cheekbones he knew to be his own.

“Damian!” his father shocked, clearly both appalled and angry.

He tutted loudly, expressing his annoyance. “Talk about my brothers like that again and I’ll break something.” he told the double, making it clear that this wasn’t a threat, but a promise. Then walking up the stairs.